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One Last Day

By: Skippy        

Chapter 1

        Twilight Sparkle was rushing around the small kitchen in her library home, working around pots pans and piles of hay, carrots and flowers cooking up a little feast for her friends. She was new to this cooking thing, but she was trying to learn some new things and felt cooking would be a nice change of pace. She was preparing a little feast for all of her friends that evening and she didn't have much time left. “Spike? Where the salt?”

        “It should be on the counter.”Spike had been helping out by setting up the dining table, but had finished and was now checking out some of the food. He sniffed some of the crispy hay pie. “This smells delicious.”

        Twilight moved the salt and pepper shakers about in the air with her magic as she shook them over a sizzling stew pot. “Spike, don't touch anything yet. We're not going to eat till everyone's here.”

        It was too late though, Spike had already taken a big bite out of hay pie, and was munching it down.


        Spike jumped back and gulped it down, his cheeks puffing up. “Urk-BURP!” He belched out a puff of smoke and it twirled about in the air before turning into a scroll.

        “A letter from the princess?” Twilight was looking back and forth from the stew pot to Spike and the scroll.

        Spike rolled it open. “Hm, let's see. My dearest student Twilight. I write this message with a heavy heart as I have some very grave news to bring you tonight.” Spike narrowed his eyes, glancing up at Twilight then back at the message.

        “Go on.”

        “It has been brought to my attention that diplomatic relations with the alien race of Elmeria have failed and they have declared war upon our peaceful and humble Equestria. They greatly out power us in technology and firepower and are preparing to rain a nuclear storm upon us. This attack will vaporize us and turn equestria into a lifeless wasteland. Um. What's all that supposed to mean?”

        Twilight had stopped stirring her stew as soon as Spike said that, eyes wide and white as plates as she stared straight ahead. “Is-is there more?”

        “Yes,” Spike read, “The Elmers know we can't retaliate, so they have agreed to give us one more day on this planet to tie up any worldly loose ends we may still have and they'll attack exactly at midnight tomorrow night. I sincerely wish I could have done more, but ask that you live your last day in our fair land to the fullest, and let everyone else in Ponyville know of the impending doom as well. I am sorry I cannot visit you myself on this last day. I can only ask for your forgiveness, and that you live your last day to it's fullest. Perhaps we may meet again in another life. Your teacher and guardian always,  love, Celestia.”

        The two just stood there for a minute in complete silence, glancing at each other.

        Applejack and Fluttershy then busted through the door, Applejack tossing her hat in the air, catching it on her head. “Yeehaw that smells awful good, Twilight. I can't wait to see how much of my cookin' skill has rub off on ya.” Applejack had been giving lessons to Twilight earlier that week when she had shown an interest in cooking.

        Twilight inched a forced smile across her face, trembling as she used magic to yank the pot of burning stew off the stove. “Y-yes, cooking. Food good.” She marched out with a plate of tulip wrap h'orderves and a plate of carrot and celery sticks.

        Spike tugged on Twilight's tail. “So um, what are you going to-”

        Twilight turned around after setting the food on the table, pushing Spike. “Hush, not yet, not till everyone's here.” She frowned and rushed back into the kitchen.

        “Hm, somethin' eatin' Twilight, Spike? She don't seem much like herself “ Applejack was already munching on some carrots.

        Rainbow Dash was the next to walk in, a hoof placed on her head as if she was having a headache. “Ugh, Pinkie. How many times do I have to tell you this isn't a party we're going to. This is just a dinner.”

        Pinkie pie bounced in past Rainbow with a dozen streamers shooting in from behind her, a party hat stuck up on her head. “Hay guys! Wha-? Not a party?” She honked a horn. “Any evening with all my friends is a party for me!” She did a flip and landed right next to the dinner table. “So what's to eat? Any sweeties? I brought cupcakes!” She set down a tray of burnt cupcakes over-covered with frosting and sprinkles.”

        Rarity was the last to arrive. “Oh this is quite a lovely little-quaint set up you have here Twilight, and the food smells oh so good.” She sat down at the table as Rainbow dash got up to fly about overhead.

        “Rainbow, can't ya sit down already? Show Twilight some respect for makin' us this dinner.” Applejack huffed.

        “Girls-” Twilight dragged her hoofs out from the kitchen, her head hanging, the princess' letter floating by her side. “I was going to hold this off for later, but, it'd be torture for me to go through dinner without getting this off my chest.”

        “What's the matter Droopy Drooperpants?” Pinkie Pie bounced over to Twilight with a grin on her face, only to be met with a hoof from Twilight.

        “What's wrong, Twilight?” Applejack looked concerned.

        “The princess- the princess has informed me,” Twilight choked out the words. “That-that-”

        “What is it already?” Rainbow Dash swooped down past Twilight.

        “Take your time, dear,” Rarity said as the others stared at their purple friend.

        “This alien race called the Elmers are going to blow up equestria tomorrow at midnight and we're all going to die!” Twilight grimaced, closing her eyes, placing the scroll on the table for everyone to see.

        “What?!” Everypony said.

        “Out of some twisted mercy of theirs, they've given us one more day to do what we want before the end, I-I just got the message before dinner.” Tears were in Twilight's eyes.

        Rainbow smacked into the table, looking at the scroll. “Aliens? You mean from like outer space?”


        “So we only got one day left until our doom, huh?” Rainbow Dash frowned, looking around, then she jumped up and rushed out through the window, smashing through it as she went, disappearing into the sky.

        “What in tarnation? We get this news and she just plum rockets out of here? Where do y'all think she's off to?” Applejack slammed a hoof on the dinner table.

        “Maybe she was off to tie up loose ends of her own, maybe some place far away from here? Oh, there's so much I never got to do.” Rarity collapsed on the table. “I still don't believe any of this. There must be some mistake.”

        “I'm sorry, girls. This princess's seal is clear as day and she wouldn't write something like this unless it was sincere.” Twilight sighed.

        Dinner was slow for the usually rowdy bunch. Applejack only had a few more bites of food and then just chewed on a hay piece while thinking about what had just been revealed to her and what she might do with her last day. Rarity moped most of the evening without so much as even touching her food, breaking down into short spouts of sobs as she leaned over the table. Fluttershy didn't have much to eat either, sitting there stunned with a nervous twitch the entire time. Twilight had been starving so had some food, then began pulling out books to see what she could find out about the apocalypse. Spike had his share of food then leaned in against Twilight, curling up with a worried look on his face. Pinkie Pie quickly devoured everything on the table that hadn't been touched then went around the table trying to cheer everyone else up, offering them cupcakes, and telling them jokes.

        “Pinkie Pie, really. This ain't the time.” Applejack glared at her.

