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Lyra’s Melody of Home

     Lyra was just your average unicorn in Equestria's capital of Canterlot. Lyra was a mint colored pony, with

yellow eyes and a light blue mane with a white stripe streaking through it. Despite her being such a vibrate

colored pony she did not stand out very much in Canterlot. She had only began to study there to appease her

mother, Lyrica. Lyra had trouble fitting in with ponies in Canterlot even though she was of the upper class just

like them. Although Lyra came from a rich family she didn't act like it at all. In fact she hated it. She hated how

all the other ponies thought so highly of themselves just because they had a lot of possessions. She also hated

how judgmental they were of her. How she sat, how she walked, what she held her drinks, nothing ever

seemed to please those ponies. Lyra's family only helped to make her feel more unaccepted. Her mother

would only pressure Lyra to become more like her older sister, a successful scholar of Canterlot who was able

to become one of Celestia's advisers. Lyra's older sister was like the rest of the ponies of the upper class,

concerned with her image and her possessions. She enjoyed being superior to Lyra from their mother's eyes, it

made her feel important. Even with family in Canterlot, Lyra felt alone. Somepony can only live in a house that

is not a home for so long, Lyra wanted to leave Canterlot and find a place where she belonged. She did not

have the courage to just pack up and leave at first, she felt she owed her mother an explanation at the very

least. You would think it would be easy for somepony to have time to talk with their mother, but such was not

the case with Lyra. Her mother would always be busy spending time with other high class ponies, partaking in

fancy parties and fashion shows. Finally Lyra managed to catch her mother before she went out to another

noblepony get-together.

     “M-Mom, there's something I have to tell you” Lyra began as her mother donned her scarf.

     “Can it wait till I'm back Lyra dear, I do not wish to be late for Sir Hoofington's gala” Her mother replied.

     “No it can't mother!” Lyra exclaimed, obviously not wanting to stay silent any longer.

     “Come now dearie, it can't be that important can it?” Lyrica asked clearly uninterested and in a hurry.

     “It is! Mom, I want to leave Canterlot!” Shouted Lyra.

     “Leave Canterlot?” Replied Lyrica with an surprised yet unconvinced tone. “Lyra there's nothing for you

outside of Canterlot. There is no better place to study than Canterlot, and the best, most important ponies in all

of Equestria are in Canterlot.”

     “No Mom, there's nothing for me in Canterlot! Lyra snapped. “I don't want to study, and I don't care about

those ponies you think are so important!”

      “Lyra dearie, you're being silly, if you don't continue your studies you will never be as successful as your

older sist-” Lyrica began but was then cut off by Lyra clearly not wanting to hear to same lecture about her

sister again.

     “I'm not my sister! I never will be my sister! Stop trying to make me into her!” Lyra yelled clearly reaching

her limit as tears began to swell up in her eyes. “I'm leaving tonight to find a place I can call home.”

     “Oh no you are not young lady!” Responded Lyrica who seemed to be getting angry at the apparent

disobedience of her daughter. “This is your home and it will stay your home!”

     “You can't make me stay Mom! I don't wanna stay here anymore!”

     “Oh can't I? Jenkins!!” Lyra said as she clopped her hooves together to summon one of the butlers. “See

my daughter to her room please and do not let her out until I return. Looks like I will have to teach this filly

some manners again, so she will appreciate all the wonderful things I provide for her” Lyrica ordered as she

made for the door, leaving her parental responsibilities until after her outing.

