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Blue Moon

A MLP: FiM and Fallout: NV Crossover…kind of...


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own

Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for

You heard me saying a prayer for

Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms would hold

I heard somebody whisper, "please adore me"

And when I looked to the moon it turned to gold

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart

Without a love of my own



                Princess Luna lay outside a cave entrance located at the side of a mountain, all alone. She was busily concentrating on the great steel-blue moon that lay up above in the sky. Few stars could be seen through the many dust clouds that came rolling in constantly. This, plus her tiredness from sleep deprivation, made Luna very anxious for her hour had almost come. Ever so slowly, the moon kept rising upward, casting shorter and shorter shadows across the barren landscape. Finally, the majestic moon had positioned itself right above the land. It was now exactly 12:00 midnight. Princess Luna gave off a final sigh of relief, for her job was done for now.

                She took her attention off of the moon now and turned around and headed straight inside the cave. With every ten steps, she lit up the passageway with a temporary bright blue orb that flooded the tunnel with light. After about seventy steps, she finally reached her sanctuary…her only home in the wasteland…a small cavity deep inside the mountain. It was adorned with as many treasures she could rescue from Canterlot; shelves, books, various lanterns, pillows, and blankets; before it happened

                Walking past a couple of old shelves with miscellaneous broken trinkets, she finally reached it. At the very far corner of the cave was a very dark cave, only lit by magical candles that never melted and never burned out. They all led down a smaller and tighter passageway. Luna carefully navigated the tight labyrinth, making sure she did not injure herself on the jagged rocks that stuck out like knives again located on the walls.

                After a few more minutes of navigating, she finally made it. At the end of the passageway was a filthy velvet curtain which was attached to a dirty and stain-bleached golden rope. With a tired mind, she put her concentration efforts onto the rope, which soon started to telepathically move away from the curtain, which in turn, pulled apart to show a small shrine engraved into the wall.

                The shrine was very simplistic, just adorned with candles and a couple of cracked picture frames. At the bottom of the shrine were a couple of pillows, stained with dirt and what appeared to be salty water.

                Luna took a step closer and inspected the pictures very closely. To the right of the shrine was a picture of her as a small filly, dressed in her most beautiful gown she had ever worn. Although she looked extremely happy in the picture, Luna knew that deep down, she was slowly getting depressed and that was the early stages of her transformation into Nightmare Moon.

To the left of the shrine was a filly Princess Celestia, dressed in a gown that literally outshined the sun. She looked very happy-go-lively in that picture. A sharp pain of lust suddenly swept over Luna. It wasn’t a sexual lust, but a lust of want. She wanted it, but she knew if she did, her depression may worsen.

Princess Luna finally moved her eyes to the middle of the shrine. Sitting on a small pedestal sat a grimy golden frame with a cracked glass pane. The picture in the frame made Princess Luna’s eyes water; It was a picture taken of Celestia and her smaller sister right after she was freed from being Nightmare Moon. Luna had a wreath of roses around her neck and Celestia was standing tall and proud above her then-returned Princess Luna. She was very small in comparison with her larger, more mature sister. They both smiled intensively, hooves on both of their shoulders, manes flying around in the small breeze.

The picture was almost as if someone just froze time and space for just that one second, for everything was too perfect in the picture. The only thing ruining it was a long, jagged crack that managed to squeeze in the tight space in between her and her sister in the glass pane. Although the obstruction was not part of the picture its self, it seemed to split them apart, like as if a great wall had been built there to keep those two separated.

Luna took her hoof and touched her younger self in the picture frame, trying to learn the history of her, even though it was herself. It was like meeting a new pony for the first time, yet she knew the pony wasn’t new. She then moved her hoof and it met Princess Celestia. The still gleaming eyes looked toward Luna, piercing her very heart. She strengthened the force of her hoof upon the frame, trying to reach for Celestia. She knew it was no good, but she tried and tried, pushing harder and harder. It was like trying to reach for a good friend in a swiftly moving crowd; just within reach yet impossible to achieve.

