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“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re lost.” Rainbow Dash said, grounding and falling back on her hind quarters. It was about mid-day now, not that she could tell, it was always dark in the EverFree forest. “I thought you said you knew where you were going, Spike!”  

Spike scratched his head. “I thought I did! But this forest is really confusing!”  

        “This is ridiculous! We’ve been wandering for hours now!” Trixie whined, quite a ways behind the two.

        “Well you could help then, Trixie. That horn is good for more than just fireworks, right? Do a locator spell or whatever.” Rainbow Dash said, falling on her back and looking back at Trixie.

        “Er… the Great and Powerful Trixie is much too tired to preform!” She exclaimed. Spike and Rainbow Dash rolled their eyes.  

        Dash got up. “Well, we aren’t going to get anywhere just sitting here. Let’s keep moving.”

        Trixie let out a whine, catching up to Dash and throwing herself onto Dash’s back. “I can’t walk any more, carry me Rainbow Dash.” Dash looked back at her, annoyed, and was about to say something when Spike spoke up.

        “Wait a minute. Can’t you just  fly up and see where Zecora is?”

        Dash paused for a moment. She looked up at the trees above, then back at Spike, then at her wings. “Oh yeah. I guess I can do that.”

        Spike sighed. Dash didn’t notice as she was too busy flying up towards the tree tops.   She wasn’t going too fast, there wasn’t any need. She didn’t even notice the sudden branch coming straight at her, smacking her to the ground.  Spike and Trixie recoiled in fear at the suddenly violent trees, and then looked down at Dash with worry.  

        “That hurt.” Dash managed to say, pulling herself of the ground. She wiped some dirt of and stretched her wings, making sure everything was still in working order. She grinned up at the tree tops. “But it’ll take more than some foliage to keep the Dash down, you stupid plants!” She exclaimed, only to get a deep growling that shook the whole forest in response.  Her confident grin turned to a look of fear, matching Spike’s and Trixie’s. “N-not that that scared me, or anything…” Dash said with a nervous chuckle, trying to shrug it off. Suddenly a pair of large yellow eyes appeared in the darkness.

 “RUN FOR IT!” Dash exclaimed, bolting off, quickly followed by Spike and Trixie.

After about a minute of flying as fast as she could, Rainbow stopped to rest, breathing heavily. She took a deep breath and started to laugh. “That was close, huh guys?” She looked back, only to realize that Trixie and Spike were nowhere to be found.  “Oh that is wonderful.  That is just perfect.” Dash said, exasperated. “So now I have to find them and Zecora. Great.”  She looked from side to side. “I guess I should head back to look for them, assuming they haven’t been eaten yet.” She sighed, about to start walking when a voice came from behind her.

“Hello, is there someone there? I thought that this part of the forest was bare.” Came the familiar rhyming voice. Dash quickly spun around, smiling at a surprised looking Zecora, who was carrying saddle baskets full of various plants.  

“Zecora! Am I glad to see you!”

“From the other end of the forest I could hear your clatter, tell me Rainbow, is something the matter?”

        “Yeah. Rhyming. Right.” Dash said, already slightly annoyed at Zecora’s rhyming habit. “Listen, you gave Spike a love potion, right? Cause I need the antidote.”

        Zecora pondered this for a moment, before smiling at Dah. “The antidote for the potion, you say.  I’ll see what I have, Dash, right this way.” With that, Zecora turned and began to weave through a few bushes and trees. Dash followed and soon, they arrived at Zecora’s hut.

        “Well, that was surprisingly fast.”  Dash said, stopping to give Zecora’s house a good look over. It still had the same creepy vibe as it did last time. She shivered. She knew Zecora wasn’t some sort of evil enchantress, but with the glowing windows, weird decorations, it wasn’t the most welcoming place.

        “Come inside, if you will. I’ll get you the cure to save Ponyville.” Zecora says, holding the door open for Dash, who quickly snapped out of her trance.  

        “Oh, yeah, sorry.” Rainbow Dash responded, entering Zecora’s house. The inside definitely wasn’t any friendlier.  She watched as Zecora grabbed a dusty book off the shelves. She proceeded to grab several plants and powders and put them into a large black cauldron in the center of the room. Pouring a steaming liquid in, she began to stir it all together.  Rainbow Dash walked over and peered into the potion, it had an orange color, and a surprisingly sweet smell. She took a deep breath and smiled.

        “The antidote’s creation has begun.”  Zecora said, lighting a flame under the cauldron, causing the liquid to begin to boil. “So what do you say we have some fun?”  Zecora’s voice was suddenly flirtatious as she put a front leg around Rainbow Dash’s neck and pulled her closer.

