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A Trixie Party

Twilight Sparkle was trotting happily through the Everfree Forest. She was on her way to meet Zecora, her Zebra friend who lived there. Zecora’s house was deep into the forest, and just a few weeks ago Twilight would have been terrified to go there alone. However, after becoming Zecora’s friend and learning more her home, Twilight had gotten used to the path to Zecora’s house and could practically get there blindfolded. “I hope she likes these apples Applebloom sent.” Twilight thought, “I’m so glad she helped us become friends with Zecora. It’s nice to visit ponies outside of Ponyville once in a while.”

As Twilight continued on her way, she began to hear a sound she wasn’t accustomed to hearing in the forest. It was muffled, and sounded rather far away, but it was almost certainly the sound of somepony sobbing quietly. “I wonder who that could be?” Twilight wondered, and began to veer off her normal path toward the sound. She knew it was dangerous to go off the well-trod path while in the Everfree Forest, but she couldn’t deny help to a pony that needed her assistance.

        The sound was getting stronger, and Twilight began to slow her pace, trying not to reveal herself to whatever creature was making the sound. Slowly peeling back a few branches, Twilight peeked through the underbrush and saw a most curious sight. There, hidden from sight in a small hollow, was a little, run-down hut. Well, hut was rather generous. It was really more of a few sticks arranged in a hut-type fashion. It seemed to have been made by somepony who had never tried carpentry before. To the left of the hut was a small fire pit. At least the pony had remembered to build it up with rocks surrounding it, to prevent the forest from catching aflame. And saddest of all, sitting on a rock next to the fire-less fire pit, was The Great and Powerful Trixie, crying softly while attempting to eat what looked like very unappetizing leaves. The unicorn pony tugged at each leaf and with great difficulty eventually tore it from its branch. After being freed from its wooden chains, each leaf was gnawed on awkwardly until Trixie decided it was mushy enough to attempt to swallow. One by one she was able to devour these disgusting leaves, until she could no longer stand the taste and tossed the branch back into the woods using her magic.

        Twilight didn’t know what to do. She knew Trixie had been quite embarrassed the last time she was in Ponyville, but Twilight hadn’t known Trixie was living in such destitution. Didn’t she have a home to go back to? Or was the trailer that got smashed by the Ursa Minor her only home? Twilight, feeling sorry for the melancholy mare, took one of the apples from her saddlebag and rolled it down the slight slope toward Trixie. Twilight then slowly closed the opening in the brush so she couldn’t be seen. *Sniff* “What? Who’s there?” Trixie asked when she saw the apple rolling toward her. She looked toward the spot from where the apple had come, but couldn’t see Twilight in among the bushes. She jerked her head all around, looking at the outline of her little plot of territory, but found nothing amiss. Pensively, Trixie got up and took the apple in her mouth. She took a small test bite, almost as if to make sure it was real. Tasting that exquisite juiciness and delicious crunch of a true Sweet Apple Acres apple, Trixie quickly lost her trepidation and hungrily swallowed the remaining apple.

“Oh, that was marvelous, the best thing I’ve eaten in weeks.” Looking around again and quickly regaining her composure, Trixie added, “If there is someone there, the Great and Powerful Trixie thanks you for your offer of an apple. If you wish to see my awesome powers, show yourself and I may consider displaying them for you.”

Twilight, satisfied with the good deed she had done, found her way back onto the regular path. “She’d probably still be mad about what happened in Ponyville.” Twilight thought. “There’s no way I can show up now and make her my friend. I’m sure she’ll get along just fine. Right now, I’ve got to deliver the rest of these apples to Zecora.”

After a fine few hours spent visiting with her Zebra friend, Twilight Sparkle began the trek back to Ponyville. “The night will come soon, my good pony friend. If you’re still in the forest, you may meet your end.”

“I’ll be careful Zecora. Goodbye!” Twilight said. She had long ago become used to the strange rhyming style of speech that Zecora used. “Hm…maybe I’d better check on Trixie just to make sure.” Twilight thought as she left. “There’s probably no problem, but I can’t just leave her all alone, can I?”

