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“ARGH! I can’t take it anymore!”


The cry came from a certain well-known violet unicorn that for the last hour had been frantically pacing back and forth in the library which she called home. Ever since she’d returned from her trip with Overlord Celestia, she couldn’t stop herself from just feeling frustrated.


“Are you still griping about that?” A young purple dragon with green spines said walking into the room carrying a stack of books that had piled up in the unicorn’s bedroom from the amount of late night studying she had done recently.


“Of course I am Spike! I don’t know how you can be so nonchalant about all this! The Overlord…today she…she…OH SHE MAKES ME SO MAD!” The violent unicorn slammed her hooves against the ground which caused the whole house to shake at its foundation. Many books from the shelves of the library fell from their places, as a vase too fell victim to the unicorn’s rage. The pile of books that Spike had been carrying toppled, burying him where he stood.


“Ugh!” Spike groaned as he freed himself from being buried alive, “You’re always complaining about ‘the Overlord this’ and ‘the Overlord that’ Twilight. What did she do TODAY that was so terrible?” Spike grumbled as he began to pick up the mess of books before him.


“I’ll tell you EXACTLY what she did! She opened an ORPHANAGE today! An orphanage Spike! Could you DO something more damaging to a demon’s reputation!?” Twilight began to commence her pacing once more as Spike rolled his eyes before walking over to a shelf and putting the books in his arms away. “She’s gone too far this time! I thought I could convince her, I thought it was possible that I could show her the error of her ways and bring some PRIDE to being a demon! Hah! Like a demon whose named after the place where ANGELS come from has pride!”


“Yea…” Spike just mumbled not even really listening to Twilight as she ranted.


“I mean, Celestia is the home of the angels! And angels are the exact OPPOSITE of what a demon is supposed to be! We’re supposed to be mean, vicious and cruel! We’re to strike down our enemies without flinching! Put fear into the hearts of mortals! The weak are meant to be left behind and only the strong left to stand!” Twilight gritted her teeth as she let out another frustrated groan, “And she made ME her prized student!? Why!? I don’t want to be ruled over by some idiotic Overlord who doesn’t know how a demon is supposed to act!”


“…and yet here you are once again, ranting about it rather than doing anything about it.” Spike grumbled off handedly picking up some more books, trying to quickly fix the messy library now.


“Oh, TODAY is different Spike! I’m finally done just ranting about it.” The annoyed unicorn grinned, her horn lighting up before dragging three books from the pile Spike had been in over to her, “I haven’t just been studying late into the night for nothing after all! I’ve finally found everything I need to find the power to bring down an Overlord as powerful as Celestia!” Twilight laughed as she began to quickly flip through the pages of the three books


“…Wait, seriously?” Spike said stopping his work as he turned to look at Twilight with an eyebrow raised.


“Oh very seriously my assistant.” Twilight grinned smugly as the books stopped flipping through, “See, she’s been very shrewd. She’s always dodged my questions as to exactly HOW a demon might either become or be born an Alicorn! So I had no choice but to research it myself, and it took countless books of research since it’s not stated anywhere specifically. However, the information does exist! It’s just scattered amongst these three books!”


Spike read the covers to the three books Twilight was hovering just before her.


“Dark Pranks for the Lonely Demon…Creature Features: A History of Demon Movies…Ancient Mythologies about Trees…” Spike read each cover aloud before staring at Twilight with absolutely confusion.


“Don’t let the titles blind you from the truth Spike.” Twilight smiled, “For you see, these books have revealed to me the secret about Alicorns! They are born from an intricate and ancient magic that requires very specific, yet powerful ingredients in order to be summoned!


“A lock of hair from a powerful Bard, an ancient metal of amazing value and the golden dew of a mythical tree.” Twilight closed the books grinning, “Bring the materials together and perform a large summoning incantation and we’ll have ourselves our very own Alicorn!” Twilight giggled happily as she hopped around the library.


“And…just what exactly would that accomplish for us?” Spike asked hesitantly, not liking the look Twilight had in her eyes.


“Well Spike, OBVIOUSLY if we had an Alicorn all our own, we could USE its power to take down Overlord Celestia! Then we would have our OWN Alicorn who listened to what we said, obeyed our every command, and would rule over the Netherworld in a PROPER manner!” Twilight’s eyes glowed brightly with sparkles as she grinned, imagining everything in great detail.


“No longer would we be mocked by other demons for being ruled over by a NICE and KIND Overlord! We could get anything we wanted because no one would question the Overlord! Oh we could spend so many late nights playing hours and hours of stolen video games! Endless banquets of food other demon’s worked so hard on that we took for ourselves! Having other demons make collectable figurines of us!” Twilight let out a high-pitched squeal as she clapped her hooves together as she seemed to radiate light.


“…Somehow that just seems so…optimistic.” Spike said awkwardly, not sure how to share in Twilight’s enthusiasm.


“There’s no time to delay! We’re setting out immediately!” Twilight said grinning happily, heading towards the front door.


“Wait, we’re leaving? Now? Just like that?” Spike asked shocked.


“Of course! We need to find the ingredients as soon as possible, so why not start our search now?” Twilight grinned happily.


“Do…Do we even know where the ingredients are?” Spike asked looking utterly baffled.


“Well…kind of. I’ve studied rumors about the ingredients.” Twilight said tapping her chin in thought, “I heard there’s a powerful bard who passed through fairly recently, heading on their way to a festival at Trotting Castle for one of the Demon Lords.” Twilight smiled.


“Well…I guess it’s a start…but Trotting Castle is a bit of a walk from here. Shouldn’t we bring supplies or…you know…some protection?” Spike questioned Twilight’s quick decision.


“Hmmm…I suppose some supplies wouldn’t hurt…MINIONS!” Twilight cried out loudly.


From seemingly nowhere, four creatures rushed forward as if having been waiting eagerly to be called forth. The four of them stood in a line of attention before Twilight.


“Reporting for duty Ms. Sparkle!” A dark purple unicorn with silver curly hair and gold markings along her body said, saluting the violet unicorn with a big smile on her face.


“Meow~” Called a tiny fluffy cat-like demon who quickly grew tired of standing at attention, before pulling out a giant ball of yarn and playing with it.


“How can I be of assistance?” A tan mare with a brunette mane with a headband asked attentively.


“Awaiting orders dood!” The final voice called out, coming from a blue penguin with small purple wings on its back as well as a brown pouch around its waist.


“Alright minions, we’re about to set out on a journey of grand importance! You, Lunafyre!” Twilight said pointing to the dark purple unicorn, “We’ll need to be properly equipped for this trip. So you fetch us the best weapons you can afford. I assume I don’t need to tell you which ones to get?”


“Ma’am! A sword for yourself, a staff for me, monster weapons for the two monsters and shoes for Muse!” Lunafyre grinned happily as she listed them off in order.


“Good, then move along.” Twilight nodded happily.


“As you wish!” Lunafyre said with a soft blush as she giggled, before rushing out the front door.


“You, Mr. Mittens.” Twilight said pointing to the Catsaber still playing with the ball, “Can you handle grabbing the armor we’ll need for this trip?”


“Meow~” Mittens purred softly as he put the ball of yarn away, before prancing out the front door.


“Alrighty then, Mortal Muse, I’ll need you to fetch the proper foods and drinks to replenish us. I know you’ll get us something good.” Twilight smiled.


“Can do ma’am!” Muse saluted quickly before following after the other two demons before her.


“And what task do you have for me dood?” The penguin asked excitedly.


“While they’re fetching supplies I need YOU to help Spike clean this place up. It’s a mess.” Twilight said looking around at the room that still had books strewn across it.


“No thanks to you.” Spike grumbled.


“What was that?” Twilight said turning her attention to Spike with a soft glare.


“Nothing!” Spike said before quickly grabbing the books and rushing to put them back.


“Awwww…do I have to dood?” The penguin looked dejectedly at Twilight.


“Carl…get to work. Now!” Twilight put a strong emphasis on that last word as she pointed with her hoof.


“Y-Yes sir dood!” Carl panicked a little before rushing over to Spike before beginning to pick up the books. Twilight grinned happily as she turned around musing to herself.


“Yes…soon…soon the Netherworld will see an Overlord truly WORTH being the Overlord!” Twilight let out a little satisfied laugh at her own ideas, “This really is just such a perfect plan!” She clapped her hooves together in celebration.

Chapter 1: To Overthrow an Overlord

Part 1



Twilight levitated and swung the elegant blade through the air with swift precision. For the HL[1] they had it certainly wasn’t a bad sword. The armor that Mr. Mittens had gotten also was fitting quite nicely and blended in perfectly with her fur, it was almost like she was wearing nothing at all.