        “You can't stop the Pinkie Pie, Even when we're all about to die!” Pinkie grinned.

        “Now see here, Pinkie-” Applejack started, nostril's flaring.

        “Aw, come on. We still got a day left to do whatever we want, right? Surely you girls want to do something fun before we kick the bucket, huh?”

        Twilight stroked her chin with a hoof. “Well, since your all my friends. Perhaps we could get together one last time? Tomorrow evening I mean? Around ten? Just before-it-it happens?”

        “I suppose there would be no better way to go out, then being there with my friends when it happened.” sighed Rarity.

        “I wouldn't see it any other way. I'm down,” said Applejack.

        “And we can throw a party!” Everyone glared at Pinkie Pie.

        “I really don't think a party is the best thing in our final hours, but if you really got to do one, you think you could do it earlier in the afternoon, Pinkie?” Twilight tried to give her overly-energetic friend a smile.

        “Okie dokey lokey!”

        “Fluttershy, what about you? You'll join us tomorrow night?” Twilight asked.

        “I-that would be nice.” Fluttershy frowned and fidgeted.

        “I hope Rainbow Dash is back in time, wouldn't be the same without her. She doesn't even know about it yet.” Twilight, sighed, looking out the window as it got dark.

        Shortly after their discussion, each of the ponies filed out to go home. They had a lot on their minds, and a big day was ahead of them.

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Chapter 3


        Rarity had skipped Pinkie's party to go shopping. Unfortunately, she was out of money so this would be a different kind of shopping trip. She was dressed in a thick but stylish trench coat and had a black cotton mask pulled down over her head and face, wearing a matching hat on top of it with a feather sticking out. She was holding a crossbow in the air with her magic. “Okay, Rarity. Just stick with the plan. 1... 2... 3...”

        Rarity smashed the door in with the butt of the crossbow and stormed in to find two very frightened store clerks behind the jewelry display case. She tossed a couple bags their way, and shook the crossbow''s pointed arrow in their faces. “Okay, everything in the bags, right now and no one has to get hurt, chop chop!”

        The two pony clerks set to scrambling around, shoveling piles of jewelry and diamonds into the black satin bags. Because of the warning Rarity and her friends had issued everypony earlier about the end coming, the police force in Ponyville had shut down. Only a few neighsayers like the clerks in this store went about their usual business as if it were a hoax, giving Rarity an ample opportunity to take whatever she desired.

        Her eyes glazed over as she as the gold and sparkling jewels tumbled in. The two bags swelled to nearly overflowing. “Yes, YES!”

        One of the terrified clerks spoke up as they emptied out their cases. “Y-you'll never get away with this. The police will find you. This much jewelry could get you 20 years!”

        She jerked the crossbow around and stuck the arrow-end up close to his face. “Ha ha, the joke is on you. The world is going to end tonight so we're all going to be dead and it won't matter.” She pulled the bags back with her magic.

        “How do you know for sure?” The other spoke now. “This is wrong either way, you're not going to get away with it! Even if-”

        She shifted the crossbow's aim in the other clerk's direction. “I've had just about enough of this! I'm out of here, suckers!”

        She dashed out of the store and back down an alleyway, hiding behind a pile of crates. She looked around the corner, panting, grinning. “I really did it, what a rush, oh my!” She opened one of the bags, staring intently in it at the pile of jewels and gold. She pulls out a large diamond with her magic and sets it in the band of her hat. “Oh that is simply splendid!”

        She continued down some back streets, arriving back at her boutique after a few turns. She climbed in through a back window and put her criminal outfit away, dropping both bags of jewelry on her work table. She grinned and pulled out some design sheets, spreading them out along the wall. “Ah yes, this will be my most fabulous dress ever! If I'm to die to tonight, it will be in a dress fit for a princess!”

        She put on her work glasses and began using her magic to pull up some of the jewels, setting them on her work bench. The sewing machine hummed to life and she pulled up some fine cloth, feeding it through. There was much to be done and it would take all afternoon to put everything together.

        Applejack had been going through her things in the apple acres farmhouse. She had pictures of all her family members out, old toys, some work clothes and even the dress Rarity made for her. She sighed as she looked through the pictures. She had sent Applebloom and her friends off to their clubhouse and had gotten granny Smith to agree to look after them so she could see her friends that night. Granny Smith wasn't the greatest baby sitter, but seeing that the world was going to end anyways, Applejack didn't think it mattered much.

        “Hello thar, sis?” It was Big Macintosh. He was in the doorway to the house.

        “Howdy, Big Mac. Say, we sure had some good memories, haven't we, big brother?” She was looking at one picture of them together when they were younger. In it, she was trying to hold on to Big Mac's back while he tried to buck her off.

        “E yup.” He stepped up next to her, looking over her shoulder.

        There was a silence for a few moments while the both of them looked through photos. Applejack took off her hat so she could wipe her eyes with it, starting to tear up a bit. “I-I shouldn't cry. We done a good job here on the farm.”

        Big Mac didn't say anything, but Applejack could see the sadness on his face. He was never the talkative type, but they had had some fun times together. Even as they had gotten older and had to start working the farm, they would still play little games and pull pranks on one another.

        “Ya know. I've been so busy with keeping up chores on the farm and hanging out with my friends that, I never really took much time for myself.” She set her hat back on her head and leaned against her brother. “Ya know, ne'er really got to meet any boys. Only one I really know is you, Mac.” She blushed and winked at him.

        “Uh-wut? I mean-well. That's awful kind of ya.” Big Mac was blushing too, but it was harder to tell with his red coat.

        Applejack leaned up to give her big brother a peck on the cheek. “I-I love you.”

        “I love you too, sis.” He pressed his nose down on top of her hat, picking it up with his teeth, smiling down at her.

        “Hey! Now you give that back!” She got up in his face and pulled her hat back down onto her head, their noses meeting. She smiled and blushed, giving his nose a lick. He grinned back at her and gave her forehead a kiss. Applejack smirked and tilted her head, pressing her muzzle up against his giving him a nice long sloppy kiss. Big Mac's eyes went wide and he pulled back a second only for Applejack to follow. He stopped, tensing up a bit as he thought it through for a moment, deciding to move forward into his sister and return the kiss. He really meant what he said, but he never thought she'd go this far with him. They were still brother and sister and such a pairing was forbidden in equestria.

        Applejack broke the kiss finally, giggling and wiping her mouth. “Well then. I s'pose you wouldn't mind if we took this a little further? Ah, go for a roll in the hay, that is? I mean, it is our last day of life, think we can afford to live it up a bit.” She nuzzled his cheek.

