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Once, there was a little filly who loved her daddy very much. But then, one day, her daddy went away.

The little filly missed her daddy very much, and she became very sad when he didn't come back.

But she didn't cry. Instead, she decided that she had to go out and find her daddy. So she left home to look for him.

She went to the pond and asked the ponies who cared for the fish if they had seen him. They hadn't.

She went to the mountain and asked the ponies there if they had seen him. But they hadn't.

Still she went, from the town to the forest to the meadows to the beach, asking if anypony had seen her father. But none of them had.

No matter where she looked or who she asked, she couldn't find her father.

She began to cry, and by chance (or probably not), an owl heard her.

"Why are you crying?" the owl asked.

The filly sniffed. "Because my daddy is missing and I can't find him. I've looked everywhere, from the pond to the mountain to the town to the meadow to the beach, and I can't find him."

The owl was silent. "Maybe," he said, tilting his head. "I can find him."

"You can?" The filly asked.

"Yes, I think so."

The filly was overjoyed.

"But," said the owl. "I will want something in return."

"Anything!" the filly said.

"Good..." the owl said, flying away.

The filly heard a voice. It was her daddy. He came running after her.

"Where were you?" he asked. "I've been looking everywhere for you. I've been so worried."

The filly didn't ask any questions, but just ran up to her father, and they went home.

Then, sometime later, her father disappeared again.

She was scared. And then the owl appeared again. She looked up, hoping that he could help.

"Owl, my father has disappeared again!"

"I know." the owl said.

The filly was silent.

"Remember I said that you needed to do something for me."

The filly nodded.

"Follow me." the owl flew off, into the distance. The filly had no choice but to follow.

It was a long travel, but eventually she came to the mouth of a large cave.

"Ah, good." the owl said. "This is my home." he said, indicating the interior. It was piled nearly to the ceiling with owl pellets.

"I want you to clean this cave, and remove all of these pellets." The owl said. "You have three days."

And he flew off.

So the filly set to the task, tirelessly carrying the pellets away from the cave. But there were just so many of them, and owl pellets aren't pleasant things to carry in your mouth.

But nevertheless, she spent the entire day at work, trying to do the task. But by the end of the day, the cave was still so huge and piled so high with pellets that even if she worked without sleep or food for the entire time, she'd die of exhaustion before she could finish.

She just couldn't do it. And again, fearing she may never see her father again, she began to cry.

And a squirrel heard her. "Why are you crying?" the squirrel asked.

"Because I have to clean all these pellets," the filly said, "and if I don't, I don't think I'll see my father again, but I just can't do it by myself."

"Well, maybe I and my friends can help." the squirrel said.

So the squirrel and his friends from the forest came and helped the filly as they tirelessly worked to clean the cave, carrying the pellets away.

As the cave became more and more clean, the filly realized that beneath all the pellets were the trappings of a home.

There was a carpet, chairs and tables, a couch and a bed, an empty bookshelf, and a large oven, among other things.

By the end of the third day, through the tireless work, they'd removed every single pellet.

The squirrel and his friends had to leave, however, but the squirrel left the filly some advice:

"Be warned - the owl is not to be trusted. Keep your guard up, like us," and with that, the squirrel left, to hide away from the owl that would surely hunt him and his kind.

And sure enough, at the end of the day, the owl returned. He looked around the cave, suspiciously, as though he did not expect the filly to finish the task.

"Hmm." he said. "Fine work."

"So..." the filly asked, "may I have no father back?"

The owl turned his head to look at her. "I am not finished. You will have more work to do." By the tone of his voice, the filly realized that he suspected, perhaps even knew, that she had outside help.

"You will stay here for the night, and tomorrow I will give you a new task."

"Then can I have my father back?" the filly asked, but the owl had already flown from the cave.

She sat in the middle of the cave, and began to cry again. She realized that the owl might never let her see her father again.

But then she heard a voice?

"Hello? Is somepony there?"

