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Lunar Adventures


Could you be met with a more terrible fate? Perhaps if you were banished by your own blood...

Maybe I did get a bit carried away with the whole “Eternal Night” thing but can you blame me? All I ever wanted was a little respect. A, “Hey Luna, nice job!” or maybe, “Oh Luna, your moon is so beautiful.” but no, I sat alone at night, wondering just what I was needed for beyond the cycle of time.

But she...oh yes SHE was the one they all loved. The one who got all the praise as if she was some kind of god...well...I suppose she IS a god but that isn’t the point!

Oh how cold it is in space...the sun’s warmth doesn’t reach me...oh what woes I face....


-The following takes place between Year 1 of Banishment and Year 10 -

Day 1:

 Ugh, I hate it here. I think I’m supposed to love it because I made it but I never realized how boring it is. It’s so pretty at night but when you see it up close its...dull. There’s nothing here either, empty... Well, sitting around won’t get me anywhere, maybe I can build a house out of moon rocks...

Day 4:

 Success! My new home is complete, it’s a tad...misshapen but it will do. It took me a long time to make the bricks because it seems my magic power has been lessened thanks to the Elements of Harmony. As if being Banished wasn’t bad enough. Oh well, nothing some practice can’t fix. Now that I have a roof to have over my head I can finally start preparing for my eventual return. Heh, heh, heh...they won’t see THAT coming.

Day 5:

 You know, I started thinking after my last journal entry that I didn’t really explore my moon much. It’s been five days now and yet I haven’t even LOOKED for something interesting. Maybe because I made it I figured there wouldn’t be anything strange here but when I noticed some strange markings yesterday, another thing I neglected to mention, I thought that maybe there was more to this than meets the eye.

Day 10:

 Almost two weeks now, I’m glad I have a few spells left like ‘Summon Clock’ or else I wouldn’t know how long it’s been. They say not knowing what time or day it is can eventually leave someone gravely mad, now that’s not good at all. I think I’ll take off my Nightmare Moon form soon, being intimidating like this isn’t going to help me when I’m all alone...

Day 17:

 I’ve been wanting to keep track of everything I do everyday but I just can’t, there just ISN’T anything to say as of yet. In fact, the most significant thing to happen recently was the building of my home, and I already talked about that. I’m sooo bored....Hmm? What’s that? I heard a noise outside, finally! Something interesting! I’ll question the fact that you can’t hear anything in space later.

Day 20:

 Boring old box, can’t even open it. It’s been about three days since that box crashed into the moon near my house, I was thinking it was a gift from my sister but I can’t open it. Is she toying with me? *Sigh* I know what I did was wrong but do I really deserve to be tortured like this? The box looks kinda funny too, it has some strange writing on it that I can’t read, it’s not written in Ponese at all....

Day 34:

 It’s been a few days since my last journal entry, I’ve only got a few thousand pages so I don’t want to use them all up with “Nothing happened, box is still dumb, end.” Though today is pretty much that, the box did seem to move a bit. I swear, it moved from one spot on my rock table to another when I turned around. Hmph, I swear my sister is not the goddess of happiness ponies make her out to’s really creeping me out.

Day 39:

 It moved again. I saw it for sure this time. I was laying on my bed, watching it when it slid across the table slightly. I’m glad no one was around because that was the loudest scream I’ve ever made. I’m gonna toss that box into a crater...once I work up the nerve. *Shiver*

Day 40:

 Nope...Still not brave enough....

Day 48:

 It’s gone. Yup, gone, I don’t know why I was surprised when I woke up this morning, I should have expected it. Ah well, at least I don’t have to worry about that creepy thing anymore. Also, I’m, I can’t die from hunger of course but I mean, c’mooon. Maybe I can use what little magic I have to make an apple tree grow here....

Day 53:

 I surprised myself! I actually did it! Ha ha! Take that laws of Physics! I made a tree grow and I ate so many apples I think I’m gonna burst! This makes me think of what else I can do here. Maybe I can make my own ponies and make a society on the moon! Then I wouldn’t have to go back to Equestria with my mean big sister. *Sigh* Who am I kidding? Not even big sister can make ponies out of nothing...

Day 76:

 I wrote a song, it’s called ‘Oh me and my Moon.’

Oh me and my Moon, how our relationship blooms

Our life together won’t ever be bland.

Oh me and my Moon, I do so love you

You do just as I command.

Shining bright in space, a wide open place filled with wonders and shiny things

Make the ponies below, make then all know what I’ve done to be here with yoooou.

