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First ponyfic... well, first fic ever, I kinda’ve refrained from doin fics despite wantin to cuz well... I really feel bad if I feel that I don’t do the characters justice... This time though, think I may have it. Gonna be a 2-3 chap deal, and right now, figurin it’s gonna be a branching off thing. Like one kinky ending, one “d’awwwww” and one that’s a bit more mature.

WARNING! SHIPPING! If seeing Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash with anypony besides yourself would ruin your life, leave now.

Oh, also, I don’t own the characters, they’re owned by hasbro



                        Rainbows and Reciprocation, by Psycho Streak

Chapter 1

"And then I was like, ‘I'M COMIN' RARITY!’ And I zoomed down after her!" The colorful pegasus declared as she mimicked it on a smaller scale. "Everyone thought she was done for but then I pulled it off! The sonic rainboom! I was goin’ faster than the Wonderbolts could, and I scooped up Rarity and took her back up to the Cloudiseum while everyone cheered for me saying how awesome and cool I was. And I was just like "Hey, no biggie!". True story." Dash remarked finally to the three wide eyed fillies as they gazed up at her with admiration.

        "Whooooa!" They said in unison as Fluttershy flew over to the group of ponies. Dash smiled at seeing her friend and decided to use her to reinforce her story, knowing how she hated to disappoint people and wasn't one to speak up.

        "Ask Fluttershy, she was there!" Dash added raising her snout a little with pride as the fillies pounced on the opportunity, turning to Fluttershy quickly and bombarding her with questions.

        "Is it true that Rainbow Dash blew everypony else outta the sky Fluttershy?" Applebloom asked eagerly.

        As expected by Rainbow Dash the response seemed hesitant, but it's content was something she never would have predicted. "Well, actually, Rainbow was so nervous that she was trying to change numbers with every other pony before the competition to try to go on later, and she messed up the first two parts of her routine." She explained politely.

        Dash swallowed hard nervously at this as Scootaloo took the opportunity to ask the witness. "Did she really go faster than the Wonderbolts when she saved Rarity?"

        Again Fluttershy seemed to want to put off answering this question, but disapointing such sweet ponies wasn't in her nature. She looked to Dash, then back to the crusaders, her eyes resting on Apple Bloom specificly. "Actually yes, she actually even saved three of the Wonderbolts that were trying to save Rarity but got knocked out while doing so." The crusaders' eyes widened further hearing that the feat was even more spectacular than Dash had made it out to be. The second responce calmed Rainbow Dash a good deal as she smiled towards her friends, her cheeks starting to show a little redness.

        Finally Sweetie Belle had her turn. "Was she really laid back and cool after she saved them?"

        Already guessing the answer Rainbow Dash's cheeks slowly started to heat up in anticipation. "Oh my no, I never heard a pony so excited or say 'oh my gosh' as quickly as she did. She was talking faster than Pinkie Pie even." This response elicited a cheerful laugh from the girls which only made Dash more embarrassed as she contemplated flying off, never having been one that liked to stick around when she was being embarrassed."Now Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, why don't you go crusade elsewhere? Rainbow, Applebloom and I have some business to attend to." Business? Dash didn't remember Fluttershy asking her to do anything today, let alone with Applebloom.

        The two fillies let out a unified aww before bidding farewell to Applebloom as Fluttershy looked over to the confused looking pegasus and gave her a shy smile, but it had a mischievous feel to it though. Dash's cheeks darkened to the point of mimicking tomatoes, she didn't even think Fluttershy was capible of such a smile,and never expected such a smile to be directed at her. "F-Fluh...Fluttershy? Uh, what business would tha-that be?" Dash asked nervously, walking closer to the pair as her embarrassment slowly started to move away from the visible spectrum thanks to her insistence that she calm down.

        Her smile was replaced with a pleasant Fluttershy-esqe smile as Applebloom looked between the two ponies eagerly. "Now Rainbow, you remember the agreement we had for me to cheer for you in Cloudsdale, and accept your coaching, you said you'd help me if I needed anything." She said putting emphasis on the last word as she flicked her pink hair out of her face.

        Rainbow Dash looked skyward as she tried to recall such an agreement. She remembered something vaguely resembling what she said, but the word anything was never used. 'Fluttershy wasn't lying, she was incapable of lying. Everypony... Everypony knew that!' She wasn't sure what had gotten into the usually much more reclusive shy animal lover but for some reason she couldn't bring a fiber of her being to even consider wanting to object to this. "O-oh yea, I remember that." she said chuckling softly. This made Fluttershy's smile brighten a little to the tomcolt, confirming Dash's suspicions. She hadn't agreed to such a thing, and Fluttershy knew that!

