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                                                                PART ONE

                                                Bad Moon Rising

                                                 Chapter One

                                         “The Trip to Ponyville”

Everypony knows about winter wrap up. It’s a fantastic time of year when ponies all work together to change the season to spring. Some cities – like Canterlot – use magic. Others – like Ponyville – use hard work and planning to clean up the wintery mess. There is one city that doesn’t get to do winter wrap up at the same time as the other cities in Equestria. It was too far north, the warmer temperatures took longer to reach this city. This was the city of Whinnypeg.

Due to the later timing of spring, the local Apple Family branch takes a trip to visit family and help out with their food planting for the year before it was their turn. Because of the large amount of ponies in the apple family, about 700 at last count. They could only take turns and visit only one family a year. This year, it was Ponyville’s turn for a visit.

The three children from the Apple family in Whinnypeg were packing their things, it had only been a few months before that they had seen the whole family at Sweet Apple Acres, but they were very excited to see their favorite cousins again. The male twins Red and Golden Delicious were ready and anxious to help out Big Macintosh this year, he was the biggest in the family and they could use the pointers on how to be more like him.

The younger sister Jazz was also excited, she looked up to Applejack, like most ponies in the Apple family do, and she was in charge of that huge farm at such a young age. This in turn set the bar high for the rest of the females in the family. Not to mention how well she could cook! Jazz knew that it was Granny Smith that taught AJ how to cook, and she was excited to get a lesson from her now that she finally had a chance to be alone with her. During the Summer Sun Celebration, there was so much commotion with having most of the family there that she didn’t get the chance to ask. This was her once in a lifetime chance.

The light blue and blonde earth pony was busy deciding on what to pack, when Red Delicious came to see if she was finally ready to go

“Are you STILL packing? We wanted to leave an hour ago!” sighed the yellow and blue haired colt

“I know, I know! Just hold on a little longer, ok?” pleaded Jazz, picking through her dresser.

Golden Delicious came up to check on his brother and little sister.

“I’m giving you 5 minutes to get your suitcase out to the cart, or we’re leaving you behind” declared the tan and brown twin.

Red Delicious glanced at his brother. Even though they were twins, their personalities were a bit different when it came to their little sister.  They both loved her dearly, but Red had quite a bit more patience with the mare’s antics than Golden did, and he couldn’t figure out why.

“We won’t leave you behind J, just hurry it up a bit ok?” Red added.

“Whatever, you can stay if you want Red, but I’ll be leaving in 5 minutes with or without you” Golden stated.

Golden then huffed off to go finalize the cart for the trip.

“Thanks Red, I know you guys are really excited for the trip, and I am too… but there’s just so much I want to plan for, cook books, cute saddles… oh no! What if they have a party?! I need to make sure I pack my best hair ribbon!” Jazz subsequently started tearing apart her closet.

“Uh, well… good luck with that. I’ll be down with the cart”. Red decided to leave his sister to whatever she was doing and to go help finalize the trip preparations.

“What a disaster!” Jazz thought to herself after finding her good ribbons at the bottom of her closet. Her room was trashed, saddles and coats were everywhere, boots were flung haphazardly on the floor, all of her dresser drawers were open and assorted scarves and accessories were hanging out of them.

There was no time to clean up unfortunately. That would have to wait, the last thing that she wanted to do right now was make her brothers’ mad right before a big trip. She couldn’t handle making it alone and she didn’t want to be alone in the countryside without her brothers there to scare off any scary animals. After the parasprite outbreak that happened all over Equestria, the larger, scarier animals were more active than normal.

She closed her suitcase, which was packed full of things that she wanted to do while she was in Ponyville, it took all of her effort to get it to close tightly.

“Well then, let us be off!” she claimed excitedly.  Picking up the heavy suitcase caused to be quite a problem, but she finally got it after getting a good handle on it.

Her room was on the upper level of the two story farmhouse, her brother’s room was on the first floor and her parents room was right next to hers. They would stay behind and take care of the food stores that fed the town while they were gone.

With a few loud thumps and a crash, Jazz lost grip on the overstuffed suitcase and tumbled down the stairs, when she opened her eyes she expected her things to be all over the floor at the bottom of the stairs, but to her surprise, the lid was still sealed tight.

“Whew!  Must be my lucky day… or something”. Quickly picking up the suitcase, she took it outside to where her brothers were waiting for her

“What was that noise? Is everything ok?” The mother, Apple Brown Betty asked.

“No mom, I just lost control of my suitcase on the stairs, everything is fine” Jazz responded unabashedly

“Well, alright. Just be more careful ok? I don’t want you getting hurt!” The mother chided.

Jazz rolled her eyes and heaved the suitcase on the cart that was hooked up to Golden’s saddle.

“Alright then, that should be everything. Can we leave now?” Golden berated Jazz.

“Be nice to your sister please” shot the matriarch. Quickly changing her tone to worry. “Are you sure you have enough food for the trip? You know I worry about you all every second you’re gone.”

“We should be alright mother” Red told her, “half the cart is filled with food, any more and we’ll need another one.”

“Oh, I wish your father was here, he’s out at the market right now and he won’t be home until later this afternoon. Alright now, when you get to Sweet Apple Acres, make sure you give this package to Granny Smith ok?” Apple Brown Betty brings out a small package with a bow on it. “This present is for her birthday; its coming up soon and I might as well send it with you guys and save the money on postage, MAKE SURE IT GETS THERE SAFE”.

“Yes, mother” all three responded.

 “We do this every year now mom, we’ll be alright. Now can we get going?” Golden begged.

“Fine fine, be on your way now. Have a safe trip and stay warm ok?! Watch out for manticores and dragons!” Shouted the mother to her children as they left the yard. “It never gets any easier seeing your kids off, does it?” she spoke this to no one in particular.


The trip was a long one; it would take 2 days to get to Ponyville from Whinnypeg, passing alongside great mountain ranges and swift rivers. The road passed right through the massive Everfree Forest at the end as well. No pony knows how massive the forest is. Most were too afraid to map it out, even the Pegasus ponies that could fly overhead.

“I wonder what mom got Granny Smith as a present.” Asked Jazz, looking at the package on top of the cart.

“I suppose we will find out when we get there and she opens it up” Red Delicious remarked.

“I can’t to see the look on her face when she gets it! We don’t get to see her that often… I can’t wait to have her teach me all of her famous recipes!” The mare eagerly responded.

Golden was silent, watching the road ahead of the group, wishing that his siblings would be a little more careful while they were out in the country alone.