Finally giving in, she gave another long, painful sigh. Luna just wiped the dust away from her bigger sister’s image before removing her own hoof. She then moved it downward and she finally felt it…it was Princess Celestia’s very own tiara

Grasping it carefully, she lifted it upward and put it in front of her very face. The metals were tarnished and the jewels were either extremely dirty or missing. The only jewel that still shone brightly was a big, purple gem that sat in the very middle and acted as the centerpiece of the tiara. Princess Luna could see her reflection in the glimmering masterpiece, and upon closer inspection, she read the tiny, ancient language engraved around the jewel;



Reverof difen Ynomrah de Stnemele, twis dan Celestia por Luna encastra reveren


Luna had memorized the small scripture ever since Princess Celestia had told her what it meant. Reverof difen Ynomrah de Stnemele, twis dan Celestia por Luna encastra reveren…Forever shall thy two be together, sisters Celestia and Luna, bonded by love…

Princess Luna had a tear forming in her eye again. True, she did this every morning and every night, but she could not overcome the feeling after every visit. Carefully placing the tiara back onto its pedestal, she closed the velvet curtains again. Placing her head down onto the pillows below, she began to cry herself back to sleep again, with those memories catching up to her again…


* * *


It was a beautiful, sunny day in Canterlot. Ponies were busily running around in the streets below, bustling in and out of shops every second. A slight breeze swept through the mountain and the trees started to sway slightly. Up above the main hall and ramparts of the giant castle was Princess Luna with her rosary wreath still wrapped around her neck. She was back in her old tower suit located at the west wing of the castle. Just a few mere hours ago, she was Nightmare Moon and almost shrouded the world in eternal darkness. If it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, she may have continued.

Thanks to them and the powerful magic of the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna was finally reverted back to her younger state right before she started the long and almost painful transformation into Nightmare. After a grand party held by Pinkie Pie in Ponyville, Princess Luna was once again reunited with her sister Celestia in commanding the sun and moon at the throne in wholly harmony.

Luna was standing over the balcony railing, overlooking much of the Equestrian Valley. Much had changed since her imprisonment in the moon. More towns and villages have popped up, the Everfree forest was slowly receding, and a great boom in population had occurred in her absence. A slight breeze came forth and whipped her mane in a dream-like state. Birds started peacefully chirping in the distance, and looking down upon Ponyville, she could clearly see a rainbow trail circling the town. For the first in a long time since her imprisonment, Princess Luna felt a wave of relaxation sweep across her body. Putting her head on the railing, she left out a small, relaxed sigh and closed her eyes in tranquility.

Suddenly, Luna felt the head of another mare rubbing against her dark blue mane. Opening her eyes, Princess Luna saw Princess Celestia was the one doing it. She, too, had her eyes closed and made soft rubbing motions on her neck. It felt very comforting.

“It’s so good to see you back here, my dearest Luna…” Celestia quietly said. It was just loud enough to be heard yet soft enough to be a near inaudible whisper. “I have missed you so much ever since that day. You don’t know how much it means to me for you to be here again. Things got pretty boring and tiring while you were away.”

Princess Luna started to slightly blush. Teasingly pushing her sister away, she said in a giggly tone,” Yes, I am very glad to be back. I had almost no control over myself when I was Nightmare Moon. Funny, even in my 1,000 year absence, things haven’t changed here in the castle.”

Smiling, Princess Celestia removed her neck from Luna’s,” Yes, even though I had no other choice, when I banished you into the moon, I still had a deep love for you, and I awaited your very return, so I kept this room intact since the day you have left. Everything is still from before you were banished.”

“Thanks sis’” Luna gave a ‘thank you’ type of hug to her sister,” Hey, you know what?”

“What is it, dear Luna? What is on your mind?”

“Just to remember this by, let’s have a picture together, that way, we can always remember this moment in our lives.”Her horn glowed a faint purple and an old camera came floating out of her room. It magically adjusted itself so that Luna and Celestia were at the perfect center of the frame. “Well, it’s good to be back, Celestia. It sure is.”

