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Adventures In a New World

Episode 1 - The Travel

        On a plain grass field stood a tall blue box, the word ‘police’ written at the top. The door was slightly ajar, inside was a large room far larger than should have been possible. A dark chocolate tail was seen protruding from one corner of the room, owned by a brown stallion who popped his head out of an open panel holding a wrench in his mouth.

As he set the tool down he then called out, “Can one of you girls fetch my sonic screwdriver?” A group of ponies sat around the insides of the mysterious box. An orange pony wearing a Stetson cowboy hat trotted towards him carrying the tool in question in her mouth. She set the tool down where he could pick it up.

“Thank you Apple Jack.” He said.

She smiled and replied, “Don’t you fret none professor. Anything else I could get ya sugercube?” Only to get a shake from the brown stallion.

“No thanks, I can manage.” He picked up the tool with his mouth and his head disappeared from view.Apple Jack trotted back to her friends.

        A blue Pegasus with rainbow mane looked up as her earth pony friend trotted by, “When is he gonna finish fixing? I want to go time traveling again.”

The complaint got her a glare from her orange friend, “Learn some patience, Dashie.” she smirked and went off to sit with her other friends. The Pegasus blushed slightly from that nickname and lay her head down on the floor again trying to hide her redden cheeks.


Sitting on the couch on the other side of the room are a purple unicorn who sat in the middle while reading a thick book that she found; a pastel Pegasus with pink mane sat quietly on the right side; and a white unicorn with purple curled up mane sat on the left side.

“Hey Twilight, ya think the professor is ok with ya readin his books?” AJ asked her purple friend as she closed in on them.

The unicorn peered from her book to her friend.“Er, he said it’s fine.” Before going back to her reading.

“He really needs to redecorate this dull place. The poor dear needs some style.”The other unicorn softly said, the brown stallion popped his head out glaring at her

“Well Excuse me Miss Rarity, but Doris has lots of style.”He defended his machine before going back to his work. Causing the girls except for Rarity to giggle lightly, the white unicorn only blinked and looked around confused. The yellow Pegasus only sat quietly on her side of the couch as she looked around her only for a loud “HI!” Causing her to yelp and quickly hid herself from the sudden outburst.

It was a pink pony with magenta mane “C’mon Fluttershy! It’s Adventure time! Don’t be so quiet and boring~” She giggled and hopped towards the working stallion and a lap around him. “Is it done, is it done, is it done?” She repeatedly asked only to get a sigh from him.

“Almost Miss Pie. And you could help by not disturbing me.” He said without looking up from his work.

“Okie dokey lokey.” She chirped happily and hopped away.

Rainbow groaned and complained again.“How long do we have to wait?!” She rolled around laying on her back staring at the ceiling.

 “Patience my dear.” Said Rarity as she was fixing her purple curled mane while looking at a levitating hand mirror held by her magic from her glowing horn, admiring her reflection.

        “Eureka!” the girls looked towards the excited brown stallion.

“You’re done already Doctor?” Twilight asked as she set the book to the side.

“Yes! Now who’s ready for some fun through space and time?”

At cue the pink pony appear from out of nowhere almost shouting “I am!” She exclaimed as she flails her hooves around “Adventure time!” She made a recognizable ‘who-hoo’ as she appeared infront of the girls.

They give a sigh and giggled “Pinkie Pie your soo.. random” Dash said with a smirk. The stallion turned a few knobs and pushed buttons in his machine.

 “Buckle up girls this might get a little bumpy... Allons-y!” He shouted as he push another set of buttons and the room their in began to shook and the box glowed brightly as it slowly lifted a few inches from the ground before disappearing with a blink.

        The Girls hanged onto anything they could hold onto as they traveled across the dimensional stream, the doctor makes a soft ‘uh-oh’ as he eyed a monitor, Twilight heard this and headed over.

“Uh-oh what?” She asked with concern and before he could answer her a violent wave shook the whole box knocking everypony out cold from the force.

        Time passed as Twilight was the first to regain consciousness, she blinked and groaned as she placed her hand onto her head sitting up “What.. hit us?” She rubbed her head slowly as her vision came into view [Wait..]she thought as she looked at her hand.. “What?..” She said as she inspect her new appendage moving the fingers slightly as she stare at what used to be her hooves, she placed it around her face feeling soft skin of her face. “What going on?” She heard groan and she quickly looked at the direction only to see a mysterious man with brown hair wearing brown jacket.  “Doctor..?” She called out catching his attention he gasped as he noticed her “Twilight Sparkle? Is that you?” She blinked and sat up onto the floor her long purple hair with a light magenta streak flow slowly behind her head, she was wearing a casual purple blouse; star necklace and blue jeans as she blinked her eyes again inspecting her appearance and saw a purple bracelet on her right wrist that has her cutie mark carved onto it she looked at the doctor again. “What happened?” She asked him.

        He blinked and looked at his hands “Oh my God.” He then feel around his hair “Oh My God.” and looked around his body with a wide smile on his face “Oh My God! My Body is back!” He gleefully shouted and laughed “Excellent! My hands, my legs.. and my hair. I’m back baby!” He excitedly hopped around like a little boy, only to stop when he saw Twilight staring at him. “Oh, and your human now.”

Only for the teenage girl to blinked in confusion “Human? That's what I am now?” She looked over new form, her hand caressing her shoulder long hair and she noticed the accessory on her wrist eyeing her star cutie mark engraved on it. They hear a series of groans from the other side of the room making them turn towards there.

