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With a Spark

Written by Ninestempest/Edef


“Spitfire!?”  Rainbow Dash called out by instinct, bringing her hooves to her mouth as soon as the words shot through the air, embarrassed at having called out so loudly in the middle of the street.  She had just left the doughnut shop where she and her friends had been that night, and only happened to spot Spitfire flying through the sky when she had called up to her.  It was the coincidence of a lifetime.

Spitfire looked down.  Still in uniform, her masked face looked surprised.  She quickly changed trajectory and swooped down to meet the cyan pegasus.  “Oh, hey Rainbow Dash! I was looking for you.”

“Y-you were?”  Rainbow Dash hardly believed it.  Her mind raced with thoughts about the fiery pegasus standing before her.  Spitfire was looking for me?  Why me?  Oh my gosh stay cool Rainbow...

“I wanted to apologize about ignoring you all night... The life of a celebrity can be pretty busy.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Dash replied nervously, a blush creeping onto her cheeks.

Spitfire’s face slowly changed to a grin.  “Let me make it up to you. How would you like to hang out with the Wonderbolts tomorrow instead?  Then we can get to know each other better.”

The pegasus blinked. “Yeah, sure, that sounds... cool.  She barely managed to maintain her composure.

“Great! Are you familiar with ‘The Night Divine’?”

“THE Night Divine!?  No way!” Rainbow was stunned; the prestige of the club too much for her to handle as her excitement seeped into her voice.

Spitfire chuckled. “That’s just one of the perks of being a Wonderbolt.  So, you in?”

“Definitely!” There was no attempt to hide her eagerness.

“Sweet! Drop by around 8, we’ll be inside.”  And with that, just as suddenly as she arrived, she lifted off again, flying off in her original direction.

Rainbow Dash watched the Wonderbolt disappear into the distance.  When she finally lost sight of Spitfire, she shot into the sky, filled to the brim with glee and the realization of what just happened to prepare for the outburst she knew was coming.  When she could no longer contain it, it burst forth in an all too familiar way:  “Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh...”

Rainbow Dash, in her excitement, rocketed all over Canterlot, performing various tricks, dives, and flips.  She was aware of how ridiculous she looked performing such maneuvers in formal attire, but there were so few pegasi around it hardly mattered; she felt like her dream was finally within her grasp.  If the Wonderbolts were asking her to go out clubbing with them, how long before she starts hanging out with them?  Practicing with them?  And then eventually joining them...

Better yet, Spitfire would be there too.  One of the fastest members in the group, she had always been Rainbow Dash’s favorite.  She marveled at the yellow pegasus’ confidence in leadership while maintaining a cool, collected attitude.  She was a pony Rainbow Dash respected.  A pony Rainbow Dash admired.  The pegasus let out a quiet, inward squeal of excitement.  I’m finally going to meet her!

Finally somewhat tired from her nonstop series of tricks, she came to rest atop a cloud.  Her heart was pounding and her blood moving quickly through her veins as her mind was wrapped in the thoughts of her dreams when she finally looked straight to the sky and noticed the moon.  There it was, hovering in the middle of the sky, seemingly out of reach, the giant white orb glistening over the city below in the midst of a million stars and deep purple sky.  It was long past evening, the only light being that meager reflection of the sun off the moon.  It was then that she realized something: it was late and she had no place to stay.

She then remembered that Twilight Sparkle had decided to stay in Canterlot for a while, to spend time with Princess Celestia.  Rainbow Dash departed towards the doughnut shop where she and her friends had been earlier.  It hasn’t been too long, maybe I can find Twilight before she turns in for the night...

It came into view soon enough, and when she landed at the entrance and found it had already closed, she stomped a hoof in frustration.  Twilight and the gang had already left, and nopony else was around. Rainbow Dash stood and thought. She’s got to be headed for the castle!  Rainbow Dash lifted off and sped towards the royal palace.

Most of the main city was surprisingly close to the castle, but unlike the bustling metropolis that was Manehattan, this city was more spacious with taller structures as opposed to wider ones, and with more open courtyards in general. Rainbow Dash thus had little trouble scanning the city below; finding Twilight Sparkle took only minutes, made all the easier by the blue dress that didn’t much hide the unicorn against the artificially lit tan city streets.

“Hey Twilight!”  Rainbow Dash called out, swooping down quickly and landing with a small dust cloud emanating from behind her.  “Where ya headed?”

“Uhm, hey Rainbow?”  The indigo unicorn was clearly surprised.  “I thought you were headed to Ponyville... What are you doing in Canterlot?”

“I ran into the Wonderbolts again!”

“Oh, that’s great!”  She smiled brightly for a second, and then returned to her curious state.  “But what does that have to do with you still being here?”

Rainbow Dash let a small grin creep slowly onto her face.  “Oh, nothing much...  They just wanted me to go out with the whole team to The Night Divine tomorrow!”  The cyan pegasus squealed.  “It’s going to be... so... awesome!”  She exclaimed as she threw her forelegs into the air.

“That’s wonderful, Rainbow!  Looks like you are going to get what you wanted all along.”  Twilight had been brought to a smile from Rainbow’s happiness, but after some more thought, raised an eyebrow.  “But what does ANY of that have to do with me?”

“Oh, well... we’re meeting up tomorrow and I need a place to crash, and I figured since you were staying in Canterlot...” she looked at her friend expectantly, her large gleaming eyes almost begging.

Twilight rolled her eyes.  “Of course you can stay with me, Rainbow.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but you can stay as long as you need.”  Rainbow Dash pumped a foreleg in victory.  “The castle is more than large enough for the two of us.”

Rainbow Dash smiled.  “Thanks a lot, Twilight.”

“Oh, it’s no problem Rainbow.  I’m more than happy to help.”  She smiled in return.

