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Chapter 1 : The Great and Powerful Mishap.

“Thanks Joe, Spike would have been upset if I hadn’t gotten these doughnuts I promised.”  Twilight said with an air of relief as she walked up to the counter of the doughnut store.  

“Hey no problem Twilight, Things have been a bit dull without you and Spike around” Joe said with a smile.  “What have you been doing while you’re back in your hometown?”

“I’ve been in the library, I spent a little longer then I thought I would, but there was this new book that was all about the theory of an i....” she trailed off realizing she was babbling about her studies again.

“Heheh... sorry Joe, I guess I got carried away.  Thanks for opening the store back up for me!” she said as she picked up the box of doughnuts, tucking it into her bag and making her way out of the shop.

“Anytime Twilight, tell Spike I said hi” Joe replied as Twilight left.

Twilight was in Canterlot for a meeting with Princess Celestia, it was unusual for the Princess to summon her to the palace, especially at such a late hour, but Twilight had decided to make the most of it and spend the day studying in the library.  The library in Canterlot always got the new books in first and she wanted to get ahead in her studies before Applebuck season was here.  She wasn’t going to let AJ and Big Macintosh have to do it alone, not after last year.  She picked up into a speedy trot.


“I’m sorry, Princess Celestia is currently expecting an important visitor for a meeting” the palace official told the silver maned pony, “I’m afraid she won’t be able to have a meeting with this evening”.

Trixie scowled “Huh!  Who could be more important than the Great and Powerful Trixie!  The Great and Powerful Trixie must talk to the Princess at once!” she stomped her front hoof down and glared at the unimpressed mare sitting at the desk.  

“I’m sorry, there is just simply no way that Princess Celestia can see you at this time, you can wait and see if the meeting runs short but even then I believe Princess Celestia would not have enough time to see...The Great and Powerful Trixie” she finished the sentence with an air of disdain and glanced at one of the guards.

Trixie followed her gaze to the guard and let out a frustrated growl “Fine” she sighed “but don’t think you’ve seen the last of Trixie!” she reared back and made a smoke cloud magically appear before her, but before she could do her usual dash away, two of the guards were beside her, holding her in place.  “Uh!  What do you think you are doing, take your hooves off me at once!” Trixie exclaimed.

The guards looked at the receptionist who couldn’t stop the slight grin appearing on her face

“I think it’s time for ‘The Great and Powerful Trixie’ to make a special kind of exit” she said with an almost crude smile on her face.  The guards nodded and dragged Trixie out of the palace.  

“You are welcome to wait outside Ms. Trixie, if Princess Celestia gets any free time after her meeting, I will send a Guard to escort you into the palace” the receptionist said in her usual professional tone.

Outside Trixie was livid, she paced back and forth outside the Palace, stomping each hoof with every step.  She stopped a few times to yell at the Guards at the entrance, mostly about the questionable lineage of the “cowardly old mare” that had her removed from the Palace.  She stopped just short of getting herself arrested.  After some more pacing, she started walking away from the Palace.

Well if I can’t see Celestia today, then perhaps I should make it so her oh-so-precious visitor can’t Trixie thought to herself as a wry smile crept onto her face This could be a perfect time to try out that new spell I discovered.  She moved into the shadows and waited.


As she rounded the corner and could finally see the road leading up to the Palace, Twilight slowed down to a regular pace and made her way up the road, ‘No need to arrive all sweaty and out of breath’ she thought to herself.  She started thinking about her friends as she walked, Applejack was in Apploosa delivering another tree.  Rainbow Dash went with her to see Little Strongheart, she’d thought of a new trick and wanted to see if Little Strongheart could help her with it.  Rarity had come with her to Canterlot to visit a fashion show and would be staying here for a week.  Fluttershy was still in Ponyville, she had a family of very sick bunnies to take care of, and Pinkie Pie was visiting her parents.  She smiled as she thought about them, remembering the fun they had shared.  She had completely ignored the tingling that had started in her back thinking it was just a response to her thoughts, it had slowly spread throughout her body but when it reached her horn, it started to glow.  Twilight stopped and tried to focus but everything was starting to get a purple hue.

“Wait, What’s going on?” She exclaimed with panic.  Her body now felt completely numb now and each step threatened to send her tumbling over.  She quickly tried to look around for help but if anyone was around she couldn’t see them, her vision was nearly completely gone, her horn was brighter than it had ever been before, the only thing that stood out against the thick purple light was a hint of blue piercing through.  She took two steps towards it before everything went black.


Trixie breathed heavily and finally opened her eyes, she looked around and saw that Twilight had disappeared, all that was left was her saddlebags.  

“Ha!  it worked!” She exclaimed.  She couldn’t believe her luck!  Not only does she get her visit with the Princess but she gets some revenge on that meddling do-gooder Twilight!  She made her way over to the Saddlebags and threw them over the edge of the cliff to the side of the road, she started to make her way back up towards the Palace, but didn’t make it far before stumbling into some bushes and passing out.


Twilight rubbed her eyes and groggily opened them.  “Wha- What happened?” she asked no one.  

She looked around and found that she was back in the Ponyville Library.  She tried to recall what had happened and all she could remember was studying in Canterlot.  She lay in her bed for a while trying to recall the events of the previous day.  She could remember heading to Canterlot, it was such a beautiful day and Rarity was talking about the fashion conference she had been invited to.  Twilight had offered to let Rarity stay in her old room in Canterlot but Rarity assured her that she had somewhere to stay, and when Twilight asked all Rarity would say is she had a place and not to worry about it.  

“Okay, this is good, one step at a time” said outloud.  After they arrived in Canterlot, they went their seperate ways, Twilight went to the library and...

“Wait.  Did I go straight to the library?” she tried to think about it but she couldn’t remember, everything was starting to get blurry in her memory at this point.  She could remember going to the library, but she couldn’t quite remember what she did there, all she could see in her mind was a dull purple mist.  She stumbled out of bed, brushed her mane and made her way downstairs to see if Spike could tell her anything.  

“Spike?  Spiiiiiiike?” She yelled for her assistant, but found no reply, and that the front door was wide open.  “Ugh, I leave him to take care of the library alone and he’s not even here!  And he doesn’t even shut the door on his way out!” she exclaimed angrily.  She looked around the library to no avail, then she walked outside and looked around, wondering where Spike would go in such a hurry that he would leave the door open.  She set off for Carousel Boutique.


Trixie cursed herself for falling asleep.  She’d woken up to a huge commotion outside the palace, where several guards were scurrying about.  She moved to get a better view through the bushes she’d fallen asleep in, that suddenly took her by surprise.  

I fell asleep in bushes? did that happen? she thought to herself. she tried to remember what happened last night but was unable to recall anything past being thrown out of the Palace.  Trixie scowled at the memory of being removed from the palace is such a way.  She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t notice Princess Celestia come out of the palace to meet Rarity.  She glanced up in time to see a Peguses Guard bringing Twilight’s saddlebags up from the cliff.  Panic arose as she suddenly remembered everything that happened, everything will calm down after they find Twilight back in Phonyville, but right now, things could get a little complicated for her.  A small purple Dragon ran up to the scene, Trixie quickly ducked down and listened in, waiting for the right time to sneak away.