Princess Celestia in turn put a hoof around Luna’s neck too, giving off a playful smile,” Yes…it sure is good to have you back…”

The camera flashed and both their eyes were filled with blinding brightness…


* * *


Princess Luna woke up with a stir again. She had her face in her hooves on the pillows again. Streaks of tears were still rolling down her eyes and soaked her coat. Getting up and wiping those tear away, she whispered to the shrine,” Yes…it sure would be good to have you back…” Luna then proceeded down the tunnel again, trying to be careful not to cut herself, but in her sad, sleepy drunkenness, some rocks scraped her body, and small cuts appeared all over her body again. These sharp pains were nothing compared to the internal pains that pierced her heart like ice cold daggers.

Coming out of the passage bloody and bruised, Luna merely took a nearby cloth to try and clean the red marks off and stop the bleeding. The cloth had started to gain a slight red tinge from constant use after each tunnel dive every night. Luna finished rubbing her body clean when a sudden in the pit of her stomached signaled that a meal was needed. Walking over to a rusty refrigerator that was half buried into the ground, Luna could only find what little she had left; some canned beans and some Instant Potato Mash. In the corner were some unopened rescued Cola bottles. With not much of a choice, she decided to just have some cave fungus. Carefully scraping a small portion to make the rest last, she slowly nibbled on the green, fuzzy food. She had no appetite, but she knew she had to eat, so Luna forced it down herself.

After the light dinner, Princess Luna turned her body towards a small cot in the corner. It was filthy and stained, but was surprisingly comfortable. Her horn glowed once more and all the lights in the cave dimmed.

Snuggling down onto the bed, Luna wrapped herself in the blanket and wedged her head onto the pillow. Setting a nearby clock was to ring once six hours have passed, Luna drifted off into a well deserved sleep. Sleep to her, however, was hardly ever relaxing. She knew what was coming; she knew what would happen; but every time it came, she reacted. Luna kept on dreaming about her last days spent with her dearest, loving sister Princess Celestia. It left an everlasting impression upon her little mind…


* * *


It was a beautiful summer day in Canterlot. Ponies were bustling in and out of the tightly compact stores below, and pegasi were flying around and about in the sky. A summer wind cot caught in the air and leaves started to dance in the almost enchanting wind.

Luna was in the castle’s immense library, searching through countless book, catching up on the history of Equestria while she was imprisoned. She read up on everything, from the Sonic Rainboom that happened in Phillydelphia to the recent founding of Appleloosa. It was just a sea of information that Luna was trying to catch up on. She spent countless hours upon hours reading. The day was starting to give way to the afternoon. That was when Princess Celestia came waltzing in.

“Still reading those dusty, old books, Luna? Why, you are starting to become like my old student Twilight Sparkle! You have spent more time in Canterlot’s finest library than going out there to meet the very ponies who love your beautiful nights!”

Luna finally took her head out of a book entitled ‘Manehattan, A History’ “But Celestia, it has been a full year and I still have not caught up with the history of Equestria!”

Celestia put a sisterly grip on her and gave her a teasing punch,” Hey, some things can be learned from a book, and others have to be learned from experience. Once again, take my student, Twilight, for example. She knew much from reading books back here in Canterlot, but ever since she moved to Ponyville and started interacting with others, she has gained more knowledge than this library in all.”

“Can I at least finish a couple more books…please?” Luna gave off a cute look, curling her lips and having her pupils enlarge. Princess Celestia laughed.

“Sure thing Luna, you can finish reading a couple of books, but after that you just have to get out and enjoy my beautiful sunlit days! Speaking of which, my shift is coming to an end and yours is about to start.”

Luna sighed a bit. She was starting to get into the interesting part when mafia ponies nearly ruled all of Manehattan,” Fine. I will meet you up on the balcony, okay? Let me just put in a bookmark.”

“Okay, I will see you there later then…” Turning around, her wings grew erect and flew out of an open window to the main tower. Luna rolled her eyes as she placed a bookmark inside and proceeded to simply walk up the long flights of stairs. Passing by many tapestries and tall windows, she finally met up with her sister on the top balcony which overlooked almost all of Equestria, for today was a perfectly cloudless day.

