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Turntable Turnabout

A Rainbow Dash/Vinyl Scratch (DJ P0N-3) Shipfic

Part I        

        Rainbow Dash gave a sigh, a hoof holding her head up as she slowly nursed at her drink, a tall, fruity drink – every color of the rainbow staggered atop each other within the clear glass. It was a creation of her own, one the bartender had aptly named a “Rainbow Smash”, given it's rather high content of giddykick within it. Now on a normal night at this club (the Frenzied Foal, as it was called), this would have appeared to be an ordinary scene for the multi-colored maned filly, but tonight was especially different. How so?

        She was here.

        Vinyl Scratch, stage name DJ P0N-3. From the moment Dash had laid eyes upon her at Rarity's impromptu talent show she had been utterly smitten. Scratch was punky. She was laidback. But most of all, she was cool. Well all that and she was utterly stunning in the sky blue mare's eyes. Even now, through the slightly blurred haze of her beverage's intoxications, Dash found that she could not bring herself to tear those eyes off of those fuchsia-tinted goggles, that rhythmic bobbing of her head as she pumped out that heavy, rumbling bass through the clubs speakers almost hypnotizing to the pegasus. Thoughts raced through Dash's head. What would her friends say? Here she was, a mare, falling head over heels over another mare. It was weird. It was definitely not the norm. Would they accept her? Should she keep it a secret? Rainbow gave a frustrated growl as she buried her head into her hooves. Maybe it was just the giddykick meandering its way through her system. No, it's not. You didn't have any before or at that stupid fashion show when you first saw her. Dash grumbled at her mutinous thoughts, before turning her eyes back up to the stage. Scratch's shift was ending, the white-furred pony giving the final few spins on her turntable before strike a pose, the gathered crowd letting loose with a raucous round of applause and cheering. “Thank you Ponyville! DJ P0N-3 is outta here!” Rainbow Dash gave another little sigh. Another night spent wallowing in her own turbulent feelings. Digging into a small leather pouch upon her side, she placed a few coins upon her table as payment, before downing the rest of her drink and heading out of the club.

        As she stepped out of the stuffy heated air of the club, Rainbow Dash gave a sigh, spreading her wings wide. It was a brisk spring night...not too cool, not to cold, just the right amount of a breeze. Wind caressed through the feathers of those instruments of flight, ruffling the tips ever so slightly as the blue pony began to take the strides forward to launch her into the air, but was stopped short by a voice piercing the silent night.

        “Hey-hey, it's you! 'Mad Dash!'”

        Oh no. It couldn't be. Fate wouldn't be this cruel, would it? The blue mare turned her head towards the sound of the call-out, eyes widening as she swallowed hard. Yes, it would be. “Uh..h-hey, Scratch. Great show tonight! It was really” She managed to sputter out. Come on Dash, get it together. You're tough! You're cool! You're one of-no, you ARE Equestria's best flyer! Some stupid little crush shouldn't be getting the best of you! It seemed her body didn't agree with that line of though, instead balking back, wings folding back against her sides as she gave a sheepish little grin. The goggle-wearing pony only gave a chuckle in return, striding up to the cobalt mare and giving a little shrug. “Eh, same old same old. Spin some tunes, crank up the bass, and the cuh-rowd goes wild, baby!” Dash smiled again, awkwardly, forcing her wings to spread themselves again, the pony fighting to hide the pinkish hue of a blush rising to her cheeks. “Y-yeah, it was great! But uhm, I gotta get home now, I have uh...stuff! Stuff to do. Okaybye!” She darted, more out of embarrassment than fear, giving a powerful flap of her wings, and arcing into the air.

        It was at this point that Dash realized a painful life lesson about inebriating substances.