        From the ground her friends all transformed, slowly regained their consciousness Rainbow Dash was first to stir awoke groaning.

“Got the number of that cha-” She blinked and noticed her arms. “WHAT THE HAY!?” She shouted as she stared at her new appendages, she looked down to notice she was wearing a black pilot jacket and a blue blouse underneath, she was wearing brown jeans. She blinked as she saw her blue bracelet on her right wrist that contained her rainbow cutie mark. Then she looked on her waking friends watching em as they all stood still dazed.

“What in Equestria happened to us?” Rarity asked as she was wearing a shining silver dress, jewel earrings; her purple hair still curled up and her diamond cutie mark is engraved on her silver bracelet.

A girl with pink blouse with a teddy bear stitched on it as her knee length shorts is strapped onto her with a pair of suspenders, her balloons cutie mark engraved on her pink bracelet, her messed up magenta hair bobbed around as she continue to sway slightly “Wow... the room is spinning.. is it cake time yet granny Pie?” She dizzily asked before collapsing onto the ground again.

A pink long hair girl sat up eyeing at their appearance and her own, she noticed she’s wearing a blonde sweater and knee long skirt her butterfly cutie mark on her yellow bracelet. “Um... guys..” she quietly said trying to get their attention. “What happened?” She asked them.

Rainbow only shot a glare at the side of the room, finding both Twilight and the Doctor “What.. did you do to us?” She asked angrily.

        “Oh, to put it simply. I am back to my own universe and you girls are now humans.” He explained. Only to get blinking stares from the girls except for Pinkie who was still dizzy and trying to get her vision straight as she lay on the ground.

“What you mean...we’re in your universe?”.

Only to get a stare from the Doctor “I just said that.” He smirk as he place he eyes his regained appendages “How I miss you fingers.” he twirl them around abit as Twilight and her friends tried to get up on their new legs.

Rainbow angrily looked at the man “Send.. us back!” she commanded loudly as she stumbles around trying to stand.

“Why? I simply adore this dress and oh my is that me?” Rarity said as she saw her reflection on the hand held mirror laying on the floor.

A blonde girl sat next to Rarity shook her head her vision adjusting “What in tarnation is going on here?” She asked, her cowgirl hat tilted slightly and she adjusted it right. Apple Jack is wearing a brown vest and an orange blouse underneath them, she raised her right hand to brush away her tied up long blonde hair to her back, her orange bracelet have her three apples cutie mark engraved on it.

Flutter Shy spoke up.. softly as she looked at Dash “Rainbow.. please calm down.” Only for to get an angry reply.

CALM DOWN!?” Making the pink hair girl squeak and shrinks back hiding from her.. realizing what she had done. “Sorry.. Flutter.. I didn’t mean it..” She looked at the doctor and back at her friends who are looking over their new appearances.

Twilight tried to balance herself with the aid of the console as she stood on her feet. She looked at her friends “Hey, I can stand in my hind legs..” She claimed.

 “You meant your only pair of legs Miss Sparkle.” The Doctor corrected with a smirk.

 She brushes up her hair again with her hands only to realize something “huh?..” she feel around her forehead again “Huh? My Horn is gone!”.

“Mine is gone too.” Rarity added as she noticed while looking at the mirror.

Panic struck Rainbow as she frantically pat her sides and back. “No..” as realization hit her as she keep rubbing around for.. “My wings!” she looked around “NonononoNONONOO!!” She groaned “Noo! My Wings! What the Hay happened to my wings?!” She panicked as her friends are looking over their new appearances.

        Twilight looked at her distraught friends as she slowly turned to the Doctor.

“What can we do now? Can you send us back?”.

The Doctor placed his hand on his chin rubbing it as he went his console “This can’t be right.. the settings are all wrong. It’ll will take me awhile to figure out the right settings again.. in the meantime. We do what we came for.. Let’s explore!” He shouted only to get wide stares from the girls as Pinkie finally regained her senses, she sat up rubbing her head.

“What I miss?” she asked looking around.

Adventures In a New World

Episode 2 - The New World

        As the girls regained their balance, “Explore?” Twilight asked “You mean go out? We don’t even know where we are. Do you think it’s safe?” The doctor peered at his console and pressed a couple of buttons.

“Yup, it looked like I’m not only back in my Universe but we’re on Earth of all places, the year is 2011.” He explained as he read the data written on his monitor.

“Exploring time! Adventure Time!” The pink haired hyper as ever girl popped out of nowhere like she used too making both Twilight and the Doctor jump back a bit.

Twilight shook her head “Well, it seems the trip didn’t change her personality. “ The giddy girl hopped up and down with a big grin plastered on her face.

“C’mon, c’mon! Let’s go, Let’s go!” she excitedly calls out. Abit woobly at first but Rainbow Dash manage to walk over, flame of her anger can be seen in her eyes ignoring her very happy-go lucky pink friend.

“Listen up buddy, Just fix.. these.I want to go back home to Ponyville!” she demanded.

“Woah, don’t be to harsh on the Doc.” Twilight defended him.

“Why should I? Because of him.. we ..we turned into these giant monkeys..”

Causing the Doctor to cough “Well, Excuse me Miss Dash. This giant monkey is what I was before I became an equine for your information.” He fixed his bowtie and jacket before adding  “And, at the moment that seems very difficult. It will take me a long time to get the right settings again.”

