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“Okay everyone,” Firefly called out as she clapped her hands to get their attention, “that’s it for today.  Time to hit those showers.”

        Gilda’s stomach turned.  “Time to hit those showers,” the words she dreaded every day.  As the girl’s all filed to their lockers, Gilda went to the nearest toilet and locked the stall as she sat and waited for everyone to leave.

        Gilda thought back to the end of her first day of camp.  As the boys and the girls went to their respective locker rooms one of the girls had stopped her.  “This is the girl’s locker room,” she had said curling her lips into a sneer.

        Gilda had glared at her and uncrossed her arms as she balled up her fists.  She got ready to at least threaten her when she noticed the girl was staring at Gilda’s chest.   After a few seconds the little snot walked away, angrily muttering about how unfair nature could be.  At the time she found it funny, but now Gilda couldn’t help but feel awkward amongst the other girls; she was taller than most of them by at least a head or so.  On top of that, while they had trained their bodies for speed, Gilda had been doing weight and strength training since she was a little girl, leaving her looking heavily muscled in comparison.

        But that’s not what kept her locked in the toilet while everyone else was getting cleaned up.  What kept her behind a locked door was the rainbow haired girl that Gilda called her best friend.  Rainbow Dash had been the only one who had actually been nice to Gilda at camp, including the instructors.  They had become fast friends, spending every free moment together that they could.

However, every time Gilda looked at her friend all she could think about was how beautiful she was and how much she wanted her.  She yearned to go out there, just to see what secrets her friend’s clothes hid, but she feared that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and that she’d do or say something to give her feelings away.  She didn’t want her to know how much she ached at the sight of her and she really didn’t want her to know what she was doing alone in her bed when she thought about Dash.  More than anything, what kept her locked away was the fear that Dash wouldn’t share those feelings and that she’d abandon her if she knew.  Still, just thinking that she might be naked a few feet from her was enough to make her breath shallow, her forehead bead with sweat, and get her hands wandering southward.

        A bang on the stall door snapped her mind back to the present and her hands from her lap.  “Hey G,” the raspy voice of Dash shouted through the door, “same place as always?”

        “You know it,” Gilda kept the tremble out of her voice.  “And try to be on time for a change!”


        That night, Gilda waited for Dash on their usual hill, she had been waiting for the better part of an hour.  Gilda was on her back and drawing pictures in the stars, but they all ended up looking like Rainbow and in various stages of undress at that.  She caught herself as her hands again began drifting down.  “This is getting ridiculous,” she muttered to herself as she angrily shoved her hands behind her head.  ‘Why can’t I calm down,’ her mind demanded.  ‘It’s usually better for awhile after I’ve,’ even in her own head she couldn’t bring herself to say it, ‘after I’ve had some time to myself.’  But this burning heat in her chest and between her legs refused to settle and so she closed her eyes and let her mind float away.

        In her dream, the two were sparring as they had done so often in the past.  Gilda pounced Dash to the ground and pinned her there.  They were both slick with sweat and breathing heavily.  Gilda could feel the smooth skin of Dash’s wrists in her hands and both her legs pinned under her hips.  Every struggle and twitch sending waves of pleasure through her as Gilda leaned forward, her eyes locked onto those lips.  Dash had opened her mouth expectantly when Gilda became distracted by a strange crawling sensation under her arm.

        Gilda’s eye’s snapped open as Dash ran the long piece of grass down her side.  “Knock it off,” Gilda shrieked as she squirmed away from the pesky probing piece of plant.

        Dash laughed as she spoke, “Sorry G, I couldn’t help it.  You were just asking for it with your hands behind your head and all those noises you were making.”

        Gilda stood up and turned away from Dash as her face went red and her heart hammered, “What kinds of noises?”

        “Oh, just moaning a little and muttering something,” Dash said as she idly brush at Gilda’s side.  Gilda jerked the grass out of her hand and threw it aside as she stomped away.  “Hey, where you going,” Rainbow called out, “I was just messing with you.”

        Gilda hands absently stroked where Dash had been tickling her, “I just don’t like being tickled is all.”

        “I’m sorry,” Dash said in mock sympathy as she ran up next to Gilda.  “I didn’t realize you were so delicate,” at the last word she jabbed her fingers into where Gilda’s neck met her shoulder.

        Gilda quickly slapped Dash’s hands away from her neck only for them to fly to her armpit.  Gilda tried to back away, but Dash kept pace, attacking any unguarded sensitive spot.  Gilda’s eyes watered and her face reddened further as she laughed.  “Stop,” she stammered out as the attack continued.  Gilda doubled over and her knees locked together both for protection and to hide the darkening patch on the front of her shorts as the heat there became unbearable.  ‘Celestia, how can she not notice what she’s doing to me,’ her mind was starting to fog up and all she could feel was the blood pounding in her lips as she inched backwards.