That stupid little purple dragon, Trixie immediately recognized him from her completely unfair bullying in Phoneyville.  He ran up towards the palace, “Rarity!  Did you find her?  Where is she?” he asked, out of breath.  Obviously.  That little bookworm probably keeps him in that library all day Trixie thought with a smirk.  

“I’m afraid not Spike, and...well, I think you may want to sit down for this, but it looks like we may have found her things but absolutely no sign of her” someone replied,

Trixie shifted to get a better view, she instantly recognized Rarity Ha!  That pompous wannabe-fashionista who looked so much better with the hairstyle I gave her. Trixie snorted, thinking about one of her victories over those wretched ponies in Phoneyville.  

“One of the guards found her bags down the side of the cliff there” Rarity pointed in the direction the saddlebags were found “but there was no sign of...” she trailed off, looking directly at the bushes.  Trixie was pretty sure she had been spotted.  She tried to keep as still as she could.

“...Twilight anywhere” Rarity said, speaking loudly.  Trixie watched as Rarity lowered her head towards the stupid little purple dragon and whispered something.  

“Okay Rarity, I’ll head down to see if she left anything at the library” He exclaimed, and set off running down the path.  Trixie tried to keep an eye him but he quickly moved out of her view, around the corner.

Trixie turned her attention back to the saddlebags, wondering if she maybe shouldn’t have thrown those over the cliff.  She did not notice Spike until he was almost directly on top of her.  The little Dragon had managed to sneak up to her silently., She quickly ducked down a little and was as still as she could be.   As he slowly made his way along the bushes it was obvious he was looking for something, or in this case, somepony.  She was so sure that she was about to get caught, he was even looking right at her at one point.  Just as she was about to make run for it he turned away and went back to that ridiculous purple maned drama queen.  Trixie waited until Spike was back with the others before quickly moving to a more covered part of the bushes.  She waited there until the time was right and she could slip away unseen.

The dragon shook his head “There was nothing in there Rarity.” he said as he returned.  

Trixie looked on as Rarity frowned and glanced over towards her, but it didn’t look like she could see her.  Trixie sighed in relief.  

“Must have been a trick of the light, oh well.  I was quite hoping it was Twilight.”  she heard Rarity say.  

Spike looked up at Princess Celestia “Princess Celestia, did....did something bad happen to Twilight?” he asked with tears threatening to well up in his eyes,

“I’m afraid I don’t know my dear, I’ve got the Palace guard out looking for her.  I’m sure we’ll find her Spike.  Perhaps you should return to Ponyville in case she makes her way back there” the Princess replied “Without you there she’ll have no way to get a message to us”.  

Spike looked puzzled for a second “OH MY GOSH!  You’re right!  I better get back there!” he exclaimed and started to run back down the path.  

“Spike” Celestia called after him “I could have the guards take you home if you’d like” she turned to her personal Chariot carriers and had them prepare to take Spike home.


“Thank you Princess” Spike sighed with relief.

Trixie carefully looked out of the bushes to make sure that everyone had turned to look at The Princess.  She started to sneak away but before she took two steps she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.  Her hat and cloak were lying under the bush she had fallen asleep in.  

Why did I take those off? she thought to herself.  She started to make her way towards them when one of the guards started to move towards her.  She quickly pulled back and hid in the bushes.  

The guard walked right by her hat and cloak without so much as a glance.  Good, they’re hidden...I think I’ll just leave those there for now then.  I can come back when things quiet down a bit Trixie decided as she turned, making sure she could not be seen and  slowly walking away from the Palace until she was completely out of sight.  


After looking around Ponyville for an hour, Twilight couldn’t find Spike anywhere.  She checked all over the town.  She spotted Daisy and trotted over to her,  

“Hey Daisy, have you seen Spike anywhere?  I woke up this morning and couldn’t find him anywhere.” she asked.  Daisy continued watering her flowers, then walked around to the back of her house to tend to the flowers there.  Twilight followed her puzzled.

“Daisy?  You don’t have to ignore me you know!” She said rather irritated.  Daisy just continued watering her flowers.  

Twilight growled “Fine!  I’ll go find someone else”.  She turned and walked away, Daisy finished watering her flowers and went into her house.  


Twilight returned to the library, still unable to find Spike, or anyone willing to talk to her, anywhere.  She began to wonder what she’d done when she got back from Canterlot and was beginning to really wish she could remember what happened after she left the library.  As she approached her home she noticed the door was closed, she was sure she didn’t close it herself so that can only mean...

“Spike’s home!” she said excitedly.  She ran to the door reached her hoof to open it.  

At least that was her  intention, what actually happened was completely unexpected.  Her hoof went right through the door, along with the rest of her and fell straight into the library, Twilight looked back in disbelief.  “But that’s....that’s impossible!” she exclaimed.  She got to her feet to see Spike tending to some books.  “Spike?”  She said timidly.  

Spike turned around and walked towards her, then right through her to the door.  He opened it and looked outside, “Come on Twilight...Just come home...” he said to himself as he closed the door disappointed.

Chapter 2 : The Ghost of Twilight Sparkle

“Spike?  SPIKE?” Twilight had been yelling at Spike since she got back to the library but no matter how soft or loud she yelled, Spike did not react to anything.  She tried changing the pitch of her voice to no avail.  

Well, whatever has happened here, Spike can’t see or hear me.  Twilight thought, That must be why Daisy was ignoring me!  She couldn’t either!  Well, I guess I’ll have to figure this out on my own!  She made her way over to the shelves that contained the magic books and looked over the titles.

“Okay, Let’s see.” She focused and her horn started to glow.  She tried to make the books move off the shelf but no matter what she did they did not move.  She squinted her eyes and gritted her teeth.  The horn on her head glowed brightly but still the spell would not work.

“Gah!” She breathed heavily, worn out from trying to cast what is normally a simple spell “Why can’t I make the books move?  Is this part of what has happened to me?  How am I going to fix this if I can’t help myself either?!” She growled, frustrated.  

She moved towards the door, extending her hoof and watching with an unshakable eeriness as her sense of normality slowly slipped away and her appendage passed through the door.  She sighed and decided it best just to go with it for the sake of her sanity, however long that may hold out.  

Ponyville was relatively quiet today.  She could hear several ponies talking about her disappearance.  Mostly concerned ponies hoping she’s okay.  A few suggesting that perhaps Princess Celestia has her locked up in the dungeon to keep her away from her books for a while.  Twilight rolled her eyes and walked towards the Town Square.  

“Well, at least everyone is looking for me  If anyone can see me they should say something right away.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt for me to process my thoughts out loud just in case someone can hear me”, she said, speaking in the voice she reserved for addressing crowds of people in a somewhat official capacity.  She arrived outside Sugarcube Corner and stopped for a brief few seconds.  

“MR AND MRS CAKE?  IT’S ME TWILIGHT!” She shouted, but when no reply came and none of the ponies around her even so much as twitched she continued on her way to the Town Square.  She passed a few ponies, calling to them as she went on her way but not a single one heard her.  

She made her way towards the school and saw Cheerilee walking in her direction.  Twilight walked up to her and tried to tap her on the shoulder.  Her hand went right into Cheerilee’s body and Twilight quickly withdrew it, still shocked at her lack of presence.  Cheerilee stopped and shuddered briefly.  

One of her students, Twist, called over, “Are you okay Miss Cheerilee?” she asked in her nasally tone.