The rainbow haired girl crossed her armed “Just.. hurry up.” She said before storming off.

Pinkie quickly walked up to her friend “C’mon Dashie, don’t be so grumpy wumpy. Let’s go out and have Fun.” she grinned only get a sigh from Dash

“You’re so random Pinkie Pie.” she smirked at this. “You heard her Doc, open the door. Since we’re here, let’s go sightseeing.”

Making her hyperactive friend jump high shouting “Yay! C’mon everypony.. wait we’re not ponies anymore..”

The Doctor smiled “That’s right. Like everybody, anybody, nobody. Etc.” he explained clearly only to get a nod as a response from the girls.

        “Well, what the hay ya lazy bums waiting fer? I say Ye-haa!” AppleJack claimed as she stood up and walked towards the door.

“Well, fresh air will do good on my complexion I suppose.” Rarity said.

“Um.. I’m curious about the outside too.. so I’ll go.. “ Fluttershy added standing up from the couch and slowly joined up with her friends.

“So? Doc.. want to come with us?” Twilight asked as she headed over to her friends.

“And get another angry rant from your dear friend, Miss Dash? No thanks, I’ll stay here and try to figure out the correct settings and fix up the old girl.. have fun though.” He smiled and yanked a lever down to open the doors letting the sunlight shone in momentary blinding them, Twilight shielded her eyes with her hand as she walked outside with her friends.

        Hearing the birds’ chirps and the feeling the warmth of the sun as she slowly uncovered her eyes, only to “Woaah..” she and her friends said as they look around their new surroundings. They find themselves in a clearing surrounded by trees.

“Oh, my. It’s beautiful here.” Fluttershy said, “It feels like back home.. it feels like the woods, very peaceful.” she continued as she look around.

“Hey, darlings. I think I found a path.” Rarity said as she pointed to an opening in the trees and a dirt path leading towards the unknown. “I guess we go that way. We need to get use to our new bodies anyway so let’s move on.” They nodded and Twilight led the group through the woods.

Rainbow yawned as she placed both of her arms behind her head “If only I had my wings I would fly up to a branch and sleep on it. They look so inviting.” She said as she looked up the trees and the sky.

“That’s what ya do all day back home girl.” Apple Jack said with a smirk as she walked next to her as Dash gave her a glare in return for that remark.

Fluttershy walked alongside Rarity and Pinkie, she walked slowly looking ahead of her hands cupped together near her knee length skirt, Pinkie skipped happily humming a familiar tune* as Twilight walked ahead of the group admiring the sights around them and the sounds of the wildlife of the woods.

        Soon they arrived into another clearing they look around and caught a sight of a barn on the horizon “A barn? Well yee-ha! Let’s go girl-friends. Ah reckon they got something for us to eat! And ah am sure in the mood for something sweet.” she quickly zipped towards the direction of the barn.

Rainbow rolled her eyes only to follow suit running aside her friend and the gang followed, Rainbow ran ahead of Apple Jack “What you know, I’m still fast.” She grinned.

“Ah reckon so, but not as fast as me.” She replied causing the other girl to glare “You’re so on, last one there is a rotten egg!” She sped off as Apple Jack also sped up trying to catch up, as the two girls race ahead leaving their friends behind.

 “I when that..” Twilight said in between gasps as she tried to keep up with the two. She and the other girls ran after the two as they near the farm.

Once there, Apple Jack was the first to passed the fence, she looked back with a grin. “Beat ya!” She cheered.

“Ah horsefeathers, you cheated.” Rainbow protested as she ran towards her as their friends caught up with them slightly out of breath.

Apple Jack took her hat off momentarily as she wiped away her sweat “Whee! That run is a mighty fun work out wasn’t it?” she asked with a smile putting her hat back on. “HEY!” A shout came from behind them, the girls jumped and turns around to come face to face to a slightly pudgy old man wearing blue dirty suspenders and a farmer’s hat.

“What ya city slikers doin in my property?!” He shouted angrily waving a shovel he was carrying.

Fluttershy hid herself behind Rarity. As Dash steps forward “Excuse me? Who you’re calling slikers?” She defended.

“Ya don’t even know what than means Dash. Let me handle this old timer.” AppleJack said as she stepped infront of the group. “Whacha want old man? My friends and ah mean no harm.” She explained at the farmer, and added “And we ain’t no city slickers for ya information we came from the woods over yonder and we were wondering if ya can spare some time and maybe food. We’re mighty hungry.” She requested.

The old man set his tool aside, “Ah’m sorry miss for scaring ya all like that. Ah reckon ya all can stay for the night. If ya do some work for me.”

AppleJack smiled “That’s mighty kind of ya.” she then turned to her friends. “Ah told ya to leave the talking to me.” she smirked only to get an eye roll from Dash.

Twilight stepped forward “Thanks mister, we’re happy to help with your chores. My name is Twilight Sparkle.” she introduced.

AppleJack tilted her hat abit “AppleJack’s the name, harvesting apple trees is my game.”

Pinkie jumped infront of them “I’m Pinkie Pie, you want a party? I can throw a killer one.” she gleefully suggested with a big grin.

Dash slowly pushed the hyperactive girl aside “Don’t mind her, I’m Rainbow Dash. I can finish any job 10 seconds flat.” she boasted.