Not another soul was traversing the city streets lit only by the moon and various lampposts as the two mares navigated down the winding paths towards the castle.  As the two conversed, Rainbow Dash’s thoughts drifted off once again to the next day, heavy with anticipation of an evening with Spitfire and the Wonderbolts.




The shower’s stream of lukewarm water pelted her coat, wrapping around Rainbow Dash’s skin and giving her comfort.  She was relaxed, in bliss, thinking eagerly about the events to come later that night.  Memories of a dream from her nap earlier that day were still vivid in her imagination.  Images of Spitfire and herself, intertwined and closer than she could have ever imagined, seemed to haunt her; she pushed the images to the back of her mind.  Stop getting ahead of yourself Rainbow Dash.  What if she’s already with somepony?  What if this all turns out to be a wild goose chase?  She sighed with frustration.  I just hope she likes other mares...

After finishing cleaning up and exiting the simple, white-tiled bathroom, she looked about her room before heading to the door.  Blinds covering the window blocked out most of the light, leaving the room eerily dark.  The king-sized bed, wardrobe, table with a few chairs, and a clock atop a nightstand all adorned the room.  The walls were a comforting, bright white-tan mix, and the floor covered was covered with a straight, red carpet, extending from the door.

She glanced at the clock, noting the time.  7:40 PM.  She swallowed her anxiety.  She had twenty minutes to get to The Night Divine.  It would be an easy trip from the castle, yet her heart was already racing.  She steeled herself for what she was about to do, and left the room.

Navigating the hallways and corridors to the front entrance of the castle, she thought about the next best course of action.  Maybe if I take a stroll through town, it’ll calm me down a little... She looked up at the sky as she stood on the bridge that hung over a decorative moat, just outside of the castle’s main entrance.  The sun hung low in the sky, yet still shone a pale glow over towers and sculptures, casting long, deformed shadows.  Clouds in the distance just started turning a pale orange, yet the cities colors were still vivid and regular as if it were midday.  As she trotted down the tan roads towards the main hub of the city, she found ponies on determined paths, most seeming to be part of upper society, with more eloquent and expensive clothes, while others were regular ponies that she might see anywhere else.  A grand majority of them were unicorns, with only the occasional earth pony or pegasus.

She was in the middle of a plaza; tan roads wound about a marketplace and various businesses. She looked to a clock tower, noting it was 7:50 now.  I should be there on time at this rate...

As she turned towards the direction of The Night Divine, she started thinking about the Wonderbolts again.  I’ll just have to tell them about what kind of tricks I can do, yeah!  I mean, they’ve already seen a Sonic Rainboom, and I’ve done it twice, and I’m the only pony to ever do it!  They must be at least considering me!  I just have to get a good word in with Spitfire... her pace slowed once the mare’s name entered her mind.  Just cool your jets, Rainbow.  Everything will be fine.  No worries, right?

Rainbow Dash arrived at the club just a minute before eight.  She had never been to any kind of nightclub before, only having been to Ponyville’s bar occasionally.  The scene was one to behold.  The entrance to the club was a pair of extravagant doors, guarded by a large earth pony bouncer. Just next to them was a long line of ponies stretching out along the buildings on the side of the road.  While the outside didn’t seem incredibly extravagant beyond the brightly lit sign carrying the name of the club, she couldn’t help but be amazed with its popularity, considering the high-class of ponies that lived in Canterlot.

Rainbow Dash studied her surroundings.  There wasn’t a Wonderbolt in sight.  Disappointed, she started to walk towards the end of the line.  Guess I didn’t expect a crowd...

“Where do you think you’re going, Rainbow Dash?”  The cyan pegasus turned around to see a yellow pegasus with a red and orange mane and amber eyes posing to her the question.  “You didn’t think the Wonderbolts would make you wait in line, did you?”

Rainbow Dash instantly realized who she was looking at.  “O-Oh!  Spitfire!  Sorry, I didn’t, uh...”

“Recognize me without the flight suit on?”  Spitfire waited for the cyan mare to catch up.  As they walked, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but stare at her.  She was lean, fit, and in all around great shape.  A picture of perfect health.  It was the first time Rainbow Dash had seen her without her flight suit, and she could barely break her gaze from the fiery pegasus before her.  The sight caused her to blush.  Holy crap, she looks amazing...

She spoke up again, bringing Rainbow Dash out of her trance-light state. “Yeah, not many ponies get to see us without them on.”

“Y-yeah” She chuckled nervously. “I hardy recognized you.”  Rainbow Dash couldn’t think of how to reply, except with the truth.  The Wonderbolt, without her uniform, hadn’t stood out at all against the crowd, or the line.

Spitfire started walking toward the entrance, motioning with a hoof for Rainbow Dash to follow her.  “C’mon, let’s go inside.”

“Right behind you!”

The two mares walked up to the bouncer, the tall earth pony in a kind of security uniform.  Instantly recognizing Spitfire, he let the two pass inside undisturbed, to the dismay of the patrons in line.

The sweeping smell of alcohol overtook her as she entered the club – the scent was a strong contrast to the city outside.  The lights blinding her, the music blared, loud, but bearable, as her ears adjusted quickly from the quiet murmurs of the Canterlot streets.  She could make out ponies on the spacious dance floor, enjoying themselves as they danced in rhythm.  It was a sight unlike any she had seen before, and the environment of the club was starting to give her worry, being so unfamiliar with such locations.

As they walked through the club, Spitfire pointed out the various Wonderbolts, some drinking, dancing, or socializing with various ponies.  Though Rainbow Dash knew all of their names already, she was surprised that she hardly recognized any of them, since none of them had their flight suits on.  She followed close behind Spitfire, silently admiring her features as they approached their table.

The two mares arrived at their destination. Rainbow Dash easily recognized the last remaining Wonderbolt, who was already sitting at the table: Soarin; the light blue pegasus with a dark blue mane, whom she had seen him face to face before.  He wasn’t alone at the table either; next to him was a unicorn mare, with a yellow coat and a two-toned teal mane.

