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A Pony Fanfiction by Sithicus

All characters belonging to Hasbro, the Hub and Lauren Faust are used without malicious intentions, this is a work of fanfiction by the author, who is a humble Brony.


Scootaloo wanted desperately to fly. It was her dream to someday soar alongside Rainbow Dash as they both performed tricks that would astound all those other ponies, even the so-called Wonderbolts. Scootaloo just knew that she would fly, no matter what anypony told her otherwise. She was a young pegasus and could flap her little wings very fast to propel her along with her scooter but she couldn’t lift off the ground. She was the only pegasus that couldn’t, at least for her age range.

All the other pegasus fillies in Ponyville could fly easily. Some of them could even perform basic weatherpony duties with cloud handling, but not Scootaloo.

Standing on a low-hanging tree branch outside of the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ Clubhouse, Scootaloo stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth and raised her fore hooves up above her head. Balancing was easy; flying was hard.

Taking in a deep breath Scootaloo leaped off the branch, her little wings flapping as hard and fast as she could go. At first it looked like she’d make it this time; her wings were holding her up and she wasn’t immediately planting her face into the dirt.

Unfortunately, her wings just weren’t strong enough to lift her off the ground. It was her curse, the same thing that all the doctors kept telling her parents. Her wings were just too weak due to an uncommon and rare affliction that someponies developed at birth, which was why she was forced to live here in Ponyville.

Scootaloo crashed with a whumph of displaced air as she landed under the tree. Tears welled up in her eyes and she stomped a hoof. “I’m useless!” she shouted angrily.  Turning her head she glared at her puny looking wings. “You’re useless! Why couldn’t I be born with healthy wings? Why did I have to be premature?” she shouted, bitter tears starting to spill down her cheeks.

The loud commotion drew the attention of another pony who was currently sitting lazily under a tree. Blinking slightly, the little yellow filly trotted over to the treehouse and spotted Scootaloo on the ground crying. “Scootaloo?” Apple Bloom said confused.

“Apple Bloom!” Scootaloo blurted, wiping her leg across her face to try and get rid of her tears. “What are you doing here?”

Apple Bloom frowned. “Ah live here, Scoots,” she said as if it should be obvious.

Scootaloo laughed. “Oh yeah, heh, heh, guess I forgot,” she muttered to her friend.

“Were you tryin’ ta fly again?” Apple Bloom asked. Her face was full of deep concern for her friend. She was used to Scootaloo trying crazy things to start flying, and (though she never told her this) she actually rooted for her.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Na, nothin’ like that, Bloom,” she said. “So, got any ideas for our next Cutie Mark talent search?”

Apple Bloom bit her bottom lip. “Nope,” she said, unconsciously imitating her big brother’s speech pattern.

Scootaloo sighed. “Guess I’d better get home.” She started heading over to her scooter.

Apple Bloom nodded. “Uh, guess so… Are ya sure ya weren’t tryin’ nothin’?”

Scootaloo turned and shot Apple Bloom a glare. “No!” she said, louder than she meant to. “Now leave me alone… I mean, I’ve got to get home and stuff!” She hastily tried to cover her blunder and her wings revved up.

Apple Bloom watched her take off sadly. “Ah wish ah could help her out,” she muttered, “But ah ain’t a pegasus.” Then her eyes lit up with a sudden thought. “Fluttershy!” Dashing off towards the meek pegasus’ home Apple Bloom hoped that Fluttershy was there.


Spike was walking through Ponyville carrying a large package. Ordinarily something like this would have been sent through ponymail. Unfortunately for Spike the package was just too sensitive to trust to anypony, even if they were the best mailmare in all of Equestria.

Derpy hadn’t been very thrilled to have to give it to Spike at the post office, but there really wasn’t much choice in the matter: the instructions for it were quite specific.

Spike grumbled as he hauled the heavy thing through Ponyville’s streets. “She always has to get the heaviest stuff for that lab of hers,” he complained. “What does she need with this chemical excess stuff anyway?” he wondered to himself as he took a step into the bustling traffic of ponies going about their daily chores.

Scootaloo came barreling down the street at just that moment. Tears still stinging her eyes, she wasn’t able to really see too far ahead of her. That wouldn’t have been a problem if Spike could see over the large box he was carrying.

Scootaloo and Spike both collided at the same time.

Spike let out a terrified cry of surprise. “Ah!” He tumbled up into the air a few feet and slammed onto his backside rather hard. “Ouch,” he said rubbing his tailbone with a flinch of pain.

