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(verb) - to teach or inculcate; to imbue with learning.

other forms: in·doc·tri·na·tion, noun

Story By: Fickle

Author’s notes: Hey all! Fickle here writing my FIRST story ever. I’ve gotta say it was fun writing this, seeing as to how long it actually took. Now i know that Human/Pony things are frowned upon (I assure you this is not THAT kind of shipping.... its not even a shipping of anything....), but I’ve read some really good one’s and thought ‘Hey? might as give it a shot right?’ Anyways, I’m starting to ramble. Just a btdubs, this story is written second person so try not to get confused.

*Second Person Definition: In second person point of view, the narrator tells the story to another character using "you"; the story is being told through the addressee's point of view.

Well on to part one!


Descent into Madness

You find yourself slowly coming back to the land of the conscious...

You feel groggy, like you've been drugged. It’s pitch dark and you can’t see a thing. You try to get up, but find yourself bound by leather straps to what appears to be something like a dentist’s operating chair. Out of nowhere, you hear a voice giggle the sweetest giggle and say, "Good. The Subject is awake. Begin indoctrination..." A small but nimble machine out of your line of sight kicks into motion. It maneuvers itself in front of your face, pries your eyes open, and keeps them open. As panic settles in, a screen above you flickers on.

Ponies. Nothing but Ponies appear. Flashes of seizure inducing colors and noise penetrate into your mind. Struggling against the straps binding you and trying and failing to look away from the screen, you can hear in the back of you mind and subconscious, "Join us. Join the Herd. It is safe. You have friends with the Herd. You must join. You must be happy. You will be happy. It will be a party to DIE for." Over and OVER again, repeating itself slowly getting louder and LOUDER. As what seem like hours pass, even days maybe, you feel your eyes drying out, the machines cutting into the areas around your eyes, and you feel a nose bleed starting to flow. You start to black out, still hearing the same chant, along with the non descriptive noise.

You awake with a start in your bed at home. Drenched in cold sweat, you wonder what you've seen was a dream or not. You don't remember anything that happened prior to the "dream." Your heart is pounding as if fighting to get out of your chest, your nose is bleeding heavily, your wrists feel sore, and you've got cuts around your eyes...

What happened...?

What do you choose to believe?


As the hours go by, you wonder, in panic: What happened? You feel something...

Wait..... W-wait... Why?... Why am I smiling?

You close your eyes, trying to concentrate on the moment and to think. You hear laughter. Strange. Laughter? You fail to notice a wide smile cutting across your face. You know? This isn't actually too bad... You start to hum to yourself and start giggling. It slowly progresses in to laughter, uncontrollable, maniacal, and passionate laughter. Oh, it felt so good! You can’t stop. Your eyes start to tear up and the tears drip into the cuts around your eyes. The pain jolts you back to reality, back from the "Herd..."

"W-what do I do?..." You ask yourself aloud.


You decide to live you life as "normal." But throughout the next few days, you see some peculiar events...

Walking around school, you see blurs of pink dart around corners of the walls. You go to check but find nothing there. ‘Odd...,’ you think to yourself. Not only that, but you see quick streaks of rainbow in the sky. You point these out to your friends but they don't seem to notice any of this. After a few days of it, they are teasing and calling you crazy. Joking along, you agree to some point and try to ignore the weirdness around you.

Until tonight, that is...

You wake with a start in the middle of the night again, not from a "dream" but from a stab of sharp pain on your rear end. Gingerly getting up from bed you walk to the mirror and get undressed. On both of your bottom cheeks you see words cut into them. The new wounds look fresh. They read, "Here’s your cutie mark. Join the Herd."

"Perhaps I am insane," you say out loud to the mirror. But then you see blurry pink, orange, blue, white, purple, and yellow figures standing behind you from your mirror. You twist around, shocked, to take a look.

Nobodies there....


You take a step back, shaken from the hallucination. "Was it though?..." You find yourself thinking. "It couldn't have been...," you continue to think, feeling your raw and freshly cut rump. You grunt from the pain from the deep slashes. Maybe it was one of those things that you couldn't explain? Yeah. That’s what it was. Like a ‘divine’ presence? No need to tell anybody right? Right.

This isn't controlling me, I'm fighting it.


"D' you think we'll ever get through to him, Twilight?"

"We should soon enough, Pinkie. Although I think cutting him like that was a tad bit too much...."

Pinkie just smiled innocently.

"Well what 'bout yer plan for us to 'stalk' him in school, Twi?" Applejack retorted playfully.

"Eheh heh... I thought that we could get his attention that way easiest. I guess these 'humans' are a lot more likely to not believe in magic..." Twilight said.

"I agree completely, dear~!" Rarity said in her sing song voice.

"U-uhm... Excuse me but... Uhm... Maybe Twilight can use her spell again to talk to him in his dream like last time..."

"That's a great idea, Fluttershy, but after the first time," she gave Pinkie a slight glance, " I don't think he'll believe us any sooner... I think this is some thing that just requires some time."

"Ugh, I hate waiting......" a certain blue colored, rainbow maned pegasus spat.

"Now, now Rainbow Dash. It's not very lady-like to be impatient." Rarity cooed.


The “Solution..”

Three days. Three whole days you've gone without sleep... Your eyes are drooping and you feel sluggish; both physically and mentally. Not sleeping just to keep those "things" from happening wasn’t working and was the worst idea you've ever had.

