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Selected Installments of a Journal

Earliest entry, date unknown.

The doctor lady gave me this book and told me to write about today and how it makes me feel like I was talking to a friend.

Mommy waked me up real early so we could go to the place with the white rooms and bright lights that takes care of all the sick ponies. Mommy takes me here a lot. I don't like to come here cause we always have to wait a long time to see the doctor, and I don't like to wait because its boring but Mom says its to help me so I sit and stay quiet.

Today I see another pony my age here. She looks like she tried to see what was in front and next to her at the same time. I tried to do like her but my head hurt.

You have weird eyes I said.

You have weird wings she said. I felt bad and sat next to Mommy until they said we could go in.

The doctor lady ask me lots of stuff. Sometimes they take x ray pictures of me. I like the pictures a lot cause they can show the insides of stuff. Today they took the pictures. After the doctor lady talked to my mom and I got you. She said I get to keep you if I write everyday.


Today I started the big colts class. I liked that Daddy took me to school today but was sad when he said bye and left to work. The teacher was nice and I got showed where to sit. Then another pony sat down next to me and it was the pony with the weird eyes and blond mane again! But I didnt talk to her.

Big colts class is not the same as the other class, we all have desks, and we have to sit down and listen to the teacher all day. Teacher told us to always date our work. There is a recess break where all of us can go outside and play. I dont like recess. I felt bad cause the other ponies dont wanna play with me. They said I had funny wings and made fun of me. I played with some cloud until the bell rang.

When class was over I just wanted Mommy to pick me up and to go home.


Today the blond filly stayed for recess. Everyday she goes home early right before recess but today she stayed. We went outside and I went to play at my cloud corner. She went to play with the others. Then I saw a mean pony go up to her. He told her she had weird eyes and that she was a freak.

I couldn't believe my eyes, she bit him right in the ear! He yelled a lot and she got sent to the corner next to me. She looked like she was going to cry.

I'm sorry I said you had weird eyes, I told her. I think what you did was really brave!

My name is Derpy Hooves, she said, no tears.

I was stupid not brave, said Derpy. Mom says being brave is not listening to bullies, and laughing at what bad people say. But he ruined my first recess, so I was stupid.

I didn't understand what she was talking about, I thought she was the bravest pony ever. Now we are friends.


I'm in the hospital again. “Why are you in the hospital?” you ask. Its a long story. A few days ago, Derpy invited me to go to the park with her. The big one in the middle of Cloudsdale.

It is summer,” she said. “We should be out playing, and enjoying our lives!”

After begging for a while I gave up and followed her to the park. This would've been one of the best days of my life. Even though she was beginning to fly already, Derpy walked with me everywhere. We started at the rainbow river that crosses the middle of the park. Starting at one end we followed it while looking at the various birds that visit Cloudsdale during the summer. And enjoying the company of the other Pegasus around us.

I enjoyed myself until Brewster Blat, the tan bully with black mane, swooped down ahead of us.

Ewww look at the two freak lovebirds on a hike,” he said.

I got angry, Derpy just looked down.(Was she blushing?)

Quit it Brewster,” I said. “We've had to deal with your bullying for years, haven't you grown out of it.”

I don't bully,” he sneered. “I just liked to point out how you two are different from the rest of us.”

This made me really angry so I made a bet with him. “I'll race you”

He laughed. “You can't even fly.”

If I win the race you have to promise never to point out our differences ever again.”

Derpy looked at me. “Don't do this,” she said, “its just stupid.”

I never could tell the difference between stupid and brave. I guess if it was brave I wouldn't be in the hospital.

You gonna let your girlfriend tell you what to do!”

With that the race was on, we had to circle the park and the first one back was the winner. I ran as fast as I ever could chasing the shadow of the jerk above me. I had forgotten something. The rainbow river. It came up fast, most Pegasus just fly over it, there was never a need for bridges. I jumped, I drowned, I fell through the bottom, I landed on a cloud 20 feet below, I'm in the hospital. A few days went by, Derpy visits with a muffin basket, Mom found you in my room and brought you here, I'm bored, I write.


What can be said about the ground. It's cold, hard, jagged, safe, lonely. I've heard of Pegasus that prefer the ground, I think they are crazy. The move to the ground wasn't as bad as I had imagined, but the ground was so much worse. In winter the ground is covered in snow, it looks like cloud, but it's not. It's very cold and very wet. I hate the ground.

Our house is in the middle of nowhere, stuck between Cloudsdale and Ponyville. I hate everything about being here. Mom says I'm overly dramatic, we need to live here so I can go to school in Ponyville, while my parents can still get to work in Cloudsdale. My parents bought me a telescope for my birthday. They say I can still see my friends with it and look to them whenever I want. I hate the telescope.