        She didn't so much as crash as she decided to introduce the ground to her face. Blurred vision and lagged motor skills from the giddykick running through her system sent Rainbow Dash into a hard bank left, giving an awkward yelp as she met the ground with a hard smack. Scratch was there in an instant, because what kind of pony would anyone be if they didn't help out another in need? As the DJ pony helped the winged one to her feet, she looked over the now bruised pegasus, eyebrows raised in concern. “Yo, hey, you okay? Had a little too much to drink tonight, huh? Hahah!” Rainbow Dash merely frowned, shaking her head. “No, no I'm fine! Perfectly fine! I can handle my liquor, honest! *hic!*” A few sparkling bubbles slipped from her mouth, the blue mare gazing at them with half-lidded eyes before they popped. Scratch shook her head, chuckling softly. “Nuh-uh. I know when a pony's had too much of the fun stuffs. Aaaand, I'd feel terrible if I let you go on and find out you went crashing into Celestia's observatory or something. C'mon, my house isn't far from here, you can crash on the couch!”

        Dash paled. Sleep? In Scratch's home?! That blush returned in force, the blue mare struggling to come up with a protest, but the insistent nudging to her side from the goggled pony ceased any of that. “C'mon lazybones! You got four hoofs, you can walk it!

        This is either the worst thing that has ever happened to me or the best thing. Oh, Celestia give me strength...

Turntable Turnabout

Part 2

        “Ow! Hey, watch it with that!” Rainbow Dash winced at the cotton ball being applied to her scraped cheek, the result from her attempt to fly while under the effects of a potent beverage consumed at the Frenzied Foal earlier this night. Vinyl Scratch stuck her tongue out at the pegasus, her horn aglow with a subtle, deep violet light, almost like a blacklight, as she maneuvered the alcohol swab back a bit. “Pfft, wimp. It's just a little sting, suck it up.” Dash huffed and crossed her forelimbs across her chest, doing her best to not make eye contact (or was it goggle contact?) with the blue and cyan maned pony before her. “You didn' didn't have to walk me to your home, you know...I could have made it back to mine just fine!” She grumbled under her breath. Scratch just shook her head, levitating a bandage and sticking it upon the small scrape of Dash's cheek, reaching up and giving it a pat with a hoof to secure it (a move which made the pegasus pony fight to hide a furious blush). “Nuh-uh. The weather ponies have a windstorm scheduled for tonight, and I know you, R-B-D. You'd take off into the sky the moment I took my eyes off of ya. And then we'd all wake up tomorrow and find out you'd been slammed into a tree or knocked out by a flying limb or something and I'd feel absolutely terrible about it!” The DJ grinned, turning about and pulling her goggles off, hanging them up upon the coatrack sitting by her door. “It's the least I can do for my number one fan, no?”

        Dash blinked, looking like a deer caught in headlights as she stared at Scratch, the DJ pony turning around, revealing a pair of stunning, crimson ruby eyes hidden behind those goggles. The pegasus stammered, the combination of the giddykick flowing through her system, and the incessant aching of her heart for the white-furred pony throwing her body for a loop, the poor sky blue pony nearly hyperventilating. She managed a small smile, looking around nervously. “Er, whaddya mean? I'm not...I mean...I like yo-your. Your music, but uh...number one fan?  Please...” Scratch shook her head, taking a seat down next to Dash and leaning back against the pillows of the sofa. “Come on Dash, just because I wear goggles doesn't mean I'm blind. I've seen you, almost every time I'm there at the club. Sitting in the same shadowed booth, sipping the same drink. Always looking like you just found out you failed your entry test for the Wonderbolts.” Dash swallowed, giving a little whimper as her ears drooped. “Y-you've seen me? Every time?” Scratch gave a nod, flashing that characteristic grin of hers. “Hard not to miss a cutie like you.”

