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Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 999

An MLP:FiM silly shipfic by Midnight Shadow


Celestia was so happy, she had worked hard the entire year and this mid-winter night, finally, would be her day off. The long summer - long working days for the pony in charge of the sun - was over. Her little sister, her darling, dear little sister, was home and in charge of the night. She could finally...


Celestia cracked open one eyelid, what in Equestria?


Celestia reached for her magical moondial - 3 a.m.? What did that filly think she was pulling? Celestia tossed and turned in her enormous, four-poster bed. She wrapped the covers over her ears, but could still hear it. She jammed the pillows in her ears but the beat still came through. She grit her teeth until her horn almost fell off but still the annoying, loud, thumping, inane, mind-numbing sorry excuse for music wormed it’s way into her consciousness like a conscientious thief pry-barring open a window to return an unwanted gift.

She’d had just about enough of this! Celestia leaped out of bed and teleported straight down to the ballroom, nightcap flopping over her bloodshot eyes as she yelled at the top of her lungs, “LUNA WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS RUCKUS???”

It took a few seconds for her to realise a few key points. Number one - Luna wasn’t visible in the room. Number two, approximately half of Equestria was. Number three, she, Celestia, imperial living goddess-princess of all Equestria was standing in the middle of the over-populated ballroom in her pink frilly nightgown and cap.

“...eeep...” was all she managed, “er..hehe...carry on...carry on...”

The music started up again with barely a pause and Celestia started blushing so hotly she was quite convinced her clothes would catch fire. why, she wondered to herself, is this so much more embarassing when you’re wearing clothes? I mean I’m mostly naked most of the time...

LUNA!” hissed Celestia, casting her gaze about, “LUNA!!

“Oh yeah, gotta boogie, uh-huh, shake yer tail...” a small, young, pink and purple lampshade-wearing dragon bumped into her ankles, looked up, eyes wide, and then squeaked out a “Celestia!” before he straightened the lampshade in a vain attempt to look more official. He pulled his scales straight and harrumphed, then took the lampshade off his head...then put it on again...then took it off and nervously fiddled about with it in his claws, “Oh, Celestia...what brings you to Luna’s party?”

“Spike, dearest Spike,” hissed Celestia, bloodshot eyes glowing, narrowed, glaring at the creature before her as if she were about to step on him, “I could hardly miss such a function WHEN THE MUSIC IS BEING PLAYED THIS LOUD AT THREE IN THE MORNING! Where in Equestria is my little delinquent sister?”

“She’s...uh...” Spike looked around in a panic. Something bad was going to happen to him, he was sure, if he couldn’t find the younger monarch. His heart sank, he spied her...or rather the back end of her, poking out from under a table. Even worse, the back end of a certain purple unicorn was poking out the other end. There was giggling, he could tell that, and lots of furtive movement. He face-clawed so hard he wouldn’t feel it until the next week and scampered over, attempting to stay ahead of Celestia. He kicked the blue, mooning winged unicorn princess in the hind-quarters and hissed loudly, “LUNA! Your sister is here to see you...and only you!”

There was an audible gulp from under the table, and a sheepish, dark blue winged unicorn filly edged out and stood unsteadily on three legs and a chair, leaning on a table. She grinned up at her older sister.

Spike dived for cover and decided to try to get his employer out from under said same table and out from under the baleful gaze of Princess Celestia. “Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I’m going to get sent to the moon! Forever! And there’s only cheese there to eat, no diamonds! No rubies! Oh no...oh my...Twilight get up you useless fat lump of a lesbian trollop!” hissed Spike, shaking the gently-snoring Twilight Sparkle just as hard as he could.

“‘Mm? Mommy, is that you?” Twilight looked up blearily at the dragon, then slumped, “you’re not my mommy.”

Spike kicked her again and then, apologizing in advance, bit her ear. That did it. She jumped, hitting her head on the table, “OW! What did you do tha- oh dear, oh goodness...” Twilight moved faster than he would have thought possible and had her head over a mostly-empty punch-bowl in less than a second.

“...and now it’s not empty any more. Oh...oh eeww...oh...good grief that girl can pack it away...”

Spike hurried after her, and she looked down at him in bewilderment, “why didn’t you tell me Celestia was coming?”

“How could I? Luna was supposed to get her O-U-T out! Apparently she didn’t!” handwaved Spike urgently.

“...And what did you call me? I’m not a trollop!”

