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Filling in the Missing Beats ÷ Chapter I

‡ By Small Talk ‡

The floor was quickly filling up, igniting with the sounds of hoof steps and loud clops as the ponies began to dance and move to the music. It was this--the amazing feeling she received when she saw everypony drawn onto the dance floor, like parasprites to a bucket of fresh-picked apples. It was the sense of being loved for what you do--that was what drove Vinyl Scratch to do as she was doing now. Something tugged at her heart, but she ignored it as she turned up the bass.

“Bump up the bass~” A robotic voice sounded, followed by the whir of disks on the turntable. The thumping of the bass was the very heartbeat of the building. Vinyl Scratch brought life back into a dead-silent club as DJ P0N-3. She smiled, her soul washed over with euphoria.

Across the room, ponies sat at the bar. It wasn’t the greatest thing, but the sounds blasting around them and the air vibrating their ear drums more than made up for it. Some ponies were already giddy from multitudes of drinks. As the night wore on, the alcohol coursing through their bloodstream brought out more of their inner pony. Others just sat and chatted over the thumping of the bass, enjoying a few drinks sparingly.

This went on for hours, ponies dancing, getting giddy, enjoying the night life. Most of them, at least. “Thank you, Ponyville~!” Vinyl Scratch yelled into a microphone, her soothing yet eccentric voice overlaid with the robot effect she always used. Both sounds meshed together to ultimately get the crowd cheering. She stepped down from the booth hurriedly and walked outside through the back exit. The crisp yet chilling night air felt delightful, especially compared to the muggy, heavy air that clung to her coat inside that crazy club.

Vinyl sighed. The emotions welling up inside her contradicted the false smile she wore as she trotted past a couple of ponies, who squealed with joy. Once out of sight and out of ear shot, Vinyl flicked up her glasses revealing her stunning ruby eyes. But they were soon swelling with crystal-clear drops. Her tears ran slowly down her cheeks, lightly discoloring her face in a trail of dampness. Vinyl made her way along the outskirts of Ponyville, stopping when she had reached her home.

It was silent as she walked in. The quiet was cut with the subtle sound of the door closing followed by a broken sob as it escaped Vinyl Scratch’s lips. She sank down onto her chair in the den of her house, sitting in dark and deafening quietness which was irregularly interrupted by soft whimpers and cries when they managed to break free from her quivering mouth. “I just wish that I didn’t have to deal with this anymore!” She yelled as she hurled a small lamp across the room, the magical glow from her horn revealing a distraught looking unicorn before the room faded back into blackness.

Vinyl woke with a start. She had fallen asleep in the small room, still in the chair. She lay curled up tightly as she felt a chill run down her back, the cold night lashing out at her. She shivered, getting up to walk to the bathroom. Vinyl turned on the water, letting it run into the tub. “A warm bath should help soothe me.” The steam rose from the surface of the water, fogging the bathroom with a lukewarm mist. She wiped away the condensation that had accumulated on the mirror, peeking at her reflection. It stared back at her with puffy, bloodshot eyes. Her twin in the glass looked nothing like her normally happy, spunky, cool self. Instead, she saw a miserable pony, messy and looking like she had cried all night.

Stepping into the clear bath, the warmth flooded through her. It brought a light tingle to her chilled hide. Clinging to her like the atmosphere of the place she had been last night, and soon the thoughts from before had entered her head again. I just want to be a normal pony, just once. I’m so sick of playing as ‘DJ P0N-3.’ I want to be the one, the one who goes to parties and raves, enjoys dancing with friends, while somepony dishes out music for me to listen to, to love… Vinyl Scratch was crying once more. Ugh… Stop this Scratch, you’re cool, everypony loves who you are, so just… Stop… A deep sob ripped through the air. Crying…

Vinyl Scratch went to the bar she had just played at the night before. It was late in the day, Celestia’s sun was just starting to set in the evening sky. She sat and ordered a shot of “anything to drown out her thoughts.” Anything to get my mind straightened out. She turned her head to see somepony walking in, almost dropping her glass. The pony had walked over to her, taking a seat next to the unicorn. Rainbow Dash shot a glance and squealed, realization washing over her.