“Oh, yes Twist, I’m fine.  Just a weird chill went down my back” Cheerilee answered her student.  “I’ll see you first thing tomorrow in class!” she chimed in her usual bubbly voice.  Twilight sighed and continued on her way to find somepony who could see her.

“Maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way.  If this has something to do with a spell I learned at the Canterlot Library, if I even went there, maybe I need somepony who can do magic!” she exclaimed out loud.  “And I hope this isn’t some elaborate prank Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie made up before they left town, or everypony here is going to be making fun of me for talking to myself for the next year...” she muttered as she lowered her head and set off for the long journey to Canterlot.

If anypony can see me, it’s going to be Princess Celestia, or even Princess Luna.  One of them HAS to be able to see me, or hear me, or anything! She thought to herself as she made her way up the long road towards the capital city.  She passed several ponies along the way, but of course no one saw her, and she’d given up trying to gather their attention.  Although as she passed a field filled with several bunnies, she noticed they kept sniffing at the air and looking in her direction.  

It’s not that they can see me Twilight thought, it’s like they sense something here.  I’ll have to go see Fluttershy if I have no luck with the Princesses. With that she smiled.  Twilight always felt more in control when she had some kind of plan.  It, at the very least,  gave her an illusion of organization.   “Not that anything about this feels organized” she sighed.

When she arrived in Canterlot she made her way straight to the palace and was struck by a memory of trotting along at much the same pace she was now.  She had a brief memory of Joe’s Doughnut Shop being closed and then everything was that bright purple veil that continued to clog any memory of the previous night.  As she stepped up to the doors of the palace (hoping to be stopped by the guard, with no luck) she moved her hoof to open the door, stopped, and sighed.  

I guess I just don’t use doors anymore.  The thought made the panic rise in her that she might never go back to her regular life again.  She quickly focused her mind on the task at hand as images of Spike forever looking for her threatened to conjure into her head.  She walked through the door, feeling an odd sensation as she did so.  She was starting to get more feeling back into her body, which she hadn’t noticed had been numb since she awoke.  Now that it was starting to operate on whatever level of normalcy she now existed in, she discovered that she was indeed interacting in a small way with objects.  

As she walked towards the throne room she considered this prospect, I can still walk on the ground she thought and stomped her hoof down on the next step.  However it went through the floor and she tripped, rolling over and landing on her back.  “Owwww” she whined.  She picked herself up and continued to make her way to the throne room with gentle steps.

As she arrived in the throne room she saw a bustling scene of official looking ponies talking to Princess Celestia.  Princess Luna was standing beside her sister with a sad look on her face. She briefly looked up and was looking directly at Twilight.  Then Celestia did the same.  They were both looking directly at Twilight!

They see me!  I KNEW IT! Twilight thought, and was about to speak when suddenly Twilight felt something pass through her.  She shuddered as one of the Royal Guards passed through her body and walked towards the Princesses.  Twilight quickly moved off the carpet that was used as a pathway to the throne and moved closer to the scene.

“Hey!  HEY!  CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?” Twilight yelled.  No one responded, but she was sure she saw Princess Celestia glance up.  “PRINCESS?  CAN YOU HEAR ME?” She shouted as she moved closer.  Princess Celestia turned her attention back to the Guard that had just entered the room.

“So there is still nothing?  No sign of her anywhere?” the Princess asked the guard.

“No, not a trace.  One of the guards reported seeing a bright purple light from the bottom of the road leading to the palace at around the time you were expecting Ms. Sparkle.  The only trace we found were the bags we discovered this morning.  I’m afraid if she is still alive at this point, she is completely unable to move or get help.  If she went over the side of the cliff where we found her bags, then there is no way she could have gotten far.  I’m afraid she may be gone Your Highness.” the guard answered solemnly.

Both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were taken aback by shock, even though it was obvious from the look on both of their faces that they had been expecting the worst.  Princess Luna walked out of the room with her head lowered.  Twilight hurried after her.

“Princess Luna?  Please tell me you can hear me” Twilight called out to Luna.  Luna turned into a room and closed the door behind her.  Twilight let out a sigh and made her way out of the Palace.

Maybe I really am dead.  I never believed in ghosts.  I always said I didn’t believe in something you can’t see with your own eyes  she thought sadly as she slowly ambled down the road away from the palace.  “Yes, but Pinkie Pie taught me I don’t always need physical proof to believe in something...” she muttered. 

The very thought started to eat at her sanity.   She could no longer control her emotions and the tears streamed down her face as she made her way out of Canterlot back towards Ponyville.  She was thinking about all her friends, and especially Spike.  He would be completely devastated when he finds out.  Another stream of tears forced their way to her eyes.  

Okay, I can’t keep being sad about this.  It happened and I just have to get on with it” Twilight said, trying to regain what was left of her now very fragile psyche.  “I’ll go and say goodbye to my friends.  If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll try to find out what happened to me.  Then we’ll see what happens next!”.  She straightened herself up and dried her face.

She came up to a crossroad a little way out of Ponyville and saw Pinkie Pie on her way back from her visit to her parents.  She was bouncing along with her usual happy-go-lucky smile plastered across her face.  Twilight wondered how she’d react to the news that one of her friends was dead.  Maybe she’ll throw a party? she thought and actually managed to laugh.  

Twilight continued walking towards Ponyville as Pinkie Pie bounced passed her, “Hey Pinkie” Twilight said sadly.

“Hey Twilight!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounced her way back to Ponyville...

Chapter 3 : The Great and Powerful Ghost

Keeping to the more quiet paths and back alleys of Canterlot, Trixie made her way back to her trailer.  She was still worn out from the spell and planned to wait until nightfall to retrieve her hat and cloak.  Then it would be time to leave Canterlot behind her.  She had already decided to make an appointment with Princess Celestia when all this had died down.

They won’t ever consider that I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, was behind any of this.......Would they? she thought as the usual bravado and overconfidence slowly started to disappear from her mind as it often would when she realized that it was possible that she could be in serious trouble, yet again.  She approached her trailer and moved to open the door.

Wait! her mind suddenly commanded her, If they find your clothes before you have a chance to recover them, this is the first place they’ll come looking for you.  Trixie moved away from her trailer and looked around.  There was some bushes over in the distance that would provide a good view of her trailer.  She made her way over to them and sighed to herself.

Another nap in the bushes?  I thought I was done with this... Her mind’s voice had taken to being the scared little filly she once was.  She carefully hid under the bushes, making sure she was concealed and watched her trailer.  She tried to force her eyes open, but could not fight the overwhelming tiredness that had been brought on by the spell she had cast.  She was quickly in a deep sleep.

As she slept, the world around her went on as normal.  No guards appeared at the trailer looking for her.  A few people stopped at the trailer, perhaps looking to see if there was going to be a show, or perhaps to make fun of Trixie since the rumors of what had happened in Ponyville were now following her almost everywhere she went.  Trixie was sleeping rather restlessly.  She tossed and turned, muttering every so often.  The day gave way to the night.

