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Nopony Can Resist ‘Em


        “You cannot be serious, Soarin’! It’s only been an hour and a half since dinnertime, and your stomach is already growling?” Spitfire asked in disbelief as she looked across to her fellow Wonderbolt, the wind noise having decreased to a level where words could be heard through regular speech rather than hoarse roars to the others. Or alternatively, the grumble of a certain blue Pegasus-colt’s belly.


“You know me, Spitfire! I get cranky if I don’t get my dessert, and that bloody salad we had for main course was nothing at all,” muttered the colt irritably as his wings began to slow his descent coming into Rainbow Dash’s cloud castle. The Wonderbolts had been invited to a Canterlot noble’s home for dinner, though it had quickly become more of a publicity thing for the unicorn dressmaker as he spent the entire mealtime trying to arrange a clothing tie-up with the Wonderbolts’ leader.

        Needless to say, Spitfire was not enjoying the time spent sitting at the table and hearing her boss and some blueblood try and talk money and numbers. She’d suggested to Soarin’ that they bolt as soon as they could and they got a chance just as the dishes were being cleared after the third course, before dessert. It took a lot to dissuade Soarin’ from his food, but the thought of yet another pass by the unicorn’s spoilt daughter sitting opposite him had convinced him to head with Spitfire to her new best friend’s pad.        

        It seemed that the crackling stormclouds the two Wonderbolts left behind had attracted the attention of the usually lazy Pegasus filly and Rainbow was standing at the entrance to her castle, grinning broadly as the two suited figures came in to land just before her.

        “Well hey now… I didn’t think I was that cool that the Wonderbolts would show up on my doorstep so unannounced. Guess I underestimate myself sometimes,” the rainbow-maned blue female said with a huge grin as she gave Spitfire an enthusiastic hug, followed by a more sedate handshake with Soarin’. Spitfire grinned at her friend’s familiar nature, and began to trot towards the door with a glance around.

        “Same old, same old, eh Rainbow? How’s Scootaloo?” she asked as Soarin’ made his way in after her and Rainbow as both Wonderbolts eased off their spandex racing outfits.  Though not particularly necessary, the two always preferred the feel of wind in their fur when they could, and after wearing the outfits for so long, it was about time they got some fresh air. Dash kicked up a stormcloud as she talked, positioning it over both pegasi and beginning to hop up and down upon it, washing the sweat off both Wonderbolts.

        “Oh, she’s fine thanks. I’ve been spending a bit more time with her of late – her parents have had another foal, so she’s usually out the house to get away from the crying. So she’s usually about trying to chase me on her scooter,” she chuckled as she put the clouds away, letting her guests drip-dry. “It’s kinda cute really. And she’s good with that thing. I think-“ she attempted to continue, cut off by an enormous rumble from Soarin’s stomach. The blue colt flushed a little under his coat while Spitfire burst out laughing, soon followed by Rainbow Dash.

        “Hungry much, Soarin’?” she asked, nudging him in the side playfully as Soarin’ stuck his tongue out at her.

        “Maybe. Is there anywhere to get food at this time of night in Ponyville?” he asked, glancing down one of Rainbow’s strategically placed holes in the floor for her viewing pleasure when she got too lazy to go down to the ground itself. Rainbow nodded, pointing to a small house a bit further out from town, a few lights still on in the arched, farmhouse windows.

        “Go to Sweet Apple Acres, ask for Applejack. Tell her Dash sent you, she might give you a discount. Or she might ask you to cover one of my bills from last time,” she said with a slightly sheepish grin. Soarin’ groaned a little but smiled and nodded at the two girls, leaving them to discuss tricks and future plans. He was glad that Spitfire had found a friend, or maybe a student of sorts in Rainbow Dash - his old time friend had never been one to get many female friends in Cloudsdale and he thought it was healthy for the two girls to spend so much time together. He got to the edge of the cloud palace and aimed himself right at the orchard with a grin.

        While famous for his sweet tooth in the Wonderbolts, Soarin’ didn’t get the place on the team for nothing. And like all Wonderbolts, the blue colt was an insufferable show off at the best of times. Using the bounce of the clouds to get some height, he leapt straight off the edge of Rainbow Dash’s home and directed himself at a direct plummet to the ground, wings tucked in.

        He wouldn’t be hitting his near-sonic speeds without his drag-reduction suit or goggles, but the colt could go fast enough to scare most nearby birds as he felt the wind whip in his mane and breeze through his fur. Now this was more like it, he thought gleefully as he remembered his fellow Wonderbolts still stuck at that nobleman’s dinner table. Whooping with the freedom, he opened out his wing and pulled out of the dive, gritting his teeth against the g-forces acting on his internal organs. Pegasus internal body structures were designed for more powerful changes in direction than other equines, but that wasn’t to say it didn’t hurt sometimes. You paid a price for your shows.

