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Mama’s Favorite Muffin

Author: Squall Chaser (A.K.A Blunderdolt)


                    A note to the readers: I know this is a break in writing, Corsairs Cannons and Colts. But, the mental pre-write of this story made me D’awww, too much to not write it! Anyway, enjoy!

Not to confuse anyone, but this isn’t a sequel to that story, especially since I don’t really even know how I’m going to end it yet. I can’t wait to see the picture for this. I bet it’s going to be cute!

Additional thanks to the anonymous pre-readers who helped me make this story worthy to post. Sorry if I got comma paranoid….


I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living

My baby you’ll be

~Robert Munsch Love you Forever.



                    Ditzy woke up, Mr. Sun already beaming through the windows. She rolled over and saw her little filly Dinky was still asleep. A small smile was on Dinky’s little face. This was one of Ditzy’s favorite sites in the whole world. It made her happier than falling in a bottomless pit of muffins, and as Ditzy goes, that’s pretty happy. Ditzy kissed the small purple unicorn on her head, “Mama’s favorite little Muffin!”Ditzy said.

                    They gray mail-mare stood. She loved Dinky, her only filly, and her best friend. Ditzy couldn’t have any more children, not only had she lost her husband in an accident, but she’d had… A history lesson, no, that wasn’t right. A Sister Bethany, no, that wasn’t right either. Ditzy was told it meant she’d never be able to have more foals, and that made her sad to begin with, but Dinky’s smiling face made the bad feelings go away.

              She looked around the room. It was a cozy enough room in the two bedroom post office/house. Mama and daughter shared the room, it gave them both a mutual sense of happiness, comfort, and it helped with Dinky’s nightmares. The walls were painted light blue, across from the bed sat Dinky’s bookshelf. All of their favorite books lined it such as, The Pony who Cried Diamond Dog. Ditzy stretched and walked over to the chest of drawers. Ditzy pulled on her worn, gray robe and headed out into the hall. She stepped down the narrow flight of stairs into the kitchen and living room area, and nosed the door open to the post office part of the building. Ditzy stepped out into the bright morning, there was briskness to the air, and the quiet stillness of the day could only be called serene. Ditzy picked up her Sunday copy of the Equestria Daily, and headed back into the building cleverly shaped like a mail-box.

            Ditzy loved Sundays, the post didn’t run and Ditzy was off of school, that meant the two could spend the entire day together doing whatever they wanted. On this occasion, the two planned to spend the day at the Ponyville Park. Ditzy checked upstairs, no sign of the filly stirring yet. She decided to fix breakfast, opening the cabinet she frowned, “Mr. Cabinet, you’re kind of sunny this morning.” She shook her head, “Empty, I mean empty…”

           Ditzy sometimes got words mixed up. She knew what she meant but it still annoyed her, Doctor Spokewell, her therapist gave her exercises to do, but they didn’t always work. “Namely Ms. Doo, you just have to slow down, take your time and don’t rush it. Pace yourself, think each word out carefully, and then speak.”  Doctor Spokewell had advised her.

               Ditzy took the pot out of the coffee maker, “Huh, looks like we’re going out for breakfast” she chuckled to herself.

               She sat down on one of the two chairs by the small table. She sipped her coffee, “I love my life, especially on Sundays” she said happily as she lifted the funnies up.

               About halfway through her favorite comic strip, Three to Tango, she felt Dinky’s tiny legs wrap around hers. “Mama, Mama, can we go to the park now?” The little unicorn pleaded.

              Ditzy set down her funny pages and her coffee to lift Dinky up into her lap. “Yes, but first don’t you want to fill your little tummy up?”

               Dinky paused for a second, her stomach growled, “I am kind of hungry.”

                 Ditzy bounced her daughter on her knee, “Since Mr. Cabinet is empty, I thought we’d go to the cupcake place for a treat, how’s that sound to Mama’s Favorite Little Muffin?”

                  Dinky hopped off, and began jumping circles around the small kitchen. “YAY, does that mean we get to visit that funny pink pony? I like her! She always gives me free treats!”

             Ditzy Smiled as she stood up, Dinky’s laughter was her favorite sound in the whole, wide, world. As she took off her robe and placed it on the coat rack, she pulled on her Wonderbolts ball-cap. The mama and filly stepped out into the radiant morning, the temperature had come up slightly eliminating the need for coats, a few early birds had stirred and were now wandering the streets. Several ponies smiled and waved as the duet passed, some even stopped to chat. They turned onto the street leading to Sugar-Cube Corner, where several merchants were setting up their stalls. The smell of fresh-baked muffins hit Ditzy full-on, her stomach grumbled, “Hey, I bet you can’t beat me there!” Ditzy said as she nudged her filly.