“You all did an excellent job.” Twilight complimented her servants who saluted her back happily. “With these supplies we can head out for Trotting Castle!”


“Okay, we just need to go talk to the Dimensional Guide and she’ll show us where we need to go.” Spike explained to Twilight.


“…Yea, the Dimensional Guide is the standard for all travel, we already know this, why are you bringing it up?” Twilight asked confused looking at her dragon assistant as she faded her sword into her inventory, it awaiting its use.


“Well, I just want to make sure you knew. I would also say you should know where to locate the weapon, armor and item shops if you hadn’t already sent your minions shopping.” Spike said pointing to three ponies that stood outside of a few vendor carts not too far from the library.


“Spike, I get it. I’ve been living here in Ponyville for at least a year now, I know where everything is. Why are you talking to me like you’re some sort of tutorial?” Twilight rolled her eyes a little annoyed at the dragon.


“Hey, I’m just doing my job alright? Don’t get mad at me for that.” Spike huffed crossing his arms.


“Your job is to be my assistant Spike, not a tour guide.” Twilight shook her head before walking towards the Dimensional Guide, Spike following quickly behind.


The blue Pegasus that was in charge of dimensional travel stood before a swirling portal mass stomping her hooves impatiently, wandering back and forth before it. Her wings were stretched out as they twitched, electricity sparking between them. Her blonde main twitched as her tail flicked awkwardly. She just seemed bored more than anything.


“Hello Volt,” Twilight smiled walking up to the Pegasus, “I hope you’re having a good evening.”


Volt turned her head quickly to look at Twilight, a smile forming on her face.


“Oh thank goodness, I was getting frustrated. No one has needed to use the warp today and it’s been aggravating me. I can’t exactly just abandon my post to do some fun things either! I don’t get a relieving shift for another hour at least.” Volt explained fairly quickly.


“Well no worries then, I have need to travel today. I’m heading for Trotting Castle.” Twilight smiled.


“Ah, Trotting Castle, a fine destination indeed. I hear they’re having a concert right now actually, is that why you’re going?” Volt asked curiously.


“You could say that.” Twilight smiled a little mischievously.


“Well, unfortunately you haven’t visited Trotting Castle before.” Volt said as her wings sparked to life, electricity flowing through them as she examined Twilight, “So I can’t send you straight there, but I can set you on the path that’s closest to it from where you have already visited.”


“That’ll be just fine. We already made sure to supply ourselves with everything we’ll need for the trip.” Twilight smiled.


“Excellent! Then let me open up the portal.” Volt said turning to the portal, her wings glowing with electricity before giving them a flap, sending the lightning straight into the center of the portal. The portal changed its colors as the energy swirled quickly, before turning a solid green color, indicating it was ready.


“Alright, it’s all ready. Have a good trip.” Volt grinned to the violet mare.


“Thank you Volt, your work is always appreciated.” Twilight nodded before heading into the portal. A swirl of energy came crashing down on top of her as the familiar feeling of being warped soon overtook her.





“Alright, so this is the path to Trotting Castle is it?” Twilight said as her and Spike stopped to view the path before them. The path seemed to curve its way through a large acre of apple trees that went as far as the eye could see.


“Yup, according to Volt if we follow along this path we’ll reach Trotting Castle in no time.” Spike said checking out a map he had pulled out from his inventory.


“Well, let’s not waste too much time then, we want to get this mission over with as soon as possibl-”


“Now you just wait one apple-pickin’ minute there!” Cried a feminine voice with a southern drawl to it. From behind one of the trees an orange coated pony with bright blonde hair and a light-brown Stetson hat stepped out, almost glaring at Twilight. “I know who you are, you’re that demon whose Overlord Celestia’s prized personal student, aint’cha?”


“Huh? Well…yes, but I don’t think we’ve ever met before.” Twilight said looking at this new demon strangely.


“We don’t hav’ ta met before. All I need to know is that you’re here to steal more ah our apples!” The orange demon stomped her hoof.


“Steal your apples? Well they do look delicious but I’m far too busy to worry about such a small detail.” Twilight shook her head.


“You can’t lie ta me! You work for that goodie-two-shoes Overlord of ours and the only reason her or any of her dang-um minions stick their noses around here is to steal the apples we worked so hard to make!” The orange pony almost growled, “How are we supposed to become rich selling our overpriced apples if you guys keep comin’ in here and giving them away to them lousy poor demons who don’t have any HL to their name!?”


“Well, I certainly can understand your plight with the Overlord, after all it’s not uncommon to hear such a complaint about her deeds. However you simply must stand aside as I have more important business to attend to.” Twilight shook her head, not caring for this distraction.


“Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting away from this that easily if mah name ain’t Applejack!” Applejack said before raising a hoof to her mouth and letting out a loud whistle that echoed throughout the entire apple Orchard.


“…What did you just do?” Twilight asked, narrowing her eyes at Applejack. Applejack grinned devilishly at Twilight as a rumbling sound could be heard closing the distance between them.


“Well Ms. Overlord’s Minion, I’d like you to meet…The Apple Family!” Applejack said as a stampede of pony demons came into view from behind Applejack, all rushing up to her side before stopping next to her.


“This here’s Apple Fritter,” Applejack said pointing to one of the ponies before pointing to another, “Apple bumpkin, Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apple, Apple Cinnamon Crisp-” Applejack took a big breath of air before pointing to the smallest pony there, “Applebloom,” then to the biggest one, “Big Macintosh aaaaaand” then she pointed to an old pony who was sleeping in a rocking chair just off to the side of the herd that appeared, “Granny Smith.”


“What the!” Spike said stepping back, sweating at the sight of so many demons standing before them, “T-This isn’t right! The first battles supposed to be against 3 or 4 prinnies as a practice battle! There’s no way we can take on an army of demons this early!”


“Ugh, Spike, what are you talking about? Practice battle?” Twilight rolled her eyes, “Besides! We didn’t come here unprepared. And I have my personal minions, which I trained myself to be the best they could be…given our limited resources anyway.” Twilight said before her horn glowed, pulling out from their inventory a square panel that landed on the ground before them. The square panel lit up with a blue holographic symbol just above it.


“Oh, I see. We’ll use the base panel to summon the minions.” Spike said smiling.


“Spike…if you keep talking like a tutorial I’m going to hit you.” Twilight glared at her assistant.


“Y-Yes ma’am! No more talking like a tutorial!” Spike stood straight up saluting.


“Hey, stop your fussin’ over there! We already told ya to git, you’re not taking anymore of our apples!” Applejack declared stomping a hoof.


“Yea! You’re not takin our apples! So get goin’!” Appleboom chimed in, trying to stand up tall and tough like a big pony.


“Alright, enough talk.” Twilight said turning her attention to the apple family, “If you’re not going to get out of our way, then we’ll force you. Lunafyre!” Twilight called out.


From the base panel quickly emerged the purple coated unicorn with the curly white mane.


“Reporting for duty Madam Sparkle!” Lunafyre said quickly saluting Twilight.


“These demons are in our way, help me take care of them.” Twilight grinned.


“Right away!” Lunafyre said turning around and hopping towards the apple family.


“Git ready for battle ya’ll!” Applejack cried out to the herd around her. Each of them quickly pulled out their various weapons for battle, some pulled out swords, others pulled out bows, there was at least one axe amongst the crowd, several spears, one pony was even trying to fumble with holding a gun, which he clearly was no expert at wielding. Applejack herself quickly equipped a pair of well-made wooden shoes, a weapon shared between the two she had called Applebloom and Big Macintosh as well.


Twilight stepped forward as well, her blade appearing as she swished it through the air, preparing for battle at well.


“Hah, really? It’s just going to be ya’ll two? This’ll be a piece o’ pie!” Applejack said as the entire herd stepped forward.


“Now Spike!” Twilight yelled.


“AAUUGGGH! PUT ME DOWN DOOD! I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT LIKE THIS!” Came the frantic crying of Carl who had been forcefully picked up out of the base panel.


“Sorry, you know how things are!” Spike said before tossing Carl clear over Twilight and Lunafyre’s heads, landing just before the army of demons.


As Carl struck the ground, his body erupted into a giant explosion that swept across most of the herd, knocking a lot of them back. Applejack had just barely managed to leap out of the explosions radius when she saw the blue penguin flying through the sky.


