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My Little Pony: The Black Temple

Prelude: A Parting of Ways

The group of equines had gathered in a remote corner of the Everfree Forest. Before them, a swirling portal loomed high. The local wildlife stood there, not in fear, but in a state of hypnosis. The only sound was of the magic energy radiating from the gateway to another world.

Celestia was the first to speak up. “You have brought much suffering to the world, Luna. For that, you can never be forgiven. However, you saved the life of my love. For that I will let you go. But, should you ever threaten my people again...”

“I understand, sister.” Luna said. “Control over this world was never my aim... only power... only the magic. I've lingered here too long. I must go. By aiding you, I have betrayed my new master. If I am not careful, his wrath will be my end.”

“Farewell, sister... Big Macintosh. I doubt out paths will cross again.” “Good fortune to you,” she added in their ancient tongue. The deep blue mare stepped through the purple portal to worlds unknown.

“Fools!” shouted Derpy. “Have you no sense of justice?”

Big Macintosh piped up, “Derpy, Luna has atoned for her crimes! She is no longer a threat to-”

“It's no use, Big Mac.” said Celestia as Derpy Hooves sprinted through the portal after Luna. “She has become vengeance itself, bound forever to the hunt. I only pray that in her zeal, she does not cause even more havoc than Luna.”

“Now, let's go home, beloved. We've earned our rest.

Chapter One: The Great and Powerful...

“Come on, I'm ready for 'em, let's get going!” Rainbow Dash yelled, landing before the group. In her excitement, she failed to notice the gash along her flank, earned from her bout with the final patrol squad.

“Darling, please,” Rarity said, “you're in no shape to take on Nightmare Moon.” She closed her eyes as her horn lit up with a familiar whitish glow. Before their eyes, the fresh gash sewed itself together, leaving no trace behind. Rarity’s priestly powers had come in handy during this assault on Nightmare Moon's foul Black Temple, even if her aversion to the fray and her reluctance to do anything but stitch up her friends hadn't.

Off to the left, Fluttershy finished recollecting her throwing knives, twenty-seven in all. She had one for each reason she was here. One knife for each of her friends that had fallen before the shadowy mare's forces. Applejack trotted up and dropped three sacks before the group.

“The patrolcolts were carrying these. Take a look inside, they may come in handy.” Applejack had her own reasons for being here too – she was here for Big Macintosh, who had personally requested her assistance with this fight. He wasn't able to come along, with his current health, but he was with her in spirit.

Pinkie Pie snatched a satchel and searched it for spoils. She procured a belt with numerous bottles strapped to it. Stripping them out, she analyzed the contents, sniffing and sipping on a few of them. “Looks like there's three magic elixirs, a bottle of poison, two bottles of cockatrice blood, and... an alligator?” She laughed. “Oh, that's just Gummy!” She passed the bottles around, and Fluttershy took the poison with a tender hoof.

Twilight snatched two of the blue magic elixirs and said, “Rarity, I'll need these. Rainbow and Pinkie, take the cockatrice blood.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie exclaimed happily as she snatched the bottle.

“Drink those now. They will need a little while to take affect.”

Pinkie sniffed the blood and winced. She searched her leather saddlebags and procured a bag of sugar cubes. She dropped a few in, then burrowed through her bags again. After a while, she found a squiggly straw and stuck it in. She sipped it, and said, “Blegh! Needs more sugar!”

As Pinkie went about solving her sugar predicament, Applejack spoke up. “Nothin' else good in these bags, Twi. We'd best get ready to move on.”

“Good idea.” said the purple unicorn. She stood up, her simple cloak fluttering in the breeze. They were outside the doors to the upper spire of the Black Temple. “I think it's time for us to summon Akama. Rarity, are you ready?”

“I guess so,” Rarity sighed, putting away her hairbrush. “Who is this Akama fellow, anyway? I hope he likes my choice of dress. Is my makeup still okay? Ooh, I might need to put on a new hat, there's blood all over this one.”

“Rarity, we have a job to do!” Twilight snapped. Rarity shrunk back. “Look, I'm sorry. Let's just get this over with.”

The unicorns nodded, and their horns lit up. The magic energy swirled between them, and they strained to keep up. Finally, there was an explosion of energy, and a lone pony appeared before the group, doused in brilliant light.

As the group opened their eyes, it was made clear who this pony was. Not wanting there to be any doubt, she spoke up.

“Stand aside, peasants. I am the Great and Powerful Trix... Akama!” the blue mare stumbled over her introduction. “Now, let's discuss our strategy.”

“Umm, Akama..” Twilight spoke up, “We kinda already have a strategy. We just need your magic abilities to open the door.”

“Nonsense! The Great and Powerful Akama was fooled by the foul trickster Nightmare Moon, and she demands reckoning! Now, I will need some equipment.” She proceeded over to their bags, and burrowed through them. Moments later, she emerged in plate armor and the potion belt strapped to her forehead. Twilight thought, Maybe it would distract Nightmare for a moment or two.