“If Celestia finds out you were canoodling with her little sister under a table in a drunken stupor you’ll be a frog!”

“I was not canoodling! ...At least...I don’t think I...oh...oh dear...” a hazy recollection of giggling, soft lips and meeting tongues invaded her mind. She shook her head to clear it, quite a mistake.

“We’re going to run out of punch-bowls in a minute...” said Spike, face-clawing again.

Meanwhile, Celestia was doing her best to look furious in a dishevelled nightgown and floppy, frilly nightcap. It didn’t quite work, “this, young lady, is the one night of the year I get to sleep! One night! Is that too much?”

Luna blushed, then hunched up, and then started crying loudly, “It’s the..*sniff* one night *snnrrk* the one night thats *snort* just mine *snot* all mine *snirrff* and only mine and want me in some nunnery and waste away, forever! Well I won’t! I won’t! I’m...I’m taking Twilight and leaving forever! You’ll never have another night again! You can stay up forever and shine until you explode!”

“You’ll WHAT?” shouted Celestia

“With who?” gasped Spike

“Oh dear...” said Twilight, and looked like she wished the earth would open up and swallow her. Infact, she probably knew a spell for that...if only her head weren’t pounding so...

Celestia blinked. Her younger sister had apparently caught up with modern fashions quicker than expected. It seemed like just the other day when she was going off half-cocked about unshorn fetlocks. Celestia put one glorious, delicate hoof to her head and breathed deeply.

“Twilight, my most prized pupil, if I learn you’ve made my little sister cry I will personally send you to the moon for a thousand years.”

Twilight, inebriated as she was, gulped, her ears flat against her head.

“Luna...I guess I should ease up a bit, even if you’re going to regret this in the morning. Have your party, it’s your night, you deserve it. Even stupid sexy Twilight.” added Celestia under her breath.

“And Spike, we will have words in the morning about keeping my student out of trouble.”

Spike blanched and fainted dead away. As she was turning to leave, a purple unicorn with a deep blue mane and tail tripped over the prone dragon and practically fell into Celestia’s hooves.

“Whee! Isn’t this just the best! Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there...wanna dance?”

Celestia blinked, then she realized. Her cap was covering her horn, her nightgown was covering her cutie-mark. This pony didn’t know who she was. It wasn’t Twilight - stupid, sexy Twilight - but for tonight, maybe it didn’t matter. What the hell, she didn’t have to get up until late tomorrow anyway, this was the longest night of the year after all.

Luna collapsed under a table with Twilight, both of them snoring, the latter with all four hooves in the air, Spike wrapped himself up in a table-cloth and passed out, and Celestia partied harder than anypony until long after she forgot she should have been in bed.

The sun rose that next morning a little late, but it rose, wobbling, all the same.

Whatever Happened The Morning After?

sequel to “Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 999”

An MLP:FiM Shipfic by MidnightShadow

Note: There are a couple of naughty scenes in this, so reader discretion is advised. 16+ for suggestive language.


Twilight Sparkle opened her eyes. They hurt. Her head was thumping, her mane was a mess, she was sticky with...something...and...and...she was in a bed. A big bed. Not, and this was the key thing, not her bed.

“Oohh my head...that is the last time I drink. Ever.” she brought a hoof up to her forehead and rubbed it gently, “what happened last night?”

It was a rhetorical question, but a groan from her left helped answer, “last night? Last night you were wonderful.” said a voice, silken despite the thumping headache. Twilight turned - there in the bed was a purple winged unicorn, fast asleep. The filly was snoring.

“Ooohhh no...Oh my...”

There was a moan from her right and a delicate white hoof stretched languidly across her body, pulling her closer, “oh Twilight Sparkle...” mumbled Celestia, “you always were my favourite pupil...but who taught you that move?” she giggled in her sleep and also started snoring, like a freightrain.

“That’s it, I’m dead...”

“I should think so, darlin’, after your performance last night!” said another mare, clambering out of bed wrapped in nothing but a nightgown, “if you ever, ever, want a rematch just let me know. Hex me some time, sugar!”

“What? Wait! where are you going? Who are you? Get back here!” Twilight’s voice trailed off

“Ooohhh no, sugar, I know who they want. You’re a very lucky filly - I know when to split.”