It was faint, and she couldn't hear where it was, but she recognized it.

"Father!" she yelled.

The voice gasped, recognizing his daughter. "Are you alright? How did you get here?"

"I followed the owl," the filly said. "He says if I do some tasks for him, he'll let me see you."

The father was quiet. "Listen, you need to be careful - you can't trust the owl."

"But why?"

"We can't talk. If he hears us, he might hurt you. I'm sorry."

The next day, the owl returned.

"Are you ready for your next task?" the owl asked.

The filly nodded.

"Good," the owl said, leading her to a stone pit near the back of the cave. There was a bucket next to it. "I want you to take this bucket of water to the river and fill this well. You have three days."

"Then can I have my father back?" the filly asked, but the owl had flown away.

The filly set to work, taking the bucket down to the river, filling it, taking it back to the cave, and emptying it into the stone pit.

But it took so long to walk to the river and back, and the bucket was so small, and the pit so big, that even if she worked tirelessly for all three days, she wouldn't be able to complete the task.

At the end of the first day, when she got to the river, she dropped the bucket and it fell in the river.

She collapsed in despair. There was no way she'd finish the task, and she'd never see her father again.

But then the squirrel came back, carrying the bucket.

"Why are you carrying this bucket?" the squirrel asked.

"I have to take the water from the river back to the cave, and fill the well, or else I'll never see my father again."

"Well, maybe I and my friends can help," the squirrel said.

So the filly, with help from the squirrel and his friends, carried the water from the river to the well in the cave, and after tirelessly working, by the end of the third day, the well was full to the top.

The squirrel and his friends left, again warning her not to trust the owl.

And the owl returned. The owl surveyed the work suspiciously.

"Hmm." the owl said. "Satisfactory."

"Can I see my father?"

"No." The owl said. "Tomorrow I have one more task for you."

And the owl left.

When she was sure that the owl was gone, she called out for her father.

"Father? The owl's gone."

"You have to get out of here." Her father said.

"I'm not leaving without you!"

"If you don't leave, the owl will kill you!"

The filly was scared, and too tired to argue. "Okay," she said. "I'll go."

But, she didn't. And she didn't have to, because her father had no way of knowing that she'd stay. After all, if she couldn't see him, then he couldn't see her.

She slept, thinking that she needed to find some way to save her father and stop the owl.

The next day the owl returned.

"I have one last task for you." the owl said.

"And then will you let me see my father again?" the filly asked.

The owl smiled. "Yes."

The owl led the filly over to the large oven. At this point, the filly realized just how large the oven was - it was big enough for a full-grown pony.

"I want," the owl said slowly, "you to climb inside and clean the oven."

The filly realized what this meant. "And I have three days?" she asked.

"No." The owl said. "It won't take that long."

The filly didn't move. She waited, thinking what to do. The owl just stood there.

"Well?" he asked.

Then, the terrified little filly got an idea.

"No." she said.

"What?" the owl asked, clicking his beak.

"I don't think I need to." she said.

"Oh, you don't?" he asked.

"No. I think I know where my father is, and I don't need to do anything for you to find out."

"Is that so?" the owl asked. "Well, where is he?"

The filly paused. She looked at the oven. "In there." she said.

"In there?" the owl asked, trying not to laugh. "Oh, no he isn't."

"Oh, I think he is," the filly said, looking him dead in the eyes.

"Look, he's not in there." the owl said, opening the oven. "Nothing but bits of grime. Bits of grime you really should clean."

"No, I think he's in there. Hidden."

The owl was starting to become irritated. "There is no one in there." he walked up to the oven. "I'll show you." he stuck his head inside. "Hello? If there's a colt in there, could you please come out?"

And the filly shoved him inside and slammed the door.

"Hey!" The owl shouted frantically. "Let me out!"

"Tell me where my father is!" the filly demanded, holding the door shut.

"Beneath the carpet and the table!" the owl shouted back. The filly looked over to the center of the room, where the table was. But she couldn't run for it, because the owl might break out.

