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A Sticky Situation

Thinking of a new trick was easy, Rainbow Dash thought of new stunts to pull all the time. Sometimes she would wake up from a particularly awesome dream and immediately go outside and try to re-enact it. Of course, thinking of a new trick was a lot easier than actually doing them, as she was learning right now.

“Ok, I got it this time,” Dash said confidently, stretching her wings out, “No biggie.”

She had been attempting this particular trick she thought up during breakfast and had been struggling with it all day long. She flew up high, turned in a half pirouette, and dived at the tree top. Her momentum coupled with grabbing the tree allowed it to bend, and slingshotted herself back twice as fast into the sky.

“Here… goes…nothing” she said to herself. The sonic rainboom was a super tough stunt to pull off and she’d only done it two times before. Doing it in reverse would be twice as difficult and three times as cool. The airspace around her was bending, forming a bubble, then a cone. “Alllmost got it” she said to herself, wind whipping past her ears “Almost there…”  The airstream was giving way, nearly breaking, but gravity was having none of it today and just like last time, she lost her upwards momentum and the barrier she almost broke flung her backwards to the ground.

“Oh greeeaat” said Dash adjusting herself mid-fall “I’m done with this.” she moaned, gliding out of danger at the last minute and back towards Ponyville. ‘I wonder where the hay Pinkie is, she’s usually here rooting me on when I’m doing awesome new stunts’ she thought coasting back to town. If Pinkie Pie had heard about her practicing a reverse rainboom she would have been cheered on for hours. Dash sighed a little; she actually missed that hyper-active filly being here today, she was practically Dash’s biggest fan.


Ponyville was closing up for the evening, which was not cool with Dash. Having spent most of her day throwing herself at a tree had taken a toll on her energy reserves, and was now trotting through town looking left and right for a place to eat, breath misting before her as the temperature dropped.

“Why is everything closing? Don’t they know ponies can be hungry after dark?” Dash said in annoyance. Her stomach rumbled in agreement, as it led her to all three Ponyville restaurants, which were busily shutting their doors.

 “I don’t have time to cook right now, I got the need to feed” she pined pressing her nose to the window of Seasonal Delights. “I just need some-ooh- that smells delicious!” Dash sniffed the air, taking in a sudden whiff of cooking food. Nose pointed up, she trotted towards the sweet scent of a possible dinnertime.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t even looking when she pushed open the front door to the store that held the answer to her search for food.

“Hiya Rainbow Dash! What are YOU doing still up?”

 “What? Where am… OH! Pinkie Pie! Hehe, uh, just strollin’ through town” Dash said blinking back to reality. ‘What are you doing Dash? Of all places to wander into it had to be Sugarcube Corner’ she thought irritated with herself.

“I’m baking for Sweetiebelle’s bombastic birthday bash! I’m trying to cook half now and half tomorrow so that I can use my free time in the morning to help Rarity decorate her shop with streamers and balloons and stuff and you wouldn’t BELIEVE what kind of pie I made I bet nobody’s ever had a pie like this one it’s going to be AMAZING!”

She stuck her nose into the top oven, pulling out a pair of large flat pies and placed them carefully onto the counter. “Besides, I want time to do SOME partying tomorrow.” She left the oven door hanging open, heat spilling out in a hazy wind.

 “Gosh, all that looks really good Pinks” Dash said eyeing the colorful treats laying on the countertop. She looked over hungrily and felt a knot in her stomach. She loved Pinkies cooking, but this was for Rarity’s little sis, and it looked like Pinkie Pie wasn’t even snacking on the side tonight like she usually did.

“Thanks! I haven’t even had time for dinner myself ‘cause I’ve been baking up such a storm, but now that you’ve stopped by I can share some with you before bedtime!” laughed Pinkie hopping to the back counter.

“Bedtime?” repeated Dash puzzled, she shook her head a little “I mean, sure Pinks, whatcha got to eat?”

“Heeeeere we go! Check out what I made earlier!” she said proudly pushing a small tray in front of her friend. It was a bunch of small plain crème logs.

“Ooh, um, what are these Pinkie?”

“They’re éclairs silly, you’ve had éclairs before right?

“Without any icing on them Pinks, I couldn’t tell…”

Pinkie made a confused face “Oh yeah, I forgot, be right back!” She put the éclairs on the counter and zipped away to a drawer in the back, tail bouncing back and forth “Ugh, where did I PUT those bottles…” she grumbled to herself.

Dash was having trouble focusing back over at the counter, she was still hungry, that hadn’t changed, but she was feeling something else, not excited, but restless. Moments before a race or seeing her idols often made her fidgety, but this never happened chilling with Pinkie.