She turned, pertly placing a green hat over her auburn mane, and sauntered away, “When you’ve got those two screaming your name, you don’t need me to butt in. I’m not mad, but I know where I’m not wanted. You always were better than me at magic, and now you land yourself the two hottest fillies in Equestria...stupid, sexy Twilight,” the filly blew Twilight a kiss with her hoof, “you give Trixie a call next time you’re in town!” and she scooted, leaving Twilight with her mouth agape, stuck fast in the loving embrace of the two ruling monarchs of Equestria.


Twilight gave up attempting to escape. Celestia held her in a vice-like grip around her withers and Luna was entangled with her hindquarters. Both were stirring, Luna moaning with pleasure as she rubbed various parts of her silky-soft skin against Twilight’s anatomy. Celestia was mumbling things about ‘Twilight’s Sparkling Horn Attack’ and kissing her neck, alternating between that and nibbling an ear.

“Princesses...” Twilight tried to pull away from Celestia but only ended up cuddling closer to Luna. As she attempted to escape Luna’s grasp she ended up nestled deeper into Celestia’s hooves.

“Princesses?” said Celestia, waking up

“Big sister?” said Luna, and scooted to the other side of the bed before scooting back, grabbing Twilight, and pulling her away too.

“My dear little sister,” said Celestia, reaching a hoof for Twilight, “you can’t possibly think you could be the right one for Twilight? After all I’ve done for her? And for you?”

“Celestia my dear, old, sister - what in Equestria would you think Twilight would see in you? You’re a thousand years older than she is!”

“OLD? Why’re a thousand years older than her too!”

“A thousand of those spent in stasis! I’ll have you know I’m eighteen. Just. And so is Twi. You’re a thousand and eighteen.”

“A lady never mentions her age!”

“You don’t because it’d take you too long...”

“GIRLS!” Yelled Twilight, then realised what she’d done. Blushing and stammering a bit, she eased herself out of the grasp of the two warring princesses and stood unsteadily on all four feet next to the huge four-poster bed. She could do this, she would be firm, kind, yet determined. If only the room would stop spinning...

“Dear Princess Celestia. Dearest Princess Luna...” she began.

Dearest,” crowed Luna, sticking a tongue out.

“She said my name first...”

The two princesses started hoof-slapping each other, than started the mane-pulling and very soon it degenerated into name-calling and and shouting.

“Princesses!” yelled Twilight again, stamping both her front hooves three or four times.

“She’s cute when she gets angry,” noted Celestia, winking.

“Isn’t she though?” agreed Luna.

“Shush! the pair of you! I am...I am going home. I’m tired. To bed. alone.” she added, holding up a hoof, “last night was...special...and I think we’ll all agree that we really, really, need to sleep on it before bringing it up again.”

Twilight turned around and staggered out of the bedroom, swaying unsteadily as she headed for the stairs. A blue and rainbow-coloured streak shot first past one window, and then in through another on the other side of the tower.

“Oh, hey Twilight!” Said Dash as she landed lightly on the stairs in front of Twilight. Twilight did her best to appear invislble, Dash carried on all the same, “Me an’ Flutter’ve been looking for you! That was an awesome party, even Pinkie agreed, and she’s like the queen of party ponies! So what happened to you? One minute you were singing karaoke with Luna and the next...”

“Twilight? Wait Twilight!” called Celestia from the room above.

“Don’t leave in such a hurry!” said Luna right behind her, they were fighting each other to get out of the door to the bedchamber.


Dash’s wings shot up without her even knowing it. Twilight shook her head at getting a sudden mouthful of feathers and rolled her eyes, “Dash, put that silly tongue back in your muzzle and close your mouth, get a hold of yourself! It wasn’t like that!”

Celestia stalked imperiously past Dash after the retreating Twilight, barely deigning to register Dash’s presence. Luna looped the loop around Dash and whispered, “oh yes it was!” before speeding after Celestia, arguing all the way.



“Twilight! Twilight! Come out!”

“I won’t!” said Twilight from under the covers, “I’m never coming out! I’m staying in here, under the covers, in this bed, in this bedroom, forever. And you can’t make me!”

There was a noise like BUUURRRRP and a flash of light, “Oh ho! I might not, but I know someone who can - you’ve got a message from Princess Celestia!”

“Oh dear...” said Twilight resignedly, gulping, it was probably a summons to court, or an order to study the Magic of Friendship in Froggy Bottom Bog...


There was another flash of light and a pained whimper from Spike, “I think...ow...I think Luna just sent you a message too...”

