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My little Sister

It was a rainy day, the water splashed on the window, the wind blew beneath the doors. It was horrible for all those who hadn’t a warm, safe home where they could hide under an blanket and sleep through this entire joke of a day.

Twilight sat with a candle besides her bed, looking out of the window, seeing the storm doing its part. She just wished, that nothing would happen in this day, that no pony would get hurt.

She wasn’t fully aware when someone knocked on the door, her attention was completely fixed on the book she read. After the knocks changed to heavy beats, she realised that somepony was actually knocking.

First she thought it was just the wind or a limb from a tree, that hit the window but she heard it clearly, somepony was about to crash trough the door.

Twilight stood up and went up to the doors, wondering who could this be. She opened the door and saw this gray little pony stood there, all wet and shivering. This little one with glasses looked up to Twilight.

   -“Can I... come in?”

   -”Of course” was the only thing Twilight could bring out.

After Twilight dried this little pony with an Towel she asked her name.


   -”My name is Twilight Sparkle, I am not quite sure that we ever met. You are a friend of Apple Bloom I guess.”

   -”I... no.”

Twilight saw the sadness in her eyes, but just tried to ignore it, and asked what happened so that she wasn't in her home.

   -”I... have no home.”

   -”Wha-... Why?”

   -”"I lived with my friend Diamond Tiara this whole time, but we argued and she kicked me out,"

      telling me that I could come back if I apologize but I won’t because I just said the truth.”

   -”What did you say?”

   -”That she is a meany little wannabe princess and she should change herself.”

   -”Oh, I see... and where do you live now, where are your parents?

   -”Had none.”

Twilight just stood there in the darkened room with her, the silence was uncomfortable but she didn’t know what to say. Finally she cleared her mind and looked to Silverspoon again.

   -”You... can stay... until this storm is over.”

Silverspoon who looked at the ground the entire time looked up to Twilight, her face changed into an shy smile.

   -”T- Thank you.”

For the entire day, Silverspoon sat by the window, staring out into the storm. Twilight decided it was for the best to leave in her peace.

Unfortunately, the storm lasted deep into the night, Twilight had no choice but let this filly stay one night in her tree. Twilight got the bed ready as Silverspoon walked in, she stared at what Twilight did.

   -”What are you doing?”

Twilight, a little startled for this sudden show up, turned around.

   -”Well, if you look out of the window you would see, that it still rains. I suggest you stay here for this night.”

Silverspoon looked suspicious at Twilight and then at the bed.

   -”You can’t do that, I am just some stranger, I could murder you.”

   -”I-... hehe... No you stay this night here, I cannot just let you out and maybe get hurt.”

Silverspoon was about to say something, but exhaled for she knew it was too late for arguing, she was tired.

Silverspoon went up to the bed and laid in, Twilight took the blanket and covered Silverspoon in it.

   -”I wish you a pleasant night.”

Silverspoon took her glasses off and put them on the commode that stood next to the bed. She looked at Twilight again and got an smile on her muzzle. Twilight returned the smile and went over to her own bed. Before she was about to lay down she heard.”Thank you, Twilight.”

Twilight woke up because of the suns ray that went trough the window. She stood up and looked at the bed where her guest should sleep but it was empty. Twilight thought that she maybe was gone after the morning but then, she heard a noise in the kitchen.

After she entered her kitchen, Twilight realised what was all this noise about. The entire kitchen was in utter chaos. All over broken eggs, flour in every corner, dishes on the floor, some of them broken and in the middle of this, Silverspoon.

Twilight got this urge, but instead she just asked.


Silverspoon turned around with an huge smile on her face.

   -”Twilight! I made you omelets! I hope you liek it.”


Twilight with an clueless gaze, looked at the table where a plate with an omelet stood, besides was a glass with orange juice and a Ponynewspaper.

Twilight looked at this adorable expectant smile and gave up. She sat at the table and looked at this something, called an omelet. Then she looked back at Silverspoon who instantly stood besides her, continuing to have this cute, almost creepy smile.

Twilight took a bite from the omelet and felt her taste-buds rebelling over this sorry excuse of a murder attempt But Twilight for she was how she was, munched and swallowed it.

   -”Mmmm *shiver* this taste very good, I think I will have to put this back to the fridge to have more of it


   -”I am REALLY happy that you like it, I just wanted to thank you for you know, helping me.”

   -”Yes... thank me, I see.”

Twilight looked with these word behind and saw the nuclear strike that happened in her kitchen.

   -”I didn’t find any more eggs, so I had to improvise. Found something under the fridge that looked like egg.”

Twilight nearly vomited, but she made her way to the window. The fresh air prevented the mishap.

Twilight, feeling healthy again, turned around and looked at Silverspoon who was about to clean the kitchen but unfortunately, further broken plates would not contribute to cleaning.

