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        Spike swung open the door to the library, a fresh stack of scroll parchments tucked underneath his arm. He had just gotten back from the local stationary store. Twilight was often so busy studying or experimenting that they went through supplies quickly, and being her little errand boy, Spike was always left to the task of resupplying.

        He could hear Twilight Sparkle bustling around in the kitchen so he headed through the door. She had recently set up the kitchen as sort of a science lab, and it was now littered with test tubes, papers, wires and bulbous glass containers with bubbling liquids.

        Twilight was over on the other side of her 'lab table' looking over a book as she lifted a mortar and pestle with magic. Spike watched as she dropped a blueish petal into the mortar and begin grinding it up, the pestle vibrating from Twilight's magic.

        “Hey Twilight, what 'cha doing?” He looked over her shoulder at the mortar.

        “Spike! Don't touch that!” She jerked it away from him.

        Spike grinned. “Hey. Isn't that the poison joke all you ponies got into a few weeks back?”

        Twilight floated the mortar over a beaker on a burner with a bubbling pink liquid inside, dumping the blue dust inside, watching as the liquid turned red. “Yes it is, actually, or poisonous humorous as it's scientific name. I am brewing a potion formula I found from an old book.”

        “Huh?” Spike was picking up the only old open book that was propped up on a nearby book stand.

        “Spike! Don't touch that!”

        Spike dropped the book back on the stand, falling over,  the parchment papers he was still carrying flying around everywhere. “Ack!” He shakes his head, hopping back up to gather the scattered parchments. “Looks pretty beat up. What's it supposed to do?”

        “Well, I'm not sure. See, the book is so old that some of the pages have fallen out. I have the recipe, but the part about the effects of this potion has fallen apart, so I'm going to experiment. See? I want to restore this old book for Princess Celestia. It has all sorts of info on herbs and remedies and magical potions.”

        Spike was back at the old book, using a pair of tweezers now to turn the pages. “Hm, wart remover, mane growth formula, explosive brew. Gee, fascinating. What kind of potion could you make using poison joke though? Think it could be dangerous?” Spike jumped back over to the counter Twilight was working at, trying to lean across the beaker to get a whiff of the pinkish smoke coming out of the top.

        “Spike!” She shoved him back with a hoof, knocking him off the counter. “Could be, but I don't think it's too dangerous  The poison joke is the most potent ingredient of this brew. Probably safe for drinking. Just not sure what kind of effect it will have. I was thinking of taking it over to Fluttershy's meadow and feeding it to a couple of those mice she takes care of to see what kind of effect it would have on animals.

        “Woah, doesn't that seem kind of cruel? And it'd upset Fluttershy if something bad happens.”

        “Well, I can't just let anypony drink it.” She stirs the brew with a stirring rod, using magic to levitate the beaker of red liquid off the burner, setting it on the table. “Besides, some risk is always a factor when learning something new. For science!” She pours the contents of the beaker into a vial and walks over the the other side of the room to pull out her saddlebags.

        Spike climbs back up onto the table with the red vial, picking it up. “I'll try it, Twilight! Us dragons are pretty res-uh what's that word?”

        Twilight uses magic to pull the vial away from Spike, setting it into her saddle bag. “Resistant? Resilient? That's precisely why you shouldn't be a candidate for my experiment. You wouldn't make a very reliable test subject, seeing how you breath fire and all.” She trots out the door.

        Spike frowns, hopping down from the table, following Twilight out the door. “Well, whatever. I still wanna see what this stuff does.”


        While on her way to Fluttershy's meadow, a rainbow streaks across the clouds over Twilight. She glances up to see Rainbow Dash looking over the side of a cloud down at her. “What's up, Twilight?”

        Twilight rolls her eyes and glances over at Spike, continuing to trot along. “Looks like somepony forgot to clear the clouds again this morning.”

        Rainbow dash swoops down, hovering above the ground next to Twilight. “What? It's too hot today, Ponyville could use a little cloud cover now and then anyways. So I've been using this afternoon to try out some new stunts. I could use a break though.” She wipes some sweat off her brow as she notices the vial filled with a red liquid sticking out the side of Twilight's saddlebag. “What's this? A fruit punch drink?” She tries to pick it out with her mouth when Twilight pulls it away with her magic, pushing Rainbow away at the same time. “Hey!”