        Aiming himself at the farmhouse in the distance, Soarin’ crested the tops of the lush apple orchard he was flying across, feeling leaves and the occasional apple fly up in his wake, the trees flickering in the backwash as he aimed himself right for the great house. Most of the lights were still on despite it being after eleven, though the blue colt was struck with a bit of guilt as he raised a hoof to knock at the door. Would he be disturbing someone’s rest?

        “Ah’m comin, hold yer hat on,” called a voice even before he had knocked, and the door opened to reveal a tan-orange pony, her blonde hair tied back simply and a Stetson perched off to one side on her head. “Now whut in tarnation are ya doin’ in mah orchard so late, Dash… Now waitaminute, you ‘aint Dash…” she said with a quizzical eye pointed at the blue Pegasus.

        “Nope, she’s up with my friend,” admitted Soarin’ with a slight sheepish grin. “I’m Soarin’, one of her friends. I was ah… hungry, and she told me that this was the place to go if you wanted food this late in the night,” he admitted. At that, the orange pony’s eyes lit up.

        “Well ‘aint that just plum dandy of her ta say so… well, ah guess Sugarcube Corner ‘aint open so late, not that Pinkie’d mind. But shucks, do come in, Soarin’. Mah name’s Applejack, an’ yer welcome to anythin’ in the oven. Fritters, pie, strudel, crumble?” she asked, gesturing for the Pegasus to follow her in. Soarin’ couldn’t help but smile, noticing the comparison of Applejack to the haughty unicorn nobleman’s daughter at the dinner he’d just come from. He was beginning to like Applejack already.

        “I hope I’m not bothering you this late at night?” he asked with a tilt of his head as Applejack led him into the kitchens of her house, the Wonderbolt doing his best not to stare at the orange-furred rump swaying before him.

        “Aw, shucks. I was kinda hopin’ for some company t’be honest. Ah was playin’ Solitaire down in the livin’ room. Usually, I plays card games with mah grandma or big brother, but she’s with mah little sister visitin’ mah relatives, an’ Big Macintosh is…” Applejack paused in confusion, staring into her hat brim for a while. “Well consarn it. I don’t even remember what Big Mac said he was doin’. He just said he wouldn’t be home this evenin’. Maybe goin’ drinkin’ or something. In which case Ah’ll have ta box his ears when he gets back fer leavin’ his sister on her lonesome.”

        “I’ll play cards with you if you like,” offered Soarin’ with a grin as he slipped past Applejack into the kitchen, breathing in the heavenly scents of the baking. The orange earth pony flushed brightly.

        “Well Ah’ll be… That’s mighty kind of you, Soarin’. Lets’ getcha your dessert first, huh? What do ya fancy?” she asked with a smile and a twinkle in her green eyes that Soarin’ found quite attractive.

        “Got any pie? I’m a sucker for a good one,” he said with a grin. Applejack’s smile eclipsed his as she headed for the oven and slipped a particularly crispy looking example out and onto the nearby counter.

        “Might be a l’il bit crispy now y’hear. Let it cool a bit. I guarantee ya won’t be disappointed, no stallion can resist an Apple mare’s pies,” she said with a wink as Soarin’ licked his lips, inhaling the scent of the pie.

        “I bet that’s not all they can resist,” he said before thinking, suddenly realizing what he said and stuffing his hooves into his mouth as he cringed. Applejack laughed, but it wasn’t a cruel laugh in the slightest.

        “Now ‘ain’t you a charmer?” she asked with a grin as she closed up the oven and helped Soarin’ back to his four hooves. “Mah friend Rarity’d like that silver tongue of yers. Always a sucker for a stallion with a way with words, that girl is,” she chuckled as she touched the pie’s crust with an experimental hoof.  “Seems ‘bout right ta eat if ya don’t mind it a bit hot,” she said with a grin, placing it before him.

        “Don’t mind if I do!” said Soarin’ eagerly as he dove straight into the pie, surprising Applejack with his hunger as he began to devour the treat.

        “Well, now Rarity’d take a mite of offence at that, but ah guess it just shows mah pies get the stamp of approval from Soarin’,” she said with a chuckle. Soarin’ raised his head from the pie, taking the time to lick about his muzzle and clear it before replying, a slightly dazed look on his face.

        “I’ve only ever had one pie that tasted this good!” he said with a shake of his head, getting a half-smile from Applejack. “And the other was by some master chef at the last Grand Galloping Gala. I thought it was a shame nobody else seemed to buy from her,” he said, tilting his head as he finished as he looked at Applejack’s stunned expression. There was a long minute of silence as Applejack simply blinked, peering at Soarin’.

