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Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 001: New Game

Miles, a black earth pony with yellow mane & tail, woke up to a sight of all blue.  A white box appeared at the bottom of his sight, and a very light pink, nearly white, winged-unicorn faded into view above it.  The box started filling with text.

[Hello. I’m Princess Celestia.

 Welcome to the world of Equestria. ▼]

[There are many creatures here,

 but mostly there’s ponies. ▼]

A purple unicorn pony appeared in a flash of magic next to Princess Celestia.

[In this world friendship is very important.

 It’s magic, even. ▼]

[You will need to befriend many others to help

 you achieve your goals. ▼]

[Your adventure in friendship is about to begin... ▼]

The unicorns, text box and blue faded away to reveal a forest.

“Oh, come on!” Miles complained to no-one in particular, “I just got done with that, did I not?”  He started his life as an Umbreon, but has been thrown into/through a few other games.  He had just finished being a trainer running through the trainer’s side of a Pokémon adventure.  Through it all he had kept a red and white, hook handled, parasol, (preferring to  call it an umbrella) [from Kirby’s Dreamland] as his weapon of choice, and wore a green Kokiri hoodie [from the kingdom of Hyrule]; he kept the hood up most of the time.  Nearly everything else didn’t stay with him.

The black pony looked around.  It was dark like a forest should be, not too dark.  He thought he heard a roar, an evil clucking, or maybe even a 'Moose-staash' in the distance. “Where in Equestria am I, anyway?”  

A panel bordered in vines popped down out of nowhere...


~ ( Everfree Forest ) ~   Miles facehooved. “Really? That Poké-Trope is here,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ too?”  He shook his head, “Fine...” and started walking.

Two steps into his travels he saw a (!) and heard a text box:

[...: Wait! ▼]

“Oh, geez... is everypony going to talk like this...?” Miles muttered under his breath.  A zebra with a mohawk and a large, tight gold necklace had stepped out of the hut Miles hadn’t noticed before.

[Zecora: Beware! Beware, you with the black coat!

         I’m here to teach you, do not bolt! ▼]

“Wha...?” Miles said.

[Zecora: Friends are needed for what you seek.

         To get them you cannot be meek! ▼]

A little tune indicating ‘battle’ played.

doo-da-loo-la-loolooloo ♪

[A friendly Applebloom appeared! ▼]

[Applebloom: Howdy! ▼]

[What will Zecora do? ▼]

   ►[Greet]  [PARTY!]

 [Befriend]  [Run Away]

[Zecora: Hello. I’m Zecora. ▼]

[Applebloom: Nice to meet you! I’m Applebloom. ▼]

[What will Zecora do? ▼]

    [Greet]  [PARTY!]

►[Befriend]  [Run Away]

[Zecora: Would you like to be friends? ▼]

[Applebloom: Sure! ▼]

A tune indicating a ‘successful friendship’ played.


[Zecora befriended Applebloom! ▼]

“Gee, this feels familiar...” Miles rolled his eyes.

[Zecora: Befriend ‘em all if you can!

         After all, that is the plan! ▼]

“Yeah, I will do that...”  Miles replied sarcastically.  Zecora and Applebloom entered the hut, leaving the black earth pony alone again.  He walked on, leaving the forest.


Before long, after not meeting anypony else, Miles entered a new area.  It was a town of average size with plenty going for it, not over or under developed.  Various shaped building were scattered about, and ponies were milling about going about their business.  Another panel popped down, this time it was a pair of conjoined pink ovals.


> Ponyville <    “Oh, thank you!” the black pony smiled. “I did not want to have to

 \__________/ ‘befriend’ everything between here and--”

Out of the sky came a grey blur with a messenger bag.

[A friendly Ditzy Doo crashed into Miles! ▼]

doo-da-loo-la-loolooloo ♪

[Ditzy Doo: MUFFINS! ▼]

[Miles: Of course, I spoke too soon... ▼]

He was annoyed enough as it was to not notice his speech was in a text box.

[What will Miles do? ▼]

    [Greet]  [PARTY!]

 [Befriend] ►[Run Away]

[Couldn’t escape... ▼]

[Ditzy Doo shook Miles’s hoof! ▼]

[What will Miles do? ▼]

    [Greet]  [PARTY!]

 [Befriend] ►[Run Away]

[Couldn’t escape... ▼]

[Ditzy Doo continues to shake Miles’s hoof! ▼]

[What will Miles do? ▼]

[Miles: Oh, fine... ▼]

    [Greet]  [PARTY!]

►[Befriend]  [Run Away]


[Miles befriended Ditzy Doo! ▼]

[Ditzy Doo continues to shake Miles’s hoof! ▼]

[Would Miles like to give a nickname to Ditzy Doo? ▼]

►[Yes]  [No]

[What should the nickname be? ▼]

D-E-R-P-Y-_-H-O-O-V-E-S [Confirm]  [Cancel]

Miles thought for a moment, ‘Hmm... Nah.

[Confirm] ►[Cancel]

[Ditzy Doo joined Miles’s adventure! ▼]

Miles sat there looking at the wall-eyed blonde-maned grey pegasus pony, contemplating. He lowered his eyebrows to an angry position and stood up. “OK. No...” he growled. “If I have to ‘battle’ my way through this adventure, fine. But I refuse,” he stomped a hoof down, “refuse to do it with text boxes the whole way through this world!”  He added in is head, ‘It would be very dry, reading everything in text boxes!

Ditzy Doo looked at the angry black pony with one eye, and a roof across the street at with the other eye.  She saluted Miles, and flew off to finish her deliveries.

[Ditzy Doo left Miles’s party. ▼]

“Well, she was a lot of help...” Miles paused, “Not.”  After fuming and grumbling himself calm he decided to check out the shops and other buildings in town.

He entered the nearest one, a pink and purple building that sort of looked like a merry-go-round from the outside. Inside there were shelves filled with bolts of fabric, along the some of the non-shelved walls were ponnequins with variously completed dresses and one or two sewing machines. “I wonder where this is...” Miles wondered aloud, towards no-one in particular.

Nothing happened.

“OK, I spoke a little hastily before... I could use the ‘sign posts’, please...” He asked of no-one in particular.  A panel that looked like an unrolled bolt of fabric popped down.

|@/¯¯¯¯\___/¯¯¯|  A white unicorn filly stopped Miles before he got too far into the shop.

| |            | [Sweetie Bell: Rarity is the ‘Element of

| | Carousel   |                Generosity’, but she’s also a            

| |  Boutique  |                little vain. ▼

| |            |               Use that to your advantage if you

|_|/¯¯\_____/¯¯                 want to befriend her. ▼]

“Thank you?” Miles said, confused for a moment.  Then he realized he was going to have a ‘Gym Battle’ for friendship and sighed.

“‘Thank you’ for what, Zecora?” said Rarity, a indigo-maned white unicorn pony & the shop owner.  Then she corrected herself, “Oops, pardon me, sir!  Your hood confused me.”  She bowed a little bow as an apology.


“Not a problem.  My name is Miles, by the way.”

“And I’m Rarity, dear.  May I help you with something?”

“Well, I am new to this area and I’m looking for a wa--”

“A new outfit?  I can understand!” the dress making pony interrupted, jumping to conclusions, “Look at how old and tired your cloak is!  However did it not fall apart on you?”

Miles frowned, “But, I like my hoodie...” he stopped himself short. ‘I think I need to befriend her,’ he thought, ‘otherwise I will probably not be getting anywhere.’  “Um, yeah...  I guess it is a little tattered...” He cringed at the thought of losing one his prized possessions. ‘At least she does not want to replace my umbrella, Aerolithos.’  Miles’s umbrella was precious to him because he had been charting his adventures on it, but the only thing that stayed from world to world was just a random star chart on one panel.

“And that parasol!” Rarity remarked, with timing.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No...’ Miles pleaded in his head

“Wherever did you find such an elegantly designed and patterned item?”

Whew.’  Miles said the first plausible thing to come to mind, “I think I found it at a second hand store...  I cannot remember for sure...”

“You must let me borrow it to jolt down a few designs I’m suddenly thinking of!  And more are coming!” Rarity’s horn glowed as a piece of paper and a pencil floated to her and she started to sketch.  “Inspiration CAN come from anywhere!” she dropped a raised hoof in a fashionista’s way.

Ack!  “Borrow Aerolithos?”  I cannot...  Miles shook his head, “I am sorry, Miss Rarity...  But I just could not let it out of my sight...”

Rarity stopped sketching, and started pouting, “But...  The inspirations...  New designs...  You can’t deny me those!”  She started walking to Miles.

Miles started backing towards the door, “I... I just cannot let Aerolithos go...”  He heard a “Hmph” as he went out the door.

[Got away safely...]

/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\     Miles walked a few paces before stopping and smacking his face with

> Ponyville < his hoof.  “What did I just do?  I just ran from an easy ‘battle’...”  He shook

 \__________/ his head, “Well, if I am lucky I can go back in and try again...”

        Turning around and entering the boutique again...


| |            |  ...the white unicorn filly was standing there, but didn’t stop Miles.

| | Carousel   |  

| |  Boutique  |  Miles looked her.  She looked sort of bored.

| |            |  

|_|/¯¯\_____/¯¯   Out of curiosity he said, “Hi,” to her.

She responded by repeating what she said before,

[Sweetie Bell: Rarity is the ‘Element of Generosity’,

                but she’s also a little vain. ▼

               Use that to your advantage if you

                want to befriend her. ▼]

Out of politeness, and a little confusion, Miles thanked her again.

“‘Thank you’ for what, Zecora?” Rarity said again, as well.  Then she continued to repeat the event, correcting herself, “Oops, pardon me, sir!  Your hood confused me.”  She bowed another little bow as an apology.

She does not remember this all just happened?  Just as well, I guess...’  Miles introduced himself all over again, “Not a problem.  My name is Miles.”

“And I’m Rarity, dear.  May I help you with something?”

Miles thought for a moment, ‘I should probably keep the event-chain going.’ “I am new to the area and was looking for...” he trailed off, knowing Rarity was going to interru--

“A new outfit?  I can understand!  Look at how old and tired your cloak is!  However did it not fall apart on you?”

“But I like my hoodie...” Miles repeated himself, to a point, “But, yeah I guess it is a little tattered.”  ‘I guess a new hoodie would not be a terrible idea...  But here comes her noticing Aerolithos...

“And that parasol!  Wherever did you find such an elegantly designed and patterned item?”

Miles repeated the first plausible thing that had come to mind, “I think I found it at a second hand store...  I cannot remember for sure...”

“You must let me borrow it to jolt down a few designs I’m suddenly thinking of!  And more are coming!” Rarity’s horn again glowed as a piece of paper and a pencil floated to her and she started to sketch.  “Inspiration CAN come from anywhere!” she dropped the same raised hoof from before in a fashionista’s way.

Thought he knew he needed to, Miles thought it over, ‘I think I must...  It may just stroke her ego...?  It would be generous, at least...’  After a little internal dialogue he said, “Sure...” trying to not grit his teeth, and he held out his umbrella for Rarity.  “Please... Be careful with Aerolithos.”

Rarity smiled, “Of course, darling! I always take extra care with a friend’s property!” Rarity’s horn glowed and the umbrella levitated to her.


[Miles befriended Rarity! ▼]

Miles looked around. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what, dear?” Rarity said, examining Miles’s umbrella.

“Nothing.”   ‘OK, first, I will keep the ‘successful befriending’ tune, too,’ he thought towards no-one in particular.  ‘And, second, that was easier than I thought it was going to be.  I guess the first ‘Gyms’ usually are...  I can only hope it will be that easy all the way through! Minus retries, of course.

“It will take me a little time, Miles, dear.  Why not go to Sugarcube Corner for a treat?  They have the most delectable pastries,” suggested Rarity.  “I’ll head over there when I feel the inspirations are done.”

“Hmm.  Not a bad idea.  I think I will try it out,” Miles said as he rubbed his chin.  He started to head out the door...

“Hey, mister!”  Sweetie Bell, the filly that told Miles about Rarity, stopped him on his way out, “How’d you get your Cutie Mark?”  She pointed to his flank.

Miles looked towards his back leg and thought for a moment, ‘How do I explain an Umbreon’s rings in this world?’  He finally answered, “I do not want to talk about it...” and left.


/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\      “Well,” Miles said to himself, “That was not so bad.  And if I have to

> Ponyville < ‘Befriend ‘Em All’, I guess I will ‘train’ on the way to Sugarcube Corner,

\__________/ cannot be too strong for a ‘battle’.”

Just then he spotted a lone yellow pegasus pony with a long pink mane.  He approached her and simply said, “Hi!”

“eep!” [Fluttershy escaped... ▼]

“Of course...” Miles smirked, “There would have to be ponies that would run.  Oh well.”

Being new to town, he looked around before spotting a building decorated with candies and pastries, including a cupcake topping the roof.  “That must be 'Sugarcube Corner'.  I do not see anything else that looks bakery like.”  The short trip to the bakery was uneventful.  All the other ponies Miles passed were in conversations with each other.  He didn’t want to bother them, and no-pony seemed to think to bother him.

Entering the bakery a panel bordered by candy canes, with cupcakes and gumdrops in the corners, popped down.

© / / / / / / / / /ũ   A bright amber earth pony stopped Miles on his way in.

/                  / [Mr. Cake: Pinkie Pie is the ‘Element of

/ Sugarcube Corner /             Laughter’. ▼

/                  /            Her love of parties makes it easy

ũ/ / / / / / / / / ©             to befriend her. ▼]

“Sweet, I would like another easy ‘battle’.”  Miles felt his confidence go up, “This should be a piece of cake.”

“Did someone say ‘cake’?”  Miles vision was suddenly filled with a grinning pink face.  “You know what cake means?” a pink earth pony asked excitedly, “It means party!  Well, not always, but it does enough of the time that I would say ‘cake=party’...”

Miles tried to interject, “Yeah, I guess I said ‘cake’...”

The pink pony didn’t hear and kept going, “...they’re only fun with more than one real pony, of course...”

Miles tried to greet the pink pony, “Hello?”

“...was too sophisticated, until the house was literally brought down...”

Miles turned to leave, “I guess I will go then...”

[Couldn’t escape... ▼]

[Pinkie Pie used Chatter! ▼]

[Miles: Why did it suddenly go to this style? ▼]

And why am I talking in a text box?’ he thought as he noticed this time.  ‘So be it...

        [What will Miles do? ▼]

        [Miles: Well, ‘Greet’ and ‘Run Away’ didn’t work...]

    [Greet]  [PARTY!]