“It’s about time you got here. I may be able to make the moon rise, but all of Equestria is counting on you! Do you want to make them wait any longer?” She then gave the wave of her hoof that signaled Luna to step next to her sister’s side.

“Sorry to keep you waiting sis, but you know I just love walking instead of flying. Really helps you take in the atmosphere of the castle…”

Celestia jokingly ruffled Luna’s mane,” Well, what have you been reading lately little sister, romance novels? You haven’t acted like that before…”

Princess Luna started to slightly blush a bit,” Well, yes…I WAS reading a few romance novels I found in the library. I found them completely enchanting. I could go into detail about them if you want…”

Celestia put a hoof over the dark mare’s mouth,” There is time for that later, but for now we have business to attend to…”

“Right…” Luna shook her head up and down. Finally, the two mares got serious and focused all their attention onto the sun and the moon, for the tower was so high at that point, half the sun could be seen in the west and half the moon could be seen in the east. With their eyes closed, both of their horns glowed magnificently. The sun was just about to dip behind the horizon and the moon was about to pave way for the night. The sky was a blissful dark blue as stars had just started to appear in the sky.


When suddenly…




Both Princess Celestia and Luna opened their eyes immediately. “Celestia, what was that?” Luna asked quickly in a scared tone. Princess Celestia got up and walked towards the railing.

“Oh my…” was all that she could say as she turned her head away and closed her eyes. A tear had started to form at the tips. Luna got up immediately and walked over to the railing to see what all the fuss was about. When she got to the railing, her mouth started to gape open, for out on the horizon was a giant mushroom cloud that lit the sky up like lightning.

The cloud rose higher and higher until it literally went past the atmosphere. A shockwave could be seen sweeping across the land like a bullet at top speed. The ground rumbled hard and shook Canterlot to its very foundations. Terrified screams could be heard throughout Equestria, for ponies could be seen running around frantically; pegasus ponies could also be seen flying in all directions away from the nuclear blast. The shockwave soon enough hit Canterlot with full force. What followed was a wind speed faster than anypony could imagine and a long, hard sweep of hot air came across everypony.

Suddenly, a Royal Guard Pegasus came flying up to Celestia and Luna,” Princess Celestia, Princess Luna! You need to come with me immediately!”

Luna was filled with both uncontrollable rage and fear,” W-what’s going on?”

The guard took out a scroll and read it,” It appears that the nearby nation of Gallania has just launched an attack upon the nation of Equestria! This letter was sent just before the bombs fell!”

“Impossible!” Celestia stamped an angry hoof down,” We have been maintaining a peaceful relationship with them! What in the world would make them change their minds?”

“It appears that the original democracy was overturned b tyrants, and they have an iron fist and a strong lust for force. It appears they want to conquer all of the surrounding nations for their own…”

Suddenly, four more mushroom clouds could be seen in the distance, lighting up the sky like a Fourth of July party. Shockwaves interacted with each other and caused massive destruction to the land.

“Princess, we have to go, now! There is no time to be wasting! We have to escort you!” Three more pegasi guards came flying upward and got Celestia and Luna up in the air. “Alright stallions, follow me!” He then zoomed to the very top of the mountain, just above where Canterlot rested. Celestia and Luna beat their wings as hard as they could as the shockwave behind them started to catch up.

Luna managed to get a look behind her, and what she saw shocked her; When the shockwave swept over Canterlot, the whole entire city crumbled down, and the castle walls collapsed. She could even see the outlines of those poor Earth Ponies, either being crushed or falling to their death as the shockwave swallowed them whole. It was absolutely terrifying.

After about a fifteen second flight, the small team finally reached a small cave entrance at the top,” Get in here, quick! It may not be the best place to hide, but it’s the only one for miles!” All of them landed on a small cliff lip that connected to the entrance. Just as they entered the tunnel, a nuclear missile just made contact with the ground nearby Canterlot, sending its radiated particles far and wide.