“I’m your biggest fan!” Both ponies said in unison, laughing as they realized what had just happened.

Rainbow Dash spoke up first. “My biggest fan? I never knew I actually had fans!” She looked excited enough to burst, and nearly bounced off of her stool as she quickly downed the shot the barpony had given her; the usual, a shot of Kickback.

“Of course! You’re one of the best fliers ever! I’m surprised the Wonderbolts haven’t recruited you yet! Ever since I moved to Ponyville, I always see you flying around on my way to the club here! I even catch you napping every now and again~” Vinyl Scratch teased, punching Rainbow Dash lightly, laughing like a frivolous schoolfilly. 

“You’ve watched me fly before?” Rainbow Dash blushed slightly, thinking of the awesome DJ pony watching her, and being a fan. She even compared her to the Wonderbolts! But hey, she was Equestria’s number-one flyer! “Whoa, wait. You said you caught me sleeping?”

Vinyl Scratch giggled, blushing lightly behind her trademark glasses. “Yeah. Kinda cute when you sleep, Dash.”

Did she just giggle? Wait, she just said I looked cute! Rainbow Dash reddened deeper, looking away from Scratch, who acted as if it were nothing. “Heh… Thanks, I guess…. But hey, when’s the next time you’ll be here again? I’d love to watch those mad skills of yours in use!”

Vinyl looked down at her hooves, “Not quite sure, but I’d love for you to come watch. I could probably get you back at the tables with me, if you’d like…” So much for trying to get my mind straightened out…

Rainbow Dash looked at Vinyl with glee. “I’d love to join yo--hey, you okay?” She instantly disregarded her thoughts of seeing the pony jockey. Vinyl Scratch sat there, looking dejectedly at her hooves, sniffling.

“Uh… Y-yeah! Don’t worry ‘bout me, just make sure you can come see me sometime this week. Talk to one of the bouncers, let ‘em know your name, they’ll let you back…” Vinyl hopped down from her seat, head hanging low as she sulked out of the bar.

“Hey, wait up!” Rainbow Dash called after Scratch, turning to pay the barpony for her and Vinyl’s drinks. She rocketed out of the door, stepping in front of Vinyl Scratch. “Stop. What’s wrong? You look like you just lost somepony!”

“It’s n-nothing…” Scratch lied. She let out a soft sob, then collapsed in tears. “I’m just tired of seeing everypony enjoy themselves while I’m stuck providing the entertainment. I want to be a normal pony. I want to be the one listening, drinking, dancing to the music. Feeling the music… Enjoying life like an average pony, ya’ know? I can’t stand the night life anymore, Dash! Not as DJ P0N-3, I can’t. I just want to live it for what it’s worth… I don’t even have somepony in my life to enjoy it with! Somepony who I can enjoy being with. Somepony who can enjoy being with me…” She looked up to Rainbow Dash, her glasses had fallen from her soft face, revealing watery, crimson eyes, reddened even more from her crying. “I don’t have anypo-”

Vinyl was cut off as Rainbow Dash put a hoof to her mouth. “Stop it… Listen. If you want, take a break from it all! If those ponies were really your fans, really enjoyed you for your music, they’d understand if you wanted to relax, enjoy yourself for once.” Dash lifted Scratch up, and stepped closer, almost face to face with her. She blushed, “Plus… What if… What if I…” Rainbow Dash’s mind was ablaze with thoughts of the pony in front of her. Vinyl wasn’t a fillyfooler, but… At least they could be friends?

        Scratch gazed into the winged pony’s deep maroon eyes, her thoughts racing. Should I? What if... No... Scratch, you’ll never get anywhere if you keep over-thinking like this! A few seconds ticked by. Cool ponies don’t think, they act!