Twilight raised an ear, and a few seconds later opened her bedroom door to see Spike rubbing his backside.

“I...I didn’t know Luna could send letters like Celestia...”

“She can’t...the much pain...”

“Spike, what are you..?”

“Her aim’s...a little off...excuse me..I’m going to go sit in a bath of cold water...ow...ouch...ooh...”

Spike limped away, he hadn’t even opened the letters. Wasn’t that part of his job? Twilight thought for a moment about calling him back, but then she thought better of the idea...plausible deniability at least. She lifted the scrolls with her magic and similarly unrolled them. The one from Celestia with an imperial red ribbon. The one from Luna with a regal purple. They both were ordering her presence. Not even asking. The nerve! Twilight stomped down to her library and threw book after book off the walls until she found the one she wanted, flipped through it with her magic to the correct section and read and re-read the offending lines. the book on Equestrian Law was quite clear on these things, the two princesses co-ruled Equestria. She had been ordered. She had to go.

“At least they’re not asking me to come at the same time and same place!” she said to herself, as Celestia had ordered her to the lake just outside of Ponyville in the late afternoon, and a few hours later Luna had ordered her to a little cafe in a village halfway to Hoofington, though thoughtfully had offered a chariot pulled by pegasi to get there.


My Dearest, most favourite pupil, Twilight Sparkle,

began the letter, Twilight snorted as she ran to her appointment, remembering the contents, “laying it on a bit thick wasn’t she?”

I hope this missive finds you in good health, and I, Princess Celestia of Equestria, hereby do declare that to further fulfill the duties I have placed upon you, your presence is required at Ponyville Lake this eve when the clocks strikes four.

Come Alone,

Your Faithful Princess,

Celestia Of Equestria.

Twilight rounded the bend, huffing and puffing in her winter garb. It struck her that she was feeling a bit toasty for some reason, which was odd in the middle of winter...

“What in Equestria?” she pulled up short and stopped, breath no longer misting in the air as before her was no wintry, ice-covered scene, but full summer. Not a hint of snow surrounded the lake, the waters were the purest blue, and the sand glistened in what appeared to be summer sun.

“Oh good grief...” said Twilight under her breath, shrugging out of the now-unnecessary winter garb as she neared the shore. There was a tent, quite big, square, with the royal seal of Celestia on the side, two well-dressed and observant pegasus guards standing duty outside the entrance. They bowed to her, to her! Twilight rolled her eyes and trotted past them. Truth was she couldn’t have met their gaze if she’d wanted, not without her knees giving out.

The inside of the tent was opulent and spacious, cushions strewn around and fancy shag-pile carpets on the ground, and there, in the center of it all, reclining at just the right angle to let the late afternoon sun strike her glowing horn, reclined Celestia.

“Why, Twilight,” said Celestia, getting easily to her hooves, her flowing mane surrounding Twilight like the caress of a silky lover, “how wonderful of you to join me.”

Oh brother, thought Twilight to herself, here we go...

“It’s my pleasure, Princess Celestia,” said Twilight, bowing carefully on one hoof.

“Oh, it will little mule.”

Twilight’s ears shot up, how could could she know about that?

“Ah-aah my dear, dear subject, don’t you worry. I am nothing if not discrete. Don’t think I don’t know all about you my most favourite pupil...or should I say my most prized mule...mmm, you like that don’t you?”

Twilight’s knees buckled and her ears rang, how could the princess know about that? Her secret careful she’d been...never being seen for a moment in her harness, never breathing a word about it outside of Rarity’s shop...and a filly shopping for dresses, was it really that hard for everyone to believe? Or that she was a good model for Rarity’s work? That part was even true, even if what she was modelling was...more custom-made than normal.

“Come come now...I have a present for you, mule...and you will wear it whenever with me...”

Celestia concentrated, it didn’t take much of her power to summon the harness she’d had made. Twilight’s heart sank...and then rose, fluttering, it was a ‘Madame R’ Original, the best this side of Canterlot, beyond even. Celestia kept it hovering in the air as she pulled pieces off and attached them one by one. Celestia stepped back to admire her hoofiwork. Making tutting noises she adjusted things until satisfied, “Mmmm, perfect. Now, mule...come to your may lick my hoof, and later...”