           The two were off, they laughed and played as they ran up the street together, Dinky was running fast, but her mama lifted her onto her back and carried her, the rest of the way to Sugar-Cube Corner. A little out of breath from the game, Ditzy pushed open the door. The smells of all the different sweets mixed together in the air, cakes and pies displayed in eye-catching ways, tempting customers to buy them. Ditzy rang the small bell on the counter, and as if by magic Pinkies head descended in front of hers, “Hi there, I bet I know what you want! I just made a fresh batch of them!”

              Pinkie descended from the ceiling, and ducked behind the counter. She pulled out a box of Ditzy’s favorite treats. Chocolate chip muffins, dyed with gray on either side with a yellow stripe running up the middle, on each muffin was a pair of googley-eyes. The treats were called, Ditzy-Doos, named after the mail-mare. They had first been premiered at Ditzy’s Mail-Mare of the Year Party last year, the first time she set eyes on them Ditzy left the party crying, and she thought Pinkie had made them attempting to make fun of her. She realized later, that Pinkie had actually been trying to honor her with the confectionary treats. Since then, they’d been her favorite snack, and Pinkie one of her best friends. The Pink earth pony snapped her back to the present, “Anything else I can get you ladies?” She asked tilting her head slightly.

               “We’d like a quart of sandwich please, and two cups.” Ditzy said.

                Pinkie looked to Dinky for help, “She means a quart of milk,” Dinky said as she nuzzled her mama.

               “Okie-Dokie-Loki,” Pinkie said as she shot into the backroom, in almost no time she reappeared with a sack in her mouth. Setting it down she headed over to the cash register, Ditzy started to pull her coin purse out her bag. Pinkie waved a hoof casually “No charge ladies, today it’s on Pinkie!” She said.

               “Thanks,” Ditzy said as she loaded the sweets into her bag.

                  The mama and filly stepped back out into the sun, today was going to be another one of those pleasant Mid-Summer days, when there was nothing to do but have fun, and enjoy the warm and pleasant sunshine. Ditzy and Dinky watched the pretty rainbow hued butterflies flutter lazily over the flowers. Ditzy picked a nice bench on the edge of the park, one with a nice view of the playground. She spread the breakfast out before them. She opened the quart of milk and divided it between the two cups. They watched as the green trees swayed, Applebloom and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders were up to their normal mischief, and Twilight, Spike, and Trixie were sitting on a checkered picnic blanket eating lunch, it was perfect weather for it, warm but not hot or humid, a few clouds dotted the sky and occasionally there was the hum of busy bees somewhere in the distance.

                 The mama and her foal had both eaten two muffins and were ready to play. Ditzy was finishing off the last few sips of her milk when she happened to glance down at Dinky. She’d placed the googley-eyes off the muffin over her own. Ditzy almost choked on her milk, lowering the glass she chuckled “You know, you look exactly like your mama right now!”

                   With breakfast over, the two decided to pack up the leftovers and get to some serious playing. “So what do you want to do first Muffin?” Ditzy asked as the hyperactive unicorn bounced hither and yon.

                      “I wanna go say hi to Twilight!” Dinky said as she looked in her direction.

                              “That sounds like a great idea,” Ditzy said.

                        As they got closer, they could hear Twilight and Trixie engaged in a playful argument, “Oh Twilight, you’re such a bookworm! It’s a glorious day, and all you can think about is ink and paper? You can read anytime, but days like this are meant for enjoying!” Trixie said as she poked Twilight with her hoof.

                    “Well, you said this was supposed to be relaxing, and this is how I relax, you got a problem with that?” Twilight said as she shifted her eyes to look at the performer.

                      “As a matter of fact I do!” Trixie said as she began to tickle Twilight.

                               Both of the mares were tussling and giggling when spike cleared his throat, “Hey Ditzy, Dinky today’s one beautiful day isn’t it?” The dragon greeted as the mail-mare and her foal walked up.

                               Twilight and Trixie both turned a deep red, “Hey Ditzy what’s up?” Twilight asked as she wriggled out from underneath Trixie’s pinning.

                        “Not much, we mostly stopped to say hi.” Ditzy replied.

                         “And to see if Spike wanted to play,” Dinky added, throwing a leg around Spike’s neck.