Scootaloo however wasn’t as fortunate. Her scooter twisted sideways and escaped from underhoof. She went one way and it went another, while the package Spike had been carrying crashed with the loud sound of tinkling glass. A thick purple goop covered the ground, and a few stray droplets fell onto Scootaloo’s now drooping wings.

“Oh Celestia, Scootaloo, are you alright?” Spike asked. “Twilight is going to kill me! That magical gunk was really important to some experiment she was going to work on this afternoon,” he said, staring mournfully at the purple liquid as it slowly soaked into the dirt.

Scootaloo groggily managed to get to her hooves. “Why am I seeing stars?” she wondered in a dazed tone of voice. “Ooooo pretty,” she said, reaching up trying to grab an invisible object.

Spike looked at her with concern. “Scootaloo, you weren’t wearing your helmet,” he scolded.

“Helmets are for sissies. Rainbow Dash doesn’t wear one,” Scootaloo stated shaking off the lingering effects of her sudden collision.

Spike shook his head. “Come on, we’d better get you to see Nurse Redheart,” he told the orange coated filly, tugging on her leg briefly. “I just know I’m never going to hear the end of this.”

Spike’s muttered comment went unnoticed by Scootaloo as she stumbled to her feet and eyed her scooter forlornly.”This hasn’t been one of my better days.”

As Spike led her towards the hospice, his preoccupation with helping out a friend caused him to miss the odd looking green and purple stem sticking out of the ground where the mystical chemical had been absorbed. Something was growing.


Apple Bloom approached Fluttershy’s little cottage on the edge of Ponyville with a heavy heart. She was determined to help out Scootaloo no matter what. It’s what friends did for one another. But she wasn’t sure what she could do, aside from ask Fluttershy for advice on flying.

Fluttershy was the only pegasus pony Apple Bloom knew well enough that she could trust to keep this a secret from Scootaloo’s parents. They didn’t approve of her attempts at flying because they worried she might get hurt, but Scootaloo really didn’t care.

Apple Bloom shook her head at those thoughts. It wasn’t right, but she wasn’t going to get her friend in trouble. Fluttershy might not be the best flyer, but she was kind and understanding. Plus, Scootaloo would never let her hear the end of it if she tried to ask her idol for advice.

A soft voice was humming a cheerful tune as Apple Bloom approached Fluttershy’s front door. Taking a deep breath she raised a hoof and very gently knocked.

Three minutes later she knocked again, knowing that Fluttershy was home. “Fluttershy, it’s me, Apple Bloom.”

The door opened a tiny crack. “Oh, hello,” Fluttershy greeted with a soft smile.

“Howdy, Fluttershy, can Ah come in? Ah’ve got to ask ya somethin’ real important,” Apple Bloom said, unleashing her most impressive talent – Fluttershy may have her Stare, but it was nothing compared to Apple Bloom’s one of a kind, Cute-Tastic pleading gaze.

Fluttershy’s heart melted and she opened the door. “Why yes, Apple Bloom, please come in,” she told the little filly, taking a step to the side to let her enter.

Apple Bloom smiled a winning smile. Nothing could withstand her Cute-Tastic,
nothing. Moving over to a soft looking couch, she cringed slightly when she saw the new table Fluttershy had brought in. She just knew she could have fixed the one they broke by herself, she’d fixed up the treehouse after all.

Fluttershy sat down in front of her and eyed her carefully. “What’s the trouble?”

Apple Bloom took a really deep breath. “It’s Scootaloo, she really wants ta fly, but her wings are too small ‘cause of some birth defect thing. She never really said why. But she tries real, real hard ta fly and sometimes she even hurts herself because she wants so much ta be with Rainbow Dash, but Scootaloo just doesn’t have the strength to lift off with those little wings. Ah thought maybe ya could help her, seein’ as how you’re a pegasus and all. So can ya, Fluttershy? Can ya help Scootaloo learn how to fly?” she asked, finishing her long speech in a single breath.

Fluttershy blinked a few times slowly processing everything Apple Bloom had said. “Oh dear,” she stammered, pawing the floor. “Um, I’m not exactly a very good flyer, Apple Bloom. I tend to,
have issues, and I was the oldest filly at flight camp because… well I had trouble,” she said, lowering her gaze to the floor and taking sudden interest in the dust bunnies multiplying under her couch.