Twilight Sparkle rushed to her second appointment. Princess Celestia had kept her busy, very busy. Suspiciously so, infact. She barelled back into town, her winter garb forgotten, hoping against hope that her backside was no longer glowing from the spankings. There was a twin-pegasus carriage parked outside the library. Thankfully she leapt into it and it took off before too many people could stop to talk to her.

She was a mess; her mane was mussed, her coat was unbrushed and she’d left her favourite ribbon at home. She started sniffling and didn’t stop even when the carriage came to rest only a little way out of town, several thousand feet up. Twilight raised her head, this wasn’t Hoofington, it was barely outside of Ponyville...

“Twilight?” asked a hesitant figure, Luna, stepping out and approaching the chariot. She waved off the Pegasi and, concerned, nuzzled Twilight’s neck softly, “it’s don’t have to come, you didn’t have to see me...”

Twilight sniffled and sobbed out, “it’’s okay, today’s just been a long day.”

“I’m sorry I ordered you,” said Luna, “we can reschedule.”

“No, no...” Twilight snorked loudly, nose running, “you’ve gone to all this trouble. Oh my stars I must look a mess...”

“Then come, come with me,” Luna touched her horn to Twilight and she felt that same tingling sensation in her belly she had the last time she’d cast the cloud-walking spell, “I...I borrowed this cloud castle from a friend for the night, we’ll be totally alone.”

Twilight hopped out of the chariot, her hooves bouncing lightly in the soft cloud layer. She sniffled again, and Luna smiled softly, licking Twilight’s tears away, “sshh, it’s okay. Come, let’s freshen up.”

They headed to the castle, through the surprisingly small front door and to the main living room, where a small thundercloud was sparking away filling the room with heat. Twilight sniffed. And sniffed again. Her eyes rolled in opposite directions for a moment and then she stammered, “I-I think I need to...freshen up...does this castle have a bathroom?”

Luna was busy taking her armor off, but looked up, “oh yes, it does! just up on the second floor, head to the right, through the master bedroom, it’s an on-suite. You know those pegasus ponies and their fixtures.”

Twilight looked up, she could just spot the door to the master bedroom, but...

“Luna? Uh...there are no stairs...”

“Just fl...oh! How silly of me!” Luna giggled, and sprung up gracefully to the balcony of the very tall living room and alighted softly. Twilight’s heart gave a flutter at the power and grace of the younger monarch - it fluttered again as she was lifted into the air by Luna’s magic, she gave a little squeal and kicked her legs about in shock.

“Uh’t...” Luna’s mastery of her powers failed, and sent Twilight dropping through the air where she collided with Luna and the pair of them rolled through the door - destroying it in a puff of condensation - and into the bed. Being light as a cloud - it was a cloud after all - it floated away, revealing a small, brown, apparently cardboard box, the top flaps well worn from use.

“Oh...oh dear...whoever owns this castle is going to be so mad at me...”

“She’ll have to be mad at me first, and not many fillies can manage that!” giggled Luna, “Oh, hello, what is this? Property of...Rainbow Dash? Do not open, ever?”

“Rainbow Da- umm...Luna, that’s...”

“Ooooh, she’s got all the latest editions...Playmare, Buff Studs...oh hellooo again...playcolt! That’s kinky...”

“I was going to say private...scoot over...”

POING! Luna’s wings shot up as she glanced over the centre-fold, “unshorn fetlocks...that is such a turn on, don’t you agree?”

“Fetlocks?” asked Twilight, “really?” she lifted her own hooves up and inspected them, since it was winter she had neglected the clippers.

“Oh you naughty little filly...” said Luna, almost salivating, “walking about in public like that!!”

“Oh yes...” said Twilight, hamming it up, “all. four. legs,” she drew closer to Luna and whispered in her ear, “unshorn.”

Luna whipped her with her tail, sparks flying, “get thee to a nunnery,” she giggled

“I think I’ll head to the” she called, from the en-suite, “how does this thing work?”

Luna giggled, “I keep forgetting you’re not a pegasus. I could fix that, you know...”

“I think I’d prefer if you could fix this shower.”

Luna got up from the stash of magazines and trotted into the shower room, which was actually just a small enclosed room with one black heavy rain-laden cloud hovering sulkily.

“You’re supposed to kick it, like...this...” Luna bucked, her rear hooves hit the cloud and with a sudden spark of lightning, it started raining. In seconds, the pair were soaked, though being inside, the rain was warm.

“Ooohhh this is nice...I could get used to this.”