        The pegasus froze, looking at the DJ pony with mouth agape. “Wh-wha...who...I mean...what?!” Scratch gave a little sigh, running a hoof through her mane. “Yeah. I think you're cute. You've got a strong heart, never afraid to take a chance...” Those crimson eyes refocused on the pegasus. “ it's really confusing as to why you're tiptoeing around this crush of yours.” Dash gave a little eep of surprise, shrinking back a little. Oh no oh no oh no she knows she knows! She took deep breaths, looking around wildly for something to move the conversation on to, but finding none. “I...I...I...” The pegasus looked ready to burst into tears, but finally squeezed her eyes shut, giving a groan and flopping back. “...oh what's the use. I don't...I don't know what my friends would say! I mean...we're mares! We're not supposed to like other mares, it's not normal! If anyone found out they'd be all 'Oh did you hear about Rainbow Dash? Turns out she's a Fillyfooler!  And here I thought she was cool!' I mean how would I handle that!? That's not cool! That's not cool at all!” Tears welled up in her eyes, bottom lip trembling. “And I could kiss any chance of getting into the Wonderbolts goodbye, they'd never take a'd be bad publicity for them...and, and...” She was silenced by a hoof pressing to her lips, Scratch uttering a soft ssh at the nearly flipped out filly. “Hey, hey. Chill. First off, if they're really your friends, they'll understand. Second, you're in Ponyville, hun. They might worry about that stuff in Alabamhoof but not here. You should know that.” Dash stared at Scratch with wide, nervous eyes, chest rising and falling with deep breaths as an ever present blush stained her cheeks. “But...but I don't...I mean...” Another shush, Scratch's muzzle drawing close to Rainbow Dash's, those crimson eyes lidded halfway in a sultry gaze. “Hush, hun. Just do what feels right.” Vinyl Scratch leaned forward, snagging the shivering pony before her in a passionate embrace, Dash's eyes going wide as dinner plates, before the conflicting thoughts surging through her mind faded away to nothing at the DJ pony's gentle caresses, soon wrapping both hoof and wings alike around the punky unicorn upon her. The embrace lasted until both were nearly out of breath, Scratch breaking the kiss with a gasp, softly panting as a rosy tint spread across those white cheeks of hers. “Mhm. Fruity.” She gave a gasp as she suddenly felt teeth nipping at her neck, grinning wide and looking down at the pegasus filly beneath her. “Ohoho, there's that cocky mare I saw on stage...” Dash merely gave a huff of indignation, pulling Scratch back upon her as she laid out on the couch cushions, grinning like an idiot as she gave a lick to the DJ pony's chin. “Cocky, huh? I'll show you cocky~” And with that, the two descended into their passions, neither caring about anything but the moment they were wrapped up in, as two kindred souls shared the comfort of each other that night.

Turntable Turnabout

Part 3

        Morning. Rainbow Dash grumbled as the first rays of sunlight graced across her closed eyes, the pegasus pony reaching up with a hoof in a vain attempt to bat away the warming light. She yawned, stretching out before pulling covers back over her form, scooting over and spooning up against the slumbering form next to her.

        Wait a second.

        Rose-colored eyes flew open, the mare sitting up with a start as she looked around. This wasn't her bedroom! This wasn't even her bed! Panic began to set in on her groggy mind before a soft little coo from next to her attracted her attention, hazy memories of the night before flooding back. Oh...right. The figure of Vinyl Scratch slowly opened her eyes, revealing those startling crimson red eyes as they gazed up at the awakened Dash, the DJ Pony wriggling over and pulling the pegasus back down against her as lips nibbled upon the fringe of one of the blue's ears. “Mhh, mornin' hun. Sleep well?” Dash flushed and gave a little nod, biting her lower lip at those nips to those sensitive aural appendages. “Nhff...yeah. It felt...really nice...y'know, to have someone to cuddle up with.” Scratch chuckled, tongue flicking off of that ear as she sat up, giving a long exaggerated stretch herself. “Among other things~” the unicorn teased. Rainbow Dash huffed, blowing a raspberry back at the DJ pony, before wriggling out of the covers and trotting off into the adjacent master bathroom, setting about for a shower, before she halted and poked her head back out at the doorway. “Erm. You don't mind if I take a shower here, do you? Kinda...would be really, really awkward if I ran into anyone with the way I...y'know...” Scratch raised a hoof to her mouth, hiding a grin as she rolled over onto her back, sprawling out. “Smell? By all means, hun, go right ahead.” The pegasus pony perked up, flashing a wide smile. “Thanks! I-I'll be quick, promise!”