"Maybe tonight it'll be different. Maybe I'll get some sleep..." you assure yourself. However, throughout those three days, more and more strange events kept occurring... The hares that live around your neighborhood started to follow you, people kept commenting on your fashion (which they never used to), and you've had a strange craving for apples..

"This... This rocket to insanity has to stop. Is it easier to live crazy or die young? No... No, I'm stronger than this. I will win this..."



"Oh dear, I do think he's having some trouble..." Rarity said, concerned.

"Well ah'm guessin' that bleeding our traits intah him wasn't such a swell idea." Applejack said.

"Well, I think that instead of forcing this on him, maybe we just need to talk to him." Rainbow Dash suggested.

"I think she's right guys... Princess Celestia did once tell me that somepony to talk to can be more powerful than just a spell or two...," Twilight said pensively.

"You know what I think? I think that's a super duper awesome tactic fabulicious idea!!!” Pinkie Pie squealed, “We'llgotohiminhisdreamandthrowtheBIGGESTpartywithballoonsstreamerscandycakeandohohohaPINATAandsome---" Pinkie was cut off by Applejack's fore-hoof being jammed inter her mouth.

"Twilight said we just need tah talk to the guy. Ah reckon even that might be a bit dangerous." Applejack said.

"Ohhhhh, OK..." Pinkie Pie said dejected. But she flared up and continued, "But I get to go first!!!!"

"Why in Celestia's name for?"

"Well DUH. I gotta apologies for uh... Uhm... You know...," she said with a small voice.


You’re at home. You rush to your room and see your bed. Oh how it looked so inviting... You drop everything and flop onto it. As sleep slowly washes over you, like a warm bath, you think to yourself: "I think I'm going to be too tired to dream anything..."

Oh how wrong you were.

Indoctrination Part II

A Pink Bubble

You sigh with tremendous relief... Oh yes. This was the dream you wanted. The type of dream you needed. You're sitting on a normal bench in a landscape of pure white and nothingness. You're naked except for a towel around your waist. You are surrounded by warm and calming steam. Taking slow and deep breaths, you quickly relax... 'Heh... Maybe even the cuts on my flank will heal...," you think lazily to yourself. After a few lazy minutes go by you realize that this feels far too real. But who cares, right? I deserve this after a long month of this... Uhm... This... Wait what?

A... Something... Is slowly bobbing towards you... What is that? Should I run? But this a dream, right? I’m safe, right? As you look straight ahead, you see that the bouncing "thing" is a small pink bubble. It hovers inches from your nose. Cross-eyed and staring at it, you can't help but give a chuckle. A bubble. Hee hee, a bubble! Why is this so funny?

Either by curiosity or by impulse, you reach up with your finger to pop it. Whatever you expected to happen, it most certainly wasn't this. The bubble explodes with the force of a small bomb and confetti is shot out in every direction, along with a sound of a party horn. The bench under you collapses, as something bouncy and hefty lands on you. Dazed, you look up into a pair of wide, staring, light blue eyes. Giving a yelp of shock, you try to push the pink monstrosity off of you.

"Wait! Wait!!!" the creature yells, "I'm not gonna hurt you silly!"

There on your stomach was a... A... What is that, a pony or something? It was a shock of pink and had a cloud of magenta hair around its head.

"Hiya!!!" She exclaimed, " I'm Pinkie Pie! And guess what? Even though you probably don't know who I am, I know who YOU are!!"

It can talk....

"What do you mean?" you ask, still pinned to the floor by this "Pie" thingy.

"I mean that were already like the bestest friends already!!! Even though I cut-"

"That was you?!" you yell, "You know, I've been having a real hard time sitting down because of you! And how did you do that from a dream anyways?! I’m not possessed am I?"

She giggles, "I tend to break the 4th wall!"

"The wha-?... Never mind. Wanna explain as to why you cut up my ass?"

"Weeeeeelll," she begins, "I noticed that you read something called 'Cupcakes' and I wanted to surprise you! SURPRISSSEEEEE!!!!!!"

With that, she popped like a bubble and disappeared. You sit up straight and see her in the distance, trotting away.

"You know that you're really random right?!" you call after her.

"Hee hee, I know!!!" She yells back.

She disappears in to the distance. You notice a platter of cupcakes next to you. Hesitantly, you take one and have a bite.

Wow. These are pretty good, for a dream.

You feel a smile creep across your face.

That wasn't so bad...


A Ripened Apple

The next morning, you wake up in bed. Was that really a dream? Probably. You hop out and realize that you're in nothing but a towel. Wait... You look around and on your nightstand, you notice a plate of brightly colored cupcakes. Huh... Well it was a kind of dream... Pinkie Pie did say something about a 4th wall or something. Ignoring it, and feeling immensely relaxed (despite the fact that your ass was still cut), you get ready for school.

At school you immediately notice something strange: Apples. Apples everywhere. And you're the only person who notices. You tell your friends, but again they call you ‘crazy’ and move on. But how could they not notice? The clouds were shaped like apples, the birds flew in apple formation, and even everybody seemed to have an apple on at least one article of clothing.

What the hell?

You went through the day acting like it was normal. You ignored the apples left and right until you got home. After what seemed like a normal day (other than those blasted fruits that kept following you around), you hop into bed, flinching as your flank stung in pain. You ponder your sanity once again, and fall asleep...  



This isn't so bad.

You were in a field. Just a vast, normal field with rolling hills. You're on a bench again, but underneath a healthy apple tree. "I've always liked the country side...," you say out loud. So you just sit there and soak up the scenery.