Twilight once again approached Trixie’s makeshift home quietly. From the same spot as before, she spied on the lonesome unicorn. Trixie was trying to make a fire in the fire pit. She had gathered some small branches, and was now banging two rocks together next to them. “Huff, every, huff, night” Trixie said between gasps. She was hitting the rocks very hard, but it was obvious to Twilight that neither of them was actually flint. Apparently Trixie expected a spark from any collision. “I keep trying to get a fire, but it never works. Nothing works!” Trixie, getting very upset, levitated the two rocks she’d been holding in her hooves and flung them as far away as possible, almost hitting Twilight in the process. Seeing the sad state Trixie was in, Twilight took the last apple from her saddlebag. Zecora had given her one as a going away present, but she could see that Trixie needed it more. She nudged the apple with her snout once more, and it rolled gently toward Trixie. However, this time Trixie happened to be looking in the right direction, and saw the apple as it began its decent. “Who’s there? I know someone is rolling these apples to me. Show yourself!” Trixie demanded. “The Great and Powerful Trixie demands it!”

Twilight Sparkle, recognizing that Trixie had not yet learned humility, slowly began to turn away and head back toward Ponyville. However, just as she had turned around, she heard Trixie say quietly, “Well, whoever you are, thanks for the apples…” Trixie’s voice was filled with such sadness that is stunned Twilight. So much so, that Twilight forgot to watch where she was going. Twilight tripped over one of Trixie’s rocks from earlier, and hit her snout on the ground while calling out with an “OW!” Trixie bounded through the brush to the spot Twilight Sparkle fell, saying, “Oh, I knew someone had come for me! You must have heard about my powers and been searching everywhere. Well, let me tell you you’ve come to the right…..YOU!” Trixie shouted upon seeing who her benefactor had been. “What are YOU doing here?”

“Well, you see Trixie…”

“Hmmph, you’re here to gloat over your victory is it? Well, are you happy? Are you glad that the Great and Powerful Trixie has to live in such squalor? Not satisfied from running me out of Ponyville, you need to follow me even here to mock me?”

“Mock you? No, Trixie, listen…”

“I don’t need your pity. The Great and Powerful Trixie can get along on her own. Now just go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under.”

“Trixie,” Twilight began, “I didn’t drive you out of Ponyville. You ran away. No one said you had to leave.”

“But, after you defeated the Ursa Minor, I was a laughing stock. There was no way I could show my face there again. Besides, it destroyed my home, my business. I have nowhere else to go now, and I don’t need YOU butting in to take this away from me too.” Trixie was getting very defensive, but surprisingly opening up to Twilight. One wouldn’t expect a pony who truly wanted nothing to do with another to let them know their feelings. Twilight, realizing that Trixie was doing more than simply refusing her, replied, “I’m sorry, Trixie.”

Not expecting an apology, Trixie was struck dumb. She couldn’t believe a pony with obviously superior magic power was humbling herself. “I didn’t know what happened to you after you left Ponyville. I’m sorry you’ve got to live like this. If you like, I could show you how to light that fire?”

“Um…yeah…sure…” Trixie replied.

Twilight started off toward the woods. She got a 2-foot long sprig and uprooted it. Then, she tied the ends together with string, making a bow. Twilight continued by taking the very rock she had tripped over, along with one of Trixie’s dried stick from the fire pit. She got one of the longer, flatter bits of wood and cut two notches in it. “This one is for the smoke to escape, and this one is to hold the other stick in place,” Twilight explained. “Since we don’t have any flint, we’ll have to start the fire by rubbing these sticks together. I read about it in an outdoor survival book, written by Pony Grylls.”  Twilight then got a few bits of dried moss, and placed them under the longer stick. Then, she placed the stick the long way on top of the board, wrapped once by the string of the makeshift bow. On top of this stick she set the rock, keeping some extra weight on the stick so it caused greater pressure on the board. “Then, we just push and pull on this bow until the fire starts.” Twilight said, and used her magic to begin. After a minute or two, smoke started to appear and the tip of the stick began to glow slightly.

“Oh! It’s working!” Trixie said, looking at the glowing stick.

“There’s no wind, so we should be able to just lift this up and….set it gently against this moss….bundle the sticks like this and….There!” Twilight had arranged the sticks into a small teepee structure around the newly burning moss, and let the fire grow.

“Now I won’t be so cold at night!” Trixie allowed her happiness at the fire overcome her haughtiness for just a second, but it was enough to let Twilight know she was truly struggling out here.