“AAAUGH! ITS HOT!” Came a cry from the smoke filled air. Suddenly frantic ponies were running in circles, clearing the smoke to reveal at least half the Apple family had been set ablaze. Applejack turned her head to see that the minion called Lunafyre was quickly casting Fire magic across her army. Each time she let loose a spell her eyes flared up and a spark of fire erupted from her horn.


“Don’t look away!” Twilight grinned rushing Applejack, the sword slicing down.


“Gah!” Applejack cried as she felt the blow strike her body. “Why you no good- Take this!” Applejack said quickly turning on her hooves and bucking hard against Twilight. Twilight felt the blow connect, knocking her back some.


“Not a bad shot.” Twilight said, rubbing her chest where she’d been hit, “But let me show you true power!” Twilight said quickly hopping back, before her began to glow. “Behold! Magical Convergence!” Twilight cried out the name of her move as a white orb shot out from her horn. The orb quickly flew over Applejack before stopping. The orb split itself into eight separate orbs that circled Applejack.


“What in tarnation-“ Applejack said watching the orbs before each one dived quickly into the ground. The ground shook around her hooves as suddenly eight separate beams of energy flew straight up out of the ground. Each beam then made a sharp arc turn straight back down towards the ground.


“Uh-oh.” Applejack said as the eight beams of energy came crashing down straight on top of her. A massive explosion erupted at the point of convergence on top of Applejack. The smoke cloud rose into the air as Applejack found her eyes spinning and her coat slightly charred.


“How’s that?” Twilight asked smugly, standing victorious.


“Ah…Ah must say, that move had quite the sting to it.” Applejack said, rubbing her chin, “But ah ain’t down yet! I’ve still got some buckin’ in me! And I plan to use it-“


“Meow!” Mr. Mittens cried out as he smacked Applejack upside the head with a giant sea bass. Applejack falling flat on her belly.


“Good sneak attack Mr. Mittens.” Twilight said saluting the Catsaber.


“Meow~” Mr. Mittens said pulling out his ball of yarn and began to play with it.


“Kyaaaa!” Lunafyre cried out. Twilight quickly turned her head and saw the dark purple unicorn wobbling on her legs as the one Applejack had called Big Macintosh stood over her.


“Ah reckon you’d better back down little lady, your little fire show ain’t too effective on me.” Big Macintosh said, moving the piece of hay in his mouth from one side to the other.


“Oh yea!?” Lunafyre said, her eyes flaring up as the fire shot from her horn once more. Big Macintosh took the fire spell full force, the spell burning before disappearing from around him. In retaliation he turned his hooves and bucked hard, eliciting another yelp from Lunafyre before she fell over passed out.


“Ah tried to warn ya.” Big Macintosh looked at the fallen mare.


“Yea! Go Big Macintosh!” Applebloom said bouncing around behind him, cheering him on.


“Hey, how dare you rough up my minions!” Twilight said getting closer, readying her blade, “If anyone is to do that, it’s me!”


“I reckon you’re looking for a beating too little lady.” Big Macintosh turned his attention to the approaching Violet Unicorn.


“We’ll see which of us is getting a beating.” Twilight said as her eyes narrowed at the tall red stallion before her. Her sword twitched in the ready position to strike, as the tall red Stallion seemed to stand proud before her.


------------------------------------------------------Wide Screen-----------------------------------------------------


The wind began to blow, the blades of grass twisting at their feet. The red stallions blond mane blew in the wind as if part of a majestic creature. He seemed to stand with no fears or hesitation, his stance was that of a truly noble demon. Twilight could feel her concentration slipping with how magnificent he stood before her.


In the flash of an eye the two demons rushed at each other. Her blade swung through the air, his hooves rushed forward.


In that instance they had switched places, now standing opposite each other. The wind blew there manes separately as the world seemed to grow quiet around them. The silence could be deafening.




“MEOW.” Mr. Mittens cried smacking the still standing Big Macintosh with his giant sea bass.


The red stallion fell over as Twilight stood triumphantly, looking over her shoulder.


“Well that didn’t go quite as planned, but I say this battle went in our favor.” Twilight smiled as she looked at the fallen apple family, who were all groaning on the ground. Only two members were left standing after all that; Applebloom, who stood in the middle of the field looking around at everyone groaning in pain from their bruises, and Granny Smith who was still sleeping rather soundly in her rocking chair just on the outskirts of the battlefield.


“Ah…consarnit…” Applejack groaned standing up, rubbing her head, “I guess you done gone and wupped us good…”


“Huh…they didn’t seem very tough at all.” Spike said astonished, “I guess they were a good opening-” Spike clasped his mouth shut remembering what Twilight had said about speaking like that.


“W-Well…we still don’t like ya’ll taking our apples! We worked hard to sell them overpriced! We deserve every HL we make!” Applejack said stomping her hoof.


“Yea! How come you gotta take away our hard earned HL? T’ain’t fair!” Applebloom said jumping in front of Applejack before stomping her hoof against the ground as well.


“Ah guess that’s just the way the apple is picked, ah reckon.” Big Macintosh said, slowly standing up and walking next to Applejack and Applebloom as well.


“Ah…shoot…well fine, I guess we can’t stop ya from taking our apples this time.” Applejack said reluctantly, “But don’t think we won’t get stronger to defend ‘em next time!”


“For the last time, we’re not here to take your apples.” Twilight rolled her eyes.


“…You’re not?” Applejack said bewildered.


“No, if you had just listened to us in the first place, we’re just passing through.” Twilight sighed.


“…But, aren’t you Overlord Celestia’s lap dog? Ah thought for sure you came to take more apples.” Applejack scratched her head in confusion.


“Ugh.” Twilight put a hoof to her face, “I’m not her lap dog. I’m her…” Twilight grimaced slightly, “Her personal student…a fact I’m not very happy with right now. In fact, I think she’s a disgrace of an Overlord and needs to be knocked down from her position.” Twilight admitted proudly.


“…uh…Twilight…are you sure you should say that so openly?” Spike eyed the violet unicorn curiously.


“Well, its true Spike. I’ve been silent about this for long enough. I don’t think the Overlord should be taking the apples to give away for free, she should only be stealing them for herself.” Twilight explained unabashed by the presence of the apple family.


“Well…if you think she’s not a good Overlord, what’re you gonna do about it?” It was Applebloom that spoke up, looking at Twilight curiously.


“Why, we’re going to get a better Overlord to take her place, that’s what.” Twilight smiled proudly about her plan.


“You are?” Big Macintosh blinked unbelievingly.


“That’s why we needed to pass through here actually. We need to collect some very specific items that will allow us to not only take down Overlord Celestia, but put a more fitting ruler in her place.” Twilight explained.


“…Well shucks, that sounds like something we could get behind.” Applejack said looking at Big Macintosh.


“Eeeeeyup.” Was his response.


“How’d you like some help Twi? Ah reckon if you complete your mission, we’ll all live better.” Applejack smiled.


“Yea! We’ll be able to makes lots of HL! Demons will come from miles to buy our apples cause you’ll only get ‘em from us!” Applebloom bounced around excitedly.


“Well, I suppose the help can’t hurt. Why not? Welcome to the team.” Twilight grinned happily.


-Applejack and Big Macintosh joined the party. Applebloom is tagging along as well.-

[1]HL: The form of Currency used in Disgaea, pronounced “Hell”

Part 2




The pony with dark grey fur and wild black hair adjusted the glasses on his face. He licked his lips apprehensively as he carefully held a beaker with a quiet blue liquid in one hoof, and a bubbling green concoction in the other. It was a delicate operation, one he needed absolute concentration for. One slight slip up could potentially set of a chain reaction that might melt down the very building around hi-


“Hey, Book Smarts!” Came a loud yell startling the stallion, the beaker falling into the bubbling concoction.


A loud explosion could be heard across the streets of Ponyville as the volatile chemicals clashed violently.


Boom Smarts adjusted his glasses as he coughed up smoke, his whole laboratory and body charred with the remains of his precious experiment.


“Well THAT’S a friendly greeting.” Twilight said coughing back the smoke that had just filled the room.


“…Well I guess I’ll just have to START OVER now.” Book Smarts grumbled before turning to face the violet mare who had so rudely interrupted his precious work, “What is it you want Twilight?”


“Why else would I be at the clinic? Got into a fight on my journey and I need to make sure everyone’s back to top-fighting form before we head back out.” Twilight explained quickly, softly rolling her eyes.


“…Ugh…as long as you have the HL to pay for it, I’m not handing out anymore freebies Twilight.” Book Smart waved his hoof uncaring to Twilight’s plight.


“Yea, yea, as it turns out I also earned some from the last fight.” Twilight said, before tossing a small bag of HL before Book Smarts, “Now I just need them rejuvenated, that is your job after all.”