As you are marveling at the surrounding nature, an apple; bright, plump, and red, drops onto your lap. It looks delicious! It was the most beautiful apple you'd ever seen. As you lean in to take a bite, you think to yourself, "It's a mighty shame to bite something this pretty..."

As soon as your teeth made contact with the apple, it yelled.


In shock, you drop the apple. You didn't even get to get a single bite of it.

"What'chu gone done and bite mah flank fer'?" said the apple.

"A taking apple? I am insane.."

"Huh? Oh right! Ah'm still an apple!" The apple said.

It splits open in half, and a flower sprouts out the top. As the petals open up, an orange pony with a cowboy's hat slides out. It gets up and dusts itself off.

"Howdy! Ah'm Applejack."

You just stare...

"Let's see now... What did Twah’ want me to tell you..."

"Uh, I don't mean to be rude or anything..., but what are you?" You ask timidly.

" Huh? Ah'm a pony if nuthin' else." Applejack said.

"Oh, like Uh.... Pinkie Cake?"

"Its 'Pie' silly! Anyway ah apolergize fer what she did to yer flank there." She said.

"No need, she already did." You reply with a chuckle.

"Tarnation... Ah've fergotten what I had to tell you...," she said, apparently angry with her self, "An' after all that time you an' ah've been friends!"

"Wait..., I just met you."

"Oh that's right! We know 'bout you but not th' other way 'round!" she said cheerily, "Jus' so ya know, we've been entrusted to teach ya somethin'..... But I fergot how to explain it an' all.."

"So... Applejack was it?" she nodded, "There's more of you? And I have to learn something each time?" you ask.

"Darn tootin'." she said with a skip in her voice, "but it's not like a.... a hallu.... a hullusin..."

"Hallucination?" you finish.

"Right! You ain't havin one of those. Uh, I think Twilight said something about inner conflict an' different universes an’ somesuch." she continued, "Now, ah can't explain it better than Twilight can so I'll leave that ta her."

"So I'll be seeing everyone of you? Every night?" you ask.

"Eyup," she replies, "All six a' us. Heh, I reckon ah just sounded like Big Macintosh jus’ then!"

"Splendid..." you say not knowing whether to be excited or worried, "I'm not crazy am I?"

She sits down next to you. "Well, Ah don't think yah are." she said giving your arm a small nuzzle.

Strange. You just met her, but you feel like you can trust her...

Applejack was it?

I like that name.

Indoctrination Part III

Gentle as a Butterfly

You wake up again... This is getting just a tad tiresome... You notice a bit of hay in your mouth, like the ones cowboys used to chew on. Now how did that get there? Seriously doubting your sanity, you get up. How much more if this is left an how much can you take? With a sigh you leave again for school. Applejack did say that somepony called 'Twinkle' would explain everything to you. But was it really safe for you to trust something that might be your imagination going hay wire? (heh...'hay'..)

But what about the cupcakes? The blade of hay? It couldn't be JUST a dream....

School today was a zoo. No really. A zoo... Every class room and every building was crawling with every creature you could think of. Birds were flitting in and out of the rooms and buildings, raccoons and mice were scampering everywhere, and butterflies were fluttering to and fro. Why doesn't anyone notice this? There was a ferret eating the same sandwich the teacher was eating at the same time and everyone just turned a blind eye.

Getting home was the weird thing... On the way home it seemed like every animal in the animal kingdom was following you. Jokingly you held out your arms and yelled, "I am Noah!! Repent for there shalt be a flood!" everyone gave a weird look. Even the animals.

Your room was filled to the brim with birds. All sorts of different kinds. After shooing them out, flamingos and vultures and bumblebee humming birds alike, you feel exhausted... After having your lunch stolen by a raccoon, chased down by an overly friendly pack of dogs, and relocating the earth's population of birds out of your room, you slump on to bed not even noticing the pile of feathers left there by the aviary rodents......


Another field? Thiswas nothing new...

You find yourself in another field, much like the one you met with Applejack with. But there was no apple tree.

Thinking about the only sensible pony you had met so far, you look at your appearance. You're in what looks like to be a Roman robe. It was warm and comfy and the breeze was nice too. You feel oddly connected with nature...

A voice. A soft patient voice that flowed like water in a gentle stream... It was singing..

Dreams are there even when you're awake

They keep you alive for your very soul's sake

They offer you love and peace to take

And a stronger braver person they make

Yes dreams are alive even when you're awake...

You follow the song. The voice was calm and gentle as if calling...

In a clearing you see a yellow pegasus with gentle eyes and a pink mane. She's surrounded by animals and singing to them. They all look so peaceful and you can't help but feel the same way...

As you approach, you snap a twig under your foot. The pony gives a squeal and huddles into a pile. Her animals flee.

"No! Wait!" you yell, "Uh I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare anyone! I was just following the singing and....and..."

"Oh uhm don't worry please... I was just uhm... Startled..." she said,"Um I've actually been expecting you ... Uh please sit down... If that's what you want..."

She had the most loving and forgiving voice. It was a small voice, but you could feel the passion and power behind it. Doing as you're told, you sit next to her.

"Um... hi... my names Fluttershy..." she mumbles with a smile at you.

"Uh h-hi Fluttershy." you answer.

"Twilight said that you might be frightened of me... With such new things." she said, "I think she's right..."

You feel a tear, a single tear, run down your face.... Wait why am I crying? You're confused on how it is that Fluttershy and see that deeply into you.

You just met her but you feel.....


