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    Hey uh... Rainbow Dash?


    Could you... umm... you know... if it’s not too much trouble... maybe... teach me how to fly?

    Scootaloo stood behind the curtain. She could hear the dull roar of the crowd, a simple piece of cloth separating her from their stares.

    This was it. This was all she had been training for.

    Ten years since her hero had done this.

    Ten years since it had become her dream.

    This was the Best Young Fliers competition.

    Why would you even need to ask that? Of course I’ll teach you, you know you’re my favorite filly.

    Nervous sweat rolled down her neck, she knew who would be watching from the stands. The pegasus who had taught her how to fly, who had always been there for her when times were rough, always willing to lend a helping hoof. Her idol for all these years.

    "Number 12, it's your turn", said the backstage manager.

    Scootaloo took a deep breath, one more person.

    Come on Scootaloo, I know you can do it, just try again. It’s not so different from what you do with your scooter

    Her legs felt rooted to the ground, as if there was a feeling in her gut that screamed "you cannot do this," but Scootaloo ignored it.

    The backstage manager spoke up again, "Number 13, get on out there".

    I can’t do this Rainbow Dash, I’m just going to be grounded forever

    Don’t be silly, you almost had it that time.  Why don’t you give it another go, remember, catch the air.

    She was next, now was the time. Scootaloo started cantering around to loosen herself up, slowly bringing her wings up, then down, rotating them in their sockets.

    "Number 14, you're the last one, so get out there and put on a good show for everyone."

    It was time.

    Scootaloo nudged the curtain aside, and slowly, but purposefully, glided out to the very center of the arena.

    Hey Rainbow Dash! Guess what guess what guess what!?

    Wow, slow down! What is it?

    I’m entering the Best Young Fliers Competition!

    Good! I’m sure you’ll take home first prize.

    Scootaloo looked around at the crowd, cheering, waiting for her to start. She looked at the guest stands. A rainbow maned Wonderbolt nodded her head ever so slightly.

    The music started, hard rock blaring over the speakers.

    Scootaloo immediately flew forwards towards the crowd. Pulling up, she executed a perfect backflip that sent her over the stands. She did a tight u-turn and accelerated, circling the stadium.

    Seeing three clouds above her, Scootaloo flew towards them and started flying around, guiding them towards each other until they combined into one giant, puffy cloud.

    So have you got your routine all ready?

    Yeah, I’ve had to practice in secret though, can’t have anyone spoiling the surprise.

    Scootaloo flew right down through the center, but instead of breaking it apart she grabbed the cloud and pulled it with her. Making a rough tornado shape, she started circling again until it looked like a giant, spinning maelstrom in the sky. Then she kicked it again, causing it to fly down into the stadium and break apart into a ring of clouds.

    She kept flying up, higher and higher, until the air got thin and her wings became heavy. Down below, Rainbow Dash was getting a huge grin on her face.

    I’m a little nervous though.

    Don’t be, remember what I said? I’m sure you’ll take home first prize, and Rainbow Dash is never wrong!

    Scootaloo was far above the clouds, and she could hear the song coming to an end. It was now or never. She turned and flew straight down.

    She pushed her wings flat against her body and pushed her hooves directly ahead of her. She kept speeding up. The wind pushed her eyes closed and tears were pushed out. She clenched her teeth and went faster.

    She was closing on the stadium, faster then anyone could have thought possible. If she kept going at this speed she would be flattened against the ground below, but still, she went faster.

    The air itself started to bend around her, an elastic band seemed to be pushing back, trying to bounce her away, but Scootaloo fought it. Pushing forwards, the band slowly narrowed, then bent around her. It exploded outwards.

    In an instant, any resistance had been wiped away. Scootaloo flashed forwards, behind her a purple and orange trail remained, and above her a wave of air was pushed outwards by the sonic rainboom.

    Scootaloo smiled, she had done it. She flew down past the stadium, then when she neared the ground she pulled up and began flying near the edge of the earth, then she pulled up more and began flying back up to the stadium. Finally, she pulled around and imitating her hero, caused a huge rainbow to stretch over the stadium. She slowed down and glided back into the stadium.

    The crowd was jumping around, cheering and shouting her name. Scootaloo raised her hooves and waved them at the crowd in response. Suddenly, the Princesses Celestia and Luna landed in front of her, and behind them the Wonderbolts.

    Rainbow Dash ran forwards, ripping off her goggles and mask, and with tears in her eyes caught Scootaloo in a tight embrace. Scootaloo hugged her back.

    “You did it squirt! All those years I never once lost faith in you, and you didn’t let me down, ever since day one, I knew you could do it!”

    Scootaloo smiled sheepishly, “Ahh come on Dash, if it weren’t for you I never would have been able to get off the ground.”

    From behind her Celestia stepped forwards and spoke, “I haven’t seen anything like that since Rainbow Dash here entered this competition all those years ago. I’m sure there is no debate as to the winner, which is why I present the grand prize to you, Miss Scootaloo!” With a light from her horn, the Princess created a golden crown with a wing extending from each side and placed it on Scootaloo’s head.

    Scootaloo couldn’t hold it in any longer, she clenched her eyes shut and hopped up and down, “Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!”



    Rainbow Dash laughed and said “So how about hanging out with the Wonderbolts?”

    Scootaloo turned and said to her, “Actually... I only want to hang out with one Wonderbolt today.”

    Rainbow Dash smiled, and together they rose and flew off.

    “Thanks for always being there for me”

                        --- The End ---

Authors note: Yay! I wrote my first (second? The other hasn’t been submitted and is a really short one) fan fiction! I’m really proud of how this came out, but I still have doubts about the name. I plan on writing some more, so keep a lookout for my name. I’d appreciate any feedback, thanks!