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        -Someone asked for this pairing in the slice-of-life thread, and i am proud to be possibly the first person to do this maybe. Two socially awkward ponies in love> WHY NOT. Enjoy cutesy G-Read fluff.-

Fluttershy liked Ditzy. She didn’t judge her like other ponies. Or rather... in her heart, she knew the other ponies didn’t hate her, but she always hated the attention.

She didn’t like it when people paid attention to her. Even if that was ‘normal. It made her feel awkward. It made her feel like she stood out. Like maybe she was doing something wrong. And no matter how nice the other ponies were about it, she’d always feel self-conscious about herself.

But Ditzy Doo was different. Special. Not stupid, like some other ponies thought, but just distracted. The way her eyes were always in two places was almost a metaphor for her brain. Fluttershy liked that about her. Whereas other ponies would get impatient, Fluttershy liked the fact that Ditzy was always ‘somewhere else’. Ditzy didn’t expect anything from her. She could just... blend in and be hereself, without worry but the most wonderful thing was that you called out to her, Ditzy would always find her way back to you. And when she did, she would always smile at her. Like she was really happy to be there with her.

That’s why it was odd when Ditzy Doo came to her house that day. Not because she’d come to her house, or even that she had her mailbag with her. It was that she looked at her. just for a moment, Flutteryshy thought, it looked like Ditzy was looking right at her when she opened the door. But then her eye was off looking somewhere inside her house, and the other was turned down to the floor. Perhaps... she had only imagined it.

“Ditzy.. what..”

“Special Delivery!” Ditzy cheered at her. “Priority mail.”

“Oh. I-it’s far to late for mail. Yum. Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

“Last minute recieval!” Came Ditzy’s proud official reply, as she already began unclasping her mailbag. “Higest priority. Had to get it out right away!”

“Oh...” Fluttershy practically squeeked as Ditzy held the letter out to her. “Well, o-okay.”

And it did look very official, and very important. Emblazoned with red ‘PRIORITY MAIL’ stamps and addressed specifically to her, Fluterryshy wondered what it could possibly be. What could be so important, that someone would want to sent to her.?

“You should open it right away.” Ditzy prompted her, one eye locked on her while another trailed her ceiling.

“O-okay.” Flutteryshy replied, and began to open it. It took awhile, and wasn’t as clean as she’d have liked; Fluttershy didn’t get alot of mail, and she wasn’t at all the sort of pony who liked to just rip what she got open, so it invovled a lot of nervous tears and fiddling. She squeeked more then once in embarrassment. But Ditzy just stood there, her mind lost somehwere between her ceiling and a bookcase, waiting so patiently, and it put her mind at ease.

When she opented it, finnaly. she was a little suprised to find out what it was. It wasn’t anything so important, really at least it didn’t seem like it at first glance. It was just a flower. A pressed flower, sealed inside the envelope, along with a tiny note. Unfolding it with great care, Fluttershy was suprised further to see that it came with only three little words: ‘From Ditzy Doo’

She looked up, not quite understanding. “Ditzy.. what?”

“Butterflies.” came Ditzy’s reply, looking off to somewhere in front of her house.

“Butterflies?” Fluttershy asked

“Butterflies.” Ditzy nodded, still looking away from her, and when fluttershy followed her gaze she did find herself to be watching the butterflies in her garden, dancing among the flowers that grew there.

“Butterflies.” came Ditzy’s reply, looking off to somewhere in front of her house.

“Butterflies?” Fluttershy asked.

“Butterflies.” Ditzy nodded, still looking away from her, and when Fluttershy followed her gaze she did find herself to be watching the butterflies in her garden, dancing among the flowers that grew there.

“They’re very pretty.” Ditzy said, continuing a little uncertainly. Faltering a bit, as one of her eyes spied a cloud far above.

“They … like flowers. Don’t they?”

It took Flutteryshy a moment to figure out where this was going. When she did, she blushed a bit, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Y-yes. They like them very much.”

Again Ditzy nodded, this time a little awkward. “Good.” Still unable to face Fluttershy, she instead turned and prepared to leave. “I-I should get going then.” She said, “...Lots of mail to deliver tommorow. “

“Ditzy..” Fluterrshy called after her, hesitating at her words. “Y-you’ll... come back tommorow, right?”

Finally, Ditzy turned back to look at Fluttershy. Really looked at her, with both eyes focused squarely on her own. And when she did, she smiled at her.


And as Fluttershy felt her heart skip a beat, she thought... maybe a little attention wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Because no matter where Ditzy was, she knew she would always come back to her.