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The Old Librarian

“Hey Twilight,” Spike shouted at the purple unicorn he assists. “I found a safe while organizing these books!”

“A safe?” Twilight asked as she walked over to Spike.

“Yeah, a safe. Like with a number dial and all.” Spike answered.

Twilight took a look at the safe. The numbers were barely visible, and the dust covering the safe was polluted by dust that had appeared by the recent removal of books. “Hmmm..” Twilight stood curious.

“I wonder what could be in it.” Spike commented.

“Probably just a set of records left by the old librarian. Still, I should probably get them out just to look at them.” Twilight responded.

“The old librarian huh... Who was that anyway?” Spike asked.

Twilight stood even more curious. Who was the old librarian? Who had taken care of the books that were in the library before Twilight was there? “Probably just some pony...” Spike added a moment later, becoming apathetic.

“Spike, I doubt the previous librarian was just some pony. They were probably a librarian pony, and had a deep love for books.” Twilight refuted.

“So... Just some library pony?” Spike asked.

“Spike!” Twilight showed her temper. “Whoever the old librarian was, they were obviously doing a good job, and if it wasn't for them, I imagine that we would've had to organize all of these books ourselves.”

“Instead of just me organizing them everyday...” Spike whispered to himself.

“Then again, I have never heard about them in a conversation before...” Twilight stated.

“Maybe they were a creepy pony that staid inside all of the time, and only talked to books.” Spike said.

“No Spike, I heavily doubt that. Being a librarian is a social job, and requires being good in day-to-day interactions.” Twilight replied.

“And how do you know this? Have we ever once seen anypony come in here to get a book?” Spike and Twilight both turned their heads ninety degrees left and stared for a moment quietly. “If you haven't had anyone checked out a book before, then I'm pretty sure that's not being a librarian.”

“Yeah, but I-” Twilight noticed a growl on Spike's face. “W-we keep the books organized. We also make sure to keep accurate records of everything that happens, and we preserve every single piece of art and literature created in Ponyville.”

“And for who?” Spike asked. “For you?”

“Well,” Twilight said, “the library is open for anypony in Ponyville. It's just that most of them don't take advantage of it.” Twilight took another look at the safe. “Now help me come up with some numbers. I want to see what's in this safe.”

It had only taken a half of an hour for the two purple beings to finally open the safe.

“Huh... Who would've thought it would be something as simple as '777'.” Spike commented.

“Well, I guess whoever the old librarian was, they were a pony that believed in good fortune.” Twilight said as she began to levitate an object out of the safe.

It was an old, purple book with “Liberian’s Diary” on it.. Surprisingly, it was not dusty, and its age had come from the fact that it was made from materials no longer in use for the production of books.

“What do you think is in it?” Spike asked.

“I have no idea, but I know one way to find out.” Twilight opened the book and flipped to a random page.

Rorscach's Journal, day 465 in Equestria.

Ponyville. City filled with innocent workers. Kind. Ideal filled without scum. Pearl placed in a pool of innocent blood. Will fight to liberate them from their cruel suppressor, their false Sun deit-

“O...Okay...” Twilight muttered. “Maybe the old librarian was having an off-day that day.” Turning the page, Twilight began reading again.

Helena, I love her so. How her inner knowledge is made from her inner body. How her inner body is for me to live in. How for me to take care of her, and to be her protector, while she be my teacher and my shelterer. Oh Helena, I love you so. I wish to be buried under you upon my death, so that I may become one with you, and further the knowledge of the future.

“Who's Helena?” Spike asked.

“I think... I think it's the library.” Twilight answered.

“...So... So there's a pony buried under here?!” Spike screeched.

“I don't know. Maybe this was just another off day for the librarian!” Twilight, wanting to rid herself of this sense of disgust, quickly turned the page, and scanned for a line of interest.

In West Fillydelphia born and raised on the playground is how I spent most of my days-

Twilight stopped reading again. “These are the lyrics used to introduce that one traveling play production!” Turning the page, she began looking again for anything that made sense.

Hope Rides Alone. Those were the only words that covered the two pages that Twilight currently looked at. “What is that suppose to mean?!”

“That the pony that wrote this was insane?” Spike asked.

“I don't know, and frankly, I don't think I want to read more of this. It's just...” Twilight searched for the right words.

“Weird?” Spike said.

“No... I'm sure the old librarian..s were bright, unique, and creative individuals. I'll be glad to begin adding my own tales to this one day.” Twilight stated, trying to find a sense of pride in being the successor to a bunch of librarians that may have been lunatics.

“But none of those were even tales!” Spike pointed out. “Well, except for that one that looked like it was a word-to-word copy of that one song, but still... It might be better if we just put that book away for now.”

Twilight looked at the book, and then at Spike. “Agreed...” Twilight said as she placed the book back in the safe, which she then closed.