        “This is not for you, Rainbow. If you must know, this is a magical potion. I'm not quite sure what it will do, but I'm taking it over to Fluttershy's meadow to try it out on some mice.”

        “Ooh, magical potion?” Rainbow flies around Twilight. “Well, I'll try it for you. I'm awfully thirsty from flying all day in the sun and that stuff looks delicious.”

        “You're kidding me right? Don't you know what magical potions could do to you? It's not a sports drink. Besides, the main ingredient is some of that poison joke we got into near Zecora's, it probably won't have the same effect from drinking it, but I suspect it will do something similar. Could be dangerous.”

        “Well, danger's my middle name!” Rainbow dash did an aerial flip and plopped down on the ground right in front of Twilight, grinning at her. “Besides, we got over that poison joke after a little bath, didn't we? I'm always up for trying new exciting things.”

        Spike nudged his arm against Twilight. “Doesn't seem like a bad idea. Rainbow is willing and you won't have to risk upsetting Fluttershy.”

        “Hm, I suppose you're right. It'll be hard to gauge a little mouse's reaction anyways. Guess it'll be alright to let Rainbow give it a try.” Twilight pulls the vial out with her magic and floats it over to Rainbow, setting it on the ground in front of her.

        “All riiiight! Down the hatch then!” Rainbow pops the cork and picks the vial up in her mouth, using a hoof to steady it and she takes a gulp.

        “Woah! Easy there Rainbow. Don't drink it all at once. Only about half the vial should be good enough to get a reaction.” Twilight pulls out a clipboard and pen, scribbling down on it. “How does it taste?”

        Rainbow takes a couple more gulps then sets the half emptied vial aside, smacking her chops, sticking out her tongue afterward. “Pretty bitter. Definitely not fruit punch.” She coughs and gags a little after.

        “Don't throw it up. Like I said, it's a potion. It's not supposed to taste good. Feeling anything out of the ordinary yet?” Twilight steps up closer to Rainbow dash, looking her over.

        Rainbow dash blinks and stares back starting to sweat a little. “Uhhhhh-”

        Twilight's horn glows as she uses magic to try to read Rainbow's vitals. “Hm, pulse seems to be up, also noticing some very strong brain activity.”

        Rainbow's face begins to turn red, eyes narrowing and dilating as she stares at Twilight, a big ear to ear smile inching across her face as she quivers. “Heeeeeey, Twilight.”

        “Unusual facial expressions. Looks like it may be- happiness, pleasure. A state of euphoria.”

        “Did I ever tell you how cute you look when you're like that?” She moves over to Twilight's side, wrapping one of her wings around Twilight's back, leaning in against her, pressing her nose against Twilight's cheek.

        Twilight eeps and leans away a bit, but finds Rainbow's wing grip a little too strong for her to break away from. “Subject appears to have heightened amorous moods and some sort of infatuation with me.”

        Spike keels over and starts bawling out laughing as he watches the two. “It looks like you just gave Rainbow Dash a love potion! She gonna kiss you next?” He puckers his lips and makes a smooching sound in the air. “Hahahahaha!”

        Sure enough, Rainbow's tongue slips out of her mouth and she runs it up the side of Twilight's cheek.

        Twilight winces and twitches. “Ewwww! Rainbow! Stoooop!” She squirms around, breaking free of Rainbow's grip, jumping away, her horn glowing, creating a magic barrier to stop Rainbow's advances.

        Rainbow whimpers and scrapes her hoof against the glowing purple barrier, staring in at Twilight with tears in her eyes. “Please, Twilight Sparkle. I love you. We're meant to be together!”

        Spike has tears in his eyes too, and continues laughing, starting to gasp for air while rolling around in the dirt.

        “Yes, apparently this is some sort of love potion. A very strong one at that. We have to get you back to my lab, so I can make further observations. Um-” She blinks at Rainbow Dash who's now fallen to the ground wide eyes staring up at Twilight with a big ear to ear smile on her face again. “-think you'll be able to do that, Rainbow?”

        “I'll do anything for you, Twilight Sparkle.”


        In the basement of Twilight's library, Twilight now had Rainbow dash seated in a medical chair with restraints tied around her hooves and chest. She was pulling one of the last restraints extra tight now to make sure Rainbow couldn't get free.