►[Befriend]  [Run Away]

[Miles tried to befriend Pinkie Pie. ▼]

[Pinkie Pie didn’t hear. ▼]

[Pinkie Pie continued to cause an Uproar. ▼]

[What will Miles do? ▼]

[Miles: OK, one last thing to try...]

    [Greet] ►[PARTY!]

 [Befriend]  [Run Away]

[Would Miles like to bring in Ditzy Doo?]

[Yes]  [No]

[Ditzy Doo appeared. ▼]

[Ditzy Doo: MUFFINS! ▼]

[Pinkie Pie calmed down... briefly... ▼]

[Pinkie Pie: Oh! Three’s a crowd,

              and a crowd’s a party enough for me. ▼]

[Pinkie Pie used Fling. She threw cupcakes

 at Miles and Ditzy Doo. ▼]

[Miles and Ditzy Doo used Swallow. ▼]

[Miles gained a sugar rush! ▼]

[Miles whited out... ▼]


Chapter 002: But it got away...

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 003: A new entry was added to the Pony-Dex!

Miles’s ride with Scootaloo was a bit faster than he expected, but he figured he was in good hooves and survived quite easily.  At the destination a panel that looked like a barn popped down.

  /\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\     Sweet Apple Acres was watched over from a big two-story

 /  \   Sweet      \  farm house, painted a faded purple.  Next to the house was a

/____\    Apple     \ barn big enough for a good amount of cattle and hogs.  What

|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| gave the area its name, though, was the orchard.  If it wasn't so

| \¯/ |    Acres    | well maintained and straight lined, one might think it was a miles wide

|_/_\_|_____________| wild sprawling forest of apple trees.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack and couple other ponies were waiting in front of the house.  “About time, Slowking!” Rainbow Dash called out as the scooter/wagon arrived.

“Ain’t none of that necessary to a pony in need,” Applejack chided.

“Eeeyup,” said the orange-maned big red earth stallion next to her.

Next to him was a red-maned yellow earth filly.  “Hello again, Applebloom,” Miles greeted the not-imagined pony from the start of this adventure.

“Huh?” Applebloom looked very confused.  Then said, “Oh! You’re that stallion that appeared outta nowhere close to Zecora’s!”

“I guess I did...” Miles rubbed the back of his head.  “Thanks for the befriending lesson, by the way.  I would have been lost without it.”

“No probl’m!” Applebloom beamed.

“Ahem...” The big red earth stallion clear his throat to get Miles’s attention,

[Big Macintosh: Applejack is the ‘Element of Honesty’.

                 Family is her top priority, though. ▼

                Knowing that should help you to show her you

                 wish to be friends. ▼]

“Hmm...” Miles considered what that meant and wondered what he would need to do.  But didn't have much time to think about it.

Applejack had started talking, “Now, y’all... By chance here, right before ya showed up, Applebloom was tellin’ me and Big Macintosh,” the red earth stallion nodded, “about a strange happening out in the orchards.  She says she spotted a granny smith apple growin’ on a red delicious tree.”  Applebloom beamed again and Applejack continued, “Before she could tell us where it is exactly, though, ya barged in.  Now, I ain’t about to call her out on this, but it did just give me an idea fer a contest between you two: find that granny smith apple!  First to return with it wins.”

Miles and Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement.

“I’ve got this in ten seconds flat,” Rainbow Dash boasted.

“I will give it a shot,” Miles said, forgetting it was a speed challenge.

“Ahlright.  On the count of three, then.  3... 2... 1... Git that apple!”

        Zhoom!  A rainbow started zig-zagging through out the orchard.  “Go, Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo cheered.

Miles hung his head.  “Shinx...” he said, censoring himself using a Pokémon’s name.  He went in, at full gallop, anyways.



 /  \  Sweet Apple \    Amongst the trees Miles felt a little more relaxed, at home

/____\    Acres,    \ even.  “How far in would Applebloom have been?” he

|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| wondered aloud as he meandered through the orchard.  

| \¯/ |   Orchard   |  

|_/_\_|_____________|   Out of the corner of his eye Miles spotted a brighter patch of

                      green, closer to the ground than the leaves... He trotted over to find an older green earth mare walking slowly.  “Everything OK, ma’am?” he inquired.

“Nothin’ doin’, sonny,” the older mare told Miles, “Just makin’ my way back to the farmstead.”  She inched along.


Hmm... Miles started thinking.  ‘She is about the color of a granny smith apple...’  She was a brighter green than the trees, anyway.  ‘She is obviously old enough to be a Granny...’  He wasn't going to say that out loud.  ‘And being here, she is probably a member of the Apple pony family...’  Miles put a couple even numbers, possibly 2’s, together.  ‘THIS must be the ‘Granny Smith Apple’ we are supposed to find!’  He asked, “Ma’am? May I help you on your way?”

“Poppycock!  I got this, sonny!” the mare said, too proud for help, and kept inching along.

“Nonsense, ma’am,” Miles pushed on, “There is a cart right over there,” he pointed.  “Let me help you up, and over.”

The mare stopped.  “Ya ain’t gonna quit, are ya?”

“No, ma’am,” Miles lightly stomped a hoof to bring the point home.

“All right,” the older mare rolled her eyes best she could, “have it yer way.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Miles went over and dragged the cart to her.  Using his umbrella he helped the bright green earth mare onto the cart; he first lifted up her front legs, then her back legs.  He then grabbed the front handle and started pulling.


  /\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\     Back in front of the farm house...

 /  \ Sweet Apple  \  

/____\  Acres,      \   “What’s taking him so long?” Rainbow Dash asked,

|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| balancing the actual granny smith apple on her nose, while

| \¯/ |  Farmstead  | balancing herself on one hoof.  Scootaloo grinned from ear to

|_/_\_|_____________| ear watching it.

“Ah knew we needed some kinda signal...” Applebloom said in hindsight.

“Eeeyup,” agreed Big Macintosh

“He ain’t lost,” Applejack said flatly as she continued to watch the orchard.  “And he ain’t stealin’ no apples, neither,” she squinted, “Ah’m sure of that!  Ah mean, he just don’t seem the type to do somethin’ dishonest...”

Applebloom and Big Macintosh looked at each other.  Rainbow Dash was about to say something when an almost out of breath black earth pony cleared the trees with an old cart in tow.

“I... found... her...!” Miles huffed out with a smile.

“Her?” everypony waiting for him all asked simultaneously.  Then they all saw the cargo he had.

“Howdy, y’all” the older green earth mare waved from the back of the cart, feeling better about being helped.  “This stubborn pony wasn’t goin’ ta take ‘No’ for an answer.  Ah’m glad, though.”

“Granny Smith Apple!  What in tarnations were ya doin’ out there?” Applejack asked as Granny Smith was helped out of the cart.

“Ah went ta see that granny smith anomaly Applebloom told me about while ya was off sellin’ at the market,” Granny Smith answered

“And Big Macintosh let ya go by yerself?” Applejack glared at her big brother.

“Eee-yup.  I weren’t gonna stop her.  And she refused my help,” he told Applejack flatly.

“Ah’m here and safe,” Granny stopped the argument, “thanks a big portion to this stubborn black colt.”

Rainbow Dash butted in, “Hello, we have a contest to finish here.  A contest I won, I might add.”

Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash, then Miles.  She knew Rainbow Dash's impatience, and didn't want to make Miles wait neither.  She turned to Applebloom and asked, “That is the right apple, right?”

“Yep, shore is,” Applebloom nodded.

Applejack looked at Granny Smith and asked her, “Miles didn’t force nor hurt ya none?”

Granny Smith shook her head, “Other than being stubborn, he couldn’t bin nicer.”

Applejack turned to Big Macintosh and asked, “What do ya think, big brother?”

“Eeeee-yup,” was all he replied.

Applejack looked down, “All right, then.”  Then she looked up, smiling, “Ah declare ya both winners!”

“WHAT?!?  How’s that work?” Rainbow Dash got in Applejack’s face.

“Simple,” Applebloom answered for her sister, “Ya both found a Granny Smith Apple hiding in the orchard!”

“That doesn’t seem fair...” Scootaloo added her opinion.

Rainbow Dash stayed in Applejack’s face for a moment longer, thinking.  But backed down, “Fine...”  She crossed her front legs, “But I won officially.”

“I am OK with that,” Miles smiled, feeling if he fought it Rainbow Dash wouldn’t befriend him.  The blue pegasus pony smiled in return, and triumph.

“You’re not so bad, Miles,” Rainbow Dash said, offering Miles a hoofshake.  He accepted.


[Miles befriended Rainbow Dash! ▼]

Applejack tossed Miles a couple of apples. “Payment for helping Granny Smith, whether she wanted it or not,” she winked.  “Come back again so Ah can teach ya applebuckin’.  Like Ah promised, Sugar-cube”


[Miles befriended Applejack! ▼]

Miles thanked Applejack for the apples, and put them in his item pocket before Applebloom and Scootaloo bounded up to him.  “We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, think you HAVE to tell us your Cutie Mark story now!” they both pleaded.

Miles facehooved, “Ugh... Can I tell you after I meet Twilight Sparkle at her library?”  ‘Like I have been trying to do since Sugarcube Corner...

“Only if you don’t find another excuse there!” Scootaloo counter-offered, flimsily.

“I promise?” Miles said cautiously.

The two fillies looked at each other.  “Deal!” and they shook Miles’s hoof to seal it.

“Nice job on the double-befriending, by the way,” Applebloom congratulated Miles.  He smiled and nodded.

“We’ll meet you at Twilight’s Library after we pick up Sweetie Bell,” Scootaloo said as she and Applebloom rode off on/in their scooter/wagon.

After the two Cuite Mark Crusaders left, Miles said to himself, “To the library, again, I guess...”  He waved to the rest of the Apple family and Rainbow Dash before heading off.


Chapter 004: We Hope to See You Again!

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 004: We hope to see you again!


> Ponyville <    As Miles went along, not running into lone ponies still, he saw a white  

 \__________/ rabbit hop by.  But he thought nothing of it...

Without any trouble, he made it to the library again.

_/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_   The same dragon stopped Miles just inside, again.

||          |          || [Spike: Sorry, buddy.

||  Twilight Sparkle’s ||         Twilight Sparkle’s way too busy to

||       Library       ||          have guests... ▼]

||          |          || Something went *boom* deeper inside the library, again. 

|/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\| [Spike: See? ▼]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯^¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ The dragon pushed Miles out, again.



> Ponyville <    “Ack! Repeating messages?” Miles complained, “I thought I was

 \__________/ getting away from the Poké-Tropes...”

As he started to walk along to an unknown destination the yellow pegasus pony appeared in his sight again.  Miles waved and got a simple “Hi.” out before...

eep![Fluttershy escaped... ▼]

Miles stoood there for a moment, “Ho-kay...”  He started pacing, “The library is blocked, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders said they would meet me there...”  He stopped, thought a moment, paced more.  “That yellow pegasus has ran,” he counted, “four times now...”  He stopped, “I bet she is a ‘Gym Leader’ then, seeing her that many times...”  Miles sighed, “I guess I can try to find her ‘gym’ then...”

The white rabbit ran by again.  Miles noticed it this time and thought out loud, “An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reference?”  He raised an eyebrow.  “I have no better ideas, so I guess I will take the red pill...” he said mixing metaphoric references.

Miles galloped after the rabbit, which was in a hurry anyway.  The chase was brief, ending at a thatch roofed cottage.  The cottage looked very natural.  Even more natural than the library, despite the library being a living oak tree.  There was a general feeling of animal comfort drifting through the area.  The nearby creek added to this.

A panel in the shape of the building popped down.

_/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_       ”Aha!” Miles exclaimed as he opened his umbrella and sliced

   _/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯\   \    it down in front of the rabbit for the catch.


 ///Fluttershy’s__\\    The rabbit, stopped by the umbrella’s canopy, looked more

 //  Cottage  //¯¯¯\\ frustrated than scared.

  |  //¯\\   //  [] |

 _/ _ | |  _  _  _  \   “I have... something... for you,... you little... bunny...” Miles        

                      said breathing heavily from the chase.

He reached into his pocket...

A sudden “DO NOT HURT MY FRIEND!” startled Miles into dropping the item he grabbed from his pocket.  It rolled towards the rabbit.

Miles turned to see the yellow pegasus pony, MUCH less shy, glaring hard...

“Um... I was just...” Miles started.

The yellow pegasus was getting a pony-to-pony version of ‘The Stare’ ready...

...sharing my gift from Applejack with this...

‘The Stare’ was in full swing!  Miles shrunk back, paralyzed...

...your?... bunny...” he squeaked out.  He stepped aside best he could to show the rabbit enjoying an apple.

OH...!” the pegasus let up on ‘The Stare’. “After you were following me around, I thought you were going to use Angel to get me... somehow...” she quietly said.


Miles slowly recovered, keeping quiet just in case.  “I would never think of abusing an animal,” he thought of all the Teams ‘This-and-That’ he saw and heard of through so many adventures, “let alone use one as blackmail.  Also, I am sorry for seeming to follow you all over Ponyville...  You just ended up where I was... a lot.”

Hmm... I can see that, I guess... I'm sorry for that!” the pegasus pony apologized with a big bow.

Miles shook his head, “Nonsense, I should be the one to apologize.”

An apple core hit Miles upside the head at that moment.  He and the pegasus pony looked at Angel.

[Angel gestured various things. ▼]

Miles tilted his head, “Um... OK...”

He says: 'Fluttershy is the “Element of Kindness.” She's very shy, and therefore hard to befriend.' ” the pegasus pony translated.  “Oh, he's talking about me...” she realized and blushed.

“Ah,” said the black pony, “My name is Miles.  And I am apparently on a quest to 'Friend Them All'.”

Really?” Fluttershy looked surprised, “That's very... unusual sounding...

“I know, but that is how things have been happening all day.”  Miles made a flourish putting his umbrella away, which startled Fluttershy.

Angel kicked Miles to get his attention.  The rabbit shook his head, and made more gestures.  Fluttershy translated again, “ 'Careful with the sudden movements, dummy!' ”  Then spoke herself, “Naughty Angel, calling Miles a 'dummy'.

Angel hung his head as a not-quite-sincere apology, then gestured a little more.  

'Thank you for the apple, by the way.'

“You are welcome, Angel.  A little kindness goes a long way,” Miles thought back, “as I have found out all day.”  

Angel 'blech'ed at the sentimentality.

Fluttershy shot Angel a quick glare, then said to Miles, “I don't usually do this, but it's getting quite late...” she indicated the moon being pushed up across the sky, “Would you like to stay the night?” she cringed nervously as she said the last few words.

Miles noticed Fluttershy was worried about a stranger in her home overnight.  He told her, “I would.”

Fluttershy bit her lip...

