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Rainbow Dash tried to pull up, but it was too late. She braced herself for the inevitable.


Rainbow Dash's body shattered through glass right before landing in a rough pile in Twilight's bedroom. It didn't take long for the bedroom door to swing open and the lights to flicker on, as Twilight rushed in to see what had happened.

"Oh my gosh, Rainbow! Are you okay?" Twilight's voice rang out, soft, yet concerned.

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes before relaxing her body and letting herself splay out. She didn't seem to be any worse for wear, but Twilight was looking her up and down, trying to make sure.

"What happened? Should you be trying to get up? Hold still, I'll go get the first aid kit!"

Rainbow Dash stood up as Twilight left the room. Looking down at herself, there wasn't too much going on. She didn't feel like she'd broken anything as she tested out her limbs and flapped her wings a few times. There were a few cuts and scratches, but all of it was small enough to ignore. The best flyers had to expect some crashes every now and then. They were just normal. And so far Rainbow Dash had yet to meet a crash she couldn't walk away from.

Twilight had returned, this time carrying a small white box with a red cross on it in her mouth. She set it down and began rummaging through it with her magic.

"Twilight, I'm fine," said Rainbow Dash, showing herself off to prove it. Twilight looked her over, but didn't seem convinced.

"But you've got cuts all over your belly!" Rainbow Dash looked down. She'd seen them before, but they didn't look so bad.

"Nothing to worry about Twilight. They're just scratches."

"But they could get infected! Here, let me at least put some antiseptic on them and patch up the worst ones." She began to rummage through her kit some more. Rainbow Dash sighed, rolled her eyes, but then rolled onto her back. Sometimes Twilight could be as stubborn as Applejack.

Rainbow Dash didn't let it show, but she was actually more happy than annoyed that Twilight was making such a big deal out of her small injury. Truth be told, Rainbow Dash had been developing a bit of a crush on the other pony. Twilight's bookish nature and sometimes-arrogant attitude had grown on Rainbow Dash.

After Twilight was done, Rainbow Dash rolled back around and stood up. Twilight smiled, and nodded to herself at a job well down.

Rainbow Dash looked down at herself again, seeing all the little bandages that now peppered her belly. She felt her face warm, thinking about all the attention Twilight must have put on her.

Finally Twilight returned from putting the kit away.

"Sorry about your window," said Rainbow Dash, absentmindedly.

"Oh don't worry about that, the important thing is you're alright." Twilight leaned in close and smiled, putting a hoof on her shoulder. Rainbow Dash gulped, and looked into the other pony's eyes.

"You are alright aren't you, you look a little warm." Twilight moved her hoof to Dash's forehead, before looking satisfied and putting it back to her shoulder.

"I am now," Rainbow Dash heard herself say. It was like somepony else was talking. "Thanks to you."

Twilight closed her eyes and smiled brightly.

Next thing she knew, Rainbow Dash felt herself lunge at Twilight, wrapping her  arms around Twilight's neck, and pressing forward. A few moments later and they were both on their hind legs, and Rainbow Dash could feel Twilight's heart beating rapidly against her chest. Struggling, she could also feel struggling.

Rainbow Dash's eyes shot open as soon as she realised what she was doing. She pulled away as if Twilight was made of fire. She might as well have been, considering how warm Rainbow Dash felt at the moment.

They were both breathing heavily. Rainbow Dash flinched as Twilight glared at her.

"What were you thinking?!" she said suddenly, still breathing heavily. She wiped her mouth with her foreleg. "If you're going to do something like that to somepony, you should take them to dinner first, or a some romantic date, or something. Some sort of warning! That's what all the books say!" She sounded as if that was the final word on the subject, and Rainbow Dash felt herself attracted in spite of herself.

"Sorry," said Rainbow Dash. "I don't know what came over me."

Twilight's breath had steadied.

"It's alright." She smiled awkwardly. "Maybe after you're done healing you can take me on that date. I can lend you some books on the subject if you're unsure of what to do."

Dash chuckled nervously. "I don't need any books to tell me how show a pony a good time."

She leaned forward and kissed Twilight on the cheek, this time fully aware of what she was doing. Twilight's face reddened.

"I'll see you later Twilight," said Dash as she began to fly, out the window she had previously crashed in. "Thanks for the help!" she shouted as she flew away, back to her own house. "And sorry about the window!"