        “Is this really necessary, pudding? I really think we should be together for this.” Rainbow whimpers and fights against the restraints, jerking around in the flimsy chair.

        “I've had enough of your hanging around on me already today. This is for my safety and for your good.” She begins placing electrodes all over Rainbow's body. Rainbow squirms a bit and giggles every time Twilight touches her. “This should give me a clearer reading of what's happening inside you to cause you to act this way” She flips a switch and the machine hums to life, beginning to spew pages of readouts onto the floor.

        Rainbow stares intently at Twilight as she looks over the machine's read outs. She squirms a bit as Twilight's rear end sticks up into her view, causing Rainbow to blush and struggle more. “Twilight- p-please untie me-”

        “No can do Rainbow, I'm getting some very good data here.” Twilight begins flipping through some of the pages on the floor and as she does her behind shakes from side to side in front of Dash.

        “Twiliiiiiiiiight!” She begins to jerk around in the restraints, flexing her muscles as she pulls hard against the restraint around her front left hoof, the chair clattering as the arm rest begins to bend. “Hnngh!” Twilight doesn't seem to notice as the first restraint gives way, springs and screws popping from the left arm of the chair as Rainbow breaks free. She twists around in the chair, her chest restraint popping apart as the chair sags forward, clattering.

        Twilight glances behind herself with narrowed eyes, grumbling. “Rainbow, why do you got to make such a rack-” She sees Rainbow nearly free of the chair, now flapping her wings in the air as she tries to pull her hind hooves out of their restraints, her big red eyes staring right back at Twilight with a grin.

        The chair creaks then falls over crashing onto the lab floor in a heap, a cloud of dust billowing up from underneath.

        Twilight coughs as the dust clears, her horn glowing as she lifts the chair with a levitation spell. “Rainbow Dash? Are you okay? Can't you sit still for one minute?” She notices Rainbow's two red eyes staring out at her from underneath the chair and before she can react, Rainbow lunges out at her, knocking her back onto the floor. “Ahhh! Rainbow!”

        Rainbow Dash pins Twilight's shoulders with her hooves, straddling her. “Oh Twilight, I love you so much!” She leans down and presses her muzzle up against Twilight's, closing her eyes, her hooves curling around her back, embracing her as she makes out with her friend.

        Twilight's eyes widen and she waves her hooves along the floor, blushing and squirming from Rainbow's embrace, but unable to escape. With how aggressive Rainbow is coming on to her, she can't think straight or concentrate to a point that she'd be able to cast a spell to pull her friend off. Then she feels one of Rainbow's hooves slinking down along her body, sliding down between Twilight's hind legs. Twilight cringes and crosses her legs to block Dash's groping hoof.

        While all this is happening, the door to the basement finally swings open and Spike comes trotting in, carrying a stack of books that Twilight asked him to fetch. He looks over the side of the railing as he's coming down the basement stairs to see the two fillies making out. He drops all the books and gasps, rubbing his eyes as if he's hallucinating. “Uh-girls?”

        Twilight has tears in her eyes as she strains her eyes upward to look at Spike as if pleading for his help.

        Rainbow Dash's eyes finally open and she pops her muzzle off of Twilight's, sitting up over her friend with tears in her eyes and a blush, rubbing her nose with a hoof “Um-heh-Maybe I came on a little strong?” She grins, looking down at Twilight, stroking her friends side with her other hoof.

        Twilight's mouth gapes open, tongue hanging out one side with drool dribbling off it, eyes still wide open with tears in them, her body trembling a bit on the floor, strands of hair sticking out from her mane. “A-a little?” She sits up and shakes her head, standing up on wobbly legs, frowning as she backs away from Rainbow, who begins to advance on her again, a concerned look coming across her face. “I-I think I've had just about enough of this love potion spell-” She spins around and dashes up the stairs past Spike, faster than Spike or Dash have ever seen her run.

        Rainbow frowns. “W-wait, pudding!” She starts up the stairs.

        Spike grins. “Woah, that was totally awesome! That love potions stuff is really something!” He follows after Rainbow. No way is he going to miss any more.

