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        It was a hot summer afternoon in Ponyville when Rainbow Dash was awoken from her nap by an apple kicked at her face. “What the hay, Applejack,” Dash shouted crankily from her tree branch. “Can’t a hard working pegasus nap in peace?”

        “Hard workin’ my fanny, ya’ll ain’t done more’n ten minutes of work all day,” shouted back Applejack. “Besides, you’re in one of my trees. Now c’mon, there’s some kinda goings on in town square.”

        Applejack was off like a shot with Dash following from the sky until they approached a throng of ponies in the middle of town. Dash smiled down at AJ as she had to push through the crowd while she soared above. Spotting Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy, Rainbow swooped in to land next to them. “So what’s the big deal, why was my nap interrupted,” she asked her crowd of friends.

        Rarity nodded her head forward, “Take a look for yourself.”

        Dash squinted as she looked past the crowds to see a yellow trailer in the middle of town, it’s body had been haphazardly repaired with new boards and what appeared to be yards worth of duct tape. “Don’t me tell that’s,” Dash began.

        “It is,” Rarity said scowling.

        “Oh no,” Applejack said as she finished pushing through the crowd to her friends and seeing the trailer herself.

        “Now let’s all calm down,” Twilight said smiling awkwardly. “It’s been a long time, maybe she’s not as bad as she was before.”

        At that a voice boomed forth as the trailer creaked open into a stage, “Grrrrrrrreetings oh simple minded bumpkins of Ponyville!”

        “Or not,” said Fluttershy as Pinkie giggled while Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Dash all let out groans.

        The voice continued echoing over the crowd, “You thought you had run me out of your little backwater town, you thought me humiliated, you thought you had gotten rid of me,” it shouted with condemnation. A series of fireworks exploded above the the stage and a plume of smoke signaled the arrival on stage of a blue unicorn in a star covered cape and wizard hat, “But you will never be rid of the Great and Powerful Trixie!”

        Dash, refusing to sit still for this, flew straight to the stage, “Don’t you know where you’re not wanted,” Dash demanded.

        “Silence, lesbian!”  Trixie shouted and then laughed at the shocked look on Dash’s face. She turned and called towards the curtain, “Assistant, I think we have a heckler that needs to be shown her place.”

        The curtain was pulled back with a clawed hand and the powerful half lion and half eagle form of a griffon stepped on to the stage. “S’up,” was all she said.

        “Gilda, what are you doing with this phony show-off,” Dash asked incredulously. She then stopped and laughed, “Actually, I guess I answered my own question. You two belong together.”

        Gilda stood up on her hind legs and crossed her arms, displaying the fact that she was nearly twice as large as the little pony. “You gonna get off stage, or am I gonna get have to get rough with ya in front of all your lame-o friends?”

        Dash felt herself deflate as she backed up and hopped off stage. She quickly made her way back to her friends. “Oh my wowy gosh,” Pinkie said, her face a perfect mask of disbelief. “I’ve never ever never seen you back down from a fight before.”

        Dash refused to look her in the eye as she muttered back, “Gilda and I used to spar all the time at Junior Speedsters. She fights,” Dash paused looking for the right word, “dirty.”
        Applejack laughed, “I don’t see how that would be any problem for

        “You don’t get it,” Dash complained. “Gilda fights embarrassingly dirty.”  Dash risked a look at the stage. Sure enough, Gilda had been waiting for her to do so as she blew a kiss and leered menacingly at her.

        The rest of Dash’s friends shuffled awkwardly and made small sounds of understanding. “I don’t get it,” said Pinkie cocking her head.

        “I’ll explain when you’re older,” said Fluttershy gently putting a hoof on her shoulder.

        “Enough chattering,” shouted Trixie. “Now Ponyvillians, you shall now witness the greatest feat of the Great and Powerful Trixie, her revenge!”  She pointed a hoof at Gilda, “Assistant, the book!”

        Gilda went behind the curtain and retrieved a large and ancient book that appeared to be bound in dried skin. Gilda opened the tome to a bookmarked page and started chanting in a language none of the girls understood. At the same time, Trixie’s horn began to glow brightly as she lifted in to the air as a magical wind blew.

        “You shall now all taste the humiliation that you tried to inflict on the GREAT and POWERFUL TRRRRRRIXIE!”  The glow from her horn burst outwards, enveloping the ponies gathered in the square. All the ponies began to panic as their bodies glowed with a strange light.

        Gilda looked up from the book to see both her and Trixie had a similar glow upon them, “Uh, Trixie?”

        “Silence, cat-bird,” Trixie shouted. “The Great and Powerful Trixie's vengeance is almost complete!”  Light poured from Trixie’s horn and out into the crowd and finally went dark as she fell to the stage.