        She gave a pleased sigh as hot water caressed over her hide, matting her multi-hued mane against her form as her body acclimated itself to the steaming hot shower. This is so feels so right at the same time. Last night...well, can't remember much from last night...stupid giddykick., this is just WEIRD. I feel all...goofy and silly...heh, like Pinkie-Pie acts like almost, hah! Is this what love feels like? I don't think...don't think I've ever been in love with anyone before. Huh. So lost in her thoughts, that she didn't even hear the shower curtains sliding back, unaware that somepony had joined least, not until forelimbs snuck around and wrapped around her middle. Dash let out a startled yelp, nearly leaping into the air as wings flared wide, but a soft shush into her ear calmed her, the voice of Scratch flitting past. “Hey, hey, chill out, RBD. Thought maybe you might have wanted some company.” The pegasus growled out, looking back at the DJ pony. “You could have warned me, you know!'s alright, yeah.” Scratch grinned wide, eyes closed halfway as she planted a soft kiss to the blue's cheek. “Aww, did I scare you?” She teased. Dash merely frowned and narrowed her eyes, shaking her head briskly. “Me? Scared?! Huh, you wish! You just...caught me off-guard is all.” Scratch chuckled quietly, nibbling at that ear again, hooves gently stroking down over Dash's belly, eliciting a little eep and a soft moan from the winged pony. “Uhm...Scratch, I kinda...can't shower with you uhm...hnhff...” Scratch snagged that ear into her mouth, giving it a little tug, eliciting a soft gasp from the rainbow-maned pony. “Nhh...k-kinda...need tooOOOh...ahHhgeeze, Scratch...c-c'mon I...oh, forget it!” The pegasus spun around, snagging the unicorn behind her up and kissing her deeply, soon finding herself pinned up against the wall of the shower stall as teeth and tongue teased and caressed down her neck. “I guess...ooh...I guess the c-cloOOhhuds...c-can wait a little longer...”  She resigned, steam billowing around the duo as water cascaded down their bodies.

Turntable Turnabout

Part 4

        Rainbow Dash gave a groan as she flopped back upon one of the passing small clouds, spreading her wings out and giving a sigh. She had to work extra fast this morning after being delayed by Vinyl Scratch's affections after spending a rather...interesting and personal night with the DJ Pony. A light flush rose to her cheeks as memories played over in her head, her stomach fluttering. She couldn't help but feel weird about the whole situation...still nervous about what might happen if her friends, much less the whole of Ponyville, found out that she was crushing on another mare. Dash rolled over onto her stomach and gave a weak groan, ears drooping. On one hand it simply felt so wonderful to be able to share herself with have someone to hold and to cuddle with, even if they were of the same sex...but on the other hand, there was the shame of such a relationship. Nearly everywhere you went, stallions with mares was the norm. Yeah, Ponyville had its share of same-sex couples (Lyra and Bon-Bon came to her mind), but they didn't hold such a high providence as the rainbow-maned filly did. It would be scandalous in the least, a trainwreck at the worst! She chewed on her lower lip, fidgeted as emotions fought with conscious thoughts, her head spinning as she tried to figure out what to do. Then it hit her. There was one pony in Equestria who could help. One pony who had the knowledge to deal with such a situation. Pushing up off of her cloud, Dash snapped her wings open and sped off towards the home of one Twilight Sparkle.