        Twilight is back in the kitchen lab, going through cupboards, pulling out boxes, containers and flasks falling all around her, crashing, making a horrible mess of the place, smoke and dust splashing through the air as she rips open containers and pulls out what she needs. She has a beaker on another burner and is pouring liquids and other ingredients into it at a frantic pace, glancing over at the old potion book she had open from before.

        Rainbow walks up and nuzzles at Twilight's tail, blushing. “T-Twilight, I'm sorry I went like that. I really do care for you, I just get too excitable, you know? Can you forgive me?”

        “I know Rainbow, I know. It's this darn potion, I should have known better then to let you try it. It'll all be over soon.” A big puff of smoke rises from the heated beaker and Twilight pulls it off the burner with some magic, stirring it up quickly. The liquid is a cloudy white substance. Twilight shoves the beaker into Rainbow's face. “Here, drink this.”

        Rainbow whimpers a bit but obeys her friend, holding the beaker up to her mouth she gulps it all down. She winces and coughs from the hot bitter taste. “W-what is it? It tastes terrible, worse than the love potion.”

        “It's a diluting agent. It will counteract the effects of the love potion. You'll be back to your wild and crazy self in no time. At least not wild and crazy in love with me.” Twilight sighs.

        Rainbow puts a hoof to her head her eyes rolling back. “Wooooah, I feel dizzy.” She collapses on the kitchen floor amidst the mess Twilight created, passing out.

        Spike looks in from the kitchen doorway. “Twilight, is she alright?

        “Yes, she just passed out. The effects of the potion should wear off by sunrise.” Twilight glances out a nearby window to see that the sun is beginning to set. She looks over Rainbow and runs a hoof over the side of her mane. “I should have known better. Poor Dash, I hope she feels better by morning.”

        “Yeah, well, it'd be a shame to let the rest of this potion go to waste. I think Rarity could definitely use some of this stuff.” Spike just dug Twilight's love potion vial out of her saddlebags and was carrying it out, a big grin on his face.

        “Wait a minute there, Spike.” She yanks it from his claws floating it over to an open cupboard. “This stuff is too dangerous for you to fool around with. I'm going to have to dispose of it tomorrow.” She sets it in the cupboard and slams it shut, her horn glowing as a magical padlock appears out of thin air, clamping down onto the cupboard door, sealing it inside. “It should be safe in here for the time being. She heads off to her loft and comes back to the kitchen with a pillow and blanket, covering Dash up and resting her head on the pillow. “Goodnight, Dash.” She looks back over at Spike who's trying to tidy up the mess she made earlier. “Come on Spike, we should get to bed, we'll clean this up tomorrow.”

        “What? But it's soooo early still, the sun hasn't even fully set yet.” He points out the window.

        “After what I had to put up with today, I think I could afford to call it early.”


        “Oh Dash! It's so beautiful!” Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash were high up in the clouds, staring out at the evening sky, a pair of rainbows streaking along the fluffy clouds they sat upon. “I love you Rainbow Dash.” She snuggled up against her friend, nuzzling against her cheek.”

        “I love you too, Twilight Sparkle.” Rainbow kissed her friend on the nose, curling her rainbow tail and a wing around her. “Will you make me the happiest pony alive by giving me your hoof in marriage?”

        “Oh yes, yes I will, Rainbow Dash. This is the happiest day of my life!” She embraced Rainbow and kissed her hard on her mouth, Rainbow squeezing Twilight back as she returned the kiss, a blush coming across both their faces, tears of joy streaking down Twilight's cheeks.

        Rainbow grinned at Twilight after their kiss, rubbing her hoof over her fiance's head. “I was always the tough one anyways. Something wrong, pudding?”

        Twilight sniffled and rubbed her face against Rainbow's chest, sobbing. “What if our friends don't accept us like this, Rainbow? What if Princess Celestia doesn't approve?”

        “Then we'll fly far far away, all we really need is each other, Twilight. Don't worry, I'll protect you.” She nuzzles into the top of Twilight's hair, next to her horn, smiling, snuggling.

        “I wouldn't mind if we could just be like this forever.”