Soarin and the mystery unicorn finished conversing as they noticed the two approaching the table.  “Hey Spitfire.”  He then looked at Rainbow Dash.  His eyes were fixated on her for a few seconds, as if recalling a memory.  He spoke up again suddenly, “Oh, Rainbow Dash, right?  Didn’t recognize you right away without the dress.”  The cyan pegasus let loose a ferocious grin at her own name.  “Nice to meet ya.”

“H-hey there.”  She had trouble keeping her composure.  “Wh-what’s up?”  What’s up?  Is that the best you can do Rainbow?

“Oh, I’m just hanging with my new marefriend here.”  He pecked her on the cheek then smiled at her, and she blushed.  As he finished, a waiter came by their table to take their orders.  Rainbow Dash, thinking for only a second on what she wanted that night, asked for a Long Island Ice Tea.  I’m gonna need some... extra courage.

After a good half hour of talking with the two Wonderbolts and the yellow unicorn, Soarin took his leave of the table, his marefriend following him as they left the club for the night, the pair nuzzling affectionately as they left through the doors.  Rainbow Dash now sat alone at the small table with Spitfire.  The cyan mare took a large sip from her glass.

Rainbow Dash had gotten used to the smell of the place now, and while she still felt the music was a little loud, she liked it.  Her eyes drifted lazily about the club, as she took more sips from her drink, until they met Spitfire.  Her mind focused on Wonderbolt mare, eyes unmoving, as she watched her converse with a few fans briefly.  Okay Rainbow, time to get serious... you gotta let her know that you think she’s more than just your idol.  That you actually like her.  So how do you do that?  But as she pondered how to go about it, she couldn’t think of anything. Her thoughts yielded absolutely no results, and her heart beat faster as she started to realize she had no way to break the ice alone.  As if on cue, Spitfire ordered more drinks for the two of them, getting a whiskey for herself before asking Rainbow Dash what she wanted.  She stammered, both from the attention and from realizing that she was alone with Spitfire again, and absentmindedly requested the same drink, still thinking entirely of the lovely mare that stood before her.

Okay, just think about this.  How do you go about asking if she likes other mares?  You can’t just outright ask her, she’ll think that’s creepy... Rainbow Dash had downed her first glass quickly as the next arrived. She wasn’t much of a drinker; she normally kept to drinking at parties.  She enjoyed it, but she always figured that alcohol would keep her from flying at her best.

With every splash of her drink down her throat, she could felt herself relax somewhat, yet just a few seconds after, she would feel that anxiety rising up again, realizing Spitfire was right there at the other end of the table, alone with her.  Spitfire seemed to be enjoying herself, listening intently to the music and enjoying her own drink, while Rainbow Dash still couldn’t speak, silently sitting at the other end of the table.  Her gaze came to rest on Spitfire yet again as her mind raced to find something to break the awkward silence building between them.  Just say something Rainbow!

Spitfire glanced at Rainbow Dash.  The cyan mare froze, locked in the gaze of that wonderful pegasus before her.  With a cheeky grin, the Wonderbolt spoke up and said, “You’re cute when you’re nervous.”

Rainbow Dash’s heart did back flips; utter chaos burst into her thoughts as her cheeks grew bright red, the suddenness and making her anxiety reach critical mass.  It startled her so much that she almost fell out of her chair as she fumbled her glass.  It shattered as it hit the floor.  Rainbow Dash silently cursed herself, bringing her face down to the table and covering her head in her hooves.  Great job Rainbow Dash.  Just because you can’t start a conversation doesn’t mean you have to look like some kind of klutz!

Strangely, she heard a chuckle.  Lowering her forelegs, she looked up at Spitfire, who was gazing back at the cyan mare with a warm smile.  It comforted Rainbow Dash to a point where she didn’t want to move.  She just wanted to stare into her eyes and admire her face.

Spitfire extended a hoof, raising Rainbow Dash’s face to her level.  She spoke quietly, words chosen and said as if rehearsed.  “You know Dash...”

“Y-yes?  Rainbow Dash squeaked out.  Spitfire barely heard her over the music.

“You aren’t very subtle.  You’ve been staring at me all night.”  Spitfire held her cheeky grin as Rainbow Dash looked back at her.

“W-well, you know, I just...” she forced some of her nervousness down her throat and mustered up her alcohol-tampered courage.  “You... just look really pretty and stuff... I couldn’t stop... looking at you...”

Spitfire brought her face close to Rainbow Dash’s, now only inches away.  The cyan mare blushed and swallowed again as Spitfire replied, “Don’t worry about it.  I like you too.”

“Y-you do?”  Rainbow Dash could only answer in amazement.  The haze of emotions and hurricane of surprise started to ease themselves from her mind.

“I do,” she responded with a wink.

Rainbow Dash felt like she could take on a dragon.  Like she could perform a Sonic Rainboom at will.  She likes me!  Oh my Celestia she said she likes me!

“So, Rainbow Dash,” Spitfire started again, after letting her previous words sink in.  “Wanna dance?”

Rainbow Dash didn’t have to think twice about her response.  “Hell yeah!”

Spitfire led her out to the dance floor, gently holding one hoof as she walked in front of Rainbow Dash, who was in the most blissful of trances.  The crowd shook and bobbed in rhythm as the two mares slowly started dancing amidst the colorful flashing lights.  The DJ was clearly visible, yet nothing else was, the patrons of the club blurry sea of black waves, rolling and cascading around the dance floor.  Only Spitfire was clearly visible, just feet away from Rainbow Dash.  Her movements and the music both guided the cyan mare.