But then, at the mouth of the cave, there was the squirrel.

"Help me!" the filly shouted.

The squirrel grinned. "Of course." and he rushed in, along with his friends. They held the oven door shut while the filly knocked over the table and pulled the carpet aside.

"Let me out of here this instant!" the owl screeched.

Sure enough, there was a trap door beneath the table. The filly opened it, and there was her father, who was shocked.

"I told you to leave!"

"I said I'm not leaving without you." she said as her father climbed out. She started to run, but she had been so worn out after days of ceaseless work that her legs gave way from beneath her.

The owl banged against the oven door. The squirrel's couldn't hold it. At this moment, the filly feared that all her effort would come to nothing...

The squirrels fell aside, and the door began to open...

And then,


The father had bucked the oven door, knocking the owl back inside. There was a thud as his head hit the back wall.

The father ran back over to his daughter, picking her up and putting her on his back.

He galloped away from the cave, and as the filly looked back, she looked back at the squirrels, who were gathering back. The one who had helped her so much had a grin on his face, an expression that only meant one word - "payback."

The filly and her father returned home, and the little filly never again had to worry that her daddy would leave her ever again.

And the owl? Please. This is a family show.

The End.

Once upon a time, long ago, There was a little colt who loved to adventure. One time, it was very rainy. The Little Colt was sad because his parents wouldn't let him go out.

He begged his parents to let him go out, but they sated firmly, "NO." With that The Little Colt stomped off to his room and slammed the door. He went to the window and looked outside. The Pegasi had really outdone themselves, It was quite the storm. he stared at the sky for a long time cursing the poor weather. hen the sky started to clear, revealing the stars.

Then, all the sudden, he saw a shooting star. He heard that if you wish on a shooting star, it comes true. The Little Colt knew EXACTLY what he wanted. So he closed his eyes and wished for an adventure.

The Little Colt woke up the next morning. He walked down the stairs. He went to the kitchen, but his mother wasn't there cooking breaking as usual. "MoooOOOoooM!" He called, but there was no reply. He went to his parents bed room, but neither his mom or dad were there. He scoured the house, but neither head nor tail was to be seen. It was like his parents had just vanished.

"Maybe," The Little Colt said to him self, "they went into the market."

The Little Colt trotted into the market. He was starting to get worried, his parents never left without telling him.

As the usually busy market came into view, he saw that it was completely empty. "Now just where the hay IS everypony?" he said out loud. The only response was the extreme silence of the market.

The Little Colt looked everywhere, but couldn't anypony.

It was then The Little Colt realized what happened.

It was his wish. It made everpony disappear.

A feeling of dread came over The Little Colt, how was he supposed to get everypony back? Had they really disappeared or are they just somewhere else?

He needed to find some information and he knew just where to start. The library.

The Little Colt galloped to the library and burst in. Empty. He shook it off, he came here for a reason. He looked around the library. Hundreds of Books were on the many selves. "Just how am I supposed to find the right book?" The Little Colt whined. "Well, it ain't gonna find itself." he stated, and with that, he started searching the selves and pulled off all the books he could find the talked about stars, night, and wishes and piled them up.

The stack was truly intimidating but The Little Colt knew this was his duty, his quest. A majority of the books were just serious examinations of the night and stars, the ones involving wishes were just fictions or foals tales. After eliminating the stack he began to grow frustrated.

Then he spotted a book that the somepony must have left out, "Thats funny, I dont think this was here before, but theres not another pony around. Just must have missed it."

He looked at cover, "Luna's Gift: The night and its In hir, in her, inherent magic?" he read out loud fumbling on the title. It seemed promising. He opened it up and began it read.