        “Me too, pudding, me too.” Rainbow leans back to lie in the clouds only to bump her head against something hard. “Ouch!” She falls over onto the floor, groaning. Her whole body aches all of a sudden and she's got a throbbing headache. “Ooooh, w-what happened? Was I dreamin'?” She picks herself up off the floor, wobbling a bit as she tries to keep balance, leaning against the kitchen table, shaking her head. It's nearly pitch black inside, aside from a streak of moonlight coming in through the window.

        She sighs and makes her way into the library room, it's a little lighter in there because of the big window overlooking Twilight's bedroom loft. She looks up and sees that Twilight and Spike have fallen asleep. She flies up and slumps down against the side of Twilight's bed, whispering quietly to herself as she watches her friend sleep. “Oh Twilight, Was it really just the potion that made me feel this way? We're so different. I can't sit still and all you can do is sit still. How do you put up with it? Oh but you're so cute. And so thoughtful.” She reaches out with a hoof to touch Twilight's mane, jerking it back when Twilight rolls over.

        “Mmmnnn- Rainbow,” Twilight says in her sleep.

        Rainbow stares for a while, then whispers to herself again, “I always thought I might one day end up with the wonderbolt captain, Lance Hoofstrong, but I heard recently he already found a mate, and all I've been able to think about lately is you. I don't know why but something about your magic just always brings a smile to my face,  and you always seem to have the right answer for everything. Don't you feel the same way? Maybe just a little?”

        Rainbow dash rests her head on Twilight's bed and continues to watch her sleep, putting her hoofs on her own head, groaning a bit as it's still throbbing from her headache.


        Twilight awakens to the sounds of pots and pans banging around in the kitchen. She yawns and sits up on her bed, stretching out her legs, the sun is beginning to rise outside and the morning air is a little cool. “Ah, Spike? Is that you in the kitchen.”

        Spike groans and sticks his head up from his own bed. “Huh what?” He shakes his head. “Nope, not me. I never get up before you.”

        Twilight is about to say something else when Rainbow's head pops out from the kitchen door downstairs, grinning up at Twilight in her loft. “Good Morning, Twilight! I felt so bad about what happened yesterday that I thought I'd make you some breakfast to make up for it. Hope you like pancakes!” She ducks back into the kitchen.

        Twilight hops down from her bed and begins fixing up her mane. She had forgotten to eat dinner last night in the commotion caused by her love potion, so a pancake breakfast sounded good to her. “That's awfully thoughtful of you Rainbow, more so than usual. Don't worry too much about it though. It wasn't your fault anyways. The potion made you act the way you did, I'll be getting rid of the rest of it today.”

        Spike hops down from the loft and scrambles into the kitchen.

        Twilight peers over the loft, “Hey Spike, what's the hurry?”

        Spike pokes his head out of the kitchen door. “I nearly forgot, I gotta take a trip to Canterlot today to wrap up some business with the princess. I should be back by tomorrow. Sorry, Twilight. I should have told you. I won't be able to help you clean up the mess you made.”

        Twilight climbs down from the loft and heads into the kitchen to Rainbow serving up a small stack of pancakes to spike. “No worries, Maybe Rainbow will hang around long enough to help me with this mess.” Sure enough most of the kitchen was still in shambles, it looked like Rainbow had cleared off just enough space to cook and for them to eat.

        Rainbow went back to flipping one more pancake, which she then set on a plate that stacked up four large pancakes meant for Twilight. She pushed the plate in front of Twilight. “Hot off the stove! Be sure to use lots of syrup to make it taste extra sweet!”

        “Thanks, Rainbow. I didn't know you knew how to cook.” She sniffs at the fresh pancakes and dibbled some syrup over them. “Looks tasty.”

        “Well, not a lot, but I learned how to make a few things while hanging around Pinkie Pie.” Rainbow sits across the table from Twilight, watching her.

        Twilight took a bite out of the pancakes and winced a little, trying to turn her wince into a smile. They tasted bitter. “Why uh-they're very unique.” It was a well known fact that Pinkie Pie was still far from being a reliable cook, and it wouldn't surprise Twilight if Pinkie's lack of skill in the kitchen rubbed off on Rainbow. She dumps some more syrup on them to try and drown out the bitterness.

        Spike burped and a puff of smoke came from his mouth. His plate was already clean. “Mmm, that was great Rainbow. I better get going if I'm going to catch my ride though. See you girls later.” Spike headed out the front door with a slam, and only Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle remained.