She awoke with a start.  Sweat was pouring down her face and her breathing was very heavy.  She had been dreaming that she had been falling through a purple haze, screaming the whole time.  She’d seen many faces, but the one she saw clearest of all was Twilight’s.  Twilight was looking at Trixie as she fell with an expression of pity and sadness.  She’d said something but Trixie couldn’t remember what it was.  Trixie looked up at the starry sky and realized she’d slept a lot longer than she’d though.  She yawned, made her way out of the bushes, and walked around her trailer at a distance, trying to see if anything had been moved.  

Okay, I best get my things and get out of here.  This is just getting too strange. The voice in her mind was even more timid now.  She worried that she may not even be able to project her usual confidence if she were to run into someone.  Trixie shook her head to clear it and took off up towards the Palace.

When she arrived there it was much quieter.  The only guards were the ones at the bottom of the stairs and no one else seemed to be around.  She went over to the bushes where she had left her hat and cloak and found they were still there.  She carefully moved around to the back of the bushes and leaned in to pick up her clothes.  She did not notice that the bush was passing through her.  She stretched to reach for her things and fell into the bush without any sound.

What...What’s going on? she thought.  She saw her hat and tried to pick it up, but her hoof passed right through it.  Suddenly gripped with utter panic she continued to try and pick it up, each time with the same lack of result.  

“What’s happening to me?” she called out loud.  She scrambled to her feet and finally realized the bush was also not registering her form.  She quickly moved out of the bush, unsure what to do next.  She jumped as a voice spoke up from behind her.

“YOU!  What are you doing here?  Did you have something to do with Twilight’s disappearance?” the pony standing behind Trixie said.  Trixie turned and saw Rarity looking at her with eyes that suggested a hint of murder.  Trixie sunk back slightly, then steadied herself with every ounce of her being.

“How dare you question the Great and Powerful Trixie in such a manner!  I have no idea what you are talking about!  I was just on my way to seek an audience with the Princess cloak!  My cloak got dirty so I came over here to clean it.” she lowered her eyelids slightly and glared back at Rarity.

“Huh.  I don’t believe that for a second.  GUARDS!” Rarity shouted, calling over the 2 guards that were stationed outside the Palace.  They tore around the corner and looked at Rarity.

“What is it?  Are you in trouble?” One of the guards asked Rarity.  Trixie stood there, too frightened to move.

“Yes, I believe this...this...ugh...I believe she has something to do with Twilight’s disappearance.” she answered, pointing at Trixie.  Trixie closed her eyes, fighting back the urge to cry.  It had been a long time since she had been this scared, and she had to make sure that even in the worst of circumstances, she was able to project herself with the confidence she did now, and not falter back into the scared little filly of her past.

When Trixie opened her eyes, she saw one of the guards’ tail.  Behind the tail was a very pale (or was she always that color?) Rarity who looked like she was getting ready to pass out.  Trixie turned her head and saw that the guard was standing inside her.  She screamed and jumped to the side as the guard turned around.

“There’s nopony here, just a hat and cloak.” he said, “Do you know who this belongs to?  ”

Rarity stood there, frozen for a second before answering “N...No.  Actually.  Those...those are.” she stopped, looking at Trixie, “Those are mine.  I’m...I suddenly don’t feel well.  Perhaps I’m too worried about Twilight.  Not to mention I haven’t slept yet.” She smiled at the guards.

“Okay.  You should really get some sleep.  You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” One of the guards said as they made their way back to the front of the palace.

Rarity reached in and picked up the hat and cloak.  “What is going on here Trixie?” she yelled, throwing her hat and cloak to her.  Once again it melted right through Trixie’s hoof.  Rarity jumped slightly.

“What do you mean?  The Great and Powerful Trixie has just performed more extraordinary feats that your puny mind cannot comprehend!” Trixie proudly bragged.  

Rarity sighed, turned around, and moved down the path away from Trixie.  Trixie went over to the guards and stood in front of them.  “You can’t see me can you?” she asked them somewhat timidly.  No answer came.  “Of course you can’t....You can’t hear me, or see me....” she moved her hoof and tried to poke the guard, her hand slid inside his chest.  She quickly pulled it out “...or touch me.” Trixie finished with a little sadness in her voice.

“But she can” She quickly added, looking back to see Rarity round the corner.  Trixie felt a surge of frustration and defeat flow through her as she realized what was going to have to happen next.  She ran down the path and followed Rarity...

Chapter 4 : You’ve got to stand up tall

Pinkie Pie had a wonderful trip to visit her parents.  Even one of her sisters had been there which was a great surprise for Pinkie.  She happily bounced along the path towards Ponyville.  In the distance she saw Twilight looking a little bit down.  

Awww.  She looks so sad!  I’ll have to hurry home and get a party together right away! she thought as she bounced by Twilight.

“Hey Pinkie” she heard Twilight say.  She sounded sad.

“Hey Twilight!!” Pinkie Exclaimed and bounced her way back to Ponyville.  She’d gotten a good way down the path when she heard Twilight yelling after her.

“Pinkie??  Pinkie wait.  WAAAAAIT!” Twilight called.  Pinkie stopped suddenly and Twilight ran through the back of her and popped out the front.  

“WHOA!  Twilight!  That was awesome!” giggled Pinkie, “How did you do that?  Is it a new trick?  Can you make it so I can do that?  Oh oh!  I could really..”

“Pinkie...” Twilight tried to intercede.

“...prank Rainbow Dash with that.  OH I know, maybe we could both...” Pinkie continued.

“PINKIE!!!!” Twilight yelled.

“Oh, sorry.  Yes Twilight?” Pinkie said, still overly excited.

“Pinkie.  You...can see me?” Twilight asked.

Pinkie Pie snorted “Well of course I can see you!  Silly!” She giggled, “You are right there!” She tried to touch Twilight’s nose as she finished her sentence, but her hand went right through Twilight’s face, causing Pinkie to burst into more laughter.

“Pinkie.  I....I don’t know how to tell you this.  I didn’t do this to myself.  I was just at the palace, no one there could see me, and they....Pinkie.  I think I’m dead” Twilight said as formally as she could, but there was certainly a hint of sadness breaking through.  

“Twi?  What do you mean dead?  I can see you right there.  I can’t...” Pinkie suddenly put her hooves to her mouth, “...Are you a ghost??” she exclaimed.

Twilight frowned slightly, “I don’t know Pinkie, but so far, you are the only person that can see me.  Not even the Princesses could see me.”

“No.  You can’t be a ghost Twilight.  I would have made you disappear when I laughed if you were a ghost!” Pinkie said smiling, “Something else has happened, but there is no way you are a ghost.”

Twilight smiled at that, “Okay Pinkie.  If you say so.  Let’s head back to Ponyville.  If you can help me, maybe we can see if something else is going on here.”

“Okie Dokie” Pinkie said and bounced off towards Ponyville.  Her head was racing with ideas on how to cheer Twilight up.  She kept considering what she was going to do for the party she was going to throw.  Anything to get her mind off the possibility that one of her best friends could even possibly be dead.

Pinkie stopped outside the library, waiting for Twilight to open the door.  Twilight looked at her, and Pinkie returned the biggest smile she could.  Twilight sighed and walked through the door.  Pinkie Pie wanted so badly to laugh, but held it back.  She opened the door and entered the library.

“Sorry Twilight!  I completely forgot!” Pinkie said as she bounced through the door.

“Pinkie?  What are you doing here?  Did you say Twilight??  Where is she?” Spike said, running up to Pinkie.