Rainbow Dash gasped as Vinyl Scratch pushed against her. Their lips met softly, and Dash simply melted. Her heart fluttered wildly as she pushed back into the mare. Vinyl quickly broke away, blushing furiously. “Could… You be with me?” She looked down, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. I‘m so stupid! Dash wouldn‘t want to be with me, she isn‘t into mares! She‘s too cool to be with me! Too cool to be a fillyfooler! “I’m sorry... I just want--”

“Yes… I could, no, I will be with you… As long as you let me.” Rainbow Dash brought a hoof to Scratch’s chin, lifting her face up, looking into her eyes. They were so deep, you could get lost in them… The pegasus couldn’t get the thoughts of the unicorn out of her head… She leaned in, kissing Vinyl Scratch tenderly. The kiss was, however, short-lived, Vinyl stepping back.

“How about you come stay at my place tonight?” Vinyl offered, smiling. She kissed Dash on the cheek, grabbing her hoof and leading her off across Ponyville.

Filling in the Missing Beats ÷ Chapter II

‡ By Small Talk ‡

        Rainbow Dash stirred slightly in her sleep. She snuggled closer to the pony beside her, wrapping a hoof around the pony, pulling her in tightly.

Dash’s eyes shot open. She looked at the unicorn she was holding, a soft smile upon her face as she dreamed, deep in her sleep. Scratch…? Dash sighed. What have you done, Dash? As she gazed down, the multi-hued pony mulled over how she had gotten into her current predicament. She couldn’t really remember how long ago it had been, but she recalled the events clearly. It was the DJ pony she had befriended, and even grown fond of; perhaps even loved. strong feelings towards... Those feelings, they remained, but as Vinyl Scratch had slowly spent less and less time with Rainbow Dash, the pegasus had began to push memories of one of her best friends out of her mind. She hadn’t realized until now -- after meeting her at the club and sharing the kiss; after spending the night with the unicorn -- that this was the filly she had been harboring feelings for all these years. Those feelings were now re-lit inside of her.

The pegasus got out of the bed, sneaking over to the door. Lost in her thoughts of the past, the colorful mare didn’t notice as her hoof snagged on the sheets. She tripped, smashing into the ground with an audible *thud* as the floor rushed into her face to snap her back into reality.

        “Heya Dash~” Scratch’s voice was soothing. It sounded so… happy. “Ya sleep good?” She looked at Dash, that smile still on her face. Vinyl Scratch stretched, getting out of the bed, moving over to where Rainbow Dash stood, nuzzling her neck. She flinched.

        “Y-yeah, I did…” Dash backed away from Vinyl Scratch a little, looking into her eyes as they gazed back into hers. They seemed filled with… Love? I, uh… I think we need to talk about what happened yesterday… But I need to go for a little bit.” Rainbow Dash looked down. “I’ll find you later, okay?” She looked back at those ruby eyes, now filled with what looked to be sorrow and regret. She turned away, her mind swimming with shame; and yet she was turning still. It didn’t feel like the right thing to do, but she had to get outside, into the air to clear her mind. She finally walked away, closing the door lightly.

        Vinyl Scratch looked out through her window, watching Rainbow Dash fly off into the sky. What was I thinking? She closed her eyes, turning away from the window, a single tear rolling down her face. “I’m sorry, Dash… I’m so sorry…” Scratch flopped onto her back, her bed catching her gingerly. Hours seemed to rush by; the world around her simply kept going as she stood still.

Her stomach screamed at her, reminding her she hadn’t eaten anything since lunch the day before. Bringing herself to her senses, she hopped up and trotted to the kitchen, making a small plate of carrots and apple slices. Scratch managed to take a bite of a carrot, but was unable to bring herself to eat any more than that.

        A rainbow shot through the sky, leaving a clear trail from Vinyl Scratch’s doorstep to a cloud high above Ponyville. “Stupid stupid stupid stupidstupidstupid!” Dash screamed into the air around her as she collapsed onto the fluffy terrace beneath. Rainbow Dash should have been clearing the sky. A storm was on the way from Fillydelphia, and the extra clouds would make it harder to fight off the front. She just lay on that wisp of vapor however, deep in thought. It began to drizzle down in Ponyville as Dash tried to remember anything, anything, that could have brought her to have feelings of more than simply friendship towards Vinyl Scratch. Her heart fluttered as she closed her eyes, memories surging over her like waves.