Fluttershy shuffled her feet around “um.. I’m Fluttershy.. I can take care of your animals for you.” she softly said.

Rarity brushed her hair aside “I’m Rarity, pleasant to meet you dahling. Oh dear, your clothes are all old and dirty. I’ll make you a new one or clean those up.” she suggested trying to hide her disgust at the sight of the worn work clothes.

        “Ma friends call me Fred, Ah own these parts. Ah welcome all the help I can get. So mighty thanks all. Ya’r name is all weird no offense.” the farmer chuckled “No thanks miss Rarity, these here are working clothes.” he smiled softly and he then guided them around his farm land.

Adventures in a New World

Episode 3 - Farmland Chores

        Later in that afternoon, inside the large red barn. AppleJack was seen carrying around bundle haystacks into the pile outside. “Hurry up Dash. And you said you can do this job 10 seconds flat.” she smirked as she wiped her sweat away as she watched her friend pushing the heavy stack outside.

        Panting, her rainbow haired friend can’t help to shoot a tired glare “These things are alot heavier than they looked.” she protested. “And where the hay is Pinkie? She was suppose to help us.” she walked into the barn again and a sudden movement from the beam above and a quick ‘boo’ caused her to jump back at the sudden outburst.

        Giggling the pink haired girl hanging like a bat from a beam, she jumped down and grinned “Scared ya didn’t I, Dashie?” she stuck her tongue out and ran off through the back door laughing all the way.

        “Pinkie Pie!”  Dash angrily shouted as she began chasing her pink friend outside.

        AppleJack frowned “Cornsarnit Rainbow! Don’t leave me with all this work!” She protested but sighed in defeat as she head inside the barn to finished up work by herself.

        Next to the barn is the coop as the chickens and chicks run around clucking as Fluttershy sprinkled their feed onto the floor for the birds to peck at. “There, there lil ones, not so fast. You don’t want to choke do you?” she asked as she squatted down rubbing her fingers gently on the chicks head.

        At the house of Farmer Fred, sat on a patio bench on the porch overlooking the farmland was Twilight reading a book with the title ‘farming tools and you’ written on it’s front and on the front lawn is the beautiful Rarity hanging up cleaned clothes onto the line. She spoke up “Twilight darling, we’re in a new world and yet you still want to read books. Would it kill you if you put the silly thing down and enjoy the warm day and fresh air that Celestia bestow on us?” She said as she finished hanging Fred’s suspender pants.

        Twilight only peered from her book. “Rarity, I’m researching. It’s different, and it helps me learn some ways of this new land.”

        “By reading a book on ‘farming’? You already read one before we helped AppleJack in Apple Acres, dear.” Rarity chuckled.

        Sighing “Fine.. “ Twilight frowned in defeat as she shut the book and set it aside as she sat back. She cocked an eyebrow as she saw two of her friends running around the field. She saw Pinkie Pie hopping happily ahead of a frustrated Rainbow Dash as the two are running around the grass field.

        “You can’t catch me~” Pinkie giggled as she continue to hopping away from her friend.

        “Come back here Pinkie Pie!” Dash shouted as she tried to catch up to the hyperactive girl.

        Both Twilight and Rarity only rolled their eyes and sighed at the sight they saw. “Those two never change.. in a matter of speaking.” Rarity giggled at her comment.

        “Yeah, we may have changed physically but our personality didn’t.” Twilight explained.

        Rarity frowned “Seriously Twilight, get up and go see if our dear friend Fluttershy need help.” She said as she tried to make her friend move.

        “Ok, Ok, sheesh. I’ll go.” Defeated Twilight headed to the chicken coop. She walked passed the barn seeing a tired AppleJack resting in the shade fanning herself with her hat as she rested on the piled up haystacks. As she passed the barn, she heard a tune from a familiar voice. She looked around the corner to see Fluttershy humming to the chicks.

        Twilight slowly walked up and gives a light tap to the fence to get her friend’s attention and it did “Oh, hello Twilight. What are you doing here?” She asked with a timid smile.

        “I came to see if you need help feeding the chickens. I see your doing fine.” She leaned on the wall. “Is there another animal you need to take care of?”

        “Oh, yes.. i need to milk the cow. I may need help with that..” She slowly stood up and excuse herself from her lil friends as she headed out of the coop. “Can you..?”

        “Help?” Twilight completed her request “Sure, let’s go. Lead the way Fluttershy.” She smiled as they walked towards the cows and Twilight grabbed a couple of buckets on the way.

        Later, Fluttershy softly instructed “Be very gentle, she is very sensitive..” She meekly told her friend who is sitting down a stool next to the cow.

        Twilight smiled “Don’t worry, I read on how to squeeze the milk out.” She confidently said before gripping the cow’s udder causing it to squirt onto her face. “Ok.. I need to work on my aim.” She said before wiping away the milk off her face before going back to milking the cow, careful this time and aiming for the bucket.

        Fluttershy smiled and walked towards the other cow with an empty bucket in tow, setting it down under the animal’s underside she began to work. Minute later they came out both carrying two full buckets of milk. “I hope these is enough for Fred.” She said

        “I’m sure four buckets are more than enough Fluttershy, don’t worry.” Twilight responded as they walk towards on the way they noticed Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie laying on the ground panting like crazy. “Enjoy your race girls?” Twilight asked with a grin.

