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Moon Diary

Fanfic by Purple Prose

Royal University Archived Work #0098121

Archived by Purple Prose, Student of Languages at Royal University of Equestria



Translators Note - 2011/4/15

The following document was acquired from the archives of the Royal Library of Canterlot, and translated with permission from the Royal Librarian and Princess Celestia herself. The following text has been translated from Ancient Equestrian to a more modern tongue, for the benefit of the reader. Please be advised that the translation is imperfect, and much of the original document has been lost to the ravages of time. However, I am certain that the piece would be a useful addition to the University’s linguistic departmental archives.

- PP

ADDENDUM - 2011/7/12: This work is not to be published publicly without express permission from the Princesses, particularly Princess Luna. I will be most irritated if this gets out into the public.

HRH Celestia


1010/6/19 - Evening

Dear diary,

That seemed silly. A book can’t really talk back after all.

I’m writing this on behalf of my sister. Tia gave me this diary so I could write down my thoughts, in case I wanted to record something for posterity. Tia has some rather funny ideas, but I might as well indulge her.

What should I write about? What it’s like to be a princess? I’m sure I’ll think of something to write down.


1010/6/20 - Evening

Thought of something to write down. A work log might be best. The night sky doesn’t create itself after all. Let’s see, tonight I plan on accomplishing the following tasks:

-Finish the constellation Libra*

-Begin work on constellation Cygnus*

-Add another crater to the moon. (Maybe?)

-Check in with the night watch to make sure things are going smoothly.

*Translator Note: Original constellation names have been replaced with more modern forms. Please see also Astronomy Through The Ages by Emerald Quill, Ch. 2


1010/6/21 - Evening

-Completed Cygnus.

-Need to find a model for the constellations Leo and Virgo

-Check in with night watch.

-Talk to the Royal Gardener about some night-blooming flowers for the Royal Palace.

Same - Morning

-Attended Tia’s Summer Sun Celebration. I wanted to get her a present, but I’ve been so busy I forgot. I’ll try to make it up to her.


1010/6/22 - Evening

-Do some work on Virgo. Decided to base it on Tia. Maybe she’ll like it?

-Fetch some books on flowers from the royal library for Royal Gardener. No, I don’t want cacti in my garden. This isn’t a desert.

-Plan meteor shower for later this year. Have to make it impressive!


1010/6/23 - Evening

Tia found my diary! And read it! I wish words could describe my irritation. I’d draw a picture, but all I have at the moment is my quill and ink. Note to self; find some charcoal or graphite for personal sketches.

She told me that a diary isn’t supposed to be about what I did every night  It’s supposed to be about my thoughts and feelings, not just a list. I’m just mad that she looked in my diary without asking me first. So I might have left it open on my work desk, but that still doesn’t give her the right to pry.

Same - Morning

Talked with Tia. She apologized. Promised to buy me a lock for my diary if I wanted one.

She did appreciate me designing a constellation for her, however. Said it was a lovely present.

I’m in a better mood now.

P.S. Tia, you better not read this again.


1010/7/1 - Evening

Haven’t written in this diary lately. Tia asked me about it, though. I’ve just been busy.

The Royal Gardener really came through though. Nightblooming cereaus, Oenothera rosea, elata and primiveris, Ipomoea alba, Datura inoxia * and several other night-blooming species! They’re really pretty, but the gardener warned me that some of them are quite poisonous. I’m just happy that I have my own little flower garden to look at during the night. All of the flowers in the regular garden are closed up or wilt during the night.

I wonder how they’ll look under the full moon. I’m not really much for yellow, but  I’m still happy with them.

*Translator’s Note: See Blooming in Moonlight by Star Flower, pgs 59, 70-74, 81 and 85.


1010/7/3 - Morning

Tia’s throwing another party again. I really shouldn’t be surprised, though. She’s such a social butterfly.* I decided to pass though. It’s been a long night working on the stars. Maybe once I’ve finished working on the constellations for winter I’ll have more time for playing around.

*Translator’s Note: The idiom that the author used did not translate directly into Modern Equestrian, so a similar modern idiom was substituted.


1010/7/4 - Evening

Tia pestered me about her party. I know I shouldn’t be turning down opportunities to spend time with my sister, but we see each other every day. Besides, I don’t really like parties or crowds of ponies. They’re always so noisy. And I have work to do.

