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“How about this one?! The yellow and pink may make it a bit too bright but it has its charm… ooh! This red and blue one has a perfect amount of subtlety! Or how about this one over here- actually, green? What was I thinking?!” Rarity pranced around the room, displaying her newest set of saddle designs to the one person who would always stop by and listen.

“They all look amazing, but I believe the red and blue saddle’s subtlety would cause the most stir in a place like Canterlot.” Spike suggested. Although Spike had come to appreciate Rarity’s work as he grew, the most beautiful object in the room was still the ecstatic mare pacing about the room. The energy she gave off while displaying her work along with the way she carried herself gave her the aura of a goddess of beauty.

“You’ll grow out of it.”, Twilight said as Spike tried to convince Twilight of his feelings for Rarity.

“It’s not like that! I may have been young when I first started noticing her, but I’ve grown now, and nothing has changed!” Rebutted Spike as he stomped off to finish his chores.

“Nonsense!” Twilight chided. “It won’t be long before a beautiful dragon lady comes and sweeps you up off your feet, and you will forget all about your “feelings” for Rarity.”

“I doubt it!” Spike called from the next room as he began his daily routine of replacing Twilight’s scattered books.

That was two years ago, and Spike still cherished the same romantic thoughts about Rarity since the first day they met. He had aged, and was much bigger now, possessing wings and barely being able to enter doors created to perfectly suit a normal-sized pony.

“Really? Well I DO believe we share the same thoughts Spike!” Rarity said as she picked up the red and blue saddle. “I’ll start marketing them this weekend. My next big hit! Now, for the bridles I made specifically for the next Grand Galloping Gala….”

A knock rattled the door causing Spike’s eyes to shift away from the angel before him.

“Come in!” Rarity answered in her usual high class yet cheery voice.

Twilight entered the room finding Spike up to his usual antics. “Spike, stop bothering Rarity and come help me buy groceries from the store. Also, the library is a mess!”

“Yeah yeah, I’m coming..” Spike sighed as he carefully stepped to the door, making sure his newfound size didn’t affect any of Rarity’s prized designs.

“Oh! Spike isn’t a bother at all! In fact I couldn’t imagine how long it would take me to come to a conclusion without him offering his advice!” Said Rarity as she saw her company go to leave.

“No need to be so polite Rarity, I know how much of a bother Spike can be and I REALLY do need his help anyways.” Twilight assured Rarity as she turned to leave with her dismayed assistant.

“Well… Spike dear do come back later! We still have all of these bridles to talk about! And what color looks best with the other… and where gems are best placed……”

“Of course, I’ll be back as soon as I finish these chores.” Spike promised as he left with Twilight.

Rarity sighed as the door closed, signaling the departure of the only frequent visitor she received anymore. Of course she would get the occasional customer from ponyville, but she was often unacquainted with the few buyers of the small village, and most of her outfits were purchased by buyers from Canterlot, delivered through mail and with no direct contact.

Sure she had her friends… Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight, but as the years went on, they began to separate. Daily visits with each other turned weekly, weekly into only special occasions. The distance that had grown between them seemed impossible to cross, with everyone simply being too busy. Pinkie Pie began to work extra hard when she was promoted at her job in the bakery… Rainbow Dash was constantly away living the dream as a part of the Wonder Bolts, only stopping by when she was in town to say a quick hello to her old friends before departing again… Applejack and Big Mac had full control of the farm after Granny Smith’s passing, and were working hard to ensure its future… Twilight, after finishing her studies of friendship, drifted towards studying traditional magic and spent less time with her friends… and Fluttershy was simply Fluttershy. As soon as there was no one there to take her away from her secluded abode, she disappeared, only rarely appearing in town to pick up supplies.

But Spike. Spike remained her one constant contact to the outside world, gossiping with her about happenings in Ponyville and giving honest insight on the outfits she created. She couldn’t imagine what she would do without him, and shuddered at the thought of loneliness. Fluttershy had her animals, what did Rarity have, her outfits? Her customers? Spike brought a certain comfort that nothing else did, and she appreciated his frequent visits to her home. Rarity of course still knew of Spike’s attraction to her, and although she looked upon it as still rather silly, she was once again comforted by the fact that there was someone in the world who thought and cared about her.

Rarity looked about in puzzlement of what to do. The red and blue saddle caught her eye. Spike and her had agreed, this one was a keeper. She set to filling out the forms for the outfit, and making duplicates for when it inevitably became a best seller.

               Spike rolled his eyes as Twilight trotted through her usual path of the store. What was he doing here? Twilight didn’t need his help, she lifted the items from the shelf easily with magic, and his usual job as the grocery list reader had been replaced by Twilight’s memorization. The only thing that had changed was the amount of food they bought. Spike, being a growing dragon, ate A LOT. In a way he regretted this for the extra burdens it put on Twilight. A void began to form in his stomach as the dreaded questions he had been asking himself lately resurfaced.

What was his purpose here? Assisting Twilight? As he got bigger, He got in her way more than assisting her, although Twilight would not admit it. In the end he was fulfilling a single role: someone for Twilight to talk to. Ever since her friends drifted away, she had clinged to Spike more than ever.

It was time for her to let go, he concluded.

They returned to the library, and Spike began his old task of reordering Twilight’s mess of books.

“Excellent job as always.” Twilight remarked as Spike finished replacing the last book.

“Thanks” Spike replied. “My claws are getting a little too big for these books though…”

“Uh wh-what?” Twilight said, startled. “You aren’t causing any damage to the books! Sure you may be a bit big now but that doesn’t mean…..”

“Yeah, sure” Spike interrupted. Twilight was refusing to take any hints. “What’s the gang up to lately? Havn’t seen them around in a while.” Spike said carefully, poking at Twilight’s conscious.

“I really don’t know Spike… the last of the gang that I had contact with before Rarity was Applejack at her Apple stand. She told me she missed us and that we should all get together again sometime, but that was two weeks ago, and I guess it kind of fell through…” Twilight confessed.

“What a shame, all of you used to hang out every day…. Now the only person you frequently talk to is your assistant! You better watch out or you might start being labeled as a mad scientist!” Exclaimed Spike. This remark caused a weak chuckle out of Twilight, who saw an actual piece of truth in her friends joke.

“Anyways, I’m off to help Rarity decide between the last of her designs. You know Rarity, picky as always…” Spike said as he headed towards the door.

“All right, but be back by nightfall.” Twilight ordered.

“Will do.”

Spike stepped out the door. Pulling out a thick book with the title “Assistants for students, adepts, and professors of Canterlot: Resumes and background information.” He had picked it up three months before during royal business in Canterlot, when doubt of his efficiency had first started taking root. Rarity and Spike would be talking about more than just designs tonight, he thought as he began his flight to the dainty building on the edge of town.

               Spike entered Rarity’s house to find her arranging bridles on an elevated stage. He had visited her so often that she became used to displaying them specifically for their discussions. Twilight would jokingly ask Rarity if they were dating when she would stop by to retrieve him, but Rarity would quickly squash the rumor with a “Nonsense!” or “That’s so silly!”, much to Spike’s dismay.

“Spike! There you are!” said Rarity. “We have a LOT to talk about today.”

“Actually Rarity… I need your help.”

“Oh?... What for?” Rarity questioned.

“I’m resigning from my position as Twilight’s assistant.”

Rarity gasped. “Why darling? Has she been overworking you?”

“No, no, not at all. It’s just.. these days I mostly get in her way, and in a few months ill simply be too big to be handling such small fragile books.” Spike confessed.

“Well… how can I help?” Asked Rarity.

“I can’t just leave Twilight without an assistant, she still needs help organizing and cleaning due to the dreaded messes she makes.” Spike pulled out the thick book he had brought.