        Rainbow Dash smashed through the clouds, breaking them apart in an instant and clearing the sky in no time at all. Dash sighed in relief. “Now I can take a nap…” Spotting a tree with the perfect branch to sleep on, she floated down to it. As she was just about to land to rest, she spotted a white unicorn. The pony turned around constantly, her head shaking back and forth as she finally looked down in defeat. The horned pony was obviously lost. She sighed once more, swooping down to hover beside the mare, who turned to face Dash.

        Her deep, ruby-red eyes pierced Rainbow Dash. Her gaze was stunning. The mare’s entire appearance seemed to put the wiped-out flier into a trance-like state. “Heya! Could ya help a pony out?” She smiled, closing her eyes and snapping Dash back to attention. “I’m Vinyl Scratch, by the way!” said the pony, sticking a hoof towards Rainbow Dash.

        “Yeah, sure. What do you need hel—Wait, the Vinyl Scratch, like DJ P0N-3 Vinyl Scratch?!” Dash squealed with glee as she bumped hooves with Scratch. She hadn’t realized who the pony was without her shades. She looks just like a random pony. An attractive, random pony.

        “That’s me!” Scratch nodded, letting out a giggle. The cool pegasus seemed to just melt away standing in front of her. “You must be Rainbow Dash.”

        “You know my name!” Dash nearly exploded.

        “Of course! Best flier in Ponyville, if not Equestria!” Vinyl Scratch winked at the now paralyzed blue pegasus.

        Dash just stared in shock. She had giggled, knew her name, called her the best flier in Equestria… And now she just winked at her! She felt a strange tingle running through her body… Her face turned a shade above pink as she looked to her side. “Heh, thanks… So, what did you need help with again?”


Vinyl Scratch now lay on her couch. Reality held no sway over her as her mind flowed over memories of the past.


        Vinyl Scratch laughed, seeing the pegasus pony getting a little flustered. “I just moved here, to Ponyville, can’t seem to find my new house though.” Scratch floated a map in front of still faltering Rainbow Dash, an address at the bottom of the parchment circled in bright red.

        “Oh, uhm… Sure thing! It’s right over this way! I’ll walk with you, gonna get some rest for these babies.” Dash laughed nervously as she lightly flapped her wings.

        “Thanks a ton, Dash!” Scratch laughed as she trotted a little past the rainbow-maned mare, slightly brushing her flank with her side as she did.

        Rainbow Dash’s face deepened a shade, her rosy cheeks now the same shade of crimson as the unicorn ahead of her.

        The two walked side-by-side, every now and again the unicorn’s flank would brush against the pegasus’s, or Dash’s wing would flap open by accident and lightly rub over Scratch’s back. Soon, both ponies had stopped in front of a small, albeit nice looking house. Both ponies also had the same deep crimson-colored cheeks. Scratch looked up; to her entryway, and then to gaze into the beautiful maroon of Rainbow Dash’s eyes.

        Vinyl Scratch stared into the eyes of the winged pony as she turned to meet the gaze, almost getting lost as she looked on intently.

        “Well, here we are…” Vinyl Scratch looked down, then walked up to Dash, face to face. “Thanks, hun. ‘Preciate you helpin’ a stranger.” She giggled again, a cute, soft murmur at the mercy of listening ears’ yet only for the one other pony there besides herself. Scratch nuzzled Rainbow Dash’s neck, then walked inside.

        Rainbow Dash stood frozen, then hurriedly took off into the sky in a flash of color. Vinyl Scratch stood just inside the threshold of her new home, the sound of beating wings taking off quickly. “Damn. That Rainbow Dash sure is the cutest filly I’ve ever seen…” The most amazing mare, ever…


Vinyl Scratch lay splayed across her couch. “Damn, Dashie… Why am I feeling like this?” Scratch whispered to no pony in particular. “Why do I…”

        Love you?

Rainbow Dash sat, drenched, outside Vinyl Scratch’s house, just under the window of the very same room she lay on her couch. Just out of sight.

        Vinyl Scratch realized something… You’re the first pony I’ve ever truly felt this way towards, and I’ve ruined every chance of being with you…


        Vinyl Scratch finally walked to her bedroom. She had been standing in front of the door for what felt like minutes, but had been hours. She made her bed with sheets found in the closet, left by the previous owner. “Least I can get some shut-eye.”

        Scratch awakened the next morning, groggily shifting in bed until she rolled too far, falling onto the cold floor. All night, she dreamed of that blue pegasus pony. After a quick breakfast of oats and hay, Scratch walked outside, this time donning her signature glasses.

        Vinyl Scratch walked to the large cloud-made house of Rainbow Dash, who could be seen from below, resting on what looked to be a deck. “Heya, Dash!”

        Rainbow Dash jumped, earning a laugh from the unicorn below. She soared down to the ground to float beside Vinyl. “Hey, Scratch! What’s up, need help finding your way around my house? Ya startled me, woke me up from my nap…” Dash said blatantly. Followed by an awkward silence between the two. This gave way to a fit of laughter from both ends..

        “Nah. I actually was wonderin’ if ya wanted to hang? Sky seems pretty clear to me, and my stuff won’t get here from Manehatten for a couple of days. That leaves me and you some free time!” Scratch lightly punched Dash, causing her to laugh nervously.

        “You want to hang? With me?” Rainbow Dash squealed with joy, before laughing again. “Sure thing, Scratch! What did you have in mind?”

        “Actually, I was thinking that we could go get lunch in a bit, after I turn this paperwork in to that club down the street.” Scratch waved a hoof to her left in a general direction. “Thought we could just talk, get to know each other a bit more.”

        Rainbow Dash blushed a little. Is… Is she hitting on me..? The winged pony pushed the thought away. “That’d be…” She pauses, looking away, blushing even deeper. Why am I blushing? Can’t lose my cool, not in front of Scratch! “Nice.” Dash looked back up at Vinyl Scratch. She could see right past those shades of hers, seeing the beautiful eyes that lay behind. The beautiful ones she had stared into the day before.


Vinyl Scratch was getting restless, she couldn’t fall asleep after lying in bed for an hour, and she was once again sprawled upon her couch. She couldn’t seem to get the thoughts of Rainbow Dash out of mind and continued to play them through her head, like a broken reel looping constantly.


They talked for hours, hardly even eating or drinking. It was like they had been friends for years, as if they were just catching up on old times. The two ponies laughed at the others'  jokes; blushed at the complements that always snuck up in their chatter; and talked into the night. Even after they had left and started to walk towards Vinyl Scratch’s home. The walk was slow, and the two enjoyed each other’s company.

        “I really enjoyed tonight…” Rainbow Dash finally said as they reached Scratch’s front door in silence. She blushed, looking away. “It was great… Ya know, getting’ to know you and all…”

        “I did too, Dash. I did too…” Vinyl Scratch was blushing as well. Most of what they talked about on the walk to her house had gotten quite… emotional. They poured out their hopes, their wants, and desires; but not their feelings for each other. Scratch felt something inside her, her chest heavy, her heart was beating increasingly faster. She leaned forward and pressed her neck to the side of Rainbow Dash’s, hugging her tightly, a hoof pulling her closer.

        The pegasus breathed in sharply, then sighed happily. A smile was spread across her face, heart racing, and her mind replaying the time she had with the amazing unicorn in front of her.


        The rain continued to fall, soaking Rainbow Dash to the bone, causing her to shake violently, her teeth chattering almost to the point where she thought they would break. That was so many years ago, Dash… Why can’t you just forget about her..? Dash always knew in the back of her mind about the feelings she had for a certain mare… She had drowned them out as Vinyl Scratch had landed the job as Ponyville’s new DJ for the night club in town. She had to push her thoughts out, Vinyl was never able to just hang with Rainbow Dash, although every time she’d see her, that smile would tear her to pieces, memories always appearing and trying to take over her mind. Bring back the feelings she had for Scratch. But Rainbow Dash had finally done it, until now… She eventually forgot who the feelings were for, and the pony she had once been friends with.