The temperature was getting warmer as they headed south; the snow on the ground was quickly disappearing, which brightened the colt’s mood a little.

“Ah, the warm sun feels really good right now. I’m really glad that we get to take these trips during winter, I can only handle the cold for so long” Red Delicious stated the thoughts everypony in the group was thinking.

“I wonder if the winter wrap up went well for Ponyville this year. I heard AJ was in charge of the ground clearing teams again, and I also heard that they were late every year for the past five years” Jazz stated, trying to start a conversation, she could feel the tension from her brother Golden as soon as they left town.

“Well, I heard that this year they actually did it, looks like that Twilight Sparkle we met last year was a big factor in getting things taken care of. I heard she’s a pupil of Princess Celestia!” said Red.

“Well duh, were you sleeping when AJ and her friends came back after taking out Nightmare Moon?” Golden chided.

At this time Red remembered the events that happened that day

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Haha, guess my memory was a little fuzzy after staying up all night before then.” Red responded.

This conversation went on for a few more miles, Jazz felt  better after hearing both of her brothers talking again, she wondered to herself if she would be able to meet Princess Celestia and be on the same terms with her as that Twilight Sparkle was some day. There was another pupil of the Princess’s that lived near Whinnypeg, she mostly kept to herself in a house shortly outside of town. When she came into town, she never spoke to anyone and went on her way after getting supplies she was looking for. That was a couple of years ago, no one has seen the unknown unicorn since.

The rest of the trip went on without any problems. The gang reached the entrance to the Everfree forest that they were dreading since beginning the trip, the road disappeared into darkness quickly. Jazz gulped in fear, she was never going to be used to this place. They grew silent as they quickly moved through the forest, never keeping an eye off the side of the road, looking deep into the forest for anything that moved. The forest was the very last leg of the trip, and just on the other side was Ponyville, if they can make it through there, everything would be fine.

Golden Delicious saw the figure first, in the forest to the right side of the road. A pony-like figure could be made out in the shadows, but he couldn’t be certain until they got closer. He slowed down and nodded to Red to indicate his findings.

“What is it Gold?” He whispered.

“Over there, I can’t make it out. But it looks like another pony, can you see it?”

“Yeah I think I see it, looks like a pony to me, should we just keep going?”

“I don’t see why not, the sooner we are out of here the better”

Jazz was too busy looking at her side of the road and behind her that she didn’t notice what her brothers were talking about. She was way too frightened of this place to care about anything other than getting out; it took all of her willpower to not break out into a run and leaving the pair behind.

The figure noticed the approaching ponies and started moving towards them.

“Uh, red? If anything happens, make sure you get J out of here ok?” Golden whispered.

“What about you?!” Red shot back in a low tones.

“I’ll make it, somehow. Just run when I tell you to.” Golden responded.

Red prepared himself mentally for what this figure could be, but nothing he could think of could take away the fear of what could be lurking in the forest in front of him.

The figure moved into the light of the road in front of the group, revealing something that wasn’t quite pony, but close enough.

“Greetings pony travelers, do not be alarmed. I do not wish to bring you any harm.”

The party stopped and stared, all except for Jazz who was now hiding behind the cart.

“Is there something we can help you with… uh miss?” Red called out.

"Throughout the forest, creatures waken. Extra caution should be taken" the figure warned.

“Uh… thank you?“ Golden continued ”We will be on our way then, thanks miss…”

“My name is Zecora my friends, I do not wish to see your group meet an unfortunate end”

The three stood in silence for a little bit as Zecora walked back into the forest. Uneasiness washed over the party as they continued on.

“Wh-what kind of creatures did she mean?” Squeaked Jazz, moving closer to her brothers.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to find out, lets pick up the pace.” Answered Golden Delicious, his awareness reaching new heights.  The entrance to the forest well behind them, they would be better off just moving forward instead of turning around at this point. Just how far until the exit?

They had just made this trip a few months earlier and yet none of them could remember how long this stretch of the road went, Jazz decided to take up position in between her brothers as they eyed the forest on either side suspiciously. Not saying a word, hoping to not alert whatever could be out there.

They never heard what was sneaking up behind them until it was on top of them.

                                     CHAPTER 2

                           “No Equestria for Old Mares”

Applejack awoke to a crash in the kitchen. Stumbling out of her cozy bed just as dawn was breaking.

“what the hay was that?” she yawned as she opened the door out to the rest of her house to investigate. The kitchen revealed a mess of pancakes, syrup and Applebloom all over the wooden floor.

“Applebloom! what happened here? Y’all alright?”

“Uh, yeah I was just about to clean this mess up when you walked in. I tried making breakfast for the family to try and find my cutie mark... but I guess that wasn’t my special skill either.” Explained the disappointed filly.

“Aw, I appreciate the notion lil’ sis. Don’t let a small setback like this stop ya. You’ll find your talent when its the right time.” Applejack started back to her room, in the doorway she stopped and turned back. “Just make sure you clean this up before Granny and Big Mac get up, they won’t be too happy to see this sort a’ thing so early in the mornin’. I might as well get ready for the day, no sense going back to sleep now when there’s so much work to be done still”

“I can make more pancakes if you want!”

“Uh... no thanks, i’ll be fine until lunch”

“You sure? its only 4am and its a long way until lunch!”

“Wait, 4am? Land sakes! what are you doing up this early Applebloom?!”

“Uh, i was so excited about my idea of being an expert at preparing breakfast that i had to try it out. i couldn’t sleep!”

“What am i going to do with you? Alrighty then, clean this up and get some sleep before you ruin your sleep schedule.” Applejack finished with this request and finally left for her room.

“Honestly, 4am!? I was never like this when I was her age... wait, maybe i was” Applejack said to herself as she walked up to her mirror, revealing her cutiemark.

“But more importantly, why is it so bright this early in the morning? This is odd, i’ll have ta ask Twilight about it this afternoon.”

Applejack went out into the fields to check on the freshly planted crops. Wondering when her cousins were going to show up helped pass the time as the rest of Ponyville started to wake up. She was so preoccupied in her thoughts that she almost didn’t see the grey mail pegasus float down to her.

“Top o the mornin to ya Applejack!” Derpy greeted in a scottish accent.

“Good mornin to yerself Derpy, what do you have for me?” Applejack replied with her normal accent.

“I obtained a parcel for ye the eve of last.” Derpy was obviously confused as to how she should be talking to Applejack. She then continued in a new accent “Ya, dat dere letter is from yer auntie. I `spose i shoulda delivered it as soon as i got it, eh?”