“This book contains the resumes for the many assistants looking for a job. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you to help me pick a handful for Twilight to choose from.”

“Of course!” Cheered Rarity. “This is a great idea! Let’s start looking immediately.”

For the rest of the day, Spike and Rarity hovered over the assistant resumes. Inevitable thoughts filled his head sitting so near to his dream partner. The curls of her hair, the smell of the perfume, her beautiful voice, and her haughty-yet-generous demeanor while searching assistants made him shudder. He wanted to feel like this forever. Eventually, with Spike’s knowledge of the required duties of an assistant and Rarity’s eye for descriptions of social skills and style, they finally settled on a top ten list.

“Whew, that was hard work, but it’s always nice to help out a friend like Twilight.” Remarked Rarity. “It’s kind of you to do this for her.”

“I wouldn’t leave Twilight without an assistant.” Spike chuckled. “Speaking of friends, why don’t you girls ever talk with each other anymore? You were the last of the gang Twilight talked to, and that was nothing more than a passing hello..”

“Oh… I guess we just slowed down after Dash left… and of course slowing down turned into special occasions… and special occasions turned into nothing.” Sighed Rarity.

This had confirmed Spike’s suspicions, and he began to kick-off a plan he had begun developing a few weeks ago, after noticing that Rainbow Dash’s Wonder Bolts division would be taking off a month after their extensive tour. There would be a party tomorrow. The only thing left to discover was a party about WHAT….

“Rarity…” Said Spike, a bit more shyly than his usual eagerness.

“Yes, darling?” Asked Rarity.

“Now that I’ll be off assistant duty, I’ll have a lot of free time, and I was wondering.. if you wanted to go out for Dinner or lunch sometime?” Said Spike.

Rarity staggered a bit. This wasn’t the first time Spike had asked this, but usually it was in a more light-hearted, joking manner. Now Spike sounded serious, and it caught Rarity off guard.

“Spike...” Rarity began. “I like you… but… I’m a simple pony and you’re a dragon. Could you imagine what people would say? It would cause strange talk to go about the town, and…”

“Does it really matter?” Spike countered. “We enjoy each other’s company, who cares about the one or two eyebrows we would raise? Just a simple date?” Spike almost begged. Rarity’s response would sway his future without her knowing it.

“I… I just can’t…. I mean, surely there is a dashing female dragon out there for you?” Rarity stammered.

Spike sighed, his future now locked. Her last response struck him hard. Perhaps Twilight was right. It was time to move on.

“Okay…. I won’t pester you anymore.” Spike concluded. “Thanks for all of the help today Rarity, I’ll make sure to tell Twilight you assisted me.”

“Oh, you’re leaving already?..” Asked Rarity.

“Yeah, don’t worry, it’s not about refusing the date.” Assured Spike. “I have some very important errands to run before night falls. You’ll find out tomorrow. See ya until then!”

“Well… bye…” Rarity said quietly. Spike’s words were still distracting her. Should she care about what others thought? She admitted, she felt more relaxed and comfortable when Spike was around, but this was the first time Spike was serious about asking for a date, and it had caught her off guard. Rarity put the thoughts aside for later. After all, Spike was only quitting his job as Twilight’s assistant. It’s not like he was leaving Ponyville or anything!

Spike left Rarity’s house in a daze. Next to assisting Twilight, Rarity was the only other purpose he had in Ponyville. While he highly enjoyed spending time with Rarity and keeping her company, it was time to face the facts: he was growing up, and he couldn’t spend the rest of his life loafing around Ponyville. He loved the little town and all of its inhabitants but the only thing he had going for him was the fact that he was the only dragon in the village.

Still, he couldn’t leave all of his friends separated like this when he left. The event of his departure would be a strong enough reason to bring them all together again. Now all he needed was someone who could throw a killer party… Luckily, he was fortunate to be friends with the best party thrower ever born!

“…Never use a messy recipe,

The cake will end up crazy…”

“Uh.. Pinkie?...” Spike called, entering the Baking shop.

“oooo Spike! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” Exclaimed Pinkie.

“But you just saw me yesterday when I came by for bread…” said Spike.

“Spike, that’s 28 hours 47 minutes and 21 seconds of not seeing you! A long time considering we used to see each other at least every 24 hours!” Sighed Pinkie. “How’s Twilight?”

“Oh Twilight? She’s fine!” Spike replied quickly, his head still spinning from all of the numbers Pinkie threw around. “Listen, I need your help Pinkie.”

“Anything for a friend! Spit it out!” Pinkie said excitedly.

“You will be the first one I’m telling this to… but… I’m leaving Ponyville.” Spike said quickly.

Pinkie’s energetic attitude quickly faded, replaced by the same look and feel she had possessed when Rainbow Dash had given the gang the news of her departure.

“Oh… Ok….” Said Pinkie. Suddenly, her old energy returned, with a newfound look of determination on her face. “We need to throw one super-duper-ultra-terrific party, just like when Dash left!” Pinkie said strongly.

“Exactly the reason I came to you first!” Spike said.

“When do you leave?” Asked Pinkie.

“The morning after tomorrow, I don’t want to linger after I give Twilight the news…” Answered Spike.

Pinkie gasped. “That means the party will have to be tomorrow night!”

“Is that too soon?” Spike questioned.

“Hah! I’ve dealt with worse! Much, much worse! I’ll have an invitation in everyone’s hooves by tomorrow afternoon!” Said Pinkie happily. Pinkie’s face then turned solemn. “Well… everyone except Rainbow Dash…”

“I’m one step ahead of you Pinkie. I’ve been planning for this, and Rainbow Dash’s division is off tour for a month. All you have to do is whip up an invitation, give it to me, and I’ll send it to Dash via Dragon express mail!” Said Spike.

“Oh wonderful! The whole gang will be back together again!” Shouted Pinkie happily.

Just as planned, Spike thought.

“Isn’t Gilda a part of Dash’s division as well? She’s a lean, keen, not-so-mean-anymore partying machine ever since she stopped by last time! I’ll send her an invite to!” Exclaimed Pinkie.

“Great idea!” Said Spike.

It had only been a few months after the party pranking ordeal that Gilda had returned to Ponyville. She came back broken, but a nicer person overall, confessing to having done some soul searching and apologizing to everyone she yelled at. She was accepted immediately, even by Pinkie who promptly threw another party for her, this time prank-free. Right around the time Dash started trying out for the Wonder Bolts, the flying team sent out a special request for non-pony ace flyers. Gilda immediately signed up and made sure to join Dash’s division. The two had been performing together for quite a while now. Perhaps there WAS a happy ending to every story.

“Here you go!” Pinkie said, shoving the invitations in his face.

“Whoa that was fast, I’ll send them immediately!” Spike gently blew the invitations into the air, focusing on Rainbow Dash intently. As he thought, the flame drifted towards the town of Stalliongrad, where the division’s last performance had taken place. A quick flight from Ponyville to Stalliongrad would take a couple of hours. For Dash and Gilda? 30 minutes.

“The party will be at 6:00PM tomorrow evening, and who knows when it will end!” Said Pinkie.

“Thanks Pinkie, I knew I could count on you!” Spike replied happily.

“No problem! And Spike… thanks for all the adventures….” Said Pinkie with a sad smile on her face.

“Heh… you too Pinkie…” Spike replied as he left the building.

“You better come back after your done finding yourself out there, or I’ll come searching for you myself!” Pinkie called out to Spike as he began his journey to the Library.

“Of course!” Spike shouted back as Pinkie faded from view. He had to remember to get back to Ponyville as soon as he could. The last thing he needed was Pinkie Pie tracking him down.

Now, for the hardest part of them all… A strong knot formed in his stomach as he thought of how best to approach the upcoming situation.