“Right over there, Spike” Pinkie said, pointing at Twilight who was waving her hooves around and shaking her head.  

Spike turned to look where Pinkie was pointing, “Oh, very funny Pinkie.  This is no time for Pranks!  Haven’t you heard?  Twilight’s gone missing!” he said with a chastising tone.

Pinkie frowned slightly, “But Spike!  She’s right there, don’t you see her?”.

Twilight glared at Pinkie and moved towards her, “Pinkie, Stop it!  Spike can’t see me and you are just going to make him upset!” she chided.

Pinkie frowned more, “Oh.  Sorry Twi.  I didn’t think about that.  I guess I’ll need to be more careful about what I say huh?”

Spike growled at Pinkie and stormed upstairs.  Twilight shook her head and Pinkie sat in the corner.

“Come on Pinkie, it’s okay.  This isn’t exactly a normal situation.  Spike will get over it if everything turns out okay.” Twilight said, trying to smile.

Pinkie nodded and hopped to her feet, “You mean when!  And YES!  Let’s get you all fixed up!”.

Spike returned to the top of the stairs “THAT’S IT!  GET OUT OF HERE NOW PINKIE!  TWILIGHT ISN’T HERE!  I’LL TELL HER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR HER WHEN SHE GETS BACK!” Spike shouted angrily.

Pinkie glanced at Twilight who nodded and they made their way out of the library.  Outside Twilight sighed.  

“Honestly, I didn’t even think about Spike.  I’m really sorry Pinkie, I didn’t mean for you to get in the middle of this mess, but I don’t have a choice” Twilight said, “Maybe we should head to the library in Canterlot.  At least no pony there will really get that upset about you mentioning my name.”

“Okie Dokie” Pinkie said and started bouncing off, “OH!  Wait!  I have to go home and get some things, okay?” she bounced her way to Sugar Cube Corner without waiting for a reply.

At Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie trotted upstairs after saying Hello to Mrs. Cake.  She found Gummy and gave him a quick nuzzle.

“Okay Gummy.  I have to go to Canterlot.  You be a good little Alligator and I’ll bring you something home!  I’ve got to get my bags unpacked and packed up for a party!” She exclaimed and started packing things into her saddlebags.

She hopped outside and found Twilight waiting “I’m ready!” Pinkie exclaimed (I exclaim a lot don’t I?).

“Okay, It’s going to be night time soon so we should try and get there as quickly as possible” Twilight stated, “If the library is closed, we’ll have to find somewhere to spend the night”

Pinkie nodded and they set on their way to Canterlot.  Pinkie was busy planning out Twilight’s party on the way.  Twilight was talking to her about something, but Pinkie didn’t understand most of it.  Something about magic.  I’ll hang streamers and balloons and I’ll try and get a cake from somewhere.  I wonder if Joe’s has cakes!  I’ll go there! she thought to herself.  Well, it’s not quite to myself, you are here too!

They arrived in Canterlot just as night started to fall.  They immediately made their way to the library, but it was closed.  There were guards stationed at the door.

“Pinkie, you should ask them what’s going on and if the library is going to open.” Twilight said.

“Okie Dokie, “ she said to Twilight, then turned her attention to the guards “Hi!  So, why are you here?  Is the library open?  Can I go in?  Huhhuhhuh?”

One of the guards looked at Pinkie Pie, “Library is off limits until further notice.”

“Awww.  I wanted to go inside!” Pinkie said, then turned to Twilight “I don’t think they are going to let us in.  Maybe we should go see the Princess?  Or find somewhere to stay?”

“I’ll find us somewhere to stay, I know some places around here we might be able to get in, and it’d be easier for me to check alone.  Why don’t you go up to the Palace and see if you can get an audience with the Princess?  It should be Luna at this hour...” Twilight said and set off, “Just wait for me outside the Palace.  I’ll be there soon!”

Pinkie nodded and hopped towards the Palace.  

As she came to the corner that lead to the Palace she ran, literally, into Rarity.  

“Ow!  Pinkie Pie!  What are you doing here?” Rarity asked, rather annoyed.  Rarity stood up and looked down at Pinkie.

“Oh, I’m here to throw a party for Twilight.  I gotta go talk to Princess Luna first though!” Pinkie said, excitedly.

“Oh, my goodness Pinkie, has no one told you yet?  Twilight’s gone missing” Rarity said

Pinkie Pie snorted a giggle and bounced on her way towards the corner leading around to the Palace.  “You’ll come won’t you?  It’s going to be at the library tomorrow!  See you there!”

She heard Rarity yell something but wasn’t listening.  She had to get to the Palace and convince the Princess to let her throw a party for Twilight to cheer her up.  Lost in her thoughts she ran into, and through, another Pony.  Pinkie screamed.

“Ahhhh!  You too!  Hey wait!  I know you, aren’t you Trixie?” Pinkie said

Trixie looked at her in shock.  “Yes, I am the Great and Powerful Trixie!  Who are you?”

Pinkie Grinned from ear to ear, “HI!  I’m Pinkie Pie!  I saw you in Ponyville!”

“Uh...and how is it you can see Trixie?!” Trixie demanded

Pinkie giggled “Well DUH!  I have eyes, see?” Pinkie leaned in on Trixie and glared at her, “But I don’t have time for this!  I have to get to the Palace!  Bye Trixie!  I’ll see you soon!”

She stepped into a trot and made her way up the steps to the Palace.  As she entered the main hallway she saw Princess Celestia at the top of the stairs.  Pinkie called to her.

“Hey Princess Celestia!  I need to talk to you!  I need to get into the library to throw a surprise party for Twilight!” Pinkie yelled.  Before she could take one more bounce towards the Princess there were three guards upon her holding her in place.  “HEY!  That tickles!” She giggled.

“Guards, let her go.  She’s a friend of Twilight Sparkle” Princess Celestia said in her soft voice.  Pinkie always liked her voice.  It made her think of her Granny.

“Thank you Princess!  Hey, so can I throw the party?  Can I?  I’ve brought everything I need.  Well, I need to find a cake, but I’m...” Pinkie said, very bubbly and excited.

“Pinkie Pie is it?” Princess Celestia asked, interrupting her.

“Yessiree!  As I was saying I could maybe find a cake at Joe’s, but if I can’t...” Pinkie babbled.

“My dear.” Celestia said, trying again to Interrupt.

“...I’ll keep looking around...I mean this is Canterlot!  If I can’t find a cake here I won’t be able to find a cake ANNNNNYWHERE!” Pinkie Continued.

“Yes.  Quite.  Pinkie Pie.  I’m afraid I have some rather bad news.” Princess Celestia said.

“Oh!  I already know about that!  Silly!” Pinkie giggled, “So can I throw the party?  Huhhuhhuh?”

The Princess sighed, smiled, then nodded.  “Yes my dear, you go ahead and throw your party.  I’ll have the guards notified immediately.  They will let you into the library.  Try not to burn the place down”

“Oh!  That won’t happen again!  I know what went wrong last time!”  Pinkie said

“Oh.  Hmm.  Perhaps you should spend the night here at the Palace.  It is getting a little late and the guards are still cleaning up after their search.” Celestia suggested.

“Oh!  That would be great!!  I have to go wait outside though!” Pinkie said and bounced her way out of the Palace, leaving Celestia with a look of bewilderment on her face.