Oh me and my Moon, trapped here in my gloom

I know you’ll never hate me.

Oh me and my Moon, won’t they show me my doom

I work so hard to create thee.

Travel with me to a far away place, into outer spaaaaace

then maybe we can, find a new friend, I want to see her beautiful faaaace.

Oh me and my Moon, how you make me swoon

so round and so pretty

Oh me and my Moon, over the land you loom

staring down, I hope they’re all ready

For me and My moon.

If it’s one thing my sister has ever said I was good at, it was singing...writing lyrics on the other hand...I could use some work.

Day 81:

 Today is the 81st day of my Banishment. Yay. I’m still bored though, and I still haven’t found where that box went to. I know I was afraid of it for so long but now that it IS gone, I kinda missed the brown color it brought to this dull gray and black abyss. I still have my tree though, I think I should name it something...Bentley...yeah, that’s a good name for a tree.

Day 102:

 Nothings happening. At all. I wish I could take a peek at what’s going on back in Equestria but I didn’t have time to bring a telescope with me. In fact, I only have this journal ‘cause I was gonna use it for my time as Supreme Queen of Equestria. Well, at least I have it, it’s kinda nice to have a friend who always listens. I’ve named Bentley already, I’ll name you...Brock.

Day 110:

 I heard another noise today, but after what happened last time, I think I’ll ignore this one, I still kinda wish I still had that box for it’s color but the rest of me wants it to stay where it is, I mean, a moving box? How...maddening.

Day 116:

 I’ve been practicing my spells a lot more lately and I managed to draw an outline on the moon, it looks kinda like my head when I was Nightmare Moon. Why? I don’t really know, maybe it’s because I don’t want them to forget about me down there...I hope my sister hasn’t forgotten me...

Day 124:

 Man, it sure takes a long time for years to pass...I mean, it’s only been a little over a hundred days. Why am I worried about years suddenly you ask? Well Brock, its because I cast a spell that after a thousand years, I’ll return to Equestria and take over. Or something. Maybe I won’t, I mean, cause it worked sooo well the last time. Hmm? Ugh, it’s that groaning again. I’d better get outside to Bentley, he gets scared whenever that noise comes.

Day 140:

 [Teardrops line the page, but the ink is still visible] I’m sorry Bentley...I should have been out there with you but I got too scared...Something came and killed Bentley! It...It was that groaning I bet! I should have gone out there but instead I shut my door tight. Oh Bentley, forgive me...

Stupid monster ate all the apples too...

Day 155:

 So. There it sits again. On my table like it did so many days ago. I’m watching you this time you evil thing you. My sister sent you to torment me eh? Well, you’re in the time of your life because I won’t back down that easily. You’ll help me right Brock?

[Several pages have been torn out.]

(Year 2) Day 1:

 It’s been one year now. I’m kinda used to this whole moon thing I guess. I don’t know...maybe I’ve just grown accustomed to be being bored. I saw my sister raise the sun too, today was the Summer Sun Celebration. She was so pretty...but what happened to her hair? It used to be just pink but now it’s like a rainbow. Did the Elements do that?

Day 5:

 I re-read some of my old pages, and today marks the first anniversary of when I decided to NOT explore the moon. I’m gonna break that promise and actually look around a bit. I haven’t even been outside for a couple weeks now that I think about it. I think that old tree’s stump is out there...what was it’s name? I think I named’s probably in this journal somewhere...

Day 6:

 I’ve taken my first steps outside and I'm bringing Brock, as I for some reason named my journal, with me to look around on the moon. Bentley’s stump is there there, right outside my door. I’m sure I'm supposed to feel sad about it but since it’s been so long since I’ve seen him...well...hes just a stump now anyway. I keep remembering some sort of groan or something that would scare the tree but I can’t really...picture that right? No. That’s not right.

Day 6 (Hour 2):

 It’s the second hour from when I woke up today and I’ve been making my way along the moon’s surface. It’s still as boring as ever but something seems to be drawing me towards the other side, the dark side. I hope I remember some light spell or something.

Day 6 (Hour 5):

 I’ve stopped to take a rest, I never noticed how out of shape I am, I don’t even look it but goodness It’s taking a lot to just walk. I’m kinda thirsty too but well, I honestly don’t NEED any fluids but it would be nice. Also, I’m suddenly hearing a beeping noise, kinda like a tweeting or something. It’s in the direction I’m going so if I find the source I’ll update.