Rainbow Dash had gotten used to the rhythm, able to change and keep up with the song changes easily, and was finally able to let go of enough anxiety that she truly began enjoying herself.  The two danced close together as the dance floor seemed to fill up; every passing song felt like a gift to the cyan mare, each one giving her more time to spend with Spitfire.  More time to spend time with just her.  After finally going through more songs than she could recall, the two went back to their table, having more to drink and to rest their hooves.  Other Wonderbolts eventually joined them at the table as the night went on, and Spitfire introducing each one personally to Rainbow Dash, their conversations letting the night pass by quickly.  As the last of the Wonderbolts left their company, the two decided to go back out onto the dance floor, feeling somewhat recharged from their rest and their drinks.

The song changed.  Was it just me, or did Spitfire just get a lot closer?  Rainbow Dash only just noticed, but it seemed the Wonderbolt had moved closer to her, dancing more slowly and fluidly.  The song changed again, and Spitfire seemed to move closer once more; she could feel the Wonderbolt almost pressed against her chest.  Her face started to glow a bright red.

Then Rainbow Dash felt Spitfire’s tail brush against her cutie mark.  The feeling made her shudder ever so slightly with pleasure, and she couldn’t keep the red on her cheeks from growing brighter as she danced, standing so close to the Wonderbolt.  They kept against one another as they continued dancing.  Rainbow Dash loved the intimacy, loved being next to her.  Whenever they touched, she felt her heart leap.  She felt like she could be there all night, dancing and being with her, that nothing could go wrong.

Rainbow Dash wanted, more than anything to stay with Spitfire.  But so far, all they had done was talk: they spoke of when they were fillies, how they earned their cutie marks, who their parents were.  They spoke of when they found out about the Wonderbolts, Spitfire even telling the cyan mare how she joined the Wonderbolts, and even though it was just passing a try out, the cyan mare listened intently, taking in every word.  Rainbow Dash wasn’t surprised to find that Spitfire had similar ideals and desires to her own; the thrill of speed and daring tricks was something they shared.

Her mind, seemingly unsupervised, drifted towards terrible thoughts.  What if we just... keep dancing, keep close together all night... and that’s it?  I can’t leave Ponyville, and she won’t just up and quit the Wonderbolts.  What if it is months before we even see each other again?  Her panicked mind went through various scenarios of the two separating, hardly seeing each other as their lives went on.  She didn’t want it to end, not that night.

It doesn’t have to end.  They started to change position as they danced, and as their faces brushed by, exchanging loving glances, Rainbow stopped moving completely.  Spitfire, confused by the cyan mare’s stillness, wasn’t prepared as Rainbow Dash brought her head forward and quickly pecked the yellow mare on the lips.

Spitfire stopped and looked back at the cyan mare and her surprised expression quickly gave way to a large, devilish smirk.  Without warning, she moved forward.  Her lips met Rainbow Dash’s, stealing her breath and composure. The cyan mare’s eyes went wide as her thoughts raced.  Spitfire didn’t break stride, slowly but surely leading the Rainbow Dash away from the dance floor, towards the corner of the club, still locked in their kiss. She backpedaled at the Wonderbolt’s whim, offering no resistance, still in shock from the sudden intimacy as events moved through her head faster than she could process.

Spitfire released slowly as she gave the cyan mare a look of unmistakable desire.  This time they both moved forward, lips locking, their tongues dancing over each other’s mouths.  They brought their hooves around each other as they continued, caressing each other, lost in the heat of the moment, the blaring music and beams of multi-chromatic light both hiding their passion from the patrons while going completely unnoticed by the two pegasi.  Their mouths parted, took deep breaths, closed in once again.  Spitfire’s movements were focused and strong, guiding Rainbow Dash as if a routine had been prepared for each of them, yet only one knew of it.

They stayed next to each other, in their own corner of the club, made private only by the other patron’s indifference.  Rainbow Dash sat herself on a bench, giving her legs the break they needed.  She laid her head against Spitfire’s neck, nuzzling her, comfort and joy the only emotions she could feel as the Wonderbolt sat next to her, her head resting right on top of the Rainbow Dash’s.  She didn’t see any flashing lights or hear any music.  All she felt was Spitfire against her, a comfort that was indefinable by words.  Oh Luna, let this night never end...

“Hey, Dash?”  Asked Spitfire suddenly, barely audible, her head unmoving.

Rainbow Dash glanced up, even if she couldn’t see her love’s face.  “Mmmm?” She mumbled into Spitfire’s neck.

She lowered her head to Rainbow Dash’s level, and stole a little peck off the cyan mare’s lips.  Rainbow Dash blushed again.  “Wanna get out of here?”

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow.  “Leave?  Where?”

She replied with that same devious grin. “My place.”

Rainbow Dash’s blush grew to encompass her entire face.  Of course the thought had entered her mind in the midst of their time that night, but nothing so quickly or sudden.  She almost thought it an impure thought.  However, knowing what was being asked of her, she only had one answer.  ”More than anything.”




The door to the hotel room flew open.  The two giddy mares walked in, slowly but surely, giggling as they chided each other for their misplaced steps.  Their lips met once more in pleasure as Spitfire slammed the door shut with a hind leg.  Alone in the room, Rainbow Dash felt Spitfire grab her, kissing her again and pressing her up against the wall, both holding each other as close as they could be.

Their kisses continued, the two pegasi exchanging body heat and tastes, as Spitfire seemed to grow more intense in her movements.  The Wonderbolt’s whiskey was still light on her breath, a pleasant tinge tickling the cyan mare’s tongue.  Spitfire then began bringing Rainbow Dash towards the bed, their passion still holding a tight grip over them.  They fell atop the crimson comforter as the Spitfire pressed her entire body over Rainbow Dash, their forehooves meeting and holding each other tightly.  Both of them shuddered in delight and desire with every touch, every kiss, both wanting more and more as their mouths met again and again in more intensity.  Rainbow Dash moved to bring her waist right to Spitfire’s, wrapping her forelegs around her love, desperately wanting that touch.