You huddle up next to her and tell a tale. About your past month and a half, how you felt you were going crazy, the 'hallucinations' or whatever, not being able to tell you family about your ‘pony problem', and that you were afraid of what was going to happen.......

And all she did was listen.

She took in every word. She didn't interrupt, she didn't laugh about crying, and she didn't even look away from you.

"I can't imagine what you're going through... But you have to keep strong and endure," she finally said, " you have to. There's something you need to learn..."

Wiping away the last of your tears you say, "I think I have...."

"No. Not yet you haven't.." she said

You look up into her eyes and nod.

She sits up next to you and leans on your side. "You have to keep going... Just a bit more."

She gives you a gentle kiss on the cheek..

How can anypony be so.....




A Gem of Class

For the first time in a long time you didn't want to get up. Fluttershy was such a nice change of pace. She was kind and gentle, not hectic like your days usually were....

You find yourself holding a small stone. It had a butterfly carved into it. You promised yourself you'd never lose it.

Alright... Back to school... You feel like you're actually looking forward to the weird happenings for today. As you wander around getting ready, you start guessing who you'll meet next. Was it going to be Twilight or some other pony?

School actually felt normal today. The groups were the same and the fashions were still raving on. But... Hang on... Were the goths wearing tuxedos? And the jocks were wearing something OTHER than their sports jackets?! Unheard of! Also everyone seemed to have a haughty disposition... What is this Cinderella or something?? Lunch was even weirder. Instead of a regular mess hall, full of screaming and messy high school kids, there was a dinning room complete with chandeliers, butlers, and silver utensils. Everyone had their nose in the air and kept looking at you strangely. All you had on were a t-shirt, a hoodie, and some jeans. Even your friends felt embarrassed around you and you usually dress better than them! The nerve!!

Home was even weirder... Mum and dad looked like royal lords from Britain and your sister looked like a French porcelain doll.

"My dear son, please change out of that.... Outfit and wash up and get ready for supper..." your dad said with a title.

You do as you are told and go to your room. It was magnificent. It was the fanciest room you've ever been in! The style! The class! You then prep yourself for 'supper'.

Supper was actually an ordeal... There were ten courses, each about an hour long... Finally....FINALLY it was over... Stuffed with food and wanting to try out that fancy new bed, you quickly got undressed and fell asleep...


Classical music. The clinking of champagne glasses. The gossip of the higher class.

You're standing in the middle of a sort of ball. Everyone there is in a suit or dress of great expence. Almost everyone also had a harlequin mask on. Come to think of it, you do to. You feel stylish, fancy, and more distinguished.

Looking around at the scenery, you don't notice a young lady walk up to you. She pokes you in the small of the back.

You turn around to face a beautiful young lady behind a mask of her own. "May I ask for a dance sir?" she coos. You feel that denying would be like a slap to the face to her. "Certainly ma'am," you say with a bow.

"Great!" she squeals, grabs your arm, and drags you onto the dance floor. She takes one of your hands in her's and puts the other on her waist. You feel your heart race and face redden. You've never done anything like this with a girl....

"Where are my manners?!" She exclaims while still slowly revolving around on the dance floor with you, "My name is Rarity, good sir, and I am hear to teach you something."

"O-oh!" you say, "Uh wow! I was actually expecting a pony!"

Her eyes drop a little.

"U-uhm.....! I didn't mean to offend Miss Rarity! I-it's just these past few days that...." you stutter, never having insulted a high class lady like that before.

She just giggles. Her laugh was like a small tinkle of glass on glass. "Oh no I quite understand~! I know what you've been expecting and I've been expecting you! When I couldn't find you, I was worried that my date just ditched me!” D-date?... ” But after I saw that young man standing against the wall in the outfit I made for him....."

"O-oh! Well thank you every much. Its a very nice outfit. I dare say it was expencive to make?" you say, flustered.

"Oh you have NO idea!! It cost me a fortune to design and create~!” she goes on with a flourish of her hand.

"I promise to pay it back in full. I feel awful for accepting this out of the blue..." you reply.

"Ah ah ahh!" she sings, "I always make dresses for my best friends and I will accept NO charge!" she stamped her foot down as if the matter was final.

"Well than I thank you with all my heart Miss Rarity." you say.

"That is my element anyways~!" she laughs, "Now, come with me . I have something to teach you."

She drags you off out of the ball room an into the private garden. She then proceeds to remove her mask.

With a flash, in her place stood a white pony with purple mane. She looked stunning to say the least.

"Is THIS the pony you were looking for? Moi?" she said.

All you could do was answer "yes" in a bemused voice.

"Now I can offer you all the information i can, and answer any questions that you may have to the best of my ability. Anything!" she said.

"Well that's very generous of you!"

"Like I said, it IS my element dearie."

Generous. That was the only word to describe Rarity. Through out the night, the only thing she did was give. She never asked you anything in return.

She was a real lady.

Indoctrination Part IV

A Dash of Flight

Well that was fun. You've never been to a ball before. You wake up with with mask Rarity made for you. It was studded with gems.

Well the collection was piling up now. The cupcakes from Pinkie Pie, the blade of hay from Applejack, the stone from Fluttershy, and the mask from Rarity. Your ass was still cut. It didn’t look like it was healing soon....

School again....... Even with the different perks each day, the daily routine was getting tiresome and repetitive. You slowly lumber to school, wondering what was possibly next. Applejack did say that there was a total of six if them.