        Big Mac snickered,  “Never thought I'd hear my little sis say that. You sure you'd be alright with it?”

        “Come on Big Mac, you know you wanna. N'er got to do somethin' like this before, and your the only one I really trust.” She rubbed her nose against his nape, smiling up at him.

        That was enough for him. He grinned and gave her a pat on the rump. “E yup!”

        The two siblings giggled and nipped at each other as they headed out toward the barn, slipping in through the barn door, closing it behind them. Giggles and  a rustling sound came from within.

        On the other side of the barn, Pinkie Pie crawled up to the wall and took a peek in through a crack in the wall, snickering, whispering to herself, “Oh yeah! You go Applejack!” She wagged her tail and pulled back from the wall. “Hm, I really shouldn't spy on my friend like that.” She bounced away, heading back to the main road. “Perhaps I should find some fun like that for myself.” Too bad Rainbow Dash still hadn't come back. She would have been Pinkie's first choice for a fun-time partner. Maybe she could try Rarity? Nah, Rarity didn't like being touched much. How about Twilight? Maybe, but Twilight was always so serious and no-funsies. What about Fluttershy? Well, Fluttershy wasn't the fun partying type, but it was pretty easy to convince her to do just about anything.

        So Pinkie bounced her way over to Fluttershy's cottage. It was eerily quiet, and Pinkie couldn't see any of the critters Fluttershy cared for around. Usually there were birds chirping in the trees or mice and ferrets scampering around the grounds. It was as if the place had been evacuated.

        She came up to the door and bashed it in with her hoof, taking a look around inside. “Helloooo?fluttery flutterson Fluttershy?” She spotted Fluttershy curled up in a corner on one side of the room, cuddling Angel bunny in her hooves. He looked as if he was in the stocks by the way Fluttershy held him. Angel bunny was frowning.

        “Ah, there you are!” Pinkie slammed the door and bounced over to her friend with a big grin on her face, plopping down next to her. “Sooooo, I thought you would be all alone out here and it looks like I'm right. And it made me so sad to think one of my friends couldn't be having a good time on their last day. And I thought, hay, I should come out here and cheer my good pegasus friend Fluttershy right up and keep her company. And I'm so happy to see you and uh-so glad I could spend some time with you. And you know you were always my favorite even though you were quiet. And um super cute too, and we should party!”


        Pinkie leaned against Fluttershy and planted her hooves on her friend's shoulders, beginning to massage them. “Gee, you're super tense. You been worrying your worrisome little head all day silenty mcquietpants? There's no reason to worry your little head off, we still have some time, might as well make the best of it, right? So just you start to relax, that's it, lean back and relax and let Pinkie Pie take care of you. Just like fixing up some dough for a cake. Ooh that would be so sweet right now, but I guess I had plenty of cake at my super duper party!”

        “Uh-thank-you.” Fluttershy's grip around Angel bunny loosened a bit and he used this opportunity to sprint away to the other side of the room, sticking his tongue out at Fluttershy. “Oh, Angel bunny, please!” She flapped her wings and tried to go after him, only for Pinkie Pie to grab her and pull her back down.

        “Aw, don't you worry your pretty little head about him. Don't you want to spend some quality time with your girl Pinkie Pie?” Pinkie Pie gave Fluttershy a peck on the cheek and grinned.

        This made Fluttershy tense up again, trying to pull away. “Um-I dunno-”

        “Aw come on, relax!” Pinkie pulled out a blunt and stuffed it into Fluttershy's face. “Just breathe in there you go!”

        Fluttershy crossed her eyes to look at the blunt hanging from her lips, she quivered a bit but took a little breath, coughing a bit afterward. Pinkie scooped the blunt up after it fell from her lips.

        “Think you're going to need a little more than that.” She smiled and rested her head against Fluttershy's, their long manes mashing against each other. She stuffed the blunt back into Fluttershy's mouth. “Now deeper, come on, you can do it. Puff puff!”

        Fluttershy inhaled and the blunt flared up, burning halfway down before she gasped and coughed again. “Oh-” Fluttershy relaxed into Pinkie Pie, eyelids coming down as her eyes turned red.

        “That feel better?” Pinkie took a hit herself, continuing to massage over Fluttershy's back and haunches, lying her down.

        “That's nice-” Fluttershy blushed, splaying her wings out, covering her face with a hoof.

        Pinkie gave her a toothy grin and crawled up on top of her. “Now the real fun can begin!” Pinkie embraced her yellow friend and pressed her mouth against her's, kissing her deeply, her over-sized tongue deciding it would have a party in Fluttershy's mouth.

        Fluttershy's eye's grew wide when the kiss turned french and she tensed up again, but didn't fight Pinkie's advances. About a minute passed and her eyes fluttered shut, deciding to give in and try to enjoy it as much as she could. It still felt somewhat wrong to her, but this would be their last day alive together, and Fluttershy felt it was alright if it made her friend happier.

        Pinkie broke the kiss so the two could breathe, she giggled and caressed Fluttershy's face. “Now-” She reached over and pulled out a party bag. “Oh that's not even the half of it! I wanna have some Applejack and Big Macintosh fun now! but since neither of us is a boy-” She reached into the party bag and rustled it around. She stopped for a moment, glaring up at you, the reader. “Hay! You! Get out of here! This is private!”

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Chapter 4

        Twilight Sparkle had returned to the library, going through her bedroom shelves and cupboards. “Now let's see. Where did I hide that key?” Spike was nearby on the bed, tracing a claw over the woodwork. “So, Spike, you have anything planned?”

        “Well, I went over to Rarity's earlier, but she told me she was too busy to let me hang out. So I guess I'm stuck with you.” Spike sighed. “I guess it was just never meant to be.”

        “I'm sorry to hear that.”

        “I would have just liked to at least kiss her once.”

        “Well you still have tonight, maybe you can do it impromptu at the last minute.” She smirks at that idea, pulling out a key with her magic from underneath the dresser. “Ah, here it is.”

        “What are you going to do, Twilight?”

        Twilight headed into a book storage room near the end of the library, using the key to open an old case tucked at the back amidst boxes of books. “Well, I thought I'd try my hoof at the dark arts, or you may know it better as black magic.” She pulls a large black book from the book case, the cover fitted with silver stars and metallic lettering.

        Spike had followed Twilight and was looking into the dark storage from the doorway. “Uh, isn't that kind of magic forbidden?”

        Twilight trotted back into the main room with the black book in tow, laying it out on a reading table. “Well yes. Black magic is some of the most powerful magic we unicorns can use, but it is also the most dangerous and some believe it is corrupting. Kind of like what turned princess Luna into Nightmare Moon.” She blows the dust off the book and opens it up to the first page. “But I'm oh so curious to find out what's inside. It's been eating at me for a while. If the world's going to end tomorrow, then I can't die without knowing. So I'm going to try some of this out. Hm. First rule of black magic: There are no rules, do what you want. Oh this sounds fun!”