                         “You bet I do!” Spike said as he started to leave “If it’s…”

                          “It’s okay, you can go Spike,” Twilight said, as she nuzzled the baby dragon.

                      “Woo-hoo! Come on Mama! Let’s go to the slide!” Dinky yelled as she and Spike started to run off.

                            “Well, it was nice seeing you two!” Ditzy called before turning to catch up with the two runaways.

                            Twilight and Trixie waved, “Now where were we? Oh yes, Trixie remembers!” Trixie smiled as she started play-fighting with Twilight again.

                            Ditzy sat back down on the bench, listening to the sound of her little pony’s laughter, and seeing her smiling face. This is why the park is her favorite place to go, it’s the one place she can enjoy her favorite sight and sound without a care in the world. Ditzy watched happily as the dragon and Dinky played with the Cutie-Mark Crusaders. Right now, it appeared as though they were attempting to catch butterflies. Eventually they got tired of chasing the bugs and decided to play on the swings, Dinky called to her mama “Mama, come push me!”

                           Ditzy smiled as she stood up from the bench. Obligingly she came over and started to push the little filly. The green swings creaked as they went back and forth, the four children were laughing and whooping as they swung higher and higher. Dinky called to her mom “Higher mama, I want to fly like you!”

                        Ditzy pushed the swing a little harder. She watched it swing back, and then forward again. As it swung forward, Dinky accidentally let go of the chain, she flew off of the swing and crashed to the ground below. Before anypony knew what happened, Ditzy, Spike, and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders were standing beside her. “DINKY, ARE YOU DUCK?! DO YOU NEED ME TO CALL A MILKSHAKE?!” Ditzy said in a panicked tone.

                         Spike was already heading off, “I’ll go get Twilight and Trixie!”

                         The Cutie-Mark Crusaders had run off to fetch their baby-sitter Fluttershy. Dinky sat up, “Mama, it hurts!” she said as she held her leg out to her mama, she started to cry, one of Ditzy’s least favorite sounds.

                          Ditzy kissed the leg, it wasn’t too scraped, but something about the way it moved seemed a little off to her, having experienced many injuries herself during her mail career. Twilight, Trixie, and Fluttershy appeared. Fluttershy stepped forward, “I can’t tell, but it looks as if the poor dear may have broken something.” Fluttershy cooed.

                          Ditzy nodded, “I’ve seen enough motor boats to know what one looks like, I think she definitely better see a monkey.”

                          “I’ll call the pony-medics.” Twilight said, as she started to walk away.

                          “No need, they could get her there faster themselves.” Trixie said with a wave of her hoof, “You and I can meet them at the horsepital.”

                            Fluttershy and Ditzy nodded their agreement. Gently Trixie set the crying Dinky onto her mama’s back. The softness of her mama’s mane, the comforting scent, and the feeling of love between the two, made her feel much better. “Hold on back there,” Ditzy called as she flapped her wings.

                              Before Dinky knew what had happened, they were flying, if she wasn’t scared and in pain, she would’ve enjoyed the experience, seeing the rooftops of Ponyville drifting by underneath, the feel of the warm breeze on her face as she sailed through the air on the safety of her mama’s back, and the birds flying in to curiously check them out. It wasn’t a long flight, Fluttershy and Ditzy landed at the steps of Ponyville General Horsepital. When the three were inside, a nurse greeted them at the front desk, “Oh dear, whatever’s wrong with this pretty little filly?” The nurse said, standing up from her stool.

                              Ditzy tried to explain, but by this point the tears had broken free and she wasn’t making any sense at all. Fluttershy put a hoof onto Ditzy’s shoulder, “Dinky, was playing on the swing at the park, she slipped off and had a rather bad fall.” Fluttershy explained.

                               The nurse motioned with her head, “Follow me please, we’re not busy today, so let’s go ahead and get the sweet little darling into the exam room.”

                           They walked down a short hallway and turned into one of the small exam rooms. “Doctor Allbetter should be in soon, in the mean time if you need anything, just come get me.” The nurse said as she left the room.

                          Fluttershy was trying to comfort both mama and filly, “Shhh… There, there it’ll be okay sweetie. Dr. Allbetter will fix that leg up good as new! Oh Ditzy, you’re little filly’s going to be just fine. After all of this is over, I’m going to bring you some of my special soup, and Pinkie can throw you a get well party, with all of those cakes and muffins.” Fluttershy’s coos were much needed, Ditzy set her daughter on the yellow ponies lap, and she headed for the water fountain at the end of the hall, her stomach was feeling a little upset from all of the worrying.