“But I am more comfortable sleeping outside.”  

Fluttershy started breathing again.  

Miles continued, “I will stick around, though. I have not seen anywhere else in Ponyville with such flora to sleep amongst.”  

He saw Fluttershy growing more anxious again, and added, “If, that is, yo--” Miles turned from pegasus pony to rabbit, “--Angel,” he corrected himself, “does not mind.”


Angel saw what Miles was doing and nodded.  

Fluttershy realized Miles was going to be no trouble and smiled. “Well, I’m sure you’ll find a good and comfy spot.  I'll see you in the morning, then. Good night, Miles.”  She headed into her cottage.

“Goodnight, Fluttershy.”  Miles yawned.  “And goodnight, Angel.”

Angel patted Miles on his hoof and went into his rabbit hutch.

Miles found a soft patch, away from any flowers or medicine looking plants, to lie down in.  He had long ago accepted that night and/or sleep would come whenever it felt depending on the world, sometimes not at all, but this was the way of the adventures he'd been through.  At least when the world he was in decided to sleep, it came to him easily.

As he slept, Miles dreamed of happy medical practitioner and a healing jingle.

 bum-bum-bada-bum ♪ .

[Miles was fully restored! ▼]


The next morning, Miles woke to Fluttershy singing a tune (that reminded him of someone's small horse) while she was doing her morning rounds.  She had just passed Miles as he got up. “Oh... Did I wake you?  I'm sorry if I did...

“Oh, no,” Miles assured her, “I was just waking up on my own.”  He saw her feeding the animals around the cottage, “Could you use some help?”

Oh, no!” Fluttershy looked aghast, “I couldn't possibly ask you do that!...

“I insist.  I feel better helping when I can.  It bothers me to sit around watching somepony else do something I could do with, or for, them.”

Oh... OK, then...” Fluttershy looked around for a task for Miles.  She spotted a watering can, “How about you water the gardens?  I'm almost done checking on and feeding the animals, and watering was my next job.

“Can and will do,” Miles grabbed the watering can and went over to the nearby creek.  He filled the watering can and went back and watered Fluttershy's berry patches, flowers and other gardens.

When Fluttershy and Miles finished around the same time, Miles asked, “Now what?” eager to do another good deed.  “Unless we are all done here,” he remembered what he was doing yesterday, “then I might try going to the library again.”

Fluttershy was surprised, “I was going to go to the library myself!  Twilight Sparkle asked for my help today.

“Huh...” Miles said.  ‘Hmm... he thought, ‘Maybe I can get into the library with another pony's help.’  He then frowned, ‘But I could not use Fluttershy like that... I have not even befriended her yet...’  He looked at Fluttershy, ‘Nothing else to try...  Here goes...’  And he went ahead and asked, “Fluttershy, do you want to be friends?”

When Angel heard that, he ran up to Miles, kicked him to get his attention and gestured.

'You already are friends, dummy!' ” Fluttershy translated again.  She scolded the rabbit, “Angel, I told you to not call Miles a 'dummy'!” and spoke for herself, “But, yes, when you humbly offered to sleep out here, to save me anxiety all night, I knew we were friends.” Fluttershy smiled shyly, “Before that, though, my other friends were telling me about a kind black gentlecolt new in town.  If I known it was you all those times,  I wouldn’t have ran...

“Oh,” Miles was genuinely surprised, “but I did not hear--”


[Miles befriended Fluttershy! ▼]

“--that,” Miles looked embarrassed.

Hear what?

“I do not think I could explain...” Miles looked at the ground, “at least right now...”

OK.  I won’t push it...

Angel thumped Miles’s foot, which got Fluttershy’s attention as well.  The rabbit made some more gestures.

Oh, right!  Shall we go to Twilight’s together, Miles?” Fluttershy translated once more.

Miles smiled, “I was thinking the same thing.”  Fluttershy smiled back, and they headed off.


Chapter 005: Which Pony will you withdraw from the box?

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 005: Which Pony will you withdraw from the box?


/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    As Fluttershy and Miles passed by Carousel Boutique, Rarity popped

> Ponyville <  out of her shop, “Fluttershy!  Oh-- and Miles?” she raised an

 \___________/ eyebrow with a grin, “Where are you two going?”

Helllo, Rarity.  We're going to Twilight’s library.  She asked me for some help today,” answered Fluttershy.

“And I have been trying to get there since you suggested it yesterday,” Miles added and grumbled, “But a small purple dragon has been blocking me...”

Rarity dropped the eyebrow, but kept the grin for a different and semi-evil reason, “I'll join you.  I can take of Spike, darling.”

[Rarity joined Miles’s party! ▼]

“Let’s get breakfast first, though,” she continued.

“Works for me,” agreed Miles.  Fluttershy nodded, and the trio headed to Sugarcube Corner.


Before they could enter Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie had burst out the door with a tray of pastries.  “Hiya guys!  I saw you all coming and thought ‘Oh! They must be wanting a party!’  But then I remembered what happened to Miles with the last cupcake, so I grabbed muffins instead.  For breakfast, ya know!”

Rarity and Fluttershy looked at each other wondering what had happened between Miles and cupcakes.  But Ditzy Doo swooping in kept them from asking.

[Ditzy Doo: MUFFINS! ▼]

She grabbed a muffin, and flew off to do her morning deliveries.

Miles shook his head, “That was random...”

“I know!  Isn’t it great?”  Pinkie Pie continued without missing a beat, “Anyway, since there isn’t a party yet, where are you three going?”

Rarity answered for them, “To Twilight’s library.  Fluttershy was asked to help Twilight; Miles has been blocked by Spike; and I’m going to help Miles get past Spike.”

“Ooooh... Sounds almost dangerous!” Pinkie Pie said almost darkly.  “Can I join in?”

“Sure, why not?” Miles shrugged.

[Pinkie Pie joined Miles’s party! ▼]

“I’ll plan the victory party as we go!” Pinkie Pie said.


The four of them were on their way to the library, enjoying the muffins, when Miles instinctively opened his umbrella again.  It blocked another isolated shower.

“Still have that quick guard, I see,” Rainbow Dash said from atop a small storm cloud. “Where are you all going this early in the morning?”

Rarity muttered under her breath, “It’s almost noon!”

“We’re going to the library to fight dragons and save Twilight!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie.

Actually...” Flutteryshy started, but changed her mind, “...close enough.

“Cool!  Need more help?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Miles shrugged again, “The more the merrier.”

[Rainbow Dash joined Miles’s party! ▼]

“Saved ya a muffin, Dashie,” Pinkie Pie said before she tossed up a pastry.

“Thanks, Pinkie!” Rainbow dash said, before taking a bite.

The five ponies continued on.


They passed the market as Applejack and Big Macintosh were setting up shop.

“Hey, Miles!” Applejack waved him over.  “Granny Smith said Ah owe ya a few more apples fer yest’rday, Sugar-cube.  Not too many, mind ya.”  She tossed him six apples, enough for full party.  “Where ya all headed, if ya don’t mind me askin’.”

“Twilight’s trapped in the library by dragons!” Rainbow Dash continued Pinkie Pie’s exaggeration.

Miles started to correct Rainbow Dash, “Not actually--”

“What in tarnations are we standin’ ‘round fer?!” Applejack didn’t hear Miles.  “Big Mac, mind the store!  Ah’ve got a friend ta save!” and she took off at full gallop.

Everypony else stayed where they were.  “Um... should somepony go after her?” Fluttershy asked.

Pinkie Pie raised a hoof and answered, “Wait for it...”

Applejack came running back.  “What’re y’all just standin’ there fer?  Come on!”

Rarity shook the point of her hoof back and forth and *bup-bup-bupped*, then once again explained about Fluttershy helping Twilight and how Spike was blocking Miles.  Rainbow Dash gained a 'huh...' face.

Applejack slowly nodded, “Oooh.  That makes more sense now.” she went back to the stall, “Well, if Ah’m not needed, Ah’ll stay here then.”

“Now hold on a sec, li’l sis,” Big Macintosh stopped Applejack, “Ah’ve a feelin’ they mite be needing you.  I can still mind the shop.”

“Ya shore, big brother?”

“Eee-yup.” the red pony nodded.

Applejack pointed towards the library, “All right, then.  Let’s move out everypony!”

[Applejack joined Miles’s party! ▼]

As they walked along Pinkie Pie shared a muffin with Applejack and said for no reason in particular, ”Hey, there’s six of us!  That makes a full team!” then added, again for no reason in particular, “Ditzy Doo will just have to wait in a box in the PC...”

Miles looked at her and inquired, “How do you know about this, Pinkie?”

Pinkie Pie inquired back, “Know what?”

Miles shook his head, “Never mind...”

And with that conversation they made it to the library.


Chapter 006: You Have Earned the Right to Challenge...

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 006: You have earned the right to challenge...

_/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_   Spike stopped Miles a third time.

||          |          || [Spike: Sorry, buddy.

|| Twilight Sparkle’s  ||         Twilight Sparkle’s way too bu-- ▼]

||      Library        ||

||          |          ||   Rarity stepped up, making Spike lose his train of

|/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\| thought.  “Go,” she motioned to the others.  “While he’s

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯^¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ distracted.”

The other five ponies nodded and went further in.  Spike started floating, with hearts in his eyes....

A little further inside the library Applebloom, Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo stood in the way.  “We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, will not move until we hear Miles’s Cutie Mark story!” they near-screamed in near-unison.

“Go on ahead.  Ah’ll handle these young’uns,” Applejack offered, then turned to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, “Now, Applebloom, ya know better then to bother EVERYpony about their Cutie Mark...” her voice trailed off as the other four continued.


A bookmark shaped panel popped up.

|¯¯¯¯|  “Where to now?” Miles asked, lost in the library

| F1 |

|    |  Pinkie Pie pointed to a random door.  “That one!”


Rainbow Dash crossed her front legs, “Are you sure?”

“Sure, I’m sure!” Pinkie Pie said as she opened the door.

Inside the room was an owl on a perch, napping.  “Oh, hello Owlowious.” Fluttershy said, greeting and accidentally waking the owl.

“Who,” Owlowious greeted back with an owl’s ‘hello’.

Pinkie Pie stepped up and pointed at the bird, “You, silly.”

“Who.” (‘Not this again.’)

“The owl in front of us.”

“Who.” (‘Please stop.’)

“Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Miles and me, Pinkie Pie!”

“Who.” (‘Must we?’)

Miles, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash backed out of the room.

Miles asked, “Think they will keep each other busy for awhile?”

“Probably,” Rainbow Dash answered.

We should keep going.” Fluttershy said.


|¯¯¯¯|   As the three remaining ponies got deeper into the library they started passing

| F2 | bigger and bigger stacks of books.  Rainbow Dash remarked, “I don’t remember

|    | Twilight’s place having this many floors...”


Miles replied with a, “I could not tell you...” ‘...that it is a Poké-Trope,’ he finished the thought in his head.

As the path through the stacks narrowed Miles’s umbrella brushed up against a particularly large stack.  The stack started to sway back and forth.  All three ponies realized it was going to cause a...

“BOOK AVALANCHE!” yelled Rainbow Dash, “I’ll try to stop it!  You two run on ahead!” She flew up to the top of the swaying stack, and tried to hold it in place.

Fluttershy froze in panic.  Miles grabbed his umbrella on the canopy end, hooked the handle around Fluttershy’s leg and dragged her to the next section of the library.


|¯¯¯¯|   In the next room a purple unicorn pony was up on a balcony, peering through her

| F3 | telescope, as Miles and Fluttershy walked up.

|    |

 \/\/    Um... Hello, Twilight?  I’m here.  What did you need?” Fluttershy seemed to whisper.  Twilight Sparkle didn’t hear her.

Just then a loud crash came from the previous section.  The book avalanche happened. ‘Ah, that explains the ‘boom’ from before,’ Miles thought to himself.

The crashing books got Twilight Sparkle’s attention.  She turned around and semi-greeted Fluttershy, “Oh, there you are, Fluttershy.  And who’s this?” indicating Miles.

This is Miles.  He’s been all over Ponyville on a quest that had him befriend lots of ponies.

Miles smiled and nodded.

“Fascinating,” Twilight Sparkle wasn’t impressed.  She continued talking with the pegasus pony, “Now, Fluttershy, I asked you here to help me chart the migratory patterns of--”

“Wait a minute here,” Miles interrupted, “I do not even get a chance to ‘battle’ for your friendship?”   ‘I am so close to finishing this adventure!  You are not going to stop me now!’  “After all I have been through!”  He took in a big breath before continuing, “I needed to be generous: lending Aerolithos, for design inspiration, to Rarity!”


Rarity cantered in and stood next to Miles.

[Rarity joined the ‘battle’! ▼]

“I had a laugh (sort of) surviving an impromptu party with Pinkie Pie!”

Pinkie Pie bounced in and up next to Rarity

[Pinkie Pie joined the ‘battle’! ▼]

“My loyalty to helping others nearly cost me a contest with Rainbow Dash!”


Rainbow Dash flew in and hovered on Miles’s other side.

[Rainbow Dash joined the ‘battle’! ▼]

“I did honest hard work to pay for the best apples ever from Applejack!”

Applejack entered and stood next to Rainbow Dash.

[Applejack joined the ‘battle’! ▼]

“After all that, a kindness to Angel bunny led to a place to sleep thanks to Fluttershy!”

Fluttershy smiled meekly and proudly.

[Fluttershy joined the ‘battle’! ▼]

“I should also remember Ditzy Doo!  Who befriended me, whether I wanted it or not. She was the real start of my adventure!”

The wall-eyed grey pegasus pony crashed into the window from outside... and slid down, squeaking, as everypony watched.

“Anyway,” Twilight brought attention back to the matter at hoof, “what does that have to do with me?  Am I supposed to be friends with you just because all my friends are?”

Miles opened his mouth to say something... but had nothing.  ‘Now what?’ he thought, ‘I do not even know what “Element” she is!

Spike came in at that moment to say (as Sweetie Bell, Mr. & Mrs. Cake, Scootaloo, Big Macintosh and Angel had)

[Spike: Twilight Sparkle is the ‘Element of Magic’.

        She has a big thirst for knowledge. ▼]

“That’s the best I can offer on how to befriend her...” he finished outside of the text box.

Miles blinked once.  “That is it?  That is all the help I have?  It does not tell me anything!  I do not think that it would be helpful even if I had successfully befriended 100 ponies!  Argh!”  He threw his umbrella down in frustration.  It popped open with the star chart panel facing Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle gasped, “That’s it!” she jumped down to get a closer look at the umbrella.  “This matches exactly the stars that started appearing over the Everfree Forest!  Where did you get this?  I need to copy this down!”