        Dash blinked, her eyes struggling to focus after the burst of light. “So what was with that light show, Twilight,” Dash asked. “Nothing happened!”  She then idly reached back to scratch at her flank, but found a texture other than her coat. She whipped her head back to see that she was wearing a light grey pair of shorts and a breezy tank top in front of that.

        She looked around to see that everypony in the crowd was coming to a similar realization. Dash circled each of her friends, studying their unique new outfits.

        Fluttershy reared up on her hind legs as she looked down at her sheer green negligee, “What did she do?”

        Pinkie spun in a circle trying to see her pink frilled bloomers, “What are these?”

        Twilight looked down at her own rather modest purple briefs, “It looks like Trixie has stricken us with undergarments. I read about these in my book, ‘Legends From Lost Cultures’. Apparently there used to be a tribe that wore cloth clothes all the time and they wore these kinds of things beneath them.”

        “Well it certainly is a strange way to get revenge,” Rarity said as she admired her black corset and matching stockings. “These are simply fascinating.”

        “Speak for yourself, missy,”  Applejack complained as her face contorted in discomfort. “Mine’s ridin’ up something fierce,” she turned around indicating her red thong.

        Rarity put a hoof to her mouth as she approached AJ’s rump. “Oh I don’t know, I’d say it accentuates your natural lines quite well,” she said appraisingly. AJ smiled happily when their attention was called to the stage.

        Trixie had begun to stir, “Wait, this wasn’t supposed to happen.”  She stood up on her hind legs and looked down at her simple blue panties with a ribbon in the front. She then dropped on all fours, tightly pulling her cape around her. “And why am I the only filly without a top?!  The Great and Powerful Trixie demands that you look away from the Great and Powerful Trixie!”  She then threw a foreleg over her front and galloped behind the curtain.

        Gilda looked down at her leather top and panties with a heavy metal zipper in the front. Shrugging she tossed the book behind her. “Well that was a bust,” she said as she spread her wings and took to the skies.

        The crowd began to disperse, chattering about their new clothes. “It seems that the return of the Great and Powerful Trixie was a bit of a fizzle,” said Twilight. “Let’s go girls, there’s nothing to see here.”

Pinkie looked back at Dash who seemed to be staring, mesmerized at Pinkie’s new hind coverings. She giggled and asked, “You going somewhere, Dash, or are you just happy to see me?”

Dash blinked rapidly and looked back to see her wings in full spread with every feather displayed proudly. Blushing, she stammered, “Yeah, all this excitement has exhausted me, I was thinking of finishing my nap.”  Dash hopped into a take off and made her way towards a comfy looking cloud as her friends dispersed beneath her.

        Dash stirred restlessly on her cloud for several minutes, her mind continuously drifted towards images of her friends and their new fashion accessories. She grabbed a hunk of cloud and pressed it over her head as though to smother the thoughts from her mind. She was almost asleep when Pinkie’s newly clad booty bounced into her mind’s eye, Dash’s wings sprang fully open and she stood up. “That Trixie’s done more than just give us undies, I’m sure of it,” she said to herself as she leapt from her cloud.

        As she approached the again folded up trailer, a gray blur flew from the partially opened door and down a nearby alley. “Thief,” Dash heard Trixie shout as she landed. Dash approached and saw Trixie standing with her forehooves on the lower half of her trailer door. “You, Rainbow Thingy, I demand you summon the authorities!  That pegasus has stolen the Soft and Silky Panties of the Great and Powerful Trixie.”

        Dash approached the trailer and sniffed the air, she smelled scented candles burning. She looked inside past Trixie and saw multiple lit candles surrounding the single bed and resting on the pillows was a small ornate mirror and a gold frame housing the picture of a purple unicorn she couldn’t quite make out . “What are you doing in there?”

        Trixie looked back at her bed, her blue face turning pink. “This is none of your business, leave us alone,” she stammered as she slammed the door shut.

        Dash backed away slowly before turning and running into the alley, “Some things, a pony just shouldn’t know.”  She didn’t run far until she came upon yet another unusual sight. “Derpy, what are you doing?”

        Derpy lay on her back, tossing the blue panties of Trixie into the air with her forelegs and watching them drift down before catching them in her teeth and repeating the process. “I dunno,” she said, “This.”

        “Why did you steal her underwear to do... ‘this’,” Dash asked, her face screwed up in confusion.

        Derpy stood up, holding the article in question in her mouth, and her eye spiralled, “I just felt like I had to. Like I’d never know what true happiness was until I had these for my very own. It’s like how when you wake up in the morning and all you want is a muffin and when you don’t have one you just want one so bad that it hurts. You know?”

        Dash had no expression on her face as she snatched the blue panties from her mouth, “No, can’t say that I do. But you shouldn’t go around stealing.”  Dash paused and looked Derpy over, noticing that she had a frilly back thong wrapped over her shoulders and a similar bra on her haunches. “And what happened to your own stuff?”