                 When she came back, she took Dinky back from Fluttershy. The combination of the sterile white walls, the medical charts on the wall, the smell of anti-septic, and the bright fluorescent lights in the room created a rather unsettling mood. Just as the wait was becoming unbearable, the door opened, and in stepped a gray unicorn, with a Caduceus-over-red cross Cutie-mark, and a pair of eyeglasses, he wore a white lab coat and carried a stethoscope around his neck. “Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Allbetter, and who’s this adorable little filly?” The doctor asked as looked at Dinky.

                       Dinky hid her face against her mama’s chest, Ditzy nuzzled her head “Her… Name… Dinky…” She forced out slowly, “Doctor…. Help… You… Okay… Mama’s Favorite Muffin?”

                       “Dinky, will you let me examine you?” The doctor asked kindly. The little filly shook her head, “well then, what about this? I show you something amazing, and then you let me examine your leg, okay?”

                        Dinky’s curiosity was hooked, “Like what?”

                         The doctor took off his stethoscope and placed it in the filly’s ears. He then placed the other end against her mama’s chest. Dinky listened in amazement at the sound of her mama’s heart beat. It was so rhythmical and soothing, it must be the sound of love. Dinky let go of her mama, and allowed the doctor to place her on the examination table. He took the stethoscope out of her ears, replaced the tips and placed it against the filly’s chest, “Deep breath in.” Dinky took as big a breath as she could in “and out.” She exhaled.

                        “Alert, heart rate and breathing normal, eyes” he pulled out a small light and shined it into both eyes “normal, no signs of shock detected.”

                         He wrote something down on his chart and began to look back at her. He gently lifted her leg, which caused her to gasp a little, Ditzy winced at the sound. The doctor’s horn began to glow. A blue light shined over the leg, the doctor looked at the areas the light hit intensely. “Ah, there we go! A small break, it should heal soon. I’ll just set the bone, give you something for the pain, and we’re done here.” He said before leaving back into the darkened hallway.

                        He returned a little while later, carrying a casting kit, as well as a needle and a small phial. “Right, first things first, Ms. Doo, can you cover your daughter’s eyes for me.” He said as he drew a small amount of medicine into the needle.

                       Ditzy covered Dinky’s eyes as the doctor gently administered the shot. He lifted the bandages into the air “What’s your favorite color Dinky?” He asked as he started the casting material set up.

                       Dinky thought about this for a moment, “Blue!”

                       “Blue it shall be then.” The doctor chuckled, as he mixed the casting material together.

                        After the bone was set and cast, the doctor walked over to a drawer. He pulled out three lollipops, handing one to each pony present. “Right, here’s a prescription you’re going to need to fill tomorrow, other than that, plenty of bed rest, and stay off of it as much as possible.”

                      “Thank you, for treating My Favorite Little Muffin.” Ditzy said, as her speech returned to normal.

                       As Fluttershy, Dinky, and Ditzy stepped back into the lobby, they saw the green, rather uncomfortable chairs had been filled by Twilight, Trixie, Spike, The CMC and their sisters each wanting to make sure Dinky was okay. “Hey Dinky, we brought you something simply incredible.” Trixie said as she pulled a blue stuffed bunny, with clouds on it out of her saddle bag.

                     Dinky immediately hugged the toy, Ditzy stared in amazement at the group in the lobby, “I… I didn’t…. I didn’t know you…. Cared…. This much…” Ditzy almost cried from the sheer happiness.

                      “Of course we do sug’ you’re one of our friends!” Applejack said.

                        Ditzy hugged each one of them in turn. With Rarity’s assistance, Dinky was placed once again onto her mama’s back. Fluttershy and Ditzy took to the sky once more. This time, Dinky was fully aware of her surroundings, the way the setting sun reflected off of Sky Mirror Lake, the way Twilight’s Library seemed to wave as they passed by, even their mail-box shaped home looked better from above. Ditzy made her way gently to the yard, she turned and waved goodbye to Fluttershy. Once the butter-cup hued pegasus had left, mama and filly were alone again.

                        Ditzy put her key into the lock, the door clicked open and they slipped in to the front office, the neatly sorted boxes and envelopes were ready for tomorrow’s mail run. Ditzy lifted the folding counter, and she stepped through the door. She sat Dinky down in her chair by the stove before, she herself sat in front of the fridge.