“thank ya kindly, I appreciate the work you put in everyday for all of us, i reckon the rest of Ponyville feels the same way too.” Applejack nodded and smiled to the floating Pegasus.

“Aw shucks, now you’ve got me all flustered. I should go, Dinky needs me to make her breakfast so she gets a good edjumacation. Good day miss!” Derpy finished with a tip of her invisible hat and floated away.

“I’ll never understand that one.” Applejack smiled as she watched the mailpony leave. “Now what do we have here.” Applejack thought to herself as she opened the letter.

        “Dearest Applejack, Applebloom, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith,

Jazz and the boys left for your place a week ago and i haven’t heard from them yet. I can understand if they are having so much fun at your place that they forget to write. Honestly though, its not nice to make your mother worry like this. Please make sure they write back so I know they are alright ok? Have fun!


    Your Auntie, Apple Brown Betty

P.S. How did Granny like her gift?’

“A WEEK AGO?!” Applejack shouted in horror. “There’s no way it takes more than 2 or 3 days to get here!” The mere idea of what could have happened on the trip put her into near hysterics. Applejack sprinted back to the house. Practically bucking the door off of its frame in desperation, she rushed into the kitchen to see Big Mac and Applebloom eating pancakes at the table.

“wait, did you make more pancakes?” Applejack asked, gasping for breath.

“Uh... no?” Applebloom responded meekly.

There was no time for this Applejack realized, these antics were not as important as family gone missing.

“Bro! I got a letter just now, Brae and the twins should have been here days ago!”

“What’s this all about now?” Big Mac rumbled. “They were coming here this year?”

“YES! AND THEY ARE MISSING!” Applebloom shook her brother and yelled in his face. The shocked and assaulted horse looked at his sister in quick realization.

“Get the weather team. NOW.” Big Mac roared back. Applebloom and Applejack were rendered speechless and paralyzed to hear their normally calm older brother raise his voice like that.

“On it!” Applejack quickly shot back, as the situation pulled her out of the shock. Leaving the two she ran back outside and ran down the dirt road in the direction of Rainbow Dash’s cloud castle. It was time to mobilize the weather team in aid of the search. The weather team normally are the go to pegasi when a pony goes missing, this was no exception.

The Apple family goes to great lengths to protect their family. The words handed down to the whole family is that “blood is thicker than everything. If you can’t trust your own kin, who can ya?” Using those words as fuel Applejack put on the afterburners. She desperately wished for her cousins to be fine.

“I hope they’re alright, they just gotta be alright!” Applejack was nearly in tears as she ran full gallop towards her friend’s house. “Please be awake Rainbow, I beg you.”


                                                    Chapter 3

                                               ”Bad Moon Rising”

The Night Before

“Twilight! Twilight where are you?!”

Spike was frantically searching the library. There was no sign of the Unicorn to be found. It was pitch black outside, not even the moon was visible through the clouds. No pony would be out on this kind of night. The basement lab, her bed and the library were completely void of any signs that the pony had been there recently.

“Aw jeez Twilight, if you’re going to go somewhere for the night, at least leave a note!” Spike was fuming, he had been out all day doing work and was looking to get some rest. With his roommate strangely MIA he didn’t have the luxury.

“I know! I’ll go check if she’s at Rarity’s!” Spike rubbed his hands together in amusement at his brilliant plan. Completely forgetting that his boss was nowhere to be found. “OH RARITY! TWILIGHT IS MISSING; I CAN’T SLEEP IN THAT BIG TREE ALL BY MYSELF TONIGHT. CAN I STAY HERE!?” practiced Spike, this could be his one chance to spend a night in close proximity to his love. “Yes, this will work. I know it will!” He turned out the lights and opened the door to the outside world.

It was darker than the young dragon thought. the whole Town was getting ready for bed with barely a pony on the streets. Spike picked up the pace. “Why is it so dark out tonight?” Was the question now on his mind, if it wasn’t for the street lamps and house lights he wouldn’t be able to see his claws in front of his face.  He continued on, with the boutique Rarity lived in appearing in the distance.

There was a single light on, Spike smiled. His plan was close to becoming a reality. Walking up to the door, he composed himself and made sure that he was mostly clean of dirt and other nasty stuff Rarity couldn’t stand. With major hesitation he moved his hand to the doorbell. It was shaking, his hand was shaking. Could he go through with it?

He finally pressed it, and he got a sinking feeling in his gut, he couldn’t do it. Not while his friend was missing. It was decided, he was going to ask for help in looking for Twilight instead of capitalizing on the situation. He clenched his fist in determination as the door opened to reveal a Sweetie Belle with wet and red eyes.

“Hello? *sniff* Oh – hello spike. What is it this late at night?” Sweetie Belle had obviously been crying up until Spike had interrupted.

“Are you ok? I can come back If this is a bad time.” Spike mentioned, trying his hardest to not interfere in other ponies personal problems.

“No! its ok, really it is…. It’s just that, well… my sister isn’t here and I don’t know where she went!” Sweetie Belle was having troubles holding back her tears of worry. “I came back late from Applebloom’s house and I expected her to be mad at me, I didn’t think she would be so mad as to run away…” Sweetie Belle went silent with tears forming in her eyes again.

“What?! Rarity is missing too ?! This is not good, we need to get help, now.” Spike put his arm around the filly to try to comfort her. “Come on, let’s go ask Rainbow Dash for help, this isn’t right. I know both your sister and Twilight can handle themselves in case anything were to happen, but not telling either of us where they went is not right for either of them. Or, I can ask Fluttershy to come over and spend the night while I search. How about that?” Spike offered the filly, he knew that having a little unicorn that’s on the edge of an emotional breakdown isn’t the best companion in this situation.

“I… I-think I want Miss Fluttershy to come over, please…?” Sweetie hiccuped out. She was obviously not in any condition right now and even she knew it. “Please Spike? Please find my sister, I miss her so much…” She broke out in a sob. Spike realized that this was his cue to comfort her with a hug and he obliged. They stood in the doorway of the boutique with Sweetie Belle bawling into his shoulder as a chill wind hit spike on the back, sending a shiver up his spine.

“There there, I’ll find them and I’ll go get Fluttershy right away. You stay here ok? Try to cheer up, they can handle themselves in any situation, I’ve seen them come out of worse. Trust me” Spike pulled himself away from the crying unicorn, his words happened to be the right ones to stop the tears from flowing.