“Now, let's proceed.” Rarity said, holding back laughter.

The group of seven prepared themselves. Rainbow Dash, the swift paladin; Fluttershy, the quiet rogue; Pinkie Pie, the hunter, and her loyal pet Gummy; Rarity, the dazzling priest; Applejack, the fearless warrior, and Twilight, their unwavering leader and arcane mage.

They all stood there, anxious to begin. It wasn't the first battle they fought, but it would prove the most challenging. Before their hooves, ten of Nightmare Moon's most powerful lieutenants had fallen. Now, they had pushed to the end, looking to end her evil reign over the Shadowmare Valley.

“Akama” nudged the door, and it creaked open. Twilight shook her head, thinking, I could have done that. “Alright, friends. Here, we make our final strike against impossible odds. Your talents must rise to their full potential here, else we are doomed to fail.” She charged up the dark stairs as lightning cracked around the temple.

Chapter Two: Darkness Rising

The party of seven reached the top of the spire. Twilight hushed the group. “Look.” she whispered, pointing to the courtyard. “She is meditating – she doesn't know we're here.”

“This is our final chance. If any among you wishes to leave, then go now.”

The Great and Powerful Akama stuck her nose up. “I'll go... guard the door, in case we get company.” She gave a fierce glance to the skeptical group, then galloped down the stairs.

“Alright, it's now or never. Let's go.” Twilight said. Cautiously they approached the dark figure lying down. The lightning cracked again, and the mare stood up. “Akama... I should have slaughtered you and your malformed brethren long ago-- Wait, where's Akama?”

“Cut the theatrics, Nightmare Moon. We're here to end your evil reign!” Rainbow shouted.

Nightmare Moon sighed. “Fine, have it your way.” Her grimace darkened as her horn lit up. The group was blown away by a dark magic explosion. Twilight struggled to her feet, then lit her horn up in defensive magic. The dark mare smiled, then hopped up on her hind legs, screeching into the sky. Moments later, a swarm of foul, slimy demons dropped into the courtyard.

“Get rid of these monsters!” Twilight yelled, “I can handle Nightmare!” As she said that, her horn's glow doubled in strength, and she strained to channel the energy to fight her foe.

Rainbow Dash drew her holy hammer and took flight. She bolted around, splattering the gooey demons with sweep after sweep of her mighty weapon. Nearby, Fluttershy spun around, sending a flurry of knives in a graceful arc.

Applejack was backed into a corner. She let out a fierce war cry and went berserk, bucking everything in her way. She cleared a path to Rarity, whose horn lit up, healing the orange mare's bruises and empowering her to battle on. Pinkie Pie pranced around laying traps for the foul demons as Gummy distracted one, gumming it ceaselessly.

As their magical duel went on, Twilight seemed to gain the upper hand. However, the slime creatures soon overwhelmed the party, surrounding them. Nightmare's horn emitted a large burst of magic, freezing the party in place. It pulsed again, killing all of her demon followers.

“Is this it, mortals? Is this all the fury you can muster?”

A grey mare appeared from the shadows. “Their fury pales before mine, Luna. We have some … unsettled business between us.”

“Derpy Hooves. How is it even possible?”

“Ah, my long hunt is finally over. Today, Justice will be done!”

Derpy attacked Nightmare, causing a momentary lapse in the grip of her magical prison. Twilight's horn lit up, breaking everyone free of their bonds. She then went on the offensive. Rarity assisted as best she could, while Pinkie and the others stood on, watching. Rainbow shot upward, clearing the magically dark sky. A beam of light shot through, landing right on Nightmare Moon. She screamed out in agony, collapsing to the ground.

Derpy spoke to her fallen foe. “It is over. You are beaten.”

“You have won... Derpy.” she struggled to say. “But the huntress... is nothing without the hunt. You... are nothing.. without... me....” her eyes closed and she died.


The eight friends cheered. Luna's voice crackled over the voice chat system. “You guys cheated! No fair!”

“All's fair in love and war, Princess.” Rarity said with pride.

“But Twilight was using that strategy guide!” Luna whined.

“That's just us using the tools we have, sugar cube.” Applejack laughed.

“I hate this game, I'm leaving.” Luna ripped off her headset and stormed out of her room in Canterlot.

“Oh, no,” Fluttershy said, “I hope we didn't hurt her feelings too bad.”

“Not to worry,” Celestia's voice came through. “She just takes her games a little too seriously. And she's probably a little jealous of my Tier 11 set!”

Everypony shared a good laugh, and Bon-Bon called down the stairs. “The muffins are done!”

“Muffins!” Derpy cried with glee, charging out of Lyra and Bon-Bon's basement. The others soon followed.

After they finished their treats, Rainbow Dash piped up, “Alright, everypony, who's ready for Icecrown Citadel?”

From the Author

This is my official submission for the fanfiction contest on Equestrian Gaming. If you didn't catch it, it is a World of Warcraft crossover. Without this at the end, it has 1856 words. Here's to hoping I win!

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