        “Oh I wanted to get a better look at them, so I took them off,” she explained as she wandered in a small circle. “But with no pony to help me, I guess I got mixed up.”

        Dash stood completely still and her mind raced. “Derpy, I need you to give me your panties.”

        “Okay,” Derpy said as she flung them at Dash.

        Dash’s eyes darted back and forth for a second or two, “How did you do that so fast?”  Shaking her head Dash gathered up the undergarments in her mouth. “I’m convinced that Trixie has put some sort of spell on us and these are the key.”  Dash looked over and saw Derpy was again on her back playing “catch” with a small package marked “fragile”. “Nevermind,” Dash said as took back to the skies.

        Dash flew into her cloud castle and carefully put the underwear on a table as she grabbed a large pair of saddlebags. She stopped when she approached the table and stared intently at the bits of lingerie for several long minutes. She felt calm, at peace, looking at them.

        Her mind swam as she continued to stare, gone was her desire to uncover Trixie plans. Her mind now locked onto a single, all consuming thought. “I need more,” she said as she threw the clothes into her bag. She grinned insanely, “I need all of the panties in Ponyville.


        Flying high above Sweet Apple Acres, Dash spotted Applejack busily bucking against a tree. She watched, memorizing the timing. Swallowing hard, she swooped in and at the exact moment AJ kicked Dash yanked both the bra and thong off in a single motion. Applejack fell back onto her hindquarters and looked around for her assailant. With no pony in sight, Applejack took off her hat and held it in front of her as she inched her way towards the barn on her hind legs.

        On a nearby hill, Big Macintosh watched as the strange scene unfolded and stood with his new appleprint boxers wafting in the breeze. A rainbow streak blew past him and he looked back to see that he was returned to his naturally nude state. He smiled and nodded approvingly.

        Dash flew, crisscrossing Ponyville. She would swoop down on any underwear clad citizen she saw, robbing them of their new garments before they had a chance to react. After snatching the banana hammock off of Doctor Whoof, she crashed headlong into Pinkie Pie. “Hi, Rainbow Dash, do you like my new hat,” she asked giggling as she leaned forward showcasing the panties she wore on her head.

        Dash blushed as she looked at Pinkie’s bare flank. “Pinkie, that’s indecent,” she shouted, looking away. “You’re exposed...”

        Pinkie turned her head upside down as she leaned forward, “What are babbling about babely babble face?”

        Dash let her eyes slide over to meet Pinkie’s eyes, “It’s just...”  She caught sight of Pinkie tail wiggling and her face went hard. “If you’re not going to wear them right, then you shouldn’t wear them at all,” she said angrily as snatched the offending garment off her head and shoved them in her bag. Dash galloped away before jumping into the air, leaving a confused Pinkie in her wake.

        Dash dipped from yard to yard, grabbing up recently laundered underwear hung out to dry when she spied something out of the corner of her eye that made her blood run cold. She slowly and silently flew towards the napping figure of Gilda stretched out on a nearby cloud.

        Cautiously, Dash reached out and clamped her teeth on the zipper of Gilda’s leather underpants. She had only just begun to tug when that familiar raspy voice spoke up, “You know, you’re supposed to at least buy me dinner first, dude.”

        Dash looked up from below Gilda’s belly to see her smiling at her with an expression that sat somewhere between malice and amusement. Dash released the zipper and flew from the griffon as she said to herself, “I’ll save that one for later.”

        Seeing the she was near the library Dash flew to the the open window and peered inside. Twilight stood with her hooves on the table as she poured over several books at once. Dash bit her tongue in concentration as she plotted how to get both top and bottom in one pass.

Dash pulled herself forward and beat her wings when Twilight suddenly turned around. Dash quickly streaked past, Twilight’s tank top now securely in her mouth, but the underoos were now stretched up and hooked on to Twilight’s horn.

Twilight’s eyes bugged and her knees locked together as she stood shaking in agony. “Why,” was all she could gasp out before Dash flew at her, peeling the pants from her frame. As Dash flew out the window Twilight talked to herself as she began to massage her sorest parts, “That confirms it, there’s definitely something wrong with those underpants.”

“Um, Twilight, what are you doing,” Spike asked coming into the room and seeing Twilight laid out on the floor rubbing between her legs.

Twilight looked down and blushed bright red as she yanked her hooves away, “Spike, I need you to get the girls. We may have a crisis on our hooves.”  Spike eyed her uncertainly as he left the room. “Now to find a counter spell,” she said as went to her pile of books. After a few seconds her forehooves began scratching at the table and she bit her lip. “Yes, gotta to keep researching.”  She had now gouged a small trench in her table and she looked anxiously up at her bed, “But first a little break!”