        The wrench in the mix that prevented her from doing anything about it, the adorable and excited looking Applebloom spoke up. "Really Dash? Cuz, we- I was hopin' you'd help Fluttershy show me a few things later." she said kicking the dirt nonchalantly.

        "Well, why do you need me? If it's for any sort of cooking-"


        "It ain't, everyone knows yer not exactly the best pony to have in the kitchen" Applebloom interjected with a little laugh that Fluttershy joined in on with a light giggle.

        Dash frowned a little at being the butt of the joke but her expression quickly turned around. She WAS about to say pretty much the same thing anyways. "It's just something that I can't show her on myself, and she can't see properly if I do it to her. It's nothing bad, gross or even that hard. We just need somepony else so that Applebloom can learn it properly." She explained with a soft, heartwarming smile. So far it sounded okay and like a pretty easy way to repay a favor.

        "We've even asked Rarity, but she just got in a complicated order. I actually was just there showing her how to do the right stitch." It made sense to Dash. 'Ever since Fluttershy had critiqued Rarity's dress before it had been buzzing around that for sewing and fashion knowledge, Fluttershy was a flying encyclopedia.' She mused to herself

        "Even Pinkie Pie was busy, she has to watch the bakery for the Cakes while they go to Coltown for some rare ingredients." ' Well, Pinkie DID usually watch the bakery for them when something came up, she was pretty good at that stuff. I even heard once that the Cakes were considering moving to  Coltown to open a new bakery and leaving their bakery in Ponyville to Pinkie, she'd probably throw a ton of party sales there and love it...' Again she had to help her mind off of its tangent and back to the topic at hand.

        "Well, I guess I kinda don't have a choice. What do you need?" Dash asked with renewed eagerness and bright eyes.

        Applebloom opened her mouth to talk but stoppd herself smiling as Fluttershy chimed in. "We don't have the right things here, just come by my cottage after you clear the sky, okay Rainbow?"

        She still was a little weirded out by being called just Rainbow. It  was the first part of her name, but most people called her Dash or by her full name.To her recollection though almost nopony called her just Rainbow. It seemed to have a nice ring to it though. "Sure thing! I'll be over there lickedy split! Probably before you even get there let alone have the stuff ready!" She boasted as Fluttershy chuckled.

        "Now now, don't overwork yourself Rainbow." Fluttershy said patting her friend on the head, renewing the speedy pony's sign of embarrassment. "See you soon though." She said as she cantered off, Applebloom following her cheerily.

        The whole event seemed a little strange to Dash but she shrugged it off as Fluttershy being more assertive after all the coaching. 'This assertive though? Truth or not she normally wasn't one to embarrass anypony... Well she did cheer pretty well in the end. Who knows, maybe it'll be fun, whatever it is.' She thought to herself, imagining pleasant things like maybe a massage or showing Applebloom how to do something like groom another pony. It never was easy to tell what Fluttershy was thinking. She was the one of the most talented young fliers in all of Equestria, she could clear the skies of Ponyville in ten seconds flat, and she couldn't figure out what one shy pony was thinking? Her head was probably just muddled from uh, not flying for so long! She'd be back on her hooves after she did her rounds.

Okay everypony, got the message about Fluttershy being a bit too out of character, decided "Well, what would they say if there was a good reason?" We're talking a meek pony, that hates to disapoint anypony. Also, a cute filly, who well... if you haven't seen her sad face... Pretty dang hard to resist such a thing for your average pony, let alone somepony like Fluttershy...

In the end though, if you really don't like it then do me a favor and don't just parasprite, appreciate any good points there are in it. I'm trying to make it make sense, and in the end, it should be understandable why I had every thing happen.

Either way, characters owned by hasbro, SHIPPING! And no, this WILL NOT BECOME ANYTHING LIKE TOOTING CUPCAKES... admittedly I plan to do something in cupcakes' genre down the line, after I get some more confidence though

I do plan to make an E version ending, an M version ending, and a K version ending... E will be on EQD... The others... possibly FiMchan or 4chan... or if the kind owner of EQD doesn't mind, I may add a link to the alternate endings in the main ending.

Rainbows and Reciprocation

Chapter 2

Hey! You awake?”

        The loud voice jostled Dash from her dazed state, making her wings miss a beat. “Whoa! Huh? I'm awake!” She shouted defensively as her eyes darted around, looking for the source of the pony who questioned her. Her eyes fell upon the pony in question, the vibrant blue haired red pegasus known as Wingbeat. “Jeez, can't ya tell when I'm awake? My eyes are normally CLOSED when I'm asleep.”

