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It was another sunny day in Ponyville. These were the types of days that Twilight decided to find plant samples in the woods. She enjoyed the adventure of uncovering new secrets for her to reveal. Finding the plants she had been looking for, she brought them back home to study. Unfortunately, these plants were almost identical to the plants she found a week ago.

   -”Here are the flowers you wanted Twilight.” Spike stood behind her with a bunch of plants.

Twilight turned around and inspected the plants.

   -”No, no, no, YE- no. What is this? I told you to bring me the green ones with blue stalks.”

   -”I am sorry twilight, I am a dragon. Not a gardener.” replied Spike boredom.

Twilight sighted. “Then don’t interrupt me. It is important to make this thing work.”

Spike laid down in his basket and fell asleep.

Someone knocked on the door.

Twilight opened the door and a pink pony just rushed into her house.

   -“HEY TWILIGHT!” began this annoying voice. “I brought your flowers as you asked, I didn’t

     knew what flowers so I just gathered everything I could see but then someone yelled at me

     and I had to run away, I lost the flowers when I ran and was about to enter your house but

     then I was like. *gasp* “Without flowers you shouldn’t visit Twilight, she would be soooo sad”

     so I ran back to sugarcube corner and made some cupcakes with flower patterns on it. I hope

     you liek it!”

Twilight just looked at the cupcakes which Pinkie Pie put on her the table.

   -”Yes... thank you... I suppose something to eat wouldn’t be so bad.”

   -”I am soooo happy that you love it! I will head back and make more, much more and then we

    will have many cupcakes to eat and... *gasp* A PARTY!!!”

Pinkie Pie just disappeared and the door slammed.

After a while someone else knocked. Twilight opened the door as always.

   -“Darling! You have to come with me, I got the perfect dress for you!”

Twilight just closed the door but Rarity hold it with her hoof. She went in.

   -”I am sorry Rarity but I don’t got much time and I have to finish... this.”

   -”I understand completely my dear, but you just have to take a look, you wont regret this!”

   -”As I said, I am sorry, here...” Twilight ranged one of the cupcakes to Rarity.

Rarity just yelled. “Are you crazy!?” She took the cupcake and threw it at the wall.

   -”This was JUST a cupcake, Rarity.” Twilight remarked.

   -”Why yes, a cupcake, a monster that is making you look like a cow. If you want me out, just  

     say so. No need to scare me.”

   -”I am not sca-” Twilight was interrupted because of the door that slammed again.

Before Twilight was about to return to her studies, someone knocked again.

A yellow pegasus stand before her. “Yes Fluttershy? Do you need something?”

Fluttershy took some beautiful flowers out of her basket.

   -”I... heard... you were looking for flowers. So I decide to help you because you helped me

     always when I needed help. I thought.... I... um... here.”

Twilight stared at the flowers and then at Fluttershy again who had a little smile on her muzzle.

   -”Well, thank you... it was.... exactly I was looking for. I--”

   -”You don’t like them...”

   -”No! It’s just... I have already... these.”

   -”Oh... I... understand... I think... I... l- ”Fluttershy just turned around quickly and flew away.

After Twilight closed the door, she looked at the flowers. It were the most beautiful flowers she ever saw. Twilight put them on the side and continued with her studies.

The door knocked... again.

Twilight, nearly with a mental breakdown opened the door.

A multicolored pegasus just passed through the threshold.

   -”Twilight, what’s wrong with you!?”

   -”Excuse me?” asked Twilight surprised.

   -“I waited all day long for my best friend to show my newest stunt but then guess what? She

     never came. I just had to find out that she is sitting in her house all day, doing boring stuff.”

Twilight remembered that she once promised Dash to watch her.

   -”Unfortunately, I forget. I am sorry Dash but I got much more important things to do.” replied Twilight.

   -”What is more important than my tricks!?”

Twilight saw the upset face of Rainbow Dash.

   -“I am sorry. I... tomorrow, I promise.”

   -”Tomorrow will be a rainy day. How about I help you with your boringish studies today?”