"Since the dawn of time, Celestia has raised the sun, but at night, she lowers the sun and Luna’s Gift is revealed, The night. With its many stars and its ever changing moon ponies have long held the night as magical. This book records many of these myths such as wishes upon stars thought to come true. Of course, like all myths there is truth a its heart, But the wish will only come true if its will only come true if it is made on a particularly clear night, like one after a bad storm, or on a shooting star. Luna is thought to be the granter of such wishes..."

The Little Colt found what he needed. He had to venture to Canterlot and beg Luna to return his family and town. "Canterlot is 3 days away by hoof, I asked for an adventure and I sure did get one."

The Little Colt walked back home. "Okay, I need food, a sleeping bag and a map" he noted. He gathered all his supplies in his pack. He went to the path and pulled out his map, after he found the right path The Little Colt galloped off towards Canterlot.

The Little Colt slowed down to a trot, night was falling, and soon it'd be too dark to continue. He needed to stop, but where? The path ran through a forest and the next rest stop wasn't for miles. He could sleep on the trail, but he knew that was a bad idea, especially in a forest. He continued on, but he was getting SO very tired, and he was hardly any closer to the rest stop. "No helping it, I'll have to sleep on the trail tonight" The Little Colt sighed. He pulled out his sleeping bag, got in and passed out.

He woke up suddenly to a loud noise. It was till dark out but he could see the sun on the horizon. He looked around for the source but The Little Colt couldn't see anything.

Then there was loud *CRACK* and just feet away was horrid Manticore. The Little Colt bolted but the Manticore chased after him. There was no way he'd be able to lose this thing on the path. He dove into the forest. Dodging the various trees and bushes he saw he was starting to lose the Manticore. But he grinded to a halt, a cliff was on his escape route. He looked behind him and saw the Manticore coming, felling trees and breaking branches. The Little Colt had to make a choice. He chose to jump.

The Little Colt took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and JUMPED.

He started falling fast, the trees were too far down. He would never make it.

This was the end.

The Little Colt broke a branch and fell into a small pond. Looking up he saw the Manticore roar and turn away.

"Oh, now I'm in a bad spot. Im wet, its cold, and I'm lost." He pulled out his map, he couldn't find a cliff or a pond anywhere on it. Then with a sudden brilliance, the sun rose upon equestria. In the distance, he could just make out a mountain with what appeared to be a city built into it. Canterlot.

The Little Colt set towards it at a quick trot. he ignored the branches and bushes that scrapped against him. His adventure was drawing close to its conclusion, and he couldn't wait to see his mom and dad and friends again. He came closer and closer. He was at the mountains base just after noon. "well, now just to get up this." The Little Colt affirmed.

He started up the mountain trail. He was tired but he was so close...

He reached Canterlot before nightfall and there was the castle. And in front of the castle was the guards. "Aw, horsefeathers! Now how am I supposed to get in?"

"Well, the direct approach can't hurt right?" Walking up to the nearest guard The Little Colt asked "Excuse me, I need to see princess Luna, its REALLY important. You see-" The guard cut him off. "Princess Luna is to busy to talk to a foal right now."

"But, my family-" The guard interrupted again.

"Look foal, I dont have time for this and neither does princess Luna, now get lost!"

The Little Colt walked off. "Now how am I supposed to get my mom and dad back?"

The Little Colt started to give up. "NO!" he proclaimed. "I won't give up, I came this far on this adventure, and I'm going to see it through! If I can't just walk in, I'll sneak in!"

The Little Colt heard the sound of stones sliding on stones. Looking at the source he saw a hole in the castle JUST big enough for him to fit through.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, The Little Colt hurried in through the hole. He was in the Canterlot basement. Directly underneath the canter lot throne room. He looked around. He saw stairs in the corner that seemed to lead to the throne room. Moving quietly he went up stairs and slowly opened the hatch. There, facing the other way just inches from him, was a guard.

The Little Colt gingerly opened the hatch all the way and snuck by. Right there was the throne room, and on the throne a pegasus with a horn adorned by a dark crown. Luna.

The Little Colt had finally made it.

The Little Colt walked up to the throne. "Princess-"

"I know why you are here, you wish to see your family and friends right?"

