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Under a Moonlit Sky

By Nukeman

Luna glided gracefully through the night sky; it had been a long time since she had flown through the night looking down at all her sleeping subjects. She looked at the moon, it was full tonight. When she looked at it she wanted to hate it. But she couldn’t hate the moon for all her heart. It was her prison for a thousand years, but it had been just that. A prison, it had not imprisoned her, it just had been a prison. It could not harm her or be cruel to her, so she could not hate it. It was beautiful tonight; it was casting a warm glow across the land. It made everything in the night lighter you could see so far it could have been daylight. Luna also admired the landscape, so quiet and peaceful, and not a single cloud in the sky. That is when she noticed one tiny cloud that looked like an island in a massive sea. And on that cloud there was a single pegasus pony sleeping soundly through the night.

 Luna came up to the cloud; the pony on the cloud had blue fur and a mane and tail that were the colors of a rainbow. She landed softly on the cloud, and looked at the pony. To Luna that pony was more beautiful than the night itself. She slowly walked up and kissed the pony lightly on the cheek. Luna then found herself on her back, pinned by the pony who said “Oh, so you want play that way do you?” The pony kissed Luna on lips, as she did Luna blushed and with her the moon glowed even more than before. The kiss seemed to last hours to Luna in the embrace of the pony. When the pony backed away she smiled “Huh, so that’s what a princess tastes like.” Luna curled up and blushed “I am sorry for waking you.” The pony said “What! I’m glad I was awake for that!” Luna blushed even harder “Still it was improper of me.” The pony smiled again “You want to see improper huh?” Before Luna could react the pony’s head was between her thighs “Ah wait!” But the pony didn’t, and she did amazing things with her tongue. The pony came up and with a sticky chin and said “I am Rainbow Dash by the way.” Luna closed her thighs before the pony could go back down. “I am Luna, please stop.” Rainbow Dash frowned “Aaawww, come on it was just starting to get good.” Luna smiled “Don’t you want to see what I can do?” Dash blushed a little “Uhh sure.” Luna thought “Obviously this one likes being in control.” Luna’s horn glowed before she went down on Dash. Dash enjoyed the moment, before a jolt of pleasure went up her like electricity. “Wow! Are you using your horn, I didn’t know you could do that!” Luna came up smiling “This horn has more than one use you know?” Rainbow Dash and Luna came close together in a kiss that turned the sky pink, but only for a second. The two passionate lovers enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the night.

 The next night Dash got a knock on the door of her cloud house. It was Luna “Hello Rainbow Dash, I was wonder if you wanted to go out with me tonight?” Dash looked confused “Where would we go at this hour?” Luna smiled “I know a place.” As the two ponies flew across the sky, Luna guided Dash towards a small pond. When they landed Dash looked around and saw a small open air hut. She looked and the pond it seemed to glow just like the moon, inside the pond there were koi fish that were glowing. Their glow made the entire pond glow in turn. “Luna, what are these? They’re beautiful.” Luna giggled “Oh, those. Their moon koi, during the night they glow. Dash looked around some more, it seemed so peaceful here “What it this place?” Luna said “It is a secluded place I come to think, I am surprised that hut it still standing after a thousand years.” Dash felt calmer than she ever had in her entire life. Luna walked up to her “I created this place to embody the good things of night. It is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. But I came here to show you something.” Luna’s horn glowed and then meteors began to streak across the sky. Dash’s jaw dropped “It’s beautiful. Did you do this just for me?” Luna smiled “Of course, I can only create a meteor shower once a year. And I wanted you to have a front row seat.” Dash blushed “No one’s ever done anything like this for me.” Luna said “I wanted it to be special.” The two ponies stared at the meteor shower together for over an hour. They kissed each other goodnight and went back to their homes for the day ahead.

Rainbow Dash woke up with butterflies in her stomach and thought “That meteor shower was the most special moment I have ever had.” She couldn’t spend more than a couple of moments before her mind wandered back to Luna for the entire day. Her friends worried that she was sick; she couldn’t bring herself to tell them that she was in a relationship. They would probably find out eventually, but it would be different if it got out she was seeing someone. Back in Canterlot Princess Celestia was more than a little confused about her sister’s sudden attitude change.  She had rarely talked to anyone and almost never cracked a smile; but today she was smiling throughout the day. Celestia confronted her sister, “What has gotten you in such a great mood today little sister?” Luna had not been prepared for that question, she began shaking “Aaahhh nothing big sister, I just woke up feeling great.” Even Luna didn’t think it was a good lie. Celestia raised an eyebrow “If you say so.” and walked away. Luna ran back to her room she was still shaking, she was still afraid of Celestia even though she had forgiven her. She couldn’t imagine her sister approving of her relationship. Later that night, after the moon had risen, Luna flew away from the castle. Celestia watched her leave and thought “What are you up to?”