        Dash had the energy to shot a glare as she lay on the ground. “Oh, Ha-ha.. if I wasn’t so tired I will laugh.” She sarcastically said only to roll over under the shade of a tree “If you need me.. please don’t, I’m gonna take a nap now..” She got to a comfortable position for her nap.

        Pinkie crawled and lay next to Dash smiling as she watched the sleeping girl. She placed her finger on her lips to shush getting nods from the passing girls as she huddled up next to her friend.

        “Those two looked cute together.” Fluttershy said as they continued on their way to the house.

        “Yeah, you can’t separate those two, even here. Thankfully they’re not in a pranking mood..” She frowned at the memory. “I don’t find the invisible ink was all that funny..”

        Fluttershy giggled “Atleast Pinkie never pranked me before.. I wonder why.” She just shrugged it off as they entered the house, and stored the milk away.

        Twilight greeted Rarity and Fred inside, “Afternoon girls, how were the cows?” The farmer asked sitting on his rocking chair.

        “They were behaving well, and we got four buckets for you.” Fluttershy replied.

        “Woowee, that’s many. So were is your other friends?” Fred asked

        “Last I saw, AppleJack is resting after piling up the haystack, both Dash and Pinkie are napping under a tree.. it was a tough day.” Twilight explained sitting down on a chair.

        “Ah reckon it is, you girls are mighty hungry. Ya want some steak?” Fred suggested.

        Fluttershy cringed abit, Twilight shook her head “Actually, we don’t eat meat. It feels kinda wrong.” She smiled when she responded.

        “Vegetarians ah see, fine with me. Ah could make some salads and eggs.” He said and Twilight and Fluttershy smiled in response.

        Minutes later AppleJack stepped inside the house stretching her arms “Golly, heaving haystacks is mighty tiring work.” She plopped down a chair taking her hat off and put it down onto the table before leaning back.

        “Dash deserted you didn’t she?” Twilight smirked as she sat next to her friend.

        “Yeah, ah reckon that lazy girl is napping.” She sighed.

        “You reckon right, she got tired chasing Pinkie around and decide to sleep under a tree. Pinkie is there with her though.” Twilight giggled softly.

        “That girl never change, even her fashion sense. That black jacket looked better on men.” Rarity added.

        Fluttershy giggled. “Though, our clothes are suitable for some work. The chickens were so cute~” her eye sparkled alittle as she placed her hands on her cheeks.

        “Ah reckon they are sugercube. How were the cows?” AJ asked crossing her leg over the other.

        “They were ok, Twilight accidentally squirted herself at first but she managed.” She explained causing the girls to giggled and Twilight to frowned.

        “Do you really have to tell them that part?” She blushed in embarrassment, placing her head down on her arms trying to hide it, Fluttershy meekly apologized.

        The door opened and the rainbow haired girl walked in stretching her arms and giving a yawn. “Man.. that was a good nap.” She said as Pinkie followed closely by with a smile.

        “Yeah, you look cute when you sleep Dashie.” Pinkie cooed making Dash blush, the girls laughed at that comment getting glares from Dash as the sun slowly set.

        Twilight sighed “I wonder if Princess Celestia is doing ok..” She said looking at the sunset remembering her mentor.

        “Ah’m sure she’s doin fine Twi, don’t worry none. Ah should be more worried about the professor more.. alone in the woods in the dark.” Applejack said as she dusted the dirt off her hat.

        Remembering, Twilight gives out a gasp. “The Doctor! I almost forgotten about him. I hope he’s ok.” She was now worried.

        “Let’s check on him Pinkie..” Dash suggested, “I could see how’s he is doing with the settings.. I can’t wait to get home..” She added. But before they leave, Twilight stood up and stopped them.

        “I’m sure he’ll be ok and it’s dark out. It’s not safe right now to go outside.” Twilight explained. “We can check up on him next morning.” She added, Dash and Pinkie walked up to them

        “If you say so, is it dinner time yet? Cause I’m starving.” Her stomach growled to verify this. The girls giggled in unison and in cue, Fred walked in with a big bowl of salad and a few apples.

        “Dinner’s served, harvested my crop last week, it was abundant and will be enough for us for the month.” he chuckled as he placed the dishes down on the table as Pinkie pranced by and Dash sat down onto the chair while AppleJack placed her hat onto her lap and smiled at the sight of the food.

        “Can I help with the desserts? I can make killer cupcakes.” Pinkie suggested

        “Hide the hotsauce Fred.” Dash added with a smirk causing the girls to laugh but Pinkie pouted, Fred also laughed as he sat down with the girls and started eating with them as the crescent moon overlooked the quaint little farm and the cricket started chirping. The only light shining is from the house.

Adventures in a New World

Episode 4 - Quiet Hills Part 1:The Town

        It was a beautiful morning, Fred was seen preparing his pickup truck for a drive. He patted the roof of his truck with a smile. “Ah be goin to town to pick some supplies. Might need a few helping hands.” He requested.

        Among the girls, three stepped forward, AppleJack, Rainbow and Twillight.

“Ah’ll tag along.” AppleJack replied.

        “I’ll go along, I want to see the town.” Dash added

        “Me too, I’m interested about how other people live and other things.” Twilight concluded.