I’ve been busy drawing up the plans for the winter constellations, though. Good planning is always key to making things run smoothly, after all. I hope everypony appreciates all this hard work.


1010/7/6 - Evening

Work on the constellations has been going smoothly. It’s rather nice at night. It’s quiet, which lets me work easier. Aside from the night watch and a few other ponies, I don’t really see a lot of activity.

I decided to have my lunch in my flower garden tonight. The full moon lights up my flowers so nicely. It’s rather different from the garden Celestia set up. Her garden has lots of roses and those silly sunflowers, and everything‘s bright and colorful. My garden’s a bit more modest in its beauty, but smells just as sweet.

Same - Midnight

It is rather lovely to have tea in my garden. I’ll have to do this more often.


1010/7/8 - Evening

Tia told me about the gala she’s planning. It’s supposed to be a big event for a lot of the aristocrats she’s been cultivating. I don’t understand. How can someone like her throw so many parties? It boggles my mind, to be honest. She really wants me to go, however. A show of sisterly unity for the people or something similar.

Should I go? I’m not really a big fan of parties like these, and I’m getting close to finishing the summer constellations. However, Tia’s been trying to get me to socialize more, and I can tell this means a lot to her.

I told her I’ll think about it. Maybe if I just speed up my schedule a bit I’ll be able to take a break around that time.

Same - Midnight

I’ve been giving it some thought. If I manage to finish the rest of the constellations by the end of next week, I should be able to attend Tia’s party.

Had tea again in my garden. The flowers are starting to collect night moths*. Tia has her colorful butterflies, I have my little fuzzy ones to pollinate my garden.

I think mine are cuter.

*Translator’s Note: See also The Moth and the Moon: A Pony’s Guide to Nocturnal Insects pg 103.


1010/7/13 - Morning

Been working very hard on stars. Not much time to write. Tired.


1010/7/14 - Evening

Tia wants me to be fitted for a gown for her ga*

*Translator Note: Several pages including this one were damaged beyond recognition and/or legibility. As such, some entries will be incomplete.


1010/10/11 - Evening

I’ve completed half of the winter constellations by now. Tia’s impressed by my work. I don’t know if she knows it’s because I want to do more socializing. After seeing her at her Gala, I want to have more… what did she call them? Fans? Adorers?

Doesn’t matter. I’ve got the meteor shower coming up soon. With any luck, this will definitely get some attention.

Same - Midnight

After the Gala, I keep noticing how lonely it is around here in the palace at night. It’s not like Tia’s court at all.

Why is it that Tia has so many admirers (remembered the word) when I have so few? Is it because she’s better at parties?

I’ve been taking care of my garden as a hobby now.


1010/10/12 - Evening

Decided to try having a little tea party, like the ones Tia has. I’ve had one of the scribes make out some written invitations; I just need to figure out who to send them to. I’ll ask Tia in the morning.

Same - Morning

Asked Tia about the tea party. She thought it was a wonderful idea, but couldn’t think of anypony to send them to. I made her promise to ask around at one of her gatherings. She promised.

I’m so excited!


1010/10/13 - Evening

Asked Tia again about the tea party. She said there were some ponies that were interested! She sent the names to the scribe!

I’m so happy!

Same - Midnight

It’s hard for me to concentrate on my work right now. I get to have a party!


1010/10/15 - Midnight

I feel so sick. I’ve been sick all yesterday and today. Tia was worried about me, of course.

Hard to write clearly. Head hurts.*

*Translator’s Note: Attempted to correct for spelling errors and sketchiness of symbols in this entry.


1010/10/16 - Evening

Finally feeling better. The doctors said that somepony in the kitchen had used some of the leaves from the Datura inoxia in my salad for lunch.. I guess one of the new cooks wasn’t warned about the plants in my garden. Tia told me not to worry, though. She’ll take care of it.

That’s not what’s upsetting me though. I was so sick that I missed my tea party. The doctors said that I’m healthy now, but they’re cautious about any lingering effect from the poison.

My head still hurts though.


1010/10/17 - Evening

Bright light makes my eyes hurt. The doctors said it was a side effect from the poison, and that it should go away eventually. For now though, I won’t be going outside to much during the daytime, and I’m to keep the windows of my room shut tight.