That night Luna and Dash went for a picnic on a big cloud that was floating above the sea. As they ate their food Dash spoke up “I know this is our third date if you count the first time we met, but I have never been attracted to another pony in the way I am attracted to you. I can’t get you off my mind! I think I love you Luna.” Luna blushed “Oh Rainbow Dash I love you too. I feel the exact same way!” The two ponies hugged each other. Dash frowned “But….” Luna interrupted her “You don’t want anyone to know about this just yet?” Rainbow Dash looked surprised “How did you know.” Luna said “I am afraid I feel the same way. I do not know how my sister would react to the news.” Rainbow Dash kissed her “We don’t have to tell anyone, it can be our secret until the time is right.” Luna kissed her back “I agree it will make things different if people knew.” They made love right then and there on that cloud.

Luna woke up next to Rainbow Dash who was still fast asleep. She looked down from the cloud what she saw made her jump back in terror, the cloud had floated over Canterlot. “Oh dear.” Luna said, she tried to wake Rainbow Dash up “Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, wake up!” Rainbow Dash bolted awake “Huh! What’s wrong?” Luna pointed over the side of the cloud. Rainbow Dash became as nervous as Luna “Were over Canterlot! Oh crap, oh crap.” Thinking quickly Rainbow Dash burrowed into the big cloud. Beaconing for Luna, she followed Rainbow Dash into a cavity in the cloud Dash had created. Dash said “We should be safe here until it floats past the city.” They heard a voices coming from above them, it was Princess Celestia and her retinue. “It has been a while since I have had picnic on a cloud.” Luna’s blood ran cold as she thought “Of all the clouds she picks the one I am hiding in.” Another voice began to speak “I know it has also been a while since I have spent time with you, Princess Celestia.” Dash nearly fainted as she heard Twilight’s voice. The two ponies looked at each other, both of them were about to shit themselves in fear of getting caught. Luna had an idea, she kissed Dash hard and all of her and Dash’s fears melted away. It was almost midnight by the time the two Luna and Rainbow Dash left the cloud cavity they had been in. They knew after that experience that they loved each other and nothing would keep them apart. They said their goodbyes and went back to their homes for the night.

Once a week for months the two lovers met, then Luna just stopped showing up. Rainbow Dash waited for months for her to show up again. But she never did. Then months later, there was a knock at the door of Rainbow Dash’s cloud house. Rainbow Dash opened the door to find Luna holding a charcoal black pegasus foal with a rainbow mane and tail. Dash gasped “Is that.” Luna nodded “Yes she is ours.” Luna began to tear up “But, I cannot acknowledge her as my own. For Celestia may take away her away if she was to find out.” She held out the foal to Dash who picked her up and questioned “Why?” Luna said “For one day she will grow a horn and become as powerful as Celestia and I.” Rainbow Dash then thought about the fact she just had a foal with another mare “How is this possible?” Luna smiled “Powerful magic can do powerful things.” Rainbow Dash looked at Luna “Will I ever see you again?” Luna looked deep into Dash’s eyes “Of course, I shall come by when I can, but it will be difficult. Celestia has become curious of where I went before I disappeared for months to have our foal.” The two lovers hugged each other and their foal. On a distant cloud Princess Celestia watched “So that’s what she has been doing? Oh well, I guess one day she will tell me. But it is her secret.” Celestia took off, Luna would one day no longer be afraid of her. And this foal may be the thing that finally mended the bonds between them. Back at the cloud house Luna and Dash said a tearful goodbye. Luna told Dash if she ever needed her just ask the moon and she would come running no matter what. Luna flew off for Canterlot leaving Dash alone with the foal. Rainbow Dash looked down at the foal that began to cry. As she comforted the foal she said “I don’t care if all my friends shun me for this, all I need is you and the knowledge that your mother is never far away.”