"More than anything"

"Why? They forbid you from doing what your heart desires. With them gone nopony could stop you from doing whatever you want."

The Little Colt thought for a while, then it dawned on him. "They may stop me from doing the things I want, bu they are still very special to me and I'm special to them. They just want whats best for me."

Then something unexpected happened. Luna started laughing. The Little Colt didn't think it was funny. "why are you laughing princess?

"because, I heard your wish made in anger at your parents and thought I'd use it to teach a lesson, my sister didn't think it would work. Though I'm quite happy to say it did. You see, I was the one who put the cliff there, and the water at the bottom. I instructed the guards to let nopony in to see me and I opened up the way. I was the one who put the book there in the library. I guided your quest to see just how far you'd go to get your family back, I'm pleased to see you'd do almost anything for them. And with that I shall return you and everypony else to your town."

"But will they remember? Will anypony else know?"

"Unfortunately, no." Luna thought for a bit. Then she used her magic to take a feather from her wings and placed it behind The Little Colts ear. "There, now you shall have a token to remember this by. Also I think you should check your flank." There on his flank was his cutie mark, it was a compass resting on a map. A symbol of adventure.

"Now," spoke Luna "Wake Up."

The Little Colt was in his room. He felt very sore. "Was it really a dream?" He walked to the mirror and there was his cuties mark and a jet black feather behind his ear.

He then walked down stairs, enjoyed some of his mothers home cooking and shared his tale.


This is the story of a very spoiled little filly who always got everything she wanted. If her parents ever refused to give her something she desired, she threw a tantrum until she got it.

One day, just like any other day, The Spoiled Filly and her desperate parents were in the market.

Now, today the market was only slightly different than any other day at the market. It was this slight difference that made all the difference in the world and shaked the spoiled fillies life to the core.

But, it started like any other day at the market.

"MOOOOOoooOOOOM, I want that toooOOOoooy!" The Spoiled Filly whined.

"But little one, its awfully expensive, and you have several at home like it." The mother calmly explained with a tinge of worry in her voice. She had grown weary of The Spoiled Filly’s behaviour.

"BUT I DON'T HAVE THIS COLOR AND I WANT IT!" The Spoiled Filly screeched.

"But darling-" The father started, only to be cut off by The Spoiled Filly. "I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WAAAAAAANT IIIIIIIIIT!" She screamed while falling on her back and thrashing about.

"Please, sweetie buns you'll get your new dress all dirty, and your causing a scene." The mother spoke nervously. She notice some of the newer ponies in town were starting to stare.

"MY MOMMY AND DADDY DON' LOVE ME ANY MOOOORE!!!!! I WANNA DIIIIIIIIEEEE!!!" The Spoiled Filly now had garnered the full attention of the market. While the ponies who had been around for some time and were used to The Spoiled Filly's tantrums, today’s episode was particularly bad.

Now, today was different because the stall The Spoiled Filly was causing a scene at belonged to a traveling Salesmare. "Excuse me, but may I say, never Have I seen such an uproar before today." The Salesmare spoke from underneath her cloak. "I am dreadfully sorry, but its just that we can't control her." Apologized the colt.

Then The Spoiled Filly's tantrum knock over the travellings Salesmare's stand, breaking or damaging all the goods on it.


"We're dreadfully sorry ma'am, we can pa-"

"REGARDLESS OF BITS, THAT SPOILED FILLY MUST STOP HER FITS!" Screamed the Salesmare growing angrier and angrier.

"W-we've tried-" Started The Spoiled Filly's mom, only to be cut off.

"I swear that by the end of three days, that spoiled filly will learn the err of her ways." The Hooded Salesmare spoke in low voice, leaning into The Spoiled FIlly and with that she gathered what remained of her goods, and left.