     Lyra was locked in her room with no where to go. Now what only felt like a prison to her before was now

a literal prison. She laid on her bed and cried. She felt like she would be stuck in Canterlot forever, alone and

unloved. She then looked across the room at her lyre. The lyre glowed and started to float towards Lyra. Ever

since Lyra was a tiny filly she had this lyre. She loved to play wonderful tunes with it and it was the only thing in

Canterlot that made her smile. Beautiful sounds then began to resonate from the lyre as Lyra strummed its

strings. This lyre is what made her happy, this lyre is what gave shape to her cutie mark which is unsurprisingly

a lyre. The song she played dried her tears and opened her mind. She could not stay here any longer she

thought. She grabbed her pack and lyre and made towards the window. She looked out the window towards

the ground, it was quite a ways down but using her magic, maybe just maybe she could descend safely without

anyone noticing. Lyra was nervous and scared, but she was even more scared of the thought of having to stay

in Canterlot any longer. The unicorn took a deep breath, and focused her mind. Lyra's magic was not as strong

as most unicorns but she hoped it would be enough to guide her safely to the ground. Her horn began to glow

as she jumped. “Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus” she thought as she fell and a mint colored light began to shine

around her body. She kept falling with no sign of slowing down, she just kept pushing magic out of her in

hopes in would save her. She let her thoughts become the fuel for her magic, she thought about how she was

going to find a place with ponies like her, about how she would make ponies smile with her music, about how

she will find somepony to fall in love with. With these thoughts resonating through her mind the light from the

magic only grew brighter, it grew to a blinding mint light. Then when the light was at its brightest, Lyra hit the

ground, and the light slowly dimmed.

     Lyra opened her eyes and saw nothing. “Whe-Where am I?” She asked herself. She let her eyes close

again. “Am I dead” she thought. “Yea that must be it, I could never use the right spell when I needed it. Guess

I won't be able to do all those things I wanted huh” She lamented as she felt what could be a tear on her face.

She felt another tear and then another. “Wait these can't be tears” Lyra thought, and then her eyes shot open to

see the raindrops falling on her. “So I am alive, but how?” She asked herself. She then stood up and started to

inspect her body, and the things around her to make sure she was really alive. She could not even find a bruise

on her which she thought was impossible, but then it all made sense to her. “I must have cast a body

strengthening spell” Lyra said to herself, “I really never can cast the spell I want huh” she then said with a little laughter in her voice. She took a few steps forward and took one last look at her prison. Having the only thing

that she liked in Canterlot in her pack, she had nothing to say, so she began to make her way towards her new



   It had been 4 days since Lyra ran away from Canterlot. She made sure to move as fast as she could, to

avoid any servants of her mother who were ordered to bring her back. Lyra was tired, but she would not let

herself stop until she felt she was far enough away from her mother's influence. Whenever she needed a rest

she stopped and took out her lyre. She would play tunes on it to motivate her, and to find that new life she was

searching for. That lyre made sure she never lost hope. On the fifth day Lyra had began to rest against a tree

when she saw three pony figures in the distance. She was so fatigued that she was  not alarmed at first, but

after taking another look she noticed it was three of the servants from Canterlot. Lyra tried to conceal herself

but it was too late, the ponies had noticed her and began their charge. Lyra panicked and ran as fast as she

could in the opposite direction. The servants gave chase and were beginning to close in on Lyra. Lyra not

wanting to return to that awful life in Canterlot, began to cast a spell. “A spell, any spell” she thought as her

horn began to glow faintly. “I came this far, I'm not going back!” She screamed in her mind as her horn began

to gain more light. As her horn's light began to increase her hooves began to glow with the same light. Her

speed doubled, as she increased the distance between her, and her pursuers. Eventually an entrance to a forest

appeared before her, and she just charged through into it. The servants had however stopped. “That's the

Everfree Forest” Lyra heard one say, “We cannot follow her into there, its much too dangerous” said the other,