Spitfire seemed to have other plans as she parted ever so slowly from Rainbow Dash.  She winked as she headed to some of her bags at the opposite end of the room.  Rainbow Dash lay unmoving, slightly disappointed in having to wait even a minute, but still eager she waited on top of the bed, following Spitfire with her eyes as she walked across the room.  She could feel her heart beating at a mile a minute, her body wanting that beautiful mare before her more than ever.

Spitfire reached into one of her saddle bags resting on the floor, and turned to look at Rainbow Dash with an unmistakable look of desire as she brought something out.  “You’re going to love this...”




Rainbow Dash awoke to the sounds of hooves landing on the city pavement, the soft murmur drifting in from the busy morning streets.  She stirred. As her ears grew more alert and her eyes became aware, she felt a weak beam of light falling on her face.  She rolled over and covered her face with her hooves, not yet wanting to be awakened.  She slowly rolled onto her back and, finally slightly more apt to getting up after several agonizing minutes of feeling more and more exhausted the longer she waited, she slowly opened her eyes, lifting herself up.  Her mane hung down over her face, messier than she ever remembered it being.  The previous night came to the forefront of her mind instantly, the time they spent etched in her mind forever as she reached with a hoof for her love, the yellow pegasus that lay beside her.

She felt nothing; she turned and saw the other half of the bed was empty.  Rainbow Dash paused.  Huh... She glanced around the room tiredly, and seeing nopony around, decided Spitfire must be in the bathroom.  She slowly got out of bed, sitting at its side before getting to the floor.  She stretched out each hoof and her wings, smoothing out any kinks that may have come about from her blessed sleep.  She gingerly walked to the bathroom door and knocked.  As her hoof landed on the door, it opened with a creek, slowly revealing the dark room that showed absolutely no signs of being occupied. Rainbow Dash felt her heart falter.  I bet she’s just meeting the other Wonderbolts, or grabbing a quick breakfast in the lobby.  Yeah, that’s gotta be it.  As she walked back to the bed to get comfortable, she then realized that Spitfire’s saddlebags were gone.  I’m... I’m sure she’ll be back, yeah.  She’s just off being a famous Wonderbolt.  She glanced to the clock on the nightstand, noting it was around 9:30.

There she waited.  The thoughts of what Spitfire might have done were unrelenting as she sat, doing nothing but listening to the sounds around her to try and distract herself.  All she could hear, were the murmurs of ponies outside in the streets, the occasional bird chirping, and hotel patrons walking by her door.  Each time she heard a pony clop down the hallway, she would get excited, only to hear the sounds continue on and dash away the small tinge of hope.

An hour passed; the clock read 10:30.  She lowered her head as her thoughts tumbled towards things she’d rather not think of.  She wouldn’t leave me here!  She’s probably seeing fans or doing some impromptu show, that’s why she has her bags with her!  With some courage, she decided to get on the floor and stretch out her legs and wings again.  She then walked over to the window and glanced at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of a black, thundering cloud trail, or some sign of the Wonderbolts.  Seeing nothing, she sighed and returned to sitting on the bed, patiently waiting.  Spitfire would return.  She knew she would.  She... she liked me right?  She said she did...

A half hour passed before there was a knock at the door.  Rainbow Dash sighed in relief.  That’s gotta be Spitfire!  Her smile returned and her worries gone, she walked to the door and opened it, ready to hug the yellow pegasus who would be standing before her.  As she opened it, she was met with an entirely different pony.  One of the hotel staff: a pony in a maid outfit.

The unicorn mare looked surprised. “Why is somepony still here?  I thought everypony checked out already.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes went wide.  “Ch-checked out?  B-but Spitfire...”

“Spitfire checked out of this room two hours ago...  so did all the other Wonderbolts from their rooms.”  Rainbow Dash felt like something had fallen from her chest.  Stray thoughts had developed about Spitfire while the lonely pegasus was sitting alone in the room, but they were buried deep in hope: a hope that those thoughts were unwieldy manifestations of her baseless fears; but the maid’s words brought those wild conclusions to the forefront of her mind, and she then knew that they were an inescapable truth.  Spitfire had left her.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to leave.”  Without warning, the maid gently lifted the cyan pegasus using magic, and plopped her down in the hallway.  She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t sure what she felt, but it weighed heavily on her chest as her throat seemed to tighten, threatening to keep precious air from her lungs.  She knew the Wonderbolts were probably long gone, if they all really left such a long time ago.  Her head hung low as she sat in the middle of the hallway, unaware of her surroundings from being lost inside her own mind.  She finally moved by the request a patron of the hotel insisting she was blocking a better part of the hallway.  His comments seem to shake her from her thoughts – she looked around slowly before finally moving out of the way.  Wordlessly, she continued slowly to the other side of the hallway.  It took being hassled again by one of the maids before she finally decided to leave the hotel.

She walked into the crowd.  The midday sun that shone onto everything was completely unobstructed, the bright light glistening off the white walls and the tan streets as it nearly blinded the cyan pegasus.  With her head hung low, she walked through the streets, so slowly that other ponies accidentally bumped into her, each one apologizing without her acknowledging that they had even touched her.  Spitfire... Spitfire left me... she... left me alone, like I was nothing... why would she do that?  She saw her tears hit the pavement as she walked, no destination set in her mind.  She said she liked me...

She finally stopped when she realized nopony was around her.  She glanced around, seeing she had come to an open courtyard, green grass extending for tens of yards in every direction.  Her mind was swimming in thoughts as she sat down, trying to make sense of what happened, and what had gone on the previous night.  Why would Spitfire do something like that?  Did she lie to me or something?  Why would she lie?

A sudden roar came from overhead.  She looked upward to see black, thundering smoke trails she knew so well, quickly dissipating.  It was the coincidence of a lifetime.