Now THIS you hadn't expected. Everyone seemed to be wearing blue. Just blue. And stranger yet they all had dyed their hair into a sickly rainbow pattern. Was it Gayness awareness day? Not that you have a problem with things like that, but you just felt a bit left out. Maybe this was the sign? Maybe the pony you were going to meet tonight was gay?

Through out the day everyone looked at you strangely calling you 'queer'. Even your parents looked at you funny, with all of your non blue and rainbowness.

You just wanted to hurry up and sleep to get this over with.....



It was that falling dream again... Ho hum boring. I'm falling and I'll wake up the moment I hit the ground. Anytime now. Aaaaaaaaaaanytine now. Wow. You've been falling for the past ten minutes. The earth seemed to be getting closer. Closer. CLOSER. You actually feel panic setting in....

I can't fly. I can't fly! These aren't just normal dreams either oh my god I'm gonna die!

As you plummet towards the earth you hear a call above you, "USE YOU WINGS!!"

What? You don't have wings! Humans can't fly!

The ground was a 100 feet below. 10 feet. But before you made contact, you feel something pull up on your white shirt and feel yourself being shot back up towards the sky. Turning around, you see a pony with wings carrying you up by your tunic in her mouth. She was  light sky blue and had a rainbow colored mane.

She sets you down on a cloud which surprisingly holds your weight.

"YOU IDIOT!!" she yells and clips you behind the head with her fore-hoof, "Are crazy or something? You had wings!! Why didn't you use them?!"

"I've got...... What?" you sputter.


You look towards your back and see a pair of pure white wings. Wow... You had wings! You flexed them. They felt so powerful!

"I don't even know why I even bothered to save could have just saved yourself!" she yelled.

"Well, thanks anyway..." you reply still flexing your wings, "by the way, what do I call my savior and hero?"

Savior? Hero? Well, she didn't know about that! she puffed out her chest and said, "I'm Rainbow Dash! The coolest , fastest flier in all of Equestria!"

"Ooooh the fastest?" you say, bemused.

"Totally!" she replies with slight irritation.

Feeling that she didn't like you very much, you continued to marvel at your wings. As you spread them out, you realized that you made a dire mistake...

With your wings flared out, they acted as a kite, catching a strong gust of wind. You tip backwards off the cloud and started to plummet again. With no knowledge on how to use your newly found wings, you fall like a rock.

Knowing the end was near you say your prayers.

But with another hook from the back of your tunic, you feel Rainbow Dash pulling you up again onto another cloud.

"You've never flown have you??" she asked irritably


"I thought you weren't going to save me again..." you pant.

She sits next to you and gives you a playful punch in the arm, "I NEVER leave my friends hanging! Or falling in your case."


"Twilight wanted me to teach you something...... What was it again?........" she said, apparently thinking hard.

"Are you gay?" you ask without thinking. You slap a hand to your mouth.

She looks up and cracks a smile, "Looks like it huh? Because of my mane's color right? Nah, I'm not. Or at least I think I'm not. Probably not. Bi maybe?"

"Alright," you say amused, "I got it."

"Right then! I think Twilight wanted me to teach you how to FLY." she finally said.

"F-fly?..." you just remembered how afraid of highest you were.

Rainbow Dash seemed to have caught onto this and said,"Don't worry I got your back!"

And for a long time, Dash taught you how to fly. She gave you encouragement. She never flew off too far. She always stuck by your side making sure you were okay.

You knew you could trust her to always be there.


A Spark of Magic

You were awake even before your eyes had opened. You are still lying in bed. In your hand you notice a small bundle of white feathers. This was it. This was the last day. Five ponies had come and gone and all that was left was this Twilight character. Maybe she can offer you some answers and all of this....this madness would end. It had to right? This couldn't possibly go on FOREVER.

It was a Saturday. It was a difficult two months you struggled through and and even harder week... Finally some closure and you could put this all behind you.


Some small voice in the back of your head finally speaks up...

"You don't want it to end, do you?"

No. I'm tired of this....

"You're not.."

Yes. Yes I am.

"Don't lie to yourself. Your know you still haven't learned anything.. You know you're enjoying yourself too..."


"You're looking forward to seeing them all again, those ponies..."


"You want to change for the better... and you still. haven't. learned. Anything."

"STOP." you find yourself yelling out loud. You finally block the voice out.

No. No you needed this to end. You don't want it to continue...

You were going to win...



"How is he taking all of this my faithful student?"

"Not too well Your Majesty....." Twilight responded, "he's still convinced that this is all some sort of seizure or hallucination..."

"Unfortunate. He could have been a great asset to the test..." Celestia said a little down hearted.

"No worries Princess. I'll get him to see reason! I am the most logical of all my friends."

"I hop you can do it my Pupil... I really do.." Celestia said giving Twilight a small nuzzle.


Okay. Oooooookay. Aaaaany minute now. Where's the weirdness? Where are the strange anomalies? You were ready. You can take on anything.

For your last pony filled day, you decide to stay at home and wait out the whole day. It was a quiet day. The TV for dad wasn't running. Mum wasn't bustling around as usual. Little sister wasn't out playing with her friends... They were all studying. What they were studying you couldn't fathom, but all the better for you. Quiet and waiting. That’s right. Waiting.

The whole day passed and not even a single word came from down stairs from your newly studious family. Odd. They would lash out at you if you tried to bother them about anything that wasn't pertaining to the subject they were lost in.

Whatever. You were just going to turn in early tonight. That way everything would be back to normal all the quicker! Yeah! That’s what i want! All of this would end tonight! Even the cuts on your bum would heal!

Yes this was definitely what you wanted!



Where would you be going to? A mountain side? A Castle? Another field? Feeling like a young child going on a trip again, you couldn't help but feel exited about your next destination and what it'll hold.

No no. I'm just exited because this will all end!...

"Yeah keep telling yourself that.." the small voice whispered.


Oh oh! Its a..! Its a......! A library?

Crestfallen, you look around. Nothing but stacks of books and desks. Stranger thing was that you seemed to be the only some there. Sitting on your desk you can't help but wonder out loud, "Is THIS what i have to 'learn' about? Learn in a LIBRARY?"

You were really looking forward to seeing Tw--...


Your heart skips a beat.

You twist around and see a purple pony. She had the look of book smarts was seemed friendly enough.

"I've been waiting for you" she says

"Uhm....Twilight, right?" You say cautiously.

"So you've heard of me!" Twilight Said, "Great. This will go a lot quicker!"

"Yeah about that." you say, "I've actually got a bone to pick with you. What. Is. Going. ON."

"Ah but that’s where it all begins! I'm glad you turned in early to night. We have SO much to explain!"

Indoctrination Part V

Crushing Disappointment..

Walking trough the library with Twilight wasn't too bad. the unicorn had lots to talk about. You're even surprised that you two connect even deeper than a social life.You both liked solitude sometimes, both studious, and had the same sense of humor. While walking through the aisles of books and texts, you both reach a private study room.

"Well, here we are!" Twilight says,"Lets get started."

In the room you both sit at opposite ends of the table.

"So." Twilight started, "Want to tell me what you've learned?'

You think back... What did you learn?

"Uh...from Pinkie Pie... i Learned that life can be random?" you answer.

Twilight just stares at you, her head propped on top of her fore-hooves on top of the desk.

You Continue, "From Applejack i learned... that simple things in life are the best?"


"uh... Fluttershy, That nature has its own magic?..."

She nods.

"From Rarity I learned that class is key in society."


"From Rainbow Dash...I learned"

Twilight looked disappointed and upset... a tear left her eye as she thought, 'Failure... I've failed.'

Shocked at this reaction, you ask "Was it something i said?..."

"No... it was the things you didn't say..."

You just stare into those purple watering eyes.

Shakily, Twilight says, "Ah-I think were d-done here..."

Her unicorn's horn begins to glow.

"No... Wait" you start.

You feel her magic surround you.

"Please wait! I have so many questions!" you yell.

You feel faint...




"I'm sorry I've failed you Princess Celestia..."

"’Tis’ not your fault Twilight."

"No! I was so sure that the Elements of Harmony weren't just present in us ponies! I guess there somethings only confined to our world..."

"As studious as you are, Twilight, you are incorrect."

Twilight looked up at the Princess... so wise she was...

"You found out that the Elements may be present in some other worlds other than ours, correct? I have also noticed that they may bleed into individuals that lack some of the Elements."

"You mean...?"

"Yes. I think your human friend has hidden talent and learned something deep inside.... No, you haven't failed me my pupil, but have given me a new idea..."



You wake up dazed... Tears appear to have formed in your eyes during your slumber. 'I guess that's it...the insanity is over...' You feel guilt. But why? I should be happy.. This IS what you wanted in the first place. Overwhelming guilt stabs your heart again. The sight of Twilight... crying.

"It was because of you..."

No... It wasn't...

"Yes it was... "

shut up...

"She just wanted you to dig deeper, but all you gave her was your half assed bull...."

go away...

"Why do you keep fighting other people when they clearly only try to help?”


"You’re selfish... You're stubborn.... A closed and locked chest..."

stop.... I don't want to hear it...

"Oh but you can't help it right? This is just all about your sanity is it? Nothing matters so long as everything is normal right? Some friend you turned out to be...."

That hurt... Shut up...

"You will never know the real magic of Friendship..."

I told you to Shut. Up.

"Or what? You'll hurt me? Like you did Twilight and the rest of her friends?"


"You know what you are? I can tell you..."

No I don't want --...








if you can hear me..............please give me another chance......

                                                                                                                        ......... I want to learn..


"See? I told you there was something!" chimed Celestia to Twilight.

"But that voice... Are you sure he's not going to think it's his sanity fading?" Twilight asked.

"I think he's too broken for that."

"You may be right your highness" Twilight agreed. She felt so relieved right now! She had discovered something NEW in her studies and had to prove it to Celestia! The Elements of Harmony weren't just confined to her world but branched off in to others. She just had to find a strong link close enough to home to prove her theory! Her parents would be so proud and the Princess would hold her in the highest respects! The Princess had taken a liking to this new theory and put so much support into it. Twilight hated disappointing her dear mentor, she was almost like a mother away fro home....But other than that, she would make a close friendship to an individual from ANOTHER world......

"Twilight," Princess Celestia called, "Gather your friends. I think we're going in for another visit."


No answer from beyond came back.

No one came back to teach you.


You had to move on. It was right. You had to let up, learn some compassion and move on.....

You haven't heard the small voice in a while. It was a whole three weeks that had passed since you last heard it. You felt a bit more lonely. Life trudged along as you continued to live it. School, "friends", sleep. Over and over again. No dreams at night. Not even nightmares to remind you of........ What was her name?...... Twinkle?.... No no was it Midnight?....

No No NO I CAN'T forget! What was her name? What were THEIR NAMES??

Apple-blossom? Fluttlerbye? Were there six of them? Or five? Maybe just four?? What were their names? You cant just forget them.... You just can't...

"You miss them...."

Oh. You again...