        Twilight cocked her head toward the door, and took another bite. “That's strange. It's not like Spike to forget an appointment like that.” She shrugs. “Maybe he forgot over the shenanigans that happened yesterday.” She continues to chow down on bite after bite of bitter pancakes. She was so hungry that she didn't really care that they tasted so bad. She looked across the table at Rainbow, who just grinned at her. Twilight thought she had seen that grin on Rainbow dash before, it was the kind of grin she gave when pulling a fast one on someone. “Sure you don't want some of these pancakes too, Rainbow?”

        Rainbow shakes her head. “I already ate before you came down. I made these all for you.”

        “You sleep alright? I mean, that diluting agent I made is pretty strong stuff. Not the kind of stuff I'd usually force someone to drink.”

        Well, I did wake up with a huge headache, but seeing you now enjoying my pancakes has made it all better now.” Rainbow grins at Twilight.

        “If you say so.” Twilight's nearly done with her pancakes when a strange feeling begins to come over her. She can feel her pulse quicken and her senses heighten. There's only a few bites of pancake left on her plate when she drops the fork. It feels almost like she had just drunken an entire kettle of strong coffee and her eyes fixate on Rainbow Dash.

        Rainbow just smirks and stares back, leaning way over the table. “Feeling alright, Twilight?”

        Twilight stares back at Dash as her pupils dilate, then rainbows flash before her eyes. She shakes her head. “Rainbow, you didn't-?” She looks around the kitchen, first noticing that the cupboard she had locked the love potion away in had been busted open, she looked around some more and saw the vial itself lying on the floor empty. More images of Rainbow Dash begin to flood her mind.

        “Hm? Didn't what? Didn't happen to slip the rest of the love potion into your pancakes? Maaaaaybe.” Rainbow crawls up onto the table, crawling over to Twilight, pressing her nose against hers, placing her hooves on Twilight's shoulders.”

        Twilight is stunned, she just stares back into Rainbow's eyes and all she can think about is how funny she is, how wonderful she is, and how much she wants to be with her. She blushes and presses her lips against Rainbow's, kissing her, her eyes fluttering closed. All the memories of the times she's spent with Rainbow flooding through her mind like a rainbow waterfall is beating down onto her.

        Rainbow smiles and closes her eyes too, wrapping her arms around Twilight's waist.

        A moment later and Twilight's eyes snap open and she shoves Rainbow Dash away, gasping. “No! This is not real, this is the potion working over me. This can't be happening!” She spins around from the table and crashes through the mess of lab equipment scattered about the kitchen, breaking even more glasses as her horn begins to glow. She glances over at the old potion book still propped on it's stand and ingredients begin floating toward her. Another burner starts up and she starts mixing the ingredients, trembling as a sweat breaks out on her forehead.

        “No, Twilight! What are you doing? Don't fight it, please!” Rainbow Dash rises up from the table, flapping her wings, and flies over to Twilight's side, tears starting to well up in her eyes. “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I didn't know how to tell you. I mean how I really feel about you. I thought it would be better this way. I didn't think you'd understand.” She leans against Twilight, throwing her arms around her again, nosing at her mane.

        Twilight begins to slow down mixing another batch of the diluting agent, her heart melting in Dash's embrace. She glances back over her shoulder at her rainbow colored friend, licking up some of her tears. “Oh Dash, always so quick to run into things without thinking them through first.” Twilight frowns and kisses Dash on the forehead, trembling. “I-I love you, Rainbow Dash.” She then turns back to the now well stirred beaker and gulps it's contents down.

        Rainbow gasps and just stares as Twilight gags on the potion. “You- you really mean that?”

        “I'm sorry. It could never work out between us, Dash.” Twilight groans a bit as her eyes roll back and she goes limp in Rainbow's arms, passing out.

        Rainbow is all alone.

        Rainbow Dash sighs and holds Twilight for a few minutes before she picks her up and carries her up to her bed on the loft, laying her down, pulling the sheets over her. She then goes over to the window and stares outside at the clouds for a minute, sighing as she pulls the curtains shut. She walks around Twilight's bed, and climbs in next to her, snuggling up against her back, wrapping her hooves around her, a smile cracking across her face. “Well, I can still always dream, can't I?”