“Ah there you are!” Twilight said joyfully as he entered. “No chores tonight, you cleaned up the place pretty nicely.”

“Cool.” Said Spike simply. Tell her! He thought to himself as he went to sit down next to Twilight. She was reading a book of simple magic spells to jog her memory as usual. Try as he might, he could not bring himself to mention his upcoming absence.

“Actually…” Spike said, yawning. “I’m pretty tired. I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

“A little early isn’t it?” Twilight said curiously.

“It’s been a tiring day after doing all of those chores and-“ Spike’s face contorted as he burped up an unexpected letter.

“The Princess? At this time? Weird.” Commented Twilight. “Oh! Actually it’s from Rainbow Dash, about an invitation to some party?...”

Spike froze. “Twilight… I…”

Twilight opened the scroll and began reading, her face changing from delight at receiving a letter from a long-time friend, to horror as she read what the party was for.

“Spike… what is this?... A party for you… LEAVING?” Cried Twilight.

“It’s true… I’ve already sent the letter of resignation to Celestia, she knows the whole story.” Said Spike solemnly.

“I was overworking you! I knew it! Spike don’t go, you won’t have to do chores anymore I promise!” Twilight said tearfully.

“No no no it’s not that at all Twilight.” Spike replied. “I’m growing too big to help you. It’s time for you to get a new, younger assistant who will be able to help you for the years to come.”

“But you do everything just fine! Perfectly!” Said Twilight, still in shock.

“Maybe, but what about in, say… three months? I’ll have trouble squeezing through the door! No.. now is the perfect time.” Spike said, trying to comfort his friend.

“Okay but… why are you leaving Ponyville? You have friends, people that love you here!” Twilight said with tears welling up in her eyes.

“After I leave my job as your assistant, I will have little purpose here. Sure I can talk to you while you are off, but when you are studying, I will simply be sitting around waiting for something to happen. Also, it will be nice to see other dragons.”

“Fine...” Twilight resigned. “But where will you go?... Where will you live?...”

“Dragons are known to live in different mountain caves and meet at a central location to discuss current affairs and mingle. I’ll jump from cave to cave, finding and interacting with these groups to get a feel for what it’s like to be a dragon in the wilds.” Spike said with a bit of boldness in his voice. He had been preparing that speech for a while.

“Sounds dangerous….. but…. If it’s what you believe you need to do….” Twilight said quietly.

“Look, stop worrying!” Assured Spike. “I’ll write back every day via fire breath and keep you updated on how I’m doing.”

“That sounds nice, but now I’ll have to find a new assistant!” Twilight said, her old self rising back after recovering from the shock.

Spike brought out the ten resumes he and Rarity had chosen. “Rarity and I gathered up what we though were the best 10 assistants from the book.” Said Spike. “I’m sure you’ll choose the right one… after all, you did pick me as your first assistant!” Twilight and Spike shared a light laugh.

“One more thing Twilight.” Said Spike.

“What is it?”

“Everyone in town will be at the party tomorrow. Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie… they will be there. I want you to talk to them again. Shatter that barrier that grew between all of you, and have crazy adventures again. Believe me, you need their friendship just as much as they need yours.” Spike concluded.

“I will. I can’t believe I ever let that barrier form in the first place. Tomorrow I’ll fix everything. Still.. I can’t believe you got Rainbow Dash as well… how long have you been planning this?” Asked Twilight.

“Three months ago is when I started thinking of leaving. I knew I couldn’t leave the gang broken up like this though, so I waited for Rainbow Dash to go on break to throw the party tomorrow.” Said Spike slyly.

“Well… I’m going to miss you…” Said Twilight. “And Spike?”

“Yes?” Asked Spike.

“Thanks. For the gathering the gang for the party, for being a great assistant, a great friend… for everything.” Finished Twilight.

“You’re welcome” Spike said with a slight smile. “And don’t worry, I won’t be gone for THAT long! I’ll be back in Ponyville before you can even THINK about missing me!”

“Let’s get to bed.” Said Twilight. “We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”         

Spike awoke early, determined to finish his chores for the last time. Dishes, dusting, and assorting the handful of books Twilight had lazily left lying around was accomplished slowly, making sure everything was perfect. Spike sighed when his task was complete, then let out a small chuckle. Whoever Twilight chose as her next assistant was in for one hell of a surprise.

“Hi Spike.” Said Twilight, her usual early-morning cheeriness replaced by a solemn attitude. “I see you’ve cleaned everything one last time…”

Twilight and Spike swung around as there was a sharp knock on the door, followed by Rarity barging in, an invitation to the party in her hands. “Spike, darling! What IS this?!?” Rarity cried.

“I’m leaving Ponyville, seeing the sights outside of Equestria. I don’t have much of a purpose after I resign as Twilight’s assistant and as much as I love spending time with you 6 ponies, it’s time for me to move on and stop being such a burden.” Said Spike, trying to calm Rarity.

“Purpose?... I know!” Said Rarity with a hint of craziness in her eyes. “I’ll hire you! My very own personal assistant for the shop! You can help decorate and choose designs!”

“Rarity… I can’t be your assistant. In a few months I won’t be able to even fit inside of your house!” Spike replied. “Plus, I won’t let you pay for me to stay in Ponyville… that’s

bordering insanity!” Spike said, giving a soft smile.

Rarity said nothing in return. Was this about her refusing the date? No… Spike had already planned to quit being Twilight’s assistant before he asked. Then Rarity realized: A date with her was probably the last thing keeping Spike in Ponyville, and she had cut that from him. Perhaps she should just ask him out on a date right here and now! But then the old sayings she had made up in the back of her mind rose again.

“That pretty mare could get any stallion she wanted and chose a dragon? That is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! What a foolish girl!”

How far would the ordeal spread? To Canterlot? ALL OF EQUESTRIA?

Then there was the fact that Spike had already told everyone he was leaving. She couldn’t stop him now, her decisions had been made for her due to her inability to overcome her own fears.

Before the situation could get awkward, Applejack galloped into the library.

“Howdy y’all.” Shouted Applejack, giving her usual warm greeting. “Woowee, it’s been a while since I’ve been in here! You know me, I’m not too big on the books, and I never had the chance to talk to you lately Twilight.”

“It’s good to see you again Applejack.” Twilight said greatfully, giving her old friend a hug.

Applejack trotted over to Rarity. “What’s the matter gal? You look like ya just seen a ghost!”

“Oh it’s nothing Applejack!” Rarity said, recovering from her shock. “It’s been a long time!”

“Of course it has! As soon as I got the invitation, Big Mac was generous enough to take over all of my chores! I just couldn’t wait till’ the party tonight to see my old friends! Big Mac and Applebloom will be at the party later tonight though, ya can guarantee that!” Said Applejack energetically.

Applejack finished her rounds by walking over to Spike. “Boy howdy spike, you sure have grown faster than a watered seed! I knew you’d be leaving soon, but it will be sad to see ya go…”

“Don’t fret Applejack, I’ll be back faster than you can buck the whole Apple Orchard!” Joked Spike.

“Why you…!!” Applejack and Spike both laughed, remembering the tough lesson Applejack had learned many years ago.

It wasn’t long before Pinkie Pie arrived, dragging Fluttershy with her. Despite not having seen her for almost a month now, Fluttershy was still the timid, kind girl Spike and Twilight remembered her as. Casual conversation was interrupted by a soft thud outside, and the sound of a familiar voice.

“Can’t start the party without us!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she entered the library with her griffon friend. Spike and Gilda stepped aside as the 6 ponies created a storm of embraces and chatter in the middle of the room.

“Sup Spike my man! You sure have grown!” Commented Gilda, holding up her talons for a fist bump.

“Hah! I’m not even a fourth of the size I’ll be in 10 years!” Spike replied, raising his own claws to meet Gilda’s talons. “How’s the Wonder Bolts been treating you and Dash?”