“Well Trixie, I guess I’m off then…See you around…”

“Oh, ok…” Trixie said sadly. The joy she’d felt at the new fire was quickly snuffed out. “Or maybe…oh never mind. Goodbye, Twilight.” Trixie stared sadly at Twilight as she trotted off. The forest was starting to get rather dark, and Twilight had to hurry home. She didn’t want to get caught in the Everfree Forest at night, after all.

Arriving at her treehouse, Twilight was greeted by a rather upset purple baby dragon. “And just where were you all day, Twilight? It’s already dark out, and you were supposed to be back by supper.”

“Spike is always upset when he has to miss his supper.” Twilight thought.

“So I had to eat without you.” Spike continued.

“Oh, so that’s not it.” Twilight thought again.

“I was starting to get worried. Did you get lost in the forest?”

“Oh no Spike, don’t be silly. I just… saw something interesting and got distracted. That’s all.”

“Nice! What was it? Some really cool looking spider? Or a nest of Manticores? What?”

“Oh, just…um…a butterfly, yeah. A kind I’d never seen before.”

“Oh, I should have known it was some kind of girly thing.” Spike said dejectedly. “Why can’t you ever have cool stories to tell? Like that time you defeated Nightmare Moon.”

“Well Spike, I’m sorry an evil pony doesn’t escape her thousand-year imprisonment every week just to keep you entertained.” Twilight replied.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Spike said, still a little sad that Twilight’s big distraction was a stupid butterfly. “Whelp, time for me to go off to bed. Goodnight, Twilight.”

Twilight ate a small dinner, brushed her teeth and her mane, and then snuggled into her bed as well. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn’t help but think about Trixie. Trixie hadn’t really learned her lesson, had she? She was still too prideful, and too much of a show off, even now. But she was also all alone in the Everfree Forest, and she didn’t even know how to start a fire for herself. Twilight decided she’d tell her friends about it tomorrow and they’d help her decide what to do.  

The next day, Twilight went over to Sweet Apple Acres immediately after breakfast. Just at the outskirts of the apple orchard, she met little Applebloom, who was on her way to school. “Twilight!” Applebloom’s trot became faster at  the sight of her friend. “Did Zecora like mah apples? Ah picked out the best ones jus for her.”

“Yes, Applebloom, she was thrilled. She wanted me to tell you they were delicious and…Hey! Did you get your cutie mark?” Twilight motioned to a design on the filly’s flank.

“This? Nah. I was jus tryin to see what some would look like with these ’ere stickers. What do yah think? It’s a flower with an apple in the middle.”

“That’s very cute, Applebloom. But don’t you think you should take that off before you get to school?”

“I suppose. I bet Ms. Cheerilee wouldn’t want any distractions during class.”

“That’s a good idea. Well, have fun at school!”

With those kind words Twilight Sparkle continued on her way to the big red barn. After learning from Big Macintosh that Applejack was out apple bucking, she headed back out into the expansive orchard.

“Applejack!” She cried out, unable to see her friend through the rows and rows of trees. “Where are you?”

“Over here, Twilight!” A voice called out from among the rows. “Thanks for comin. Ya wanna handle those buckets over there? I’ve got a lot more trees to *Umpf* buck.” Applejack said in the middle of hitting one of the trees with her hind legs. The force of her kick caused all the apples to fall neatly into baskets under the tree.

“Oh, sorry, but I can’t help right now. I need to tell you something.”
        “Well sure, darling. What’s on yer mind?”

“Well, the thing is, I met Trixie in the wood yesterday and-“

“What? Trixie? As in, THE Great and Powerful Trixie the braggart who nearly got Ponyville destroyed with that darn Ursa Minor Trixie? Well come on Twilight, let’s go get ‘er!”

“No, Applejack, that’s not what I want to do. You see, she seemed so sad, like she doesn’t have any friends. I was thinking we should maybe…invite her back to Ponyville.”

“Twilight, ah hate to have to say this but, are y’all crazy?”

“I’m not, it’s just, she was all alone in there, and I think she has been for quite a while. We have to do SOMEthing for her. She’s ponyfolk too, you know.”

“If you say so, Twilight. I just don’t want anything to do with Trixie anymore, but you do whatcha think you should.”