                      The mail-mare smiled at her filly “It’s almost bed-time, for mama and her Muffin.” She yawned.

                       They pulled out the left over Ditzy-doos from breakfast. They ate relatively slowly, both trying not to fall asleep in their dinner. Once all of the muffins were gone, they headed upstairs to the large bathroom, standing side by side at the large sink, they brushed their teeth, they both washed their faces, after getting all dried off they smiled at each other. Next they brushed each other’s manes. Being especially sure to get the parts they had difficulty reaching. The last thing they had to do before getting into bed was pull on their P.Js, Ditzy pulled on her dark green Cosmic Flying Purple Muffin pajamas, Dinky pulled on her Wonderbolt flight-suit Pajamas. Dinky took a book off the shelf and handed it to her mama while cuddling closer to her. Ditzy began to read, The Pony Who Cried Diamond Dog!

                        “Once upon a time, in a land far away from Ponyville, lived a young pony by the name of Soundoff.”

                                Ditzy got halfway through the story and looked over, Dinky was fast asleep. Ditzy kissed her. A small smile spread across the unicorn’s sleeping face. “Mama’s Favorite Little Muffin,” Ditzy said as she flipped the light off, “Good night, and sweet dreams Muffin.” Ditzy said as she closed her eyes. Soon Mama and Filly were sailing through the land of dreams, while Luna’s night sky kept silent vigil over them.

The end.

Or is it?

The following is Dash’s response to the story above. It’s not actually a major part of the story, just something funny I came up with on the fly.

<Insert Rainbow Dash scene here>

“Hey, why wasn’t I included in this!” Dash protested.

“You know I’m a friend of Ditzy’s too! I care about Dinky! Why didn’t anypony write me into this story? See if I ever work in one of your fanfics again Blunder Dolt!” The Sky Blue pegasus pouted.

A white pegasus appeared next to her, “Gee, I guess I did forget to put you in the story.... I’ll make it up to you, after I get done with the pirates story I’ll write one all about you!”

        “No you won’t, you already said you’d be doing a Vinyl x Rarity shipping.”

        “Huh, well even if you’re not the ‘star’ per say, I’ll have a significant part in one of my upcoming works, just you wait and see. Besides, the last chapter of Corsairs, Cannons, and Colts focused almost entirely around you.”

        “Yeah, but that thing needed to be about 20% cooler, besides you killed my cousin, I never even had a cousin and you killed him in the same day, how terrible is that?”

        The white pegasus sighed, “Well, we’ll resolve this somehow, I could make you a wonderbolt...”

        Dash’s eyes grew wider “Go on..”

        “Well technically since I’m the writer, I can make you pretty much anything I want.”

        “Hmmm... This could work.” Dash said, smacking Blunder Dolt across the back “Yep, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.... I want laser eyes too!”

        Actual end.

Corsairs, Cannons, and Colts


Chapter 3


Authored by Squall Chaser, (A.K.A Blunder Dolt)


                    Dawn had broken. The Countess Marilyn’s Revenge was bobbing slightly in the wavy ocean. The pinkish hues of morning light reflected in the water. Rainbow Dash was grateful that the sun had risen. She was floating next to the skeletal sea-serpent on the front of the ship. She’d pulled, chewed, punched, and otherwise maimed the rope around her waist, but it was to no avail. She and Fluttershy were now holding the evil-smelling polish rags.  “At least it’ll be warmer soon,” Rainbow Dash said, as her teeth chattered.

                    Fluttershy merely nodded, she’d been whipped by the cruel boatswain. It’d forced her to become withdrawn, and closed wholly within herself. She probably wouldn’t speak again until she was back into the small, wet, cold, metal cage that they’d been kept in the night before. Fluttershy felt a hoof on her shoulder, she froze with fear. If it weren’t for the rope, she would’ve plummeted into the savage ocean below. Said rope was pulled back onto the ship, the boatswain stood behind her. “Yer bein’ excused, Firebran’ needs you in the galley, GET GOIN’!”

