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Fate is Not Set in Stone:

A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Hello Readers!  Welcome to the Choose Your Own Adventure Collaboration Project!  This is a project started by Starfox64x and worked on by a devoted group of Bronies and Pegasisters to create a wonderful story of massive proportions!  And the best part is that YOU are the main character!  As you read, you will be presented with choices on how to continue your adventure. simply click on the choice you’d like to follow, and continue your adventure! Continue on until your story ends, and have fun!

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You are a resident of Ponyville, a nobody with no real future.  Your cutie mark is-…  Well, it really doesn’t matter now, does it?  You’ve been sitting at home, relaxing, letting the days pass by you as you enjoy your solitude.  There has been plenty of exciting thing occurring since you moved in; an Ursa Minor attacked the town, a chaotic creature changed the world to his design, and even a thousand year old Alicorn found her way out of her lunar prison… and yet SOMEHOW you of all ponies managed to sleep through it all.

You’re not happy with your boring life.  It’s dull and pointless, at least in your own eyes, and you’ve convinced yourself that whatever event happens next, you’re going to be a part of it!  You are going to save Equestria!

Buuut of course nothing is going on today…  Just another peaceful day in Ponyville…  So how’re you going to spend it?

               Stay at home. (SFX000)

               Head outside. (SFX001)

NOTICE: 6/2/2014: Okay! i think we’re going to try picking this up again! send a note whenever you’re ready!

So you wish to join our efforts to create a bigger, and better Choose Your Own Adventure Story? That is wonderful to hear! Anyone can join and anyone can help. You just need to fill out this form and send it to [email protected]

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Can you be active? We would like everyone to contribute as much as possible, but if you think you may be too busy to contribute much, please let us know before you claim anything.

From what you’ve read of the fic so far, do you have any ideas on branches to write? just curious to see if you have any ideas =3

Please provide an example of your writing.just to check general grammar and whatnot.

remember just send the answers to this to [email protected]. We’d be happy to hear from you.


You’re certain that nothing exciting will happen today and just head back to bed.  Your bed is too comfortable to leave anyway.  You figure that something interesting will happen eventually, but not today…

(It’s a Choose your own ADVENTURE, why did you stay in bed?)



You decide to head out and take a walk.  It’s a beautiful, but fairly dull day, and you should at least try to enjoy it.

You lock your door before heading down the street.  It’s a fairly busy morning; Ponies setting up shop, while others run around trying to get their errands done before the rest of the town awoke. The sky is partly cloudy, a few stray clouds here and there, nothing the weather team can’t handle, that is if it’s even important enough to bother putting in the effort.

Your stomach begins to gurgle.  You realize you haven’t had breakfast yet and you’re incredibly hungry…

               Head to that nice little diner over at the edge of town. (JTA001)

               Why not visit Sugar Cube Corner for something sweet? (SFX003)

               By ‘hungry’, you of course mean hungry for knowledge.  To the library! (TRM001)

               Head back home, you probably have some leftovers in the fridge… Hey wait... what’s going on at the park? (SFX008)