“Thanks, Applejack. I’ll think about it a little more. Maybe it would be better if Trixie never came back.”

Twilight started back off toward the center of Ponyville. She needed to think. Walking slowly, head drooped deep in thought, anypony would’ve figured Twilight was having a rough day. Luckily for her, the first pony to actually approach her about it knew exactly how to cheer her up. Well….kind of…

“Twilight, what’s wrong? Why are you being a big old grumpy Gus?”

        It was Pinkie Pie, the one pony everyone in Ponyville knew could be counted on to brighten the mood.

“I know! It’s because you’re sad, right? Was Spike picking on you earlier I’ll have to tell him to be nicer wait, that’s not it, Spike isn’t really that mean. I know! You’re trying out a new way of walking, making sure you can see the ground you’re walking on so you never ever ever end up tripping wow that’s really smart Twilight. No, that’s silly you don’t trip anyway and never walked like that before. Oh, I know! You’re sad because it’s your birthday and nopony remembered and we forgot to throw you a birthday party unless it’s a surprise party and you just don’t know about it yet except it isn’t because I’d know about it and nopony told ME we were throwing you a super duper secret birthday party which means we really DID forget *GASP*! I gotta go Twilight!”

Talking a mile a minute as always, Pinkie Pie was just about to dash off and begin setting up Twilight’s super duper secret birthday party when Twilight interrupted her. “Wait! Pinkie, I’m not sad because of those things at all, and it’s not my birthday.”

“Oh, well then why are you being such a silly filly with your head all down like that?”

“I’m trying to figure out what to do about Trixie.”

“Trixie? She left a long time ago when you beat that Ursa Minor.”

“I know, but I found her in the Everfree Forest yesterday. It looks like she’s been living there ever since and…well the short version is I think she needs some friends.”

“Well, I know how to help ponies make friends! It’s the very best thing that Pinkie Pie’s know how to do! You go get Trixie and bring her on over to the Sugar Cube Corner. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

Twilight, happy that another pony was willing to give Trixie a second chance, galloped gaily off to the Everfree Forest. She entered the same path to Zecora’s house as before, and went off on her own little path to Trixie’s hallow. Twilight could already see the underbrush matted down slightly from her two earlier trips, making the way easier to see. Twilight noticed while she approached that Trixie had carefully tended the fire, and it was still burning quite well. Trixie must have added more sticks to the smoldering coals this morning. Twilight approached Trixie’s makeshift home and knocked on the door. Sadly, in her euphoria, Twilight forgot that Trixie probably didn’t know too much about architecture. The happy knock had enough force to make Trixie’s home fall completely apart, leaving the dejected mare sitting in the middle of a ring of sticks.

“Oh Trixie, I’m so sorry.” Twilight began.

“Um, no, it’s alright Twilight, this happens all the time. It’s just nice to get some company.”

Trixie’s demeanor had changed quite a bit from the day before. Twilight was taken aback at the lack of outburst. Maybe Trixie really was ready to make friends?

“I’ll just start building it up again, and I should be done by sundown.” Trixie continued.

“Listen, why don’t you come with me back to Ponyville for the day? There’s something I want to show you. If you come, I’ll help you rebuilt your house when we get back.”

“I suppose it would go faster with two ponies building it. But I can’t go back to Ponyville. No one there would ever want to see me again.”

“Trixie, that’s not true..”

“It is, Twilight. Why do you think I was there in the first place? I was driven out of my old hometown because no one liked my magic show. I thought if I could show Ponyville how good I was at magic, they’d like me and let me stay, but instead everypony ended up hating me. I’ve no place left but right here. Even Snips and Snails, who seemed to like me the most, abandoned me when the Ursa Minor showed up. No, this is the only place I belong, Twilight. The forest is my only friend.”

“Trixie, I never knew you felt that way.” Twilight knew she had a lot of work to do to convince Trixie to go back to Ponyville. How could she get her anywhere when she was feeling like that? “I know you don’t know the citizens of Ponyville that well, but it’s true they were pretty upset with you. Other ponies don’t want someone who’s better than them at everything, and they don’t want ponies who act like they’re the best at everything either. The ponies were just upset at your show. We thought you were just showing off. We didn’t know you were trying to impress us so we’d like you. If you just come back and explain what happened, I’m sure everypony will be ready to forgive you. Just like I am. And just like you forgave me.”