“Here let me help you with that...” Luna picked a bottle of liquid soap off the floor and squirted it liberally on Twilight, who squealed at the sudden unexpected sensation and spun around. Luna found herself nose to nose with Twilight, and she giggled at the soapy surprised unicorn.

“You’re such a silly thing, aren’t you?” Luna nuzzled her again, Twilight blushed and nodded. The nuzzling turned to mutual grooming, to what Spike had previously termed “canoodling”.

They stayed in the shower long after the rainshower had ended and threw themselves on the bed. It burst into little puffy cloudlets under their weight and floated out the window, the cloud-mattress falling to the floor.

There was lots of giggling from the bed as they explored each others’ bodies, but eventually the pair fell into an exhausted, happy, blissful sleep wrapped in each others’ hooves.


There was a slamming of doors, which was impressive in the cloud-built castle, but somehow Celestia managed it. She and four of her top pegasus guards forced their way into the demesnes of one Rainbow Dash, who was quick to follow behind the princess.

“YOU!” shouted Celestia as she blasted the bedroom door off it’s cloud-hinges, “How dare you take advantage of my Twilight!”

Twilight and Luna woke up entwined in a comfortable embrace, both looked up in horror at the furious sun goddess before Luna pouted and set her jaw, “No! No! You’ve always had your way! Not this time! Twilight wants ME! She’s mine and I’m hers!”

Celestia’s eyes flashed and she drew herself up to her full height, “how dare you!”

“How dare you!”

“Oh you cow!”

“Cow? Have you seen the state of your thighs!”

“Girls!” yelled Twilight, “we are not having this again.”

“But Twilight,” said Luna, eyes doe-like and wide, full of sadness, “don’t...don’t say you don’t want me?”

“And how could you possibly think of ignoring me?’ said a shocked Celestia.

“Doesn’’t anybody care for a piece of the Dash?” asked a meek looking Rainbow, hopefully.

Celestia peered at her, raising one eyebrow, before she looked at two of the guards and nodded. They proceeded to flutter their wings in excitement as they trotted eagerly towards the young flier.

“Now, as I was saying,” said Celestia, “I am clearly the best choice for Twilight; I am beautiful, I am all-powerful, I am the supreme ruler of...I SAID EXCUSE ME, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET SOME ATTENTION AROUND HERE?”

It was no use though, Luna and Twilight were both watching Dash and the two guards with open mouths.

“Wow,” said Luna with a faint voice, “that girl can really...”

“How dare you...” Celestia stopped and looked and finally gave in, “is she? How can she...oh goodness that’s...mmm, move over sis, I have to get comfortable for this. You two!” she turned to the other two guards, “Attend your princess!”

Celestia clambered into the bed, which finally gave up the ghost and collapsed onto the floor as the final legs puffed away into nothing.


“Oh my,” said Twilight finally, sleepy from the exertion, the four male ponies she noted were already fast asleep and snoring, “I didn’t know anything like that was possible.”

“My dearest pupil,” said Celestia softly, turning now and kissing her sister tenderly before turning back to Twilight, “you have much to learn about the ways of fillies and stallions, and I would be honoured to teach you...but if you desire my sister, how can I keep her from you?”

“Dear sister,” said Luna, basking in the warm glow of satisfaction, “I couldn’t stand in the way of your happiness...besides, Dash here has energy enough,” and they shared a quick kiss, Dash looking very pleased with herself, “even though I would miss dear Twilight.”

Twilight kissed them both tenderly, almost too tired to move - they had been at it all the last night and all the previous day, and most of this morning. If they kept it up, it would be evening again, and...

Twilight smiled to herself, “Princesses, I have made my decision...”


Twilight trotted happily through Ponyville to her secret rendezvous, thinking carefully about the letter to Luna she had sent, which had read,

Dear Luna,

I gracefully accept your invitation to visit your quarters tonight after the clock has struck eight, and I will bring the new dress, once Madame R has finished adjusting it for me.

Your dearest special friend,


She then stepped in trepidation into the darkened shop, specially closed for its two special customers, one was Twilight Sparkle herself, the other...

“Ah, my mule, I see you are late again...I feel I must punish you most...enjoyably...”

Twilight - Twilight Sparkle. The solution had been novel, if a bit unorthodox. In the daytime she belonged, in many senses of the word, to Celestia, but the night belonged to Luna.

It was tiring at times, but she was sure she could keep up.