        Fred opened the car door and entered, he looked out “Miss Twilight, ya can seat infront with me. Miss Jack and Dash can sit out there on the back.” He pointed to the roofless compartment. “There won’t be rain today, so don’t worry and enjoy the wind.” He chuckled as Twilight walk over and got on at the passenger side as both Dash and AppleJack hopped on the back.

        As the engine roared and the truck started going down the dirt road into the main road leading to town, Dash leaned back “What a great day, Celestia has outdone herself.” she rest her arms on the back of her head and gazed at the sky.

        “Ya forget Rainbow, this ain’t Equestria no more.” AppleJack explain as she leans next to her friend her hat covering her eyes.

        “Yeah, yeah. Still the sun is as awesome as it was back home. By the way, I wonder how is the ‘good’ Doctor is doing?”

        AppleJack tilted her hat up “No worries, Twilight took care of that earlier.”


        Twilight walked up to Fluttershy who was standing infront of the barn. She was carrying a basket filled with food and other supplies. She handed it over to her shy friend. “You don’t mind giving this to the doctor?” She asked.

        Fluttershy nodded with a smile “Sure, he’ll need this.”

        “I’ll come along with you darling.” Rarity said as she walked up to them “Besides, I can’t let you walk through the woods alone.” She added.

        “Thank you Rarity..” Rarity softly said and smiled wider.

        “Take care both of you.” Twilight bided her two friends and watched them walked out the farm and into the woods.

        “We’ll be back dear, and we’ll tell you if the kind doctor has an update.” Rarity said as she waved goodbye and followed her pink haired friend.

-End Flashback-

        “Ah.” Dash then moved and look forward “Think it’s a long way that we have to ride this horseless carriage?” She asked

        “Ah reckon. This contraption is sure fast but abit bumpy. Fred did say she’s old.” AppleJack explained.

        “She?” Rainbow laughed “I didn’t know this old bucket of bolts is a girl.” She added with a giggle.

        “Don’t be mean Rainbow, he get mighty steamed if he heard ya say that.” AppleJack scolded as the truck continued down the road and inside, Twilight looked onward.

        “So, tell me about the town Fred. What is it like there?” Twilight asked the farmer.

        Without looking away from the front “It’s mighty fine and all, quiet as the name implies. Ah would like to live there but I can’t abandon ma farm. She is ma pride and joy and ah won’t leave er for any reason.” he said.

        Twilight smirked abit “You remind me alot of AppleJack. She can be stubborn as a mule when it comes to her farm back home.”

        “She, a farmer? ah thought she is a cowgirl with her hat an all.. no wonder she know her way around the barnyard.” He chuckled.

        A half hour later, they passed by a sing board with the words “Welcome to: Quiet Hills. Pop. 7,500 and counting.” Rainbow looked back as they passed the sign “It can’t be that Quiet, what kind of name is that? I don’t see a hill ahead.”

        AppleJack chuckled “It’s just a name, calm down Dashie.” as the truck entered the town they whistled seeing the houses. “Kinda like back in Ponyville but more brick then straw.” The blonde girl said as she looked around.

        “Yeah, and so many of them. At both sides, each has a mailbox. Ditzy will have problem delivering all the letters here.” She chuckled.

        “Ah’m she will. She loved to go with us and the Doctor but she got alot of things to do that day, especially with her youngin: Dinky.” AppleJack added.

        Soon the truck pulled over at an entrance of the market place. “Hey, it looks like the market back home. Stalls and all.” Dash said as she examined the area.

        “Ah wonder what Fred will have us to help pick up.” She said as she hopped off and Rainbow followed. They headed forward to meet Fred. “Hey, where’s Twilight?”

        “Your friend said she be heading over there to the Library across the street.” Fred replied pointing to the Library building across the street. A certain purple haired girl is seen entering the building.

        Rainbow face palmed “Should have guessed..” She sighs as she and Applejack followed the farmer down the market.


        Down the dirt path inside the woods, two friends walked side by side. Fluttershy hold onto the basket as she walked next to Rarity “Hope their doing ok..” She softly said.

        “I’m sure their doing fine dear, they can handle themselves.” Rarity re-insured as they continued down the path.

        “If you say so, I hope he take a break and eat. It’s been a day already.” Fluttershy said as they continued towards the open clearing where the TARDIS is still stationed on.

        Rarity walked up and tapped on the door. “Yoohoo,darling. You in here?”

        A voice called out from a speaker “Just a moment.” And before long the door slide open allowing the girls to stepped in.

        Inside they see a brown jacket hung on the wall and a pair of legs sticking out from under the control panel. “Hello, Doctor. We brought you some food.” Fluttershy said as she put the basket down on the couch.

        Rarity walked up “Don’t overwork yourself now dear, plus you’ll ruin your shirt.” She added.

        The Doctor slipped out from under the panel holding his sonic screwdriver. “Well, thanks both of you. I rather have some news for you..” he stood up pocketing his precious tool into his pant pocket. “Good news and Bad News moment.” he added as he wiped his hands on a white rag. “Good news, I think I can fix the problem. The Bad news.. It might take months.”


        Twilight is scanning shelf after shelf in the library, her hand guiding her “So many books.. which.. ohh this looks promising.” She slowly pulled out a book title ‘History of Quiet Hills’. She walked over to a table, sat down and start reading “Let’s see.. Quiet Hills was founded in the early 1840s by a couple name Matthew and Elizabeth Merriwether...” She started studying the town’s history.  “The founders died in 1910, but the town prosper through trade of farmed goods by the Julius family in the Venture Fields... Must be Fred’s farm.”