“Ok Twilight, I’ll give it a shot.” Trixie said.

Arriving back in Ponyville, Trixie was immediately frightened. There were no ponies around, no one to greet them, shun them, or react in any way. She had been getting more and more reluctant the entire trip. Each step closer to the village, Trixie seemed to have a more depressing statement about why she didn’t belong, and how nopony could ever accept her. Twilight gave constant encouragement, however, and they eventually made it to Ponyville, but the fact that nopony was there at all scared Trixie even more than an angry mob would have. Probably.

“Where is everypony?” Trixie asked. “Why is the town abandoned?”

“I don’t know.” Twilight lied. She figured out that Pinkie Pie had probably got everypony in the whole town to come to Trixie’s surprise party, but she didn’t want Trixie to know just yet. “Let’s head over to the Sugar Cube Corner. I’ll treat you to a cupcake. I bet you haven’t had one of those in a long while.”

“I haven’t. Thank you Twilight.”

Trixie’s new, more submissive attitude was still a strange adjustment for Twilight. She was glad Trixie was willing to work to make new friends, but maybe the change was a just a bit too radical. Regardless, the ponies made their way to the bakery, and Twilight opened the door for her new friend. “After you, Trixie.”

“But it’s so dark in there, I can’t see a thing.” Trixie said.

“It’s ok, just head on in. Maybe they took off for lunch? We’ll wait inside for them to get back.”

“If you say so,” Trixie replied and trotted slowly into the shop. Stopping just inside the door, Trixie waited for Twilight to enter and shut the door behind her. They were draped in complete darkness. It was surprising how powerful the blinds were inside, to block out the early afternoon sun. “Now where is the light switch, Twilight? I can’t see a thing.” Trixie asked.


The entire shop lit up like one of Trixie’s firework displays. Everypony in all of Ponyville had come to greet Trixie and show their goodwill. Pinkie Pie was there with a noise maker and big funny glasses, Rarity, with a stunning new saddle she designed just for the occasion, Applejack with a whole bushel of apples, Fluttershy with Angel and her bird friends, who were joyously singing and welcome back tune, Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves flying happily around the room right next to a big banner which said, “Welcome back, Great and Powerful Trixie” Bon-bon and Lyra, Snips and Snails, everypony had turned out. Even Spike, the first to speak out against Trixie’s boastfulness was there to join in the celebration. Streamers and balloons filled the shop, and confetti was still raining down. Then, Trixie did something nopony expected. Trixie began to cry. The whole party went silent, wondering what was wrong.

“Trixie? What’s wrong? Do you not like the party? Are the balloons the wrong color? Oh, I’m sorry if the cake looks bad or something’s off with the confetti. I thought you’d like blue frosting.” Pinkie Pie hated to see another pony cry, especially while they were at an official Pinkie Pie Party.

“No, *sniff* that’s not it.” Trixie began. “I’m crying because…how could you all let me come back? I was so mean to you. *sniff* “

“Oh that doesn’t matter.” Pinkie Pie continued, “Everypony deserves friends. It just takes a super party sometimes to let them see that!”

Trixie was still sniffling and crying, if only a little. She started to give off the hint of a smile, looking at all the pony’s worried faces. She realized she could learn to fit in here, learn to be just another pony. She didn’t need to be the best or most famous pony to be friends. She just needed to be a friend in return. Just as Trixie was thinking about these things, she looked up to the Pegasus ponies flying happily about the room. At that very moment, poor Derpy, with her lack of depth perception, ended up flying right into Trixie’s big banner. She got tumbled up in the canvas, and feel right on top of Trixie. Unraveling herself from the banner, Trixie stood up and stood face to face with Derpy, giving off a look that could kill. After a few brief moments of tension, Trixie let out a truly heartfelt laugh. Smiling broadly, Derpy laughed along with her, and the whole party laughed deeply, glad to have found a new pony friend.

“Spike, take a note:” Twilight began later that night, “Princess Celestia, I learned a lot about friendship today. I learned that the ponies in Ponyville have a great capacity for forgiveness, and that making new friends isn’t just about meeting new ponies. Sometimes, ponies you thought you’d never get along with can become great friends if you just get to know them better. A little bit of understanding and forgiveness can go a long way. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.”