“Perfect!” Exclaimed Gilda, a hint of pride in her voice. “Dash and I’s division has the highest attendance rate and rank out of all of the teams! An audience watching division 17, is an audience that WON’T leave disappointed!”

Spike smiled. Although Gilda had become a nicer person overall since her apologies so many years ago, he was glad to see that the hint of arrogance around her still remained. It was a distinguishing trait, and really gave her character.

The 8 friends spent the next few hours swapping stories and tales of the adventures they had all had during their absence of each other’s presence. Spike’s heart fluttered when Rarity approached to talk to him. He quickly quieted his feelings, reminding himself of his impending departure.

“Where exactly do you plan on going after you leave Ponyville?” Questioned Rarity. “Once you leave Equestria, what do you hope to find?”

“I’m hoping to find some other dragons.” Said Spike. “It’s not uncommon for dragons to visit one another’s caves, so I’m hoping I’ll find a dragon outside of Equestria that knows a good hotspot for dragons. When I find that spot… I don’t know, maybe find a small cave? I’ll find out when I get there!” Smiled Spike.

“I know why Spike’s leaving!” Dash butted in. “He wants to find him some hot lady dragon to hook up with!”

Rarity quickly recovered from a flash of shock. She hadn’t even considered the option of a female dragon coming along and stealing Spike’s heart! Nonsense! Spike was head over heels for her! He was just going to find some dragons to discover his roots, then come flying back to Ponyville!

“Well…” Spike said, a blush coming over his face. “Meeting a female dragon is one of the reasons I’m excited to leave…”

Rarity almost gagged, imagining Spike coming back from his journey with a fair dragon girl and showing her to all of the gang. No! Spike will never find anyone more fair than her!

Before Rarity could embarrass herself by spouting out a made-up line of how nasty female dragons are, Pinkie rushed everyone out the door and towards the middle of the town. The party was about to begin.

“Wow Pinkie, you outdid yourself this time!” Said Spike, amazed at the decorations that littered the town. The words “Goodbye Spike!” Were hung over the entrance to the town hall, and ponies everywhere had come to meet him. Spending all of these years in Ponyville while being the only dragon in town had garnered a lot of attention, and Spike’s claws were nearly falling off from shaking so many hooves throughout the party. Eventually the closure to the party approached, and Spike had to make a speech to the citizens of Ponyville. Spike took the stage, and turned toward the audience of Ponies he had known for so long.

“I just want to say, thanks for coming to the party everyone. It means a lot to me, and having spent all of these years here has been a magical experience. Ponyville will always be my true home, no matter where I end up. The six people I want to thank the most though, have helped guide me to who I am today, and have been good friends ever since the day I arrived here, and for Twilight, even before that. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, would you come on stage?”

The six ponies came onto the stage, with Fluttershy hiding behind the gang.

“You six mean so much to me.” Spike said, addressing the group of friends now more than the audience. “Thanks for all of the adventures guys! I hope you have fun together when I’m gone.” Spike concluded.

“We will Spike, I promise.” Said Twilight, tears forming in her eyes. The group all embraced Spike, remembering the journeys they had with him, and looking forward to the journeys they still had in front of them.

The audience of ponies cheered and clapped, while Spike and the gang left the stage. A familiar blue mare with a cape and pointed hat approached Pinkie as she was getting off.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie has no time for sad goodbyes!” Trixie scoffed. “Is it time to start the fireworks?” She said hastily.

“Of course! Set them off immediately! It will lighten the mood after that speech!” Pinkie ordered.

Spike and Twilight sat confused as Trixie lit the fuses of the fireworks with her magic.

“Trixie? You’re a fireworks specialist now?” Twilight questioned.

“Pah! Of course not!” Said Trixie. “This is merely a side job that allows Trixie to see more of the world! My REAL job is a personal magician of the two princesses.” Said Trixie with pride.

“A… Jester?...” Spike stifled a laugh.

“Ugh! I am not some simple Jester! I am the Great and Powerful Trixie! Here’s Trixie’s card if you ever stop by Canterlot and need a dose of perfection!” Trixie boasted, trotting away now that her task was complete.

“Huh…. She’s no different than she was when we last saw her…” Twilight mused.

“I guess some things never change!” Said Spike, causing the two to giggle at the joke.

The party winded down, and everyone said their farewells until only the original gang and Gilda were left.

“Yo Dash, this looks pretty personal, and I’ve got my own folks to see as well. See you back at the Wonder Bolts headquarters in a month?” Asked Gilda.

“You bet! Fly safe!” Called Dash as Gilda took off.

After Gilda had left, Twilight turned her attention to Spike.

“Spike, we wanted to give you something, before you leave tomorrow.” Said Twilight. “it’s not much… but here….”

Twilight used her magic to take a slightly bigger than normal photo out of her bag. As soon as Spike looked at the photo in his hands, he gave a sad smile.

It was the photo they had taken when they had first become friends, right after the Nightmare Moon fiasco, slightly enlarged so that he could hold it without harming it.

“Thanks guys…” Said Spike softly. “This… means a lot to me.”

“Now you make sure to call us all over before you go takin’ off tomorrow, ya hear?” Said Applejack sternly.

“Definitely! I’ll make sure you are all there when I take off with my stuff!” Confirmed Spike.

The gang gave their last farewells for the night, and retired to their homes.

Rarity was a raging mixture of emotions as she settled down in her home. Thoughts swirled through her head, taking in all of the events that had changed her life in such a short span. For the past three years Spike had been a part of her life, providing her someone to talk and share her dreams and desires with. Now, in less than 24 hours from now, he would be leaving, going out into parts unknown. How long would it be until he returned? Would he find a dashing young female dragon while he was gone, completely throwing all fantasies of Rarity out of his mind? A new though formed inside of her head.

Why did she care so much?

Rarity sighed. She loved him. Perhaps he was still a tad childish in some places, but he had matured into a well-mannered adult that seemed to cherish every moment he spent with her.

But how selfish she had been! Spike had come over almost every day to spend time with her and keep her company, yet all she had ever done for him is turn down a simple date. She had one night left to fix that. Even if Spike returned from his absence alone, he would be to.. “big?” for her to reasonably handle anymore. No, now was the right time. Rarity grabbed a sheet of paper from her work desk and began to jot down a quick letter.

While Twilight was sleeping peacefully, Spike tossed and turned, worried about his future after tomorrow. Before he could begin to think too deeply on the subject, the familiar feeling in his stomach sprang forth, and he stifled a burp so as not to wake Twilight.

A letter? At 10:00PM? Spike opened the letter and his heart jumped like a schoolboy reading his first love letter. It was from Rarity.

It was a hastily written note that simply said “Come to my house for last-minute design decisions.”

Although a tad disappointed at the contents of the letter, Spike relished the thought of spending one last night with Rarity before he left, even if it was choosing her next Gala design. Spike, as silently as a dragon could move, crept out of the library and took off for Rarity’s house.

Spike lightly knocked on Rarity’s door.

“Come iiiiinnn!” Rarity answered warmly. “I’m glad you came Spike.” Said Rarity as Spike entered her living room.

“I’m glad we could meet before I left… where are the designs?” Asked Spike. Rarity always had the designs already on display when he arrived, so he was surprised to see the elevated stage bare.

“Pah, no dilly-dallying about designs tonight Spike, I wrote for you to come so I could give you a gift. A gift I’ve been stubbornly keeping from you, despite all you’ve given me…” Said Rarity, with a slightly coy tone to her voice. She trotted up to Spike, now closer to him than ever before.

Spike’s heart was beating so fast and loudly he was afraid it would wake the whole town.

“W-Well uh, what’s the gift?” Spike stammered.