        Spike jumped up on Twilight's back as she flipped through the pages, looking over some of the spells it had. “So what can you do with it? Like cool explosions or mind control?”

        “Uh, yeah. Something like that.” She lifts the book up and trots out the door. “Better go outside if I'm going to try some of this stuff out. Don't want to mess up the library.”


        She trotted down the road for a while, walking by the Apple Acre's orchards when Spike started tugging on her mane. “Ugh, what is it Spike?”

        “Come on, I want to see some cool explosions!” Spike flailed his arms.

        “I want to make sure we're far enough that we don't cause anyone harm. Most of these spells are very dangerous, and I'm not sure I'll be able to control them.”

        “We're already out in the middle of nowhere, I don't see anypony for miles around.”

        “Well, I suppose you're right. Alright!” She pulled her black magic book out and flipped it open. “So you want to see an explosion first, huh? Alright here we go. Fireball spell. Ooh! This one looks pretty easy, actually, but you better stand back just in case.”

        Spike hopped off Twilight's back and stepped away. Twilight began channeling the spell, her horn glowing as a ball of energy started to form in front of it. The ball quickly burst into flames and grew larger and larger. “Ack!” The ball of flame shot off from Twilight's head, slamming into an apple tree, causing it to burst into flames, sending an explosion of cinders into the air.

        “Whoa! That was awesome!”

        “Uh-whoops! They weren't kidding when they said this stuff was powerful.” She flipped through a couple pages. “Think I'm going to try another more difficult one.” She grinned. “More explosions just for you Spike.” She closed her eyes and her horn started glowing, the glow beginning to glow brighter and hotter than it did before. Several rocks along the path began to lift off the ground and float up into the air, as they rose higher and higher, they began to glow white hot as well, beginning to spin. Twilight groaned and one by one the rocks burst into flames and flew down into the apple orchard, smashing into trees, causing them to explode and set other nearby trees on fire. In a matter of minutes that entire section of the Apple Acre's orchard was on fire.

        “Geez, Twilight. Don't you think you're overdoing it?” Spike took several steps back.

        Black smoke billowed up from the trees, starting to spread into other sections of the orchard. The fire had quickly grown out of control. “Oh, geez! Maybe there's a spell in here that will cause a rainstorm.” Twilight flipped through the pages. “No, no no, arrrg-wait what's this.” She traced her hoof on the page. “You can smother flames with earth, right? Maybe if I cast this earthquake spell, the ground will break up the flames!” She looked back Spike as if he was an expert.

        “What are you looking at me for. I don't know anything about this black magic mumbo-jumbo!”

        “Well, I guess it's worth a try.” She lowered her head, grunting as her horn glowed up again. A second later the ground shifted underneath their feet. Twilight yelped and stumbled a bit, the movement causing her to lose her concentration and break the spell.

        “Twilight! The fire is spreading!”

        “Just hold on! This isn't as easy as it looks!” She ran over to a large rock she could stand on and jumped up onto it, setting the book down in front of herself. “Alright, here goes nothing!” She lowered her head and closed her eyes again, horn lighting up. The ground began to shift again, shaking Spike back and forth, causing him to stumble around. The glow from Twilight's horn burned hotter and hotter as sparks began to fly from it, the aura of it's power growing.

        The ground shifting turned violent and the ground around the rock began to crack and shift, causing large chunks of earth to rise up from the ground. This shifting moved out into the apple orchards and caused trees to topple over. Twilight was able to control where the ground broke and shifted somewhat and localized the most of the shifting around the trees that were ablaze. The trees fell in on one another and great chasms and earthen walls broke up around the flames, isolating them from doing anymore damage. This all took several minutes to complete and when she was done she collapsed on the rock, gasping for breath.

        Meanwhile, in Ponyville, a trembling sensation could be felt throughout the town square, putting a lot of ponies that happened to be around on edge. The rumbling and shaking began to increase. Windows cracked and buildings began to creak. Here too the shaking became more and more violent as tables and lamps within pony homes began to fall over, Pots and pans crashed into the kitchen and food from cupboards and refrigerators spilled out. Near the end of the quake, some buildings even fell over or collapsed completely and a large chasm cracked open right through the middle of town.

        As if the news of the world coming to an end wasn't bad enough, all the ponies in ponyville began to freak out. Some of them ran around town and in their homes, hiding underneath tables and beds, curling up to protect themselves. Daisy ran out into the middle of town, putting her hooves on her cheeks. “The horror! The horror!” Then she fainted.

        Minutes later, the shaking and trembling stopped, smoke rising from the now wrecked village. Ponies from every corner of the town were crawling out from their hiding places. The town was silent. Finally, one pony dressed in a black robe ran into the center of town, climbed up on a toppled statue of princess Celestia, and yelled, “Repent for your sins! The end is neigh!” Then ponies began running around the town in a moment of panic, some of them breaking down in the middle of the street crying, while others ducked away into hiding places to wait and cower. Everything was a mess.

        “Woah, that was shweet!”

        Twilight cracked her eyes open after catching her breath to to see Snails standing on the rock in front of her. Her eyes shot open and she recoiled, tumbling backward, falling off the rock.

        “Twilight really is the best most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria! That was so amazing! I so envy your awesome power.”

        Spike trotted up, shaking his head, looking out over the orchard. “That was pretty amazing Twilight. The fire should burn itself out now. You think the ponies in Ponyville felt that?”

        Twilight shook her own head as she sat up. “Ugh, maybe a little. But I doubt any serious damage could have been done. I think I contained it pretty well.” She pulled her book over, opening it up, looking through the pages, sighing. “I see now why they don't want us using these spells though. They really are dangerous.”

        “Hey, Twilight! You think I could see some more of your amazing magical spells? You know you always been my favorite unicorn.” He nuzzled at her tail, which caused her to recoil again, grimacing.

        “Snails? Really? What are you doing out here anyways?”

        “I was following you guys.” He blushed. “When I found out the world was gonna end, I thought uh-what did I think again?” He tilted his head upward, scratching it with a hoof, trying to remember why he was following them.

        Twilight looked back into her books, flipping through some pages, whispering over to Spike. “Hm, I know I saw a turn somepony into a frog spell somewhere in here. What do you think Spike?”

        Spike chuckled. “Well, I think a snail would suit him better, but that would still be pretty funny!”