Dash had just snuck out from the home of Lyra and Bon Bon. She had found their lingerie just tossed on the floor. She was able to get in and out unnoticed thanks to their usual arguing. She had no idea what they were always fighting about, but they sure did scream loud enough.

Her next stop was the Carousel Boutique, the lights were out and Dash hoped that Rarity had turned in early for the night. Dash hadn’t made it more that a few steps in when a spotlight snapped on. The light wasn’t aimed at her, but at Rarity standing proudly as she leaned against the back wall, leaving Dash in total darkness.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist,” Rarity said as she blinked rapidly. “This isn’t our usual routine, but given the strange circumstances of the day, I think a little celebration is appropriate.”

Dash inhaled, but Rarity only *tsk*ed at her. “No need to speak darling, you don’t have to apologize for leaving me waiting so long.”  She smiled and lowered her head to look up at her. “The wait just makes it all the sweeter. Now just stand right there,” her horn glowed dimly and the spotlight became tighter on her as the clasp on one of her stocking came undone, “and enjoy the show.”

Rarity danced around the shop and sat down on a stool and leaned back with her hind legs in the air as her stockings slid off and into the air. She stood up with her forelegs crossed in front of her as her corset began untying itself. She cooed as she turned her back and let the garment fall to the ground. Wiggling her behind she strolled over to her bed and winked before sliding between the sheets. Moments later, her black lacy panties floated from under the sheets and flew out, slapping Dash in the face.

“Now,” Rarity said with hunger in her voice, “come to mama!”  She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, smiling in anticipation. After several long seconds her face screwed up in disappointment. “That’s your cue,” she said impatiently. After a few more seconds she growled in frustration and her horn glowed as the lights turned on and she found no sign of anypony else or her lingerie.

“Applejack,” she called out sadly, “where did you go?  Was it something I said?”

Dash leaned hard against the door, her eyes wide as saucers, and her breath fast and shallow. She looked down and whispered, “I’m gonna need to wash these later.”


Inside her cabin on the edge of the Everfree forest, Fluttershy was tucking her animal friends into bed. “Oh my, what a day it’s been, Angel Bunny.”  She gave the bunny a small and unwanted kiss on the top of his head.

The front door burst open, the rush of wind blew out the candles. “Who’s there,” Fluttershy demanded, her voiced trembling. “I’m warning you, I have a bunny and he can be very forceful,” she stammered as she backed away.

The silhouetted figure stomped forward, breathing hard. “You have something I need,” it growled as it reached out towards the shaking pegasus. With a squeak, Fluttershy fainted to the floor.

Dash stood in surprise over her unconscious friend. “Maybe I overdid it a bit,” she said as she went about untying the sheer garments.


Back at her cloud castle, Dash giggled as she looked at the pile before her. “All of ‘em,”  she said between giggles. “I got them all!”  She burst out crying as jammed her face into the pile laughing hysterically.

Her laughter came to an immediate halt as she felt teeth bite into the cloth of her boxers several inches below her tail. Dash slowly pulled her face out from the pile and turned her bleary eyes to look behind her and saw a pile of pink, curly hair. All her joints locked and her mouth opened in a silent cry as Pinkie tugged the boxers down her hind legs. Dash fell forward and rolled onto her hindquarters as her shorts were pulled away from her hooves. She scooted back across the floor keeping her forhooves in front of her as Pinkie stomped forward, a look of single minded determination in her eyes.

“Pinkie, what are you,” Dash breathed as the pink pony grabbed her tank top and yanked it over her head.

Pinkie let out a sigh of relief as Dash sat quivering. “Well, now that’s done. You know Dash, it was really brave of you to do this all on your own.”

Dash just stared at her, “Huh?”

“When Spike came by and said we needed to gather up all the undies in Ponyville, I thought he was just playing one of his dirty games again, but he explained that Twiligiht explained that her books explained that these thingy things were magically enchanted to get us acting crazy. He said that she said that they said that it would only get worse with time and increased exposure. You’re such a loyal friend to put all the risk on yourself!”

“Uh, yeah, anything for the team,” Dash stammered.

“I went by Twilight’s to see if she had found a counter spell, but she sounded really busy. She was all shouty and screaming that she was ‘So very close’ and then said something about Big Mac that I didn’t quite understand,” Pinkie trailed off.

“Gilda,” Dash called out.

        “No, I’m Pinkie Pie, silly!”

“No, I mean Gilda still has hers!”

Pinkie furrowed her brow, “Then I guess I have no choice but to hunt her down. I’ll get those panties if I have to hold her down and rip them off her booty.”

Dash chewed her lip, “Pinkie, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone. Gilda’s pretty tough, I think you’ll need my help.”

Pinkie touched her chest tenderly, “You’d do that for me?”

Dash stood up on shaky legs, “Pinkie, it would be my greatest pleasure.”