        Rainbow Dash stared at her for a moment. “You got affected by your own potion? How did you not make the antidote the second you got this way?”

        “It took me quite a while to see, exactly what was happening to me. And by then it was too late, the potion takes too much to make.” Zecora said, pulling Rainbow dash into a kiss.

        Dash pulled away, acting like nothing has happened. “Too much like what? You don’t have enough materials?”

        “In scales of a dragon, I am lacking. Now kiss me you fool, cease your yakking!”  Zecora said with an annoyed tone, trying to kiss Dash, who continued to back up.

        “Oh awesome then, because Spike was with me until a-” She stopped as she bumped into the wall of Zecora’s hut. With a grin, Zecora pressed her against it, taking her in a kiss. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, returning Zecora’s kiss.

        Then suddenly the door burst open, revealing a very scared looking Trixie and Spike, both breathing heavily. “Thank Celestia we found yWHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” Trixie exclaimed after taking a moment to catch her breath.

        “It’s exactly what you see.” Zecora said, releasing Rainbow dash with a smirk. “Rainbow Dash is in love with me.”

        “With YOU?! Why in Celestia’s name would you choose her over the Great and Powerful Trixie, Dash?”

        “Whoa, what? I don’t love either of you! Spike, get over here, I need some of your scales.”

        Zecora and Trixie looked at Rainbow Dash, with sad looks on their faces as Spike walked up to Dash. “Alright, how many?”

        Dash looked at Zecora, then at Trixie. “Oh come on. You both know you’re affected by a potion!  Help me complete this and you can stop worrying about which one of you kisses me more.” She said annoyed.

        Trixie and Zecora looked at Dash, then at each other. Trixie sighed. “She’s right. Let’s go and finish that potion.”  She began towards the cauldron, slowly followed by Zecora.

        “Good. Now let’s get to wor-” Rainbow Das was cut off (geez ponies get cut off a lot in this. It’s like the writer is so terrible he doesn’t eve- ) when Trixie pounced on her, kissing her again. “OH WHAT.”

        Zecora angrily tried to push Trixie off, trying to kiss Dash too. “I told you Rainbow Dash was mine! Get your hooves off her, you swine!”  

        “Swine? I’ll show you swine!” Trixie said, shoving Zecora back, her horn starting to glow.

        “BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!”  Rainbow exclaimed, pushing both of them back and standing up angrily. The two shrunk back as Rainbow angrily growled. “Zecora. Potion. Now.

        “Yes of course Dash, without fail.” Zecora said quickly, getting over to Spike and the cauldron. “Spike, please give me a few scales.”

        Spike sighed, reaching around to his back and quickly pulling a few out. “Ow, jeez!” He exclaimed, rubbing the spot with his other claw and handing Zecora the scales.  Zecora took the in a bowl, sprinkled some powder on them, and then dumped them in to the cauldron.  

        “Finally.” Rainbow Dash said, relieved. “So, when will it be done?”

        Suddenly and egg timer  went off with a loud ding. Rainbow Dash quickly jumped back, not expecting such a noise so quickly. “Wait, when did that-”

        Zecora took a cup and filled it with potion, taking a sip herself. “Ah, it’s good that that is done. Trixie here, now you take some.”

        Trixie quickly grabbed the cup and downed the contents.  She blinked for a moment, and then looked at Rainbow Dash. “It worked!” She exclaimed, grinning. “I don’t want to make out with you anymore!”

        “I’m crushed, really.” Dash said sarcastically. “But it’s good to see the potion works.”

        “Now I can return to my secret love for Twilight!”

        “Whatever you say, Trix- wait, what did you just say?”

        Trixie blushed, putting a hoof over her mouth. “Nothing! You heard nothing! “ With that, she tossed a smoke bomb, clouding the entire room. The sound of clattering pots and a ‘THUD’ was heard, then the cloud started to disappear, revealing Trixie on the floor, covered with various junk that she had tripped over. “Oww…”

        “Are you, uh, okay there, Trixie?”

        Trixie suddenly stood up, back to her prideful self. ”Yes, of course I am! I have to go!” She said quickly, running out of the hut.

        The three remaining stood there for a while, watching the exit.

        “That was weird.” Spike eventually said.

        “You’re telling me.”

        “What do you think she meant by-“

        “I’d rather not think about that, Spike. We’ve got the potion, let’s go cure Ponyville!”

        Zecora had filled a few bottles of potion and gotten them in a basket for Dash. “This should be enough, ponies don’t need much of the stuff.”


“Thanks for your help Zecora.” Dash said, before picking up the basket in her mouth and  leaving, followed by Spike.