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In Tooth And Mane

Episode 1: Author’s Notes

A.K.A. Random Shit Nobody Cares About But Seth Was Nice Enough to Post On ED For Me Anyway


*WARNING: In case it wasn’t already obvious, these notes will most likely contain copious amounts of potty words.  Because quite frankly, it’s driving me just slightly loopy trying to keep all the language strictly G-rated so as to coincide with the style of the show, so this will be my outlet back into my normal style.  Just letting you know.*

‘Sup, everybody/everypony.  Aquaman here.  For the record, my real name’s Dylan, so anyone/anypony (sooner or later, I’ll pick one or the other) who would rather call me that can do so if they want.

I’m used to posting on FanFiction.Net, which means I’m used to adding author’s notes to the beginning and end of, well, everything.  So since I saw that at least one other person who wrote a MLP epic did something like this, I figure it’s okay for me to do it too.  Just so it’s there if anyone feels like taking a gander inside my thoroughly demented mind.

        See, I told you I’d pick one or the other.  Problem = solved.  Anyway, on to the juicy bits.

• First off, I’d like to apologize for the similarity that Twilight’s conversation with Spike in Part 1 had with one of the early scenes in Episode 24 of the real show.  I wrote that section of the story before that episode premiered, which meant that it was just a blast to watch that part and say to myself, “Hey, look, there’s that hilarious scene I just wrote.  In the actual show.  Guaranteeing I’ll look like a jackass when I try to put it into my story that I’ll be publishing after this episode has aired.”  That was fun.  But I loved the way I wrote it and I didn’t feel like rewriting the entire opening of the story just to scrap that scene in the name of originality, so…there you go.  Hope it didn’t bother y’all too much.

• I’d also like to tentatively apologize for the whole “main antagonist does an evil bad-guy laugh as lightning cracks in the background” deal.  It seemed like something that would happen in the real show, so I left it in.  Again, sorry if that bothered anyone.

• Finally, I tend to be a very musically-focused writer, which means that I write many of my scenes with a certain song track in mind.  For anyone who’s curious, I’ll be adding all future songs tags to the big ginormous list up there at the top of this page, so keep an eye on that if that’s something you’re interested in.  I may also go through later and add hyperlinks to the appropriate songs into the Google Docs themselves where the song should be played, since I recently discovered I can do that.  Depends on how inspired I feel.

UPDATE (5/10/11): Reformatted everything that’s been posted so far, after realizing that double-spacing it actually does make it harder to read.  Who knew?

UPDATE (6/5/11): I just remember I actually still had this document up on the site.  How ‘bout that.  Anyway, everything’s on FanFiction.Net now, and will be for the foreseeable future.  Because yes, I am a total stats junkie and not knowing how many story hits I was getting before just wasn’t working for me.  Song tags have also been organized within the story, so that’s cool too.

...does anyone actually read this author’s note thing?  I should just ask Seth to remove this...think I’ll do that.