“Yea, yea, just hand me your base panel.” Book Smarts said holding out his hoof. Twilight quickly pulled out the square panel and handed it to Book Smarts. He took it and walked quickly over to a rather simple machine that sat against the wall, looking like a combination of a bed, giant syringes, a microwave and a jukebox.


Book placed the base square inside a compartment of the machine in the shape of a microwave and closed it. With a few button presses the machine began to stir to life. The giant needles began to glow brightly and released a wave of energy into the air. The base panel inside of the microwave began to glow brightly the hologram on it appearing as the machine hummed loudly.


Twilight could feel a soft glow wrap around her body as energy was restored. All the bruises she had earned from battle quickly faded away and she felt her stamina and demonic energy recharge.


The machine hummed for about a minute or two before it died down. Book Smarts then took out the base panel and returned it to Twilight.


“Alright, you’re all patched up.” Book said, though it didn’t seem like he cared too much, he just wanted to get back to his botched research.


“Thank you very much, though I just realized, how come you need HL to just zap us with that energy?” Twilight raised an eyebrow curiously.


“You think running this machine is free? It draws its power from Fear Energy you know, and siphoning the amount needed to heal demons isn’t cheap. I need to pay my supplier, then the electricity cost of the machine and of course it needs to be maintained…plus personal expenses.” Book Smarts explained.


“…Right. Well, thanks anyway. I need to head off, important mission and all.” Twilight nodded her head.


“Yea, yea, just go on already.” Book Smarts said before watching Twilight leave. He then turned to the explosion that had been left behind and sighed. “I have to start from the beginning…” He grumbled returning to his table.





Feeling rejuvenated, the group continued on its path to trotting Castle.


“So, y’all gonna fill us in on the plan here?” Applejack asked as they walked along the trail.


“Well, it’s rather simple really. We just need to gather three specific ingredients and then perform a large summoning ritual. Then we’ll have ourselves our own Alicorn that can take down the Overlord.” Twilight explained simply, proud of her plan.


“Really? That all it takes?” Applejack pondered Twilight’s words, “But…if’n this Alicorn be strong enough to take down the Overlord, what keeps it listening to us?” Applejack asked curiously.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve thought of that too. That part is prepared for when we do the summoning itself.” Twilight nodded her head smartly, slightly gloating and her ability to plan ahead.


“Well gosh, I suppose you have thought about this.” Applejack grinned, “Good to know I can count on ya to keep true to yer word.”


“Of course, a great demon always knows exactly what they’re doing.” Twilight smiled.


“OH WOW, THAT WAS SO COOL.” Cried out a very excited voice ahead of them. Twilight and Applejack turned their heads to the source of the noise, spotting a small gathering of various demons before them.


“AWESOME! I’ve never seen flying like that!” An Orc demon as it waved its mace around.


“I wish I could fly like that!” A moth demon cheered as it flapped its wings rapidly.


“Rainbow Dash is the COOLEST FLYER EVER!” An orange Pegasus filly cheered jumping up and down in front of the crowd.


“What’s all this then?” Applejack asked as they approached the rabble before them.


“Thank you, thank you, yes it’s all true, I am awesome.” A new voice said, Twilight and Applejack turning their heads to see a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail fly in, “I AM the best flyer in all of the Netherworld.”


“No doubt! You’re the coolest demon EVER Rainbow Dash!” The orange filly bounced happily, completely enthralled by the performance the cyan Pegasus had just performed.


“It was just an air show, what’re they all getting so excited about?” Applejack asked confused.


“Just an air show?” The moth demon asked, turning to face the newcomers, “JUST an air show!?” This comment seemed to cause all the demons now to turns to face the two, “How can you call such an amazing performance a simple AIR show!? That was an experience!”


“Yea, I’ve never been so enraptured before! It was breath taking!” The orc demon called out.


“No one is better than Rainbow Dash when it comes to flying!” The filly cried out in defense.


“Yea, you calling me out on NOT being awesome?” Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes at the strange intruders upon her show.


“Well, it’s not like we really care, we’re kind of in a hurry here.” Twilight said uncaringly, just wanting to keep moving.


“I think they’re making fun of Rainbow Dash!” The moth said crying out in anger.


“Say what now?” Applejack blinked.


“They must be showed why Dash is the best!” The orc cried out waving his mace around.


“Yea! Let’s prove that Rainbow Dash is the greatest demon in all of the Netherworld!” The filly cheered them on.


“Oh great, not another distraction.” Twilight said, “Fine lets get this over with-“


“Now hold it right there Twilight.” Applejack said putting a hoof before the moving Twilight, “I reckon y’all can take care of this, but I’d like to show off mah own power if’n you don’t mind.” Applejack grinned.


“Sure, go right ahead. I just didn’t know you had more in you.” Twilight smirked before taking a step back.


“Oh just you wait and see.” Applejack said stepping forward as the small crowd of demons moved into a battle ready position, “I’ve gotten me some specialized training when I was younger, and now you’ll get to see how it paid off!” Applejack said as she raised her front hooves into the air, her wooden shoes equipping as she gathered energy into them, “Apple Assault!” She cried before slamming her hooves against the ground.


The ground rumbled around her as suddenly from her side shot out an entire apple tree towering over her. She gave a quick grin as her back hoof quickly spun around, striking the tree hard. The apples from the tree then began to fall in rapid order, Applejack moving and turning in swift motion with them. In no short order, her hooves began to buck each and every apple straight at the herd of demons before them.


The enemies cried out in dismay as the volley of apples struck them in rapid succession, unable to dodge the onslaught. As the final apple struck, they tried to let out a roar in retaliation when a loud crack echoed through the field as suddenly the very tree itself was tossed, smashing straight into the group.


Twilight whistled, “Nice move!” Twilight grinned.


“Y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Came the low deep voice of Big Macintosh who walked in from behind Twilight. Twilight looked at him curious as he adjusted the piece of straw in his mouth, “Gigantic Macintosh.” Big Macintosh said before stomping on the ground himself. Suddenly a giant stem appeared out of the ground before him as he reached his mouth down and grabbed hold of it.


The herd of demons had finally managed to move the tree off from on top of them, grumbling as they prepared to fight, when suddenly a giant shadow covered them. They looked over in horror to see the red stallion was now holding a gigantic green apple over him, an apple at least ten times his own size.


With perfect control he twisted his head before flinging it forward, letting the apple go, causing it to roll forward. The demons let out a loud cry as the giant apple struck them. Half were flattened by the attack while the other half were knocking away like bowling pins.


“Hey, you guys are actually pretty good.” Twilight laughed, admiring the handy work, “I’m surprised you didn’t use those moves on us.”


“Y’all didn’t give us a chance.” Applejack explained simply.


“Oh no! Rainbow Dash! They’re beating your fans!” The orange filly cried out who had managed to avoid all the attacks so far said turning to look at her idol with tear filled eyes.


“Don’t worry Pipsqueak, they may have beaten them but they can’t beat me!” Rainbow Dash said puffing out her chest and putting her hoof against it proudly.


“Yea! I know you can do it Rainbow Dash!” The filly jumped happily.


“You guys better be ready for this!” Rainbow Dash said turning to the group, flapping her wings eagerly before extending them. On her wings she equipped a large blade to each, her wings now becoming weapons themselves.


“Eat this!” Rainbow Dash rushed straight for Twilight at high speed.


“HIIIII-YA!” Came a battle cry as the next thing Dash saw was a hoof striking her face. Dash stumbled backwards groaning and rubbing her face, before looking at her attacker. It was a pony with a brown mane and tan coat, who looked ready to fight. “I won’t let you touch Master Sparkle THAT easily!” Mortal Muse huffed, stomping her hoof.


“Out of my way!” Dash said rushing past the demon.


“Hey!” Mortal muse cried out as Dash flew over her head. Rainbow narrowed her eyes as she concentrated on her target. Though there would be no relief as suddenly she saw a bright flash appear from behind Twilight, followed by fire erupting all around her.


“Gah!” Rainbow cried as the fire flicked at her body. It dissipated quickly and she glared at her attacker, a cockily smiling purple unicorn with silver locks, “Oh you guys are done for now!” Dash said trying her rush-ahead tactic again.


“She’s not a fast learner is she?” Applejack grinned confidently.


“Nnnnnnope.” Big Macintosh said simply adjusting the straw in his mouth.


Twilight grinned as her eye sparkled. Twilight, Applejack and Big Macintosh each seemed to flare up, Rainbow Dash’s eyes widening as she tried to stop, but it was too late. Applejack and Big Macintosh quickly jumped to the sides of Rainbow Dash as a beam of energy quickly attached between all three of them forming a triangle around Rainbow Dash.