After finishing some business in the market, The Spoiled Filly and her parents walked back home. "What the HAY was that? I only got a THREE cupcakes! AND NO TOYS!" Griped The Spoiled Filly. "Well honey, you destroyed the Salesmare's entire stock." The mother stated. "So? Did you SEE how see talked to ME? dose she not know who you are?" said The Spoiled Filly. Her mother just shook her head. "Well, she's a travelling Salesmare, so I doubt very much that she even cares about position. You see, she has to work very hard to eat everyday." The Spoiled Filly's dad explained. "Bah. The NERVE of that mare..." pouted The Spoiled Filly.

The Spoiled Filly's parents greatly enjoyed her silence for the remainder of the trip home.

The Spoiled Filly ate dinner and went to bed.

When she woke up, she noticed something was terribly wrong. She wasn't in her room, she wasn't even the same house. She was in a very plain room, the most colorful thing was the sky blue blanket.

She ran to the window and looked out. She was on an Orange farm. Then her mother came in, but she wasn't her mother, the mare was wearing working clothes. "Up and at 'em sugar, todays the first day of harvest and now that your old enough to buck, you can finally help out your mother!"

"But-" Started The Spoiled Filly.

"Ah, Ah, no buts. Now get your little flank downstairs and chow up, we've got a LONG day in front of us."


"Now get!" said the mother, pushing into the dinning room. "And when your done, come to the West Field!" Called the mother, trotting off. “Whats going on here?” thought The Spoiled Filly.

The Spoiled Filly was alone in the dining room. She'd never been alone before. Was this all some elaborate prank? She went to go look for the servants, but to her dismay, she couldn't move her body on her own. She started eating, when she finished she took it to the sink and washed it off. "Washing dishes? Like a commoner?" She screamed in her mind. The she headed outside to the west field.

The Spoiled Filly arrived at west fields. And there was here mother buckin' an orange tree. "there ya are, I was startin' to wonder if you were even coming." Said the mother stopping buckin’ the tree to talk to the spoiled little filly. “I’m NOT doing this” Thought The Spoiled FIlly.

"Now your a might bit young to start buckin', but that cart needs pulled." The mare said motioning towards a train of empty carts. "Oh, I’m so glad your here to help, we'll be able to fill our quota in time for supper!" Exclaimed her mother, giving her a hug.

The Spoiled Filly looked at the train. It was five carts long, it wasn't heavy now, but it would be. The Spoiled Filly started to panic. She wanted to scream and shout and ask what was going on but instead out of her mouth came "Sweet! It's been forever since you made a home cooked dinner ma!"

Much to The Spoiled Filly's dismay, she latched on the train. The Spoiled Fillys mother dumped the first load of oranges into the last cart. "One down, 99 more to go." Tree by tree, the cart grew heavier and heavier, and Tree by tree the spoiled little filly grew more and more tired. Just as the sun was no more than an hour from the horizon, Her mother loaded the last tree of oranges.

"Good work sugar, ya made me darn proud." Stated the mother tussling The Spoiled Filly's mane. "Now drop those off in the barn and come inside sugar."

The Spoiled Filly walked into the barn unlatched herself and collapsed. She'd never been so exhausted in her life. She missed her old house. "I'm pooped." She stated to nopony in particular. "Better get inside and wash up." Another thing The Spoiled Filly couldn't stand was the complete lack of control she had over herself. It was driving her insane.

After washing up The Spoiled Filly walked into the house. "Ah, there ya are sugar! Here ya go! Orange Pancakes with chocolate syrup, your favorite!" The Spoiled Filly eyed the commoner food suspiciously, reluctantly, she took a bite.

"This... IS DELICIOUS!" Exclaimed The Spoiled Filly. It was quite actually some of the best food she ever had. She happily ate gulped down the rest of the stack.

"well, it off to bed with ya sugar, got alot more to do tomorrow!" With that The Spoiled Filly went back to the bland room and laid down. “Well, it can’t get much worse.” she thought to herself, as he fell asleep.