“Are you sure? Will they be ok?” The look she gave the dragon melted his heart, he couldn’t do anything to hurt her.

“Of course, they’ll be fine. I’m still going to go look for them though. I’ll give them a good talking to for running away like that and making us worry like this. “ Spike looked out into the darkness of the town. “I’ll be back with Fluttershy, you wait here.” Spike reassured Sweetie Belle and she nodded. Closing the door to the outside world.

With a new resolve flowing through him he turned away from the door and ran. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him towards the Nature Loving Pegasus’s house outside of town.

Just what was going on? Both Rarity and Twilight missing? This was getting more serious than Spike originally thought.  The distance to Fluttershy’s place melted away. When he got near, he saw the lights of her house on and heard chickens from the yard making a huge commotion. Spike ran around the back to where the chicken coop was housed. Chickens were everywhere, and in the middle of it all was a Yellow Pegasus running around pleading with her feathered friends.

“Oh please, go to bed little chickens, its getting late and you need your rest!” Fluttershy pleaded

“Whew! Are you a sight for sore eyes! Fluttershy!” Spike exclaimed. Causing the Pegasus to yelp and jump into the chicken coop. With only her eyes being visible in the darkness she realized who had startled her and came back out with her face red.

“Oh its you spike, sorry. You snuck up on me. Also, it’s quite late. Why are you here?” Fluttershy inquired.

“I need your help! Twilight and Rarity are missing!” Spike explained the situation with Sweetie Belle as well.

“Oh my goodness, where could they have gone? I don’t like this one bit…” Fluttershy started walking towards her house. “ If Sweetie Belle needs me as much as you say she does, I better get over there as soon as I can, I’ll get my things and head over there. You go get Rainbow Dash for help ok?!” Fluttershy then concluded with a “If you could, please.”

“Of course! I’ll be on my way right now. Thanks for not panicking!” Spike waved farewell to his timid friend and rushed off again into the night. “That was weird, I expected that to be harder than it was”

Spike tried to clear his mind of any disturbing thoughts of what could have happened to the two Unicorns as he soldiered on into the unusual darkness of this night. “If Fluttershy was fine, then the rest must be ok then too right?”


                                                                                                            Chapter 4

                                                               “Breaking Dawn”


“Rainbow Dash!”

“wha?” Rainbow Dash, half-asleep and in a daze tried to ignore whoever was calling her. Rolling over with an effort to go back to sleep she heard her name being called again preventing this.


This time the call was louder. Way louder. Deciding that this couldn’t be ignored anymore like every other time Pinkie Pie came around.


Dash gave in and opened her eyes to reveal Pinkie right in her face, inches away, her eyes shimmering the same as whenever she was excited. A small thought appeared in Dash’s mind. This wasn’t where she went to sleep the night before.

“PINKIE  WHAT DO YOU WANT? AND WHERE DID YOU TAKE ME?” Dash shouted back in suspicion. Pinkie backed away a couple of inches from her face and she got a better look at her surroundings. It was dark. She could barely make out the metal bars that surrounded the pony.

“Wait, seriously Pinkie, where are we?”  Dash asked. This had to be a joke that she played on her the Pegasus thought.

“I dunno! When I woke up I was here with you and I decided that I was bored so I wanted you to wake up so I wasn’t so bored! I think it worked!” Pinkie rambled on.

Dash tried to shake the last bits of sleep from her head as she gauged the situation. There was barely enough room to walk around with 2 ponies in this cage, much less muscle her way out. Looking around she didn’t see anything of importance other than a bucket of water in the corner.

A light appeared from an opening door on a stone wall on one side of the room they were held captive.

“WHO’S THERE? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?!” Rainbow shouted at the light. There was nothing there. “COME OVER HERE AND FIGHT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS CAGE I SWEAR TO CELESTIA I-“ Dash stopped her verbal assault mid-sentence when she saw a familiar figure show up in the light.

“TWILIGHT! YOU’VE COME TO SAVE US!” Pinkie called. Hopping around in delight.

“Twilight! I hope you saved some butt-kicking for me!” Dash added.

“Oh! You’ve finally woken up have you? Good! Let me reunite you with your friends.” The figure spoke, as her horn started to glow another cage of the same type appeared in the room.

“GET IN HERE NOW!” Screamed the figure, moving out of the light it came back with two more figures.

“GET IN YOUR CAGE, BE GRATEFUL THAT I LET YOU LIVE YOUR LAST MOMENTS WITH YOUR PRECIOUS FRIENDS TWILIGHT.” The figure screamed again. This voice was not Twilights but deeper than what Rainbow remembered. The figures didn’t move an inch. Not in defiance but because they couldn’t. They were paralyzed.

“IF YOU WON’T MOVE ON YOUR OWN, THEN I WILL MOVE YOU.” Once again the screaming from the angry shadow figure. Her horn glowing once again the other two started glowing. In a flash the two disappeared and reappeared in the new cage. With this the figure laughed and slammed the door, killing the only source of light in the room.

“Twilight? Is that you?” Rainbow asked to the newcomers.

A cracking sound could be heard, like the tearing apart of bones from the other cage.

“WHAT IS THAT?! ARE YOU OK!?” Pinkie had stopped hopping a while ago. Hugging the cage she tried to reach over to the others.

The horrible cracking sound became more prominent, with light thuds and shattering sounds added in.

“This is not cool! They’re falling apart literally! We have to do something!” Pinkie stated, as she tried even harder to squeeze through the just too small opening between the bars. Her face getting squished beyond recognition in the process.

Dash was horrified, she couldn’t do anything, if that was her friend over there, they were falling apart.

The cracking sound was horrific.



Two new sounds came from the ponies in the new cage, Rainbow could hear heavy breathing.

“Are you guys ok over there? What was that horrible cracking noise!?” The Pegasus inquired, the sound had all but died off and she sensed life in her previously stiff companions.

“Rainbow Dash? Pinkie? Not you guys too!” This voice sighed. Rainbow could have recognized that voice anywhere.


“Rainbow Dash? Could you please get her to stop? After what we just went through I don’t think I can handle pinkie going on and on and on and… well you get my point.” The other figure pleaded.

“Rarity?” Dash tried to confirm as she stuffed her hoof into Pinkies mouth - Stopping her instantly.

“Yes darling, I’m glad you’re both ok as well. This is quite the situation we’re in I hope you know.” Rarity handed down condescendingly.