The three demons suddenly rushed forward, all striking Rainbow Dash while passing each other, knocking her into a tumble higher into the air.  The energy between the three demons quickly spread out from themselves, filling in the triangle they made, Rainbow Dash falling straight into the massive warping energy the three of them conjured.


A massive explosion rocked the battle field as the three demons quickly jumped back to their battle positions.


Rainbow Dash lay on the ground groaning as she tried to shake off the after effects.


“W-what? Rainbow Dash…lost?” The orange filly looked dismayed, seeing her idol lying on the ground twitching.


“Ugh…what…how…” Rainbow Dash rolled over onto her belly and rubbed her head, “How in the hay did you guys beat me!?” She demanded to know.


“…Your entire strategy was to charge at us.” Twilight said looking a little disbelieving at the cyan mare, “You made predicting your moves too easy…honestly I have no idea how you expected to win.”


“I’m always supposed to win! I hate losing!” Rainbow said standing up and stomping her hoof down, “This is the second time I’ve ever lost something and I don’t like it!” Rainbow let out a frustrated grunt.


“Well shucks, we all gotta loose sometime sugarcube.” Applejack explained, looking a little disbelievingly at Rainbow Dash.


“Not me!” Rainbow said raising her hoof over her head, “I’m Rainbow Dash! The greatest demon who ever lived in the Netherworld!”


“…If you say so…now look, we need to get going alright? We’re on an important mission here.” Twilight explained, not wanting to waste any more time.


“A mission?” Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, “What kind of mission?”


“We’re on a quest to take down that no good Overlord Celestia.” Applejack explained.


“…Wait, really?” Rainbow Dash said perking up at the topic, suddenly interested.


“Yes, we’re heading to Trotting Castle to pick up an important ingredient to take her down and put a proper Overlord in her place.” Twilight explained further.


“…That’s…That’s AWESOME!” Rainbow Dash said jumping into the air, flapping her wings excitedly, “I hate that stupid Overlord! She’s been nothing but trouble since I met her!”


“Wait, you’ve met the Overlord?” Twilight asked surprised.


“Of course! When she formed the greatest aerial team in all of the Netherworld, the Wonderbolts, I knew instantly that I had to get in at all costs! So I showed up and gave my best stuff! I out did ALL of the other flyers and proved myself to be the greatest of the great! But you know what happened? SHE TURNED ME DOWN!” Rainbow Dash quickly landed, stomping her hoof from anger.


“She said I was too much of a show off! That I couldn’t work in a proper team dynamic!” Rainbow huffed, “And so what if I’m a show off!? It’s a team about being the best of the best! The whole point is to strut your stuff to the Netherworld!” Rainbow puffed out her chest and beat with her hoof, “I SHOULD be a Wonderbolt! It’s what I deserve! The only thing standing in my way is that stupid Overlord of ours!”


Twilight and Applejack looked at each other, Applejack grinning and giving a short nod while Twilight smiled in return.


“Well then, how’d you like to join us? We could use all the help we can get it seems.” Twilight shrugged.


“Really? You want my help taking down the Overlord?” Rainbow said a little surprise.


“Unless ah course, you think that’s too big ah task for the ‘best demon in the Netherworld’.” Applejack mocked while chuckling a little.


“Are you kidding me!? With my help we’ll take out that Overlord before we know it!” Rainbow Dash grinned.


“Then welcome to the team Rainbow Dash.” Twilight smiled.


“Ooh, ooh, wherever Rainbow Dash goes, I go!” The orange filly said jumping up to the group quickly.


“Sure, you can tag along pipsqueak. Always good to have an adoring fan around.” Rainbow Dash grinned.


“ALRIGHT! Scootaloo at your service Ms. Dash!” Scootaloo said saluting Rainbow Dash.


-Rainbow Dash has joined the party, and Rainbow Dash’s #1 Fan Scootaloo has tagged along as well-

Part 3



“Taking down an Overlord huh?” Rainbow said grinning as she spun in the air, “Now this sounds like fun! It’s just the kind of thing my reputation needs to solidify myself as the most awesome demon in all the Netherworld!”


“Yea! No one can beat Rainbow Dash when she gets serious!” Scootaloo cheered on her role model from the ground, her wings flapping in an attempt to fly, though they weren’t yet strong enough for lift.


“What’re you talkin’ about? She got beaten pretty easily back there.” Applebloom said walking up next to Scootaloo with an eye-brow raised.


“That didn’t count, that fight wasn’t fair! There were at least five demons against one! Rainbow Dash could beat any demon in a fair one on one!” Scootaloo boasted, glaring at Applebloom.


“She couldn’t beat mah sister! Mah sister went and got special trainin’ from the Valkyries when she was younger, she’s got the power to defeat anyone!” Applebloom boasted back, glaring right back at Scootaloo.


“Nuh-uh! She couldn’t defeat Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo stomped her hoof.


“Could too!” Applebloom said pressing her forehead against Scootaloo’s, glaring directly into her eyes.


“Could not!” Scootaloo gave her rebuttal.


“Could too!”


“Could not!”


“Could too!”




“Girls!” Applejack cried out walking up to the two bickering fillies, “Now there’s no need to be fussin’ amongst each other like this. It’s only goin’ to slow us down.” Applejack explained, before holding her head up and putting a hoof over the other, “Besides, I’ve already beaten Rainbow Dash and I could do it again.” She stated with a smirk.


“Oh really!?” Rainbow Dash said instantly getting into Applejack’s face, “You saying you’re better than me?” Rainbow Glared.


“Darn right ah am.” Applejack glared back with a grin, the forehead of the two mares clashing as the tension flared between them.


“Yea! You’re the best demon ever Rainbow Dash! Don’t let her talk to you that way!” Scootaloo bounced in cheer.


“Don’t take any threats sis, you show her whose boss!” Applebloom cheered at the gestures.


“This is just juvenile.” Spike said walking behind them, “Does it really matter who’s the best demon here?”


“Ah’course it does!” Applebloom said turning to look at Spike.


“Yea! We have to show the other demons who they’re supposed to respect!” Scootaloo explained as well.


“Well, aren’t you guys looking at the wrong demons then?” Spike asked, scratching his head.


“Huh?” Rainbow said looking at Spike.


“Beg yer pardon?” Applejack asked also looking at Spike.


“Well yea, if any demon here is the best it has to be Twilight. I mean, she’s got all of you working for her plan right?” Spike shrugged his shoulders.


“Oh Spike, you’re such a flatterer.” Twilight chuckled walking up behind him, “But I suppose you do have a point. I guess I really am the best demon here.” She smiled smugly.


“Twilight ain’t better than mah big sis!” Applebloom glared at Spike.


“Yea, and no one is better than Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo glared as well.


“Don’t get all strung up on yer high horse there Twi’,” Applejack said adjusting her hat, softly glaring at Twilight, “Ya’ll had help in defeatin’ the Apple Family. But ya’ll don’t look like ya got a bit of muscle on those flabby legs o’ yours. Ah reckon I could beat you in a one on one easily.”


“Yea, you’re just a scrawny demon. Nothing like my AMAZING abilities!” Rainbow said posing, flexing her muscles.


“Oh yea?” Twilight said turning her head, smirking at the two mares, “Why don’t you prove it then?”


Applejack and Rainbow Dash were taken aback for a second before their eyes narrowed. The three mares stared each other down, as a breeze flew through their field they were in. The world seemed to suddenly grow quiet as the three only focused on each other. The tension became thick between them, each waiting for the other to make even the slightest of moves.


Applebloom and Scootaloo looked between the three with eager anticipation, waiting to see who would truly reign on top. Spike didn’t seem to care too much, though in his mind he did think Twilight had what it took to win.


Then, suddenly, breaking the tension and concentration, a loud voice cried out from the distance.




“What?” The three mare’s said, turning their head to just ahead of them.


Just a short ways ahead of them a crowd of demons had gathered around what looked like a trailer of some kind.


“NOW who thinks they’re the best demon!?” Rainbow glared, before rushing straight for the trailer.


“Hey, wait fer us!” Applejack hollered before running after her, quickly followed by the others.  


The demons in the crowd were whispering amongst each other as they looked up at the strange trailer, unsure of what to think of it. Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash managed to make their way to the front, looking up at the strange contraption, when the loud voice returned, hollering loudly to the crowd.