The Spoiled Filly woke up in a sleeping bag. "Where am I now?" she Thought. She felt a gentle nudging. "C'mon sweetie, market opens in three hours and we need to be there." her father called.

Crawling out of her sleeping bag the spoiled little filly saw she was on a trading route not too far from her town. "Now we should be able to get there with ample time to set up in a good location." With that her father started pulling a cart.

A hour later they were in the market, The Spoiled Filly had never seen the market so dark or so empty. Her father Stopped the cart in front of the fountain in the center of the market. "Now this is a prime spot! Help me set up." The Spoiled Filly's body started moving on its own. They opened up the cart and inside it was a stand full of various oddities and toys. It was quite a wondrous setup.

A few hours later The Spoiled Filly's father simply stated "market should pick up soon." Slowly Stallions and Mare and their foals started trickling into the market.

The Spoiled Filly's father nudged her and wishpered "What ya waiting for, get pitchin" With that The Spoiled Filly started shoutin' sales pitch after sales pitch. Sometimes she managed to pull in a customer, sometimes she didn't. After a while they took a lunch break and ate a few sandwiches. “Alright honey, take a break, but be back at the stall in an hour.” Said her father, wiping his mouth.

So The Spoiled Filly trotted around market. She saw various stands and performers. Then she saw the Salesmare. She remembered the words the Salesmare spoke “SHE did this!” thought the filly. She trotted over to the Salesmare.

“Do my eyes deceive? This is the same filly I believe. You may speak free, So that you may see.” Rhymed the hooded Salesmare.

The Spoiled Filly regained control of her speech. “You did this to me! Fix It!”

The Salesmare smiled, “I can not undo, only thing is to let it run through.”


“No more words to be shared, your curse is now repaired.”

The Spoiled filly trotted back to the cart. At the end of the day she was exhausted. Her voice was sore and scratchy from screaming so much. "Good job today kiddo, get some rest. We have market again tomorrow." Said her dad. She pulled out her sleeping bag crawled in, “Well NOW it cant get any worse.” she thought and was out in 10 seconds flat.

The Spoiled Filly woke up. She was in a sewer. It smelled terribly. She felt horrendously hungry. She looked around. Neither her mom nor dad was anywhere to be seen. She was totally and completely alone. all the sudden she said mournfully, "Lets see if we can get some food today mr. belly." the stomach grumbled in reply. "I know, I know. I'm trying but its so hard." The Spoiled Filly grabbed walked out and trotted down to a cafe. Sitting outside on the corner she set down the box. It was cold. So dreadfully cold. she shivered.

Sat outside for hours begging, and for all of her efforts she had only 13 bits to show for it. It was enough for food and a wool blanket. She went inside the cafe and got a daisy sandwich. after finishing her food, she headed into market and got a cheap wool blanket.

The Spoiled Filly was walking back to her little hovel when some police ponies stopped her. "Where are you going miss?" Queried one of them. "I-i'm just headed home officer..."

"really now? and where would that be?"

She started looking for a way out, this was a very bad spot. She couldn't find a good escape route. "Umm, its just down this road here..."

"Miss. There's no housing for three miles. I'm sorry but we,ll have to take you in for destitution." The Police ponies got her hoofedcupped and in their cart, they even confiscated her blanket. She was put in a cell. The Spoiled Filly felt like crying. She missed having a real bed. She missed her friends. She missed her mom and dad.

She cried herself to sleep.

She woke up in her room. HER room. Not a farm, not the market, not a jail cell. The little filly had never been so grateful. She pranced down stairs, in the dining room, was her parents.

"Mom, Dad, I'm... sorry about how I've been acting." Spoke the little filly.

"Are you feeling alright?" Her mother said while checking her temperature. She looked concerned.

"Better than ever. Can we please go to the market? I think I should apologize to that Salesmare." This was the first time the parents had ever heard the formerly spoiled filly ever say please."O-Of course darling!" spoke her father.

"But first... Can we have orange pancakes for breakfast?"