                    Fluttershy began to slowly walk away. A crack of a whip caused her to speed up. The boatswain was too busy laughing to notice Rainbow’s hoof collide with the back of his head. He was sent sprawling onto the deck, everyone witnessing began to roll with hysterics. The boatswain stood, he turned to face the sky-blue pegasus, “Why, you little…”

                    Before Rainbow Dash had a chance to think about her actions, a large hoof sent her head-over-tail into the rails of the ship. The massive boatswain approaching her, he drew his saber from its sheath.. A loud slam caused everyone on deck to look towards the captain’s chambers. Storm Grimskies stood in the doorway, her face formed into an eerie smile. “Now, now I wonder what all this is about. A slave pinned to the rails, my boatswain armed to the teeth.” She let out a hardy laugh as she thought about her statement “And all the while, no one informed me there was to be a fight. Didn’t any of you think I’d want to watch?” She walked over and sat down, “Twenty bits on the little, blue, filly.” She announced, laying a bag of money at her feet.

                    All across the boat bets were being made. Twilight walked out, the din of excitement had caused her to up-chuck. Looking for the source of the commotion, she saw the captain, and two pegasi locked in a deadly tussle for a saber. “Rainbow Dash!” Twilight shouted.

                    Dash paused to stare at Twilight, a horrible mistake. The boatswain wrestled the sword back into his control, sheathing it he began to pull back his hoof. Dash quickly moved upwards, the strong hoof-blow impacted against her leg, the twin sounds of bones breaking, and screams filled the air. She looped behind the brawny pirate, focusing all of her strength into one blow, she sent him through the rails of the ship. Moments later, a loud splash was heard. Rainbow sank back to the ground. She winced as her broken leg fell out from under her. “Twilight, are you okay?”

                    Before Twilight could answer, the sound of hooves clapping cut her off. “Well fought my little warrior pony, I think I could make a proper pirate of you yet!” Storm’s smile had only grown eerier. Crew members were now setting their lost bits before her.

                    The boatswain flew suddenly over the side of the ship, “Ah there you are three lashings to the filly for starting the fight. After that, you lost fair and square, try anything funny and I’ll skewer you myself.” The captain turned Twilight back into the cabin “Believe me. I don’t think you want to see this.” The doors closed.

                    Rainbow Dash was held on either side by two of the pirates. The boatswain started to bring the whip back, but the captain took it from him. She snapped her head forwards, then sharply back. The captain controlled the strength and direction of the lashes, she tried not to break skin, or hit Dash’s wings. After the third, she turned to the boatswain. A nod and the pirates dropped Dash, and seized him by the forehooves. A loud crack and the boatswain fell to the deck. “Because you didn’t invite me to the fight!” the captain said, as she spat out the whip.

                    The event over, Rainbow Dash was escorted to the brig on the captain’s behest. She was again thrown into the dark, little cell. A pony wearing eyeglasses came in and set her leg.  After that, she didn’t have anything else to do, she lay down and tried to take a nap. After countless hours of peaceful, uninterrupted slumber, a loud slam woke her up. Firebrand stood in front of the cell, he took a small key from under his wing. The door of the cell clicked open, Firebrand slid in a tray of food, and the door shut again. The orange pegasus turned to leave, but Rainbow’s hoof on his flank stopped him. Sighing audibly, he turned to face those sad, magenta eyes. “I can’t let you out Dash.”

                    “Why not? It sounds as if ‘Stormy’ has already turned you from a stallion, into a gelding. What more do you have to lose?”

                    “Rainbow Dash you’d best keep your mouth shut on things you don’t understand.” Firebrand shouted as he punched the bars.

                    “I understand fine, YOU’RE A COWARD!”

                    “I… am… not…. A COWARD,” Firebrand screamed, he stormed up the stairwell onto the deck.

                    Rainbow Dash picked up a carrot from the tray. She clinched her teeth down and tore it in two. After a few bites, she threw the tray against the bars swearing profanely at it. Firebrand appeared at the top of the stairs. Dash threw her body against the cage, her forehooves reaching for her cousin, “Come to taddle on me, you traitor? Go ahead, tell your captain, I’d like just a few seconds alone with her anyway, just enough to smack her in the kisser.”

                    A rather shamed looking Firebrand walked over to the cage. “You’re right Dash, but we have to wait. If I let you go in broad daylight you might be shot instead of captured. I couldn’t take that, it’s far sadder than having you locked up down here.”

                    Rainbow Dash sat back on the floor, the pain of her leg suddenly apparent. Forcing herself, she stood back long enough to hug her cousin through the bars. “Thank you Firebrand, you don’t know how much it means to me that you’re letting my friends and…”

                    “Only you,” Firebrand said as he shook his head.

                    “WHAT?! You can’t expect me to just leave without them, they’re my friends!”