Miles was dumbstruck.  “Like I told Rarity yesterday, I don’t remember for sure,” he kept up the lie for the the time being,  “I think it was a second hand store...”


“Never mind where exactly...  I think Princess Celestia will want to know about this, after I copy it...”

At the mention of the Princess, Miles thought back to the very start of this adventure, before Zecora even.  A light-pink winged-unicorn came to mind.  ‘Oh, no...  Am I going to have to face a version of the ‘Elite 4’ and ‘champion’?  Would whatever has been doing all this to me be annoying enough to go as far as to make me befriend even harder opponents without a break between them?...’  He had gained a very blank expression with that thought process.  He realized everypony, minus Twilight Sparkle, was staring at him and came back to the reality he was in...

  He bit his lip and looked around.  After looking at everypony in turn, ending on Twilight Sparkle’s backside as she was copying the star chart off his umbrella, he said to himself out loud, “Do not think about it, yet!  You still haven’t befriended everypony.  You have yet to get the ‘successful befriending’ tune for Twilight.”

“The what?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“A short song that sounds kind of chiptune-y,” Pinkie Pie answered.

“Chip-what-now?” Applejack joined the confusion.

“Never mind what it is.  Miles apparently still needs assistance in doing whatever he came here to do,” Rarity brought everypony back together.

I agree with Rarity,” Fluttershy said.  “Now, Miles you said you couldn’t explain something earlier, when Angel told you we were already friends.  Does this have anything to do with it?  Think you can explain it now?  ...If you don’t mind, that is...

Miles sighed, “I guess I can try...”  He paced a little to gather his thoughts, looking at each new friend, and Twilight Sparkle who was still copying his star chart.  He began with, “I am not from this world....”  but he quickly got to rambling, having trouble keeping ideas together, “I have been through a lot of worlds, having many adventures and quests...  My hoodie and umbrella come from two different worlds...  But I come from another world before that, where battles are the norm...  But it’s not a very violent world, mind you...  It is very hard to explain...” he paused and cringed at how strange it was going to sound, “I mean, the capturing... And then fighting makes the creatures happy... Gym Battles to earn the right to fight the Elite 4 and then champion...” he kept babbling a little more as everypony looked massively confused, and possibly horrified. “...kept in a PC storage system...”

Miles stopped when he saw he was getting nowhere.  “OK, let me try from a different angle...” he started again, “Yesterday and today I went all through Ponyville meeting each of you.  And every time I met one of you we became friends.  But, not immediately, right?”  Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy all nodded.  “I had to do something for and/or with you.  Well, as I saw it, we had quote/unquote ‘battles’.  At a certain point each time, after we did something for/with each other, we were suddenly friends.  That was, as I figured it, a quote/unquote ‘successful capture’ and I heard a small tune.  Well, now I believe I have one quote/unquote ‘Gym Leader’ left: Twilight Sparkle.  Then I will probably go on to the next quote/unquote ‘game’.”

“Oh, really?” Twilight Sparkle had listened to the whole thing.  “That might help explain the the strange things that have been happening recently.  I guess I’ll have to help you help me then, Miles... my friend.”


[Miles befriended Twilight Sparkle! ▼]

“That tune!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.  No-pony else heard it, or was paying attention to Pinkie Pie really.

“Wha...?” Miles was happy to have succeeded in befriending them all, but... “How does that work out?  Not that I am complaining!”

“Well,” Twilight Sparkle explained, “I remembered meeting Zecora the first time.  At first, I didn’t think I needed another friend.  (Especially since everypony else was scared of her, but that’s another story.)  But after our poison joke rash was cured thanks to her I realized more friends are always worth it.”  Twilight smiled at Miles, “Your tale reminded me of that.”

Miles digested what Twilight Sparkle said, then replied, “That.  And I had information you did not, correct?”

Twilight Sparkle blushed, “Maybe...” Her horn glowed as she levitated Miles’s umbrella back to him. “Well, now that you've befriended everypony what happens?”

“I do not know...” Miles shrugged after closing his umbrella and putting it away, “I cannot for the life of me remember what happened at the end of any of my other adventures... just the middle parts.”

Spike suddenly belched a green flame that formed into a scroll.  “Huh, I wonder why Princess Celestia sent a message now,” he said as he unfurled it and began reading.

Dear Miles, my faithful ‘battler’,

You have successfully befriended my faithful student Twilight Sparkle, after befriending all her other friends first.  You have earned the right to ‘battle’ ponies here in Canterlot.  If you succeed in befriending enough ponies here, you may attempt to befriend me.

Your ‘Champion’,

Princess Celestia

“What?!?” Twilight Sparkle said rather loudly before her horned glowed and the scroll was yanked out of Spike’s grip.  She read the letter herself.  “She knew you were here the whole time and didn’t bother to tell me?  Spike, take a letter.”

Spike grabbed a fresh parchment and a quill, “Yes, ma’am.”  He started writing what Twilight dictated.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I am wondering why you did not inform me about Miles sooner.  If I had know he was to befriend me,  I wouldn’t have been so hard on him and I would have befriended him sooner.

On a side note, does Miles being here in Equestria have anything to do with the changing star patterns over the Everfree Forest?

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

Spike finished the letter, “Twi... light... Spar...kle!”  He then rolled it up, opened a window and lit the scroll with a little dragon breath.  The green flame incinerated the scroll, and the resulting smoke flew out the window and off towards Canterlot.

Miles watched it go. “That sure beats Pidgey, Wingull, Starly and Pidove mail,” he thought of Pokémon’s mail systems.  “How long does it take to get a reply?”

Spike belched another scroll.  “Not long, usually,” he said before reading this message,

Dear Twilight Sparkle, my most faithful student,

I cannot tell you via parchment.  Please accompany Miles to Cantelot, if you wish.  A chariot will be outside for him and anypony who wishes to join him.  Feel free to prepare first and leave when you’re ready.

When Miles succeeds in getting to me I will explain everything.

Your faithful teacher,

Princess Celestia

“Well, it’s looks like we’re going to Canterlot...” Twilight Sparkle sighed.

“I wonder what’s in fashion there now!” Rarity started thinking about it.

“Whee! To Pony Joe’s Donuts!” Pinkie Pie grinned.

“A chance to see Spitfire and the Wonderbolts, again!,” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Ah think Ah’ll enjoy the sights this time and leave the apples here,” Applejack said.

Maybe the flora and fauna will be friendlier this time....” Fluttershy cautiously wondered.

“I’m with Pinkie, to Pony Joe’s Donuts!” Spike said.

“To Canterlot!(?)” Miles added, not knowing what to expect.


Chapter 007: Victory Road

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 007: Victory Road

_/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_  

||          |          ||   Most everypony had left the library to get set for the

|| Twilight Sparkle’s  || trip.  But as Miles left he saw the Cuite Mark Crusaders

||      Library        || plotting their next escapades.  He walked over to them,

||          |          || with Twilight Sparkle and Spike, and said, “Hey!  I met

|/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\| Twilight.  Now here’s my Cutie Mark story, like I

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ promised.”

He told them about being from a different world, and how an Umbreon has golden rings on it’s legs/ears/forehead/tail, and that’s he’s gone from one reality to another.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at him, each mouth agape, then they said in near-unison, “Inter-dimensional Travel Cutie Marks!  We can do that!” and they ran off to try it.


[Miles befriended the Cutie Mark Crusaders! ▼]


“There,” Miles said to himself, “That makes eight ‘badges’, now I feel like I actually did beat all the ‘gyms’.”

“Was that necessary, Miles?” Twilight Sparkle glared at him.

Spike added, “That’s technically ten, isn’t it?”

“Close enough,” Miles shrugged to Spike, “And, I had promised to tell them after I met with you; that is why they were here anyway.  I could not break the promise, could I?” he looked at Twilight Sparkle innocently.

Twilight Sparkle continued to glare, “You could of least lied to them.”

Miles looked ashamed, “I guess I could have.  I am rather excited being this close to the end and did not think to fudge the details...  You do not think they will succeed, do you?”

“I hope not...” was all Twilight Sparkle and Spike could say to that.  The two ponies and one dragon left the library.



> Over Ponyville <    The seven ponies and one dragon had set their affairs, and

 \_______________/ were in the air on board the chariot set for Canterlot.

“Quit tryin' to bother the guards, Rainbow Dash,” Applejack said, a touch queasy.  “At least until we land, anyway”

“Aw, come on AJ, it's not that far down!” Rainbow Dash replied with an evil grin.


“I, for one, agree with Applejack,” Miles said.

“I'll second that,” Rarity agreed.

“Third!” Spike agreed doubly.

“Come on, guys.  Do we need to do this every trip?” Twilight Sparkle whined.

“If we didn't, it'd be BOOO-RIIING,” Pinkie Pie grinned.

I just don't think I could catch any of you in time...” Fluttershy whispered.

The conversation stayed around that area for the rest of the trip...


As they landed a panel that looked like a castle built on the side of a mountain popped down.  For Miles anyway.


      /\/\   /   Canterlot was bigger and busier city than Ponyville, obviously.  There

  ^ /\||||^  | were more stone buildings, and less thatched roofs, as well.  Ponies

  | || / \|  / were bustling about everywhere.

  / ¯  ¯   ¯\|

 | Canterlot |          Twilight Sparkle took the lead, “Now, according to the letter to Miles,

 /___________/ he has to befriend some ponies before seeing Princess Celestia.  I don't

 \          /  see why the rest of us can't go to her directly, though.”  Everypony nodded.  

  \_______/¯   “Spike, you and Miles can go ahead to Pony Joe’s Donuts.  We'll all meet

   \  __/      you there after seeing Princess Celestia.”


“Got it,” Spike saluted.  He and Miles went to the donut shop, as was planned.  Everypony else went with Twilight Sparkle to the castle.


A little later at Pony Joe’s Donuts, after Spike had one too many donuts and Miles was trying his best to get through his first (worried about a cupcake sugar rush repeat), the other ponies entered.

“I still can't believe we weren't allowed in!” Rarity shook her head.

“Something is definitely off around here...” Twilight Sparkle admitted.

After they all sat a table, Miles started a discussion of what to do, “If you are all blocked like I certainly am, where should we start the search for the 'Elite 4'?”

“'Elite 4'?  You don't think it would be the Wonderbolts, do you?” Rainbow Dash almost jumped on the table asking,

“It could,” Twilight Sparkle conjectured, “But from what Miles has inferred, by counting the Cuite Mark Crusaders as one for instance, I don't think the Wonderbolts would be all of the 'Elite 4' themselves.  They would be counted as one, if they're even part of it,”

“Ain't they in Manehattan fer a show right now?” Applejack asked, remembering her last correspondence with her Orange family cousins.

“Oh, yeah...” Rainbow Dash said disappointed.

Um, guys...” Fluttershy said pointing to the community board.  “Look who's performing in Canterlot...

They all looked at a poster starring a blue unicorn pony in a purple cape and magician’s hat.

“You've got to be kidding me...” Twilight Sparkle groaned.

“ 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'?  Is she bad news?” Miles asked.

“She’s only the biggest boaster ever!  Even I was annoyed with her!” Pinkie Pie admitted.

“The nerve of that unicorn...” Rarity scowled remembering her previous experience with 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'.  “But I guess I should be glad that she's still alive, at least.”

Miles sighed, seeing the obvious, “She has to be one of the 'Elite 4', then... Where does the poster she she is performing?”

Fluttershy squinted to read the written-in text. “Canterlot's Main Square.

Applejack took the lead, “Let's get this over with, then.”


As the group of seven ponies and one dragon left the donut shop Rainbow Dash saw a familiar griffon.  “Gilda!  Long time, no see!”  The griffon looked over, then pretended to not notice.  Rainbow Dash pushed on, “Come on!  Don't be like that!”

Gilda turned to face the group and smiled. “I'm just messin' with you, Rainbow Dash.  I wasn't expecting to run into you again this soon.”  She looked at Rainbow Dash's company, ”Still hanging out with the dweebs, then?”

“Yeah, they're my friends!  And they're not dweebs.” Rainbow Dash defended her friends.

“Coulda fooled me...” Gilda looked over the group, ending on Miles, “Especially that one in the green hoodie over there.”

Miles saw it before anypony else did and stepped up to defend himself. “All right, 'Elite 4' Gilda.  Let us do this.”

Gilda was taken aback, ''Elite 4'?  Dash, this little pony's making even less sense now.” Rainbow Dash wasn't about to try to explain and shrugged.

“I have seen at least eight elements so far,” Miles continued, “But it is unlikely you would be one of them.  But I have a feeling 'Laughter' or 'Loyalty' would be good to use against you.”

Gilda glared, “Would you please make sense!”

Miles took a moment to plan his 'attack' in his head, ‘OK, let's start with a standard “Greet”...  then I'll probably need to pull another pony in... “My name is Miles.  Nice to meet you, Gilda.”

“Heh, 'Miles Per Hour', I bet.  Not many, either...  Amairight, Dash?” Gilda attacked.  Rainbow Dash stayed out of it, enjoying the 'battle' from the sidelines.

Miles's mind went to two-tailed foxes again, he shook it off.  “As I have said before, it is 'Miles Cellophane.'  One could look right through me, walk right by me and never know I'm there,” he said proudly this time.

Gilda looked at him wide eyed, blinked one long blink, and fell over backwards laughing, “Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!  He's serious isn't he?  How can he be serious?” She rolled around for a bit.

Miles took the opportunity and quietly walked over to Pinkie Pie, whispered to her something.  She nodded and snuck to where Miles was standing, while he took her place on the sidelines.

Gilda recovered, stood back up, and looked to at the bla— pink?— pony in front of her. “Oh, nice 'prank', Miles.”  She looked over to where Miles actually was on the last word.

“Why are you looking at Pinkie?”  Pinkie Pie said in Miles's place in battle, not even disguising her voice. “Did I not tell you I was invisible?” she at least kept the lack of contractions.

Gilda was starting to fume.  “Why am I still talking with you?  Come on, Dash, lets go somewhere else.'”

Rainbow Dash shook her head, “There's no running from a ‘friendship battle’!”

Did she really just say that?,’ Miles thought real quick.  Then stepped over to stand next to Pinkie, waved over Rainbow Dash and said, “Cannot take a joke?  If not, I can stop.  I am not sure about Pinkie, though....”  Pinkie Pie grinned.

“Come on, G,” Rainbow Dash pleaded, “Miles isn't bad at all!  What have you got to lose being friends with an earth pony?”

“The respect of the other griffons...?”

Miles thought he saw the final opening.  “I do not have any proof that this will happen, but if you will be friend me I believe you will not remember me when my quest is done.”