        “G, watch-” Dash cried out as Gilda stepped onto a small incline before falling back into a large mud puddle.  “Out,” Dash finished giggling.

        Gilda felt some relief from being covered in the cool mud, but was shaking from how close she had been just moments ago.  “Let me help you,” Dash laughed and extended a hand towards her.  Gilda smiled wickedly as she grabbed it and yanked her forward with all her might.

        As Dash splashed into the muck next to her Gilda laughed.  “Thanks, that helped a lot.”

        Rainbow pushed herself up on to her elbows and wiped the mud from her eyes.  “Well, I guess we’ll be needing to hit those showers,” she smiled, her teeth sparkling against the darkness of the mud.


“Hey G, can I borrow your body wash,” Dash called from the next row of lockers.

“Sure, I have an extra bottle,” Gilda called as she plucked the half empty tube from her locker.  She pulled her arm back to chuck the bottle over the lockers.

        “Thanks,” Dash said as she stepped around the corner and plucked the bottle from her hands .  Gilda turned her head and every motor function froze when she saw that Rainbow was already naked.  “Hey, for once you won’t have to worry about any of those lame-o girls bothering you.”

        Gilda stared at Dash’s eyes, unblinking, her neck ached as her mind begged to let her look down.  “Totally,” she managed to squeak out as Dash walked away.  Gilda’s hands shook as she peeled off her mud stained clothes.

        The showers were divided into two open rooms with a small towel closet in between.  Seeing steam billow out from the right, Gilda went left.  She tried to stop hyperventilating as she turned the nearest nozzle.  She let herself get hit with the initial blast of icy water, but it did nothing to cool her.  ‘Celestia, she’s beautiful,’ ran through Gilda’s head endlessly.  She had tried so hard not to look, but every detail of her friend’s body was burned into her mind.  Everything was smooth and taut, not at all like her own hard and lumpy body.

        As the water got hotter, Gilda soaped herself up.  She heard the faint splashing of Dash moving on the other side of the room and she found herself imagining every move.  Gilda started scrubbing the mud out of her hair but her body impatiently demanded attention lower.  Shuddering all the way, Gilda brought her wash cloth down her neck, pausing perhaps too long on her breasts before going to her stomach.  She knew what she absolutely must not do with Dash less than a 20 feet from her and no barrier besides a corner of wall and she knew that’s exactly what she was about to do.  Her entire body quaked violently and her blood boiled as she moved her hands lower.

        Fingertips were suddenly digging into her sides as a voice in her ear shouted happily, “Hey, G!”

        Gilda jumped away, throwing one arm over her chest as the other flew between her legs.  “Dash, the game’s over,” she complained not looking back.  “Come on, go back to your side.”

        “Ticklish and shy,” Dash said in fake astonishment.  Gilda heard her moving closer as she spoke, “And I used to think you were so tough.”

        Dash pounced, her fingers starting at Gilda’s sides and began moving in random directions to avoid her attempts at resistance.  Gilda doubled over as she felt those fingertips sliding along her neck behind her ears, but Dash went for her stomach this time , her wet soapy fingers sliding down Gilda’s abdominal muscles.

        Gilda cried out as the busy fingers slid lower.  ‘Too close,’ her mind screamed as her body clinched and her eyes clouded as those nimble fingertips went back and forth.  She tried to step away when it happened; Dash stepped forward to block Gilda’s movements and brought her leg between Gilda’s, the top of her thigh sliding across the very center of her agony.

        Gilda’s heart stopped, her mind became engulfed in a pink mist.  She turned around, her eyes blind, the only thing she could see were those smiling lips.  Her hands hands moved with a will all their own letting the backs of her nails her caress Dash’s face before gently gripping along her ears.  Finally, Gilda arched forward, bringing her lips to what they had craved for so long.

        Gilda’s tongue slipped inside the already open mouth, the shock of the taste returning her mind to her.  The passion that had consumed her turned to horror and nausea as she realized what she had done.  Dash’s tongue didn’t move to meet hers, her hands hadn’t gripped her and pulled Gilda closer, she didn’t feel what Gilda felt.  ‘She doesn’t love me,’ her mind whispered miserably.  She pulled her tongue back, but let her lips linger.  ‘Let me just pretend for a few more seconds,’ she silently begged.  Slowly, Gilda pulled away and prayed that the world would swallow her before she opened her eyes.

        Dash stood entirely still, her face still a mask of surprise with lips still puckered outwards.  “What was that,” she asked after what must have been a thousand years.

        Gilda felt cold despite the billowing steam.  “Just a joke,” she said pathetically as turned away and lowered her face into the nearby jet of water.  ‘Don’t start crying now,’ she shrieked in her head.

“Well, I don’t get it” Dash said with a shaky voice.