        Twilight smirked and her horn glowed. Snails body began glowing green, and he lifted up into the air. “What is going on? I feel funny,” Snails chirped. Next thing he knew, his body was stretched out then shrunk down and balled up into a little green frog with a miniature version of his mane on it's head.

        Spike balled out laughing first, followed by some giggling by Twilight as the Snails frog bounced around, stopping in front of them to croak. “That's pretty hilarious, Twilight. Won't be bothering us anymore, will he?”

        “Well-” Twilight knocks the Snails frog away with a hoof when he tries to jump on her. “I really shouldn't leave him like this. I think he'd be happier spending his last hours as a unicorn, as funny as this is.” Twilight looked back down into her black book, flipping through the pages. “Hm, let's see-” Her eyes go wide and she growled, stomping on the book. “This can't be right.”

        Spike pops up from behind Twilight, looking over her shoulder. “What's wrong? You can reverse it, can't you?”

        “It says, the only way to reverse a turn into frog spell is to have a young maiden-”

        Spike's eyes water up and he falls back, bawling out. “Oh-my-my sides!”

        “-kiss the frog on the lips.” Twilight glared down at Snails, who gave an enthusiastic little croak. Then she looked at the book, narrowing her eyes.

        “Now if we could only find a fair young maiden to help poor Snails out!” Spike continued his fit of laughter.

        “Okay. Fine. I can do this. I turned Snails into this, and I can break him out of it.” She sat back on her haunches and picked the frog up with her hooves, holding him up. “I mean, kissing a frog couldn't hurt, could it?”

        “Go on, Twilight! Turn him into your prince charming.” Spike fell over laughing again.

        Twilight puckered up her lips and slowly brought the frog up to them, closing her eyes. Snails croaked a big smile came across the little frogs face as their lips met, a smooching sound emanating from Twilight's mouth. The frog glowed again and started jerking about in Twilight's hooves. She tossed him away, and turned her head, gagging, sticking out her tongue. “Bleah!”

        Snails' froggy form bugged out, stretching out every which way until he flopped about and poofed back into his old unicorn self, flopping onto the ground, eyes rolled up like he was day-dreaming, grinning to himself. “Oh, Twilight. I didn't know you cared!”

        Twilight ran her hoof over her tongue, coughing. “Yeah, well, don't get any funny ideas. I think I've had my fair share of black magic this evening. We should head back to the library.” She got up, rolling her eyes at Spike. He was still giggling, wiping some tears from his eyes.

        “You're going to make me die laughing before the end tonight.” Spike shook his head and stood up.

        “Well, we should be on our way, come Spi-” Twilight cringed as Snails suddenly hugged her hindquarters.

        “Hey, Twilight! I remembered why I followed you guys out here.” Snails eyes were still staring up into the air like he was in a daze.

        Twilight bucked him off, snorting. “Really, Snails? You shouldn't grab a mare like that!”

        “I'm sorry Twilight.” He crawled up next to her. “But you see, I uh-I've always kind of had a crush on you, so I was thinking-”

        “Don't make me turn you back into a frog again!” Twilight glared at him. “Come on, Spike. It's time to go!”

        “Spike chuckled. “Maybe you should hear him out, Twilight.”

        “There's nothing to talk about.” She picked up her spell book and started trotting off.

        Snails followed up beside her. “Wait, can't you please wait?” He nudged his head against her side.

        She grunted and stepped aside from him, turning to glare at him again. “Alright, what is it?”

        Snails stopped and blushed. “Well-I was wondering you know, since we're all going to die tonight. I never got to find true happiness. Never-got to love.” He sighed. “So I was thinking that maybe because this is our last chance, we should get married?” He gave her a big grin, and lowered his horn to reveal a ring had been placed there.

        “Really, Snails? You got to be kidding me!” She turned around and began trotting off again, Spike coming up behind her and jumping up on her back, giggling.

        “Wait a sec, Twilight. You should take a look at this,” Spike nudged her.

        “What is it Spike? We've wasted enough time already!” She turned around to see Snails where she left him, his head hanging down with tears in his eyes.

        “Maybe you should, Twilight. No joke. I mean, we're all going to be dead by tomorrow anyways, right? Till death do you part? Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill his last request before the end?”

        Twilight rolled her eyes. “Ugh, he's way too young for me, and way too-dumb. Can't he find some other magical unicorn to bug?

        “It's starting to get pretty late. I think you're all he has left. Wouldn't it feel good, granting him his last wish? What harm would it do?”

        Twilight brought a hoof up to her muzzle, watching him, sighing. “Well-he does look awfully pathetic.” Spike grinned at her.

        She continued to stare for about a minute or so more. Snails hadn't moved from his place and his head was still hanging. It didn't look like he had noticed her watching him. “I guess your right. If there is one last nice thing I should do before I go, it's make him happy, I suppose.” She drooped her head, walking back over to him. “He's lucky I'm feeling so sympathetic right now.”

        Spike clapped. “That's the spirit!”

        “Hey, Snails-”

        Snails looked up from where he had been sobbing, tears in his eyes, his lower lip quivering. “T-Twilight?”

        “So, I was thinking. Since I changed you into a frog, I suppose I could marry you to make up for it. I mean, it would only last for a few hours anyways.” She rolled her eyes.

        “Oh Twilight!” Snails jumped up and gave her a hug. “You've made me the happiest unicorn in Equestria tonight.”

        “Probably not far from the truth.” Spike crosses his arms.

        “Yeah yeah, but how are we supposed to get married at this time of night?” The sun had nearly disappeared below the horizon. “I gotta meet up with my friends soon.”

        Spike said, “Mayor pony can perform the ceremony, I'm sure she'd be up to the task.”

        “Ugh, are you really going to make me go through with this, Spike?”

        The three of them headed back into Ponyville, their faces growing long when they discovered it's been wrecked by the earthquake. Twilight fidgeted. “Well, I guess that spell had a further reach than I initially thought, heh.”

        “Never mind that. We have to hurry if we're going to get this done in time for our farewell party.” Spike pointed out the courthouse.

        “This is truly a magical night!” Snails seemed to be lost in thought.

        The three of them trotted up to the courthouse and Twilight tried to knock on the door, only for it to fall in. They walked inside and found the place dark and empty. Twilight conjured up a lighting spell to turn on the lights. “Hm, where is she?”

        Spike jumped off Twilight's back and ran into the back of the meeting hall. Knocking on a door back there. “Hello? Mayor pony? We need your help with something here.”

        Twilight looked over at Snails, noticing he was trying to bite her tail. She flicked it away from him, rolling her eyes, talking to herself, “Why did you agree to do this again, Twilight?”