        “Hmm...very curious...” The violet furred unicorn peered into a tightly sealed glass cage, a trio of parasprites flitting about within. Her horn glowed as she scribbled notes into a nearby notebook, before glancing over at her apprentice. “Alright Spike, go ahead.” The dragon gave a mock salute to the bookish pony, grabbing hold of a lever and giving it a pull, a low mechanical rumble emanating from a large metallic box sealed tight against the top of the aquarium. A tube connected lay full of apples, and as Twilight Sparkle watched a small hatch opened up for the briefest of moments within the cage, one of those ruby red fruits dropping down only to be immediately seized upon by the ravenous insects. “I still don't understand it. I know there's -some- correlation between consumption of mass and their reproductive ability, but what is it?” More notes were scribbled into her notebook, before Rainbow Dash came barreling in through an open window, making a loop around the room before touching down in the middle of Twilight's library. Spike gave a friendly wave to the pegasus pony, clearing his throat to get Twilight's attention. “Uh, Twilight? You've got a visitor.” She perked up, looking first at Spike, then turning around to lay eyes on a slightly nervous looking Rainbow Dash. “Dash? I didn't expect to see you here so early. What's up?” The blue mare gave a shy grin, shrugging a little. “Uhm...I was wondering, uh...if maybe we could talk?” She glanced up at Spike. “Y' private?” Twilight raised an eyebrow inquisitively, setting the pencil and pad down and giving a nod to the dragon youth, who merely shrugged and hopped down, making his way towards the kitchen. “If any of you need me, I'll be having a snack.” He remarked, before disappearing deeper into the arboreal home of the violet unicorn.

        “So then, Dash, what seems to be the problem?” Teacup was raised between hooves, Twilight Sparkle sipping gingerly at the steaming beverage as Rainbow Dash stared into her own drink, her cheeks burning. “Well...I have a...problem. A big problem.” Twilight raised an eyebrow again in curiosity, tilting her head at the pegasus. “Well, I've always got an open ear, Dash...and I'm always happy to help my friends when they need it.” The blue mare nodded slowly, eyes lidding a bit. “Uhm. Well...I this is hard...I...” She shrunk back, voiced squeaking. “..I think I might” Twilight blinked and leaned forward, unsure of what she just heard. “What was that? I didn't quite hear it...” Dash frowned and gave out a frustrated growl. Frustrated at the inner turmoil roiling within her, frustrated at the conflict between heart and reason. She suddenly slammed the teacup down onto the table, squeezing her eyes shut as she blurted out her next sentence. “I THINK I'M GAY, OKAY? There, I said it!” She huffed, eyes going wide as she realized what she had just said, burying her eyes in her hooves as she slumped onto the tabletop. “I just...I'm so confused right now! It's Scratch...she was at that fashion show that we did for Rarity, and..and...I couldn't stop thinking about her! I'd go to all her shows at the club downtown and I'd just get so nervous around her and I mean...listen to me, I'm rambling on like an idiot.” Twilight merely gave a soft sigh, setting her teacup down and standing up, trotting over next to Dash and curling a forelimb around the shivering pegasus pony. Dash sniffed, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. “I don't know what's wrong with me, Twilight. I feel scared and alone...but when I'm with her, I just...I can't explain it. Everything feels so right...she's so understanding and comforting...but she's a mare. A mare! I'm in love with another mare!” She turned to look at Twilight, bottom lip trembling. The unicorn merely pressed a hoof to Dash's mouth, shaking her head. “Dash, it's alright. Everyone ends up having a crush on someone...sometimes it's just not with someone of the opposite sex. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you. And you shouldn't feel ashamed...look at me, Dash. You don't have to feel ashamed. What you're feeling right now is perfectly natural. Scratch is very lucky to have someone like you. You're strong, you're brave, you'd fight for your friends tooth and nail. I can't imagine what you'd do for someone you're in love with!” Dash sniffled again, cheeks blushing furiously as she gave a little hiccup. “Y-you mean it? Not j-just trying to make me f-feel better, are you?” Twilight shook her head, levitating over a tissue and drying the pegasus pony's eyes. “Of course not, silly. You're my friend. Friends stick together, through thick and thin, no matter their personal preferences. You're Rainbow Dash, the fastest pegasus pony in all of Ponyvill-”