I never was the sort to go around when the sun was up. However, this means I can’t really talk with Tia unless she comes to my room. I guess you’re my only companion right now, diary.

Same - Midnight

How did the moon get raised when I was sick? Why are the night guards avoiding me? I have to ask Tia.

Same - Morning

Talked with Tia. She told me that the guards were acting weird because I got agitated and angry when I got sick. She said the moon turned an odd color when I raised it up. I hope I didn’t scare to many ponies.

My head still hurts, though. I don’t know why.


1010/10/18 - Evening

Eyes still hurt in bright light. That’s alright. I’m more of a night mare anyway. At least the moon isn’t too bright. That’d be embarrassing.

Started working on the winter constellations again. I’m almost done with them. Note to self: don’t get sick again.

Same - Midnight

Haven’t been back in my garden ever since I got sick. I should check on it later. Or ask the gardener t*

*Translator Note: Remainder of page was damaged. Several pages are missing after this entry.


1010/12/1 - Evening

My light sensitivity is starting to lessen now. The doctors were surprised by how long it lasted, but told me that the poison was probably enhanced by all the magic surrounding the palace. It still hurts to go out in the sun, though.

Tia’s been really supportive, but I don’t want to worry her to much.

Still getting headaches, though. Maybe I should tell somepony…

Same - Midnight

Somepony forgot to trim back the Datura inoxia while I was busy. It’s started to spread out through the rest of the garden. My poor flowers.

I don’t dare touch it, though. Not after last time. I’ll talk to the gardener in the morning if possible. Or I’ll have Tia do it.


1010/12/3 - Midnight

I had forgotten about the meteor shower! It’s going to fall on the Winter Moon Festival! This is going to be the best birthday ever!


1010/12/5 - Evening

*Translator Note: Much of the initial text in this entry was blotted out, and was thus illegible.

Somepony else has been writing in my diary! That’s just rude!

Same - Morning

I’ve been getting more headaches recently. Maybe I really should talk to the doctors.


1010/12/6 - Evening

That’s not going to help much, you know. They’ll just be afraid of you and you know it. *

Whoever’s doing this, it’s not funny. Please stop, or I will call the guards on you.

Anyway, I’m still excited about the Winter Moon Festival. I hope Tia invites a lot of ponies to come. In fact, I’ve made sure to tell her to invite lots of ponies.

She seemed really surprised at that. I told her I was feeling better and I really wanted for everypony to get to know me better. She’s so proud.

*Translator’s Note: Two different writing styles appear in several of the later entries. I have done my best to distinguish the two via differences in font. The strike-through is included in the original translation and will be included for authenticity.


1010/12/7 - Evening

You can’t call the guards on me dear. It’s not like they can stop me.

This really isn’t funny anymore. I’ve decided to leave my diary with Tia during the day, with express orders to not let anyone else write in it other than me.

The gardener’s really concerned. Apparently the Datura inoxia has been growing like a weed for some reason.

Same - Midnight

I saw something in the corner of my eye while in the throne room. At first, I thought it was a guard on patrol or something similar, but when I went to look, there was nopony there. Maybe I’m not resting well enough.

Besides, all the guardponies are either white or gray coated. None of the guards have black coats…

Same - Morning

I talked with the doctors about my headaches. Seeing as how the poison had run its course and my photophobia had been going away, they attributed it to stress from my work and excitement from my upcoming birthday.

I didn’t tell them about the thing in the corner of my eye I saw tonight. They’re already nervous as it is, tending to a sick goddess like me.

1010/12/8 - Evening

Did you really think giving your diary to your beloved sister would stop me from writing in it? You poor, silly foal.

This is starting to scare me now. WHO KEEPS WRITING IN MY DIARY?!

I asked Tia if anypony had access to my diary. She told me that nopony had even touched it while she was awake. She had kept it locked up in her room, hidden where nopony else could find it. Not even the guards knew where it was.

Tia keeps looking at me funny, asking me if I’m alright. I keep telling her I’m fine.

I don’t like lying to my sister like that.

Same - Midnight

I’m so alone. The night guards keep their distance from me unless I call them. The royal gardener is terrified because he can’t control the plants anymore. The scent of the Datura inoxia is overpowering now, considering it’s crushing all the other plants. Somepony is tormenting me, I just know it.