        Wingbeat rolled her eyes under her flight goggles. “And normally Rainbow Dash doesn't pass the area she's supposed to make rain over by almost a field's length.” Dash's cheeks heated up a little as she frowned at this, looking around to see that she did pass Carrot Cake's gardens.

        Desperate to defend her honor the vibrant pegasus spat out the first thing that came to mind. “I-I was testing you newbie!” Newbie? Wingbeat's been on weather patrol since before I came to Ponyville! She internally cursed at her stupidity as Wingbeat chuckled.

        “Good thing I have smart, caring ponies like you to make sure I'm not losing it. Just wanted to make sure that you don't get nagged again, I know how that really cramps your style.” Dash looked over to the quickly flapping pony in surprise to see a warm understanding smile. “Trust me, I know that look Dash.” She said softly, almost sadly.

        There it was again though, someone calling her by the normal nickname of Dash. Short, cool, and somewhat hollow. It wasn't always this hallow was it? For a second she wasn't sure if it was even her name for some reason. “What're you talking about? I'm fine, just tired, I had a-, someone knocking on my door in the middle of the night, probably Gilda pulling a prank.” That was a terrible cover story, even if she took the newbie comment before, she wouldn't miss this goof up.

        “It's okay Dash, just get that garden damp for now then you're done, okay?” Wingbeat closed the few meter gap between the two of them and patted her on the head softly. “Go get an apple or somethin' after that.” Was all she said before pulling away and pulling off a few barrel rolls before flying off towards Cloudsdale. Another weird run in, two in one day for her was even weirder than one. Of course two weird things was weirder than one! She really needed to get through whatever this was.

        “Guh, first Fluttershy, then Wingbeat, why is everyone tryin' to throw me off my game the day after the competition!” She cried out in aggravation as she pulled a U turn back towards Carrot Cake's gardens, still trying to figure out what was up with Fluttershy as she did so.

        It wasn't that long before Dash was on her way over towards Fluttershy's cottage. As her annoyance had slowly turned into anger she had decided that the first thing she would do, Apple bloom or no Apple bloom was demand answers from her. She was now certain that she hadn't made any agreement to do whatever the normally meek pony asked for her attendance at the competition, and couldn't think of a single thing that she could be the best subject for showing anything off on. Dash could make a whole list of other ponies that have less important things to do that she could use. That was it! The one thing that had her so upset and off her game! Fluttershy was trying to USE her, after she had just proven how amazing of a pony she was, this weak little nobody was trying to USE her!

        Rainbow Dash's speed almost doubled as she streaked through the sky right towards the offending pony's cottage as she clenched her teeth firmly. As her sleek form sliced through the air as if it were warm butter she felt something odd, her face felt wetter than normal. Oh Celestia, I am NOT Crying! No no no NO! This is bad, I REFUSE to cry in front of her! Her mind started to speed up to match her body. She'd know just WHY i'm crying too, those piercing aquamarine eyes always see through every bluff she's ever tried to pull off. It was too late to stop herself, she was going too fast and too steeply towards the cottage, why was she going right FOR the cottage? There wasn't a sunroof or anything that she saw of. Her eyes flew around the landscape as her panic rose, a flat out crash could break a bone at this speed. Then she spotted it, a bush. Seeing it felt like a great burden had been lifted off her shoulders as she readjusted her angle slightly as she got closer to the ground, leaving an airborne stream of water droplets in her wake.

        One hundred times she had practiced this maneuver, the emergency dive abort. At the last possible moment she fully extended her wings, using the air braking mechanism from them to change her direction drastically, flying straight towards the large bush at a less steep angle. The angle and reduced speed managed to make it just safe enough as she crashed through the bush, each tiny branch cutting her velocity until her nose touched the ground and she started to tumble. This is good, no trees or obstacles in the way, should slow in a bit. A perfect calculation, if she knew anything it was flight. After a bit of tumbling she came to a stop, landing on her stomach. With a low groan from the pain she slowly got up, taking inventory of her body and assessing any damages. She had all four legs, two wings, one head she assumed, everything seemed to be perfectly fine. She felt her mane to find that even it was fine, more than fine it felt to be as groomed as it normally is. With a cheery laugh she shrugged this off as the wind's doing as she wiped away the oddly timed  spots of water on her face before walking over to Fluttershy's door and raising her hoof to knock on the door only to encounter another surprise.