Luna spent the next five nights visiting Dash, when she was awake during the day her sister kept trying to get her to open up her. It made Luna more nervous than ever she thought “She either knows or I really close to knowing what’s going on, but I can’t tell her I don’t know what she will do if she learns the truth.” On the sixth day after giving Dash the foal, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack came to visit her by balloon. “But, what if she’s dead on the floor!” Pinkie Pie said. Twilight rolled her eyes “Pinkie Pie, we have been over this. Derpy said she comes to the door and gets her mail. She’s fine maybe just a little under the weather.” Pinkie thought for a second “But what if it’s her evil twin! And she’s killed the real Rainbow Dash!” Applejack looked at Pinkie “It’s not her evil twin, she’s probably just sick. And we are going to see if we can make her feel better.” The balloon landed outside the door to the cloud house. Twilight went up and knocked on the door “Rainbow Dash its Twilight can you let me in.” Rainbow Dash came up to the door “Oh hey Twilight how are you?” Twilight raised an eyebrow “Rainbow Dash are you alright? You haven’t come out of your house in days.” Rainbow Dash said “Yep, I’m fine.” Rainbow Dash tried to close the door but Applejack stopped the door with her hoof. “Sugarcube why won’t you let us in?” Rainbow Dash frowned “I don’t want to talk about it.” Pinkie Pie pushed Applejack out of the way “Come on Rainbow Dash let us in. We can play a board game!” Pinkie then pulled out a board game she had stowed in the ballon. Rainbow Dash slammed the door shut in Pinkie’s face. “Well that wasn’t very nice of her.” Pinkie said. Applejack poked Twilight “Can’t ya open that there door, with your magic?” Twilight sighed “Yes, but I doubt Rainbow Dash would talk to us again if we barged in there.” Applejack said “But what if she’s in trouble and just won’t admit it.” Twilight and Applejack argued for another minute, before they heard a gasp and then a crashing noise coming from the house. They looked at the door and found it open, Pinkie had somehow opened it. They walked in concerned for Pinkie. Inside Rainbow Dash had pinned Pinkie to the ceiling. Dash had murder in her eyes as she stared at Pinkie who seemed to be humming happily about something. Twilight used her magic to pull them apart and put them on the ground. “Rainbow Dash! What is going on!” Twilight yelled “Uhh Twilight I think this is what’s going on.” Applejack said from a room right off of the one they were in. Twilight walked into the room still pinning Rainbow Dash down with magic. She gasped on the bed in the room there was a tiny pegasus foal sleeping on the bed. Pinkie came in bouncing around “Isn’t it the cutest thing you ever saw.” She ran up to hug the foal but a Rainbow Dash yelled “Pinkie if you touch her I will throw you from the highest point I can fly carrying you!” Pinkie shrunk back. Twilight and the others walked into the room that Rainbow Dash was in. As Twilight released her from the magical grasp, she looked like she was going to cry. Applejack spoke up first “Sugarcube why did you steal a newborn foal?” Rainbow Dash said trying to hold back tears “I didn’t steal her, she’s my daughter.” Applejack looked at Twilight “Is that even it possible?” Twilight thought deeply for a moment before saying “Yes if you had enough magical talent. But that would mean that Rainbow Dash would have had to have made love to a female unicorn.” Pinkie went up and hugged Rainbow Dash “Oh Rainbow Dash why didn’t you tell us! Now we can plan a big party for the foal.” Rainbow Dash shook Pinkie off “No, I didn’t tell you because you didn’t need to know.” Applejack spoke “We know now Rainbow Dash, so can you tell us who the uhh other mother is?” Rainbow Dash shook her head “No way.” “Why not?” said Twilight. “Because” said Rainbow Dash “You guys wouldn’t approve.” Applejack spoke again “Aw come on now that’s not fair, I’m sure we’d like this person.” Rainbow Dash shook her head “I am not telling you.” Applejack sighed “Fine, and you’re right it was none of our business to come barging in here. Come on girls lets go.” Rainbow Dash watched her friends leave, and began to cry “There is no way we will be able to keep our relationship secret now Luna.”