Princess Celestia turned around and saw the bomb detonate. She knew that they were in such a close proximity they would surely suffer radiation poisoning. Looking at her smaller, cowering sister in a corner, Celestia knew just what to do…

“Princess Celestia, where are you going!?” Yelled one of the guards as he lunged forward to try and pull her back. Celestia was already out of arm’s reach by that time. Knowing she would have to get fully outside to cast the spell correctly, she knew it was a death sentence…but she would do anything to protect Luna after those many years of being trapped within the moon…

Walking outside into the waste, Princess Celestia got a full blast of dirt, heat, and most of all, radiation. Looking around, she was nearly blinded, for it had just brightened to about ten fold. She then started hacking and coughing hard due to the many tiny dust particles that were starting to fill up her lungs to the brim. Celestia could even feel all the radiation leaping onto her coat and into her skin – it was now or never from this point onward…

With the last of her strength, Princess Celestia concentrated all her energy and might on the spell she was about to do. Back in Canterlot, it would have taken just a few mere seconds, but with all these constant irritations coming into her, it felt like an eternity. The long horn started to glow and then a small blue orb enveloped her and the cave entrance. Celestia has done it, for she has made a protective orb around the cave entrance to keep the radiation leakage to a bare minimum. With a final huff and a gasp for air, she collapsed.

“Celestia? Where are you Sis’?” Luna stopped cowering in fear once the lights and rumbling started to die down. She did not hear a single reply at all. Starting to have a cold chill of thought run down her spine, Luna quickly got up. “Celestia! Please come back!” She then galloped to the entrance of the cave. The four other guards followed her closely.

After what seemed like forever, Princess Luna and the guards finally saw the horrifying results; Princess Celestia had risked her life for the well being of the others.

“Luna…” Celestia managed to hack out,” I was hoping you would stay in there…I never wanted you to see me in such a s-state…”

Luna paid no attention to her dying sister’s objections. She immediately rushed to her side and tried to support her upwards,” D-don’t worry, Celestia! Everything will be alright! We will get you better! Everything will be b-better…better…”

Luna had much trouble trying to lift her larger sister up on her feet. The four pegasi guards came over to help support the heavy weight of Princess Celestia. Carrying her inside, Luna lit the place up with some quick to produce blue orbs all around the cave walls. It showed that the place was no bigger than one of the guest bedroom back in Canterlot.

The guards laid the filthy Celestia down onto a small patch of moss. Her perfectly white coat was now stained with much mud and grime. Her body temperature felt as if she had taken a dip into a solar-heated pool and stayed there for about seven years. Even Celestia’s usually bright and waving rainbow mane started to lose its color, and had even had stopped waving in the motionless air. Whenever Princess Celestia coughed and hacked, one could literally hear that half of her lungs clogged with dirt.

“Ple-please hang on there! Please! I am not going this far and losing you!” Luna cried out as tears started streaking down her cheeks,” Why did you have to go out there!? Why did you have to do this!?” Luna tried her best at trying to fix up her sister. Bending her head downward, her horn touched Celestia’s drowning lungs. Although not much happened, Celestia did manage to speak a bit easier and breathe a little bit better.

“I did it to protect you, dear Luna.” Celestia lifted her head upwards and painfully placed a hoof over her rambling sister’s mouth,” I knew that the radiation would leak in here, not only killing me, but also killing all of you in the process. I had no other choice but to sacrifice my life for the well being of you all…” She gave a great cough at the end of the statement and rested her head.

“Please, Celestia, please don’t leave me right now! Please, I need your help…I need you” Luna’s face was a wreck. Her normally straightened mane was all frilled and dirty. Rivers of tears streamed down her cheeks and fell upon Princess Celestia’s face like a light rain. “I cannot live without you…how will I be able to remember you once you are gone!? I just cannot think straight at this point and not remember anything!”

“Luna, plea…”

“I can’t live without you!”

“Luna, p…”


“Luna…” Celestia put a hoof onto her sister’s shoulder,” We will always remember each other…always.”

“H-how can I remember? I can’t even remember the last five minutes of my life at this point!”