Applejack called out from the sidelines, “What?  Ya didn't mention this before!”

“I am sorry about that, AJ.  As we get closer to the end I am remembering a few more things from my previous adventures that went like this,” Miles explained, “The 'Elite 4's from previous worlds never seem to remember a challenger, no matter how many times they are faced.”

“You're not making a great argument here, Miles,” Gilda crossed her eagle arms.

Miles looked to Gilda again, and then to Rainbow Dash and shrugged sorrowfully.

Rainbow Dash said under her breath, “I can't believe I'm going to do this...” and sighed. “Gilda, I'm begging here.  Please be Miles's friend.  At least long enough for us to get to Princess Celestia!”

“All right, I will,” Gilda stuck a claw out for shake.  Miles cautiously reached out to shake hoof with claw.

“Bzzt!” Gilda said as appendages touched, everypony jumped.  “Gotcha!” the griffon winked.  “But we are friends now Miles.  I kinda hope you don't disappear, you've got quite the attitude.”


[Miles befriended Gilda! ▼]

“Wait, why...?  How...?  What just happened?” Rainbow Dash stared at her long time friend,

“I was waiting for Miles— or you, Dash, worked, too— to say 'please'.” Gilda answered, “Sheesh.  Manners, ponies!”

Miles smiled at his newest friend, “I completely forgot about that...  I have been used to 'Yes'/”No' situations for too long,”  Pinkie Pie shared his next thought, “Nice one on the joy buzzer fake-out, by the way!”

“You gotta twist the classics somehow,” Gilda shrugged. “Well, I need to head back now.  I don't know what I was doing here in the first place...”

“All right, Gilda, take care,” Miles said, “But before you go, have you noticed any ponies seeming out of place here In Canterlot?”

“Besides your lot?  No.  But I have seen a buffalo or two, if you can believe it,” Gilda offered.  “Seriously, though, I've got to get going.  Smell ya later,” with that she flew off.

Everypony said “bye” and then turned to huddle.  Applejack started the conversation, “Buffalo in Canterlot?  What the hay?”

Twilight Sparkle nodded, “I hate to say it, but I think Miles being in Equestria is causing this.  Griffons and buffalo and Trixie in Canterlot?  It seems like we know at least one more of the 'Elite 4', though.”

Rarity chimed in, “Are we really to believe that griffon?”

“Hey!” Rainbow Dash said, offended for her friend,

“It does not matter so much, does it?  If we see buffalo, then it is more likely at least one of them is an 'Elite 4' member.  If we do not see buffalo, then we do not see buffalo.” Miles said as matter-of-fact. “Let us just head to 'The Great and Powerful Trixie's show, then go from there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Twilight Sparkle said.  Everypony nodded, and they started walking to Cantelot's Main Square.


“I still can't believe we're going to her show again,” Spike grumbled as they walked.  “I refuse to enjoy it, at least!”

“That's fine, dear,” Rarity said, “We're not going there to actually watch it.”

“I do not know....  It has not been often in my travels that I got to watch something that was just entertainment, not information gathering,” Miles said spacing out a little.  He walked into something big, dark brown and wearing a feathered headdress.  “Excuse me, sir or madam.”

A smaller light brown body wearing a headband with two feathers came around the bigger, “Huh?”

“I was apologizing to your companion for bumping in them,” Miles explained,

“Oh, don't worry about that.  Chief Thunderhooves was deep in thought and didn't even feel it though his thick fur.” said the small buffalo.

The bigger buffalo turned at this point and said, “You, Little Strongheart, on the other hoof ARE bothering me.”  Chief Thundrhooves snorted to add emphasis.

Well, there are buffalo in Canterlot', Miles thought, ‘Not that I thought Gilda was lying.’  He was about to say something to start a 'battle', but somepony else jumped in first.

“What're ya doin' in Canterlot?” Applejack wondered aloud.

*snort* “We do not know...  I’ve been trying to remember why we are here in this... city... but I do not recall even coming here...” Chief Thunderhooves said,

“We don't remember leaving the plains, either.  We were there, but suddenly we're here,” Little Strongheart added.

Miles was about to greet the buffalo to start the battle when Twilight Sparkle beat him to it, “Well, Chief Thunderhooves, Miles here might be able to help.  We think he needs your friendship to accomplish his goal.  And when he does that, everything might go back to normal.”

*snort* “I'll try nearly anything right now, but I'm not about to befriend a strange earth pony for no reason,” Chief Thunderhooves snorted again, for emphasis.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Miles said semi-sarcastically.  Then with sincerity, “Thank you anyway, Chief Thunderhooves and Little Strongheart.”  ‘I think I will need 'Honesty' and 'Kindness' here,’ Miles thought to himself, ‘On the other hoof, 'Laughter' could kill it.... “I have an idea, Chief Thunderhooves.  Maybe a magic show would take your mind off this strange situation.”

Little Strongheart perked up at the idea, “That sounds like fun!  Can we, Chief?  Can we?”

Chief Thunderhooves agreed, “Yes, of course.  Without any apple pies around, a show might do the trick.”

“I am glad to hear that,” Miles said to the buffalo.  Then he turned to the other ponies, “Rarity, can you, Spike and Pinkie run on ahead and try to save room for these two?”

Rarity nodded and pulled Pinkie Pie away before could start a song, Spike followed.

“Nicely, Pinkie!” Miles called out before waving Rainbow Dash over.  “Rainbow Dash, I need you to setup something for later...” he whispered his plan to her

“Got it!” said Rainbow Dash before flying off.

“Applejack,” Chief Thunderhooves’ comment had given Miles another idea, “I know you could not resist coming empty saddle-bagged.  You and Twilight go find a bakery so you can make a couple pies for these two with the apples I know you brought.  Actually, make as many as you can, I might need one later.  Bring them to the show.  Fluttershy and I will lead Chief Thunderhooves and Little Strongheart there.”

“Ya got it, Sugar-cube, ya sneaky pony you,” Applejack winked before heading off with Twilight Sparkle.

“Well, Fluttershy.  Shall we escort our acquaintances to the show?”

Um... yes...(?)” Fluttershy nodded, confused as to what was planned.


Along the way to Trixie's show, Miles told Chief Thunderhooves what was going on as best he could, including being from another world.  This made the buffalo feel a little better about being in Canterlot, but worse for Miles’s sake.

“Quite the tale, young pony,” the buffalo chief said, “I would not of believed it if weren't for your quite honest expression.  I am sorry to say, though, that I hope you succeed only so that we can be back on the plains.”        

“Do not apologize, sir,” Miles replied, “I would feel exactly the same way if our roles were switched.”


While that conversation happened, Fluttershy had told Little Strongheart about Miles's exploits in Ponyville. “...if it wasn't for his parasol, I would still be under a pile of books!” Fluttershy finished

“Huh, you would think somepony that was trying to escape like he is wouldn't be so nice,” Little Strongheart said, looking at the ground, trying to figure out Miles....

The smaller buffalo hadn't much time to, though.  The four of them made it to the Main Square, with a little time to spare to find their seats.



      /\/\   /   “Ah managed to get a half dozen done so far,” Applejack said to Miles

  ^ /\||||^  | as she offered one pie each to the buffalo. “There's another half dozen

  | || / \|  / still bakin', but Ah don't think they'll last til we get back there... Ah did tell

 / ¯  ¯   ¯\ | the shop owners ta split the sales with me, at least.”  She held onto the

 | Canterlot | other four pies for later. 


 \ Main     /    “That is fine, and I am happy for you to make a sale,” Miles told her.


   \______/      Everypony had joined up just outside the seating area.  It was decided

         /     that it was going to be just Miles and Fluttershy sitting with the buffalo, seeing as how no-pony else cared to see the “blue boaster” as they put it.  It worked well for Miles's plan later.  If anypony saw Rainbow Dash fly off again after they all met up, they didn't say anything.

At the show the other ponies around the buffalo were surprisingly accommodating. Everypony and buffalo hushed as the show started...

'The Great and Powerful Trixie's show was full of fireworks, and horn-glowing telekinesis, and other such tricks.  But it wasn't as bad as the others had made it out to be.  Trixie had kept the boast about beating an Ursa Major on her own, but she didn't play it up as much.  (And there is a tiny, almost illegible disclaimer on her posters saying, in lawyer talk, “Take anything she says with a grain of salt.”)  She also skipped the part of the show where she challenged the audience to 'anything-you-can-do,-I-can-do-better,' possibly since she was in Canterlot.

As the show ended Miles rubbed his nose suspiciously and excused himself.  He made his way towards the stage as Trixie was bowing and the audience left.  Fluttershy had,since being asked to, kept Chief Thunderhooves and Little Strongheart nearby to “watch a small after show” as Miles had put it.

As Trixie finished her last bow of the performance, she heard a burst of thunder and saw something float over her.  An isolated shower drenched a medium sized area around her, except a smaller area around her under the umbrella somepony had thrown with impeccable timing.  Like it was planned, or something.  'The Great and Powerful Trixie' was not impressed, “You have got to be kidding.”  She rolled her eyes as Miles jumped up onto the stage to retrieve Aerolithos.

Miles was kidding.  Or had at least planned that this wasn't going to work, even though it disappointed Rainbow Dash up on top of the storm cloud.  “It was a valiant effort, though.  Right?  You have to give me that at least,” Miles smirked.

“ ‘The Great and Powerful Trixie’ does not pander to cheap tricks like that!” the blue unicorn sneered.

“You pander to other cheap tricks then?” Miles quipped back.

“Hmph.” Trixie was not going to fall into that trick either.  “If you want an autograph, it's 25 bits.  And Trixie only does signings once every month, no special requests.  And you just missed the last signing event last week.”  She turned and walked away to her dressing room.

“Ah!  But I wasn't looking for an autograph,” Miles called to her, “I was looking for a friend to share an amazing trick with!”  Watch as this pony disappears!’ he thought of what would happen at the end of this adventure,  Then he added, for good measure, “I am Miles, by the way.”

“Hmph,” was all Miles heard from the dressing room.

Miles stood there for a moment, feigning a hurt look.  “I guess Princess Celestia's favorite student will get the chance, then...” he said fake-solemnly over his shoulder as he went to join the others.

A “Yeah, right!” was heard from Trixie's room.



      /\/\   /   “What was that all about?” Little Strongheart asked. The seven

  ^ /\||||^  | ponies, one dragon and two buffalo were sitting in a secluded section of

  | || / \|  / Cantelot's public park.

 / ¯  ¯   ¯\ |  

 | Canterlot |   Miles's answer was a little surprising after all he had done, “It is a

/___________/  gambit on pseudo-reverse psychology.  I don't think 'The Great and

\          /   Powerful Trixie' will befriend me, period.  But her talent for magic may

 \________/    come in handy later.”


        /        “What do you mean by that?  Rarity and I are not enough unicorn for you?” Twilight Sparkle wasn't happy with asking for help from, or using, Trixie.

“Ah ain't one to talk about magic, but are ya shore, Sugar-cube?” asked Applejack.

“I am not positive, but I am almost certain she is an 'Elite 4' member, and if I cannot befriend her there must be another way to 'defeat' her.” Miles shrugged, “And, Twilight, we do not know what will happen later.”

“I do not understand why you wanted us to witness your successfully failed plan with the blue unicorn,” Chief Thunderhooves sort of asked.

“I wanted to show you how honest I am about finishing this 'game'.  And if you are stuck here in Canterlot, you might as well have some extra entertainment,” Miles smiled.  “Can we be friends now, please?” he asked straight out, remembering Gilda's lesson.

*snort* “As far as I see it, I have no other choice right now.”  Chief Thunderhooves and Miles hoofshook,


[Miles semi-befriended Chief Thunderhooves! ▼]

“Hey, I want to see this to the end!” Little Strongheart grabbed Miles other hoof and shook.


[Miles really befriended Little Strongheart! ▼]

“Hey,” said Spike, “that makes three total!  One more to go, right?”

Miles and Twilight Sparkle looked at each other and said at the same time, “I doubt it...”


Chapter 008: Go On to the Next Room...

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 008: Go On to the Next Room


      /\/\  /   It was about dusk as the next idea was being tested.  “I hope the

 ^ /\ ||||^ | gardener does not mind.” Miles said, for Fluttershy’s sake, as they

 | || / \|  / entered the royal garden.

 / ¯  ¯   ¯\|

| Canterlot |   “I just don't get why the garden's wide open while the castle itself is

/___________/ blocked,” Twilight Sparkle tried to wrap her head around it.

\ Royal    /

 \_Garden/¯     Miles explained, “It is an all around game-trope.  There is almost always

  \_____/     a secret entrance, somepony who knows a secret entrance, or a key item

       /      hiding in the royal garden.  Maybe we can sneak into the castle to get to Princess Celestia...”  ‘I doubt that, one can never sneak into the champions room,’ Miles thought to himself, ‘but I do not want to get their hopes up on finding an 'Elite 4' member here.

I will not scream at the animals...  I will not scream at the animals...” Fluttershy was chanting to herself.

Rarity saw this and told Fluttershy, “Don't stress yourself like that, dear.  You're not here to find them, so don't try to.  If they do want to be friends, they'll come out on there own.”

Flutershy looked at her friend, “You're right, Rarity.  I can't let it get to me.  I just wish I had stayed back with Rainbow Dash, Little Strongheart and Chief Thunderhooves...”  Miles had figured the buffalo would be a bit too big to sneak through the garden, and somepony needed to stay with them.  Rainbow Dash seemed like a logical choice (and drew the short straw).

“Why?” Pinkie Pie asked, “Those two buffalo aren't much fun right now, all bothered by a city.  Sheesh.”

“Shh...” Miles stopped and pointed.  “Somepony else is here, as I suspected there would be,” he whispered.

Across the path they were just off of sat a light-blue maned, grayish-purple winged-unicorn.  She was doing some calculations on an abacus, clicking away.  She was concentrated on her paperwork and wouldn't hear the group unless they yelled.

“Who is that?” Miles asked, figuring at least she was an 'Elite 4' member.  “I thought Princess Celestia had a light-pink coat.”

Since it was very common knowledge who Princess Celestia is no-pony pointed out that Miles shouldn't know what she looked like.  In any case, Twilight Sparkle answered Miles’s question, “That's Princess Luna.  She's Princess Celestia's younger sister, and controller of the moon.”

“How should we approach her, then?” Miles asked to everypony's surprise.

“Hold up now, Miles.” Applejack said, “Ya don't really think she's one of the 'Elite 4', do you?”

“I do not know.  It does seem unlikely, if she is the 'champion’s sister.  But it is not impossible,” Miles said.