                    “You’ve got to use logic. One pony is far more likely to get past the guards. Most of your friends are unicorns and earth ponies. They’d have no way of getting back to shore before Storm sent them to the depths. Finally, what if the ship goes airborne tonight?”

                    Dash nodded weakly, “Yeah, you’re right, I’ll see you tonight then.”

                    Firebrand gave a tiny smile, “Oh man, Storm’s gonna hate this…” He laughed, although he and Dash both knew of the captain’s mental unbalance.

                    With a parting hug, he was gone. Dash sat in her cage, wondering what her friends were up to right now. Rarity was eating with Vinyl in the ships cannon bays. The two had become very close friends in the short time they’d known each other. “Darling, sure your look is splendid now, but just let me have a few seconds with your mane, a little work on your attire, and the colts wouldn’t be able to resist you!”

                    Vinyl nearly spat out the water she’d been drinking, “Yeah, colts…. I can hardly wait…” She barely held back a giggle.

                    “Oh my, I’m terribly sorry if I’ve offended you in anyway.”

                    “No, no. It’s okay Rare, not necessarily the type of thing you broadcast with a mega-phone. It’s no big deal.”

                     “Either way, you really should come by my boutique sometime; I’ll have you looking like a million-bit coin!”

                    The two unicorns finished their lunches, and began setting back to work. “I don’t really know why we need to clean these horrible things, but at least that beastly boatswain isn’t down here.” Rarity rubbed the back of her head. A small knot had formed where she’d been struck.

                    “Yeah, tell me about it, I got a good lashing because I had the nerve to laugh in the captain’s presence.”

                    The two unicorns both giggled. They paused for a second, each staring at the other. Rarity cleared her throat “Right, we shouldn’t dally. Let’s get this done so we can get out of this bay before I can’t get the scent of gunpowder out of my beautiful coiffure.” The unicorns continued to work, all the while giggling and gossiping like two school-fillies.

                    Pinkie Pie and Applejack were swabbing the deck, again! “Consarnit, why in the hay do these here pirates make us clean the deck, and then immediately scuff it all up again! It’s like they want to work us to death or somethin’!” Applejack’s mood was growing sourer with each passing minute.

                    “Why, tha’s exactly the point lassie! We’re goin’ ta work the life right on outta ya!” A purple earth pony taunted.

                    “How’d ya like me to come over there, an’ buck ya a new one?

                    The pirate merely laughed, he spat on the deck in front of AJ. Pinkie Pie, whose hair, was still deflated, murmured, “Why does everyone here have to be such a meanie-mean-pants?”

                    “Well, I ‘spose this just proves the worlds not all, Cupcakes an’ apples like we thought it was.”

                    Pinkie could only sigh. Both ponies paused to watch the sun going down, “Look at the bright side. It’s quittin’ time.” Applejack smiled, she put a caring hoof on the party pony’s shoulder.

                    Pinkie shrugged it off, “yeah, but that only means we go back to that cage.” Applejack couldn’t argue that point. There really wasn’t anything to be cheerful about.

                    Fluttershy was waiting for her friends. She’d already been placed in a cage. Upon their arrival, she looked around “Where’s Rainbow Dash?”

                    Applejack shook her head, “Dunno sugar-cube, last time I saw her she’s tusslin’ with that big, brown feller.”

                    Vinyl’s head drooped a little, “knowing how psycho he and his captain are, she’s probably being tortured or something.”

                    All five ponies sat with their heads hung low. Fluttershy started into a song she thought appropriate, Oh Pony Boy. Little did they know their friend, was quite alive. It was approaching the hour of midnight, the shanties had once again become quieter, and somewhere above deck an accordion could be heard. Most of the crew was either asleep, or catching a late-night card game in the lower decks. Rainbow Dash stood by the cage door, she’d been stretching her wings all night, preparing them for the flight ahead. The door to the deck opened. The guard pony tumbled down the stairs. Firebrand appeared at the top of the stairs with a rolling-pin in his mouth. He tip-hooved quietly over to the cage, as he was withdrawing the small key. There was a faint click, and the door swung open.

                    Dash stepped out, her wings spread to fullest expanse. Firebrand motioned to follow quietly, the two of them crept up the stairs. Firebrand led her over to the hole from earlier. “Your best bet of being undetected is diving down the side of the ship, just pull up before you hit the ocean.”

                    She hugged her cousin tightly, “I’ll come back for you Brand.”

                    She let go, falling backwards over the rails. Firebrand watched her silhouette turn and shoot into the sky. He turned, and bashed his head against a knob on the rails. Wobbling a little he began to call out, “alarm! Alarm! One of those land-lubbers has escaped! Somepony rouse the captain!”