"You miss them..."

I just ....

"You miss them..."


"You miss them...""


"You miss them....."

...with all my heart.....



Bed.... The only thing you look forward to in you life these days... Maybe just for a vain hope.. You might see them again and finally learn what you were supposed to. But that was too much to hope for. You've almost forgotten their names. You don't even remember too well what they looked like.

Oh well.

I'm done...

Hopes gone and you have left is sleep...

Indoctrination Part VI


Was this...? No. It couldn't be! Not even one for so long... But now?

A dream? A dream! OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh!! A dream! A real dream! At this point you don't remember why a dream was so exiting but you are ECSTATIC.

There you are standing in the middle of a pure white landscape. Clothed in white shirt and pants, everything feels sterile, safe, and happy.

You crack the first genuine smile in ages....

"Hello... Oh!! It's YOU!!"

You jerk around. That voice... Where did it come from?

"Howdy! Long time no see partner!"

You look around again. No one...

"Oh my... you really did come back!.."

These voices! You desperately look around...

"Oh my STARS! You made it back! You really did!"

Where are they? Why do they sound SO familiar...

"Hey! It's my old cloud crasher!"

Who and where were they?!

"It's you. You really did come through didn't you? I'm so happy!..."

That one. That last voice... Where had you heard it last?... A shade of purple? Crushing Disappointment...It reminded you of such guilt...

T...........Tw............. Twi................



"HE REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!" the voices explode in cheer.

The small voice spoke again, "Proud. If anything I'm proud to have you as a carrier." it spoke, "you finally came through, you stubborn little mule."

Cheering and laughter filled the atmosphere. But you still can’t see ANYTHING... You desperately look around...

"Quiet down everypony." a voice says. A clear, kind voice with authority in it. "Now I think our friend here has finally learned something."

There they were. All six of the ponies you grew to know and love as friends came out of something like a mist. Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and.........


You run towards her and hold her in a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry," you begin new tears starting to swell, "I'm sorry for making you cry, I'm sorry for wasting your time, I'm sorry for hurting you, I'm sorry for everything...I'm sorry for leaving all of you... I'm sorry for not learning..."

"Now," said the authoritative voice, "I think it's my turn."

In a bright flash, a tall majestic mare appears in front of you. She had a horn like a unicorn and the wings of a pegasus. Her mane was made of what appeared to be pure light and it flowed like a stream.

"So I see that you've met your friends again?"

Friends... The voice inside you stirred.

She chuckles, "Well we've been watching you these past months. And I must say that I am very proud of you and Twilight."

You start, "Um not to interrupt, ma'am, but..."

"Celestia, dear."

Taken aback, you continue, "Ms. Celestia, I can't but help wonder... Why?... Why me? What do I have to do with anything? Why am I here and why do I feel this way?"

The Princess merely smiled "Feel what?"

"After I admitted defeat to this 'thing' inside me, I felt ... Content..." you answer.

"Well, let Twilight and I explain a few things. Sit down young one..." Celestia says.

Obediently you sit, surrounded by your new wealth of friends.

Celestia starts to explain. She talked about Twilight's discovery and how it would help further the knowledge of magic and the Elements. She explained what the Elements Of Harmony were and how you had one of the stronger links in your own world.

"We assure you our reasons were to only make friends and collect data from you," Celestia continued, "We meant you absolutely no harm."

Thinking over the story you heard, you can't help but feel a bit sad. "So I'm just an asset to you? Just another piece of data? Nothing special..."

"You dense idiot!!"

The small voice in your mind screamed out. You feel a tingle in your chest, that traveled to your head, then out your mouth. In front of you was a small shining ghost with an angry face on it.

"Well, here I am. Your Element if friendship." it spoke, "Don't you understand? It was me and you as a rightful carrier they were looking at. You're, or we're, the signal they were looking for. I may not be as well defined as Loyalty or Generosity or any other Element, but I'm still an element none the less. You are my carrier. Together, we symbolize, as a shadow, the Elements Of Harmony from their world of Equestria."

You feel faint. You? A carrier of an element, of this.... This ghost?? What this for real?

You faint.

"Uh oh!" Pinkie Pie says, "I think his mind went 'BLOOP!'"

"Perhaps it was a bit to much all at once..." Celestia chuckled.


The Lesson

Ugh.... What happened? You remember ponies, elements and then something about being a carrier?

"Shhhhh! I thinks he's coming to!"

Wow it's so good to hear these voices again...

"Why is it taking so long?"

Agh, your ass still hurt from the cuts...


Just five more minutes...


You wake with a jerk. Your hand holding your cheek, you sit up and look around. You're surrounded by the seven ponies and Rainbow Dash was sitting on your chest.

She was evidently the one who slapped you awake.

"Gee thanks..." you mutter.

"No prob!" she yells think she did the right thing.

"oh....uhm ... your cheek.." Fluttershy mumbles concernedly.

You tell it feels fine and that she shouldn't worry.

"So human," you hear Celestia say, "Do you have a name?"

You hesitate..... What was your name again?... You've been in this dream state for so long...


"Bryan? That's not a bad name!" Pinkie Pie sputters.

"Well ah think it's a swell name!" you hear Applejack say.

"I agree!" Rarity piped up.

You look around. You feel so accepted.

"Now," Twilight spoke up, " do you wanna tell us what you've learned through all of this?" she was smiling.

You think back.

The first dream...

It was with Pinkie Pie. The whole pony thing was new to you at the time. Even though you were freaked out beyond belief, Pinkie Pie was able to make you laugh.