Luna flew over Ponyville tonight as she had for the past five nights to meet Rainbow Dash and her foal. She landed outside the door and knocked on it to have it opened by Rainbow Dash who looked nervous. “Luna we need to talk.” Luna walked into the house. “What is it Rainbow Dash?” Rainbow Dash frowned “Some of my friends found out about our foal.” Luna said “I don’t care.” Dash looked shocked. Luna smiled “No not about you or the foal, but about what other people think or will do if they find out. I spent some time thinking about it, and I am tired of not being able to see you or the foal whenever I want. I would rather be banished than separated from you.” Rainbow Dash hugged her, “Oh, Luna what are we going to do.” Luna said “We’re going to come out in the open with our relationship.” There was a knock on the door “Hey Rainbow Dash, it’s Twilight I was wondering if you wanted some fresh food. We could you know have dinner and talk.” Rainbow Dash looked at Luna “Well I’m sure Twilight wouldn’t Judge us.” Luna nodded “Oh defiantly not.” Rainbow Dash opened the door “Come on in Twilight.” Twilight floated a basket of food to the nearest table, “Well it’s good to see you’ve calmed down, again I’m sorry we just barged into your house.” Rainbow Dash thought for a second “How did you get up here?” Twilight said “I teleported up here. Uh, if it’s okay with you can I see your foal?” Rainbow Dash said “Of course you can.” Twilight walked into where she saw the foal last to see Princess Luna holding the foal. “Princess Luna what are you doing here?” Twilight asked. “Oh, I am just here to see my foal.” Luna said. The idea of what that meant made Twilight babble incomprehensibly for a minute. “Wait.. foal .. yours.. you and dash?” Luna nodded “Oh yes, we met a little over a year and a half ago.” Twilight said “Does Celestia know she has a niece?” Luna shook her head “Not yet. But she’ll find out soon enough.” Twilight scratched the back of her head “So, I brought some food you want some?” Luna smiled “Oh that would be nice.” She put the foal on the bed where she fell quickly asleep. Rainbow Dash hadn’t waited for Twilight and Luna to start eating and she was already stuffing her face. Twilight gave her a crazy eyed look. Rainbow Dash spoke with her mouth full “What, I haven’t been able to get any fresh food in a couple of days, its good.” Luna grabbed some of the food and began to nibble at it. The ponies began to chat, then Twilight talked about a picnic she went on with Celestia “So wait you were underneath us?” Twilight said. Rainbow Dash nodded “Yea, we spent nearly twelve hours in that cloud.” Luna nodded “Yes it’s actually pretty funny when I think about it now.” Twilight yawned “Oh, damn it’s really late I better go.” “See you tomorrow Twilight.” Rainbow Dash said. Twilight disappeared in a flash of light. Luna sighed “Well, now the secret is out. I feel better.” Rainbow Dash nodded “Yea I do too. Don’t you have to go?” Luna shook her head “No, I can stay here and lower the moon.” Rainbow Dash smiled “Good, because I have a gift for you.” Rainbow Dash planted a kiss on Luna, Luna felt the same fire that she did when she first met Rainbow Dash. It was like being in an endless free-fall. The kiss was broken by the crying of the foal. “Sounds like she’s hungry.” Luna said. Rainbow Dash said “You know, we haven’t given her a name yet.” Luna came back with the foal and began feeding her. “You’re right, how about Moon Runner?” Rainbow Dash looked at the foal “It’s perfect.”

Luna woke up to a knocking on the door of Rainbow Dash’s cloud house. Rainbow Dash was asleep with Moon Runner in her arms. Luna opened the door to find Princess Celestia “Hello sister, I was worried about you.” Luna said “Sorry, I must have slept past the time I needed to lower the moon.” Celestia said “No sister, I know you have had a foal with Rainbow Dash and that’s why you’re here. And I know you don’t want to tell me because you’re afraid of me. But I won’t harm you, Rainbow Dash, or the foal. And I can’t stand this secrecy between us.” Luna said “You’re not mad?” Celestia smiled “No of course not I have a niece, and you’ve finally found companionship.” Luna said “Well that’s good. Would you like to see her?” Celestia nodded “Of course.” The two sisters walked into the room where Rainbow Dash and Moon Runner were sleeping. Rainbow Dash stirred “Luna what is it?” Luna said “My sister came to see Moon Runner.” Moon Runner woke up and nuzzled Rainbow Dash. Celestia smiled “She is beautiful. Can I pick her up?” Rainbow Dash nodded at Luna who said “Of course sister.” Celestia picked up Moon Runner “She will one day make a great ruler of Equestria.” Luna said “Yes maybe one day, but for now she is Rainbow Dash and I’s daughter. And I would like to ask something of you sister.” Celestia gave Moon Runner back to Rainbow Dash. “Of course sister what is it?” Luna looked at Rainbow Dash who was now cradling Moon Runner “I wish to stay here with Rainbow Dash.” Rainbow Dash turned to Luna “But Luna what about the moon?” Luna smiled “I can raise and lower it from here.” Celestia said “If you wish to stay here than so be it, but please come and visit some time.” Luna said “Gladly.” Celestia said goodbye to Luna and Rainbow Dash and flew off towards Canterlot. Rainbow Dash looked at Luna “Will we ever have a normal life.” Luna giggled “Of course we will. Maybe not at first, but we will have a normal life.” Rainbow Dash smiled “I think I’m fine with abnormal.” Luna kissed Rainbow Dash “I’m fine with that too.”