Rarity suddenly lunged forward, locking the beautiful mare and the bewildered dragon in a tight kiss. At first Spike didn’t know what to think, but instinct took control and he wrapped his arms around her perfect frame, sustaining the moment for what seemed like an eternity.

When they finally parted, Spike was gasping for air. Every muscle in his body stood on edge, and his body screamed for him to continue, his every desire he had possessed ever since he met Rarity finally being fulfilled.

“That… was the best gift I’ve ever had…” Spike gasped, breathing heavily.

Rarity gave a seductive smile. “Darling, that wasn’t the gift…. Follow me.”

Rarity led Spike into her very own bedroom, rife with the smell of perfume.

Spike entered the room with caution, as if he were entering a holy site itself. He was shocked when Rarity pushed him onto her bed so that he was lying face-up. Rarity took the opportunity to leap upon him, pressing her body against his.

Finally, for the first time in her life, Rarity didn’t have to worry about order, schedules, designs, or what other people would say. It was just her and the dragon she had fallen for making love. No rights or wrongs, no gossiping, just perfection.

As Rarity began working her body, Spike shuddered, embracing and kissing her. The final thoughts he could muster before his mind drifted completely into primal urges, was how tired he was going to be when he left Ponyville tomorrow morning.

Spike regretfully left Rarity early in the beginning hours of the morning so that he could enter the library before Twilight woke. Seeing Twilight asleep and his safety secured, he began to gather his stuff. The picture of the girls, a magical notepad that never ran out of pages so he could write back, and finally, his hoard. He smiled at the meager pile. As soon as he had entered his teenage years, he had developed a keen sense of sniffing out loose treasure. This mostly led to a nice collection of gold coins, but his prize discovery lay on the top. A beautiful hoof-ring with a diamond on top that he had found at the bottom of the nearby river. He had asked around town to see if it belonged to anyone, but no one claimed it. After claiming ownership, he touched it up with a bit of magic so that it gleamed with a beautiful glow. He had planned on saving it for Rarity when he asked for her hoof in marriage.

He had thought about asking her out on a date again when they had finished the night before, but it was too late, he realized. Even if Rarity said yes, they had already thrown the party, and he would be leaving in an hour.

Eventually Twilight woke, and solemnly left the library with him for the last time. The rest of the gang was outside waiting for them. All of them with sad-yet proud looks on their face, except for Rarity, who wore a look of pained sadness.

“Well… I guess this is it...” Said Spike, lifting his bag that contained his valuables and giving the gang one last look over.

“Sugarcube…” Applejack stepped up, a bundle of Sweet Apple Acres Apples in her mouth.

“Take these. A nice little snack while you look for someplace to settle down.”

“Thanks Applejack!” Said Spike, accepting the apples gratefully.

“Goodbye Spike… and make sure to be careful out there. If you ever need help knowing what species an animal is, just let me know through your letters…” Whispered Fluttershy.

“Oh this is so exciting! There’s so many super-fun adventures waiting ahead for both you and us Spike! Thanks for bringing the gang back together again, and make sure to watch out for monsters!!” Shouted Pinkie Pie.

“Hah! Spike’s a dragon!” Rainbow Dash chuckled. “I mean I was beaten by a dragon, and no one beats me! He’ll be fine out there! Go get em’ Spike, We’ll be cheering you on!”

“Spike, thanks for being a great assistant and always being there when I needed you.” Twilight quickly frowned. “Now I have to go through the trouble of finding a replacement good enough to replace you! Remember to write back every day!” Twilight said as she smiled at him.

“Spike… I…” Rarity stammered. “Just… don’t forget who you are out there… don’t forget your life here, ok darling?”

Rarity’s response shocked Spike as he tried to find a deeper meaning into what Rarity said.

“I won’t, I promise you.” Spike said as he turned around and took flight, flying into lands he had only ever seen on maps in the library.

1 week after departure 7th letter:

“Hey guys! I found my first fellow dragon! He’s not as big as the red dragon you all had to drive out all those years ago, but he still had a pretty big hoard! He pointed me in the direction of a mountain range named SkySpire Mountains. I’ll begin traveling there immediately! How’s life going over there? I loved that you had a bake off to promote the bakery store! It sounds like it was a huge success, and brought you all closer together!”



2 months after departure 61st letter:

“Whew, meeting all of these dragons is hard work, and a LOT of traveling. Still, I’ve found out more about my race in 2 months than reading all of those books in the library! I hear you chose your assistant Twilight! A griffon huh? She sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to meet her! Also, I would say that I’m surprised that Rainbow and Gilda won the Wonder Bolt Champions award, but I knew they could do it. They are the fastest around!



7 months after departure 213th letter:

I’ve found a cave in the Emberstone Mountains, and I think I’ll relax here for awhile. I’m tired after all of that traveling…. I was shocked to hear that both Rainbow Dash and Gilda quit the Wonder Bolts, but, what is there to do after becoming champion? My shock turned to happiness when you told me they were back in Ponyville, training the weather team and coaching the local Fast Fliers group. I’m glad Dash and Gilda will get to spend more time with the gang! You are finally legitimately all back together again!



13 months after departure 377th letter (Final letter):

Sorry I’ve been missing my daily letters lately, I’ve been really busy! It’s been great, living amongst all of these dragons. They have taught me how to search out treasure easier, how breathe more fire and sustain it longer, and how to fly faster! I laughed when you told me your story of how you went to Trixie’s magic show! It’s great to hear she improved as well, but you still need to show her up in a magic duel some time! I don’t know when I’ll be returning to Ponyville… I still have a lot to learn, so wish me luck!”



Rarity sighed, looking over her newest designs for this year’s Grand Galloping Gala. She had toiled on which design to pick for hours now, being unable to lock onto one design. It had been 15 months since Spike had left, and they hadn’t received a letter for two months now.

“It’s natural…” Twilight had said, sniffling back a sob. “He’s growing up, and he has a lot on his mind. He may have forgotten us for now, but he’ll remember… he’ll come back…”

Rarity held back tears, believing her worst fears had come true. She would regret denying that date for the rest of her life now. She would grow old and become a lonely mare. Sure she had her friends, but once again, even they had their own partners, with Twilight now being assisted by a cute baby griffon girl. Rarity had even gone to Canterlot to see if she could find a stallion she would be interested in, but they all possessed Rarity’s haughty attitude, without her generosity. She needed a man with Canterlot’s grace, but Ponyville’s down-to-earth attitude, and he was somewhere within a group of mountains, forgetting all about his past life.

An urgent knock rattled the door, and Rarity went to open it herself.

“Rarity!” Shouted Twilight, her griffon assistant following closely behind.

“What is it darling?” Rarity asked, stunned.

“It’s Spike!”

“He sent a letter?” Rarity asked ecstatically.

“No! He’s here at the library!” Yelled Twilight.

Rarity’s heart jumped as she bolted out the door, praying that Twilight was not pulling some malicious prank on her.

But as she rounded the corner to the Library, there he was, surrounded by Ponyville’s residents, and chatting with Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Gilda. He was much bigger now, unable to fit inside any buildings, but able to stand comfortably In the streets without taking up too much space.

“Spike darling!” Rarity cheered as she ran up to him.

“Rarity!” Said Spike happily.

Rarity quickly gave him a haughty look that would drop a person dead in their tracks.

“What did I do?..” Asked Spike, scared.

“Why oh WHY did you stop writing!?” Rarity asked angrily.

“I was traveling for those 2 months I didn’t write! I wanted to make it a surprise when I got here… I didn’t think you would all worry so much!” Confessed Spike.

“Oh…. Well, I’m glad your back.” Said Rarity.

“How long do ya plan on staying?” Asked Applejack “You don’t got any other dragons waiting on ya do ya?”

