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Pinkie Pie opened her eyes. Sunlight streamed through the curtains in her small bedrooms above the cakeshop. Mr. and Mrs.Cake had been very kind in letting her stay here, she loved to bake, and this place was heaven

        The pink pony stretched her forelimbs with a yawn and climbed out of bed. Looking out the window she noticed it was a beautiful day. After the storms they’d had to clean out the last remnants of the parasprite debris, it seemed the Pegasus Ponies had decided to give ponyville some sun. She chuckled to herself, filled a saddlebag and set off down stairs.

        Mrs.Cake was down in the kitchen, as she always was in the morning, making the fresh sweets. Mr.Cake came around the corner and met Pinkie on her way down.

        “Hiya Pinks! How are you this fine day?” His voice was filled to the brim with the good nature he always seemed to have. The laugh lines at the corners of his snout stretched as he smiled.

        “Tip-tip-terrific, Mr.Cake!” She smiled at the old colt. “I’m going out today, is that okay?”

        “Ah, Pinkie, you don’t have to ask me anything, I know you can look out for yourself."

        “Thanks, plus today’s a special day!” She hopped up and down, full of energy as always.

“Why’s that, Pinks?”

“Well, if I tell you, you can’t tell anyone, promise?”

“Sure.” he said, turning serious.

“Super secret ultra mega stupendo promise?”

“Yes, yes Pinkie, tell me!” The yellow pony couldn’t help but crack a smile.

“Okay,” her eyes shifted left and right, she leaned in real close. “I’m having a party!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Mr.Cake wobbled around, dazed, he shook his head and recovered.

“Who’s this party for? Am I invited?”

“Oh no silly! It’s only for me, and two of the most splendiforus ponies in all of Equstria!”

His smiled returned again, he did love Pinkie's ways.

“Aw,”  he put on a mock frown. “Here I thought I was one of the most Splendiforus ponies.”

Pinkie’s face fell. “Oh, Mr.Cake, I’m so sorry! You’re one of the most splendiforus extra special, wonderful stupendous ponies around, you’re better than sarsaparilla!” She put her forehooves on his shoulders “I’ll throw you the biggest, bestest party ever when I get back okay?”

He looked up, trying to hold back a grin. “That depends, am I really better than sarsaparilla? “

Pinkies face lit up. “A million bjillions times better!”

The old colt couldn't hold back the grin any longer, he laughed.

“Alright, alright, you’re forgiven.” He gave her a peck on the cheek. “Now get on, off to that party of yours.”

She hugged him tight. “Thanks Mr.Cake! You’re better than any bubbly drink!”

She dashed out the door.

“What was that, dear?” yelled Mrs. Cake from the kitchen.

“Nothing, Honey, just our Pinkie.” He called back.

“Oh, what a sweetheart, has she left yet?”

Mr.Cake looked confused for a moment. “She just went out the door. You knew she was going to leave?”

Mrs.Cake poked her head around the doorway. “Why yes dear, don’t you know what day it is?”

It dawned on Mr.Cake.

“Oh my.”

Pinkie trotted through the market square, saying hello to all the ponies she passed. She walked by the library, and ran into Twilight Sparkle coming out, saddlebags full of books as always.

        “Hiya, Twilight!” She yelled.

        “Why hello Pinkie.” Twilight replied “Where are you off to in such a hurry.”

        Pinkie peered around to make sure no one was watching.

        “If I tell you, you have to promise to keep it a secret okay?”

        “Okay..” said Twilight, mildly bemused.

        Pinkie shooed her back inside, and closed the door behind them.

        “Pinkie!” Twlight yelled as she tried not to trip on the books she’d left lying around.

        “Shhhhh!” Pinkie held a hoof to her fingers, and peered around again. “We’re alone right?

        “Yes, Spike’s helping Fluttershy with the bunnies today, now would you care to tell me what this is about?”

        Pinkie looked at Twilight for a moment, as though she’d just realized she was there.

        “I’m going to a party!” She yelled!

        Twilight winced, but smiled, she had gotten used to Pinkies mannerisms in her time here.

        “Who for, Pinkie?”

        “The two most wonderfully wonderful ponies in Equstria!”

        Twilight opened her mouth the say something, but Pinkie was already out the door in a cloud of pink dust. She looked down, and noticed that in her haste, Pinkie had knocked one of her many books from it’s shelf. It lay open to a random page, on it was a news clipping dated from several years ago that day.

        “Adorable little creatures found in Hoofdale.” Twilight read aloud.

        Pinkie raced towards the Everfree Forest, at a canter, humming a little tune as she went.

        “My Hhmm hmm hm hhhmm, hmm hmm hm hmmm hmm.”

        Rainbow Dash was resting on a cloud above when she heard her coming. “Hey! Pinkie!” She called down.

Pinkie turned her head back, but didn’t stop running. “Heya, Dash!”

Rainbow flew up next to her. “Where you going, Pinkie?”

Pinkie looked back and forth. “Are you alone?”

“Pinkie, there’s no one around for miles, we’re in a clearing.”

“Is the clearing clear?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes.“Yes, the clearing is clear.”

“Then lean in....closer....closer....closer!”

Right when Rainbowdash became concerned they would knock heads Pinkie yelled. “I’m going to a party!”

Rainbow was so jolted she crashed into a nearby tree. She fell and got tangled in the branches.

“Ow.” She said plaintively. “A party for who Pinkie?”

“The two most fantastically fantastical ponies in all of Equestria!”

Rainbow was silent for a second. “I-I’m not one of th-”

Before she could finish, Pinkie was off like a rocket.