        The door Spike was at cracked open, Mayor Pony sticking her head out. Her glasses were crooked and one frame was even missing it's glass. Her hair was disheveled and the neck tie she usually wore was untied, hanging around her neck like it had been hung out to dry. “Spike? What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?”

        “Well, miss mayor. You see, I have a couple that wish to be married here tonight.” He snickered and cracked up for a bit, which got him a glare from mayor pony. “Anyways, we were wondering if you could perform the ceremony?”

        “Can't you come back tomorrow and schedule this sort of thing at a more appropriate time?”

        “Uh, well no. Remember? The world is ending tonight. We'll all be dead tomorrow.”

        “Oh, yes yes, I see. I guess that would make it difficult. Alright, I'll be right out, but we better make this quick.” She shut the door and several seconds later, opened it up again, slipping out, her tie having been replaced by a black and white preacher's collar.

        Spike grinned, running off to the back of the room, going through a cupboard real quick. He came back out with a veil and a top hat, giggling as he ran over to Twilight and her groom. “Here, you guys are going to want to wear these.”

        “Oh, Spike. Really? Some of Rarity's fashion sense rubbing off on you?”

        “I guess you could say that.” He stuck the veil on Twilight's head and tossed the top hat on top of Snails.

        “Shweet!” Snails bumped into Twilight's side, curling one of his forelegs around hers. “This is the happiest day of my life.”

        Twilight blushed. “Um, I'm not so sure about this anymore.”

        “Don't get cold hooves now. You can do it, Twilight!” Spike beamed.

        Mayor Pony climbed up onto the podium, adjusting her throat. “Fillies and gentlecolts. We are gathered here to join these two in the bonds of holy matrimony. Ahem.” She adjusted her glasses. “And your names are?”

        “I'm Snails-heh.”

        “T-Twilight Sparkle.”

        “Ah yes. I just have to fill out this marriage certificate.” She picked up a pen with her mouth and wrote some stuff down. “Alright. Now we can begin. Do you, Snails, take Twilight Sparkle to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to care for in sickness and in health till death do you part?”

        Snails was staring off into space. Twilight bumped into his side. “That's your queue.”


        Spike whispered into Snails' ear. “Say, 'I do', dummy!”

        “Oh, right-uh-I do.” Snails grinned as Twilight rolled her eyes.

        Mayor pony continued, “Now do you, Twilight Sparkle take Snails to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to care for in sickness and in health till death do you part?”

        Twilight sighed, looking over at Snails. “I-I do.”

        “Either of you have a ring? Hm?”

        Snails held up the sparkly ring he had on his horn. Twilight just shook her head.

        “Alright, give the ring to her then.”

        Twilight used her magic to lift the ring off his horn and placed it on her own. “So, is that it?”

        “Now, with the power vested in me, Ponyville's mayor, and before this one witness here.” She looked over at Spike. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!”

        Twilight looked over at Snails, blushing as he grinned and puckered up his lips. Her ears flipped back and she sat back on her haunches, wincing a bit. “Okay, here goes.” She leaned forward and pressed her lips back against his, holding it for just a moment before backing away again, wiping her mouth with her hoof after.

        “Hooray, Twilight! Hooray, Snails!” Spike threw some rice at them, prompting a glare from Twilight.

        “And with that may you both go in peace.” Mayor pony looked down at her watch. “Oh, my I have to get back to my uh, work. Yeah, last minute work before the end.” Her eyes shifted from left to right and she dashed off for her office.

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Chapter 5


        Twilight, Snails, and Spike headed back to the library with Snails leaning up against Twilight every so often, eyes gleaming. “I am so happy to be by your side, my sweet.”

        Twilight patted him on the head then pushed him away. “Right. Just don't get too clingy, okay?”

        They arrived at the library to find the place in shambles. The tree was still standing alright, but inside books and furniture had spilled out all over the floors.

        They were late, and everypony else had already arrived. They were grouped up in the kitchen cooking up a final meal. Rarity was the first to greet them. She was wearing shiny white and purple jewel lavished gown that sparkled in the light. “Oh Twilight! You're late! We were getting worried that you might have fallen into that nasty crevice that opened up in the middle of Ponyville! Where were you?”

        “We got, uh-tied up, heh.”

        Rarity stared at the ring on Twilight's head, then she glanced down at Snails, then back up at the ring. “You-you didn't get married, did you?”

        Snails beamed and hugged Twilight. “Twilight is my waifu!”

        “Uh, well-you see, it was kind of Snails last request that we get married. So, uh-yeah, I kind of did, I guess, heh.”

        Spike's eyes glazed over as he stared at Rarity, his mind turning to mush at her beauty and elegance mixed with emotions of hunger at the array of gemstones she had covered over her dress. Spike imagined himself stepping up to Rarity and saying, “My fair Rarity. Never have I seen you more beautiful and elegant. Since this will be our last night together, will you give me your hoof in marriage so that we may die together?” But Spike didn't have the nerves to say this out loud. He just stood there in a love-stricken daze.

        There was a moment of silence from Rarity before she finally spoke up again. “Well then. Congratulations you two, I guess?”

        “Oh congratulations, Twilight! Snails!” Pinkie Pie bounced out from the kitchen, cake and frosting on her face. “I hope you're ready for a great big feast! Applejack and I brought all our remaining goodies for our farewell party!” She grinned at the trio.

        Twilight looked around. “Say, where's Rainbow Dash? Has anyone seen her yet today?”

        They all shook their heads. “No idea where that cocky pegasus could have wound up. Starting to get worried we won't get the chance to say goodbye,” Applejack spoke from the kitchen.

        “Anyways, that food smells wonderful guys. Thanks for doing this. You guys really are the bestest friends.” Twilight's eyes watered up.

        “Try not to tear up too soon, dear. You'll lose your appetite.” Rarity gave Twilight a pat on the back.

        “Any who, food's all ready. So we should get down with it?” Applejack came out carrying an apple cake on her back, which set set up on the dining table.

        All of them gathered, Big Mac and Fluttershy included, around the table, and chowed down. Some of them, Pinkie Pie especially, talked about all the adventures they had had together and the times they shared. They talked about coming together and defeating Nightmare Moon, and about saving Ponyville from all the various monsters that had threatened it. They talked about helping each other out with all their problems, and with all the laughs and pains they shared together. The conversation grew depressing after a while and it grew quiet. Pinkie Pie was the only one that kept eating, but even she seemed to quiet down, a look of concern coming over her face. One by one they shuffled off on their own after dinner.

        Rarity went up into Twilight's bedroom to cry while looking at herself in the mirror. Spike followed her up and watched her for a few minutes from the doorway before gaining enough courage to approach her and give her a hug. Rarity smiled, patting him on the head, pulling some of the gems off her dress, offering them to Spike to munch on.