        “Interesting, I never knew this town has a great short history.” She said softly.

        “Yeah, our little town is interesting.” A male voice called out causing Twilight to look up almost jumping. “Oh, sorry hope I didn’t scare you.” He said, Twilight saw a blonde teen standing near her. “Your new here? My name’s David.” He introduced himself.

        “Hello” She replied. “Yes, I’m new here. I have accompanied my friends to pick up a few supplies. My name is Twilight.” She added.

        “What? That cruddy vampire movie/book?” He chuckled causing Twilight to raised an eyebrow confused.

        Back with AppleJack and Rainbow as the two followed Fred through the multiple stalls of the market. “How could they combine apples with other fruits? Why not sell em separately?” AppleJack said.

        “Like you said AJ, this isn’t Equestria anymore. They can’t depend on Apples everyday now do they?” the rainbow haired girl smirked. Then grimace “Ugh, did you see that Meat Stall? I think I almost lose my lunch watching them hack away on the meat.”

        “Don’t remind me..” AppleJack frowned. Fred stopped infront of stall the sell tools.

        “Hey Frank, did ya got that thing I asked?” The farmer asked as he leaned close.

        “Hey Mr. Julius, sure have.” The young clerk replied and picked up a small wodden box from under the stall “Here you go Mr. Julius. Are these girls with you today?”

        “Eyup, and please call me Fred like everyone else.” He smiled as he gave the clerk a wad of cash before handing the box over to AppleJack “Be careful, this thing is mighty fragile.” He warned.

        “Careful is ma middle name, don’t worry sugercube.” She carefully hugged the box close.

        “Need a hand with that?” Dash asked.

        “Nope, got it covered Rainbow.” She replied while slowly walking back to the truck with Fred and Rainbow in tow.  “What’s in here anyway?” She asked the farmer.

        “Just some heavy equipment.” Came his reply.

        “Heavy is right. But nothin ah can’t handle.” She slowly picked up the pace careful of the package.

        “Stubborn as always.. Don’t worry, it’s in good hands.” Dash said before catching up to AppleJack. “Not so fast AppleJack, you might drop it.”

        “Ah know what I’m doing, danggit.” She glared, Fred chuckled as he followed them back to his truck.


Adventures in a New World

Episode 5 - Quiet Falls Part 2: Short History

        Back at the truck as AppleJack and Rainbow Dash slid the heavy container at the back of Fred’s pickup truck. “Woowee.. that is one heavy tool ya just bought Fred.” AppleJack commented as she held her shoulder circling her arm.

“Yeah, mighty thanks for hauling it to the ole girl.” He smirked as he patted his truck. “Speaking of which, where in tarnation is your smart friend?”

Rainbow groaned “I’ll go get her. “ She gave an annoyed expression as she walked across the street towards the library where her nerdy friend was currently in.

The teenage boy sat himself next to the purple haired girl. Smiling, “You want to know a story about this town? I can tell you.”

“That will be nice, please tell me.” She smiled and rest her head on her hands.

And David began with his tale.

-David’s Narration -

        It was long ago during the early years of this town, as the Merriwether family just settled in. Their fellow travelers began constructing the early buildings in the land. Watching their friends working hard from their new to be built home. One day they were confronted by a lone man. A farmer by the name of Luther Julius. “I own a stretch of land by over yonder.” He pointed to the south “I expect ya city folk don’t go tainting ma land ya hear?”

        The couple chuckled at his ‘friendly warning. “Don’t worry ‘friend’, we won’t. Your farmland will be safe as long as we breathe.” Matthew Merriwether proudly said. With that they befriend one another, their relationship mutual. Luther provide the early townsfolk with supplies and the town grew, prosper. Luther and his family started the trade industry with help from the Merriwether couple, sharing the income. Even after their passing, the Merriwether and Julius family grew and for generations so did both the town and the farmland. The town later became a famous tourist location that we always keep a couple of houses open for rent for those travellers/foreigners who wish to stay for a couple of months or so. Many enjoy their holidays in our quiet little town of Quiet Falls.

-End Narration-

        “Houses for Rent huh? hmmmm..” Twilight rubbed her chin in deep thought only to be broken by an audible ‘pst’ sound, she looked up to see her two friends AppleJack and Rainbow Dash.

        “So, reading with your new boyfriend?” Dash softly teased with a grin. Only to get nudged in the side from Applejack. “Ow, I was only kidding.”

        “Fred is waiting Twi, are ya done? We need to get back to the town.” AppleJack explained. “Sorry mate, we need to get our friend.”

        “Sorry girls, lost track of time.” Twilight apologized meekly only to stand up and walked up to the shelves to returned the books. “Bye David, I would like to hear your stories some other time?”

        “It’s a date, Miss Sparkle.”  He quietly snicker, causing her to blush.

        Twilight accompany her friends outside, once out she received a nudge from Dash. “You sly girl.” She grinned.

        Twilight blushed deeper “It’s not that, I just met him. Besides he seemed to know a lot about the short history of this town. And you know me-”

        “Ya want to learn more. One of these days Twilight, your brain will be lost in all those dang books.” AppleJack cut her off.

        “It’s nothing wrong with learning about things. You should give it a try AJ.”