She shot up into the air and followed behind them.  Sure enough, there were all of the Wonderbolts, each one in uniform and each one with their saddlebags.  They were flying as a group, but hadn’t bothered to form any specific shape or formation.  They weren’t flying full speed either, as Rainbow Dash quickly caught up to them, not sure whether she should be seething with anger or crying her heart out.

She looped around in front of them, stopping them instantly.  Even through their goggles and navy-blue flight suits, they were obviously confused.  Rainbow Dash quickly scanned them for Spitfire’s mane, and found her near the middle of the group.  “What’s going on, Spitfire!?”  Rainbow Dash tried to speak in anger, but her words came out cracked, her tone obviously reflecting her injured heart.

The Wonderbolts all flew a bit outward from Spitfire, leaving her in the middle of them all.   Some chuckled, others oohed, teasing the fiery-maned mare as she shooed them off with her hoof.

The cyan pegasus was trembling as Spitfire sighed.  “What are you doing here, Rainbow Dash?”

“What am I doing here?  Why didn’t you wake me up?  Why did you leave me there?”  Her tone, desperate, changed to pure sadness as she spoke.  “I-I thought we had something... you said...”

Spitfire shook her head.  “Don’t you get it, Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash could hardly speak.  “I... I...” her tears were slowly falling again.

“There’s nothing between us,” Spitfire remarked with utter indifference.

“But... last night...”

“Was just that.  One night.  Enjoy it for what it was.”  She gazed right back into the sobbing pegasus’s eyes.  All Rainbow Dash saw was apathy.  “I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing each other anytime soon, Rainbow Dash.  Goodbye.”  With that last line, Spitfire floated off to re-gather the other Wonderbolts, leaving the teary-eyed pegasus alone in the sky.

She looked on as Spitfire summoned the other Wonderbolts from the various clouds they had perched on, who watched the fiasco whilst stifling laughs, and silencing them with a wave of her hoof before they started to form up their loose non-formation to fly off once again.  She stared as they finally left, their black cloud trails hanging solemnly in the air behind them.  She’s... she’s going... Rainbow Dash darted forward when she lost sight of the Wonderbolts, but stopped herself, unsure of what she would even do if she caught up with them.  She’s gone.  She’s really gone.

Rainbow Dash drifted downward slowly. So that’s it... She glanced around, and found no other pegasi in the sky, nor on the courtyard below her.  She... she just used me... she started sob louder, and brought her hooves to her head as she closed her eyes.  She felt every tear building up, falling, landing on her hooves and tracing lines down her fur.  I... stop it... why can’t I stop crying... she tried to wipe away her tears, but they were unrelenting.  “NO NO NO, STOP IT!”  She wailed, spinning around in mid air and jetting off towards Canterlot castle, the tears leaving a trail behind her as she flew, a sparkling rainbow perched high in the sky, slowly fading as the tears fell to the ground.




“I’m leaving now, Rainbow Dash!”  Twilight Sparkle yelled as she knocked on the door to her friend’s room.  Knowing no other ponies were staying in the same hallway as her and Rainbow Dash at the castle, she decided to raise her voice.  Despite being at the castle all day, she hadn’t seen Rainbow Dash once, and was almost worried about her.  The indigo unicorn knocked on the door again.  “Would you like to come along?”

No response.  Twilight Sparkle turned her head and pressed her ear against the door, but she still heard nothing.  Perhaps the cyan pegasus had already left, or was still out from the previous-

Somepony talking... Rainbow’s voice?  She moved back and yelled again.  “Rainbow Dash!  I can hear you in there!”  She brought an ear against the door, and used some magic to accentuate any sound that came through it.  Almost instantly she heard quiet whimpers from her friend on the other side of the door.

“... Are you crying?”  Twilight didn’t move her head as she called out again.

“G-go away Twilight!”  Rainbow Dash yelled, unable to control her sobs.

This time is was much more distinct.  Out-right sobs from the pegasus echoed out into the hallway.  Twilight then unlocked the door with her magic, and ran into the room, concern her foremost thought.

She was met with Rainbow Dash, sitting on the bed as she cried into her forelegs. Hearing the unicorn run in, she looked up.  The cyan pegasus’ eyes were puffy and red from hours of crying.  Her mane was even more disheveled than usual, and her wings were laying limb against her side, not even folded.  She looked healthy to Twilight, but to see her friend crying... was something she never expected in her life.  Twilight was stunned.  Rainbow Dash had, to her, always been brave, out-going, confident, a pony that was always proving she was better, she was strong.  Twilight was almost speechless, but she had to do something - her friend was clearly very troubled.

Rainbow Dash sighed, dropping her head into her hooves.  I guess it was only a matter of time...

Twilight moved towards the bed and sat herself down next to Rainbow Dash, who had still only managed the one glance as she now looked to the wall, her tears flowing silently.  The indigo mare spoke softly, but her words were clearly unsure.  “What’s the matter Rainbow?

Rainbow Dash couldn’t find the words to answer.  After a few moments of silence, Twilight spoke up again.  “Did something happen... with the Wonderbolts last night?”

“You could say that.”  Rainbow Dash blinked away some tears.

Twilight instantly realized what was wrong.  She brought a hoof to Rainbow Dash’s shoulder as the cyan mare gave her a somewhat perplexed look.  “You asked to join the Wonderbolts, didn’t you?”

Rainbow Dash paused, then nodded.  I... no, I can’t tell her... I can’t tell anypony, not yet... “It’s just... you know, I was really hoping they’d see something in me.”

“They just outright rejected you?”  Twilight asked, quietly and knowingly as she slowly embraced her friend, attempting to comfort her.