        “Why hello there Rainbow.” Fluttershy said cheerily, greeting her friend in her normal shy yet happy demeanor. The surprise of seeing the meek pony startled Dash.

        “Waah!” She cried out before dashing back into the bush only  a few meters from her door for protection. Only the opaque could shield her from those eyes. Through a small gap in the leaves Dash peered out towards the door to see the still smiling pony that was Fluttershy. Her eyes this time though looked different than she had pictured them. Rather than piercing orbs that cut her facades like finely tuned lasers, they resembled brilliant gemstones. She swallowed her pride and stepped out from the bush slowly. “Sorry about that, kinda took me by surprise.” She admitted hesitantly.

        Fluttershy just smiled at this. “It's quite alright Rainbow.” She put a cute emphasis on her name this time, as if to put more warmth into it. Hearing her name spoken in such a way made the usually more spunky pegasus smile. “I know how it is to get startled. At least you don't get startled as easily as I do.” Again the yellow and pink pony's words coupled with her beautiful eyes softened any displeasure or anger that Dash felt before seeing her again.

        “Th-thanks Fluttershy, so now that I'm here lets get down to business. How can I help?” With any feelings of discomfort put aside Rainbow's peppiness had returned in full force as she gave the world an honest smile. Any inkling of suspicion she had towards her dear friend had already melted into nothingness, all she had now was a tiny itch in the back of her mind that meant to make her uneasy. Fluttershy let out a soft giggle as she smiled a little mischievously at Rainbow.

        “You need to trust me Rainbow, I'm only doing this for Apple bloom, okay? If... if I didn’t promise her I’d show her this...” Fluttershy looked like she being torn apart inside to Rainbow dash and the young pegasus wasn’t a fan of it.

        Rainbow Dash blinked, replaying what Fluttershy said in her mind as the itching turned into a flag of concern, she felt worried about her friend now. “Don't be silly, o-of course I trust you Fluttershy, why wouldn't I?”

        Apple Bloom trotted out beside Fluttershy wearing a pair of tinted goggles. “Ready Fluttershy!” She proclaimed as she stopped when she stood between the two of them, her eyes looking back between Fluttershy's eyes and Rainbow Dash's interestedly.

        The blue pony felt nervousness slowly start to well up inside her as she looked back and forth from Fluttershy to Apple Bloom. “Huh? What're you gonna do? What are the gogg...les... f-for?” She slowly said, struggling to finish her thoughts as she found her eyes locked into Fluttershy's gaze. These jewels that she had looked upon many times before seemed to have changed quite a bit. They seemed much wider, darker, and deeper. “I... uh?” Confusion washed over her entire body and mind as both started to feel duller and fuzzier. It wasn't so much that she felt herself drawn into her fellow pegasus' eyes as much as she was just sinking into the unfathomably deep pools that her eyes contained.

        Fluttershy had to remain focused solely on her own eyes as she stared at Dash, normally such a strong willed pony would be impossible to perform such a thing as this on, especially the day after winning such a great award that reaffirmed her self confidence. Luckily though she had managed to figure out the one way that any creature's armour could be punctured a while ago. Feeling constantly uncertain of everything around her and her own safety was the key to the technique as she had told her pupil. Not pupil, Apple Bloom was now her apprentice. If she failed now not only would It show more weakness and that she needed more practice, but it would probably result in anything but a pleased Rainbow Dash, which was the last thing she wanted. Her mind was wandering, she needed to focus harder and draw from the pain that she felt inside. The unending fear and uncertainty, the bog that Rainbow felt herself slowly sink.

        Apple Bloom watched as Rainbow's eyes slowly seemed to get hazy and her master's eyes got darker and darker, letting out not a shred of light that it took in. Were it not for the tinted goggles that were firmly strapped onto her head she too would certainly be a victim of this stare, just one of the many that Fluttershy had practised for years as a form of defence.

        Rainbow let out a low mumbling moan of confusion  as her eyes glazed over entirely, the normally magenta coloured peepers now colourless, a dull dingy gray. Her legs lacking any strong control were now weak. They slowly buckled under her weight as she sat on her haunches, barely aware of her own body let alone the world around her. It took all her focus and willpower she had left to remain awake at this point. Fluttershy let out a heavy sigh as her focus faded, it was alright at this point though. She could bite Dash's tongue off and she wouldn't feel more than a pinch. In her barely conscious state rainbow just watched her friends with a soft goofy smile as they took her into the well lit blurry confines of the cottage, not minding this at all, enjoying the bit of warmth that she felt from their touch.