Suddenly the trailer seemed to burst open, a stage instantly unfolding out of it as decorations burst from the sides and back. Then an explosion seemed to rock the center of the stage, and from the smoke appeared a blue unicorn demon, wearing a purple hat and robe adorned with stars.


“Behold, for I, Trixie, am the greatest and most magical Demon in all the Netherworld! Watch, as I astound your feeble little minds with the most powerful magic ever witnessed by Demon Eyes!” The blue mare stood on her hind legs, as fireworks erupted behind her, as if showing off how great she was.


“You’re supposed to be the greatest demon in all the Netherworld?” Rainbow said, flying up to the stage and getting in the show-mare’s face, “How can YOU be the greatest demon in the Netherworld when that’s role is ALREADY taken by me?”


“Oh? You think you’re better than the Great and Powerful Trixie?” The show mare raised an eyebrow while smirking.


“I KNOW I’m better!” Rainbow flapped her wings defiantly, “I’m not about to be shown up by some show-mare!” She huffed.


“Well then, why don’t you show Trixie what you’ve got? Hm?” Trixie grinned, egging the hot headed Pegasus on.


“Oh I’ll show you! You three!” Rainbow said pointing to three Zombies in the crowd, who looked at her strangely, “Don’t move! You’re my demonstration group!” She said before suddenly zooming off at top speed into the sky.


The three zombies looked at each other confused, not exactly sure what they were supposed to be doing.


A rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky, as if moving at a blazing speed aimed straight at the ground. The rainbow sped straight and true, as if about to strike the ground, when at the last moment turned at an increadible angle, now going level with the ground, aimed straight at the zombies.


The zombies, realizing their imminent peril, tried to get out of the way but were too slow. The streak of rainbow blew straight through the three zombies, shaking them to their core. The streak didn’t stop there though, as barreling past them it quickly began to curve itself, heading straight back for the zombies.


Without having any time to recover, the zombies were struck once again by the high-speed rainbow. However, the rainbow wasn’t finished with the zombies yet. With a final turn it banked around the ground of zombies, before flying rapidly through the crowds, coming up from behind them. With a final strike, that sent them flying high into the sky, the rainbow streak finally came to a stop on the stage before Trixie.


Rainbow stretched her wings and grinned as the three zombies came crashing to the ground behind her.


“How was that? That was my patented Filly Flash!” Rainbow boasted, putting a hoof to her chest triumphantly.


“Oh please, you didn’t even defeat them.” Trixie said pointing her hoof at the three zombies who were standing up grumbling in pain. “Now watch in AWE as the Great and Powerful Trixie vanquishes THOSE demons!” Trixie said pointing to three Spirit demons in the front row.


Trixie’s hat levitated off of her head, revealing her white hair and glowing horn. The three spirits look shocked, trying to look for an escape route. However, they were instantly entrapped by the power of Trixie, levitating off of the ground. The three looked terrified as suddenly from bellow them a strange machine appeared. They looked at it curiously, when the machine began to erupt with fire and smoke.


Fireworks burst in the air and around the spirits, each one being struck by the impressive show. Each spirit shook with pain as they were repeatedly struck with the powerful explosives. As the final firework seemed to burst, the machine began to shake and rumble. The spirits looked confused by the this, when the machine erupted in a giant explosion, the smoke cloud taking on the shape of a star-tipped wand.


The three spirits fell to the ground with a hard thud.


“Behold my personal Showoff Flare. Now that’s how a TRUE demon shows their worth.” Trixie gloated raising her head up high.


“Hey stupid, you didn’t defeat them either.” Rainbow said pointing to the three spirits that were slowly getting back up.


“What…but…that’s impossible! The great and Powerful Trixie is filled with enough power to take out those demons!” Trixie gasped in astonishment.


“Well, actually, this is very easy to explain.” Twilight said walking up onto the stage, “You see, the reason both of you failed is you poorly choose your targets.” Twilight smirked, showing off how much better she was, “Zombies have lots of Hit Points and high Defenses, meaning physical attacks like Rainbow’s Filly Flash need more power behind them to be effective. In the same sense, Trixie’s Showoff Flare is a magic based attack and Spirits have high resistance to magic based attacks.”


“And what does THAT mean?” Rainbow asked, confused at Twilight’s wordy explanation.


“Ugh. Zombies take a lot of hits.” Twilight said rolling her eyes. “You guys choose poor targets to show off.”


“H-Hey! It’s not like we WANTED to be targets!” One of the zombies yelled out.


“Y-Yea! You guys can’t just abuse us like this!” One of the spirits wailed throwing its arms into the air.


“Be quiet, the big demons are talking.” Applejack said to the Spirit by smacking it in the back of the head.


“Alright, enough!” Trixie said standing up on her hind legs, fireworks going off to draw attention, “Clearly the Great and Powerful Trixie can’t prove to you that’s the greatest demon in all the Netherworld unless she beats it into your pathetic pony minds!”


“Oh I’ve been waiting for this!” Rainbow grinned, her wings flaring up as the blades equipped to them, “Come here you!” Rainbow said not waiting around and rushing straight at Trixie.


“Oh you simple minded foal.” Trixie laughed at Rainbow Dash.


“What the-“ Rainbow said shocked passing straight through Trixie, not having touched her. Trixie grinned at the Pegasus, “What’s the matter? Having difficulty hitting me?”


“We’ll see about that!” Rainbow said growling, before flying back at Trixie. However, she simply flew past Trixie without striking her again. Turning around she flew past again, trying repeatedly to hit Trixie. Yet nothing would hit. “Why can’t I hit her!?” Rainbow cried.


“Rainbow, she’s using Geo Blocks.” Twilight said pointing to the blue colored square that Trixie was standing on.


“Geo-what?” Rainbow asked confused.


“You haven’t heard of Geo Blocks?” Applejack asked walking onto the stage as well, “Even fillies get taught how to use and abuse them.” She said mocking Rainbow Dash.


“Hey, I slept through most of my classes, like the good honor student I was!” Rainbow glared at Applejack.


“Never mind that. She has the added Evade effect, which is how she’s dodging your attacks Rainbow Dash.” Twilight said rolling her eyes.


“It’s true my foolish competitors. However, any good demon knows they do what they must to win a battle. This only proves that The Great and Powerful Trixie truly is the greatest demon in the Netherworld!” Trixie grinned, her horn glowing as a sword materialized from her inventory, Trixie preparing for battle.


“It’s not just an evade boost either,” Applejack said adjusting her hat, “She’s got that there boosting effect.”


“What does THAT mean?” Rainbow asked confused.


“It means she’s artificially making herself more powerful.” Twilight explained.


“Well, I don’t care! She’s getting a pulverizing here and now!” Rainbow Said rushing straight at Trixie, extending her wings to strike.


“...Okay, Applejack,” Twilight said turning from the battle as explosions began to rock the stage, the two mares butting heads and power in the background, “I’m going to go take care of the Geo effects. You distract Trixie with Rainbow Dash alright?”


“Now just a minute there, how come ah gotta be the distraction?” Applejack glared at Twilight.


“Because I can locate and take care of the Geo Blocks the most effectively. Plus I came up with the strategy.” Twilight explained simply.


“…Fine, but I’m coming up with the next strategy.” Applejack said stomping her hoof.


“Uh-huh.” Was all Twilight said before quickly running off.


“Hah! I got you that time!” Rainbow said huffing, feeling the strain now. Trixie had landed a few good hits while she’d only gotten in one so far.


“So you nicked the Great and Powerful Trixie, it won’t be a habit!” Trixie said as her horn began to glow facing Rainbow.


“Oh yea?” Applejack cried out, distracting Trixie. “Let’s see your magic handle THIS!” Trixie said stomping her hooves against the ground, an apple tree suddenly appearing on stage from nowhere.


“Bring it on you little hayseed!” Trixie said her horn glowing. Applejack quickly turned her hooves and began to strike the falling apples straight at Trixie. Trixie whipped her magic around, trying to deflect most of the apples away from her. However, a few struck her despite the defensive block.


“Hah! Your apples had no significant effect on The Great and Powe-“ Trixie’s sentence was interrupted as a loud crack soared through the air, as suddenly the apple tree found itself lodged on top of Trixie.


“How do you like THEM apples?” Applejack grinned putting a hoof in front of the other.


The apple tree glowed with the aura of magic as it was slowly lifted up and off of Trixie, the blue show mare growling.


“That was…a nice shot. But The Great and Powerful Trixie won’t be taken down so easily! Just watch in awe as I now…what’s that light?” Trixie asked looking down at her hooves. The geo square she was standing on was glowing brighter. “Uh-oh…”


A surge of energy passed through, Trixie crying out as she was hit by the power surging through the square. The blue panel changed quickly from blue to red. Trixie growled opening her mouth to say something else, when the panel surged with energy again, making her cry out as the red panel quickly changed into a yellow one.