        “Right, Equestria, and I know for a fact that you've got a strong enough spirit to handle something like this. Yes, there will be a few ponies who'll think you're a little weird for liking mares, but that shouldn't get you down. You are who you are. This is just one more thing that makes you, you!” She sighed, patting Rainbow on the back, giving the pegasus a soft hug. “I'm not saying that it's going to be easy...I'm saying that you shouldn't worry about what others will think of you. But...I do think you really should tell everyone else about this, not just me.” Dash sighed and rubbed at her eyes with a hoof, still feeling nervous, but the pep talk from Twilight had done much to bolster her spirit. “Y-you're right...I really should. And I'm gonna.” She stood up, jumping up and taking to the air, hovering above Twilight Sparkle. “Tell come by my house this afternoon. That it's important, okay?” As Twilight gave a happy nod, the pegasus pony darted out the open balcony of the unicorn's home, only to peek her head back in a moment later. “And Twilight?” The violet unicorn tilted her head to the side, looking up at Rainbow Dash. “Uhm. Thanks.” Twilight chuckled, giving a little shake of her head. “Not a problem Dash. You know I'm always here when you girls need me.”

        “So what's got Rainbow all up in a hissy that we've got ta mosey our rumps on over to her house for, Twi?” Applejack wasn't entirely too pleased of having to be dragged away from her work at Sweet Apple Acres, but when friends were involved, she knew it was best to heed the call instead of worrying about work. Pinkie-Pie bounced along next to the southern cowpony, somehow able to keep in a straight line even with her eyes closed. “Oooooh, I bet she's got a new stunt she wants to show us! Full of loops and twirls and spins and lots and lots of crazy turns!” Behind her walked Rarity, the fashionista giving a scoff and rolling her eyes. “Oh, I simply do hope it's not that...every time she has some new idea in mind for those dizzying showboats of hers she just HAS to show it to us. Really, this is time that could be well spent designing my next line of dresses!” Fluttershy, the meekest of the group, trod along next to Rarity, speaking in a barely hushed whisper. “Um, actually Rarity, I kind of like them. As long as she doesn't disturb the birds, I mean...” Twilight Sparkle merely gave a soft sigh, shaking her head. “It's something a little more important than that, Applejack...a lot more important actually. But, I'm under orders not to spoil it, so, you'll just have to wait and find out yourselves!” Pinkie-Pie bounded up next to Twilight, somehow managing to keep bouncing forward as she turned herself backwards. “A surprise?! I love surprises! Oooh, now I wish I'd brought my Party Pack! We could have streamers and firecrackers and a cake! Every surprise needs a cake! Well maybe not EVERY surprise but most surprises do!” As the quintet of ponies made their way towards the fancy cloud mansion that was Rainbow Dash's home, they noticed that for once, it had a stairway leading from the ground up to its first floor. “Well now, that's certainly different fer sure. Rainbow Dash don't usually have somethin' there for us ground folk ta use...” Just then, a familiar blue face popped out from one of the windows on the main floor of the cloud house, the pegasus pony peering about before looking down at the rest of her friends. “Oh! Hey guys! Come on in, make yourselves at home!”

        “Alright now dear, you've asked us all here for some reason, whatever could be so important that you had to have us over at such short notice?” Asked Rarity, the unicorn glancing around Dash's home. She had never actually SEEN the inside of the pegasus' home, and honestly had believed that it would have been an absolute wreck of a mess...but much to her surprise she found the cloud mansion to be rather chic and clean. Perhaps there was more to Dash than she had originally presumed. “Yeah, what's the big idea here, Dash? I had to leave Big Mac to finish up balin' up the rest of the hay all by himself!” Dash gave a sheepish little grin to the gathered group of ponies, clearing her throat and giving a little poke at the cloudy floor with a hoof. “Well...I have something I really, really need to get off my chest to you guys. Something...really important. I just want to know first that you all wont make fun of me over what I'm about to say...and that after it, you'll still see me as the Rainbow Dash you already know.” Murmurs of agreement arose from her friends, Dash's cheeks giving a flush as she peered back to an open doorway. “Scratch, you can come in now...” Every pony's eyebrows raised in curiosity as Ponyville's resident DJ trotted in, goggles set up upon her head, those startling ruby eyes on full display, as well as that seemingly trademark grin of hers. “Hey-hey, 'sup all?” As eyes tracked back to Dash, the pegasus gave another idle paw at the ground with her hoof, even more perplexed expressions coming from her friends as Scratch sidled up next to her, nuzzling against a cheek. “Guys, I want you to meet Vinyl Scratch. My uh...girlfriend.” Looks of shock from her friends. Dash swallowed, giving a nervous grin, barely managing to sputter out the next words. “I'm uh...turns out I'm uh...a Fillyfooler.”