I saw it again tonight. That shadow. I tried to follow it, but it slipped away before I could do anything. I even called the guards, but they told me they didn’t see anything.

Am I going mad?

I can’t tell Tia. If I am going mad, I’m terrified of how she might react. I know she’s my sister. I know she loves me. I know she only wants what’s best for me, to see me smile and be happy. But I’m so scared…


1010/12/9 - Evening

You don’t have to be scared. I’m with you. I’m the only one that REALLY understands you, my dear little foal. Nopony else loves you. Nopony else cares. Especially your sister. All you have to do is let me in.

I have to get out of this castle. I can smell the moonflowers even though it’s winter.

But where would I go? And more importantly, would anypony understand why I had to leave?

The headaches are getting worse.

So tired...

Same - Midnight

I think I fell asleep. I’ve never done that during the night.

I’m sca*

*Translator’s Note: The rest of the page was covered with ink, and several of the pages after were completely illegible.


1010/12/23 - Evening

dear diary.

nopony came to the winter moon festival. not even to watch my meteors

i don’t understand why.

i don’t understand why

i don’t understand why

I do.

I didn’t write that.

I know. I did.

Oh please, don’t act like throwing the book away will make me stop.

You’re the one who keeps writing in my journal.

Of course I am. Now stop crying and listen to me.

Who are you?

I could ask you the same question. Let’s simply say that we’re the same at the moment.

I don’t understand.

I’m the shadow you see in the corner of your eye at night. I’m here to protect you. To keep you safe.

I don’t believe you. Make me stop writing!

You’re in danger. Danger of being forgotten.

You’re lying. I’m not forgotten. I’m not in danger. I’m Princess Luna. My sister and I rule Equestria, we’re loved by everypony.

Do you really believe that?


Even when nopony came to your birthday?

Even when you got sick? I wonder how those poisonous leaves got in your salad. Face it, Princess, you’re expendable.

That’s a lie! That’s a lie!*

* Translator’s note: The rest of this page was torn.


1010/12/24 - Midnight

I’m going insane

No, you’re not.


Because, deep down, you know you can’t. You know you can’t stop me from writing because you know I’m right. None of the other ponies like you. None of the other ponies care about y

Stop it stop it STOP IT

They. Don’t. Need. You. And what if they found out about you? What then? Would you like to have a mad filly as a ruler? What will your lovely Tia do, hmmm?

You’re in my head. You’re just in my head. You’re not real.

I’m as real as you are darling. I am the moon, just like you. We’re like your little flower garden.

I don’t understand.

Indulge me in a bit of metaphor. Your garden has many flowers, but your favorites are the Ipomoea alba and Datura inoxia are they not? Both of them are called Moonflowers.

You’re like the moonflower, then. The Inoxia. You’re just something poisonous inside my mind!

Hardly nice to call someone poisonous, but if you want. I’m the little part of you that doesn’t like to be alone. That wants to be just like your big sister Tia. I want to make you like her. Worshipped, adored, loved by all the little ponies.


You don’t have a choice dear. This is for your own good. Just let me in, and I’ll solve your problems for you. The ones you’re to scared to handle. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in.

Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Let me in.

Let me in. Let Me In. Let Me In. LET ME IN. LET ME IN. LET ME IN. LETMEIN!




*Translator’s Note: This text repeats for three pages, including the margins.



Tia is scared for me now. I keep having blackouts every night. I don’t know what happens when I nod off, but whatever it is she’s scared. I’m confined to my bedroom for now. She checks in on me every morning and evening. I keep trying to tell her about the shadow I see in the mirror, but when I do the words just don’t come out.

My lips move and her voice comes out. My only chance is if somepony reads my diary...

Oh don’t worry about that little foal, nopony’s going to read your silly babble. It’s so nice to have control.

Now, don’t worry, all you have to do is just sleep.


You’re not alone, silly foal. I’m here. Whenever you look in the mirror, I’ll be there. Whenever you see your shadow, I’ll be there.

And when I’m done, every pony in this world will love your night. Because it’s the only thing they’ll ever see.

Tia help me I’m so scared please big sis help me.

Translators Note: Remainder of pages were removed from the document. Translation ends here.