Dash ignored that last comment, she was too happy to see friendly faces in this situation to care.

“So what happened to you guys? What WAS that noise? Were Applejack and Fluttershy with you?” Dash asked again.

“THAT” Twilight started. “Was a petrify spell. It copies the ability of the Cockatrice’s staring ability, which turns you into stone.” Twilight continued. “Which I learned the hard way…” with a hint of shame at that last part. “And I’m sorry to report that while we were encased in stone I didn’t see either of them.”

 “How did you guys get caught? And what exactly is the situation we’re in? When I woke up I was stuck in here. I have no idea how they got me without waking me.” Dash decided it was time to figure out what exactly is going on here.

“Well, I wish I knew myself, oh hold on. I can’t see you guys at all in this dark. “ Twilight’s horn started to glow brightly, illuminating the cave they were in. Revealing that they were indeed stuck in an unknown cave. “Well, that’s better I guess.”

“Ugh, why does it always have to be a cave? I’ve had enough of caves in my lifetime.” Rarity moaned.

Ignoring that, Twilight sighed. “I don’t feel right.”

The light from Twilight’s horn flickered.

“Are you tired or something dear?” Rarity asked, trying to help out her friend she lit her own horn.

“You rest now, I’ll take over.” Rarity mentioned to Twilight. Twilight smiled as her light went out.

“Uh, I didn’t do that” Twilight squeaked.

Rarity’s light began to flicker erratically, then after a couple of seconds died out as well.

“What? This isn’t right.” Twilight strained to restart the light, the rest watched in silence for a couple of seconds as their friend tried to work her magic.

“It’s no good! I can’t get it to work, it’s such a simple spell. I should have no issues using it… Wait…” Twilight strained again to no avail. “Rarity! They sealed our magic!”

“I didn’t know they could do that!” Pinkie mentioned.

“Neither did I!” Rarity added.

“It’s more rare than difficult. There’s only one book in the world that has this sort of spell. The petrify spell is in the same book. It should be in the castle under strict watch under the Princess. Only her select students can read it.” Twilight explained, piecing this mystery together in her head. “That would explain quite a few things really. That book is very powerful and should not be in the hands of evil. I need to get that back to the castle immediately!” The resolve in this duty Twilight placed on herself was reciprocated in her friends.

“I agree, I cannot allow anypony to be treated in such a manner again” Rarity hissed.

Rainbow Dash nodded and voiced her approval  with a grunt.

“That leaves one other mystery Twilight. That Unicorn that brought you two in here… She knew who you were.  We even confused her for you!” Rainbow reported stomping her hoof on the ground in emphasis.

“What?” Twilight gasped.


“This can’t be happening; I thought she was locked away in Whinnypeg!” Twilight put a hoof up to her head in disbelief. “I hope Celestia knows about this, or we’re all in HUGE trouble, only she can save us now.” Twilight looked up to the ceiling in hopes that somewhere the princess heard this.

“Just who are you talking about Twlilight? We’re all in this together now dear.” Rarity appealed politely.

Everypony in the room was silent as they watched Twilight for an answer that only she knew.

“I didn’t forget to mention it, I really didn’t. I chose to keep this one to myself. I had no idea that this would ever come up. I mean, come on –she was supposed to be in captivity for the rest of her life! Why should I have?” Twilight had been pacing the little area of the cage she was allowed to pace. Droning on and on with her friends watching about this very subject without a definite answer in sight.

“We get it Twilight, we didn’t need to know up until now. But unfortunately in this situation we’re going to need some answers” Rarity spoke, to bring Twilight back into the conversation.

“Yeah! I want to know who did this to us!” Rainbow added.

Twlight took a shallow breath and looked to her friends as she opened her mouth to speak these words.

“That is Dawn Glimmer. My older sister.”




                                                     “The Ghosts of Harmony”


                                                            CHAPTER 1

                                                       “Strength In Numbers”

Spike paced the Library, it was early morning. Not only were Twilight and Rarity missing. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were gone as well, with no clues as to where they went, he had to do something. Enlisting the aid of the Mayor they put together the search parties that would scour the area for anything they could find.

Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle were in attendance within the library watching the young dragon pace the worn wooden floor. Trying to think of where they could have gone.

“That’s it!” The dragon cried angrily. “I’m sending a letter to the Princess. She needs to know about this.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? The Princess is very busy and I don’t think we should bother

her about something that might not even be a problem.” The yellow Pegasus softly offered.

“Nonsense, I’ve been charged with helping Twilight do her studies and work by Princess Celestia herself and if she goes missing it’s my duty to inform her.” Spike replied confidently.

Just as he spoke that Applejack burst through the main door.

“TWILIGHT!” Applejack called with desperation. She then looked at the group in the Library.

“She’s gone too, AJ” Spike calmy answered.

“What in all things Celestia is going on here? Where is everypony?” AJ looked down at the ground in despair, losing her family and friends in one day was just too much for her to handle.

“Oh Applejack, I’m glad you’re safe!” Fluttershy walked over to her friend.

“I’m glad to see you’re alright too sugarcube. This is terrible! My cousins are missin and I find out that my friends are gone too? I’m so mad I could eat my hat” Noticing that she was yelling in frustration she cut herself off. “Oh, im sorry Sweetie Belle, how are you holding up?” Applejack looked to the silent filly on the other side of the room.

“I don’t know… I miss her… I miss everyone.” Sweetie Belle had been depressed since the night before and her words were dull and lifeless.

“Hey now, don’t you worry. I’ll go get Applebloom and Scootaloo and you guys can help us search… ok?” Fluttershy floated over to the tiny unicorn who responded with a meek “okay...”.

“Cheer up ok? We’ll find them.” Assured Fluttershy. Pinkie was a lot better at cheering people up in times of need. Thought the Pegasus. “This is a lot harder than it looks.” The thought concluded, as she looked to Applejack for help.

Spike spoke up first to break the silence. “You guys go search, I’ll join in as soon as I send that letter.”

Applejack looked to the dragon. “You’re informing the Princess? Are you sure its ok to do that?”

“Of course, as I mentioned earlier to these two…” Spike motioned to Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle. “… That its one of my duties to inform The Princess if something happens to Twilight or any of you as a matter of fact. She likes to know that the Elements of Harmony are safe and sound. She’s taking quite a liking to you guys and Twilight’s letters.” Spike concluded.

“Well, if that’s the case. Then I suppose I won’t stop ya. Come on girls, lets go back to my place and pick up Applebloom.”  AJ  held the door open for the other two ponies and followed them out. Shooting a worried look to Spike as she left.