Spike had his arms crossed, tapping his foot, “Oh, come on.  I'll do it, then.”  He went over to Princess Luna, got out a “Hi, Pr--” before...

An “eep” escaped Princess Luna as an explosion of magic shook the area.  As the smoke cleared, Spike was wobbling, smoking and charred.  Princess Luna wasn't there, though.

“Well, that didn't work...” Pinkie Pie frowned. “Now what?”

Do 'Elite 4' escape usually?” Fluttershy asked, remembering she was the one to escape before.

“No.  They usually sit in their own rooms waiting for challengers,” Miles answered, “But this has not been a straight forward Poké-adventure yet...” He looked at the bench Princess Luna was sitting on and saw her abacus laying there!  “I think I have the solution to befriending Princess Luna when we find her again, though!”  Miles picked up the abacus and put it in his key item pocket.

“Well, then, where do we start to look for her, darling?” asked Rarity.

“She probably teleported to her room, which means we won't be getting to her unless we can get past the guards,” Twilight Sparkle conjectured, “Which if we can do that, then we can go straight to Princess Celestia...”

Miles shook his head, “I am going to assume that will not work.  We already found somepony with a key item,” he patted his pocket, “which drastically lowers the chances of there being a secret entrance.  But, what might work is leaving the area and coming back.”

“Oh, ya think she'll come back looking fer her abacus?” Applejack assumed, “How far outta the area do ya think we need ta go?”

“Just outside the garden, I imagine,” Miles answered, “But I also think Spike should go check on the other three.”

“Oh, fine!  Blame the dragon!” Spike huffed, crossing his arms again.

“Actually, how about just Applejack, Pinkie and I stay?  Three earth ponies would be the least threatening, maybe,” Miles suggested, partially to appease Spike.

Twilight Sparkle raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure you don't want Princess Celestia's most faithful student with you when you find her sister again?”

“No, I am not sure,” Miles admitted, “But, if she escapes again, we can come back out and she'll be there again...  If she's there again in the first place...”

“All right...” Twilight Sparkle rolled her eyes as she, Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike left.  

Miles, Pinkie Pie and Applejack followed to just outside the garden.


“How long do we need ta wait?” Applejack asked.

“About that long,” Miles responded.

“Really?  That's was super-duper quicky-wicky!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“Yep,” Miles responded.

“So, why ain't we goin' in?” Applejack asked.

“No reason, really...” Miles shrugged, and lead them back into the garden.


On the same bench was Princess Luna, this time frantically searching for her abacus.  Miles approached her, with the other two earth ponies following.

“Hello, Miss...?” Miles started, pretending to not know who the princess was.

Princess Luna “eep”ed and teleported in an explosion of magic again.  Miles's quick guard had Aerolithos up and open in time, so the earth ponies weren't damaged like Spike was.

“Well, that did not work...” Miles said.

“Ya think?” Applejack and Pinkie both said.  And all three went out of the garden again.


“Didn't work, did it?” Twilight Sparkle asked as she returned with everypony, including the buffalo.

Miles hung his head, “Nope...” He thought about it for a moment, 'Why did I just rush in?  I did not even consider which 'Elements' to use...'  He looked at each pony in turn, thinking of who to take in again.  'OK, I now know Princess Luna is quiet, shy, learned and full of magic.  It seems 'Magic' and 'Kindness' would be best.  But I think I need someone Princess Luna would not be mad at for taking her abacus...'  I wonder...” he looked up into the sky, then said, “MUFFINS!”

Ditzy Doo came flying in, package in hoof looking like she was in process of delivering it when she was summoned... “Muffins?” she said, very surprisingly outside of a text box.  Miles was just surprised she came at all.

“Sorry, Ditzy Doo, no muffins.  But I do have an apple,” Miles now remembered the apples he received on the way to the library in Ponyville.  “Can you do me a favor?  Can you deliver this abacus,” he pulled the key item out of his pocket, “to the grayish-purple pony in the garden?  I will go with you.  And I will pay you with an apple.  OK?” He still hadn't got any actual money...

Ditzy Doo nodded, “Soint-en-ly!”  She grabbed the abacus from Miles and ran into the garden.  Miles grabbed Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle as he ran in after Ditzy Doo.

At Princess Luna's bench, Ditzy Doo was handing over the package she hadn't delivered to the proper pony before being summoned.  Princess Luna, too confused to run away, was about to grab it as Miles, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle arrived.  This made Ditzy Doo realize her mistake and switched what she was delivering.  The princess grabbed her abacus and held it close.

Miles spoke up at that moment, “I found that earlier, Miss...?”  He kept playing dumb, being extra careful.

“I'm PRINCESS Luna,” answered the winged-unicorn, “And I do thank you for returning my Abacus.  I just wonder why you didn't return it yourself.”

“To be honest, I was afraid you might throw me in a dungeon or something...” Miles was actually not sure she wouldn't still.

“Oh, I would have!” Princess Luna was serious. “But seeing that you have the 'Element of Magic' and the 'Element of Kindness' with you I'll ask what you’re doing here instead.”

Twilight Sparkle answered for Miles, “He's trying to get to Princess Celestia, your Highness.  He came here to Equestria with a quest to 'Friend 'Em All'.”

Princess Luna looked to Fluttershy, expecting her to add something.  Fluttershy just shrunk at the presence of royalty.  The princess asked, “Why haven't you just gone to her, Twilight Sparkle?”

Miles decided to take Twilight Sparkle’s words, since she had done it to him at least twice, “Princess Celestia told me and Twilight, and the other 'Elements of Harmony', to befriend other ponies in Canterlot before we are allowed to go to her.  My belief is that we need two more.” He decided to be extra honest, “I also believe you are one of those two, Princess Luna, ma'am.”

Princess Luna waited until Miles finished, “Of course my sister would do something like that,” she rolled her eyes, “Though I can't blame her for finding entertainment somewhere outside of her political and sun duties...”

“So, you will be my friend?  And help me finish my quest, please?” Miles looked hopeful.

Princess Luna looked at Miles with an air of royal annoyance, “I would... but then you're quest would be too easy.”

“But... I returned your Abacus!” Miles pouted.

“Yes, but you could have just as easily left it where you found it.  No-pony else has been through the garden, and thus it would have stayed put.” Princess Luna glared slightly.

Miles thought for a moment, “That is true.  And I do apologize, your highness.” He bowed, to add to the effect. “Is there anything else I may do to befriend you?”

“Hmm...” Luna thought, tapping her chin for a moment, “Bring me an apple from Sweet Apple Acres.”  She tapped her front hooves together in a somewhat evil manner, “That should at least take some time.”

“Oh,” Miles said as he reached into his item pocket and pulled out two of the seven apples he had total, “Here.  And the one I owe to Ditzy Doo,” He gave an apple to Princess Luna and tossed one to Ditzy Doo.  The grey pegasus pony caught it, saluted, and flew off to finish her deliveries.

Princess Luna looked at the apple with suspicion, “How do I know it's from Sweet Apple Acres?”

“Because Ah'll vouch fer it!” Applejack and the other 'Elements of Harmony', plus Little Strongheart, had shown up wondering what was taking so long.  Spike had stayed with Chief Thunderhooves just outside the garden.

“Oh, the 'Element of Honesty'.” Princess Luna looked surprised, of course, “and the other 'Elements', too.”

“Your Highness,” Rarity bowed, being the proper pony she was.  Little Strongheart felt the need to bow as well.

Princess Luna looked at small buffalo, “And what are you doing in a big city like this?

Little Strongheart spoke without looking up, “I don’t know, ma’am.  Chief Thunderhooves and I are quite lost, actually.”

Miles looked solemn, “I believe it is partially my fault.  There was also a griffon out of place, here in Canterlot.  After I befriended her she flew off, back to where she should be.” He then pointed to the small buffalo, “I also befriended Little Strongheart and her chief, but they do not have the wings or other means to get home quickly by themselves.  Our hope is that when I ‘defeat’ Princess Celestia they will suddenly be back home, and everything else will be back to normal as well.”

Princess Luna smiled a serious and kind smile, “How noble of you, Miles.  I shall be your friend, for now.  And I will also send Chief Thunderhooves and Little Strongheart home immediately.”


[Miles befriended Princess Luna! ▼]

Little Strongheart looked up, still bowing, and said, “I would like to stay and help Miles through to the end, if I may.”

“Of course!” Princess Luna smiled bigger at the magic of friendship Miles had gathered and brought with him. “Now, where is your chief buffalo?”

“Just outside the garden, ma’am,” Applejack answered.



     /\/\   /   *snort* “Thank you Miles.  I would of never have expected something

 ^ /\||||^  | like this.” Chief Thunderhooves smiled a big buffalo smile. “And you take

 | || / \|  / care, Little Strongheart.”

/ ¯  ¯   ¯\ |

| Canterlot |   Miles, Princess Luna, the 'Elements of Harmony' and Little Stongheart  

/___________/ had left the garden and met up with Chief Thunderhooves and Spike.

\          /  “Ready?” Princess Luna asked.  The big buffalo nodded.  Princess Luna’s

 \________/   horned glowed and Chief Thunderhooves disappeared in a flash of magic.


        /       Little Strongheart expression was somewhere between sad and guilty, “I must not worry.  He is safe, and I must make it back safe later.”

Fluttershy comforted the buffalo, “There, there. You'll be fine, we're here with you.

Miles was busy talking with Princess Luna, though, “Princess Luna, may I ask another favor?  I think you may be the key to defeating the last 'Elite 4', 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'.”

The princess nodded, “If it annoys my sister, sure.”  She then tilted her head, “But, who is that?”

“Wow, you have really been out of it, haven't you?” Twilight Sparkle said, forgetting she was talking with royalty.  This was mostly because she was still annoyed that she had to deal with Trixie, even through proxy.

Princess Luna glared.  But before she could reprimand Twilight Sparkle, Miles answered her question, “She is a blue unicorn that travels around from town to town, performing a magic show.  She is in Canterlot currently, quite possibly because me or whatever sent me to this world.”

“Ah,” Princess Luna nodded confused, “And what do I need to do?”

“We do not know for sure,” Miles said, “but I think you showing her up on magic might weaken her confidence enough so I could maybe befriend her...”

“Ah...ha...” Princess Luna still looked confused.

Rarity joined the conversation, “Why my dear princess, instead of trying to understand what he says, how about you come along with us and see Trixie for yourself?”

Princess Luna nodded, still confused, “Might as well...” With that, the group of eight ponies, one dragon and one buffalo headed back to Canterlot's Main Square.



     /\/\   /   The 'Elements of Harmony', Spike and Little Strongheart were really

 ^ /\||||^  | surprised to see a crowd, the same crowd in fact, around Trixie's stage

 | || / \|  / despite it being nighttime.  Princess Luna didn't know something was off,

/ ¯  ¯   ¯\ | and Miles knew why/what was off

| Canterlot |  

/___________/   Applejack tried to shake the confusion from her head, “What the hay is

\ Main     /  goin' on here?”


  \______/      “It is the same game-trope that happened with Princess Luna,” Miles

        /     explained, “Events will repeat indefinitely. Until a key change is made,

              breaking the loop.”

“Wha...?” Princess Luna's head started spinning.

Pinkie Pie simplified Miles's explanation, “Stuff keeps happening, 'til it doesn't!”

Princess Luna was not having any clearer idea, but just smiled and nodded anyway, “Yes... That makes more sense...”

“Our seats are still here from before, too!” Little Strongheart said, excited to see the show again.  Even if it was going to be the same thing as before, only in the dark this time.


Once again, Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie stayed outside of the performance area.  The show itself was the same as before, only flashier because it was night.

Also once again, 'The Great and Powerful Trixie's show was full of fireworks, and horn-glowing telekinesis, and other such tricks.  Trixie had kept the boast about beating an Ursa Major on her own, but she didn't play it up as much, again.  She also skipped the part of the show where she challenged the audience to 'anything-you-can-do,-I-can-do-better', again.

This time, at the end of the show, Miles didn't rub his nose suspiciously, but he did head to the stage with Princess Luna in tow.  Fluttershy once again kept Little Strongheart company at the edge of the area, this time because the young buffalo herself wanted to watch.

On the stage, after she finished bowing, Trixie looked over to see Miles jumping up.  “You again?” she asked.

Miles was taken aback, and thought to himself, 'She remembers me?  She must be a little more powerful than Twilight thinks!'  He then said to her, “Hello, again, Trixie. I am not here to try to impress you with well timed umbrella tosses.”

“Hmph.  I certainly hope not!” Trixie turned away, and started walking to her dressing room.

Miles continued talking, assuming Trixie was listening, “I came to impress you with royalty.” He looked off the stage to the winged-unicorn watching the conversation, “If you would please join me up here,” he paused briefly to add suspense, “Princess Luna.”

Princess Luna sighed, then nodded.  Her horn glowed and she floated herself up onto the stage (flapping her wings would have caused too much wind).  “Well, now what?” she said, waiting for something to happen.

At her highness' voice, Trixie spun around faster than a Sonic Rainboom.  “P-P-Princess Luna?!?!?  What ARE you doing with this drivel?!”

Miles thought to himself, but did not say aloud, 'Hay!'

“This young stallion here has informed me that he requires assistance getting back to where he belongs.”  Princess Luna looked from Trixie to Miles, “He also informed me that he had, in a way, asked for your help,” she looked back to Trixie.

Trixie was fighting the urge to shoot knives out her eyes at Miles, “ 'The Great and Powerful Trixie' does not remember this... colt... here asking anything like that!”

Miles interjected at this point, “This is true, your highness.  I did not ask plainly for her help.  Listening to the 'Elements of Harmony' I believed I would need to go about a sneaky route.  I do not blame them for it, though.”  He hung his head ashamed, “At best, I beat around the bush to try to get Trixie to be my friend.  At worst, I down right tried a flimsy trick.”

“Hmph,” was Trixie's response.

“I see,” Princess Luna said. “At least, as I've heard it, he did not awaken a sleeping Ursa Minor for you to defeat.” Her highness started to play a little dirty.

“But... It was... I...” Trixie stumbled at the memory of her worst night ever.

Miles saw it was going the wrong way, he gave a 'whoa' motion, mouthing “Too far!” towards Princess Luna. The princess stopped herself and covered her mouth.  

Miles thought, 'Oh, geez! I need to fix this!'  He looked at Trixie and decided to try to soothe her spirit and stroke her ego. “Trixie, I know that night and event in Ponyville was not your fault.  And it was unfair for you to be run out of town.”  'I'm sure she sees it that way...'  “You ARE great and powerful, but you can always be even greater and more powerful, right?”

Trixie's lip was still trembling, but she managed to get out a meek “Yes...” and then she closed her eyes, cleared her throat and gave a properly proud, “Yes!”