“Something like that.”  Rainbow Dash choked back more tears as she spoke.  “I... I guess it just can’t work out.  I’m just somepony from Ponyville, a nopony.  Some weather pegasus doing a mundane job and practicing dumb tricks all the time.  It was stupid...” she looked down in shame, her mind unable to continue.  Twilight looked on, her hoof and concerned expression the only things she could give to the cyan pegasus.  It took Rainbow Dash several moments to collect herself before she could finish.  “I never had a chance...”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes were watering up again as she finished, and the cyan mare looked to Twilight for a response.  With her lips curled in uncertainty, she said, “I’m sorry Rainbow Dash, but that just happens sometimes.  You can’t make them feel the same way about you.  After all, how would some big, famous celebrities be able to appreciate you?”

Rainbow Dash couldn’t think of what to say.  “Yeah...” she agreed.  She felt defeated.

“Are... you going to be all right?”  Twilight asked.

“I’m... I’m as fine as I’ll ever be...”

“C’mon, let’s go back to Ponyville, Rainbow.”  Twilight got off the bed and walked to the door, waiting for her friend to follow.  “I’m sure seeing the rest of your friends will help you cheer up a little.”

Rainbow Dash took a minute to convince herself that she wouldn’t burst out crying in public again, and slowly walked over to her friend.  Silently, they left the room and castle, making their way through the city to its entrance, where a path would take them back to Ponyville.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t clear her mind of the Wonderbolts during their long walk back to Ponyville.  Wonderbolts... why should I even try anymore?  Every time they see me, they’ll think of that stupid little filly that Spitfire seduced one night... and every time I see her, I’ll think of what we did that night.  No, I... I just can’t see the Wonderbolts.

It’s time I just forgot about them.




Rainbow Dash heard a knock at the door.  Her eyebrows were raised before the rest of her was, surprised to hear the sound.  Nopony ever visits me at home... unless it’s Pinkie Pie with party invitations again. She got off the couch and cautiously walked to the door, opening it as she arrived.  Applejack was standing on the clouds that made up the landing platform of her cloud home.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened.  “How did you get up-“

“Twilight’s balloon.” The orange mare cut her off immediately.

“How are you standing on-“

“Twilight’s magic.”

Rainbow Dash shook herself to regain some composure.  “Never mind that, what are you doing here anyway?  You never visit me.”

“Normally yer doin’ yer job too.”  Applejack almost sounded bitter as she finished her answer.

“Just what do you mean by that?”  Rainbow Dash instinctively replied with an accusing tone.

“You’ve been shirking your work as a weather pony!”  Applejack words had a hint of rage in them.  “There was none of the rain we needed for the orchard yesterday, and a few days ago you didn’t even clear a huge thunderstorm that formed during your shift!  Somepony coulda gotten hurt ‘cause of you!”

Rainbow Dash only looked away in shame, not answering.  Applejack, regretting her outburst immediately, walked over to her friend and brought a hoof around her.  “We’re all just worried about you, okay?  We haven’t seen you practicin’ tricks much neither.  Nopony’s seen you except when yer clearin’ clouds in the mornin’.”

“What’s the point?”  Rainbow Dash said, dejected.

“The point? To get into the Wonderbolts!  Yer tellin’ me you can get in without even tryin’ anymore?”

Rainbow Dash frowned.  “Who needs those stinkin’ Wonderbolts anyway?”

“What?” The orange mare didn’t have time to collect herself before Rainbow Dash spoke again.

“They’re just a bunch of stuck up fancy pegasi.  Big deal.”

Applejack was beyond shocked.  To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth that she no longer wanted to get into the aerobatics team she had been obsessed with ever since she was a filly, made her beyond worried for the cyan pegasus.  “What... why wouldn’t you want to get into the Wonderbolts?”

“Because I don’t want to, okay?  I don’t want to talk about it...” Her expression completely betrayed her words as she paused to glance at Applejack.  “I’m fine, okay?  Just leave me alone...”

She followed her friend’s face, a tired, melancholy look.  “You ain’t remotely fine, so don’tchya tell me otherwise.  Not wanting to join the Wonderbolts?  Somethin’ happened at the Gala, Dash, that much is obvious.”

Rainbow Dash sighed.  Guess this is it Dash, you aren’t gonna get around Applejack.  You’re gonna have to tell her... about everything.  She nodded slowly, saying “Okay... just... come inside, and close the door.”  Applejack did as she was asked, quickly walking inside and closing the door in one swift motion.  She walked over to the couch Rainbow Dash was on, and took a seat next to her.

Applejack spoke immediately.  “So, Dash, what’s goin’ on?”

Rainbow Dash groaned and brought her hooves to her temples.  Just... just tell them Rainbow... your friends won’t hate you... they love you... right?

“Dash, this only works if you actually tell me what happened.”  Applejack was stern.

Rainbow Dash sighed.  She wasn’t ready for this, not emotionally, not physically, but she couldn’t very well just kick her friend out of her house.  She knew it wasn’t right to keep it all to herself for so long, leaving all her friends to worry, so she cleared her throat, and started.  “Right after we left that doughnut shop, I ran into Spitfire, totally by accident.  She apologized about ignoring me at the Gala, and invited me to meet all the Wonderbolts at one of the coolest nightclubs in all of Canterlot.”  She paused and looked to Applejack for approval.  She nodded, clearly listening.  The pegasus let loose another sigh.  “Here’s where... there was a problem.  You have to promise not to tell anypony what I’m about to tell you, okay?”

“Of course, Dash.  You can tell me anything.”

Rainbow Dash hesitated, still mentally preparing herself for what she was going to say.  Nodding to herself, she spoke quietly.  “I... I had a crush on Spitfire.”

Applejack blinked.  “Spitfire?  The Wonderbolt, but she’s... a she.”

“Yes, Applejack.  She is.  I, uh, I like other... mares.”  Rainbow Dash’s words stumbled out of her mouth.  “That’s... okay with you AJ, right?”  She sniffled.

Applejack met her friend’s ashamed gaze.  She saw fear in the pegasus’ eyes.  “Ah... ah have to admit ah wasn’t expectin’ that.  Actually, that was the last thing on mah mind.  But ah know one thing.  That’s just fine with me Dash.  Ah’m sure it’ll be fine with all of us.  We’re yer friends.”