The second one...

Applejack was there. She comforted you. Also in time of your doubt in your sanity, she told you nothing but the honest truth that you were not.

The third...

This one you met Fluttershy. She was kind and gentle to you. She accepted you for who you were and offered nothing but total kindness, sympathy, and understanding.

The fourth...

You met Rarity in this one. She gave you a wonderful time at the ball and taught you a little something on fashion. But most importantly, she was generous in her giving beyond your belief.

The fifth...

Rainbow Dash was there. But she acted like she would always be there. Teaching you and talking to you, always loyal all along the whole way.

But the sixth...

What had you learned? All you did was make Twilight cry. Ohhhhh the shame... But you remembered her magic and how it reconnected you with your own ghost inside you... That was it. The final element. Magic and friendship.

You stand up. "Your majesty. I'd like to report what I've learned."

She smiles and listens.

"I learned that not everything is what you want to think it is. I learned that this also implies to real true friendship. Friendship isn't just having someone next to you, but having a connection with them on a deeper level. True friendship is not rational (you look at Pinkie and grin) and can even stay strong worlds apart. It does not discriminate and it promises trust and understanding. I also see that having true friends means having a good time a laughing a bit (Pinkie let out a giggle). I also see that you need to be completely honest with your friends in order to be actual True friends (Applejack gives you a nod). Along with that honesty, you also need to stick together, no matter what tragedy or conflict (Rainbow Dash puffed out her chest in pride). Kindness and sympathy also lead to both understanding and a closer bond with your friends (Fluttershy beams at you) and that generosity to others both physically and in spirit will lock those bonds tighter (Rarity giggled..). But also I've learned that to make all the friendship hold (you look at Twilight..) you just need a bit of magic to make it happen."

"Well put." Princess Celestia said proudly dawning a smile.

"You've finally learned you lesson kid." your element says sitting on your shoulder.

"Bryan, for all of your hard work, we gift you with this ring. With it may you spread you own knowledge of friendship and never forget." Celestia said magicking a ring into your hands.

"Will I remember this?" you ask, "Will I remember you all? About my element?"

"With that ring Bryan, you will never forget us." Twilight said.

"And I'm here till the end, buddy." said your element.

You grip the ring in your hand. You feel sad having to leave again, but you know you can't stay here.

"Alright. I'm ready to leave..." you say, "Thank you. Thank you all for everything. I hope I will remember you always and carry with me what I've learned."

They each give you a hug.

"Bryan," Celestia starts, "I will require weekly reports on friendship and the goings on at earth from my new student."

From who??

"You mean me?!" you ask, "but how??..."

"You'll see~!" she says, "Are you ready to leave?"

"Ye-", you begin, "Actually, can I have a word with Pinkie Pie First?"


You pull Pinkie Pie off to the side.

"Aw gee!" she giggles, "I don't give kisses on first dates! I like you a lot but not THAT WAY!"

"What? Nonononono nothing like that!" you say jokingly, "Can you uhm... Get these cuts off my flank?"

"Aww those were supposed to be permanent reminders of us!"

"Uh thanks but I've got the ring now and it hasn't healed in months..." you say.

"Oh Okay!!" she yells. She then bucks you hard with her two hind legs on the ass.

Then you were gone.

Indoctrination Epilogue

You wake up for the last time with a start. You remember everything. From the past few months to now, you remember everything. You feel sad that it'd be impossible to reunite with the six ponies you grew very fond of, but you had to live your life now, and nothing was going to stop you.

You slip the ring on. A new week and a new start on life.

"You ready for the world kid?" asks your element on your shoulder.

"You bet."


The week went by fast, but who cares? You had a great time. You met up with your friends again and using the things you learned of friendship, grew closer together. You feel lighter and happier after the pony fiasco and plan to live your live that way. You and your element were getting along, too. You decided to call him 'Pique'.

"Well I've got to call you something right?"

"What ever...."

The only thing the bothered you was Celestia's last words to you. 'Weekly reports?' Well it was the end of Friday so you should find out soon. Nothing happened all the way up until you hopped into bed. Your flank didn't hurt now, but there was a small star shaped scar on your left cheek. You never took off the ring. You always kept it on to remind yourself of the fun you had with Twilight and the rest. Looking at the ring on your finger in bed, you fall asleep...


A rush if color and a blur of sound, you land heavily in a field. You sit up dazed and confused.

Where am I?

You look a round but spot something... Was that a town in the distance? But as you continue to look a round, you notice a certain purple unicorn in the distance.

"Twilight!!" you call.

She gallops towards you and give you a tight squeeze.

"Oh it's been too long Bryan! How have you been?"

"Great!" you tell her, "Uh where am I?"

"Oh!" she turns you towards the town, "that's Ponyville, and this is our world. Welcome to Equestria. With that ring, You are called here at the end of ever week to spend time here and report. After a day or two here (a few minutes in your world) you'll be sent back and process starts again! C'mon! Let's go meet everypony else!"

Walking towards Ponyville, Twilight trotting beside you, you can't help but think what Twilight said a week ago.

With that ring, you will never forget us.

You vowed never to lose that ring.



My initials are B.P. and I am proud to be a brony (Fickle)

Author’s Notes: Wow. As fun as that was, i typed it up in three days only getting about 7 hours of sleep in between them... Who knew one could get so into it? Well, that was my first ever story. feel free to criticize it or give me some pointers. All in all I hope you enjoyed what you just read! I’m already thinking of a sequel... ~Fickle