Outside the Palace, Pinkie sat and waited for Twilight.  She started writing out invitations to her friends.  

Oh!  Maybe I can get Princess Celestia to get these invitations to everyone She thought, then something caught her eye.  She wandered over to the pile of clothing on the ground and picked it up....

Chapter 5 : The madness of Twilight Sparkle

Twilight watched as Pinkie bounced off towards the Palace.  She couldn’t process everything with Pinkie being...Pinkie.  She set off on her task to find them a place to stay in case Luna decided not to let them into the library tonight.  It might have been easier if she went with Pinkie Pie, but she needed time to herself right now.  That was the only good thing about this whole situation.  Other than Pinkie Pie, she was alone even when there were other ponies around.

She walked around Canterlot lost in her thoughts.  She was trying to wrap her head around the idea that this may have been the result of some influence other than death.  A magic spell gone wrong?  Poison Joke?  The latter was possible.  Perhaps she would try the herbal bath later, just in case.  That is if she could run a bath.  Or add the ingredients.  Or even sit in the bath tub.

If that failed, she would have to research what spell may have caused this.  For that she would need access to the library, Pinkie Pie’s help, and infinite patience.  Pinkie Pie had a way of breaking through Twilight’s patience.

She went to her favorite place in Canterlot, a little lake by the school she attended for so many years.  On such a nice night it might be a good place to rest if they couldn’t find anything else.  She lay under the tree and sighed.  Thinking back to her school days she found sadness.  She’d never really connected with anyone at school.  Even the ponies that she did talk to Twilight always kept them at a distance.  It didn’t matter how friendly or kind the ponies were she just always felt like they were getting in the way of her studies.  Even now she still feels that way with her new friends.  She has to remind herself sometimes that they ARE her studies.  She is to study friendship.  Not that she didn’t love her friends.  Just that old habits died hard.

She sighed again and stood up.  Sitting under this tree was making her sad.  Little slithers of regret had begun clawing at her.  She made her way back into town.  She stopped at the end of a row of houses.  This was the street she grew up on. Twilight stood outside the house she lived in as a young filly and felt a wave of sadness wash over her.  She wondered what her parents had been told about her disappearance.  She fought to try and steady her emotions and let her, the more studious part of her, take over.  But it would not work.

She walked through the door of her parents’ house, holding on to the hope that maybe it isn’t just Pinkie that can see her.  If her parents could, it would make things so much easier.  She doubted it though, if Princess Celestia couldn’t see her.  However one thing she had learned was that friendship and love created special bonds, especially within family.  Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big Mac had taught her a lot about family.  She always loved her parents, but never understood the connection of that bond until the Apple family had shown her.

She stepped inside her parent’s house to find it completely empty.

Of course, they are either out looking for me, or they’re at the Palace being told I’m dead. she thought as she walked through the closed door.  That thought only caused the sadness she currently felt to swell into something she couldn’t suppress no matter how hard she tried.  Tears started spilling down her face.  She couldn’t think about anything logically, she began to convince herself that she really was dead.  The living room was much as she’d remembered it.  Some furniture was different from the last time she was here.  She checked the kitchen and found two plates of food that had been left.  She moved her hoof to check to see if it was warm, then remembered she couldn’t do that.  She sadly made her way up the stairs to her old room.  She passed pictures on the wall of her as a young filly with her parents.  In her room everything was pretty much as she left it.  She never did visit her parents.  Always studying or on an adventure.  Every time she was in Canterlot, she always found that she couldn’t make time.  Even this visit she had neglected to make time for them.

Her mind was filling with regrets again, and the harder she fought against it, the more she felt her situation was completely hopeless.    She thought about everything she was no longer going to be able to do.  Her studies unfinished.  The books she’d set aside that were for recreational reading that she would now never read.  It was then she let her mind drift to her friends.  She suddenly realized that if she did manage to move on from this world, she would never see them again.

It was on that thought that everything became unhinged in Twilight’s world.  She was going to do everything in her power to never leave her friends, even if she were a ghost.  The thoughts running through her head were filled with an ill conceived sense of duty to protect and watch over her friends.  There was more than a little selfishness involved as she decided to devote as much time as she could to research into ghosts and what keeps them bound to this world.

She heard the door open downstairs and her Father’s voice carrying up through the floorboards.  It relaxed her a little.  Enough for her to push the creeping madness out of her mind.    She made her way downstairs to hear what they were talking about, and to see if maybe they could see her.

“She’ll turn up, I’m sure she’s just fine” Her father said to her mother, who looked like she had run out of tears to cry.

“I hope so, I miss her so much.  I told you we should have gone to visit her!  We should have gone there every week!” Her mother spoke through sobs.

Neither of them could see their daughter standing in between them.  Twilight screamed loudly and charged at the wall.  She faded straight through it and landed on her side in the street.  She screamed more at the night sky, yelling unintelligable words through the sobs she could no longer control.  

Twilight got to her hooves and shook her head hard, trying to clear her mind a little.  She knew she shouldn’t be alone right now.  Even if Pinkie did have a knack for getting on her nerves, it would be better to have someone around to help her control these emotions than to face them alone.  The crying immediately stopped and a disturbingly crooked smile appeared on her face.  She walked away from her parents’ house.

When she arrived at the Palace entrance she couldn’t see Pinkie anywhere.  She walked up the steps thinking maybe she was inside talking to one of the Princesses about the situation, or possibly locked in a room for her own good after telling a story of a ghost she had met.  Or worse, she had angered Princess Celestia and was banished.  

She entered the Palace and noticed Princess Celestia still awake, looking out the window.  She looked sadly at her teacher and moved up to stand beside her.  She hoped that perhaps the Princess would feel some kind of presence, if only to comfort her.  It didn’t seem to work as tears started to fall from Celestia’s eyes.  Twilight sighed sadly and moved on to find Pinkie Pie.  She went to the main audience hall.  Luna was sitting on the throne, also looking sad.  She saw guards and a few hoofmaids, but no Pinkie.  She checked through some of the guest rooms, thinking that if she had gotten restrained, they would at least have put her somewhere comfortable.  Still no sign of Pinkie Pie.

Twilight made her way back to the Palace entrance and started to wonder if maybe Pinkie had...disappeared too.  Twilight started to panic.  It wouldn’t be too ill-conceived that someone was trying to destroy the Elements of Harmony.  She started running around the main hall.

“Pinkie?  PINKIE?  WHERE ARE YOU?” Twilight called out.  No one answered her.

She darted outside through the door and ran down the steps.  She was about to shout for Pinkie again when she saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye.  She growled and ran over to the Pony standing in a purple cloak and hat decorated with stars.

“YOU!  I know you had something to do with this, Trixie!  You better be able to hear me!  If I find out you had anything to do with this I’m going to rip ou...” Twilight screamed at Trixie.

The figure laughed and interrupted Twilight in a familiar, yet arrogant voice, “You dare talk in such a manner to the Great and Powerful...” the Pony said then spun around.  “PINKIE!” Pinkie Pie finished with a giggle....

Chapter 6 : The Great and Powerful Spy

Trixie felt somewhat confused.  She did not know exactly what had gone wrong, but somehow she was invisible and intangible.  She could not be seen by anyone.  Almost anyone.  Two ponies with whom Trixie had a previous encounter with could see her.  She still could not touch them, however they could see her.  She watched Rarity walk away towards the main city, then turned to watch the pony who just revealed herself as Pinkie Pie bounce towards the castle. 