        Silence. Absolute silence.

        “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Everyone jumped as a joyful screech erupted from Pinkie-Pie, the pony bearing wide eyes and look of pure glee as she hopped from foot to foot. “You too?! I mean I had always kinda suspected you where but OH MY GOSH I can't believe you're actually a Fillyfooler too! That makes Lyra and Bon-Bon and Derpy and Showers and Fluttershy and Rari-” She was suddenly silenced by a white hoof thrust into her mouth, Rarity having dived over Twilight Sparkle to silence the bouncy pony, but it was already too late. She looked around at her friends, seeing surprise upon all of them...well except for Fluttershy, who had suddenly shrunk back into a corner with wide eyes, letting out a short squeak. “It's not...I mean...Darlings, I don't...oh for Celestias sake, forget it. It's true! It's all true!” She slumped back against Fluttershy, wrapping the yellow mare up in a firm hug, petting through her mane in an effort to calm her down. “Sssh, it's okay sweetie...” Dash merely looked from Fluttershy to Rarity, a look of pure confusion upon her face. “But...but...whoah, when did THAT happen?!” Fluttershy blushed furiously, trying to hide behind that long lock of mane in front of her face. “Um...a few weeks ago...after we made that dress for her...” Rarity sighed, her cheeks also aglow. “I never realized how much in common we had...first it was all about the dresses and various methods of creation...then things started to get more personal and..well...” She gave a flourish motion to both her and Fluttershy. “Here we are. You're not...mad, are you?” This time it was Applejacks turn to speak up. “Shucks no! Why I reckon' Granny Smith had more fillies under her belt than all of Ponyville combined! Darn near a rite of passage in th' Apple Family t'date a filly! T'aint mean a thing, sugarcube!” Dash gave a groan of relief, giving a huge sigh and shaking her head. “Oh man, this is a HUGE load off of my shoulders, guys. I was so nervous thinkin' you all wouldn't accept this and...I didn't know what to do...but you all are cool with it! I mean, you -are- cool with it, right? I'm still cool, am I?” Twilight giggled, hiding her smirk with a hoof. “Yes, Dash, you're still cool. And honestly, if anypony has an issue with it, well...they'll just have to answer to us, wont they girls?”

        “Indubitably, darling!

        “Sure thing, ah reckon!”


        “Sure as peaches and cream!”

        Another deep sigh of relief, the blue pegasus pony giving a grin and nudging the DJ Pony next to her. “Good. Cuz now that means I can do this and get away with it!” She grabbed Scratch's cheeks with both hooves, pulling the DJ Pony forward and kissing her deeply, both pony's cheeks flushing hotly as numerous catcalls and whoops came from their 'audience'. With personal shames disbanded and banished, Dash felt that she could handle anything that came at her. Ponyville be damned – she was in love with a mare, and nopony was ever going to take that away from her.


        “Well, the word's out now. No point in hiding it anymore, darling.” Rarity sighed as she gazed out at the starry night from the balcony of Dash's home, Fluttershy leaning up next to her. “I guess not...I don't think we'd have been able to hide it for long anyways. I never would have thought that Dash know...” Rarity chuckled and leaned down, planting a kiss to the yellow pegasus' forehead. “Love is blind, my little topaz gemstone...regardless of gender or creed. We should be happy for Dash. She's found someone she can share her heart with.” Fluttershy smiled and blushed deeply, leaning up and pulling the fashionista unicorn into a full embrace, before breaking the kiss and nuzzling up against her. “Just like I found sweet little bunny.” This time it was Rarity's turn to blush, snuggling closer to Fluttershy as the duo gazed upon the heavens above, feelings renewed as the two felt no need to hide their affections from their friends any further.