Dash took a seat at an stool what stood in the library.

   -“Tell me what I have to do.” added Dash.

Twilight looked at Dash with suspicious. “Why?”

   -”Because you are my best friend and I lo-... like you.” answered Dash in an nervous tone.

   -”Alright... Just, don’t distract me.” said Twilight as she went to the opened book on the desk.

   -“I would never do such a thing!” yelled Dash.

   -”I mean we are friends, we have to help each other.” added Dash.

   -”And friends are honest to each other, right?”

   -”Yes, could you just...” Twilight just shook her head.

Dash stared at Twilight. She rocked on the stool to the left and right. When she was about to lose balance she used her wings to stabilize herself. She continued to stare at Twilight.

Then she just let herself fall off the stool. Twilight looked at Dash.

   -“Oh look hehe, silly me.” said Dash blushed.

Twilight continued. Dash stood up and went to Twilight. She stopped right behind her and looked over her shoulder.

   -”What are you reading?”

Twilight just closed her eyes. To Control herself. She thought to tell Dash about the studies she did but decided then otherwise.

   -”Formus Delicatus aplepfpfffff.” read dash aloud. “What is this book? I can’t even read this.”

   -”Maybe because you can’t read at all.” answered Twilight with an testy tone.

   -”Hey, don’t be mean! I try my best to help you! yelled Rainbow Dash.

   -”If you want to help me, then open this door over there and close it from the other side.” yelled Twilight back.

   -”I just tried to be nice, we all tried it! But you are so stubborn, you don’t even let us to help


   -”Because you all are not helping me at all! Cupcakes, dresses, flowers, you? How could this

     all help me!?” raged Twilight.

    -”As I said, we TRIED! You are just so fixed on your damned books that you forgot your


    -”Alright, that’s it! You are the most annoying Pony in this village, even Pink-”

Twilight’s sentence ended with a kiss on her lips. Twilight’s eyes widened as she saw that colorful Pony kissing her. She felt the warm lips of her who pressed on hers. Twilight didn’t even resist. After just a couple seconds of kissing, which felt like hours, Dash released her. Twilight stepped back and stood there, clueless. She looked out of the window where she thought she saw a shadow but there was nothing. Twilight looked back at Dash and stared at her with a questioning face.

   -”I just thought... this was going to stop you...” said Dash with a coy smile.

   -”I...” Twilight opened the door with her magic. “... would you please go... I have to... think.”

Rainbow Dash left the tree blushed and flew off.

Twilight, unable to think just went to her bed and laid down. Spike was still in his basket and slept with an smile on his face.

On the next day someone took the opportunity to knock on the door again.

Twilight stood up, went to the door and opened it. There she was, this orange mare. She had an shocked gaze.

   -”Twilight, Fluttershy.... she jus... disappeared.” stuttered Applejack.

Twilight, half asleep, just woke up. “What!?”

   -”Here, I found this letter in her house. It has your name on it.”

Twilight took the letter and opened it. Inside was a green flower with a blue stalk and a text.

-Twilight, you told me once that it is sometimes important to gather your courage and do something you wouldn’t normally do. So I am writing this letter to you because it is the only way. You may see me as an shy little thing who knows you as a friend but there is more to this pony. The first time I saw you, the first time you talked to me. You were always there when I needed help. You are the best friend a pony could wish for . Over time you became my very best friend and you showed me the magic of friendship, for I am thankful. But as time went on I felt something more, I didn't know how to describe it.

Always when I was near you, I felt my heart beats.

Always when you laughed, you made me happy.

Always when you cried, you made me sad.

Always wanted to tell you but I never had the courage to say this to your face.

 I know you have better things to pay attention to than little old me. I also know you have somepony else.

I hope you and Dash will be happy so I can be happy for you both.

I am sorry. I am just scared that I would do something hasty and would lose you both as friends.

I just packed my things and say goodbye. I leave for good reasons. For your sake, for Dash. Maybe even for my own.