“Hurry up I’m staaaarving!” moaned Dash, the oven was heating the store up and making Dash even more uncomfortable as she watched Pinkie digging through the drawer.

“Ok, I got it!” Pinkie whizzed back to the counter, giggling slightly as she walked up to her groggy friend “SOMEPONYS sure excited for these sweets, don’t you think Rainbow Dash?”

“I’m really hungry that’s all…what are you chuckling at?”

Pinkie just kept giggling into her hooves, “Oh, I dunno, but figuring it out should be a breeze.”

“What in Equestr-OH” Dash looked to her sides to she had her wings spread, usually something that happened before take-off or when a Pegasus got fighting mad. Dash was neither at the moment, and subconsciously had spread her wings for a…more private reason.

“Hehehe, those pastries of yours really got me going Pinks, I just can’t wait to chow down,” she said forcing a grin through her blush, snapping her wings shut.

Pinkie stopped laughing a bit “It’s okay Dash I don’t care, I get excited for random things too, like finding a sweet new recipe or making a perfect soufflé …” Pinkie sighed a little, she’ll never make that perfect soufflé again…

“Anyways, Dash hold the tray and I’ll the spread the icing, so just, urgh, hold it st –OOPS” she squeezed too hard and the icing bottle broke, smattering chocolate all over their faces.

Pinkie chuckled, “Sorry Dash, these bottles slip sometimes, let me get that for you!”

        “Aw Pinkie, you got it all over my mane, and my wings, and everywhere.”

“Hold still you silly-filly and I’ll rub it off with my hoof.”

“YEEOUCH! You poked my eye!”

“Stop squirming so much and let me get it.”

        “You’re being too rough with your hoof!”

“I didn’t know you were such a softy Rainbow Dash.”

        “EXCUSE ME?”

Dash pulled away from Pinkie Pies reach, “I’m the roughest-toughest filly in this whole town, you must be mistaking me for somepony else.”

Pinkie sat on her haunches for a moment, chocolate sauce dripping from her face, “Mmm, nope, all I see is one silly chocolaty filly who just can’t sit still long enough to get her face cleaned.”

“You take that back Pinkie!”




“You take it back or…I’ll show ya rough I can be” said Dash shakily pushing her nose into Pinkies face.

Pinkie made a little smile “Prove it.”

Dash leapt at Pinkie, shoving her mouth over her lips and smearing chocolate all over her shocked friends face. Pinkie stood up on her hind legs, tottering backwards. Dash placed her forelegs around Pinkies neck, gumming up her pink mane.

“Mmmpfpfff” was all that wide-eyed Pinkie could get out with Dash clamped around her mouth. Walking backwards, Pinkie hit the counter where Dash pinned her, wings sliding forwards and clamping against Pinkies sides and holding her still. ‘I shouldn’t have pushed her buttons like that,’ thought Pinkie Pie frantically, ‘I can’t even budge’. She squirmed helplessly, but slowly stopped struggling, accepting the embrace. Opening her mouth a little, she let Rainbows tongue slide over her own, sharing a chocolate flavored kiss. ‘This isn’t so bad actually’ mused Pinkie in between the frenetic kisses, she relaxed, her eyelids slowly fluttering shut as she set her hooves around her friends strong back.

Rainbow Dash had her eyes shut the entire time, her mind a vortex of emotion bouncing back and forth; anger, fear, regret, exhilaration, relief, and shock. ‘Stupid stupid stupid what the heck is wrong with me, am I really doing this right now, why didn’t I just back off, what am I going to say to her now, what is she going to say to me?’ She felt she should let go, but at the same time just couldn’t. Somewhere between her hunger, the heat, the chocolate sauce and her friends goading, Dash figured out what she really wanted was Pinkie Pie. Her attitude, kindheartedness, devotion…it was something that she had started realizing standing in the shop, while her train of thought slowly derailed in that hot sticky confectionary.

She finally pulled away panting, opening her eyes and staring into the bright light blue ones of her friends. Her speechlessness only made Dash’s heart beat faster in her chest “Pinkie, listen I, I-I-I-…”

Pinkie darted forward placing a kiss on her friends lips, pausing just for a moment as she looked at the panicky expression on her friends face.

“I think you proved me wrong Dash” giggled Pinkie “you definitely are one rough filly” she leaned forward and licked Dashs cheek, pulling away a glob of chocolate. “I just didn’t know that you were so sweet too”.

Dash smiled, and broke into a laugh as the fear melted off her face. They spent the rest of the night together in that heated kitchen. Sharing sticky kisses and hushed laughter as the night slowly broke into dawn, and into a brand new day where sweet dreams became reality.