        Gilda’s face began to pull itself apart and she tried to remember how to walk.  ‘If you start now, you won’t ever stop, so don’t you dare start crying now,’ she screamed inside her head as she stepped towards the towel room desperate to at least cover herself.

        Dash’s hand clapped over her wrist and Gilda tensed up as she waited for the first blow to fall.  When none came, she opened her eyes and saw Dash looking at her with an expression she’d never seen before.  “I said, ‘I don’t get it’,” a sly grin broke over Dash’s face and she blushed brightly.  “So maybe you need to tell it to me again.”

        Gilda just stared at her for several seconds as she processed this.  ‘Oh,’ was all she thought as the tears she had been holding back burst forth.  Gilda hungrily shoved her mouth over Dash’s, her tongue finding an energetic partner this time.  She sobbed as felt her breasts crush into Rainbow’s own, feeling as though every tiny hair on her lean form was a feather tickling her endlessly.  A million miles away, Dash’s fingers again went to Gilda’s body, this time they moved with determination and purpose.

        Gilda ran her hands roughly through Rainbow’s colourful wet hair savoring the texture.  She moaned when Dash’s skilled fingers entered her, but refused to pull her mouth away.  She felt the pressure build up in her brain, heart, and parts far lower as she explored Dash’s mouth, trying to memorize the feel of her teeth as their tongues danced.

        Each twitch, tickle, and pinch down below made colourful bursts behind her eyes.  Gilda’s arms fell to her sides and her hands balled into fist, her nails digging in to the meat of her palms.  She wanted this feeling to last forever, but knew it would kill her if it went on.  At last, she pulled her mouth away to scream.  All the pain and loneliness she had ever felt gushed out from her mouth and loins in an explosive torrent until all she could remember or feel was this moment.

        Yet those fingers did not stop moving and Dash’s lips flew to Gilda’s chin.  The rapture rolled through her in waves as her friend and lover worked her mouth across Gilda’s jawline before she nibbled her earlobe.  Gilda’s head fell limply back and she was vaguely aware that she was drooling as Dash’s now familiar tongue slid down her neck.  She stopped only once she reached her breasts, moving back and forth between them as Gilda lightly quivered.  When she felt teeth biting into her skin, Gilda’s knees buckled.

        Only as she slid to wet, tiled ground did Dash’s hand slip out and away.  As Gilda eyes regained focus she saw where that other hand had been.  “Working so hard for both of us,” Gilda panted as she pulled Dash’s hand away from herself.  Gilda kissed and then sucked on Dash’s fingers, tasting the sweet and salty fluid, before putting her mouth to the spring.

        Rainbow Dash began sliding along the wall until she was in the towel room, Gilda shuffling on her knees to follow.  Every few seconds, Gilda would glance up to see her friend’s face.  Dash rolled her head in a circle, biting her lip so hard it started to bleed.  She was much quieter than Gilda but constantly moving, her hand would grip on to the edges of a towel rack one moment only to slide across her face or breasts next.

        Gilda abandoned all pretenses of gentleness as she ground her face forward and brought her nails down Dash’s sides and back.  As hard as she lapped and clawed, Dash still held back as though waiting for some special signal to release.  Gilda thought of the teeth that been at her chest and ear and she began to nibble.

        Dash’s eyes snapped open and sweat poured off her forehead as her mouth opened into a perfect “O”.  Her legs started to give way, her knees pressing so hard against Gilda’s shoulders that she had to struggle to stay upright.  With one last firm bite, Dash ripped down the nearest towels racks as her body released.  Her chest heaved as she struggled to breathe and she gasped, “Oh my gosh,” as she fell into Gilda’s waiting arms.


        Gilda awoke to find her face buried between Dash’s small breasts.  She chuckled briefly when she saw that one of her hands was still clasped upon Rainbow’s lower regions with two fingers inside.  She let her tongue slide out and flicked the nearest pink bit, eliciting a small moan from her companion and pillow.  Gilda’s head rolled upwards as she stretched out her sore neck.  Her eyes snapped open when she saw the entire female population of the camp looking down at her.

        Gilda haphazardly yanked her hand away, awakening Dash with a sharp gasp.  She grabbed at one of the towels, wrapping it around herself.  “This, uh, this is,” she stammered flailing for some words of explanation.

        Gilda darted a look at her best friend for some sort of hint as to what to do or say and she saw a face that was just as red and panicked as her own.  Her heart slowed to a steady beat and the burning in her face stopped instantly.  Smiling, Gilda felt that not a single person in the entire world mattered beyond this red faced and rainbow haired girl next to her.

        Gilda stood up, letting the towel fall away.  “This is pretty much exactly what it looks like,” she bent over and pulled Rainbow to her feet.  She quickly kissed her and began pushing  through the wall of wide mouthed gawkers while still clutching her hand.  “Come on Dash, I think we both need to hit those showers.”

*Art by MegaSweet