I will always love you.


By. A.n.B.

Twilight sat there, holding the flower and a letter with her magic. She realised that it was the flower she had been looking for. She couldn’t describe her feelings, everything in her was empty and full at the same time. She wanted to believe, that this all was just a dream, a dream where she would wake up at any moment.

Yesterday, Rainbow dash confessed her love to Twilight with an kiss, the next day Fluttershy confessed her love with a letter. She gathered all her feelings and courage to write this only letter. A letter she left in her house. A letter where she said goodbye.

Twilight stared out of the window into the night sky. She and Applejack looked for Fluttershy the entire day. They searched for her, without any results. Fluttershy just disappeared and only an echo of words left in a letter.

Twilight drowned in guilt. She blamed herself, for she didn’t see that both, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash felt something for her. She used to believe, that they were her best friends but yet, they forced her into this situation. A situation where someone will get hurt.

Twilight’s behavior yesterday was horrible. In fact, she was ungrateful the entire time for her friends, that just wanted to help. Not with her studies but with a break that she needed. She was so focused on her studies, that she forgot everything around her. She was sorry about what happened.

Her only concern now was to find Fluttershy, confess her own feelings and let it be.

For it was Dash that was the current problem. The pony kissed her, for her own selfish reasons. Breaking Dash’s heart wouldn’t be easy but it was the only reasonable thing Twilight could do. There was nothing left for Dash, not a single feeling.

But with Fluttershy, Twilight was unsure. The more she thought about it, the more she realised, that her feelings were in utter chaos. She read the letter again and felt shame, guilt and incredible hate on her own self. “How could she be that blind? Why couldn’t she foresee that?”

She stood up, her decision was made.

First, she would apologize to those who got the entire broadside of her ungrateful being, yesterday. Then she would investigate Fluttershy’s house to catch a clue of where she went. And after she found her, she would confess her feelings that she made up to that moment and make her return home.

   -”Yes darling, you wanted to speak with us?” Rarity and the other three stood there, waiting for Twilight to act. They gathered in Twilight’s house, for it was the scene for such ingratitude.

She looked at them, first she tried to force a smile but the she decided otherwise. Twilight began, her voice filled with consternation.

   -“For what I said and did yesterday, I am sorry. I was so focused on my work, that I forgot my

     only friends. I hope you could forgive me.”

   -”Twilight,” replied Rarity with an smile. “We understand you completely my dear. It was us

     who disturbed you. We Hoped that you would forgive US.”

Twilight got an smile on her muzzle, she realised it first when she said “Thank you.”

   -”Now that this is clarified we should go to Fluttershy's home to get an idea to where she might

     have went.” continued Twilight.

   -”Why should we look for her anyway? asked Dash who seems not to be eager to find her.

   -”Because she is our friend, and friends look out for each other.” interjected Applejack with an serious tone.

They went out, toward her home. On the half way attempted Dash to speak with Twilight.

   -”What about yesterday? You don’t want to talk about it, don’t cha?

   -”Yesterday was just a day Dash, I made an mistake, you made one as well.” responded Twilight.

   “Just a MISTAKE!?” screamed Dash with her scratchy voice. Everyone in the group looked at them both, wondering what they are up to.

   -”I am sorry Dash,” continued Twilight quietly. “It just... I don’t feel... this way.”

Dash stopped with an shocked gaze. After everyone walked past her, she used her wings to flew back on the front to keep confronting Twilight. “This is about Fluttershy, isn’t it?” remarked Dash with a little smile.

   -”Fluttershy is our friend and as Applejack said, friends look out for each other.” replied Twilight.

   -”Yes this was before... ALRIGHT, alright... just... You know that I love you?” said Dash little coy.

   -”You have to stop that, now!” ordered Twilight with an serious tone.

   -”Make me.” whispered Dash with an big smile in Twilight’s ear.

Twilight just sighed, not wanting to let the others to get a clue about all this, she just cut the conversation.