“Ha ha.. no, I told the dragons of Emberstone mountains I was going back home. As for when I’ll leave… who knows.” Said Spike.

Spike made his rounds with all of the citizens of Ponyville, much like he had the night of the party, except this time it was a happy welcome home instead of a sad goodbye.

Eventually he was with Twilight, listening to all she had learned about while he was away.

“… And then I learned a spell that made crops grow faster! I offered to grow Applejack’s apples with magic, but she refused! Said something about Sweet Apple Acres Apples being ‘naturally grown’ whatever that means…” Laughed Twilight.

“Twilight, I finished putting up the books.” Scala, Twilight’s new griffon assistant, said. “Can I go to the practice fields now? Rainbow Dash and Gilda promised to teach me some sweet new flying moves!”

“Of course!” Twilight said. “And good job with the books, they look nice.” Complemented Twilight.

“Thanks!” Scala said. “I…I… ah… AH…. ACHOO!” Scala sneezed, sending a few feathers everywhere, which materialized into a scroll. “Ugh…. I hate it when that happens! Now I have to fix my feathers again....” The griffon groaned as she left.

“Hah, that’s cute.” Said Spike, laughing as Twilight opened the scroll. “Who’s it for?”

“You, from Rarity.” Twilight read. “Wants you to help choose designs again, just like the good old days.” Finished Twilight.

“Well I guess that’s where I’ll go next!” Said Spike. “I’ll catch you later Twilight!” Spike called as he left. He took off and began his flight to Rarity’s house.

Rarity was outside waiting for him, since he couldn’t fit inside any of the houses anymore.

“Oh Spike darling… It’s good to see you again” Rarity greeted him. “You were gone for far too long!”

“Yeah, sorry! All of that traveling took longer than I thought!” Said Spike. “So… no designs…?”

“No… no designs… I wrote for you to come because I’ve been troubled the fifteen months you were gone...” Rarity confessed. “Dear… I need to know… do you still love me? I mean now that your too big for us to… well you know…”

Spike lowered his head down so that he was eye to eye with Rarity.

“Rarity, how beautiful you are is only one of the many reasons I’ve loved you.” Said Spike. “I could grow to be the size of Canterlot, and I would still never stop loving your graceful personality or great generosity.”

Rarity blushed. The fifteen months she had spent kicking herself for ignoring Spike’s affection for her began to melt away. Who cares what other ponies would say, as long as she was happy? Let it spread to Canterlot that she was dating (and would most likely marry) a dragon! She had let Spike get away from her before, but now, Rarity was setting things straight.

“Spike… darling… is that date still up in the air?” Rarity replied with a hint of deviance in her voice.

Spike faltered, and then regained his composure. “For you Rarity? Always.”

“How about 7:00PM tomorrow night dear? Any restaurant you want!” Said Rarity excitedly.

“I’ll be at your doorstep at 6:50!” Spike replied, his heart soaring.

“Good, see you tomorrow evening then!” Rarity finished, rushing back inside her house. She jumped onto her bed and let out a cheer. It had mustered all of her courage, but for the first time in fifteen months, she was excited.

Spike took off, his mind abuzz with the potential that a romantic date with Rarity could have. He couldn’t even imagine! Spike landed, his current residence being a cave near the edge of Ponyville. He went to his hoard, and sifted through it until he found the ring with the giant diamond on top. How long he had kept this, waiting for Rarity to accept him! He had almost given up hope, but perhaps the ring would come into use after all.

Spike realized now that he had no reason to leave Ponyville, now that Rarity was finally accepting him as he was. He could imagine marrying her, being with Rarity and the gang every day instead of going off on some crazy adventure to “find himself….”, and not having to withhold the feelings he felt when Rarity would talk to him.

Suddenly, he panicked. He didn’t even know what to do on a date! Did he talk romantically to Rarity? Or just casually? Did he pick an ultra-fancy restaurant, or just a laid-back one?

He smiled. He would ask his old friend Twilight later tonight for her opinions. She may not be the master of social skills, but she always had good advice to give.

Until then, Spike rested, tired from a day full of meeting his old friends. He had a purpose here in Ponyville. No more crazy adventures….

Rarity paced about in a panicked state, constantly checking herself in the mirror to make sure that not a single strand of hair or seam of dress was misplaced. Four of her closest friends, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, all unsuccessfully tried to assist as her nervousness grew.

“Sugarcube, ya understand that every time ya go back to pacing after lookin’ in the mirror, that strand of hair moves right back to its old place?” Applejack sighed, trying to reason with the wayward mare.

“Ugh! I know!” Rarity cried.  “Of course my hair is perfectly fine every day but THIS one!”

“Come on Rarity!” Rainbow Dash said. “I don’t see the problem! Who cares if your hair is a tad to the left or right? You look great!”

“This is by far the prettiest you’ve ever looked Rarity! No need to panic now, you’re perfect!” Pinkie cheered, supporting Dash’s claims.

Rarity glanced between the two and realized that although she loved them dearly, next to Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie were the last ponies she would go to for fashion advice. In desperate need of confirmation, Rarity turned to Fluttershy.

“You look lovely Rarity,” Fluttershy answered as she saw her friends tragic eyes. “I can’t see anything wrong with your hair, and the dress is lined up perfectly.”

 Rarity nodded, acknowledging the absence of any “Um”’s or “Oh”’s that would point to uncertainty. Giving herself one last look over in the mirror, she saw herself in a new light. Her hair was more straight and glowing than ever, and the white dress that she had designed herself for this extremely-special occasion fit her like a glove.

Rarity gave a deep breath, slowly exhaling.

“Alright,” she said, determined. “I’m ready.”



“How are my spines, are they straight?” Spike asked his life-long friend, forcefully trying to give the fierce protrusions along his back a last-second gentle touch.

“Straight as they’ll ever be.” Twilight responded, obviously having answered the question many times before throughout the day.

“Right.” Spike let out a weak laugh. “If I’m this nervous, I can only imagine Rarity! I hope she’s all right.”

“She has the rest of the gang backing her up, I’m sure she’ll make it through.” Twilight reassured him.

“I hope so…” Spike said as he looked towards the Apple Family’s down-to-earth house. All of this was so crazy, as if all of his dreams being fulfilled culminated up to this hour.


After Rarity had finally accepted his offer for a date, they had hadn’t spent a moment apart from each other. The second date led into a third, the third into a 26th, and many more until they eventually stopped counting. Spike was living the dream, spending every waking moment with the mare who he loved more than anything else. It wasn’t until the seventh month that Spike noticed Rarity acting anxious, as if waiting for something. Noticing the same symptoms resurface while watching the sunset on a hill near Ponyville, Spike attempted to question her on the matter.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you Rarity?” Spike asked Rarity, who lie snugly next to his head, yet wore the same anxious expression.

“Spike, darling, this has been the best date yet! Just look at the sunset, shining like a ring of gold!” Rarity exclaimed, nuzzling against Spike.

Spike was content with the answer, there was no sign of hesitation in her compliment. Even then, the same look she had before slowly returned to her face. Spike cursed himself for not being able to understand, but he had a backup plan.


Knock Knock.

“I’ll get it” Scala called out to Twilight, opening the front door.

“WHOA!” The griffon assistant yelped. All she could see through the entryway was a single, scaly foot. She looked up to see Twilight already opening the upper window of the library, coming face to face with Spike.

“Spike!” Twilight said happily as the two old friends traded smiles. “How are you?”

“Well… I needed some advice, so I came to you!” Said Spike.

“Let me guess, Rarity?” Twilight asked as she raised her eyebrow.

“Actually, uh. Yeah. You see she’s been acting weird. Not sad or upset or angry, just like she’s waiting for something to happen. I can’t explain it.” Spike sighed.