        “Nothin to it Twi, Ah am a busy girl. Ah leave all that math stuff to ya or Big Mac.” She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. as the crossed the street towards Fred’s parked truck.

        “Hey girls, ready to head back?” He asked, getting nods as replies.

        Before Twilight entered the passenger seat, she looked back at her friends. “Meet me in the barn with Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie later. I would like to discuss a few things.”

        “Gotcha, see ya then sugarcube.” AppleJack replied with a thumbs up as she and Dash hopped onto the back with Fred’s purchase.

        Twilight entered the passenger side. “So what did you talk to your friends about?” Fred asked as he start the vehicle.

        “Nothing much, just girl stuff.” She replied with a smile as they drove back to the barn.

        On the main road towards the farmland, Dash leaned forward “I wonder what will be the meeting about?” She pondered.

        “Beats me. But ah reckon it’s important that Twilight wants us all to listen in. Ah bet it has to do with the Doc’s progress or somethin about the town.” She replied as her hat is titled to cover her eyes from the bright afternoon sun. Dash only shrugged and rest back as they enjoyed the rest of the trip back to the farm.

        They were met by the warm greetings from Rarity and Fluttershy. Twilight exited the passenger side and walked over to them and gave a warm group hug. “Welcome back darlings, we got some news for you from the good Doctor.” Rarity spoke up.

“Same here, meet me in the barn later. Have you seen Pinkie anywhere?”

AppleJack hopped off, Dash pulled the box of Fred’s purchase and with AppleJack’s help carried it into the house. “We’ll look for her when we finished putting away Fred’s new toy.” Rainbow said with a slight chuckle.

Fred followed “It ain’t a toy little missy, be careful with it.” He snickered as he opened the door for them.

“So, see you in the barn. Let’s start the meeting when everyone is there.” Twilight instructed as she walked to the barn with her two friends following suit.

        Later, inside the barn, Twilight sat on a haystack as her other two friends sat on other stacks next to her. They set up the meeting spot by positioning six haystacks in a circle, the other 3 stacks remain empty until Rainbow Dash and AppleJack entered and walked up to them. “Pinkie said she’ll be here.” Rainbow reported.

        “That’s alright. Sit down girls, when Pinkie decide to stop trying to surprise us and get down already. So we can start our meeting.”

        A disappointed ‘aww’ can be heard as the Pink haired girl drops down from the overhead beams. “How did you know?” She pouted.

        “We know you far too long Pinkie.” Twilight smirked, clearing her throat to get their attention. “Sit down everyone. We have things to discuss, first order of business. Rarity and Fluttershy has some news from the Doctor. Ladies.” She beckoned for her friends.

        Rarity stood up “There are good news, and bad news.”

        “I don’t like the sound of that.” Rainbow commented.

        “As I was saying. Good news is the Doctor is certain he can fix his problem. Bad news; it might take a month or two.”

        “WHAT?!” Dash shouted standing up. A mixture of anger and shocked written on her face.

        “Settle down sugarcube.” AppleJack pulled her friend back down on her seat.

        “Calm down girls.” Twilight spoke up. “This is unsettling news indeed. And we can’t live with Fred for too long. It won’t be right, however I have some news on my own.”

“What is it Twilight?” Rarity asked

“The town nearby, Quiet Falls is renting out houses. We can rent one for all of us.” Twilight concluded.

“And pray tell how we get the money for that? I know our Equestrian bits won’t work in this world.” Dash asked.

“Simple, we get jobs in town. All of us, so we get enough. The Doctor might like to move with us too.” Twilight replied.

“For one, I liked the idea of working. I hope they hire a seamstress such I.” Rarity said.

“Umm, I wonder if I can get a job helping animals.” Fluttershy said.

“I can’t fly so, I don’t know if they have a job for me. Plus working too hard isn’t my style.” Rainbow said.

“That is what you do all day Dash.” AppleJack commented with a smirk causing Dash to glare.

“Working for Fred is good n all but ah’m sure I can be of use in the town.” AppleJack continued.

“Ohh, I will try to get hired in a bakery or party store~” Pinkie excitedly said.

“Fred has been nice to us all, so it’s only fair. We need a place on our own. I’ll be working for the library if they are hiring. If not, I’ll try to find something.” She smiled. “Rarity, can you go thank Fred on our behalf and tell him we’ll be renting a house in place.”

“Ok, darling.” She nodded and headed out.

“AppleJack, Rainbow Dash. With me, we’ll go tell the Doctor our plan. He could be of help to us.” She said standing up and started to walk out with the girls following her. “Pinkie, while we’re out. Behave.” She giggled.

“Hey, I’m a good girl.” She pouted but giggled nonetheless at that.

“Don’t worry Twilight. I’ll keep my eye on things.” Fluttershy meekly smiled.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash and AppleJack started to walk into the woods and towards the TARDIS. “I hope we can get enough cash for a house. Plus we don’t know what kind of currency this place used.” Dash said as they walked.

“Ah’m sure we’ll do fine. Twilight has a plan.” AppleJack smiled. “Don’t cha sugarcube?” She leaned in

“I just hope the Doctor will like our idea of moving into town. And maybe he could spare us some change” Twilight replied with a chuckle as they walked through the dirt path in the woods going towards the blue police box. “But one thing I am certain of.” She smiled as she looked back to them. “This is just the beginning of our Adventures in this New World.”

        With that they all headed to the Doctor to tell him the news and their plan to move into the town.