Day 6 (Hour 7):

 How could I have not marked my path? I have no sense of direction whatsoever and now I'm lost. I think I can see some of my hoofprints but the spacial winds have kinda pushed the dust around so I'm a little worried. The tweeting has gotten louder though, maybe if I find the source I can perhaps locate some sort of landmark or heading to go in. Here’s hoping.

Day 6 (Hour 8):

 I’ve found some sort of strange shell, it’s metal I think so it can’t be an egg, but it definitely used to hold...SOMETHING...but what? There are some much bigger prints here too, they’re deeper than mine though. Something heavy made these. I think I'll follow them. Nothing better to do I guess...

Day 6 (Hour 10):

 The prints have led me to some sort of strange pole. It looks like it had a fabric or something on it but its been torn off. I think it’s kinda pretty though so I’ll just take it with me, it has a little golden bulb at the top so that’ll liven up my home. It’s not too heavy, shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Day 6 (Hour 13):

 Well, here I am. The dark side of the moon...Well, not exactly, I’m right at the edge. I can see the darkness right across from me but...I’ll be honest Brad...Brick...Brock? I’m a little nervous. I love the dark, don’t get me wrong, but that’s...that’s super darkness...I think I’ll turn back for now, my pole is getting harder to handle.

Day 6 (Hour 15):

 I think I might have found the path back, yep, those are definitely my hooves in the dust there. I’ll follow these back and get some sleep, first I’ll have to find a place for this pole here. I think I should name it, since I’ve been naming other things too. Now that I think about it...I’ve been gone all day with that box in my house. Alone. I swear if it broke my house I’ll torch it!

Day 6 (Hour 21):

 Aaaagh...I’m so tired...My legs ache from all that walking...but you know, It’s supposed to be good for you. Maybe it’s because I was so out of shape that I lost against my sister. That’s probably it. From now on, I’ll be on an exercise regime week...

Day 6 (Hour 22):

 Praise the Forerunners I made it, there’s the stump of the tree whose name escapes me, my house, not broken like I left it. I’ll bet that box is still in there though. Stupid box, maybe I’ll hit it with my stiff rod, it’s big and heavy enough. I’ll bet it break right open! Whack! Oh well, I’m too tired to focus on beating things, right now I want to sleep, regardless of what strange things go on in my house.

Day 7:

 Woke up and the box was still in the same place. Guess it knew I was gonna beat it down with my Power Pole, as I’ve taken to calling it, if it moved again. Oh well, guess I’ll spare it for now and move on to finding a nice place for this thing. I think I’ll make a hole in that old stump and put it in there, as an honoring for...Benny I think.

Day 15:

 Nothing new, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about my sister lately though. I really miss her and I think, when I go back, I won’t put up much of a fight, I won’t hurt anypony either ‘cause I just want to go home, be with my sister...and have a piece of cake, oh Forerunners how I miss cake. Oh and tea. Yes...delicious tea.

Day 20:

 I’ve started talking to the box. I don’t know why but I feel like it’s listening to me. It doesn’t try to hurt me or anything so I’ve started making conversation with it. I’ve named it Genesis after the time when my sister and I first started watching over Equestria, honestly I can’t remember much about that time since I was still just a little filly but I’m sure my sister can tell me more about it when I get back.

Day 24:

 I told Genesis about Equestria a bit, it seemed a bit interested...I think, it hasn’t moved or anything so I can’t tell, but, trying to stay positive, I like to think it likes my stories. I patted it’s top after I was done and I think I heard a purr, kind of like a cat, but I think it’s just my imagination.

Day 26:

 Alright, time to exercise. I’m feeling pretty good about this, I’ll do a quick trot around the perimeter of my home area, probably 3 laps at least then take a break before doing some flying. I’m a bit nervous about flying since it’s kind of awkward here on the moon, which is why I mostly walk, but I think I can get used to it. Wish me luck Beck and Genesis.

Day 31:

 I looked back through Brock again, I keep forgetting his name, and saw a few pages torn out. I wonder why they’re gone? I can’t remember what they were about but...they couldn’t have been important. Also, that groaning, I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have been losing my mind or something. Ah well. I petted Genesis again, I didn’t hear a purr this time so I guess I was just hallucinating last time.

Day 40:

 There’s a weird ringing in my ears today. I don’t like it and I can’t really focus, I think it has to do with that thing I found a while ago. That weird sphere thing with those long, thin, poles on its end. It’s got something written on the side....I think I can draw it out.

I don’t really know what that means though...