“Hmmm can’t really help you there. But I know what can!” Twilight said as she went back into the library. Spike rolled his eyes. He knew what was coming next.

“Here we go! Newfoals guide to dating by Mr. Syrup. Now, where would you and Rarity be in this book?...” Twilight questioned while scanning through the book.

“Rarity and I have been dating for quite a while, so maybe towards the back.” Suggested Spike.

“Let’s see… section male… long time dating… Ah! Alright Spike, answer these questions.”

“Uh, fire away?”

“Is your partner acting bored?”

“No. She is acting anxious remember?” Spike reminded Twilight.

“Ah yes… partner acting mean… partner acting anxious! Here we go! Oh, more questions.” Before reading the next question, Twilight stifled a giggle. “Have you and your partner engaged in… well… ‘adult activities?”

Spike’s eyes widened. “Skip that question, that’s not the problem, I’m sure of it!!” He said in a loud whisper.

“Ok ok.” Twilight said grinning. “Has your partner made any subtle references to a ‘ring’ or taking the relationship further?”

“That’s a weird question. But Rarity DID say yesterday that the sunset was like a golden ring… and the day before that about how she wanted to be with me forever… and…” Spike continued.

“So that’s a yes.” Twilight confirmed. “The answer Mr. Syrup has is this. ‘Your partner is either desiring you to engage in…”

“NEXT” Spike hissed, glaring daggers at Twilight.

Twilight coughed. “OR… your partner desires you to make a marriage proposal.”

Spike froze. “A m-m-marriage p-p-proposal??”

“You and Rarity have been dating for quite a while Spike. You have to ‘seal the deal’ some time, right?”

“But how should I do it? Should I ask when she’s alone or while we are dining at a fancy restaurant? What if… ARGH!” Spike cried as his head spun with the thoughts flooding his mind.

“Spike, I’m no dating expert, but if Rarity really wants to be with you forever, she will say ‘yes’ even if you asked her in front of all of Equestria. The where and when is up to you.” Said Twilight.

“Wow Twilight, I guess you’re right.” A determined look came across Spike’s face. “I’ll do it. Rarity has been acting like this for a while, and I don’t want to keep her waiting any longer.”

“Do you have an engagement ring Romeo?” Twilight questioned.

“Of course! I’ve had one forever, just for this moment!” Exclaimed Spike.

“That’s kind of creepy… but sweet!” Twilight quickly added. “Just don’t act too nervous, and good luck.”

“Thanks for all of the help Twilight. It goes without saying, but you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.” Said Spike.

Twilight gave her dragon friend’s head a tight hug. “You’re my best friend too Spike. Now go out there and get that mare!”

“Right!” Spike took off, flying to the nearby mountain which a red dragon had inhabited long ago.

Twilight waved farewell, and closed the window. Scala had conveniently been cleaning the same room Twilight had been talking to Spike from.

“Eavesdropping? What did I tell you about that?” Said Twilight in a joking manner.

Scala gave a hesitant glance then quickly regrouped herself. “Oh me? Pffft. You don’t need to worry about anyone else hearing any of that conversation.”

“Promise?” Twilight checked.

“Promise! Seriously!”

“Good! The room looks great and you put up all the books, so you can take the rest of the day off.” Said Twilight.

Scala let out a silent cheer, and rushed for the exit. As she was about to leave, she turned around.

“I’m too busy wondering how a pony and a dragon hook up to actually talk about it anyways.” Scala joked as she closed the door behind her.


Spike carefully landed outside of Rarity’s house, thanking his luck that the regal abode was nowhere near any busy parts of Ponyville. Giving a soft tap on the door, Spike gave a deep sigh as Rarity stepped out in a beautiful blue dress. Today’s date was at a fancy local restaurant (that had enough space for Spike of course) so he had expected her to look nice, but he was still amazed at how stunning she was.

“How do I look darling?” Rarity questioned, approaching Spike and nuzzling him as he came down to eye level with the mare, something the dragon often did to show respect to the one he loved.

“You look… beautiful…” Spike said, clearly at a loss for words.

Rarity blushed. “Thank you Spike. Now let’s get moving, we don’t want to be late for the reservation!”

The couple traveled through Ponyville, no longer even drawing a glance from the townsfolk simply due to how long they had been dating. It wasn’t long before they reached the ‘Dining Dame’, one of Ponyville’s top restaurants.

“Ah yes! The mare and the dragon.” The greeter exclaimed as the two approached, not even looking down at his reservations list. “Your seats are over there to the right.”

“Thank you very much sir.” Said Rarity as she trotted over to the table.

Spike was grateful that the workers had already cleared a path for him to the table which would normally seat 20.  Although he created a hassle for the restaurant, he made for great business as he ate quite a lot and had more than enough money to cover it, being a dragon. He looked around, noticing that although they were slightly separated from the rest of the diners, they were still in clear ear and eye shot. Perfect. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Ah how relaxing.” Rarity sighed. “It’s good to be so laid back after such a hard days work.”

“Of course, you deserve it!” Said Spike. “You truly outdid yourself with those new designs. I guarantee you will outsell your last batch for sure.”

“Oh Spike, my last batch sold so much. There’s no possible way I could ever hope to match that.”

“No way! You’re new designs are such an improvement! The red and emerald set is by far the best dress you have designed.”

Rarity accepted the praise, feeling uplifted. “Did I tell you what happened yesterday?”

“Yesterday? No, what happened?” Asked Spike.

“One of the little fillies from Gilda and Dashes ‘Fast Fliers’ group ended up going missing!”

“What? Did you find her?”

“Ha! Rainbow Dash, Gilda and I gathered Applejack, Pinkie, Twilight and Fluttershy and began searching madly! We even went into that disgusting Froggy Bottom Bog, but couldn’t find her! Eventually we came back to Ponyville, thinking we had lost her, when guess what? She was sleeping at the top of the library tree the whole time! We were relieved, but the poor filly got a stern scolding from her mother.” Laughed Rarity.

“Wow! Well at least she’s safe.” Spike said, relieved.

Then that same, anxious look reappeared on Rarity’s face. Spike grimaced. What a sad look, as if she were waiting for something that would never happen! Spike was going to turn that look into a beacon of happiness tonight.

“Oh Spike, if not for you I would still be cooped up inside my house fretting over those already-perfect designs.” Rarity confessed.

Spike gave a soft smile. “And if not for you, Rarity, I would be wandering around the world not knowing where to go.”

Spike and Rarity looked into each other’s eyes, a fire between them that had never been so bright before. This was it, Spike thought.

“Rarity dear?” Spike asked, determined.

“Yes Spike?”

“We have been dating for quite a while now, and every day you grow more beautiful and nice. I… I want to do this forever.” Spike let out a few nervous breathes, trying to keep himself calm.

Rarity’s heart was pumping fast. Spike was always good at talking romantically to her, but this was another level. “What do you mean Spike?”

“What I’m trying to say is…” Spike leaned down and placed himself on one knee. Gently he blew forth a small puff of green flame which formed itself into a beautiful ring with a large diamond on top. Grabbing the ring and extending his claw, Spike asked the most important question he had ever asked his whole life.

 “Rarity, will you marry me?”

“YES!!!” Rarity screamed, frightening some of the other diners. “Yes yes yes! Oh dear, I think I’m going to faint!”

Rarity could be heard for what seemed like miles around, but she could care less. Her patience with her partner had paid off, and she would finally be married to the dragon of her dreams. To some ponies, the site of a dragon, bent down on one knee, proposing to a mare was the silliest sight they had ever seen. To Rarity, it was the most romantic act she had ever laid eyes upon.


Spike gazed across Apple Orchards which had been generously donated by the Apple family for the wedding. Although a wedding in town would be nice, Spike was too big, and the whole town gathered in one place would simply not fit. An altar with a red carpet extending out of the middle had been moved onto the farm, and Spike nervously stood on it while waiting for the wedding to start.