        “Now hold on one gol-darned minute.  You ‘aint wearing yer fancy-shmancy flight suit no more, ‘aintcha? Yer one of them Wonderbolts!” she said with a smile. “Now I knows why yer friends with Rainbow Dash… somethin’ wrong, sugarcube?” she asked as it was Soarin’s time to open his eyes in disbelief.

        “Wait… that vendor was you? The cute farmer girl in the green boots?” he asked, searching Applejack’s face for any relatable features. The hair and fur were the same colours, as were those beautiful green eyes, and the cute freckles… Applejack was grinning broadly now.

        “It sure as heck was! You were mah only sale! Ah never managed ta thank ya for that,” she said with a flush and a smile. Soarin’ rubbed the back of his neck abashedly.

        “No need to thank me… I just guess I shoulda paid more for the pie, given that it was just so delicious…” the Wonderbolt admitted, though it was waved away by the earth pony.

        “Now don’t you go fillin’ mah head with all that fancy-talk now. T’weren’t yer fault that the rest of Canterlot was too stuck up t’appreciate good home cooking. Now that pie is on the house, an’ Ah ‘ain’t takin’ no payment from ya.” Soarin’ stared for a while at Applejack, the pie forgotten as he took in this cute, simple earth pony, willing to part with such a beautifully made pie for nothing at all save some goodwill. Soarin’s first instinct was to leave some bits hidden under the plate when he left, but when he realized he’d left his bit-pouch in his flight suit at Rainbow Dash’s, that plan of generosity faded. Instead, he offered the next best thing.

        Soarin’ reached up a hoof to cup Applejack’s face in one hand, nudging the pie away with another before he closed the distance to the farmer’s muzzle quickly, pressing his lips to hers in an affectionate, heartfelt kiss, meant to express his gratitude towards the woman rather than anything more romantic. But strangely romantic it did become as he breathed in the scent of the pony before him, the rich earthy smell of her day in the fields still about her despite her evening bath, the apple scent about her from her orchards. He kept himself there for a while, closing his eyes as he thanked Applejack with his lips. When the kiss broke, he was smiling widely, and the pony he was with barely seemed to notice that her hat had fallen right back off her head.

        “Consider that payment then,” he said with a smile and a wink, intending to get back to his pie when an orange-furred hoof caught his muzzle to look right back into a pair of emerald-green eyes.

        “Ah think Ah’m goin’ ta have ta bargain with ya a little. Can Ah push the price a little?” she asked with a smirk on her face. Soarin’ grinned as he pushed forward once more, meeting Applejack’s lips and this time finding them soft and pliable, his tongue slipping in without difficulty, meeting Applejack’s sliding into his own. He felt the farm girl shiver before him and he raised his hoof to slide along her neck and side slowly to put her at ease a little more – he felt the filly press the side of her head into his touch and he growled a little in pleasure, breaking off the kiss only when he needed air.

        “Enough for you?” he asked with a smile. Applejack licked her lips and he wondered if he still tasted of the apple pie he’d just eaten. In which case, he couldn’t see her complaining about the taste anytime soon.

        “Well, lemme think long an’ hard about that,” she said with a smile. “Ya said yea wanted ta play cards with me? Ah can think of a game we can play…”

        The morning light of Celestia’s sun rising filtered in through the half-closed shutters of Applejack’s bedroom as she cracked her eyes open. A later night last night than usual – had she played solitaire that long? Ah no, wait… that was telling, the presence also in the bed beside her.

        “Ah had you pegged as a snorer,” she teased Soarin’ as she rolled over in her bed, ignoring the various sports team pennants that decorated her room to see the blue Pegasus coming out of slumber himself, his eyes filling with mischief as he stared at his newest friend.

        “Sorry to disappoint,” he teased, leaning forward to nuzzle her nose. Applejack made a ‘pshaw’ noise as she leant back, winking at the colt with one of her great green eyes.

        “Ya done no such thing, sugarcube. Ah ‘ain’t found a colt like you yet that respects a lady’s… ahem… virtue an’ doesn’t throw some kinda tantrum,” she said earnestly, and smiled warmly at him. Soarin’ shrugged.

        “I only got one princess in the world at the time, and I have to do as she says,” he said generously, kissing her hoof respectfully and making Applejack flush crimson.

        “Wow, Soarin’. You are laying it on thick, aren’t you?” asked a voice just outside the window, making both ponies look around in a mixture of shock, surprise and outright horror.

        “Spitfire?” asked Soarin’ with his jaw hanging open, the insides of his ears turning bright crimson. His bedmate seemed to have a more active idea of what to do as she flung off the bedcovers, glaring at the other Pegasus filly hovering out the window with a grin on her face.

        “Rainbow Dash, you get yer multicoloured patootie off mah land this very instant, or I swear to Celestia…”