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After the Show

By Roy G. Biv


As the roar of the audience and the stomp of hooves fills the dance hall as the final notes of a remixed 'Call on Me' still fills the air, a white unicorn standing before a set of turntables throws a farewell hoofpump to her throng of fans. She tosses back her blue and aquamarine-striped mane and looks over the gathered masses from behind black goggles with opaque round lenses. As the wave of near-frenzied ponies driven by the night's intense beats swell towards the stage, the DJ-ing unicorn backs up more. Suddenly, a sky blue pegasus with rainbow-streaked mane & tail swoops down onto the stage between the DJ and her fans.

"Quick!" the pegasus yells. "Get on!" With a leap, the DJ lands across the back of the pegasus on her abdomen. The sky blue pegasus gives a nod and dashes out the skylight; leaving a rainbow streak in her wake as she carries the musician to safety just as the first few frenzied fans charge over the turntables to get at their idol...

After flying for a bit, the blue pegasus lands before the record store that the white earth pony owns and lives above. The goggled unicorn slips off the pegasus none too softly as RBD (Or Rainbow Dash to everyone else) blushes softly and looks away. "I'm sorry for the late arrival... But the fastest pony in all of Equestria did get you out of there in time Scratch!"

The pegasus, DJ P0n-3 to her fans & Vinyl Scratch by birth, nods softly as she dusts herself off. "It's okay, but my fans are getting more frenzied."

Rainbow Dash looks a bit worried as she tilts her head to the left. "Do you think you should hire more security soon?"

The goggled unicorn just laughs and tosses back her streaked mane once more. "It's fine, Dash! It's all going according to plan!"

Dash stops for a moment and looks back at the DJ. "Plan...? What plan involves getting mobbed every night by hundreds of frenzied ponies!?"

Scratch just laughs and pats Rainbow's side with a forehoof. "Why, to be the number one DJ in all of Equestria! Now, isn't Pinkie Pie waiting up for you still?"

Rainbow Dash slaps her forehead with a forehoof and groans. "Oooh, yeah... We were supposed to plan our engagement party after I got you home! She's going to kill me!"

Rainbow Dash turns and streaks off towards her cloud mansion as the goggled unicorn just smirks wickedly. "Ah, Rainbow... I'm glad I didn't hire you because of your brains..." Walking around the record store, Scratch makes her way to a set of stairs in the back and clops up them, the unicorn growing tired from the long night. Opening her front door, she slips inside before locking the door behind her to keep out overly-enthusiastic fans. She did NOT want a repeat of last week again when she woke up to three Stallions at the foot of her bed with bouquets of pacifiers and roses. Such things caused her to hire Rainbow Dash in the first place!

Grabbing a sheet in her teeth, Scratch yanks the sheet down to expose a computer screen attatched to a steam-powered computer of sorts. Pulling down a switch, the screen begins to flicker awake as the unicorn licks her dry equine lips. "Come on... It's only 9 AM in your dimension... Pick up the phone..."

As the screen shifts into a visible picture, upon its rounded glass is a tall bald human wearing a white rubber lab coat and black rubber gloves. He is sporting a pointed goatee, and wearing a pair of opaque goggles, himself. The unicorn gives a salute towards the video screen and smiles. "Doctor Steel, Toy Soldier Scratch reporting in!"

The human male smiles brightly and sets down his toy as a giddy look appears across his face. "Oh, excellent! Tell me, what news have you of your mission?"

The unicorn beams proudly. "I have implemented phase one of 'Operation: Utopian Ponyland', sir. All the pony breeds here have all become entranced by my entertaining them with my DJing. I am almost ready to implement Phase Two of adding your music to the rotations."

The human male nods approvingly as he strokes his goatee with a gloved hand. "Excellent, excellent! Once the ponies have come to embrace my ideals, we can pool them with my human troops to conquer both dimensions much more quickly! Keep up the good work, soldier!"

The screen grows black once more as Scratch nods approvingly to herself. Soon, her dimension and the strange 'human' dimensions would become Utopian Ponylands, and then ponies could live their days free of the rule of the tyrant Celestia... All she had to do was keep making the ponies dance back and forth... Back and forth... Back and forth & side to side...