Twilight, Spike’s best mare, stood beside him with an impatient look. “Oh darn it Rarity, hurry up! She was supposed to trot out 10 minutes ago!”

Spike wasn’t paying attention to his impatient friend, only looking out at the vast sea of ponies. There were so many, and every single eye would be upon him and Rarity!

Out of the corner of his eye, Spike caught Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy leaving the Apple Family’s house. They quickly trotted to the altar, each wearing matching dresses which signified their positions as bridemares. Getting Apple and Dash into dresses would usually be a great feat, but for their best friend’s wedding they treated it as an everyday occurrence.

“Woowee!” Applejack puffed as the gang approached. “Gettin’ that filly of yours to stop worryin’ sure was a workout, but she’s ready to go.”

“You know what it was? A straind of hair!” Rainbow growled. “A single strand of hair out of place and she takes 10 minutes trying to fix it! Pinkie is still inside helping her remember miniscule details like how to trot up the aisle! If you ask me, I wouldn’t ask Pinkie how to trot considering she’s hopping half the time.”

Spike’s nervousness faded as his friends explained Rarity’s absence. “Wait, where’s Fluttershy?” He said after giving the group a second glance.

“Over here Spike.” Fluttershy called out from behind Spike. “I just wanted to make sure the whole stage is filled up, and I um… noticed a spot over here behind you that looked empty…”

“It’s ok Fluttershy, you can stand behind me. There are a lot of ponies here!” Spike said kindly after realizing the fragile Pegasus’s situation.

Fluttershy gave him a weak smile as she backed further behind him. “Thanks…”

Pinkie finally bolted out the door and onto the altar.

“Oh boy here she comes! Everyone get ready!” Pinkie cried as she tried to contain a giant smile.

Spike straightened himself up, flared out his wings a bit and smoothed back his spines one last time before taking a deep breath.

Rarity gracefully stepped out onto the red carpet, her celestial beauty immediately causing an amazing contrast against the simplicities of the Apple farm. Although the stretch of carpet was made especially long to fit the town, Spike could see her with distinct clarity.

All of the nervousness that he had remaining inside him washed away as the crowd seemingly disappeared, leaving only Rarity. He was quickly reminded of why he loved her through visuals alone as she held her head high and took every step with perfection in mind. The white dress she wore shone like a beacon, carefully handcrafted by none other than herself to make sure she looked beautiful for Spike.

As Rarity finally approached the altar, Spike lowered his head as he had often done before. As they locked eyes, the same fire they had felt the night he proposed to her erupted between them. They barely even noticed the priest pony who had been gradually reading through the lines.

“Do you, Spike, take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” Spike said in a clear, loud voice which echoed across the orchard.

“Do you, Rarity, take this stal-“ The priest froze as Rarity shot him a dangerous look. “DRAGON to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!” Rarity beamed.

They read their vows to each other, and Twilight magically lifted the wedding rings to Spike. He carefully placed the ring on her hoof, while Rarity gracefully levitated his ring onto his claw. Smiling at one another, they turned to the priest.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” The priest turned to Spike. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Spike extended his neck and Rarity embraced his head, firmly kissing his snout. Although he was much bigger now, it felt just like the first time Rarity had kissed him the night before he left Ponyville.

A thunderous applause broke out among the townsfolk, and Pinkie, who had been standing still the longest she had ever had her whole life, took off towards the road.

“Pinkie?” Twilight called, curious to her friend’s sudden departure. It wasn’t long until she saw why, as what seemed to be a mountain moved towards the Apple farm.

“No way…” Rainbow Dash said in disbelief as the mountain revealed itself to be a gigantic cake.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake accompanied by Pinkie, Big Macintosh and a handful of other workers pushed the cake onto the farm. It was white with 7 layers, and at the top stood a figurine of a dragon and mare kissing. Pinkie rushed back to her friends.

“Do you like it?” She asked excitedly.

Spike and Rarity both stood in shock at the sheer size of the cake.

“Pinkie darling it’s wonderful!” Rarity exclaimed

“Wow Pinkie… that is the biggest cake I have ever seen.” Spike complimented, still in shock.

“Well what are you all waiting for?” Pinkie shouted to anyone who would hear. “We have a new couple and cake! Time to PARTY!”

For the rest of the day Apple orchards was a place of chatter, dancing, and singing. Spike and Rarity traveled through the crowd, getting bombarded with questions and discussion everywhere they went.

Rarity looked up at Spike, noting the growing weariness on his face that he was trying to hide.

“Darling, while I love talking to everypony, aren’t you feeling a bit tired?” She hinted.

“You read my mind. Come with me Rarity, I want to show you something.” Said Spike.

“Oh? Where to?”

Spike pointed to his current residence, the nearby mountain that overlooked Ponyville. “You wouldn’t mind if I carried you up there would you? I promise I’ll be careful.”

“It’s quite high… but I trust you completely my love. Let’s go!”

Before Spike could pick her up, a sharp “HEY!” pierced through the air.

“Where do you think you two are going?” Said Twilight, the other four ponies close behind her.

“Twilight.” Spike smiled. “Just going to enjoy the rest of the night off…”

“The crowd was getting rather bothersome you know?” Added Rarity.

“Of course!” Twilight agreed. “We just wanted to congratulate you before you disappear off into the night!”

“Congratulations Spike and Rarity!” Pinkie cheered. “Don’t go too far tonight. I have a cookie cake waiting for both of you back at the bakery!”

“You two enjoy the night off, and don’t thank me ‘bout the farm, I just got me hundreds of new potential customers!” Said Applejack.

“Both of you look so nice together.” Said Futtershy. “Be careful wherever you go tonight.”

“I knew you two would be hooking up since a long time ago!” Rainbow Dash bragged. “I can tell future relationships better than anyone else in Ponyville!”

Spike laughed. “I’m sure Gilda wishes that were true…”

Before a flustered Dash could muster up a comeback, Twilight butted back in.

“Both of you relax for the rest of the evening, it’s been a long tiring day for each of you.”

“Thanks for all of the help guys. All of you have made this a special day for Rarity and I.” Spike finished. “Shall we?” He asked as he turned to Rarity.

“Of course!”

Spike graciously picked up Rarity and softly held her close as he took off towards the mountain. His friends were waving him their final farewells for the night before fading away.

Spike landed at the mouth of the cave as night began to descend. He led Rarity into the cave and let out a puff of green smoke that jumped from torch to torch, illuminating the inside.

Rarity gasped.

Behind his hoard which was littered with gold coins and assorted treasures, a giant mound of gems towered. Diamonds, Emeralds, Lapis, Topazes, Opals, Rubies and Amethysts all laid against each other in large quantities.

“Everything you see here is yours. If you ever want to use ANYTHING for a dress, be it treasure or gem, just take it as a symbol of my love for you.” Said Spike.

“Oh Spike… this… this is wonderful…” Rarity said, breathless and with tears welling up in her eyes. “Thank you.”

Spike smiled, happy that she was happy. “It’s getting late and I’m sure we’re both sleepy, do you want me to take you home?”

“Nonsense Spike! It’s our wedding day! Tonight, I’m sleeping with you.” She said in a demanding yet loving voice.

Spike’s smile widened as he lay down. Rarity trotted up and nuzzled him before lying down and curling up next to his head. The gold coins actually served as a soft bedding, and Spike himself was even softer.

Before extinguishing the torches, Rarity looked about at all of the priceless items in the cave, and then to her husband.

She gave a soft smile. Despite all of the gems, coins, and artifacts that littered the cave, Spike was the greatest treasure in the room to her.

Rarity doused the flames with magic, plunging the couple into a pleasant darkness.