Spike picked up a scroll and his pen and began writing.


When the sad trio arrived at Sweet Apple Acres, they noticed a crowd of pegasi  floating above the main gate to the farm.

“Oh, looks like the weather squad finally arrived.” AJ remarked.

The group of 30 or so fliers were assembled from around the local area, some came from as far as Phillydelphia to help. On the ground in the center of all this was the Mayor and Big Macintosh.

The group approached the crowd just as the mayor gave out the final details of the situation. The three moved over to stand next to Big Mac.

“Now, remember. If you find anything come tell either myself or Big Macintosh Immediately! Time is of the essence! Dismissed!” The mare concluded with emphasis.

The Crowd dispersed in a flash. All in different directions. All but the familiar grey mail pony who came down to the group on the ground.

“Is my sister going to be ok?!” Derpy cried.

“Brighteyes, she will be just fine. You do not have to join the search. You have your duties as a Mailpony and ponies are still relying on you to do that. We will tell you when we find something ok? Stay calm.” The mayor explained matter-of-factly.

The crying Pegasus seemed to understand that things were going to be ok and nodded, wiping tears from her walleyes. “Thanks commander, I look forward to hearing good news!” Derpy then rushed off in the direction of the town.

“What was that about? Is her sister missing too? You could have told us.” Applejack asked.

“Oh, that. Well, the poor thing thinks Rainbow Dash is her sister, she’ll be alright.” The mayor sighed.

“Sweetie Belle! Are you ok!?”

Two filly’s came running towards the group from the direction of the farmhouse.

 Applejack nodded to Fluttershy to keep an eye out on the kids as she helped the search efforts. The Yellow Pegasus nodded in response.

“Applebloom! Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle cried in response, she had broken into tears at seeing the dedication to the search efforts and seeing her two closest friends broke the final barrier. She ran to her friends and they comforted her in their own ways.

“I have an idea.” Scootaloo mentioned. “Let’s see if we can’t get our Pony Finder cutie marks.” The resolve in this statement brought Sweetie Belle out of her sobbing and she looked at her friends.

“Do you think we can?” The unicorn asked, looking towards the mayor, Fluttershy, AJ and Big Mac.

The adults put a smile on their face and came to the silent agreement.

“Great! Let me get my scooter and Applebloom you get the wagon!” Scootaloo fired off running in the direction of her home.

“I know where we should look first!” Applejack said to Sweetie Belle in tow.

                                                           CHAPTER 2

                                                           “Blood is Thicker”

Jazz stood before an altar, her brothers were nowhere to be found. The room she was in was in ruins, empty bookcases fallen and rotting all around, the stone gave way to plants and there was a stream running through the middle of the room. The ornate depictions on the walls featured feats of the past. War, feats of heroism – all drawn out in detail on those walls.

The small pony had never seen this place before, but with no one around; she had no idea how to figure out where she was.

“You’re dreaming my child” Came a female voice from behind.

Jazz gasped and turned around to where she heard the voice, and standing there behind her was another female pony.

“Applebloom? When did you get so big?!” Jazz gasped at the apparition that appeared behind her.

“No child, my name is not Applebloom, it’s Cortland. I am the matron of the Apple Family.” The ghost explained. Jazz looked at her in confusion.

“That means that I’m the one that started the Apple family dear.” The ghost quickly mentioned.

“Wait, I think I’ve heard of you, you were alive over a 1000 years ago. Why are you here?” The blue pony passed this thought along to the ghost of her great ancestor.

“Well child, you have the cutie mark of 3 Apple Cores, did you ever wonder how you got that and why?” The ghost spoke.

“Uh yeah, I really didn’t understand it myself. I woke up one day and I had it. What does it mean?”

“That cutie mark is rare within the entire family, it is seen only once every couple hundred years. Those lucky ponies who receive this mark are destined to be the Keeper of the Apple Family”  The mark on Jazz’s flank began to glow and pulsate. “This mark allows you to talk with me in your dreams. It also has a more important function, it will help guide you. It knows where every pony with Apple Family blood is in all of Equestria.” Finishing up, the ghost floated over to Jazz.

“There are troubled times ahead. Your brothers and cousins need you more than they know. Find them and stay by their side. Help guide them through this.” The ghost gave Jazz a smile and started to fade away. “If you need me, just call me in a dream, I will come to you. And remember, blood is thicker than everything” The ghost finished with a giggle and disappeared.

Jazz awoke with a start.

Her current surroundings caught her off guard as masks and plants greeted her.

“Where am I now?” She was sore all over. With this, she remembered what had happened.

Something big had come and swooped in taking her with big claws into the sky. In a flurry of fur and feathers she fought and kicked with her kidnapper and managed to break free of it’s grip.

Unfortunately, she forgot she was in the air.

Falling from well above the tree line, the last thing she remembered was hitting multiple large tree branches and seeing the ground below rapidly approaching.

“Ah, are you feeling alright? It’s not a good idea for earth ponies to take flight” A Zebra appeared in the room. Jazz recognized it to be the one who had warned her earlier in the forest.

“Thank you for helping me, Zecora was it?” Jazz smiled politely. She didn’t feel comfortable here; she knew deep down that she would have been dead without her help. Tucking that feeling of uneasiness away she continued.

“Have you seen my brothers?”

“I’m afraid not my friend. I saw you falling from the clouds and with all the speed I am allowed. I ran to where you were to land. I thought you were to meet an unfortunate end.” The Zebra’s rhyme painted a picture in the pony’s mind that matched what she had gone through.

“You’ve been resting for days, how fast you have healed from that fall puts me in a daze.” Zecora smiled at her guest.

“How long have I been sleeping? You said days?” Jazz’s eyes widened, surely Applejack and her mother were worried sick by now. Not to mention that her brothers weren’t here made it worse.

“Yes, three days to be exact. I found this suitcase you had packed.” The zebra then hauled out the large trunk that Jazz practically broke her back to carry down the stairs at home.

“I don’t know how to thank you for all you’ve done for me.” Jazz felt tears coming to her eyes, the situation overwhelming her. The Zebra but a hoof on the pony’s shoulder in sympathy.

“Your mark” Zecora mentioned. “Why does it glow?”

“Huh?” She was right, the mark was glowing faintly and growing stronger quickly.

The sound of a wagon and voices could be heard from outside the Zebra’s Hut. The glow was brighter than before as three Filly’s came waltzing through the door.