“Hah, looks like Twi’ just got rid of yer little power boost there.” Applejack grinned.


“But…but…!” Trixie cried out, wanting to keep her boastful nature high.


“But nothing!” Rainbow said grinning, “Feel the power of the Netherworld’s ACTUAL best Demon!” Rainbow said before flying up into the sky quickly. The next thing Trixie saw, was a rainbow streaking through the sky straight for her.


“Well that was easy.” Twilight said strutting back onto the stage before Applejack, “She only had them around the corner, they were barely guarded at all.” She said proudly.


“Well things went smoothly out here.” Applejack said turning to see Rainbow coming to a stop right before Trixie, Trixie flipping through the air before smacking into the ground.


“They don’t call me Rainbow and Dash, for nothing!” Rainbow taunted happily.


“No…how…how could I lose?!” Trixie said aghast at her defeat, “I’m the Great and Powerful Trixie! I’m the greatest demon in the Netherworld!” She said doing her best to stand up.


“Well, it was all about strategy really.” Twilight smiled, “You really should come up with some better strategies.”


Trixie growled at this.


“Fine, but you all have not heard the last of the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!” The show mare cried raising her front hooves in the air, before smacking them down on the stage, a black cloud of smoke appearing. Trixie could be seen rushing off into the distance.


“Hah, we sure showed that show off!” Rainbow grinned to Twilight and Applejack.


“Ah reckon we did.” Applejack flipped her head up, smiling.


“It just goes to show that we can take down the Overlord.” Twilight smiled, “We just need to get to Trotting Castle. It’s right down the road from here; we should be able to reach it in just a few minutes.” Twilight explained.


“Well what’re we waiting for?” Applejack grinned, “Let’s get our hooves a movin’!” She said before running off in that direction.


“Oh no you don’t! I’m getting there first!” Rainbow said, dashing ahead following Applejack.


“Not if I get there first!” Twilight laughed, racing after the two.


“…Did…we miss somethin’?” Applebloom asked looking at Scootaloo curiously.


“I think they forgot about competing about who the best Demon was.” Scootaloo said confused as well.


“Well…if they hadn’t stopped, I don’t think we would’ve made it to Trotting Castle in one piece.” Spike said scratching his head curiously.


“Eeeeeyup.” Big Macintosh contributed.

Part 4




“Here it is, Trotting Castle.” Twilight said looking at the large structure that sat before them, built up from stone. Flags decorated the sides and large buildings towered inside the walls. However, what was most important at the moment was the open draw bridge leading into the castle’s vast front garden, where they could see many demons had gathered before a stage.


“Well, we made it.” Applejack said walking up next to Twilight, “So what’s this here ingredient we need?”


“We need a lock of hair from a powerful bard.” Twilight smiled walking towards the stage that had been set up.


“A lock of hair from a bard?” Rainbow Dash said surprised, thinking about it, “That’s an ingredient?”


“I know it’s a little unusual, but trust me, it’s a very important ingredient.” Twilight nodded her head.


“Well shucks, makes sense why we’re here then. Even ah heard about this performance.” Applejack said lifting her hat a little to look at the stage, “Performing Live Today, Stage Name DJ-Pon3.” Applejack said reading aloud the boards that were on either side of the large stage. A curtain was currently drawn, covering most of the stage; however two very large speakers were set up on either side. Many of the demons waiting before the stage looked more than eager for the show to start.


“Ooh, ooh, there’s going to be a concert!?” Scootaloo said springing to the front of the group, “I LOVE concerts!” She zoomed forward, past most of the demons looking for a good front row seat.


“We’re…not here to enjoy the concert.” Twilight had tried to tell the eager young filly, but she had been too late. She let out a sigh. “I don’t care how we get that lock of hair, I just know we need to get it.”


“Any means necessary right?” Rainbow grinned, “No problem, we just rush the stage when this DJ Pony shows up! Then we use a bit of persuasion to clip their hair!” Rainbow said flapping her wings, eager to get moving with this plan already.


“Ah suppose that is the fastest way.” Applejack said thinking about it.


“…We couldn’t just ask her politely?” Spike asked, looking at the demons oddly.


“…Spike, that’s quite possibly one of the stupidest things you’ve ever said.” Twilight said rolling her eyes, “Demon etiquette clearly says that upon being asked politely, you are to turn down the request in the requesters face. Quite bluntly.” Twilight quoted a boom she read precisely.


“Sides, no demon likes giving things away fer free.” Applejack explained, “Even if this DJ were willin’ to part with a lock o’ their hair, they’d likely charge a hoof and a leg. An I ain’t willin’ to part with mah hard earned HL.” Applejack stomped her hoof down.


“Yea, action is the only route to take!” Rainbow said grinning, beating her chest.


“I guess so.” Spike said just shaking his head softly.


Suddenly, the lights in the area began to dim, as mist began to pour onto the stage. The demons began to cheer as lasers began to shine into the audience, lights beginning to shin everywhere when a low beat began to surge forth from the speakers. It started off low, building up volume and speed as the song began to play.


“I think that’s our queue.” Twilight said grinning, preparing with the others to rush the stage.


The curtains flung up as the music suddenly slowed, before the stage lighting up as the song picked back up, striking the high and fast notes. In the middle of the stage, amongst the lasers and mist, bobbing her head away as her horn glowed mixing a turn table before her, was a white unicorn with messy blue hair and glowing purple goggles. The DJ known as Pon-3 was rocking her beats for the crowd.


“Target acquired!” Rainbow said rushing straight for the stage.


The crowd of demons bounced to the rhythm of the music, completely enthralled by every burst of rhythm. The team of demons rushing the stage were completely camouflaged by the raving demons. The only thing that could be heard was the mad mix of the mare on the stage.


“I’ve got you now!” Rainbow said to herself, unable to be heard over the roar of the music. She was the first to reach the stage, rushing full speed with her wings spread and bladed wings equipped, ready to strike her target.


Her whole body stopped dead in its tracks however, hitting an invisible wall that was just before the DJing mare. The DJ looked at the pegasus that had crashed into her No Entry Geo Panels, not stopping the music for a moment.


“Gah!” I hate these things!” Rainbow said beating her hoof against the invisible wall. “Get over here!” She yelled but her voice was drowned out. DJ Pon-3 just looked at the strange Pegasus trying to get to her in confusion.


As the music of the first song came to its climax, two other mares arrived on the stage as well.


“Well, that was a hassle.” Twilight said shaking off sweat that she had caught from the raving demons as she had run through the crowd, “But we can do this now!” She grinned before pulling out her base panel and placing it on the edge of the stage.


“Hey, you DJ Pony-whatever!” Applejack yelled while the music was stopped, “You’re givin’ us a lock of your hair! No ifs or buts about it!”


The DJ just stared at the strange mares who had invaded her stage with a bit of curiosity. However, a grin soon formed on her face. Her horn glowed, picking the needle of her DJ table up once more and placing it down on her next disc as the music began to flare up once more.


“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way.” Twilight said, the hologram of the base panel appearing first.


Suddenly from above the rafters of the stage fell down several tall humanoid demons, each wearing a black suit with a white collared under shirt and red bat-bow tie clip on. They stood tall, crossing their arms. Each of them had their hair spiked back with a cross scar on their foreheads.


Applejack let out a whistle.


“Well ain’t that fancy, she done gone and imported them fancy Bouncer demons to protect her show.” Applejack gave her hat a small flip impressed.


“Well we’ll just have to show her the power of my minions then!” Twilight grinned as from the base panel began to appear each of her minions, jumping forward and standing tall before their mistress.


“Looks like we finally have a challenge on our hooves.” Mortal Muse said standing on top of her back legs to give her hooves a good crack.


“They don’t stand a chance.” Lunafyre said grinning, her eyes flaring up as fire sparked from her horn.


“Meow~” Mr. Mittens said swinging around his giant Sea Bass.


“Yea! I’m not going to be a projectile this time dood!” Carl said raising his flipper in the air in excitement.


“Minions…CHARGE!” Twilight ordered.


“Yes ma’am!” They each saluted before rushing forward.


The bouncers rushed forward as well, the two sets of demons clashing in the middle of the stage. Explosions began to rock the area, seeming only to add to the momentum and power of the music. A flash of fists and magic erupted from each corner as they clashed. The crowd of demons roared with enthusiasm at the amazing display.


“Triple strike!” Mortal Muse cried out, rushing straight at one of the bouncers, striking his gut with her front hooves causing him to double over. She quickly spun her body, striking his chin with her back hooves launching him into the air before jumping after him. Raising both hooves over her head she slammed them both into the bouncer with tremendous force, rocketing him back down onto the stage.


“Prinny Bomb!” Carl said pulling out a rather large sized explosive from his pack and dropping it where he stood as the fuse lit. He quickly ran behind a Bouncer in front of him before holding the Bouncer still, as the Bouncer tried to struggle against the prinny. The struggle was to no avail as the explosive erupted with a massive amount of energy before him.


“MEOW!” Mr. Mittens cried as he ran around the stage haphazardly, trying to just smack whatever he could with his Sea Bass. Most of the bouncers were able to dodge it, seeing it coming. However, he had clocked a few Bouncer’s upside the head good while they were distracted.


Fire billowed all around the stage, as Lunafyre’s eyes glowed constantly. A circle of fire had appeared around her as her horn fired spark after spark into the air, fire bursting in air and around the bouncers, their suits catching on fire and burning tightly against their skin. She whipped her head around rapidly, spreading the flames as far as she could with each swift strike being precise to not hit her allies.


Some of the bouncers had managed to break away however, rushing straight for Twilight and Applejack who still stood by the base panel.


“Blade rush!” Twilight cried out as her elegant blade appeared, coating it with her energy before surging it forward. The bouncers groaned in pain as the blade swiftly flew past them, striking each of them as it went.


“You get ‘em Big Macintosh!” Applejack called out to the base panel, the red stallion suddenly emerging. The bouncers look shocked at the sudden appearance as Big Macintosh’s hoof stomped against the ground, a gigantic stem appearing before him. The red stallion grabbed the stem with his mouth before pulling out a gigantic green apple much bigger then he was.


“Gah!” Mortal Muse cried, being struck by a Bouncer’s spear. He had jumped on top of the spear driving it deeper into her before pulling it out and landing behind her.


“A smart guy huh.” She wiped her mouth turning to attack the spear-wielding bouncer when she saw what was coming. “…Excuse me!” She said bouncing out of the way as the giant green apple barreled past, striking the bouncer that had just struck her.


“Uh-Uh-Uh! I DIDN’T MEAN IT DOOOOOD!” Carl cried out as he suddenly found himself surrounded by four bouncers all at once. His pleas fell on deaf ears though as each bouncer proceeded to tear into him mercilessly, one striking with fists, another with a sword, one with a spear and one with an axe.


Carl fell over defeated, his tongue hanging out pathetically. The bouncers looked triumphant over their defeat of the enemy.


That was until one of them noticed several white orbs striking the ground around them. Suddenly, several beams of energy erupted from the ground, curving through the sky to converge down on top of them.


Another massive explosion rocked the stage as the bouncers recoiled. The demons in the audience were eating up every moment of this stage show. They could easily tell that it was actually a battle but they didn’t care, that only made it even better to them.


The music began to die down one last time as the song reached its end, most of the bouncers laying in defeat against the stage, the last few beginning to fall despite their best efforts. The minions were simply too strong for them.


The music died down completely, the crowd of demons cheering wildly at the display. Twilight slowly walked up to the No Entry wall before the DJing pony and grinned.


“We’ve taken out all your flunkies, you’ve lost DJ! Now hand over your lock of hair.” Twilight gave her demands.


The DJ seemed to contemplate this for a moment, as if thinking it over. Then another grin appeared on her face as she once more levitated the needle onto a new disk.


Suddenly, a new beat blared loudly across the speakers, striking everyone on stage.


“Gah!” Twilight cried out as the new stream of fast paced music began to beat across the stage. The sound itself seemed to be attacking, unleashing blast after blast of energy straight from the speakers onto the stage.


Applejack could barely stand, Big Macintosh was struggling, the hurt minions were beginning to collapse under the power of the song. The crowd of demons ate up every beat and the defeat of the demons that had crashed onto the stage. The DJ grinned devilishly as she saw the power her music was having, crippling the demons before her.


She cranked up the beat, she mixed the song faster, she poured more power into her turn table set on defeating the demons that had attacked her show here and now.


“EAT THIS!” Rainbow Dash cried, tackling straight into the DJing mare. The fast paced song suddenly was cut dead as the mare flew away from her turn table. The demon crowd gasped in shock as the music was silenced. Rainbow grinned standing before the turn table as the DJ Pony stood back onto her hooves.


“You’re not defeating us THAT easily!” Rainbow said before turning to look at the Geo Block that had been sitting behind the DJ that raised the No Entry field. “Let’s see you take us on yourself!” Rainbow said rushing over to the block.


“Boulder Crush!” Rainbow cried out grabbing hold of the block and tossing it into the air. She flew up in a spiral pattern, striking the thrown block quickly before catching it with her wings and diving straight at the ground, smashing it at high speeds back into the ground.


The block shattered and caused the panel it was sitting on to surge with energy, changing it from a red to blue, tearing down the No Entry barrier that had been stopping their advances to her.


The DJ stomped her hoof repeatedly against the ground, preparing herself. She ran at full blast at Rainbow Dash, intent on taking her down first.


A violet blur rushed her instead though, knocking her over onto the ground. Twilight stood victorious over her catch, staring down at the white coated, blue haired DJ who had been giving them trouble.


“Well, seems like we’ve won now, doesn’t it?” Twilight grinned, pointing her blade straight at the DJ. If the DJ was reacting she couldn’t see it through the glasses. As far as Twilight could tell, the DJ seemed indifferent about her loss. “You know…I really should just kill you for giving us so much hassle.” Twilight said, licking her lips at the thought as her blade waved slowly around her prey, “After all, any good demon that is worth her merits can kill a few insignificant foals.”


The DJ pony didn’t say anything, only staring up at Twilight unmoving, unflinching. Even when the blade came close to her snout she didn’t flinch. Twilight found this a little odd, expecting the pony to at least speak up, to protest for her life. Did she not care that she had her life in her hooves?


“Well? Aren’t you going to say anything?” Twilight glared down, unappreciative of the treatment from the DJ. The DJ didn’t react at all. Twilight furrowed her brow in confusion, as the gears turned in her head, before a realization occurred.


“Wait…can you even talk?” Twilight asked curiously. The DJ slowly shook her head in response.


“Oh…a mute huh…” Twilight said, not realizing the mare couldn’t speak. Twilight felt herself suddenly feel like a jerk, threatening the life of someone who couldn’t even talk back. ‘I really shouldn’t be so rash…’ she thought to herself.


She suddenly shook her head rapidly, ‘What am I thinking!? I’m a demon! What does it matter if she’s mute!? I shouldn’t care about that! I should just do what comes naturally to demons!’ She growled to herself in thought. She snapped her head to look down at the DJ who stared back at her unchanging.


Twilight gritted her teeth as she readied her blade. She wanted to bring it down, she wanted to end this demon’s life for giving them so much trouble. She did right? That’s what she wanted, she was a proper demon after all. All proper demons came to a point where it was kill for pride…right? She’d read about it throughout history. Demon’s killed to protect their pride. It showed who the true demons were, the ones who possessed power, the authority to rule, to be respected by their peers.


It was everything that the current Overlord wasn’t. And that was what upset her. That she studied and learned more and more what it meant to be a demon, the more she saw that her Overlord wasn’t what a demon was supposed to be.


She grit her teeth. She raised the sword high and brought it down swiftly. The stage could very audibly be heard cracking as the sword dug down into it.


Twilight slowly pulled the sword back out before vanishing it into her inventory.


The DJ looked up at her confused as Twilight picked up the chunk of hair she had just cut off from her head.


“Consider yourself warned. Don’t try and defy us again.” Twilight held her head up as she moved off of the mare and walked back over to the other, “I’ve got the hair. Which means we’ve got the first ingredient to summoning our very own Alicorn.” Twilight grinned.


“Well alright.” Applejack said enthusiastically, “One step closer to taking down that Overlord.”


“Hah! That was great!” Rainbow said flying over to them gloating, “Did you see me take down her attack? Hah! She wasn’t so tough!” She boasted loudly.


“Eeeeyup.” Big Macintosh said simply.


“Well, you got the first ingredient.” Spike said looking at Twilight curiously, “Do you know where the second one is?”


“Well…no. Not yet.” Twilight admitted, “But I know where we can find out.”


“Where’s that?” Applejack raised an eyebrow curiously.


“Back to Ponyville! We’re going to the Dark Assembly!” Twilight grinned.




-Chapter 1 End-