        Applejack and Big Mac shuffled off to one corner of the room together, cuddling together. Applejack broke down and began to cry. “I feel selfish being here with my friends when I should be back home watching Applebloom.” Big Mac stroked her mane with a hoof, but didn't say much else. Perhaps it would be better if Applebloom didn't see her like this. She would have known something was up.

        Pinkie Pie remained at the table, gobbling up what remained of the food little by little. Everyone else had eaten so little and there was a lot left. She didn't want it all to go to waste. “Well, maybe we could save the rest in case Rainbow Dash shows up.” She licked up some frosting off the cake and sighed, her own eyes finally watering up as she sobbed on the table. Pinkie Pie didn't cry often but when she did it was loud and the whole library was soon filled with her sobs. Fluttershy tried to comfort her, leaning in against her side, patting her back with a hoof. She had been crying too though and she wiped her tears off with Pinkie Pie's mane.

        Twilight had wandered off into the storage room with Snails in tow, locking her black magic book away before going through some of her old things she had kept from her days in Canterlot.

        “Oh Twilight, this has been a truly magical night.”

        “Snails-you think you could go uh-clean up the kitchen a bit? Couldn't possibly let the world end with a messy kitchen now, could we?”

        “Anything for you my princess.” Snails gave Twilight a peck on the cheek and wandered out to the kitchen, bumping into the wall on his way out.

        “Finally, some time alone.” She sighed and sat on her haunches, pulling out a framed picture of her with Princess Celestia. She stared at it intently for a while, her eyes beginning to water up. “How?” She hit the picture with a hoof. “How could you let this happen?” She used her magic to slingshot the picture into the wall, Causing the frame and glass to shatter into a hundred pieces. She curled up on the floor. “You were always so strong, so powerful. How could you let something like this happen?” She sniffled and pulled out the first magic book Celestia had given her when she was just a filly. “I don't think I've ever felt more alone.” The little magic book then burst into flames, crumpling up until it was nothing more than a pile of ashes on the floor.

        “Twilight?” It was Spike, he was standing in the doorway to the storage. He walked over to Twilight, giving her a hug. “I-I wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I treated you today. Pressuring you to marry Snails like that. It was thoughtless.”

        Twilight sighed. “Don't worry about it Spike. I just wish there was more we could have done. I've always relied on Princess Celestia for guidance, but this time she couldn't give me any. It almost feels like I've been betrayed.”

        “I'm sure she did everything she could to avoid this disaster.”

        Twilight sighed and gave Spike another hug. Using her magic to pull out a couple more mementos she had kept. She had a picture of all her friends together with her. A picture of spike shortly after he had hatched from his egg, and even a picture of Spike's mother. While Twilight wasn't Spike's true mother, she did have to care for him a lot when he was younger, but he matured fast and she still felt like he was family. A younger brother perhaps. She was happy he at least broke away from ogling over Rarity to say goodbye to her. “I think I'll miss you most of all, Spike.”

        Spikes eyes began to water up and he rubbed his face against Twilight's chest. The two remained together for a few more minutes before they were interrupted.

        “Twilight?” Applejack stood in the doorway, Pinkie Pie looking over her shoulder. “You alright, sugarcube? It's getting' close to the hour. We're all waiting for you.”

        Twilight pulled herself up, wiping her tears away, following Applejack up the stairs to her room. There everyone was gathering up on Twilight's bed with the lights out. The only light being the moonlight pouring in through the big window.  “I hope you don't mind dear, but we thought we should go out together as a group,” whimpered Rarity with tears in her eyes.

        “Yup, was Fluttershy's idea. She said we all should group up in the final moment. We'd say our goodbyes and keep each other company.” Applejack climbed up onto the bed. Pinkie Pie following.

        Twilight looked around. “Rainbow never showed up?” She climbed up onto her bed with everyone else, getting hugged by Snails.

        Pinkie Pie sighed. “Nope, never did.” She lied along the edge of the bed, Fluttershy giving her mane a nuzzle as she watched.

        “I'm sure going to miss you guys. You're the best friends I could have ever asked for. I'll even miss Rainbow, wherever she might be.” Twilight leaned into the pile of her friends. Big Mac having gotten himself stuck in the middle and being leaned on by most of them.

        “I'll miss you too, Sugarcube.” Applejack looked around, tears in her eyes as she held her hat to her chest. “All of y'all.”

        “E yup,” said Big Mac.

        “You all really were the best friends a mare like me could ask for,” Rarity whimpered.

        “I'll miss you guys too, I really hope there's a pony heaven we can all party in.” Pinkie Pie sighed.

        Fluttershy was crying. It took her a minute or two to choke up the words, “Goodbye, friends.”

        Snails said, “Gee, I don't really know any of y'all but I'll sure miss my beautiful Twilight here.” He hugged her.

        Twilight gave Snails a little nuzzle. “Think I'll even miss you too.”

        The clock on the wall was ticking down, and there was less than a minute left before midnight. Some of the sobbing had stopped when their attentions had been turned toward the clock. The group growing closer and tenser as their hearts raced and the clock ticked away.

        Spike had been quiet the whole time, but he had been watching Rarity. There was only about thirty seconds left before he jumped up. “Oh what the hay! Rarity, I love you!” He jumped up and gave Rarity a big kiss on the mouth, Rarity's eyes going wide as she fell back onto Applejack's back. She smiled a bit at this and wrapped a hoof around Spike's back, returning the kiss.

        “This is it, everypony,” Said applejack, everypony's eyes except Rarity's and Spike's glued to the clock. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Everypony whimpered and closed their eyes, grouping up into a tight hug.

        There was a moment of silence, then a reverberating rumble followed by a BOOM echoed throughout the library. A few seconds passed and another BOOM shook through the bedroom. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Then a blinding light shone through the window...

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Chapter 6

        Twilight was the first one to open her eyes as another flash of light came from the window. She jumped off her bed and ran to the window, looking out into the sky, the flashes of light were coming through from behind the clouds in the sky. Snails followed after Twilight to the window who was then followed by everypony else. All of them huddled around her just as another echoing BOOM rumbled throughout the room. “Twilight-” The sky then lit up with a meteor shower, thousands of streaks of light moving across the sky all at once, followed by three more loud BOOMs shaking the walls of the library.

        “Are we dead yet?” asked Spike.

        There was a thump outside followed by the library door swinging open. “Hello? Anypony home?” Everyone looked at one another, then they all ran over to the railing overlooking the library's main room. It was Rainbow Dash. She was covered in white and green goo, her mane was singed, and she had bruises all over her body.