Apple Bloom frowned thoughtfully. Her Cute-Tastic wouldn’t work this time; she would have to try a different track. “Well, Ah just want ta help Scootaloo so badly. She tries so hard, her little wings flappin’ an’ all,” she explained, trying to cry on command. It wasn’t easy, but she managed a sniffle or two. “We’re friends, and friends help, right?”

Fluttershy let out a tiny gasp. “Oh yes, friends help each other out,” she agreed with a vigorous nod of her head. “Well. I’m not sure how I can help, exactly, Apple Bloom. But if you bring Scootaloo over tomorrow we could try and get her to learn some proper flight techniques,” she suggested with a gentle smile.

Apple Bloom grinned. “Great! Ah’ll go tell her,” she let out enthusiastically. Apple Bloom took off as fast as her short legs would allow her, her heart soared with pride at her accomplishment and hope filled her. If she just tried her hardest, she was certain she could help Scootaloo. Something inside of her said that this was what she was supposed to do as a friend, while something else - a feeling she couldn’t quite place - unlocked a portion of her heart and began to slip feelings of doubt within her. Apple Bloom shuddered as a cool chill ran down her spine, and she frowned slightly, Scootaloo was always so independent, trying to do everything herself. Would her friend appreciate what she was trying to do for her?

Apple Bloom could only press onward with determination and zeal, trusting that her actions would be well received from her friend.


In the middle of a Ponyville street, small green fronds twitched and shuddered. The scattered seeds of plant-life from the Everfree Forest, or perhaps beyond Equestria’s borders, had absorbed the magical concoction which Spike had been bringing to Twilight Sparkle. Said pony trotted up to the fallen and forgotten package with a frown on her lips. When Spike had failed to return to the library she had gone off in search of him.

Twilight levitated the box and noticed the curious looking green fronds, her horn lighting up with magic as she performed a diagnostic spell. She could sense the magic affecting the seedlings and sighed as she realized what had happened to the special experimental solution Princess Celestia had sent to her for study.

“Now where could Spike have gone off to?” Twilight asked herself. “It was very irresponsible of him to just leave this here,” she added under her breath as she carefully opened the box.

Inside she found three things, but her nostrils were first assaulted with the stink of the magical brew, a scent so foul as to remind Twilight of rotten eggs and brimstone. The broken glass had fortunately not gotten free to hurt anypony, but the liquid had however destroyed the label making it illegible. All she could make out were the letters C H IC L and X.

Twilight pulled out a thick protective case. Inside was a scroll marked with Princess Celestia’s seal. She ignored it for a moment to stare confused at the small spherical midnight blue sapphire. It was possible that what the Princess wrote on the scroll would explain its purpose.

Unfurling the parchment she began to read. “My dearest pupil Twilight, the creator of this experimental magical solution has asked that I determine the potential uses and dangers it may possess. As you know, many such potions are brought to my attention, and I would know no other pony more dedicated and trustworthy enough to safely handle this delicate matter. According to Professor Pontonyum’s instructions, you must not let it touch anything organic without first exposing it to moonlight through the small sapphire included within. The results if used incorrectly have proven untested and dangerous. He doesn’t believe it would hurt anypony, or anything, but it is advised to follow the guidelines he has set forth for this potion. Should anypony be contaminated without proper exposure to moonlight, he has included a list of ingredients necessary to create an antidote. Do try to avoid any mishaps, Twilight Sparkle, and please use all necessary caution while working with this.”

Twilight’s eyes widened as she finished reading the letter. Using her magic she dug up the ground around where the potion had spilled, making sure to go down beyond five feet as she needed to be certain she got all of the contaminated area. Skimming the list of ingredients for the antidote, she chewed at her bottom lip. “I’ll have to decontaminate this soil and these plants, but I should study them first. Oh, I hope Spike didn’t get this on anypony or himself,” Twilight fretted. Completely engrossed in securing the clump of dirt and plant-life, she failed to notice Scootaloo’s forgotten scooter lying nearby.


Nurse Redheart carefully tested Scootaloo with a hoof, pressing against her legs as gently as possible to see if there were any breaks in her bones. She smiled encouragingly at the little filly while her colleague examined her head for any trauma from the impact.

Spike nervously wrung his tail in his paws as he watched. He couldn’t forgive himself if Scootaloo was seriously injured, even if it had been her fault for rushing through town like always, heedless of her surroundings.

“Well, there doesn’t appear to be any lasting injuries from your impact with Spike here, Scootaloo,” Nurse Redheart told the filly with a warm smile. “I must however caution you to never go racing through the streets without your helmet again.”

Scootaloo pouted and turned her head to one side. “It was Spike’s fault,” she grumbled.