Celestia just quieted her sister again and spoke in a soft tone; she knew her time was starting to come to a close, for her heart was beating ever so faster and her lungs kept on trying to unclog all the dirt and grime,” Remember me by this…” Celestia took her tiara off her head and placed it in front of Luna’s soaked eyes,” Remember this tiara, my dearest Luna?”

She was barely able to choke out the answer,” Y-yes, Celestia. I can remember it was given to us right af-after birth…”

“You see these small words inscribed around the center gem?”


“These inscriptions are written in olden Equestrian. It was put there to symbolize our significance together…” Princess Celestia gave off a hard cough and some mucus spat out.

“Always remember, my ever so sweet sister, these words…’ Reverof difen Ynomrah de Stnemele, twis dan Celestia por Luna encastra reveren…Forever shall thy two be together, sisters Celestia and Luna, bonded by love…’ It was to symbolize that throughout anything we still loved each other, all through the thick and thin. Even when I banished you into the moon when you were Nightmare Moon, I had resented the actions I had to take. I still loved you even when you were in your most destructive mode.” With all her strength, she managed to give an affectionate nuzzle with her grieving sister who laid next to her, both eyes closed shut trying to keep the water back.

“Remember, my favorite sister, Princess Luna…as long as you remember and love me, we will still be together…” Celestia rubbed her head through Luna’s soft, dark mane,

“B-but wha-at if I forge-get about our lo-love?” Luna was choked up at this point. All of her words were only stopped by brief gasps and sobs.

Celestia turned Luna’s head to look at her straight in her eyes,” Don’t worry. If you forget about our love, as long as somepony else remembers, it may jog your memory and you will remember me again. It is very difficult to forget somepony if you have a strong love for them…” She started to talk slower with a raspier voice. Her mane had stopped dead in its tracks and the long horn that lay upon her head stopped shining and became dull with hardly any more shine or luster.

“My time is coming to a close, Princess Luna. It will now be your responsibility to raise and lower the sun and moon, just as I did while you were imprisoned in the moon. Remember, my dearest sister, to not lose faith in our love. If you lose faith, you shall grow weaker and weaker with no chance of recovery, and every surviving pony still out there needs you, Luna. They need their sun and moon to rise and fall to keep the remaining natural elements intact. Do it for everypony else, Luna…do it for me…always remember…remember…rememb-…”

Poor Princess Celestia never got to finish, for before she was about to finish, her heart gave way and her lungs collapsed in on herself. Her pupils suddenly got large, then shrunk down to the size of a grain. Before giving off her final breath, she only managed to whisper,” I love you…” Princess Celestia then became a lifeless ragdoll. Her head fell down upon the soft moss with a small thud and her eyelids closed gracefully.

“Celestia? Celestia!? CELESTIA!?” Luna rang out in fear, seeing her now lifeless body just sitting there. Putting her own hooves upon the princess’ body, she felt her skin had gone cold and there was no more pulse,” NO! COME BACK SISTER! COME BACK! I NEED YOU! I Need you…I want you…I love you…” Princess Celestia just lay there; dead, cold, and deprived of life itself. After thousands of years of living; to see other ponies and civilizations rise and fall, she had to come to such an end.

The guards took off their helmets and bowed in silence. They knew that there was nothing that could be done and did not want to interfere with the heart-felt conversation between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The only sound now left was the slight sound of a breeze outside and the constant, non-stop gasps and sobs of Luna as she had been weeping on Celestia’s corpse.

One of the guards came up and put a reassuring hoof onto her shoulder,” I am sorry, Princess Luna. There was nothing more we could do. She decided to end her life this way. I am also sorry, Princess, but we have to move the body out of the cave an…”

Luna reacted with great aggression. Staring angrily at the guard, she took her hoof and grabbed him by the mane,” Why!? You cannot separate me from my sister! You just cannot!”

“But Princess! We have to do it beca~aughckauckaugck~~~” Luna started to choke him. All the depression inside of her body had started to take its effect, for she started reacting with hardly any thought, for her mind was too numb to even have a single straight thought.