The school in Ponyville is nice. The walk there isn't, but I can't complain, at least there are no bullies. Most of the ponies my age are very kind, and they are all different types. I had never seen Unicorns or Earth Ponies before moving to the ground, I was a little anxious my first few weeks, but now I'm used to them. I get along with everypony but I can't say I've made any real friends.

The topic today fascinated me. My teacher told me that the stars in the sky are actually suns like the one that lights our day. He said that they float in space, which is the stuff around Equestria. He said everything floats in space. Including the sun, the moon, and even Equestria itself. I go home, wait for the night, use my telescope, look at the moon, count the stars.


This was the best week in my life! Derpy came to visit. She flew down from Cloudsdale all by herself, ok well her parents showed her the way, but she still flew down here. Watching her flutter to hover down while landing, will be something I always remember. I felt jealous and proud at the same time, and I was happy to see my best friend. This was also the first time I saw her with her cutie mark! Seven bubbles, cute.

I see you got your cutie mark too,” she commented. “What is it?” She looked puzzled staring at the odd white triangular shape on my flank.

It's a paper airplane,” I said proudly. However her expression didn't change, she still couldn't figure it out. “Here I'll show you.”

We went into the house and got all the paper we could find I showed her how to fold it just right, “Earth ponies make these for fun.” She did her best but hers still came out looking crumpled and bumpy compared to my crisply folded flying machine.

What do they do?” she asked.

Watch!” I threw mine as hard as I could and watched it soar in the air.

So it just flies,” she said looking unamused. “Yes it flies!” I exclaimed. “I got my cutie mark when I knew that I want to build flying machines.”

She laughed as if it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. I looked down embarrassed. “Well now you know mine, tell me the story of your cutie mark.”

She looked even more embarrassed than I was “I don't want to talk about it,” she whispered. And that was it.


I showed her Ponyville and the other types of ponies, frightened her at first. She quickly found them to be very nice and made acquaintances faster than I had. She always surprises me. One day, on our way back home she suggested we explore the area around my house. It's funny that I never thought to do that myself, I was probably too busy gazing at the sky to notice the world around me.

Exploring uncharted territory sounds pretty stupid to me,” I said with a smirk.

It sounds like a brave adventure to me,” she exclaimed with determination.

It was that day that we found the most incredible thing ever! An dragon's lair, filled to the brim with different jewels and crystals.

I've never seen a Dragon around here,” I explained.

Maybe it's abandoned,” Derpy hypothesized, her eyes aglow.

We made sure it was, we came back everyday that week and there was never any sign of change. It's our secret cavern.


Derpy leaves tomorrow, I will miss her. We gazed at the stars and asked each other questions.

Do you have any dreams?” I asked.

Sure I do, almost every night,” she replied.

Not those dreams,” I said with a gruff face. I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. “I mean like things you want to do or become or see or experience.”

She blushed, I think, it was too dark to tell. “I want to get married someday, be a mom, and make everyone around me happy!” she exclaimed very quickly. “Now tell me your dream,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I pointed up, “I want to go there.”

The sky?”

No, space, I want to be the first pony in space to float around and feel what it's like to fly.”

She was quiet, and she just smiled.


Hello Old Friend.

It had been ages since I last saw you or Derpy. I had heard she had become a courier for Ponyville not too long ago. Meanwhile I spent most of my younger days studying the air, and what it was exactly that allowed Pegasus and birds to fly. I had grown up. I've been living in the outskirts of Ponyville for some time now, alone. I hardly ever go into the city and when I do I keep it quick. After I grew my parents left me the shanty and moved back to Cloudsdale. They visit often enough though.

Some time back I bartered with some Diamond Dogs, I traded our secret fort for any raw ores, or any material they could find. Seeing all the gems in front of them, metal was the smallest price they thought they could pay.

I found work in fashioning flying contraptions. Each one a bigger failure than the last. It's funny but I was even able to sell one a few years back to a loopy pink pony. Something about catching a Griffin in a rainbow, I forget.

Derpy visits me. This is the first time I had ever received mail in all the time I've lived here. Watching her fly in reminded me of that one summer years ago. Something happened at that instant, a spark is rekindled in my soul. She hands you over to me. She said my parents found it while cleaning their house. Mom had probably taken you as a memento. Derpy says we belong together. I've missed her. She made me happy. I'm sure everypony is this happy when they receive a package from her.

Derpy brought more than just you back to me, but my imagination and my drive, I had to do it.