“It was not!” Spike argued. “You could have gotten seriously hurt, I thought you always wore that helmet of yours?”

Scootaloo dropped her tough filly attitude and sighed. “I guess I forgot it at the clubhouse. Do we have to tell my parents about this?” she asked Nurse Redheart with a pleading look.

Nurse Redheart sighed. She knew she shouldn’t, but she also knew that when it came to being overprotective Scootaloo’s parents were in line for winning the award. Only Berry Punch managed to outshine them in that category. “I will not tell them on two conditions. First, apologize to Spike, and secondly I want you to promise that you will not ride your scooter again for at least three days,” she told Scootaloo, striking her gently in the knee to test her reflexes.

Scootaloo sucked in a breath as her leg jerked out in a successful test.“Walk!” she cried, a hint of despair creeping into her tone. Scootaloo’s eyes darted about the room trying to find something, anything to use as an excuse to get out of this trap. In the end, however, her expression fell. Her ears flattened and her mane almost seemed to deflate, giving the appearance she was growing smaller. “Alright, fine, three days of walkin’ couldn’t kill me,” she relented.

Nurse Redheart silently stared at her with an expectant look.

Scootaloo sighed. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled, reluctant to say the words any louder.

Spike smiled. “I didn’t hear you, Scoots, could you say that again please?” he requested.

Glaring daggers at the little dragon Scootaloo crossed her forelimbs over her chest and shook her head.

Spike adopted a teasing tone. “Well, if you want me to tell your parents how you had an accident in the middle of the street...” He started to turn away.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Scootaloo shouted, leaping across the space between them and wrapping his legs up with her hooves. “You can’t tell, you just can’t!” With pleading eyes Scootaloo stared up at Spike taking him by surprise.

Shaking himself free of the clinging pony he chuckled. “Ok, Scoots, I won’t blab,” he promised the heartsick little pony.

Nurse Redheart smiled. “And I will keep this secret, Scootaloo, but only because nothing serious happened this time. If you had been hurt, no matter how small the injury, it would have been my duty to report the incident to your parents.”

Scootaloo sighed in relief. “Thanks, Nurse Redheart, Spike, this means a lot to me,” she told the pair of them.

“I’d better get back to that package, Twilight is going to be so mad when she finds out what happened to it,” Spike said nervously as he headed away from the tent marked with the large red cross sign.

Scootaloo lost some of her good cheer. “I’ll come with,” she said to the dragon, trotting off after him. “I’ll help explain to Twilight that it was my fault. It’s what Rainbow Dash would do,” she added, certain that her idol would take responsibility for damaging something as important as that package must have been for Twilight.

Nurse Tenderheart watched them leave with a disapproving expression. “You really shouldn’t be keeping this from her parents,” she said to Nurse Redheart.

Sighing Redheart turned to Tenderheart. “I see no harm in it, the child does have some of the most overbearing and overprotective parents in Ponyville, all due to her health issues. Weren’t you ever that young?”

Tenderheart chuckled. “Fair enough. Did you notice anything unusual about Scootaloo while you were examining her?” she asked curiously.

Redheart frowned. “No, should I have?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s nothing. There’s just something I can’t put my hoof on, something about her that seems to have changed,” Tenderheart explained with a helpless shrug.

“Well, I didn’t notice anything, so it probably isn’t too serious. Now let’s see to our next patient, I believe it’s...” A large crash from the other side of the tent interrupted Redheart as she was speaking, and the familiar form of a grey pegasus came tumbling around the corner with a tuba stuck on her rear right leg. “Ditzy.”

Ditzy Doo grinned as her eye rolled about focusing on nothing in particular. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it again,” she said with a sheepish smile and a soft blush of embarrassment.

“Please, sit down Ditzy, and we’ll have that off in no time,” Tenderheart assured the wall-eyed pegasus with a friendly smile.


Apple Bloom was waiting for them when they returned to the spot where Scootaloo’s scooter was lying, a look of concern and worry gracing the young filly’s face. Scootaloo tried not to let it get to her, but it wasn’t easy, Apple Bloom was her closest friend next to Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo felt a little hurt when she saw that expression, like something made her... disappointed in herself.

“Scootaloo! Ah was so worried!” Apple Bloom shouted as she galloped up to her friend and nuzzled her.

“Aw, Apple Bloom, I wasn’t hurt or anything,” Scootaloo muttered, averting her gaze to the side.