“I do say, Lady Lyra does not appear to appreciate nobility anyway” the last proclaimed. With that, the

servants made their way back. Lyra was happy to lose her pursuers but now she had another problem. She

was lost in the Everfree Forest, even she knew about its dangers. She was even more tired than before, but

she could not stop here. As she walked as fast as her sore legs could carry her, she scanned her eyes over all

her surroundings. She hoped that no dangerous creatures would try to make a meal out of her. The very

thought of her journey being cut short started to create tears in her eyes. Not only was her body pushed to its

limit, so was her mind. The fear of this forest began to consume her, as even the trees themselves took the form

of ferocious beasts. By instinct she began to run wildly in any direction, yelling. She just ran straight in front of

her, praying that there would be an exit in front of her. Her mind began to play tricks on her as well, simple

movements of the wind became howls and roars. Lyra just kept running, she fell over logs, crashed into bushes

and finally collapsed on a pool of mud. She had finally had all she could take. She felt like she was going to

die, again. Even with this thought she took out her lyre and began to play. Unfortunately, the lyre could not dry

Lyra's tears this time, as she thought again about all the things she was not going to be able to do. However

these tears of sadness soon became tears of joy, as she thought about how even the past five exhausting days,

were much better than their life in Canterlot. Soon the music from her lyre stopped. Lyra knew her energy was

spent as she used the last of it to place the lyre in her bag. “The least I can do is put you someplace where you

won't get dirty” Lyra said. Lyra then passed out from exhaustion.  

     “Hey! Hey are you okay?” came a voice reaching the unconscious Lyra.

     “Huh, Where am I” questioned Lyra, not sure if she was alive or dead.

     “You're right outside Ponyville silly” responded the voice.

     “Pony...ville” Lyra asked.

     “Yea Ponyville” said the voice again. “Jeez you're a complete mess, here, take my hoof, lets get you

cleaned up.”

     Lyra opened her eyes to see a pony reaching her hoof out to her. The pony had a navy blue mane that a

pink streak going through it. Her coat was creamy yellow, with blue eyes, and what appeared to be three

wrapped candies as her cutie mark. Lyra grabbed her hoof and was pulled up. She wobbled a bit when the

new pony let go. As Lyra was about to fall the earth pony caught her. “Whoa there” she said, “You've been

moving around a while huh? Where did you come from?”

     “No where” Lyra responded. “I've been trying to find a home.”

     “Well don't worry about that” the pink and blue manned pony responded. “There's a home for you in

Ponyville if you want. All the ponies here are really nice, I can tell you're a nice pony.”

     “Yeah, that sounds good” Lyra responded weakly. “How can you tell I'm nice though” she asked.

     “Because of that wonderful music you were playing, I heard it nearby so that's how I found you” said the

earth pony. “By the way, my name is Bon-Bon. Whats yours?” asked Bon-Bon.

     “Lyra” the fatigued unicorn responded.

     “Lyra, huh” confirmed Bon-Bon. “How fitting, I like it, I like it a lot. Hey after we get to town and you get

cleaned and rested, can you play some more music for me?”

     “Yeah, I'd like that” replied Lyra.

     “Awesome, and after there's this sweet shop I have to show you, that has the best cupcakes” Bon-Bon

said as they made their way towards Ponyville. Lyra simply smiled as she thought about how she had finally

found what she had been searching for.

*  Months Later  *

      Lyra opened the door stunned to see a very well dressed pony in front of her. “Lady Lyra” the visitor

began. “It seems we have finally found you.” Lyra was taken by surprise by this strange pony. No one had

addressed her as Lady Lyra since she lived in Canterlot. Lyra was not too thrilled by this development. She

had wanted to leave that place behind forever and never look back. Lyra knew deep down though she would

have to deal with this someday. She was a stronger pony now, she had many friends in Ponyville, she played

her lyre to her heart's content for all the ponies in Ponyville, and she had Bon-Bon. Bon-Bon the earth pony

who found her when she laid unconscious outside the Everfree Forest, the pony who had rescued Lyra from

death itself, had become the love of Lyra's life, and her wife. At first Lyra was unsure about her feeling for

Bon-Bon, but soon she didn't care she loved Bon-Bon, and she confessed her feelings. As destiny would have

it Bon-Bon shared in these feelings, and the two became happy partners. Lyra felt she was ready to take on

her mother, and show her what a fine pony she had become.

     “So, where is my mother?” Lyra inquired. “Back in Canterlot right?”