That pony was nicer than that stuck up prude, Rarity.  Not to mention more than a little dense.  Perhaps I would be better off following her.  She may be of much more use to the Great and Powerful Trixie she thought to herself, then another voice spoke up.  It was the voice of her younger self again.

Maybe the “Great and Powerful” Trixie should look at this in a more adult way and take responsibility for her actions the voice of the filly she once was resounded within Trixie’s mind.  

Trixie was thrown off a little by both the mocking tone and how mature her own foalhood voice sounded.  It had that undeniable cuteness that most young fillies have.  However there was something a little cold about the way it belittled her.  Trixie followed Pinkie into the castle as the voices continued to argue in her head.  She felt oddly detached from it all, as if her mind was arguing with itself and she wanted no part of it.

Oh right, stated her bravado side we’re just going to go ahead and own up to this one?  Turn ourselves in and take the punishment?  It’ll be fine when Twilight is found!  How can we even be considering this?

Are you really that dumb?  Why hasn’t she been found yet?  Have you even thought about that? the younger voice chirped in, slightly mockingly.

She followed the pink pony up into the Palace and found herself actually thinking about that.  “Why hasn’t everything settled down already?  It was just an advanced teleportation spell.” Trixie said out loud.  

Ha!  Advanced?  Then how were you able to do it? her younger side mocked.

There was no answer to that.  Trixie didn’t really think it would work.  She tried it on some inanimate objects and it hadn’t worked.  In all honesty, she hadn’t really expected too much to happen when she used it on an actual pony.  However as annoyed as she was, she thought it was worth another shot.  If it failed, she would have used another spell to make them look like a fool.

She hid behind a pillar, so that she couldn’t be seen by the annoyingly bright pink pony, and tried to clear her head and listen to what was being said.

“Yes my dear, you go ahead and throw your party.  I’ll have the guards notified immediately.  They will let you into the library.  Try not to burn the place down” Celestia said

“Oh!  That won’t happen again!  I know what went wrong last time!”  the pink pony replied.

A Party?  she thought, What is going on here?

“Oh.  Hmm.  Perhaps you should spend the night here at the Palace.  It is getting a little late.” Celestia suggested.

“Oh!  That would be great!!  I have to go wait outside though!” Pinkie Pie said.

Trixie watched Pinkie bounce out of the library and came out of her hiding place.  She watched Celestia turn around and look out the window.  She looked oddly sad.  

Trixie carefully walked towards the Princess, checking if she could be seen.  The other Princess came down the stairs and glanced in Trixie’s direction but did not act as if she saw her.  

“Sister” Princess Luna spoke, “are we really to give up on her?  I owe her so much”

“No.  I don’t think I will ever be able to give up, not until we find something” Celestia said with a sigh.

“I wish I knew what to do.  I am going to organize a search myself tomorrow.” Princess Luna stated.  

Princess Celestia looked as if she might protest, but just sighed again and nodded.  Princess Luna smiled and made her way back towards the throne room she had come from.  

Celestia turned and looked outside the window again.  “Twilight.  I’m sorry.  I should not have called you here so late.” Celestia said.

Trixie moved in closer to the Princess and noticed tears slowly falling.

What?  Why is she crying?  Is she related to Twilight?  Is Twilight royalty?!?  she thought as her bravado had found it’s voice again.  That would explain why she could best The Great and Powerful Trixie!!  It all makes sense now!

In her mind she replayed the events of the incident in Ponyville, but the already slightly warped vision she had concocted added the fact that Twilight was royalty.  She saw Twilight ordering those 2 stupid little imbeciles to pretend to be Trixie’s admirers.  Then sending them off to bring an Ursa Minor to town.  Trixie stormed out of the Palace wondering how much trouble she would get into if she enacted a little more revenge on the spoilt little bookworm Twilight.

Outside she saw the pink pony at the bottom of the steps.  She walked down towards her.

“SO!  Has the lost Princess turned up yet?” Trixie asked.

“Princess?  There’s another Princess?  Oh oh, are we appointing a new one?  Can it be me?  I’d make a great Princess!” Pinkie bubbled obnoxiously.  Trixie cringed on the inside.

“I mean the Princess that’s staying in Ponyville!” Trixie growled.

“Wait!  I don’t know of a Princess in Ponyville and I know nearly everypony in Ponyville!” The pink menace replied, her voice drilling into Trixie’s head.

“Oh you know who I’m talking about, that spoilt little Princess Twilight.” Trixie boomed at Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie snorted a stream of laughter, causing Trixie to scowl.  Pinkie didn’t see it.

“Hahaha!  Twilight isn’t a Princess you silly!  She studied under a Princess, but that doesn’t make her a Princess!” Pinkie said.

“Wait, she’s Princess Celestia’s student?” Trixie asked, shocked.

“Yessiree!” Pinkie answered.  Then she looked down the road, gasped, then quickly moved off and hid behind a tree.

Trixie rolled her eyes and ran down the hill quickly.  She made her way to the library.  There was more going on here and The Great and Powerful Trixie was going to find out exactly what.  Why was she throwing a party?  That seemed ridiculous.  The pink pony did not seem too clever.  But still it was obvious, even to Trixie, that everyone thought Twilight had died, or at the very least they thought she was missing.  It seemed unlikely that this ‘Pinkie Pie’ knew more than she was saying.

You really don’t get it do you? the filly voice spoke.  I can’t believe I grew up to be this stupid!

The harshness of it took Trixie by surprise.  She’d made it to the entrance of the library which was closed and being watched by guards.  She walked by them and through the door into the library.  Inside there were some guards who were cleaning up after what looked like a search of the library.  She made her way to a quiet corner that had already been cleaned up.

What don’t I get? she asked herself.  No reply came.  She tried to consider what she was missing.  She thought back to the night all this started.  Her memory was still a bit faded but she could piece it together quite well.  She had been rejected from a meeting with the Princess.  Probably Twilight had told her mentor never to see The Great and Powerful Trixie.  Then she had waited, and cast the spell.  A sudden memory of a bright purple light flashed into her memory.  

“SHE KNEW!  SHE KNEW AND SHE COUNTERED IT!” Trixie suddenly exclaimed.  “This party must be to laugh at my expense!  I bet Twilight even knows I’m here!  She made it so her and her friends can see me and laugh at me!”

Trixie boiled with anger.  She couldn’t believe she hadn’t figured it out earlier.  It all made sense now!  Twilight had staged an elaborate scheme on Trixie in order to humiliate her even more!  

Well!  she thought, maybe I can get some revenge of my own!

Trixie moved inside a bookcase where not even Twilight and her friends could see her and started to work out how get her revenge on the evil Twilight Sparkle and her friends.  She would make them all pay for this.  

The little filly in Trixie’s head sighed...

Chapter 7 : Laugh and make them disappear

Pinkie threw her arms into the air in a dramatic fashion and made the cloak she was wearing flare out around her.  Twilight stood there for a few seconds with her mouth agape, then started laughing.

“Oh Pinkie!  You really do have a way of cheering me up.” Twilight said through the laughter.