“Princess Luna,” Miles turned back to the winged-unicorn, “You want to mess with your sister, Princess Celestia, correct?”

Her highness looked at Miles, guilty for pushing Trixie's wrong buttons.  She thought back at being the younger sibling.  She finally sighed a guilty sigh, and answered, “Yes.  But nothing too far, mind you.”

“Of course,” Miles nodded, ”How would you feel about mentoring Trxie?  Let her be the 'Twilight Sparkle' to your 'Princess Celestia'?”

Princess Luna thought about all her daily duties and was about to say, “No.”  But then she remembered her sister did at least as much work and still corresponded regularly with her own faithful student.  “I would be fine with that,” she said, with an air of confidence.

Miles was glad to hear it.  He then turned to Trixie, “Now, Trixie.  Put your pride aside for a moment and think about this.  The moon herself is offering to mentor you.  I have no idea what that would encompass, but I can be at least certain that it would not be 'friendship reports' everyday.”

'The Great and Powerful Trixie' automatically started to say “No,” but she stopped herself and seriously thought about it.  “I refuse to change my schedule and stay in one place. And just how would we share the lessons?”

Princess Luna could appreciate Trixie's unbending will. “I have no qualms with you continuing your traveling show.  And far as correspondence goes, we can figure something out.”  She stuck out hoof to Trixie.

'The Great and Powerful Trixie' hesitated on the hoofshake, partly from very minor germaphobia, but she finally shook Princess Luna's hoof.  “Alright, but only because you're Princess Luna...”


[Princess Luna befriended

 'The Great and Powerful Trixie'! ▼]

Miles looked around, 'Did it work?'  He then asked the new 'teacher', “Princess Luna, do you happen to sense if your sister would allow me to face her now?”

Princess Luna shook her head, “No.  I'm sorry Miles, but we don't have a connection quite like that.”

“That is all right,” Miles said, “I will go check at the castle myself.  And, in the mean time, I will leave you two alone here to iron out the student/teacher details.”  He jumped off the stage and left the area to meet up with Fluttershy and Little Strongheart.


Spike had taken Fluttershy's place waiting with the small buffalo.  He had an official looking scroll in his claws, “Miles!  Princess Celestia just sent this!  It says she's ready to 'battle' you!”

Miles breathed a sigh of relief, “It did work!  I am glad, too.  I did not really want to be Trixie's friend anyway...”  'Such an ego!'

Little Strongheart bounced with excitement, “The other ponies headed to the castle already!  Let's go, Miles!”

“Let us!” Miles agreed, and the small trio galloped (or rode, in Spike's case) to Princess Celestia's Castle.


Chapter 009: You have one challenge left....

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Chapter 009: You have one challenge left...


     /\/\   /   Miles was standing just outside the open main gate, taking in the feeling of it

 ^ /\||||^  | all.  He was sure every player in every game felt this excitement the first time

 | || / \|  / they reached the final boss.  (Of course, they never felt that way on the

/ ¯  ¯   ¯\ | hundredth time through, but that’s beside the point.)

| Canterlot |  

/___________/   “Well, here goes...” Miles went to take his first step into the castle.


 \_Castle_/     Little Strongheart came up from behind and pushed Mies in saying, “No time

  \______/    for dramatics!”


“You are right,” Miles said, walking on his own.  But he stopped and asked, “Anypony else want an apple before we go in?”  He knew from experience it was best to be fully restored before the final battle, and to use your items while you still have the chance.

Everypony said “Yes”.  The five remaining apples, and four apple pies Applejack had been saving, were split amongst everyone.

[Miles’s party(plus) was fully restored! ▼]

“Alright, let us do this!” Miles said, pointing towards the castle interior.


A few paces into the castle itself, one of Princess Celestia’s guards stopped the group.  “Halt! You may pass only if you have a muffin!”

“Wow... That is a new one on me...” Miles said.  “Anypony got a muffin?”

The rest of the group shook there heads.

Miles was about to call for Ditzy Doo again, but she came on her own carrying a duffel bag.  She proceeded to dump the contents of said bag, a few dozen muffins, onto the guard.  

“Oatmeal!” was what Ditzy Doo said as she flew off to do actual deliveries.

A hoof poked out of the mound of muffins, and a muffled “You may pass...” was heard.


Twilight Sparkle thought she knew the way, but that was in the non-game-warped Equestia.  Luckily, this being a game-warped castle, it was essentially a straight path.

In the second room they passed through Guard 2 stopped them. “Halt! You may pass only if you can tell me what’s wrong with my uniform!”

Without hesitating, Rarity spoke up, “Why, darling, that’s easy!  You’re wearing Argyle socks after Winter Wrap Up!”

The guard looked at his back hooves and blushed, “You may pass.”

Miles looked at the guard’s back hooves, too, “Why are you wearing socks anyway?”

The guard didn’t respond.  He wasn’t scripted to.


In the third room Guard 3 stopped the group and said, “Halt! Somepony must open this jar before you can pass.”  

Pinkie Pie went to Miles and pulled Gummy, her toothless pet alligator, out of his pocket.  Miles asked, “How did that get in there?”

“I put him there after your sugar rush,” Pinkie Pie said as if it was no surprise, “I figured you would maybe need him sometime.”  She used Gummy as a grip on the jar lid to open it with ease.  

The jar was empty...  “You may pass.”


Guard 4, in the fourth room, said, “Halt! I challenge a single pony to foreleg wrestling.  If they win, you can pass.”

Rainbow Dash stepped up to the challenge, and won in ten seconds flat.

The guard said, with a throbbing foreleg, “You may pass.”


The fifth room inexplicably contained an apple tree.  Guard 5 said, “Halt! If somepony can get me an apple off of this tree, I’ll let you pass.”

Applejack stepped up saying, “Ah got this!”  No-pony denied that.  She used the opportunity to finally show Miles applebucking.

Despite one of Applejack’s best kicks, it was a stubborn tree and only one apple fell out.  The guard grabbed the fruit before anypony else had a chance.

“Thank you, Applejack,” Miles brohoofed Applejack, “I was wondering...”

The guard said, between bites, “You may pass.”


In the sixth room Guard 6 was holding a bird that didn’t look so well, “Halt! No-pony can pass until this bird is healed.”

Fluttershy carefully walked up and gave the bird a quick look over.  “There’s nothing wrong you, little birdie.  You can fly just fine, I know it!  Go ahead and try!” she soothed and ego-stroked the bird.

The bird looked at Fluttershy, smiled and flew around.

It landed on the guard’s head.  “You may pass.”


In the seventh room Guard 7 was looking through a telescope.  “Halt!” he said without looking up, “I’m not sure what the difference between the constellations ‘Canis Major’ and ‘Canis Minor’ are...”

Twilight Sparkle “ahem”ed, which got the guard’s attention.  She magicked a projector and screen into the room and proceeded to give a lecture on the differences and history of just those two constellations...

Twenty minutes later, a “You may pass,” awoke all the other ponies.


In the eighth room Guard 8 said “Halt!” and was about to ask for something, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders popping their heads out through a portal on the ceiling stopped him before he started.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked around. Then said, “Nope.  Still in Equestria,” and went back through the portal.

Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Miles all looked at each other worried.  

The guard just waved the group past, his jaw on the floor.


The nineth room was empty except a big double door.  9

This double door to Princess Celestia’s room had strange indents in it.  On one of the doors there was an indent that looked like a lion’s paw holding a feather.  Below that, a pair of indents looked like they were shaped just right and spaced far enough apart for a full grown buffalo’s horn tips.  On the other door there was one indent that, very strangely, seemed to fit an abacus.  And below that, the last indent seemed to be shaped like a magician’s hat.

“What?!”  Miles was flabbergasted.  “She thought I was going to keep all the ‘Elite 4’ with me?”  He sat down, feeling defeated...

No-pony said anything for a bit.  Fluttershy spoke up first, “Apparently so...

“No,” Applejack said simply, “This ain’t no time ta give up, Miles!”

Twilight Sparkle agreed, “You’ve made it this far, sometimes through luck, sometimes through will.  The answer will come to you.”


“We’re all here for you, dear,” Rarity offered, “We can all come up with something.”

Pinkie Pie cheered, “Just think of the party when we win!”

“Yeah!  Where’s that attitude that got me to re-challenge you?  And befriended Gilda?”  Rainbow Dash got in Miles’s face.

Rainbow Dash’s mention of Gilda sparked an idea in Miles.  He gently pushed Rainbow Dash back and looked at Little Strongheart, who was on the verge of tears.  More specifically he looked at her headband, and more specific than that the feathers she had tucked in it.

“I wonder...” Miles mumbled to himself.  “Little Strongheart, may I borrow a feather?”

“Huh?”  the young buffalo looked at Miles confused, but then knew what Miles was thinking.  “I really shouldn’t, they are sacred to my clan.  But I know you will be careful, Miles,” she tilted her head forward so Miles could take a single feather.

Miles actually asked Rarity, with her calm and poise, to levitate the feather to the spot on the door that looked like a lion’s paw.  As Little Strongheart’s feather touched the lion paw indent it started to glow and fill in.  As the indent filled in it pushed the actual feather out, and Rarity levitated the feather back into place on the buffalo’s headband.

In place of the indent was now a flat griffon shaped silhouette with a ‘G’ in the middle.

Miles was now measuring the distance between the horn shaped spots, he then asked Spike to stretch his arms out as far as he could.  Spike nodded and did as was asked.  It wasn’t enough reach.  As Miles thought about what to do, Spike pointed to Miles’s umbrella.  Miles facehooved, “Duh!”

Miles asked Twilight Sparkle to levitate Spike up to one indent while he, the black pony, held Aerolithos’ tip up to the other.  She obliged, of course.  The three of them didn’t have perfect timing poking the indents, but the two horn tip indents glowed nonetheless and filled in like the lion’s paw indent did.

There were now a pair of buffalo silhouettes on the door.  One, which was big and dark colored, had a ‘CT’ in the middle and the other, which was small and light colored, had an ‘LS’ in the middle.

Miles looked gloomy again, “How are we going to fake an abacus or a magician’s hat?”  He looked up and out the window that was nearby.  He sighed and paraphrased a rhyme he heard somewhere before, “I wish I may, I wish I might, have Princess Luna’s help tonight...”  He said it to a star, any star, he saw.  One might of twinkled, Miles wasn’t watching for it.

Just then everypony thought they heard a couple of explosions from where they had come from.  A short time after that, to everypony’s major surprise, Princess Luna and Trixie trotted up.

“I guess you didn’t realize I control the stars, too,” Princess Luna said.  “You’re lucky I heard you, hmm?”

Miles laughed a quick, surprised laugh, “Yes, I guess so.  Did why I asked for your help get through?”

Trixie being her usual conceded self took the conversation for herself, “No, it did not... Miles...” she said his name with a dripping coldness, “but I ‘The Greater and More Powerful Trixie’ see what you desire assistance with!”  

Twilight Sparkle whispered to Miles, “Did you have to make her even more egotistical?”

Miles whispered back, “Just remember that everything might go back to how it was before I came to Equestria... and hope that it does!”

Trixe walked with her head held high to the door that had two indents yet to be filled.  Her hat floated off head, revealing her horn glowing.  The hat floated to the magician’s hat shaped indent.  The indent filled, as the others did, pushing the hat out.

A blue silhouette of a rearing unicorn was left, with a ‘T’ in the middle.

“Hmph,” Trixie complained, “I do not understand why it’s not ‘G&PT’!”

Princess Luna put her hoof on Trixie’s shoulder, “Another lesson for you, dear student:  Not everything will be just the way you want.  Though I thought you knew this already...”

“But...” Trixie started.

“No ‘buts’, Trixie,” Princess Luna glared.  Then she herself went to the door and, without too much ceremony, put her Abacus into the proper, and final, indent.  It filled just as all the others did.  The resulting silhouette was surprising, though.

A splotch of midnight blue with a crescent moon in the middle glowed on the door.  It looked just like Princess Luna’s Cutie Mark.

Nothing happened for a moment. This worried everypony, but then a line of light filled the seam between the doors.  The doors opened on their own...


In the ‘champion’s room Princess Celestia stood in front of her throne.

[Princess Celestia: Welcome challenger Miles.

                    I hope you are prepared... ▼]

“Why’s she talkin’ like that?” Applejack whispered with a hoof half-covering her mouth as she asked Miles.

“You are hearing her talk in a text box?” Miles whisper-asked back.

“We all are...” Twilight Sparkle whisper-answered.

Princess Celestia just stood there, mane and tail flowing in the solar wind, waiting for a response.

[Miles: *ahem* I have brought the ‘Elements of Harmony’

         with me. I have also a baby dragon, a buffalo,

         a boaster and your younger sister. ▼

        Is that enough, ‘champion’ Celestia? ▼]

Princess Celestia nodded and said, outside a text box, “Yes, my ‘faithful battler’.  It is more than enough.  I am quite impressed with your ingenuity in light of the missing ‘Elite 4’ members!”

Miles looked embarrassed, “I would say it was more luck than ingenuity, your highness.”  He looked to Little Strongheart, Spike, Trixie and Princess Luna.  “Now, how shall we proceed with the ‘battle’, Princess?”

Princess Celestia smiled kindly, “Oh, there’s no need to ‘battle’.  I am everypony’s friend,” she bowed slightly, “I do apologize, though, for your adventure not being exactly as your world operates.”

Miles smiled, grateful, “Please do not apologize.  It was a very nice change of pace from the usual way!”

“I’m glad it worked out, then,” Princess Celestia nodded.

Pinkie Pie chose that moment to ask a random question, “Can he get that tune one more time?  So everypony can hear it?”

Princess Celestia chortled a silent giggle, “I don’t see why not.”


[Miles befriended Princess Celestia! ▼]

Everypony, minus Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia, looked at Miles with a face of sympathy.  “You had to hear that every time you befriended somepony?” Rarity spoke for everypony, “You poor thing!”

“You get to a point of zoning it out, eventually,” Miles shrugged.

Princess Celestia’s face then turned serious, “Miles, your challenge through Canterlot to make a few more friends had an ulterior motive.  As Twilight Sparkle and the other ‘Elements of Harmony’ know first hoof: ‘Friendship is Magic’.  And magic is what is really required for you to finish you adventure here.”

“What exactly then do we need to do to finish the ‘game’?” Miles asked.

“We must enter you into the ‘Hall of Fame’, of course,” Princess Celestia said with a smirk.

Miles rolled his eyes, “Of course!...”

“And I will get to what needs be done to do that, before somepony asks,” her highness continued, “but first I should explain what’s happened to Miles and Equestria.”