Twilight closed the window and went back, her horn began to glow and everything began to sort. The dishes washed them self up and went back into the cabinet, a broom cleaned the flour and a sponge cleaned the broken eggs from the ground and everywhere. After the magical cleaning, the kitchen was reinstated in its willed natural being, unused. Silverspoon just stood there, watching Twilight with her open mouth, after this wonder was done, she shook fiercely her head and let a big “WHOOA!” out.

Twilight who went back to the main room, removed the natural disaster in an omelet out of the window and vaporized it. Then she turned around and realised Silverspoon, who kept staring at her. Twilight looked at these eyes and realised that she maybe should have wait for extermination but for her luck Silverspoon’s mind was occupied with something else.

   -”You do MAGIC!?”

   -”Err... yeees?”

   -”WOW, can you-- not wait, can you-- oh no... CAN YOU MAKE LIGHT?”


Twilight’s horn began to glow and the room was filled with its light. Silverspoon just stood there, hypnotized by this wonder. After Twilight turned her ‘light off’, Silverspoon regained mind and her smile widened.

   -”Can you make me a muffin?”

   -”*sigh* here.”

Out of fucking nowhere, plopped a muffin out of thin air and felt in front of Silverspoon, she just used one hoof to examine this subject of wonder, but then she just ate the muffin.

   -”Mpfhtastehff goodpfh”

After Silverspoon was done with her muffin she continued her wishes. First an apple, then a orange, then a cupcake and then again a muffin. Silverspoon ordered, Twilight created it.

After minutes of orders, Twilight collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Silverspoon looked at her and got this brilliant idea.

   -”Maybe you should drink water, well I wish a glass wat-”

Silverspoon was interrupted by Twilight’s hoof that pressed on her muzzle.

   -”Please.... no more...”

   -”Alright, alright, but you seem tired, maybe I should make you another omelet.”

   -”NO! I mean... why don’t you just sit down.”

As Twilight said, plopped Silverspoon on the ground. Twilight stood up and made her way to an bookcase.

After she found what she was looking for, she put a book in front of Silverspoon.

   -”Here you go, it is a fine book.”

Silverspoon looked at Twilight with an ‘oh-shit-filly-what-are-you-doing-face’, then she turned her look back to the book and pushed it away with a. “pffff.”

Twilight used her magic once more to put it back in front of her.

   -”It is a really fine book, you should read it.”


   -”You should at lest try to read it.”




   -”I said please.”

   -”And I said, pffff.”

Twilight just gave up, she put the book back to the case and went up to her own book that laid on book stand. She was about to open the book when she felt something on her. It was Silverspoon, standing on her.

   -”What are you doing?”

   -”Actually, I was about to read.”

   -”What part of pffff didn’t you get? Let’s go to the swimming pool, there is much more fun.

   -”I don’t have a swimming pool.”

   -”No? Well we could make one. With your magic, you know”

   -”Erm, no.”

   -”What do you mean with, no?”

   -”No, I won’t use my magic to make a pool.”




   -”I said no.”

   -”You are boring.”

   -”And you are annoying.”

   -”You are an egghead.”

   -”I am not an... why don’t you just go in the kitchen and make some omelets.”

   -”Want your peace, don’t you?”

   -”I just want to read.”

   -”And I just want a pool.”

Twilight loses more and more of her nerve and she finally gave up.

  -”FINE! I know that Pinkie Pie got a pool, we will got there if you want.”


The rest of the day they were at Pinkie Pie’s pool, Silverspoon and Pinkie Pie kept jumping into the water, Twilight just sat in the shade and read her book she brought. They returned back to the tree in the evening. Both, Twilight and Silverspoon were at the door and somehow Twilight knew that this question is going to change her life. Forever.

   -”So, where are you going now, where will you live?”

   -”I thought, after we had so much fun today, I could...”

Twilight looked at the filly that was obviously embarrassed. She saw that something was on her mind, something she wanted to ask but was afraid of. Somehow Twilight knew what it was, somehow she knew that it was the only reasonable thing to do. Somehow, she wanted it too. Twilight’s face changed into an smile.

   -”You can stay here as long you want.”

Silverspoon looked up and her embarrassed gaze changed into a little smile and hugged Twilight with tears in her eyes.

Twilight just stood there, asking herself what she just done but she discarded her thoughts and hugged her too. Then Silverspoon looked up to her.

   -”Can I call you...  big sister?”

Twilight got an smile on her muzzle.

   -”Sure thing.”

   -”Thank you, Sister.”

By. A.n.B.



I know that Silverspoon is really out of character... I mean REALLY out of character.

But I came up with this story after somepony used an Silverspoon avatar and kept annoying me with his RP. This is for you, because you stole 2 hours of my life writing this story and keep ‘/me pokes’ me in steam.

Anyway I hope the rest of you enjoys it.

If not. bad for you.