“The Great and Powerful Pinkie has been given access to the library!” Pinkie said in her exceptionally good impression of Trixie.  Then in her normal voice, “Buuuut.  They’re cleaning up the Library at the moment, so the Princess said we could spend the night here at the Palace!”

Twilight smiled, “Okay Pinkie.  I think a good nights sleep would probably help us both.”

Pinkie grinned and bounced her way up to the door, the cloak flapping with each leap.  She opened the door and let Twilight walk through.  

“Ah, there you are!  We have the room all ready for you.  If you would like, I can take you there now” Princess Celestia said, looking a little happier than when Pinkie last saw her.

“Yes!  We are ready to go!” Pinkie giggled and hopped over to Princess Celestia.

“Very well, come with me” Princess Celestia said and walked towards a hallway.

Pinkie Pie walked alongside Twilight who took her place beside the Princess.  They walked down a hall filled with several portraits of both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.  Pinkie thought they all looked a little too serious.  She stuck her tongue out at the one of Prince Blueblood.  As she turned to look back, Twilight was rolling her eyes and Princess Celestia was smiling.

“So, have you put any thoughts into who you are inviting?” The Princess asked her.

“Of course!  I can’t really talk about it right now though” Pinkie replied and glanced at Twilight.

“Inviting to what?” Twilight asked.

“Oh!  Err.  To my Mom’s birthday!” Pinkie quickly said.

“It’s your Mother’s birthday?  Oh, tell her I said ‘Happy Birthday’” Princess Celestia smiled.

“Pinkie, I know it isn’t your Mom’s birthday.  What’s going on?” Twilight said, squinting her eyes a little at Pinkie.

“Nothing!  I guess I just got mixed up!” Pinkie said

“Mixed up about what dear?” Princess Celestia asked.

“Everything now” Pinkie Pie said giggling.

“Is everything alright dear?  You seem to be acting very strangely” Princess Celestia said.

Pinkie nodded and walked on in silence.

“So, about this par-” Princess Celestia started to say.

“Paragliding?  I think it’s a GREAT idea!” Pinkie quickly interrupted.  She saw Twilight was staring at her.  She wanted to keep this party as a surprise for Twilight, “I’ve only ever done it once.  Unless you count the time I jumped off a roof with a table cloth.”

“Paragliding?”  Princess Celestia asked, shocked, “No dear, I was talking about...”

“Parasprites?” Pinkie asked and saw Twilight glaring at her.

“What?  I’m just trying to figure it out!” Pinkie said.

“Figure what out dear?” Celestia asked

“I’d like to know that one too” Twilight added.

“I just wanted to...uhm...I mean.  I’m trying to figure out where the best place for cakes is here in Canterlot!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Oh, there is this lovely little sweet store down in the main city.  If you really want a cake though, I can have the Royal Chef make one for the Part-” Princess Celestia said

“Parting of ways tomorrow?  OKAY!” Pinkie yelled

“Pinkie, stop interrupting the her, it’s rude!” Twilight said

“Oh, I’m sorry Twilight, I guess I shouldn’t be interrupting a Pr-” Pinkie said.

“Twilight??” Princess Celestia interrupted, looking around.  “Pinkie Pie, why did you just say Twilight?”

Pinkie glanced quickly at Twilight who shook her head ‘no’.

“Oh, I just...I guess Twilight’s picked up a lot from you.  I got mixed up in who I was talking to.”  Pinkie said a little nervously.

Princess Celestia stared at her for a moment then continued on.  Pinkie looked at Twilight who grinned nervously at her.  They fell back into step with Princess Celestia as she took them the rest of the way to the room they would  be staying in.  She didn’t speak a word, and Pinkie was okay with that.  She had nearly tripped up there.  She couldn’t help but wonder why Twilight didn’t want the Princess to know she was here, but Twilight was the smart one.  If she didn’t want Celestia to know, she had a good reason!

“Here we are.  If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask one of the hoofmaids”  Princess Celestia said as she opened the door to the room.  

“Thank you Princess!  I’m sure I’ll be just fine right here!” Pinkie said and went into the room.

She turned and smiled at the Princess as she walked away, then closed the door.  Twilight breathed a sigh of relief and Pinkie bounced onto the huge bed in the room.  

“Hey Twilight.  Why didn’t you want me to tell the Princess you were there?” she asked.

“I...uhh...” Twilight stammered a little.  “She was kind of upset, and remember Spike’s reaction?  I didn’t want the Princess to get upset with you.”

Pinkie grinned, “Awww!  I’ve always wanted to go to the moon!” she giggled.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you because of me Pinkie.  I think it might be best if we keep quiet about it for now.  At least until we find something out.” Twilight said

“Okie dokie Twilight.  I trust you.  You are the smartest pony I know.” Pinkie said as she put her saddlebags down beside the bed and climbed under the covers.

“Hey Twi.  Everything is going to be okay.” Pinkie said as she turned to look at Twilight.  Twilight looked a little shocked by what she had said.  “I mean it Twilight, no matter what happens, I’ll make sure it’s okay.” Pinkie finished, then closed her eyes.

She was easily the best person she knew at pretending to be asleep.  She knew this would be more difficult though.  Twilight made no sound if she wasn’t talking.  Pinkie kept her eyes closed and listened for any sign that Twilight was still awake.  She opened her eye a little only to see Twilight looking out the window, then she had to quickly close her eye when Twilight turned around.  She waited for a few minutes then peeked again.  This time she saw Twilight was curled up on the floor.  She opened her eyes completely and waited until she could see Twilight’s breathing become more steady.

She carefully got out of bed and grabbed the invitations she had written earlier out of her bags.  She carefully opened the door and went to look for the hoofmaid.  As she turned the corner she ended up nose to nose with Princess Luna, who instantly blushed.  Pinkie bounced back a little and smiled.

“Hi Princess!  I was just on my way to give these invitations to the hoofmaid to send out!  I need to get Applejack, Dashie, and Fluttershy for the party tomorrow!” she said, still smiling at Luna.

“I...I see.  I could make sure those get to your friends right away if you’d like....Pinkie Pie I believe is your name?” Princess Luna asked.

Pinkie nodded and bounced, “Yes yes yes!  That would be great!!”

“Very well, I will get these sent off right away.  We were about to dispatch messengers to Apple-oosa anyways to inform Ms. Rainbow Dash and Ms. Applejack about Twilight.” Princess Luna said.

“Okay, HEY!  Princess Celestia said something about getting some kind of chef to make a cake, but maybe I could go to the kitchen here and make one?” Pinkie asked, grinning.

“Oh, I...I guess that would be okay.  I will let the chef know you will be using his kitchen.” Princess Luna said.

“I would love to, but I’m going to be busy tomorrow.  I have to go now Pinkie Pie, I promise I will get these invitations sent away as soon as possible” Princess Luna said and walked around Pinkie and off down the hall.

Pinkie stood there grinning.  Now all she needed to do was to get the library ready for the party, but that wouldn’t be easy since Twilight was going to be going there tomorrow.  Not to mention she couldn’t even get into the library right now.  She went back to her room and thought about how she could get the decorations done.  

As she walked quietly into the room, she saw Twilight sleeping soundly on the floor.  She decided that the cake could wait until the morning.  Pinkie smiled as she lay down next to Twilight, closed her eyes, and fell asleep...