I'm going to fly,” I exclaim.

She tells me it's that's the stupidest thing she has ever heard in her life. I tell her, I could never tell the difference between bravery and stupidity. I apologize for trading our fort.


        Over the past few months, I've been working diligently on finishing my design and construction soon began. What better than the shape of a giant needle to pierce through the sky with. Derpy visits often, I always have time for her. Some days we chat about everything and nothing. She's always asking to help out. She decides she wants to become my own personal courier, going into Ponyville and bringing me supplies every so often. As always I appreciate the help and the company.

        I began to attract many visitors in this short time. Mostly ponies that have seen Derpy scurry about town. I am not used to this much attention. Previously my only acquaintances had been Diamond Dogs leaving scraps of metal and minerals, they didn't speak much and were always on their way quickly. Many of these ponies just gawk, laugh, and move on their merry way. Some ponies try to sympathize with me, believing me to be a charity case. I must say, though, even this company is better than before.


        It had taken longer than I had ever imagined, but there it was before me. I checked with the Diamond Dogs, here to bring me the last bit of fuel.

        “We hates this stuff,” one said. “Its stinky and sticky.”

        “Aye, but you love your gemstones,” said I. “And I had given you a life-time supply.” The Dog knew I was in the right and stopped complaining. I chuckled somewhat, there creatures were more fascinating that I had once thought.

        Besides the Diamond Dogs I had an unusual guests today. A News Pony wanting an exclusive interview. He asked many questions, but none of which I didn't expect; 'Why are you doing this?' or 'Who are you trying to prove yourself to' things like that. I answered all of them honestly. After the questioning he said how's this for a title, “Sidelined Stallion Shoots Skyward,” I didn't really care much and said it was fine.

        “You know,” he remarked. “The local tavern is holding a wager for you survival. The odds are against you One-hundred thousand to one. I bet on you. Don't disappoint me,” this filled me with gumption, and I smiled harder than I had ever before.


        Today is the day. Of course old friend I’m bringing you with me. At the outside of my house there were more ponies than I had seen in one place. I saw Derpy. She cantered up to me pleading with me not to go. Here eyes welling up with tears.

        “Everypony says you are going to die” she said in between her sobs. “Please I know you’re the bravest pony ever, you don’t have to prove yourself to anypony.”

        I just looked at her and smiled. “When I get back, promise to tell me the story of your cutie mark.” She nodded in agreement wiping away her tears. As I sit here preparing for take off I find time to write.

7/20/1009 addendum

 We’ve made it old friend! The engines roared and we took off. I felt more force on my body than ever before. The more I soared skyward, the heavier and heavier I felt. Then nothing. I am weightless, floating, flying. I can see all of Equestria from up here. The Universe is so much grander than I had ever imagined and all of Equestria that much smaller. I'm running out of fuel and air but I just want to float here a while longer...

                                Lowe Orbit


        I had forgotten you again, and for that I am truly sorry. This will be the last entry I write. I'm guessing you want to hear what has happened in the years since our majestic flight. The first thing I remember is waking in a strange bed. The nurse said I was found among the debris of my landing pod. I assume I passed out and the automatic fail safes I installed brought us back down to earth in a spectacular crash.

        Again I must apologize for neglecting you after all this time, but life has a way of sneaking up on us. When I was done resting, I was received with a hero's welcome. All the ponies that had doubted or mocked me were now cheering with glee. A parade was held and a statue erected in my honor. The plaque was inscribed

"Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Equestria

– Put out my hoof and touched the Face of Celestia."

        As exciting as this was, none of it mattered to me. I only wanted to see her again. When I did I professed my love to Derpy. Some months later we bore a child, with eyes as straight as an arrow and wings so strong you wouldn't be surprised if they could fly from birth.

        I don't know what it was that led me to that crash site on this fateful day. Maybe it was just my subconscious nagging me that I forgot something. I found you there among the wreckage. I'm surprised at how similar you and I had become in our old age. Both of us fatter, what with all the pages I've added to you over the years. And both of us grayer around the edges, but just as useful as we ever were.

        I took you to the local library where I met a nice purple Unicorn. I asked if she could re-bind you and fill you with blank pages. It never ceases to amaze what some of these Unicorns can do, you look better than new. She wouldn't accept payment, she only wanted a copy of you, which I was more than happy to share. I still donated a large sum of bits to the library, anonymously of course.

        Friend we've had a long run but my story is over, thank you for listening to my ramblings for all these years.


My daddy gives you to me and tells me to write in you like I was talking to a friend....

Thanks for reading!