        “Rainbow Dash!” Everyone exclaimed at once.

        Rainbow didn't pay attention to anyone though, she had her eyes set on the food that remained on the table. She rushed over and quickly began chowing down on whatever she could fit in her mouth.

        Twilight blinked. “Rainbow! Where were you? What happened?”

        Pinkie Pie jumped down from the railing, bouncing over to her rainbow friend, giving her a hug despite the goo, and then tried to give her a big sloppy kiss on the mouth. Rainbow squinted her eyes and turned her head away so Pinkie's kiss landed on her cheek instead. “Really, Pinkie. I'm trying to eat here.”

        Everypony else rushed downstairs to meet with Rainbow, grouping up around her. “Rainbow where were you? We were worried sick!” Applejack inquired.

        “Where did you think I was? When Twilight said Aliens were coming to kill us, I couldn't just sit back and let it happen.” She stuffed some more food into her mouth. “So I flew up there and killed all their asses.”

        Twilight stomped her hoof on the table. “So wait a minute. You're saying that you took on an entire fleet of alien ships all by yourself?”

        “Well, I didn't say it was easy. Look, I'm really tired and hungry. Can't we talk about this later?” Rainbow rolled her eyes at twilight, shoveling in some cake.

        “We're-we're going to live!” Rarity grinned and she assaulted Rainbow Dash with a hug from the other side of Pinkie. This prompted Applejack to jump on her too. Twilight shrugged and squeezed between her friends so she could lay a hoof on Rainbow too, all of them with stupid grins on their faces. The repugnant goo rubbed off on them, but nopony seemed to care. Even Rarity didn't seem to mind getting a little messy.

        “Really, girls. You're just crowding me now.” They all backed away. “That's better.”

        “I-I can't believe it. You really took on all those aliens with their superior' techno-thingamajigs and came out ahead?”

        “You betcha, I'd never leave equestria hangin'. Those aliens were strong, but they were no match for my blazing speed and my incredible rainbow stunts. I tore through them like a mare out of hell!” Rainbow stuffed some pie into her face and yawned. “Now I'm oh so tired.”

        “Rainbow, you're amazing!” Pinkie gave Rainbow a little nuzzle. “You poor thing. You wore yourself out.”

        Rainbow collapsed on the table, closing her eyes, groaning.

        It was late, and everypony else had worn themselves out too from a long day. After carrying Ranbow Dash up to Twilight's bed to put her to sleep, the rest of the group filed out one by one. They had an even busier day ahead of them, what with Ponyville almost being destroyed and a host of other little problems eating at them.

        First to rush out was Rarity, freaking out about messing up her dress and the police. “Oh my. The Ponyville police are going to find out I stole all that jewelery and they'll throw me in jail. I could just die!”

        Spike chased after her out the door. “Wait, Rarity! Perhaps I can convince Princess Celestia to pardon you or something.”

        Next to leave were Applejack and Big Mac, both of them keeping a good yard in between each other as they filed out, throwing nervous glances at one another. “Hey, AJ? When we were, you know, in the hay earlier-you wouldn't happen to have been in season, would you?”

        Applejack blushed, turning her head away. “Uh-no way to be certain, I reckon. We'll just have to wait it a few weeks.”

        Big Mac fainted on the street.

        “Aw, come on now, big brother. No need to fret just yet. Even if we did mess up we'll get through it. Come on. Gotta be strong. At least we have our lives, right?” She nudged at him with a hoof.

        Pinkie pie had been hanging out by Rainbow Dash the entire time, watching her sleep now, sighing as she leaned in to give her a kiss on the forehead. “My hero.”

        Fluttershy tugged on Pinkie's tail. “We really should go and let her sleep.”
        “Aw, but I wanna stay here!”

        Twilight walked in, sighing, Snails leaning against her side. “If Rainbow doesn't want you around, you really should go, Pinkie.” She grabbed onto Pinkie's tail with her mouth and dragged her back to the door.

        “Okay, fine! Until next time, my sweetheart!” Pinkie Pie blew a kiss in Rainbow's direction before getting dragged out. She growled and jumped up when they got to the stairs. “I can walk myself!” She trotted down the stairs and out the door.

        Fluttershy followed after her out the door, trying to keep up with her. Pinkie looked back over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow at Fluttershy. “Yes? Why are you following me?”

        Fluttershy blushed. “Um-I thought-uh-we'd spend the night together.” She fidgeted a hoof in the dirt.

        Pinkie rolled her eyes. “Don't you have some little creatures to take care of or something?”

        Fluttershy blinked. “Oh no, my babies!” She fussed, “But-but what about our time together this afternoon? Didn't that mean anything to you?” She sniffled.

        Pinkie sighed. “Look, I'm sorry, Fluttershy. But I did that when I thought the world was going to end. Now that we're okay, I think it'd be better if we just moved on, alright? I'll still be your friend.” She patted Fluttershy on the head. “Look, I'll get you something to make up for it, okay? Don't be sad. It was my mistake. Rainbow Dash wasn't around so I didn't know who else I could turn to.”

        Fluttershy's eyes began to water up and she sat back on her haunches, whimpering.

        “I'm really super-sorry. Goodbye. Goodnight.” Pinkie Pie bounced away, leaving Fluttershy out in the middle of the street. Pinkie sighed to herself, shaking her head as she made her way home.

        Back in the Library, Twilight climbed into her spare bed, curling up underneath the covers, shivering when she felt some other hooves feeling up along her backside. She grumbled and turned around to see Snails there, smiling at her. “Ah my precious Twilight princess.” He kissed her cheek.

        Twilight couldn't fall asleep with him in her bed. Instead she waited and watched Snails as he drifted off to sleep. Then she picked up her pillow with her magic and walked downstairs, slipping back into the storage room, lying her head on the pillow, curling up, slowly drifting off to sleep after she closed her eyes. She already knew what she was going to write to the princess that next morning:

        Dear Princess Celestia,

                My friends and I learned today that even when things are looking bad that you         shouldn't throw away your morals or reason to try to cope with your problems, because         when things are looking up again, your misjudgments will only cause you more                 problems in the future. You can still live life to the fullest as long as you have trust in         your friends, and lean on them for aid in times of trouble.

                Also, I thought you should know that it was my good friend Rainbow Dash who         saved us all. I can still scarcely believe it myself, but she somehow pulled through         and         destroyed all the alien space ships. WHY COULDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING TO STOP         THE ALIENS? Anyways, I just thought it would be appropriate that you gave her the         recognition she deserves.

                                                                        Your most faithful student,


                                                                Twilight Sparkle

        P.S. If you could sign the enclosed annulment forms, I'd be eternally grateful.

The End