After they reached Fluttershy’s house, only Twilight and Applejack entered. Dash just stood in the threshold and stared at Twilight. Applejack pointed with her head at a table and said, that was where she found the letter.

Twilight kept going around, looking for a clue where Fluttershy maybe went.

Minutes later they left the house with an idea were she maybe is. They found a map that was marked. They knew their new destination, Zecora’s house in the Everfree Forest.

The travel to the Everfree was almost peaceful... almost, if it weren’t for dash.

   -”Sooo what will happen when we find her?” whispered Dash to Twilight.

   -”We convince her to return.” replied Twilight likewise.

   -”Suuuure, and you think she will after... our mistake?” Dash got an little smile on her muzzle.

   -”It was mostly your mistake, I didn’t want it.”


   -”Stop believing that there is something between us.”

   -”No, you stop believing that there is nothing between us. You didn’t resist, you know.”

Twilight groaned and let it be. Dash’s smile just widened, for she knew that she won this one.

The group reached Zecora’s hut, they knocked on the door. The door opened and a Zebra stood.

   -”Ou, why you come to visit me, I hope you came for my good tea.”

   -”I am sorry Zecora but we don’t have the time. We are looking for Fluttershy, was she here?”

   -”She was here and then away, to challenge her fear after a day.”

   -”Where! Zecora please tell us.” Twilight was relived to hear these words.

   -”To the dragon mountain she meant, she used a wagon as she went.”

Twilight and everyone else turn immediately around and headed towards the dragon mountain.

   -”Thank you, Zecora.” were the only words of Twilight as they walked away.

After passing stick and stones they arrived at the mountain, not knowing how Fluttershy could come this far, they kept moving up. A mountain climb later they saw a wagon and a tent besides it but no Fluttershy was there. Everyone kept looking as they heard an noise, coming from the cave. It sounded like someone was crying. Twilight who just realised who this could be, signed to the other ponies that she will be the one who goes in.

Twilight entered the cave and saw almost nothing, only a small light at the far end of this cave. As she came closer, she realised that this light was a campfire, nearly burned down. Fluttershy sat next to it. Twilight used her magic to lighten the cave up. Fluttershy realised only in this moment that someone was with her. She yelped and hid herself behind a rock.

After she realised who this glare light produced, she stood up and stroke the ground with her hoof, like the first time they met.

   -”Oh, Twilight... you are... here.” began this cute shy voice. “Did you... did you got my...”

   -”Yes Fluttershy, I got your letter and I wanted to talk to you.”

   -”What... what do you want to talk... about?”

   -”I just want to clarify that there is nothing between me and Dash. And I want you to come  


   -”Oh... and do you.... do you lo-.... do you.............”

Twilight stood there, unable to make her choice. She felt something for that yellow pegasus, but if it was love? She was unsure what to say. Maybe it wasn’t love after all she felt for her. She used to believe that this could not be love. And what is about Dash? Did she really feel nothing for her? Maybe it was as Dash said? Maybe she felt something for both.

Moments later, Twilight said the only thing that was the most reasonable. “No. I am sorry.”

   - "But even if you feel something for me, for the sake of all your friends, please come back."

   -”Oh.... I um... can’t.”

   -”Please Fluttershy!”

   -”I am sorry too, Twilight.”

Twilight saw that this pegasus made her mind, so she just turned around and left the cave.

After she stepped outside, the others just saw her, not sure what to think. Twilight just shook her head as a sign that Fluttershy won’t come back. Everypony was about to turn around and walk back home but then, Rainbow Dash went in the cave. An hour passed, they waited outside. It was almost Night when Dash came out and right behind her Fluttershy. Everypony relieved, turned around and headed back to Ponyville.

It was another sunny day in Ponyville, like a day that Twilight kept in mind.

She looked out of the window and heard the birds singing and the wind blowing. And then she saw something. Something was there, in the skies. It seemed like two pegasi stuck in the air.

Tears runs over Twilight’s face as she saw the blue pegasus embracing the yellow one with a tender kiss.

By. A.n.B