“Ah can see that, silly filly,” Apple Bloom said with a great big smile of relief. “Oh, hey Spike,” she greeted the dragon, just realizing he was there.

“Hey, Apple Bloom,” Spike returned with a nervous look in his eyes. “Uh, did you see what happened to a package I left lying here?”

Apple Bloom shook her head. “All ah found was Scootaloo’s scooter.”

Spike anxiously plucked at his scales. “Twilight is going to skin me and make a purse out of me,” he said glancing left and right, expecting Twilight to come stomping down the street with her horn alight. “I’ve gotta go!” Spike dashed off, making a hasty escape in the direction of the library.

“Awww, ah bet Spike will be just fine,” Apple Bloom chuckled and turned to face Scootaloo. “You alright, Scootaloo?” she asked, a sense of concern growing inside of her as she watched her friend.

Scootaloo sighed and shuffled her right hoof. “I’m fine, Apple Bloom. I, I guess I made a bit of a stupid decision when I tried to fly out by your place again.”

Apple Bloom shot her friend a look. It wasn’t quite a glare, but it definitely had the same weight behind it. “Scootaloo, ah know ya want ta fly, but come on! Ya should know I don’t judge ya for tryin’ so hard, in fact...” Apple Bloom trailed off with a sudden gasp. “Oh right, ah went down ta see Fluttershy and ask if she could help, she’s agreed ta teach ya basics of flight trainin’ tomorrow mornin’,” she revealed, breaking into a happy smile.

Scootaloo stared at Apple Bloom with wide eyed horror. “You told Fluttershy!” she accused.

Apple Bloom’s ears flattened with her growing sense of despair. “Ah want ya ta fly just as badly as you do!” she told her friend honestly.

Scootaloo started flapping her wings again and hopped onto her scooter. “But Fluttershy will tell Rainbow Dash, or somepony else, and my parents will find out!” she shouted frustratedly, hot tears stinging the corner of her eyes. “Why couldn’t you leave well enough alone?” she demanded huskily before racing off, this time even faster than before. Scootaloo was so hurt by what had happened she didn’t even notice the growing itch that was spreading through her wings as she used them, or the faint glowing purple outline that had begun to appear around them.

Apple Bloom felt heartache, frustration and sadness in her heart as she watched her friend take off. She had only wanted to help, and now it appeared she’d made things worse. “Shoot.” She kicked a pebble aside and turned around, heading back to the farm with a dejected expression on her face, her head lowered to the ground. “Ah messed up everythin’.”


By the time Twilight Sparkle returned to the library with the remains of the package and the small blue sapphire, as well as the tainted soil, the small green fronds had turned into large orchids of various hues and shapes.

Levitating a quill over to her desk she hastily scribbled a few observations. “This Chemical EXS is certainly potent as far as growth elixirs are concerned,” she noted thoughtfully. Putting the soil down in a small pot she began making further notes.

Spike returned at that moment partially out of breath. His eyes widened when he caught sight of the damaged package and the strange plants. “Oh.”

“Spike! You left this in the road after dropping it! What do you have to say for yourself?” Twilight asked, glancing up from her note making to shoot him a withering glare.

Spike chose to throw himself on the mercy of the court and collapsed prostrate before Twilight. “I didn’t mean to, but when Scootaloo collided with me I had to make sure she was ok... Didn’t I?”

Twilight eyed Spike with raised brow. “I suppose so,” she said turning back to the plants. “So, Scootaloo is why this was damaged?”

Nodding vigorously the little dragon started to pick up the broken pieces of glass that had contained the liquid potion. “She was in a bad mood and not really payin’ much attention,” he explained.

“Oh?” Twilight glanced up again. “Well I guess I’ll have to go see if she’s feeling alright later,” she said dismissively. But then she remembered Princess Celestia’s warning in her letter. “Did any of this stuff fall onto Scootaloo?” she asked with sudden concern.

Thinking back to the accident, Spike frowned. “I don’t think so, Twi, it was kind of hard to see since I was flyin’ into the air and all,” he told her.

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure by keeping an eye on her. The Princess said this could be dangerous if not handled properly. These plants aren’t a terrible loss if something bad happens because of your accident, but Scootaloo is just a filly,” Twilight said, making a quick notation that she had to see Scootaloo as soon as possible to make sure she didn’t suffer any negative side-effects. Magic could be very dangerous if not handled properly, especially experimental solutions.

Twilight was confident that if necessary she could quickly get the antidote to Scootaloo. After all, if it only made plants grow faster than normal, what could it possibly do to a pony that could be so dangerous?