“Zecora! Are you here? We need your help finding some missing ponies!”


                                     CHAPTER 3

                                      “World of Light”   

“SISTER?!” Three ponies exclaimed in unison. Their shock in hearing that Twilight had a sister was greater than the one they got when they realized where they were. Twilight had slumped down to the floor while Rarity moved over to comfort her.

“I never would have guessed that.” Rainbow Dash admitted. “So, now that we know the who, let’s figure out the where and why. Like more specifically, where are we and why did your sister kidnap us.” Rainbow Dash finished with a snarky tone.

“Rainbow, don’t be so mean. Twilight obviously has no idea why her sister did this, we were encased in stone the whole time, remember?” Rarity defended Twilight from their cage.

“It’s ok Rarity, I appreciate it.” Twilight replied in earnest. “I barely knew her, she is a few years older than me. She was taken in to be a student of the princess when I was a tiny filly. I only learned that she had been exiled to a tower in Whinnypeg for the rest of her life after I was enrolled in the same program. I don’t remember much of her at all… or why she’s like this.”

“Locked away in a tower for the rest of her life? My goodness, what did she do to deserve that?” Rarity pondered.

“I honestly don’t know, it was kept a secret from me. I tried for years to find out, but after a while I just… forgot.” The purple unicorn sighed deeply in regret. “I wish I knew…”

Rainbow Dash glanced over to Pinkie who was oddly silent, staring off into the distance, lost in thought. “Hey, Pinkie… You still with us?”

“Wha-?” The pink one snapped back to the present. “Oh! Of course silly!” Pinkie assured with a giggle. “I think I have a plan!”

“Will this include singing?” Twilight groaned, her sadness that came from realizing her long forgotten sister was behind this deed melted away at hearing Pinkie’s gigglesnort.

“Please, no singing” Rarity added.

“Fine, fine, no singing.” Pinkie deflated. Then immediately perked up. “OH! I have a new idea!”

Rainbow Dash put a hoof to her face in disbelief. “Pinkie, I don’t think we can party in here either.”

Pinkie deflated once again. “Fine… it would have been so much fun too…” Pinkie sulked over to the corner of her shared confinements. “Wait a itty bitty minutie” The depression turned to realization in mere seconds and Twilight made a mental note to check pinkie for Bi-Polar disorder when they got back home.

Pinkie bent over to look at the corner of the cage. “Ah HA!” She yelled in excitement. “Look at the floor, what do you see? Well, I guess in this case. What you don’t see?” The other 3 glanced downwards at the dirt floor and came to the same realization that Pinkie came too.

“There are no bars! We can dig our way out!” Rainbow Dash came to the conclusion, finishing Pinkie’s revelation.

“Well, I certainly didn’t think of that. Are the cages even fastened down?” Twilight continued as Rarity Blanched at the thought of having to do any digging.

Rainbow Dash tried to lift a side of the cage, only managing to lift the heavy iron frame inches off the ground. “Well, it can be done, but I don’t think I can do It alone” The Pegasus confided, this rare break in her ego befuddled the rest.

“Uh, ok then. What about with Pinkie helping?” Twilight offered. Knowing that Rarity and herself would never be able to lift the cage as much as they had without magic she had to exhaust the few options available to her.

“Nope, Pinkie’s all flab in her legs; she can’t even do a single pushup.” Dash shook her head as Pinkie laughed.

Twilight stood up and moved over to the side of her cage to start digging. “Well, we don’t have any other options available to us right now and we don’t have much time. I know you don’t like getting dirty Rarity, but I hope you make an exception in this situation.” Twilight bluntly stated to her friend.

“Well… I don’t like this one bit… ugh, if I HAVE to I can lend a hoof.” The polished white unicorn expressed with disgust.

The door to the room blew open and light flooded the room. Two new ponies appeared in the light, the captured four tried to adjust their eyes to the blinding light and could only make out that they were male in figure.

“Uh, who are you guys now?” Rainbow Dash was the first to speak.

“Are you guys OK?” The one on the right asked.

“See? I told you I heard voices from this room.” The one on the left boasted.

“Shut up Red. Now is not the time to engage in a petty quarrel. – My apologies ladies, ignore my brother. I’m Golden Delicious and this is Red Delicious. We’re trying to escape this place. Care to join?”

“Oh come on, of course they do.”

                                           CHAPTER 4

                                                    “Hide and Seek”

“Applebloom! Am I glad to see you.” Jazz called to the yellow and red filly.

“Cousin Jazz? You’re safe!” Applebloom cried, running over to her long lost kin. The other two

fillies walked over, greeting Zecora politely.

Jazz’s cutie mark had stopped glowing when Applebloom walked into the hut. Tears of joy streaming down Applebloom’s face as Jazz held her tightly. “You found me, thank you girls.” Jazz looked over to the unfamiliar ponies. “Are you going to introduce me to your friends?”

“Oh yeah, of course!” Applebloom wiped the tears from her eyes and pointed to the two. “These are my two best friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They helped me find you, we call ourselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders. We’re all trying to find our special talent together.”

“Hi there!” Scootaloo excitedly greeted

“Hi…” Sweetie Belle didn’t share the same enthusiasm.

“Oh, yeah! Sorry Sweetie Belle, I was just so happy that I forgot your sister is still missing.” Applebloom apologized. “Now that we found my cousin, we can get more ponies to search for Rarity!”

“Yeah!” Scootaloo agreed.

Sweetie Belle regained some of the light in her dulled eyes.

“Yeah! If I’m alright, I’m sure your sister is fine too. I’ll join in the search as well. My brothers are still missing.” The blue pony offered to comfort the depressed filly. Sweetie Belle’s depression morphed into determination upon hearing that she wasn’t the only one missing a sibling. A fire replaced the dull light in her eyes as the decision set in.

“Let’s do this!” Scootaloo nudged Sweetie Belle. Then she turned towards the door. “I’ll be waiting by the wagon, don’t take too long ok?” Scootaloo winked at a smiling Applebloom.

“Oh yes, let’s get back to Ponyville and tell Applejack before she loses her mind with worry.” Jazz noticed. Applebloom moved out of the bed to let Jazz out. She was still feeling quite sore from the fall but she could stand. Getting out of bed she walked over to the smiling zebra.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me Zecora. I’ll pay you back for this, I swear.” Jazz offered.

“Do not worry about payment friend. Knowing that these children will no longer be sad will be enough to send.” The rhyming zebra smiled again at her guests. “I will help the search in the forest, I am the only one who knows this place best.”