Two other guard ponies stepped up and restrained Luna against a wall. The third one came up to her and slapped Princess Luna across the face,” Get a grip on yourself Princess! I am sorry, but we had to restrain you before you killed one of us! We already had enough deaths for today – we don’t need any more! Face the facts! I know she is Princess Celestia; your beloved sister; but her body is now just a radiated corpse now! If we leave it here to rot, we may all die from radiation poisoning! If we all die, it will make your sister’s sacrifice worthless!!!”

Rage bubbled within Luna when he referred to Princess Celestia as an ‘it’. She was just about to make the ceiling collapse in on them, but when the last sentence finally went through her brain, she realized what the Royal Guard was true. If they all did die due to the radiation leakage from the soon-to-be rotting corpse, it would make Celestia’s sacrifice entire worthless. Finally calming down, she finally relaxed and the other two guards relaxed their grip. The guard she was chocking before slowly got up, taking deep breaths and rubbing his sore throat.

“I-I’m terribly sorry about that. It’s just tha-that I just cannot stop this…rage…that is built up inside of me. I hope you can forgive me.”

“It is okay Princess Luna. We are all pretty stressed out, but we were all taught to keep a steady mind and keep your head straight forward in situations like this. We need to face the facts         Princess; we need to move the dead Princess Celestia outside before the damage could be felt.”

Luna thought hard about the decision. She did not want to leave her sister’s side, but if she did not, they would all die. She finally came to a conclusion,” Okay, we will bury her outside.         If I am lucky enough, her shield that she cast shortly before death should still be working for the next twelve hours. You four will bring her outside while I prepare the grave hole. And please – do take good care of her body for me.”

“Sure thing Princess. We will not cause any more damage to Princess Celestia’s body.”

The four Royal Guard Ponies put their golden helmets back on and carefully lifted Celestia’s body onto their backs and slowly started their trek towards the cave entrance. Princess Luna was way ahead of them, for she was at the cave entrance; just like she predicted, the blue orb was still there, giving off a faint blue glow. Around her, she saw the true devestation of the bombs. The lush landscape that was once Equestria was now a barren landscape. Large craters where the bombs had felt were dotted everywhere. Smoldering ruins of previous cities and villages was also shown in full view of her. The ground also had a peculiar brownish-orange tone to it, most likely due to the radiated dust particles. This combination made the land look like a slice of cheese, surprisingly.

Looking around, she found a spot big enough to lay Princess Celestia’s body. Concentrating all her energy on that small patch of earth, the dirt soon lifted up in a perfect square slab. Carefully lying down nearby, the other Royal Guard Ponies arrived with Princess Celestia carried on all their backs. Luna took over from there, ever so carefully, she levitated Princess Celestia’s body into the grave hole. Ever so gently, her horn glowed once more and the mound of dirt covered Celestia. Luna gave one more look at her beautiful face and gave off a tear before compacting the dirt down upon her.

“Thank you, sirs, for helping here. I would like to req-request a little privacy for some time, thank you…” She asked them all

“We understand, Princess Luna.” They all walked back into the cave very slowly, heads down mumbling something that sounded like prayer.

Luna got down on all fours and put her face on top of the mound of dirt displaced by Celestia’s body. A single tear flowed down her eye and fell upon the grave.

“Twis dan Celestia por Luna encastra reveren… sisters Celestia and Luna, bonded by love…I will always love, dearest sister, always…even in the darkest of time. Please don’t forget about me though, for I will try to remember you for as long as I can…” Princess Luna once again put her face into her arms and cried a river of tears that soaked the ground like rain water,” Forever shall we be bonded by love…hopefully forever…”


* * *

Author’s Notes

Dialogue has never been my strong point. Sorry.

I do intend to make a spin-off series based on other Fallout/1950’s-esque songs

And to clear up any questions, only the flashbacks italicized to represent the flashbacks. I am only saying this due to someone saying that I italicized too much.

PLUS, I know the drama got a little...sappy...near the end, but I will try to mix the sadness up with other stuff in later stories.

Part II coming Soon...