“Hey!! Hey! You can’t just leave me here! Help me out of this!!....Pinkie!!” she struggled with the branches. “Who are you going to that party with!!”

But she was long gone.

She struggled for a while more before she heard the sound of hooves coming down the trail.  She saw a familiar purple unicorn coming into the clearing.

“Twilight!” She yelled

Twilight jumped. “Who said that?”

“Up here.”

Twilight looked up at the distressed Pegasus. “Did Pinkie pass this way?” She asked

“The depends, can you get me down?”

“Rainbow, this is important.” Twilight said impatiently.

“So’s this!! What have you got to do that’s so important?”

Twilight reached into her saddlebag, and held a piece of paper in front of Rainbow’s nose.

“What’s an old newspaper clipping got to do with anything?”

“Look at the date, look at the picture.”

        Rainbow did as she was asked.

        “Oh no.”

        At the edge of the Everfree forest, Fluttershy and Spike were giving out carrots to all the small bunnies who’s parents’ were away.

“Why thank you very much for helping me Spike, there are so many bunnies to feed.” Fluttershy said in her soft-spoken manner.

“No problem, Fluttershy, I don’t min- OW!”

“What!!” Fluttershy squeaked.

“One of them bit me.”

Applejack came up, hauling a cart of the orange vegetables.

“You sure do need a lotta carrots, don’t you Fluttershy. Good thing we had so many this year.”

“Yes, it’s very fortunate, thank you Applejack.”

Suddenly a pink blur rushed passed them, causing a great wind.

“What in the world was that?” said Spike.

“I think it was...Pinkie Pie.” Said Applejack.

“Hey Pinkie! Where are you going!” Spike yelled.

The blur was already far away.

“I hope everything’s alright.” Said Fluttershy.

“Yeah, me t-” Spike was cut off when the reply came bounding over the hills.


Spike poked his finger in his ear. “Did anyone get any’a that?”

Twilight and Rainbow came speeding up towards them.

        “Why howdy, Twilight, Rainbow,” said Applejack. “Y'all wouldn’t happen to know where that rambunctious blur of a pony called Pinkie is goin, would ya?

        “We think we might have an idea.” Said Rainbow.

        Pinkie’s gallop had slowed to a trot as she came to the very edge of the forest. She removed her saddled bags, and emptied their contents on the side of a hill. A balloon, some string, two cupcakes, a bottle of sarsaparilla, a kazoo and a small gold ball spilled out. The ball almost rolled away, but Pinkie Caught it with a quick forehoof.

“You naughty thing, come’ere.” She chuckled.

The other ponies came up behind her and stopped short. They couldn’t see what was in front of her. They watched as she picked up the cupcakes, the bottle, and finally the small gold ball. Placing them in various positions.

        She took the balloon in both hooves, and blew a mighty breath to fill it. She tied it with the string, and hooked it onto a nearby branch. It bobbed jauntily back and forth in the wind.She then picked up the kazoo, and started to play.

She had a smile on her face as she blew into the small instrument. The tune was simple, and lovely, it rose up and down, slowly descending as it became sad and melancholic. Still she smiled as she played. The others had never heard a kazoo played in such a way, and stood entranced until she stopped.

She peered back over her shoulder, and for a moment seemed surprised to see her friends.

        “Oh, hello guys!” She said merrily. Trotting down to meet them.

        “You know, this is suppose to be a party for three, you know what they say! Three is a party but,” she stopped to count. “nine is a crowd!”

        They stared past her onto the hill.

        She giggled. “You’re lucky I like crowds! Come meet the guests of honor.”

        She led them up the hill, and there lay two stones, spaced evenly apart, smooth and unblemished. In front of each, lay a cupcake, and in between the bottle of sarsaparilla, and the small gold ball.

        “Pinkie we-” Twilight started.

        “Shhhs, Twilight, they like to enjoy themselves in peace.” Pinkie interrupted.

        They all stood there for a while in silence in front of the graves. In the silence, Twilight noticed the small gold ball was shaped like a parasprite.

Pinkie tuned and walked downhill.

        “Now, what did you all want to talk to me about?”  She said with a smile.

        “Well....Sugarcube...” Said Applejack...”Well we’re really sorry for barging in on you like that, we just wanted to know if you’re okay.”

        “Okay? I just spent the evening with all of my favorite ponies in Equestira!” Pinkie replied, “I’m feeling great!”

        At that they were silent. Pinkie turned again to walk back to Ponyville, when she stopped abruptly.

        “Oh! I almost forgot!”

        She ran back to the stones, took her saddle back in her mouth, and shook until two long objects fell out. She picked them up and put them in the sarsaparilla.

        “There you go.” She said, bending each so they faced the graves ob opposite end.

        The rest of them could see they were straws.

        “They like to share.” Pinkie whispered.

        Twilight walked up next to Pinkie.

        “Do you mind if I give them something?” She said softly.

        “Sure Twilight, I don’t mind at all.” Pinkie said, her voice low.

        Twilight reached into her saddlebag, took out a small sheet of paper, straightened it out with a hoof, and put it on the grave.

        Pinkie stared at it for a moment, her eyes far away.

        “Thank you Twilight, it’s lovely.” She said distantly.

        Suddenly she perked up, and ran down the hill, turning back she yelled. “Well come on guys! I just remembered I owe Mr.Cake a party!”

        The others smiled despite themselves.

        “Coming Pinkie.” they said.

        They all turned and marched back home.

        Above the graves, the balloon bounced a weaved, and in it’s shadow, lay a picture of a pink pony in a blue bow, standing next to a larger much older one, and blue stallion. All smiling as their child held a small blue winged creature.