     “Actually she is in town as we speak. She is attending a fashion show hosted by Photo Finish” replied the

well dressed servant. With this Lyra pushed the pony away and closed the door. “Typical” Lyra thought to

herself. “Of course she finally happens to find me just because some fashion show is conveniently in town”

Lyra said to herself. Brushing this off Lyra decides she won't even go to see her mother. “If she was really

worried about me she would look for me herself” she thought. The day went on, and Lyra and Bon-Bon were

enjoying their daily trip to the sweet shop that Bon-Bon showed Lyra when she first arrived in Ponyville. As

the happy couple enjoyed their sweets a figure from Lyra's past appeared before them.

     “Lyra dearie? It is really you?” questioned a well dressed lilac colored pony. Lyra stood up, determined to

face her mother. Bon-Bon stood up as well, ready to help her partner if need be.

     “Yes Mom, its me” Lyra replied with indifference in her voice.

     “Oh Lyra dearie! I'm so thrilled I found you, now we can go back to Canterlot, and you can continue your

studies and become a great pony.” said Lyrica opening her arms to hug her runaway daughter. Lyra simply

pushed her back with a hoof.

     “No Mom, I'm not going back. I have a wife now. I can't leave her and do something I don't want to do.”

said Lyra sternly, ready to embrace the shock it would surely create within her mother.

     “A mare? You married a mare?” Lyrica began with laughter in her voice. “Haha, that's ridiculous. I knew

you would never be as graceful and elegant as your sister.” Hearing her mother talked like this brought back

bad memories for Lyra. Her eyes began to water again, and just when she was about to cry she felt Bon-Bon's

hoof on her shoulder. Lyra smiled at her and looked back to her mother.

     “I don't care, Mom! Bon-Bon loves me! Which is more than I could ever say for you!” Lyra shouted.

     “Lyra! What are you saying? Haven't I provided everything for you?” Lyrica replied, obviously wounded

from this statement.

     “Providing isn't the same as caring, mother!” Lyra started. “All you ever did was throw money and tell me

how I need to be more like my sister! I was completely alone in Canterlot! Nothing I did was ever good

enough for you or the other ponies there, and you didn't care at all. You and all the other ponies there just tried

to make me something I'm not! Well, Bon-Bon loves me for who I am! As long as I have Bon-Bon I don't

need anything else!”

     “I-I just wanted you to be happy, like she is. You always seemed so glum” Lyrica said with regret and

sadness in her voice.

     “Well I am happy now, mother. …. Can't you be happy for me?” Lyra said, as her rage and pain started to


     “But...a mare? Darling, you shouldn't – no. No, I-I'm happy for you. I should have taken an interest in your

feelings before now. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, Lyra.” Lyrica replied as her eyes began to water.

     “Thanks Mom” Lyra said as she hugged her mother.

     “Ms... Bon-Bon, was it? You are welcome in our house any time. In fact, I insist you come for tea this

evening.” Lyrica said looking to Bon-Bon as she regained her composure. Lyra and Bon-Bon looked at each

other and smiled.

     “Thanks for the offer Lyrica” Bon-Bon said. “But since we are already here, why don't you just eat some

sweets with us instead?” Lyra's smiled widened as she looked at her partner. Bon-Bon knew her so well. Even

though she didn't talk about her life in Canterlot much, Bon-Bon knew she wasn't ready just yet to go back,

even for a short visit.

     “Well yes, that would be lovely” responded Lyrica, accepting the offer.

     Lyra leaned over and kissed her wife on the cheek. She was so happy right now, but not because her

mother accepted her. She was happy because she thought about all the hardships she endured to be where she

was right now. She remembered all the years of loneliness, and the long days of travel. She remembered the

song she played on her lyre that helped her make it through it all. It was Bon-Bon's favorite song to listen to as

well, so Lyra found herself playing it often. Lyra never had a name for the song until now though. She had

decided to call that song, “Home”.