                    In a flash the ship was teaming with life, from all decks of the ship ponies ran to gather around Firebrand. He pointed down the stairs, “Look, she knocked ole Flashpowder unconscious.” He pointed to the bruise he’d given himself, “crazy filly knocked me out too! I wasn’t doing anything but bringing some refreshments to the games.” He hoped his excuse would be believable enough.

                    The gray pony at the bottom of the stairs moaned “Why’d ya go an; conk me coconut Firebrand? I ain’t done nothin’ to you!”

                    “Why would I knock you out Flash? I tell you it was that crazy filly that did it!”

                    “No, it was you. You told me you had water for the prisoners. I turn aroun’ to open the door, and CONK! Everything goes black.”

                    “Well Firebrand, it looks as if we’ve got a traitor on board. It’s a shame too after all I’ve given you.  A place to live, food, money all the things you could want or need.” Storm’s voice was a mixture of anger, hurt, and evil “And you repay me, with a knife in my back. Oh, Firebrand, I must admit I’ll mourn you when you’re gone. What should we do with him lads?”

                    The crew set up a noisy chant, “Keelhaul, keelhaul, keelhaul, keelhaul!”

                    “Very well, at dawn, Firebrand shall get to see a new side of the Countess Marilyn’s Revenge.” She put her face right against his, “the underside.”

                    Rainbow Dash was flying fast, faster than she’d ever flown before. She’d broken the sound barrier, and was speeding along over the rippling ocean. She looked back over her shoulder, seeing the ship fading slowly in the distance. “Come on wings, don’t fail me now!” She shouted over the wind speeding past her ears. Before she could stop herself, a large net was pulled in her path. She struggled and kicked, unable to get free. Hope’s brief candle now grew cold and dark. Her mood grew sullen and somber when she saw Firebrand in the cage. He’d been beaten quite violently. All across his body were dark bruises and lash marks. He lay; breathing in short, pained breaths. “It didn’t work, they caught me.” She cried as she lay next to him.

                    His eyes shot open, he whirled to look at her. “No, no this has to be a nightmare!”

                    “It’s not, I checked, but hey at least we’re back together again!” She beamed at her cousin. Then it hit her, why was he in the cage and not in the galley?

                    “Not for long Dash, not for long. Tomorrow, they’re going to tie a rope around me, and keelhaul me.”

                    “What’s ‘keelhauling’?”

                    “Exactly what it sounds like, they’ll haul me along the bottom, or keel, of the ship. It’s not going to be pleasant. If they do it quickly, I’ll be cut on the barnacles and other sea life on the bottom of the ship, if they do it slow I could drown.”

                    Dash’s eyes filled with tears, “it’s all, my fault! Firebrand, I shouldn’t have pushed you to do it.”

                    “Hey don’t do that, the last thing I want you doing, is blaming yourself for this.”

                    Dash nuzzled her cousin gently, “I’ll stay up with you!” she said.

                    “No, you sleep. I don’t want you to be there, I don’t want you to see me afterwards, I don’t want…” he sobbed. “I don’t want you to remember me like that.”

                    Dash snuggled closer to her cousin, “Okay Firebrand, I’ll try and sleep.”

                    The hours passed like centuries, the only sound in cell was Firebrand’s occasional cries and whimpers. Dash had managed to fall asleep. Her body had pretty much forced her to. The door to the upper deck opened, Storm walked down the stairs. She opened the lock. Tears were streaming openly down her face, now that they were alone. Firebrand kissed Dash’s head. He stood and walked onto the deck. He paused for a moment to enjoy, for the last time, the feeling and beauty of a midsummer morning.





For those of you who’ve continued down this far, I plan on bringing the Ponyville, and Pirate Ship stories together, in chapter five. Also, the interaction above with Rarity, was setting up for a sequel story. Other than that, I’m off for a bit to enjoy Litha, or Midsummer.

Interestingly,  the name Blunder Dolt is kind of a funny story.

One of my uncles on my mom’s side had a pony named, Thunderbolt, the Wonder Colt. My mom’s older brother called him, Blunderdolt the Dundercolt. I’ve had this name for a while, in other online mediums. But only now is the pony story really relevant.

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I hope you enjoy the next few chapters. This is my first attempt at writing Pony-fic, and it went Grim-dark when I didn’t mean for it too. I also really wish I had an editor...