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Dear Princess Celestia,

I am happy to report that the dragon has departed our fair country , and that it was my good friend Fluttershy who convinced him to go. This adventure has taught me to never lose faith in your friends. They can be an amazing source of strength, and can help you overcome even your greatest fears!

Always your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle


Princess Celestia smiled as she closed her prized student’s newest letter and stored it in her personal cabinet for safekeeping.

It had been a rather silly and risky idea, but he pulled it off, the Princess thought to herself.

Unfurling herself from her usual resting place, Celestia began to leave her room. Instead of taking the usual route that led into the Throne Room, she went through a door in the back of the Royal Chambers, that opened to a personal balcony. The hidden balcony, instead of overlooking Canterlot, gave an amazing view of a great valley below with a winding river that stretched into the horizon.

The sun was beginning its first steps of descent into sundown, with a gargantuan shadow silhouetted against the light. As it approached, the shadow revealed itself to be that of a great red dragon.

The dragon gracefully landed upon the balcony, his massive body fitting perfectly, with plenty of room to lay about and spread his wings without causing any unwanted damage. To any observer viewing the two ancient beings upon the terrace, it would appear as if it was designed specifically for the event currently taking place.

The dragon gracefully lied down so that the goddess would not have to strain her neck to talk to him. As Celestia and the great creature looked into each other’s eyes, more than 1,000 years worth of memories, fond and sad, crossed between  them.

“I cannot express how happy I am to see you, Flicker.” Celestia began, a slight smile setting across her face. “Or should I say… Flick?”

The dragon known as Flicker let out a slight laugh, which would sound like a distant rumbling to the palace guards. “I thought I told you never to call me that again!”

Celestia joined with Flicker, laughing at a thousand-year-old joke passed between two companions.

“So about why I’m here!” Flicker began, “everything turned out exactly as you said it would, even down to a soft-spoken pony bantering on about how I ‘Shouldn’t be a bully!’. I would say I am curious about how you knew how it would play out, but I keep forgetting that you ARE a goddess now.”

“That may be true…” Celestia responded. “But there is also the fact that we used to have a group of friends very similar to my student’s as well. Or have you forgotten already?”

The dragon gave a sad smile, and breathed forth a small puff of red flame, which materialized into a picture barely large enough for a dragon to handle.

 “No Celestia.” Flicker said, bringing the picture into view so that both the princess and the dragon could gaze upon it. Upon the picture was a young Celestia accompanied by 5 other ponies, all of varying color, with a baby red dragon right in the midst of them.  “I could never forget, even if I wanted to.”

“Firefly would likely have taken your head off if she were the one delivering the kick.” Celestia joked, lightening the mood.

“How do you...?” Flicker quickly cut his own question off, a smile returning to his face. “Yes, as strong as that Rainbow one was, Firefly’s strength will never be matched. Oh! The pink one that tried to throw me a party! Just like something Surprise would do! And Sweet Scent? It would be just like her to hide, only to triumphantly emerge when her friends were put into any kind of danger!”

“And my student, Twilight Sparkle, the purple one, did she clumsily stumble in asking if you would leave?” Celestia said, using it more as a statement than a question.

“Exactly what happened. Just like something you would have done. Perhaps the legacy is repeating itself after all.” Flicker concluded. “I hope your student benefited from my services.”

“She has already sent her letter describing what she learned, all due to the ordeal you created. Thank you.” Celestia answered, bowing her head, a motion reserved only for those closest to her.

Flicker rose and almost turned to leave, but when he looked upon the sunset, something… almost a voice inside his head, told him to stay. Sure. After all it wasn’t every day he got to see his old companion. “How have you been?” Flicker asked, continuing the converstation. “It’s been a few months since I came to visit after Luna returned. How is she?”

“Ah! The return of my dear sister has brought me great joy! I have made sure to take it upon myself to keep a watchful eye over her as she becomes accustomed to the present day world.” Princess Celestia smiled. “I also have made sure to introduce her to the growing night life of Equestria!”

“Watch out! If she ends up enjoying the night life too much, the moon might end up making a nasty collision one of these days!” Flicker joked, causing a great laugh from Celestia.

Never a master of conversation, Flicker once again ran out of something to say. As he turned toward the sunset once again to say his goodbye’s and begin his flight, he noticed the sun was shining even greater than before, causing the sky to light up. This time, instead of a seemingly other-worldly messenger telling him to stay, it was the Princess herself.

“Wait.” Celestia said loudly. “Where are you going?”

Taken aback by the question, Flicker quickly regained his composure.

“Well back to my cave I suppose…” He answered.

“Where do you live?” Celestia asked.

“Ha! The same place I’ve lived for 1,000 years! That is, nowhere in particular.” He sighed. “I mostly just travel from cave to cave, talking to other dragons and exploring mostly.”

“So you havn’t found anyone yet? No dashing female dragons swooped you up?” The Princess asked in a tone that Flicker had not heard for nearly 1,000 years.

“No.” Flicker chuckled a little. “It seems all the time I spent with you ponies transformed me! I have a hard time finding even the most dashing of lady dragons even remotely interesting. I guess I am confused when it comes to love.”

Flicker was sure of it now. Something unnatural was happening with the sunset. It refused to sink below the horizon, instead choosing to seemingly let loose a pleasant brightness that somehow did not burn his eyes. Then a peculiar feeling came over him. A great warmth spread throughout his body, as if someone was giving him a loving embrace.

“Confused?” Celestia questioned, the tip of her horn giving off a soft glow. “I seem to remember your interests with great detail while we adventured together…”

A different warmth overtook Flicker as his scales began to turn an even darker crimson. “I- I always- I mean I thought y-you never noticed.”

Flicker lied back down as the embrace, a powerful form of magic he realized, began to grow more warm and intense without losing its tenderness. “Of course I noticed. You can’t hide anything from me. We’ve known each other for all of our lives!” Celestia exclaimed as she slowly trotted next to Flicker’s head, her horn glowing now with vivid luminosity.

“I didn’t just call you to help me with Twilight.” Celestia continued. “Ever since I became princess, I feel as if I was missing something…”

Celestia’s horn shone brightly now, as her companion began to stretch across the balcony in ecstasy. “I was missing love… I was missing you, Flicker.” Celestia whispered into his ear. “Please… stay here. I can make a cave for you right next to the balcony, and we will never have to leave each other.”

“I can’t think… of anything… I would want more…” Flicker said, panting while trying to keep control of his senses.

“Thank you.” Celestia said, breathing a sigh of relief. She began to nuzzle her head against the dragon’s, a gesture which he returned as softly as he could while the embrace continued to pour upon him.

“Sorry if this seems so sudden…” Celestia apologized as she continued to nuzzle him while caressing his snout with her hooves.

“Celestia… if 1,000 years is sudden….. please… don’t keep me waiting any longer…”

“I won’t”

Celestias horn burst into a shower of light.



All throughout Equestria, everypony stared in awe and wonder as the sky was lit up with the most beautiful sunset they had ever looked upon. It was a new, unseen pattern with a clearly defined crimson mixed together with pure white. The sun itself exhibited odd behavior, giving out great light in pulses until it finally gave way to the horizon with one last burst of bright light.