Rainbow Dash sighed, relieved.  “Thanks AJ.”

Applejack hugged her friend tight, surprising the cyan pegasus.  “You can like whoever you wanna like Rainbow.  Yer still you, and yer still my best friend.”

She paused, letting the words sink in.  Rainbow Dash seemed to take comfort in them as she looked back at her friend with a reassured smile, so the farmer continued.  “Let me take a stab at this; Spitfire didn’t like you back, did she?”

“Not even that, Applejack.  She said she liked me... and we... we kinda... spent that night together.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Dash.”  Applejack hadn’t expected to hear that, but she knew she had to be as supportive as possible.  “So... then what happened, Sugarcube?”

Rainbow Dash’s tried to look away from her friend in shame.  Applejack followed her gaze as she saw tears start to silently form in the corner of the cyan mare’s eyes.  “When I woke up that morning, she was gone...  She checked out of the hotel room when I was still in it.  Applejack, she... she took me like I was some little filly for her to have some fun with. I didn’t mean anything to her!”  Rainbow Dash let it all out, bawling as she threw her forelegs around the farmer, who almost pulled back by instinct, barely stopping herself.  “She... said she liked me... but she was just using me Applejack!  The other Wonderbolts didn’t even care!  They thought it was funny!”  She pulled back slightly, tears trickling down her cheeks and making dark impressions along the clouds that were her home.  “What have I been doing with my life Applejack?  I always looked up to them like they were my heroes, and they... they didn’t even care!  Oh Celestia, what is wrong with me?”

Unable to find audible comfort for her friend, Applejack brought her into another hug, letting the pegasus cry herself out.  The quiet weeps of Rainbow Dash became the room’s ambiance as the farmer felt her friend’s tears rolling down her mane and even crawling down her back.  There wasn’t anything she could think of, not a single word to comfort the pegasus.  Rainbow Dash’s vision of her icons had been shattered and stomped into the ground.  Applejack couldn’t think of what she would do if the orchard had burned down, if something befell her family.  So she didn’t move; she hoped her presence would bring some meager comfort to her weeping friend.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t stop sobbing.  She hated herself more with every second she went on, but she couldn’t stop it.  She had finally gotten herself to talk about that night, that loss.  She knew it had happened, but some kind of hope, a desire that it hadn’t actually happened, and that this was perhaps all a dream.  As she wept, she felt whatever wall she had made around those events crumble, slowly fading, the memories bleeding and mixing to fit into reality.  She’d never be with Spitfire, never join the Wonderbolts... it was all gone.

The minutes dragged on for what felt like hours; neither mare kept track of the passing time, the two still in a tight embrace.  Finally, Rainbow Dash’s sobbing slowed ever so slightly.  Applejack took notice.  “You all right now?”

Rainbow Dash muttered something she couldn’t make out into her mane, but Applejack felt her nod.

“What are you gonna do now?”

“Hmm?”  Rainbow Dash got out through her friend’s tear-soaked mane.

“Ah asked you, what are you gonna do now?”  Applejack said again.

Rainbow Dash pulled back finally, almost losing her balance, being so used to the support her friend had become in such a short time.  She was still tearing but confusion was painted over her face.  “I... What?”

“In Ponyville.  With us.  With the rest of your life, Rainbow.  What are you going to do now?”  Applejack enunciated every word, both for emphasis, and hoping to not have to repeat it all again.

Rainbow Dash shook her head.  “What am I supposed to do now?  Spitfire didn’t even care about me, and how could I join the Wonderbolts now?  Every time I’d see the uniforms, them, and her... I’d think about-“

“Damnit, you aren’t the Rainbow Dash I know,” Applejack said.  “Yeah, it’s mighty sad that she didn’t care about you, and she used you like that.  I can’t say I’d know that feeling.”  She sighed.  “But the Rainbow Dash I know wouldn’t be giving up like this.  She’d be angry, she’d be wanting to get back at her, get better at flyin’ than that son of a-“

Rainbow Dash quietly raised a hoof to stop her friend from ranting on.  “I just... I just need time to think about this...”

“Rainbow, you’ve had a week and it’s hurtin’ your job, and makin’ us all worried sick about you.  It’s time you faced this.  You decide right now: either yer gonna be worried and obsessed with yer lyin’ celebrities and that pony that took advantage of you, for the rest of yer life,” she brought a hoof against her own chest.  “Or you can come back to the world of the living, with your friends.  The ones who care about you and miss you, and a town that needs you.”

Rainbow Dash looked on, stunned.  “Applejack... is it really that simple?  To just move on?  How do I just... forget her?  How can I forget about the Wonderbolts when all I can think of is how much she hurt me...?”

“It’s gonna hurt for a long time, Dash.  But we can all help you deal with it.  Face it.  You don’t have to do things alone.”  Applejack smiled despite her friend.  “I learned that the hard way.”

Rainbow Dash tried to blink away more tears, but it was to no avail.  “All I ever did in my free time was practice tricks.  My entire life was... built around the Wonderbolts.  What am I supposed to do now, Applejack?  Just, give up?”  She covered her face with her hooves, feeling ashamed.

“Ah can’t tell you what to do Rainbow.”  Applejack brought a hoof to Rainbow Dash’s shoulder.  “You have to decide for yourself.”

Rainbow Dash nodded, only to herself.  “I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and now... now I have no idea.”  She shuddered, but her tears finally seemed to slow.  She looked back to her friend.  “If I can’t join the Wonderbolts... what am I supposed to be doing?”

“Ah don’t know Dash, but we’ll be here for ya every step of the way.”

Rainbow Dash scratched at her eyes, clearing away the last of her tears.  “You… you promise?”

“Ah promise.”


A fan has opted to draw out a little extended ending to this story.  Natrually, he’s totally awesome, so here’s a link: