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Forward... kinda.

This story has been edited since it was first posted. However, not entirely. Basically, all I did was go back and clean up some grammar, and rephrase things to make it sound a little bit better. However, while I was doing that, some things got broke and I lost chapter five entirely. I haven’t fixed it on GDocs, but the story has been updated through chapter 6 on FimFiction. However, there will be some discrepancies between versions, and a couple plot holes due to this.

Anyways, that’s all besides the point. What I really want to say is this: Volume I is essentially a prequel. Volume II is where the real story takes place. This is just an introduction to the characters at a younger age. You can choose to skip ahead to Volume II and lose very little. However, if you want the full experience (imagine that was said loudly and dramatic music played while things exploded), go ahead and read this.

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Elements of Awesome (This is a rewrite :O)

Volume I - Part 1        

Dawn sighed. The unicorn gently brushed the feather duster across the tops of some books. She’d been helping her mother clean the library for the past two hours. And it was boring. This was Spike’s job, not hers. But now that the little - okay, rather large - twerp was finally growing up properly, he was spending more time at Canterlot doing Celestia knows what. Well, technically Luna and Twilight. Dawn never listened when her “brother” started talking about his trips. She had more important things to think about. Things like how much more fun it would be to do anything but clean the stupid library. Fortunately for the firey maned unicorn, her salvation was right outside the second story window.

        “Psst! Dawn!” Faith peered through the window, “You gonna stay inside all day? C’mon out.” The black and pink maned pegasus beckoned.

        “Love to,” Dawn said trotting over to her friend, “But Mom’s holding me hostage. Apparently, she decided to invite the princess over for dinner or something.”

        “Your mom can just invite the princesses over for dinner?” Faith raised an unbelieving eyebrow, her green eyes sparkling.

        Dawn smiled. “Yeah. She used to be Celestia’s star student.” Dawn paused. “But this is supposed to be a special event or something. I wasn’t paying attention.”

        Faith shook her head and tsk’d. “You really should listen to your mother more.”

        “Easy for you to say,” Dawn muttered. “You don’t have to live with her insanity.”

        There was a loud crash from below. Dawn winced and started toward the stairs. Just as she turned toward the flight, she heard Apple Tart’s voice echoing up through the hall.

        “Miss Twiligh’!” The earth pony shouted, “Y’all here Miss Twi?”

        Dawn heard her mother up from the basement. It was her annoyed trot. Dawn had that rhythm memorized.

        “And that’s our cue,” Faith said smiling.

        Dawn cocked an eyebrow. “Cue?”

        “We’re bustin’ you out.”

        Dawn snorted a laugh. Faith, however, didn’t join in. She floated there with an unamused expression on her face. It took Dawn a second to realize that her friend wasn’t joking. “You’re serious?”

        “Eyyup,” Faith imitated her father.

        “Not that I’m not grateful, but you forgot one thing. I need to go downstairs to get out.”

        Faith just shook her head and held out her forelegs.

        “No way,” Dawn backed away from the window.

        “Alright,” Faith said, rolling her eyes, “If you wanna spend the day with some dusty books instead of your wonderful, and, might I add, beautiful, friends, I understand. I know how much you love - oof!” Faith was suddenly weighed down by a unicorn in her ‘arms.’ The pegasus blushed slightly and gently floated to the ground.

        “Ah know ya closed, Miss Twiligh’, but,” Tart noticed a yellow pegasus dance across the library window, “but Ah fully respect that an’ Ah best be goin’ now.” The bay pony dashed out of the library before Twilight could respond. The purple mare just shook her head and returned to work.

        “Thanks a million,” Dawn said, embracing Tart. “If I had to spend another minute in there, I’d probably go insane. So, what’s up?”

        The three ponies swaggered - for the three young mares knew no other way to walk - toward the center of town.

        “We’re meeting Party, Lazle, and Thunder at Sugarcube Corner.”

        “Thunder?” Dawn said with, perhaps, too much enthusiasm.

        “Yes,” Faith rolled her eyes, “Sir Hunksalot himself. C’mon, you’ve known him your whole life. You can spend an afternoon with him.”

        “Yeah, jus’ act natural an’ like ya always do,” Tart joined in, “Jus’ cause ya got a crush on him now don’t -”

        “It’s not a crush,” Dawn said defensively. She tossed he nose up and sniffed. “I love him.”

        The other two ponies shared an amused glance.

        “Sure ya do, sweetheart,” Tart said giggling.


        Twilight paced around the library, annoyed. Of course it was a set-up. How could she have been so stupid? Apple Tart was worse at lying than her mother, and somehow, Twilight had fallen for it. The unicorn dashed upstairs to double check for the fourth time, and her suspicions were, yet again, confirmed.

        ‘Celestia,’ Twilight thought bitterly, ‘As soon as I find that filly, I’m gonna wring her neck.’

        Dawn knew how important this day was, right? She had to. Twilight spent all week reminding her daughter about the college in Canterlot. The interview had to go perfectly. Luna and Twilight weren’t extremely close, and Dawn wasn’t the most exemplary student. The only reason Luna was reconsidering her decision was due to Twilight’s connection. But that connection meant nothing if Dawn wasn’t around to be interviewed.

        Twilight glanced around the lobby quickly. The library wasn’t perfect. But it was certainly passable. Hopefully the unicorn could keep the princess distracted. By the time Twilight found her daughter and dragged her home, Luna would be at their doorstep. Of course, pacing around the library wouldn’t be of much help. The unicorn dashed for the door, using telekinesis to swing it open. It took her a full minute to register what she saw on the other side. Twilight stopped and stared slackjawed. Whatever she was feeling slipped away. The unicorn’s confusion, and stunned hatred, welled up inside her.

        “You!” She snarled, horn glowing with energy.


        Dawn was dreading going home. She was pretty sure that her mom had noticed she was gone by now, considering it had been a few hours. A few very pleasant hours, despite Lazuli encroaching on her territory. Though she’d never specifically talked about it with the other unicorn, Dawn was quite certain Lazle understood the situation.

        Returning the the present, and the foreboding, Dawn stopped just outside the library door. She expected to see her mother on the other side, tapping a hoof impatiently, reciting a lecture on responsibility and all that nonsense. And while she would lecture on and on, Dawn would just nod occasionally and pretend to listen. She loved her mother to death, but Twilight had a master’s in getting on everypony’s nerves. Still, waiting would only delay the inevitable. The dark purple unicorn might as well just get on with it.

        To Dawn’s surprise, her lighter coated mother was not waiting at the door. In fact, she didn’t seem to be waiting anywhere in the library’s lobby. In her place were several of Twilight’s friends. And Princess Luna. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were arguing, but stopped upon seeing Dawn. Rarity ran forward and threw her neck around the younger unicorn.

        “Oh, you poor dear!” Lazle’s mom said, “I can’t imagine what you must be feeling.”

        “A little confused,” Dawn said, shying away from Rarity. “What’s going on?”

        The older ponies shuffled around nervously. Luna looked at the group and sighed. As ‘Harbinger of Bad News’ was her official role of late, she took it upon herself to explain the situation.

        “Twilight is gone, Ms. Sparkle. We don’t know where,” Luna said, her voice soft but commanding. She was still getting used to the modern world. “And it seems that all of her belongings are still here. We... I just sent a message off to-”

        “I still think we should go after her,” Rainbow interrupted the princess. Luna glared menacingly, but made no move to stop the pegasus. “She could be trapped under a rock somewhere.”

        “Sure Dash, an’ ya can jus’ leave your son here alone?”

        “Thunder can handle himself.”

        “Sure he can, sugarcube,” Applejack said, stomping to the pegasus. “Ah’m sure he’ll be real glad t’know that his mother abandoned him ta go chasing after some ol’ -”

        “Alright!” Rainbow blushed a little, but shut up. Dawn hadn’t said anything. She just watched the other ponies talk, or really yell, at each other. She couldn’t really come to grips with what they were saying. Her mom disappeared randomly. That just wasn’t like Twilight.

        Dawn wasn’t sure when she fell asleep. But she awoke covered with a warm blanket and a light blue unicorn standing over her.

        “Oh! Thank goodness you’re awake,” Lazle said, backing away from the purple unicorn. “I was afraid you were going to sleep the entire day away. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, given what you must be going through, but mother always said that the best way to handle grief is to work through it and I’m rambling aren’t I?” Lazuli smiled weakly. This was probably the most she’d said to Dawn in years, since they’d fallen out a bit. Normally, they were restricted to ‘Hi’ and ‘Go away.’ Dawn returned the forced smile and pushed herself up from the makeshift floor-bed. At least the older ponies had been nice enough to give her a blanket.

        “My mother told me to give you this when you got up. She’s just gone down the road to get some lunch.” Lazle thought for a moment and added hastily, “I didn’t read it.”

        Dawn snatched the folded piece of paper from the blue unicorn and read it very carefully. It was short and left her completely unrelieved.

Dear Ms. Sparkle,

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a proper goodbye, but Royal business requires my foremost attention. I would like to offer this one relief to you: We are almost completely certain that your mother didn’t leave on her own free will.

I would like to let you know that your mother didn’t choose to

You’ll be happy to know that your mo

We’re pretty sure your mom didn’t run away.

I have contacted Princess Celestia, and she is organizing a search party. In the meantime, you should stay right where you are. Your mother’s friends have agreed to look after you. Whatever you do, do not attempt to chase her on your own. That’s a very foolish idea.

Also, we can reschedule the interview for your admission to Canterlot University for a time when you are under less stress.


Princess Luna

Dawn had to admit, somehow Luna could make even letters awkward. The unicorn tossed the note on a table and went upstairs to pack her bags. She came back downstairs to find the Lazle reading through the note. Dawn sighed, but otherwise ignored the other unicorn. She aimed straight for the door. However, her path was soon blocked.

        “What are you doing?” Lazle asked.


        “Yes,” Lazle rolled her eyes, “Why?”

        “To enjoy the sunshine.”

        Lazuli gave Dawn a blank look.

        “If my mom was ponynapped, I want to get her back.”

        “And you’re going by yourself? That’s just idiotic.” Lazle waved the letter in Dawn’s face, “See? Look right here: ‘Whatever you do, do not attempt to chase her on your own. That’s a foolish idea.’ Foolish as in dumb. El Stupido.”

        Dawn listened to the other unicorn rant, browsing the shelves for a first aid book. She found one of simple spells and backed in her bag. “Where do you think I got the idea?” She replied.

        “I simply cannot let you do this.” Lazle’s chest swelled. The unicorn was attempting to look intimidating, but being a good hoof shorter than Dawn, it didn’t work. The darker unicorn rolled her eyes and willed some magic forth. With a red flash, she popped behind the unicorn. She hadn’t really mastered teleportation, and the spell took her breath away. But it was also showy. And showy is exactly what Dawn was going for.

        “Try and stop me,” the purple unicorn bared her teeth. She opened the door and trotted out into the fresh air. Lazuli sighed and followed her.


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