Twilight Sparkle grinned and nodded once, “About time!”  Then realized what she said towards her teacher, “I mean... Please... If you don’t mind...”

Princess Celsetia, not reprimanding Twilight Sparkle, continued, “First, I don’t know what is happening to Miles himself, but I do know his presence here is warping reality in and around Equestria.”

Miles shrunk back, biting his lip, feeling bad about destroying a world by just being there.  Rarity and Fluttershy went over to comfort him a little.

“There, there, Miles...”  Rarity cooed.

Fluttershy added, “We’re all sure it’s not your fault...

“Indeed it’s not, Fluttershy,” her highness kept going, “His presence is to blame, but he can’t do anything about his presence here.  It was not his choice to be flung from reality to reality, but he might have minor control in where he ends up.”

Miles had felt better briefly, but then worse thinking he chose Equestria to screw up in a Pokémon way.  Applejack and Rainbow Dash joined Rarity and Fluttershy and patted Miles on the back.

Princess Celestia saw Miles’s discomfort and told him, “Don’t worry about Equestria.  If, in the unlikely event, it doesn’t fix itself, it will at least not tear itself apart just because the rules that came with you.”  

She walked over to him and touched her horn to his forehead, right in the middle of where an Umbreon’s forehead ring would be, and whispered loudly, “If you concentrate on going to where you want through your adventures, you could maybe eventually come back here.  With the proper rules in place, as well...”

Miles teared up and whispered back, “Thank you, Princess...”

“D’awwww.... Group hug everypony!” Pinkie Pie yelled and stretched her forelegs out to pull every pony, dragon and buffalo in for said group hug.  No pony, dragon or buffalo complained.

After everypony stepped back from the hug Princess Celestia addressed the whole room, “Now, to get Miles into the ‘Hall of Fame’ we need to split everypony here into groups with a unicorn.  There are five unicorns and twelve of us total so it will be one unicorn to one non-unicorn.  Princess Luna and I will group with two non-unicorns each.”

“Do we need to pair up any specific way?” Little Strongheart asked.

“Not really, but pair up with someone you trust, if you can.” Princess Celestia answered.

After a little discussion everypony paired up well enough.  Princess Celestia paired up with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.  Twilight Sparkle paired up with Applejack.  Spike paired up with Rarity.  Princess Luna paired up with Little Strongheart and Fluttershy.  And Miles paired up with Trixie.

“What ARE you doing, Miles?” Trixie wasn’t about to stand for this.

Miles looked her straight in the eyes and said, “The only other ponies who would pair with you right now are either a buffalo who is more comfortable with a winged-unicorn, or another unicorn.  Since the unicorns need to be split evenly, though, it is up to me to be your partner.”  He smiled with friendship as he added, “Trixie, I might not like you all that much, but I trust your power.  You remembered me through a repeating event, that is enough proof of a large amount of raw magic talent for me.”

“Hmph.  Whatever.”

After the groups were selected they were arranged in a circle, with the unicorns on the outside.  Princess Celestia spoke up, “Now, everypony think of what you were doing just before you met Miles the first time.  Miles, you need to concentrate on how entering the ‘Hall of Fame’ would work in the reality you adventure here has been mostly based on.  Unicorns, concentrate on the feelings emanating from everypony.”

Everypony thought their thoughts...  

Rarity thought about sewing in Carousel Boutique.  

Pinkie Pie thought about baking cupcakes at Sugarcube Corner.  

Rainbow Dash thought about napping on a cloud.  

Applejack thought about selling her apples and apple based products.  

Fluttershy thought about going to visit Rarity.  

Twilight Sparkle thought about watching the stars through her telescope.  

Spike thought about doing a job, grumbling.  

Little Strongheart thought about keeping Chief Thunderhooves calm after suddenly finding themselves in Canterlot.  

Princess Luna thought about working out budgets and systems.  

Trixie thought about enjoying a show well done.  

Princess Celestia thought about holding Equestria together.  

And Miles thought of a trainer standing in front a machine that recorded the names and species of the creatures they had in their party as they had fought the current Champion.

The feelings emanating from everypony were of accomplishing something. There were also feelings of happiness upon seeing friends.  And feelings of relaxation and feelings of stress, but not bad stress, were there, too.  But mostly a general feeling of “What’s next?” emanated throughout.

The thoughts and feelings fed into the glowing of the five unicorns’ horns.  An aura of purple-yellow surrounded Miles.  He began to float, with everypony looking at him. He felt anxious, but relieved; he had a frown on his mouth, but a smile in his eyes; he waved his last farewell to everypony as his sight went black...

Everypony else had waited for a big explosion or flash of magic, but Miles just faded away slowly, waving.  Everypony waved back until he was all gone.  There was no time to comment on the lack of a flash or boom, though, as all of Equestria whited out and everything reset...


Epilogue: Welcome to the 'Hall of Fame'!

Pony-mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

by RaspleZS

Epilogue: Welcome to the ‘Hall of Fame’!

Miles had missed the world whiting out and resetting, being blacked out himself, but he saw a little of what happened afterwards.  He didn’t have a body at this point, he was just a viewer to scenes.  He had no control over what he watched, either.  Along with the scenes there were various names and job titles scrolling through his vision as well.

[Executive Producer:

 Lauren Faust]

The first scene he saw was Ditzy Doo doing her deliveries, as it should be.  But she had a red & white umbrella with her!  It was a small pocket-sized one, and tucked into her messenger bag, but she had an umbrella!  Miles only knew this because she almost accidentally handed it to her latest customer, instead of the letters he expected...

[Music Director:

 Daniel Ingram, William Kevin Anderson]

Miles vision faded from that to a scene inside Carousel Boutique.  Rarity was putting the final touches on a suit she had sewn for no-pony in particular.  It was a very nice red and white pattern, not at all gaudy.  On the sleeves, though, she was attaching gems in a pattern she couldn’t explain herself, but Miles recognized it as the star chart on Aerolithos.  Rarity had feeling it wasn’t going to be a hit outfit, but she liked it anyway...

[Original Concept:

 Bonnie Zacherle]

A new scene faded in at Sugarcube Corner, the kitchen specifically.  Pinkie Pie was baking more cupcakes, of course.  Miles saw, though, the recipe was for less-sugar cupcakes. Pinkie had just frosted a batch and tried a bite of one.  She ‘blech’ed and said, “I do not like it.  I believe it needs more sugar...”  She proceeded to pour a cup or two of sugar on the the rest the cupcake in hoof and finished it that way, “That’s MUCH better!”  The other cupcakes in the batch were put up for sale and went fairly slowly, but were popular enough...

[Voice Talent:

          Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman]

The next scene to fade in was of Rainbow Dash practicing for another competition with first place getting to spend the day with The Wonderbolts.  She had just slalomed through a dozen cloud pillars and kicked, with a flourish, a storm cloud into showering for an ending.  She raised her forelegs in victory, but looking to the wet area on the ground she sighed.  She headed off somewhere, leaving the cloud to drain over nowhere in particular...

[Voice Talent:

          Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck, Nicole Oliver]

Sweet Apple Acres faded into Miles’s view.  Granny Smith Apple was napping in a rocking chair and Big Macintosh was plowing.  Applejack had just brought to the farmstead a cart full of apples as Rainbow Dash flew in.  

Applejack asked, “What’s on yer mind, Dash?”  

Rainbow Dash sighed, again, and asked, “Do you want help me with my routine?  I need somepony to stand under a raincloud.”  

Applejack raised an eyebrow and shook her head, “Ah don’t think Ah want to do that... And Ah doubt the rest of my kin would, neither.”  She patted Rainbow Dash on the back sympathetically.

“Thanks anyway, AJ...” Rainbow Dash said before flying off again.

“Ya maight try Ditzy Doo!” Applejack called out to the pegasus pony...

[Voice Talent:

          Michelle Creber, Madeleine Peters, Claire Corlett]

Next, Spike faded into view chasing after Angel bunny through Ponyville.  “Come back here and gesture that to my face!”

Angel stopped, turned around and gave Spike a tongue-raspberry.  Then ran off again, with Miles’s vision following the bunny.  Angel made it to Fluttershy’s cottage as the yellow pegasus pony was sending a healed bird on it’s way.

Oh, Angel.  What were you doing?” Fluttershy asked the bunny.

Angel gestured, ‘Looking for free apples.  What else?’

Fluttershy giggled, “You’d have to travel a few miles to do that, Angel.  You know that...

The bunny tilted his head,  ‘Why’d you pick that measurement?’

Fluttershy thought for a moment, “I don’t know...

She just shrugged it off, grabbing her watering can to take care of her gardens, with Angel following...

[Scenario Writers:

 Chris Savino, Charlotte Fullerton, M. A. Larson, Dave Polsky]

“SPIIIKE!” Twilight Sparkle was yelling as the interior of her library, at normal size and shape, faded into view.  The purple unicorn was looking through her notes and had found a parchment with dots and scribbles, looking very much like a star chart, she didn’t remember having before.

“Yes, Twilight?” Spike said as he entered the library, still unhappy with the white rabbit.

“Do you know where this came from?” Twilight Sparkle levitated the parchment over to Spike.

“Hey!  I think I saw Rarity putting that pattern on a red and white suit!” the dragon said.

Twilight Sparkle looked at the parchment herself again, “Weird... If it is Rarity’s, why does it look like my horn-writing?”

“Who” (‘Because you wrote it, Twilight?’), the owl behind Twilight Sparkle said from his perch.

“Maybe, Owlowious... But I don’t remember doing it...”  Twilight Sparkle shrugged.  “Spike, take a letter.  I think I’ll send this to Princess Celestia, see if she has any ideas.”

“Got it!” Spike grabbed a fresh parchment and a quill.

Twilight Sparkle started dictating, “Dear Princess Celestia,...

[Scenario Writers:

 Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, Meghan McCarthy]

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were at Zecora’s hut as the next scene faded in.

“Sofa sellin’ Cutie Marks didn’t work...” Applebloom said, “Thankfully.”

“Neither did Hayshake chugging Cutie Marks... ” Sweetie Bell said. *urp*

“Hey!  How about Inter-Dimensional Travel Cutie Marks!” Scootaloo said for no reason in particular.

Zecora stuck her head out her hut and said, “Travelling to other worlds would be neat, but to achieve would be too much a feat.  I say put the idea aside, try something else in stride,”

“You’re right, Zecora...” the three fillies all said.

Zecora looked towards Miles and winked as the scene faded...

[Scenario Writers:

 Chris Savino, Charlotte Fullerton, M. A. Larson, Dave Polsky]

A wide view of the sky faded in. Gilda flew into Miles’s vision from one side, she was flying in a big oval between her and Rainbow Dash’s homes. “I really should go and apologize to them all... but why?...” she turned back towards her own home.  “But there might be a cool earth pony, and they might have real manners...” she turned, again, towards Ponyville.  “I so doubt it, though...” she flew towards her home.  “Argh!” Gilda stopped and sat on a cloud, “Why can’t I just do it!...”  The scene faded with Gilda clutching her head in frustration...

[Animation Directors:

 Denny Lu, Ishi Rudell]

A wide desert faded into view, with a rumbling in the distance.  The rumbling turned out to be a herd of buffalo headed for Appleloosa.  Miles’s vision followed the herd as it passed.  Over the rumble Miles could hear the buffalo talking.

“Thanks again for letting us do this, Chief Thuderhooves!  I just bet you’ll enjoy the show, too!” Little Strongheart said.

*snort* “I’m only going to get an apple pie or three...” Chief Thunderhooves said bluntly.

The herd slowed down and stopped at the stage that was setup near the edge of town.  A blue unicorn in a purple cape and magician’s hat began her show as the scene faded...

[Production Manager:

 Angela Belyea]

The scene faded to the same place, but it was after ‘The Great and Powerful Trixie’s show.  She was in her dressing room off the stage, which was all her wagon anyway.  

Her horn glowed as a brush was levitated through her hair. “I know I’m great and powerful,” she sighed, “but could I possibly be more?”

She set the brush down and walked out of the room.  Looking up to the stars she wondered aloud, “Is there maybe somepony I could learn a little more from?”  The star she happened to be looking at seemed to twinkle in response.  She shook the thought off, though, and was walking back to her room as the scene faded...

[Development & Creative Supervision:

 Linda M. Steiner, Brian Lenard]

The next scene to fade in was Princess Luna in the royal library, sitting at a window overlooking the royal garden.  She clicked away on her Abacus, doing calculations to balance budgets, distribute work, and other political things she felt she needed to do.

She was mumbling to herself numbers and figures, while a small portion of her thoughts were reserved to listening to the stars collecting wishes.  A particular ‘wish’ caught her attention.

“Hmm?” she went back and listened to it again.  “A powerful unicorn wants a mentor?...  Maybe...” Princess Luna thought of her sister, Princess Celestia, doing at least as much political work she did and still managed to share regular letters with a ‘faithful student’.  “Maybe it would be good for me to do that, too...”  She thought on it for a little longer, but then spotted a mistake in the paperwork she was on.  With that, the thought of Princess Luna’s ‘faithful student’ got shoved to the back of her mind and the scene faded...

[Excutive Producer:

 Stephen Davis]

Princess Celestia was in the next scene to fade in.  She was sitting on her throne, seemingly doing nothing with her eyes closed, but in reality doing a whole lot.  She stopped doing whatever she was doing for a moment, and opened her eyes.  She looked towards Miles and said in a text box no-pony else heard,

[Thank you for nobly going on with your adventures, Miles. ▼

 We both know you could have stayed here and enjoyed a

  stable life, but at the cost of our reality... ▼

 I hope you have a safe journey through the rest of your

  extra lives. ▼]

 She winked once with the last two words.  

[And don’t worry about that star chart.

 I’ll put it in the royal library where no-pony will think

  twice about it... ▼]

The last scene faded to black, and a second later two words appeared in Mile’s vision.


Psst...  There’s an epilogue to the epilogue on the next page...

Miles opened his eyes to see a new world that was up in the clouds, with everything in gaudy neon colors.  Nearly everything was also heart-shaped, or had a heart motif anyway.  It seemed he was in a forest, maybe...

Behind him, Miles heard a “Hey!”  He turned to see a fat little star floating around his shoulder, looking at him. “Listen!” it said.

Miles didn’t listen, though.  He looked around and saw multicolored teddy bears milling around. They all had symbols on their stomachs, too.  He looked at himself and saw he was a neon-dark-green teddy bear. On his stomach was a Love Ball (a pink Poké Ball with a heart on it)....  He still had Aerolithos, at least!

“Wow... really?” he asked. “Do I really care to go through...

The Legend of Cheer Bear: A(nother) Link to the ’80’s