“Oh thank you Zecora!” Applebloom jumped in delight at the news. “Come on guys, let’s get back to town and let my sister know!”

Grabbing the heavy suitcase Zecora retrieved from the woods, Jazz nodded in thanks to her. Zecora Nodding back. Joining Scootaloo out by her wagon and scooter, she put the heavy suitcase on the wagon. “Can you take this with you Scootaloo? It’s quite heavy. I doubt you’ll be able to take me on there as well as these two.”

“No problem! You guys are going to have walk though, I don’t think I can take this and your big flanks at the same time.” Scootaloo poked fun at her friends.

“Hey!” Applebloom and Sweetie Belle cried in unison. Then breaking out into laughter, seeing their friend happy again revealed a large smile across the three’s faces.


Leaving the forest behind her, finally, was a relief to Jazz as the troupe made their way to Sweet Apple Acres. A Pegasus flew down to the group and sped off again with the good news of Jazz’s safe retrieval.

Jazz almost cried when she saw the scores of apple trees throughout the hills of her family’s land. “I finally made it” She sighed in relief.

Applejack and Big Macintosh met up with the group walking through the orchard.

“JAZZ!” Applejack called out, running at a full gallop towards the group. “I heard the news that you were safe, im so happy to hear that. But where are your brothers?”

“I don’t know…” Jazz explained what had happened to her in the forest.

“A large bird grabbed you? That’s odd, I wonder if that’s what got my friends too.” Applejack questioned.

A call in the distance cut off the thought as the group glanced over to see Spike bearing down on them.

“GUYS! THIS IS REALLY BAD!” Spike shouted as he closed in, parchment clenched in his claws.

“What seems to be the problem now Spike?” Applejack inquired to the out of breath dragon.

“I just got a letter back from Princess Celestia on the matter…” Spike wheezed, hyperventilating.

“Well, go on, what did she say?” Applejack prodded.


                                                                 CHAPTER 5

                                                  “Nova Prospekt”

The cave turned out to not be a cave at all. The 4 previously captured ponies were now free thanks to the Delicious twins. As they quietly escaped through the stone hallways of the complex, Golden filled the girls in with what information they knew.

They were underground in a long forgotten Temple to Luna. Before she turned into Nightmare Moon, Luna had many cultish followers. They were small in number so word never reached the Princess of the Night’s ear. If it did, would she have turned on her sister and the rest of Equestria as she had? Nopony would know the answer to this as the practice of worshipping an evil goddess was quickly put to rest.

The fugitives silently made their way into a large dark chamber with a tall hoof carved stone ceiling. Paintings of a Crescent moon adorned the walls,  giving off a subtle glow. In the middle of the room was a stone altar with a tattered banner covering it. Floating over the altar was a large dark-blue Gemstone shining brilliantly.

Regretting that she couldn’t investigate the stone more in the situation, Twilight looked longingly at it as the crew continued on from the large room, into another hallway. They heard a voice break out in the distance.

“Where are the others? Why have you not captured the last two yet?” Dawn shrieked at an unknown ally.

“I’m sorry Misstress Dawn, we’ll get the others before tomorrow night. You can count on us!” The new voice cracked under its weird tone.

“I don’t see how you could have failed at getting two simple ponies, be grateful I’m even letting you live. These caverns might have been yours once but they are mine now. You work for me and you will do as I say, when I say it. Do not fail me again. Leave my sight dog, your foul stench makes me nauseous.”

The Six hugged the wall as they saw three hunched over figures covered in a pale blue light slink away from the area from where the corridor opened up ahead. The four looked at each other in confusion. Why were the Diamond Dogs working for Dawn?

The group moved up to the opening and peered into the large spherical room. In the middle of it on a pedestal revealed a throne holding an unconscious Princess Luna. Dawn was sitting on the steps facing up to the sleeping goddess longingly.

This situation left the collective jaws of the party on the floor in confusion.

“Oh my Queen, when we rule over Equestria, everyone will look to us under the night sky. We’ll finally find the happiness we deserve. Something so beautiful as the moon should never be slept through again.” Dawn cooed to the sleeping figure.

Dawn indeed looked a lot like Twilight, her lighter colored coat and the six stars that adorned her flank distinguished the two. Her messy mane confused Twilight as to how anyone could have mistaken the two as memories of her long-lost sibling flooded back to her.

The unicorn picked herself up and walked to the opposite end of the room, disappearing through another doorway. Rainbow Dash, looked at her companions in confusion and floated ahead in the clearing to scout out where their captive could have gone. Not seeing any sign of her she signaled to her friends to move.

Seeing the sleeping alicorn in the middle of the room and being unable to help her in her time of need ate away at the group as they all watched the doorway Dawn went through for a sign of her return.

Following the diamond dogs they found an exit from the temple. They walked out the door to a mid-morning sun shining in their face. Relief washing over them. The temple was built into a mountain and the entrance on a tight cliff path halfway up it.  The Diamond Dogs were seen in the distance running full sprint in the direction of a town in the distance.

“I sure am glad we’re out of there. I have so many questions; I don’t know where to start.” Rarity revealed as she looked back into the cave to see if anything had followed them.

“Looks like we’re free and clear. Thank you sirs, your rescue was quite noble.”

The twins looked down at the ground in embarrassment from the beautiful pony’s praise.

“Oh you’re from the apple family! I remember you from the Summer Sun Celebration! How did you guys get here?” Pinkie began her investigation.

“We were coming to visit AJ and help out on her farm this year, I’m glad you recognized us even though we weren’t in town very long.” Red complied.

“It’s one of my special skills.” Pinkie boasted.

Where are those guys are going?” Rainbow Dash asked while watching the three figures disappear in the distance.

“Duh, Ponyville?” Pinkie answered.

“Wait, they were told to get two ponies, did they mean Applejack and Fluttershy?” Rarity queried.

“I’m sure Spike is worried sick, Applejack and Fluttershy must know we’re missing by now. Let’s get back before the Diamond Dogs get them too.” Twilight decreed. The rest approved of this decision and rushed off in the same direction. Leaving the mountain behind they reached flat land and booked it.

“Rainbow! Keep an eye on those guys!” Twilight asked the agile Pegasus. With a nod she sped off, leaving a rainbow colored trail in her wake.

With so many questions answered, many more appeared. Twilight increasingly got worried as they continued. Just who could have kidnapped Princess Luna from the castle? A letter to the princess requesting an emergency meeting was in order.