        Rainbow Dash fell over, the cold taking over and piercing through to her core. Her thoughts and emotions for the mare in the house she was freezing in front of-- Her feelings. They'd kept her from clearing the sky; kept her sitting in the rain. Great. Now I’m sitting here. In my own rain. Now I’m probably going to die... “D-damnit Da-a-ash. Tears streamed down her muzzle, masked by the rain pouring heavily upon her. As she landed on her side, her hoof smashed against the wall, the pain was hardly felt from the numbness through her body, but it was a dull ache that bothered her nonetheless. Great, goin’ to freeze to death, and with an aching hoof…

Vinyl Scratch jumped at the loud *THUD* that came from outside her living room window. She trotted over to the glass, peering out into the cold rain. She was about to go back to her couch until she caught a glimpse of something on the ground, against the wall outside. It was definitely alive, it was shaking. She looked closer, noticing it was slightly bluish, with wings, a rainbow tail…

        “RAINBOW DASH!” Scratch burst through the back door, running over to scoop the near-frozen pony onto her back. Rushing inside, Scratch sat the pegasus onto her couch, wrapping her in towels as she attempted to start a fire in the fireplace.

        “What in the hay were you doin’ outside?! How long have you even been sitting there?” Scratch berated Rainbow Dash, a mixed tone of anger and deep concern in her steadily rising voice.

        “A-abo-ut f-f-five hour-s-s, I s-uppo-se…” Dash forced out between horrible waves of shivers. “I co-couldn’t s-s-top th-inking ab-about y-you, from la-st ni-night, and t-hat t-t-time a f-ew year-s-s ag-go…”

        As the pegasus pony explained herself, Vinyl Scratch pulled a blanket from her room and brought it back to Dash’s side. The unicorn continued to try and warm Dash, pushing against her and pulling her close. Scratch didn’t care if she got colder, she knew sharing warmth with the filly was a quicker way of preventing the oncoming hypothermia.

        Vinyl Scratch and Rainbow Dash were both now crying. Scratch continued holding Dash, her body pressed against the shivering mare’s, both ponies wrapped in the large blanket the blue-maned unicorn had retrieved. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you either… Dash I’m so sorry…”

        Scratch could feel the heat practically being sucked out of her, the mare next to her beginning to fill with the borrowed torridity. Dash’s temperature began to rise little by little, causing the DJ pony to smile as her efforts to save the pegasus began to take effect. No words were said for many minutes, the two ponies simply embracing each other.

        As time passed the spectrum-maned pony seemed to become more of herself, the effects of the cold rain washing away. Dash was eventually able to stop chattering her teeth, her voice evening out slightly and becoming somewhat brash again.  She still stuttered however, traces of cold running through her body, and her mouth quavered as she continued to cry.“No. I-I’m the one who should s-say sorry. I left you after you la-anded that job at the c-club, and I pushed you out of m-my life and m-i-nd. Yea, the feelings I had for you s-stayed, but I forgot about you ent-tirely. And now, here I am, m-making you worry about me, m-making you cry becau-”

        Rainbow Dash was cut off by something warm, different than the bodily warmth shared between the two ponies; it was a much more pleasant warmth. Vinyl Scratch had kissed her firmly, holding her close. Their bodies against each other, sharing the warmth, it felt so wonderful, so… Right. Dash pushed back, her mouth opening, letting her tongue escape to meet Scratch’s.

        Vinyl Scratch broke the kiss after a minute, out of breath and panting. A string of saliva connected their mouths, eventually breaking. “Dash… I…” But Vinyl didn’t need to say a thing. Rainbow Dash pulled her into another kiss, more passionate than the previous.

        A few moments passed -- although it seemed like ages --  before Rainbow Dash broke the kiss. “I love you too, Scratch… I love you, and I want to be by your side, as DJ P0N-3, as Vinyl Scratch…” Rainbow Dash turned an impossible shade of red, her coat almost looked purple. “and as my girlfriend.”

        Vinyl Scratch smiled, tears welling up in her eyes as she hugged Rainbow Dash, and held her lovingly. She held her until both ponies slipped into a blissful slumber, filled with the memories of the past, thoughts of what just happened, and dreamed of what they hoped to be their future.